Male Idol V10c53

Volume 10 Chapter 53 Bulletin Board, Huh?Next Episode, Next Year!

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 Heaven’s Sword Commentary Thread for the Chosen Ones

 13 Anonymous

 Hey, everyone! Heaven’s Sword is starting!

 15 Anonymous


 Toilet time, check! Bath time, check!

 17 Anonymous


 I’ve been on standby since yesterday, my eyes are sparkling!

 19 Anonymous


 Bath-neki LOL

 22 Anonymous


 Get some proper sleep!

 25 Anonymous

 Since it’s the Christmas episode, it’s probably going to be a happy story! Looking forward to it!!

 28 Anonymous


 Don’t raise a flag, idiot!!

 30 Anonymous


 This guy, LOL, unnecessary raising a flag LOL

 33 Anonymous


 34 Anonymous


 35 Verification Team *010meTA473


 37 Anonymous

 It’s started!

 39 Anonymous

 Here it comes, here it comes, here it comes!

 42 Anonymous

 Opening with Toa-chan!

 44 Anonymous

 Toa-chan is so soothing.

 46 Anonymous


 48 Anonymous


 50 Anonymous

 Go for it, Kobayakawa-san.

 52 Anonymous

 Isn’t that Night Shadow-senpai, who’s become a net meme!!

 55 Anonymous


 56 Anonymous


 59 Anonymous

 The moment she pulled out her belt, the bulletin board gave up and I laughed LOL

 60 Anonymous

 Don’t give up, guys! There might be a chance, even if it’s just the tip!!

 65 Anonymous


 As humans, the key is not to give up.

 70 Anonymous

 Beetle-san LOL

 73 Anonymous

 This, she’s being toyed with by Beetle-san.

 75 Anonymous

 Is this Beetle-san a male!? If it’s a male toying with her… well, maybe.

 81 Anonymous


 You’re reaching extremes.

 83 Verification Team *07218KADO6

 I want to save Night Shadow Misa.

 88 Anonymous



 90 Anonymous


 Night Shadow Paisen, who is pitied by Hagetoru…

 93 Anonymous

 Here comes Tora-uma!

 95 Anonymous

 Tora-uma is here!

 99 Anonymous

 It’s Tora-uma, known for their fast legs!

 100 Anonymous

 LOL, that Tora-uma who became an executive with just their legs.

 103 Anonymous


 105 Anonymous


 108 Anonymous

 There’s a theory that everyone has Tora-uma in their hearts.

 110 Anonymous

 LOL, they escaped before even appearing!

 115 Anonymous

 As expected, Tora-uma. I want to learn from their speed and crisis management skills.

 118 Anonymous


 Actually, Tora-uma appears in a crisis management software commercial. Can’t believe even Chijou got featured in a commercial…

 120 Anonymous

 Tora-uma’s escape performance is clearly just the staff’s playfulness, LOL.

 Executive with such powerful skills, yet leaving allies behind and running away immediately, it feels a bit like a small fry.

 124 Anonymous

 A beauty salon?

 128 Anonymous

 A beauty salon!? Could the next part-time job be…!

 131 Anonymous

 Here comes the beautician Kenzaki!!

 133 Anonymous

 Makeup artist Kenzaki Souji has arrived!!!

 135 Anonymous

 What is he doing today? (Meaningful)

 138 Verification Team *07218KADO6

 Ah… well then, shave everything for me… oh, wait, I already shaved everything. Then, please, I’d like a massage. A lower-body version of the scalp massage thing.

 140 Anonymous

 Um, I want your baby.!

 142 Anonymous

 Is breastfeeding an option?

 145 Anonymous


 Hagetoru really has a short temper.

 147 Anonymous


 At first, I thought you were going for the bald look… LOL

 148 Anonymous


 Well, maybe I should get my curly hair straightened.

 151 Anonymous

 As usual, there are only terrible people here. This isn’t the late-night board, you know!

 153 Anonymous

 Feel free to do as you please. I understand.

 155 Anonymous

 You can touch my chest or wherever you want.

 158 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki

 If he talk with this kind of distance, every time I feel his breath on my ear, my n**ples might get erect.

 162 Anonymous


 I get it.

 164 Anonymous


 I very very agree.

 167 Verification Team *07218KADO6


 How about daringly not wearing a bra and taking the chance to appeal with a no-bra look?

 171 Anonymous


 Officer, it’s over here.

 173 Anonymous


 Out of the box.

 175 Anonymous

 Is Kenzaki inviting her with compliments like “Your forehead is beautiful”?

 177 Anonymous

 I have ignored Aqua-kun’s action, but Aqua-kun, it’s better not to easily say things like “beautiful” to a girl.

 If a normal girl hears that, she might fall in love just like that, and they’d start wondering if you’re interested.

 But I’d be happy if you told me, so I’ll never point it out. Saying “you’re beautiful,” I want to hear more.

 182 Anonymous


 I understand. I want Aqua-kun to remain as the pure Aqua-kun. Nobody wants restrictions on actions or speech by learning common sense. So, I think nobody deliberately points it out. Just let the people around Aqua-kun wholeheartedly protect him as it is.

 185 Anonymous

 Kamishiro appeared!

 188 Anonymous

 Cut Master Kamishiro Hajime LMAO

 191 Anonymous

 Sword Master, or should I say, Cut Master LOL

 193 Anonymous

 Strange nicknames are increasing rapidly LOL

 Potato Flipper Kamishiro Hajime also liked U-Don Meister Kamishiro Hajime.

 197 Anonymous

 Kamishiro, isn’t that belt holder a bit too much, LMAO?

 Waist, shoulder diagonal hanging, 2 arms… and scissors holder on ankles, LOL?

 200 Anonymous

 How many scissors are you carrying, LOL!

 202 Anonymous

 Using two scissors at once is cool, right? Yeah, yeah. Even this big sister understands.

 204 Anonymous

 Even though he’s the oldest, Tenga-senpai has the most youthful vibe, I think.

 205 Anonymous

 Mohawk cutter!

 207 Anonymous

 It’s cool. Yep.

 209 Anonymous

 Doesn’t it suit her?

 213 Verification Team*010meTA473

 The atmosphere has changed, but it’s totally fine.

 Considering his slender legs, wearing leather pants would look cool too.

 216 Anonymous

 Inner craving, passion.

 218 Anonymous

 Tenga-senpai is really love passion, huh? Lately, even when he appeared on TV, he managed to play it off with passion if something unexpected happened.

 220 Anonymous

 The girls are genuinely happy too, isn’t it nice?

 223 Anonymous


 225 Anonymous

 Could it be an unexpected event!?

 228 Anonymous

 Unexpected event confirmed!

 231 Anonymous

 Surprise unexpected event!

 234 Anonymous

 Today’s unexpected event is early, huh!?

 247 Anonymous

 Sweet, huh?

 250 Verification Team *07218KADO6

 I want white and gooey sweet honey!!

 252 Anonymous

 No good. Maybe due to spending too much time on the bulletin board, “honey” sounds like a euphemism now.

 255 Anonymous

 Honey (meaningful).

 258 Anonymous


 261 Anonymous

 Why did even the clothes change!?

 264 Anonymous

 As expected of Kenzaki! Changed even the clothes!!

 268 Anonymous

 ※ Outfit and hairstyle produced by Shirogane Aqua-san.

 272 Anonymous

 What the!?

 275 Anonymous

 Requesting the verification team!

 Today, I’m going to buy clothes here!!

 277 Verification Team *010meTA473

 I might reveal my forehead today too…

 280 Anonymous

 If you go out today, everyone seems to be showing their foreheads, LMAO.

 284 Anonymous

 The trend these days = Aqua-sama’s preference.

 288 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki

 Huh? Could it be that showing my forehead yesterday was a sign of interest!?

 291 Verification Team *07218KADO6


 Hey! You pervert, planning to make a move!!

 293 Anonymous


 Is the second un la filette coming?

 295 Anonymous


 Keep the jokes to that ridiculous ID.

 299 Anonymous


 You’re really amazing. I want some of that mental strength.

 302 Anonymous


 I’ll do everything to stop it!! And by the way, Shumi, die!

 304 Anonymous


 I see, so Shumi wishes Aqua-sama a White Christmas. Definitely, Shumi, die!

 307 Anonymous

 Kenzaki is in high spirits today!

 310 Anonymous

 He says he wants to be a loser, but I’ve never seen him lose.

 316 Anonymous



 321 Anonymous

 Aqua-sama looks cool again today, making it tough….

 323 Anonymous

 Huh? Where are you going?

 325 Anonymous

 The waiting room?

 328 Anonymous

 Oh, Toa-chan!!

 330 Anonymous

 Phew~. That tongue flick from earlier was adorable….

 333 Anonymous

 Oh, oh, I have to take my medicine! Awawawa….

 337 Anonymous

 Wait a minute, isn’t it precious that Toa-chan was hiding his face in a Magazine?

 341 Anonymous

 They really understand each other even in the story. I’ll go take my medicine.

 345 Verification Team *07218KADO6

 There’s a win or lose in this match. Actually, Toa-chan seems to be more suited for Aqua-sama than Shumi. Besides, Shumi seems very frustrated in front of the screen. Well, that’s okay then. If there were to be a win or lose there, all victories will go to Toa-chan. I want to be a friend who smiles at the defeated Shumi.

 352 Anonymous


 Haha, you!

 354 Anonymous


 Don’t mess around with Kenzaki’s lines, LMAO.

 356 Anonymous


 The worst friend, LOL.

 359 Anonymous

 Here comes the rooftop scene!

 361 Anonymous

 The usual rooftop.

 363 Anonymous

 Speaking of rooftop scenes, it’s here.

 365 Anonymous

 Ah, that rooftop again.

 367 Anonymous

 Bad news for Driver fans, the tension just rises with the familiar rooftop cut used for Driver shoots.

 370 Anonymous

 Let me explain! The rooftop in question.

 It’s a location that has been used multiple times in the shooting of previous Driver series.

 Owner and landowner Hanazono-san, who is also known for the infamous pool, the famous hospital, the well-known old house, the recognized office, and the familiar Convenience Store, holds numerous such properties. Each of them holds a divine status among Driver fans because they are frequently used in Driver’s shoots.

 371 Anonymous

 Even the heavenly Hanazono-san is delighted!

 377 Anonymous


 If it’s Granny Hanazono, she’s still alive. Just recently, after meeting Kenzaki in an interview, her bent back straightened, her dementia was cured, and she claimed to have become about 30 years younger. Or rather, she genuinely looks younger.

 In less than half a year after appearing, she raised Japan’s average life expectancy and lowered the mortality rate. Don’t underestimate the man who, when they played Beryl’s live recording at the crematorium, supposedly came back to life.

 There are stories of people we thought were dead actually being alive, and if you get involved with Aqua-sama, you can easily find yourself heading to the afterlife.

 383 Anonymous

 That’s gotta be a lie, LOL.

 385 Anonymous

 Damn, I was too concerned about the information from post >>377 and couldn’t remember the rooftop conversation.

 388 Anonymous

 Such a shy person!

 390 Anonymous

 Yan-de-Rue’s movements are somehow irritating. Not that I dislike it though.

 394 Anonymous


 Totally get it LOL

 397 Anonymous

 Night Shadow’s captain is awesome!

 401 Anonymous

 Kobayakawa-san’s action scenes are just great. With the height, long legs, and a toned body, she looks cool in a normal way.

 405 Anonymous

 You know, if Night Shadow just keeps going without sticking to being a Driver, eventually, even without becoming a Driver, she might be able to defeat Chijou in person. In terms of action, she’s on par with Kenzaki.

 409 Anonymous


 411 Anonymous


 413 Anonymous

 Caught in a trap.

 417 Anonymous

 Sad news, as Chijou transformation progresses, the closer one gets to the executives, the more their cheapness and quick escape tendencies seem to increase.

 422 Anonymous


 W-What did you say!?

 424 Anonymous


 I think that theory might be true!

 426 Anonymous


 Everyone, had a hunch about it in the Tora-uma.

 428 Anonymous


 I see.

 Craftiness and quick escape, they don’t lie. As long as you don’t get caught, you can recover as much as you want.

 430 Anonymous

 Night Shadow’s past episode, huh?

 434 Anonymous

 Night Shadow Misa, a member of the team.

 435 Anonymous

 Oh, how cute.

 437 Verification Team *010meTA473


 438 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon


 442 Anonymous


 445 Anonymous

 Ah… (Damn Otaku Shumi’s reaction is so fast).

 447 Anonymous

 Ah (Hakuryuu-sensei, your age is going to be exposed!!).

 451 Anonymous

 The first Driver, Fujiki Shou-san, is hereeeeeeeeeeeee!

 453 Anonymous

 No way!?

 456 Anonymous

 Night Shadow Mama, it’s Fujiki Shou-san! Seriously!?

 460 Anonymous

 Director Hongou seems really serious about creating the ultimate culmination of Drivers.

 462 Anonymous

 Nah nah, it’s understandable that Hakuryuu-sensei reacts, well, given her age… But Shumi’s reaction time is way too fast LOL, truly a hardcore fan.

 465 Anonymous

 Fujiki Shou-san’s appearance has sparked the Driver thread LOL.

 467 Anonymous

 This is getting intense now!

 470 Anonymous

 Still as stunning as ever, her beauty doesn’t betray her age, surprising.

 472 Anonymous

 I was moved by Fujiki Shou-san’s slightly oriental, mysterious charm, just like back in the day.

 475 Verification Team *010meTA473


 478 Anonymous

 Protecting the diminished men. That is the mission of a Driver!

 Yes! It perfectly matches the original!!

 482 Anonymous


 That reaction though, LOL

 486 Anonymous


 Why is your reaction, even though you’re not even from this generation, the fastest, LOL?

 490 Anonymous


 Is today’s content that old? Well, that’s another story. But why do you know about it, LOL?

 493 Anonymous

 Loli Misa-tan is cute…

 495 Anonymous

 Is this loli going to become that strong? Lol

 498 Anonymous

 It’s hard to imagine that becoming like that from Night Shadow at that time. How did it turn out like that?

 501 Verification Team *010meTA473


 503 Anonymous

 Oh, looks like a Heaven’s Sword-like Driver appeared!

 506 Anonymous

 Is this the Driver of Night Shadow’s mom?

 509 Anonymous


 Shumi noticed something.

 513 Anonymous


 So why are you the first one to react, LMAO?

 Ah, this does look like Heaven’s Sword for sure, but it’s also similar to the first-generation Driver. I mean… whoa, totally caught off guard. That was a blind spot.

 515 Anonymous

 For those who don’t understand why the damn otaku Shumi reacted first.

 It’s a suit from Heaven’s Sword, reused from the first generation. I just realized it now.

 517 Anonymous

 First generation Driver → Prototype Heaven’s Sword → Heaven’s Sword lineage.

 I totally get it.

 521 Anonymous

 Hey, is everything connecting here!?

 524 Anonymous

 There’s something… I don’t know why, but I feel like there’s still something hidden here. Hmm, it’s bothering me.

 526 Anonymous


 527 Anonymous

 Whoa LOL.

 529 Anonymous

 Commander Tajima’s youthful days are hereeeee!

 534 Anonymous

 Commander Tajima!

 536 Verification Team *010meTA473


 538 Anonymous

 A new executive from Chijou has arrived!!

 540 Anonymous


 543 Anonymous

 Here comes an executive in a white coat!!!

 545 Anonymous


 The certain wife hogeing!

 548 Anonymous

 Even Shumi is breaking down!

 This is just like the flow of the first generation!!

 552 Anonymous

 I see, so that’s why the first executive is Tora-uma.

 The first executive of the first generation was a wolf woman for some reason with an animal motif.

 And the second enemy, Professor, wears a white coat.

 In other words, Tora-uma is the motif of the first-generation executive colonel, and Ego-ist is the motif of the second-generation executive Professor.

 555 Anonymous

 Director Hongou’s love for Driver is exploding at this point.

 558 Anonymous

 Oh no, my mom started crying LOL

 561 Anonymous

 Night Shadow’s fixation on transforming into a Driver…

 563 Anonymous


 567 Anonymous


 569 Anonymous


 572 Anonymous

 Managed to free herself from the restraints!

 576 Anonymous


 578 Anonymous


 581 Anonymous

 Lightning Hopper!!

 584 Anonymous


 587 Anonymous


 589 Anonymous


 593 Anonymous

 Tora-uma has also arrived!

 596 Anonymous

 Tora-uma-san, that fun atmosphere is already giving off vibes of running away, LOL.

 599 Anonymous

 A plan, huh. It’s probably going to be another silly plan anyway.

 602 Anonymous


 604 Anonymous


 607 Anonymous

 Already ran away, LOL.

 609 Anonymous

 As expected, they’re fast at escaping!!

 612 Anonymous

 To those who will be entering higher education or starting work next year.

 If it gets tough or painful, remember Tora-uma.

 It’s okay to run away if you don’t fit in!

 615 Anonymous


 Stop it LOL

 Here comes another CM related to that again LOL

 620 Anonymous


 It’s a shame, but Tora-uma has been chosen to appear on Suicide Prevention posters alongside Heaven’s Sword.

 The catchphrase is “If you’re going to die, throw everything away and run. There’s no possession more important than your life.”

 It’s already been pre-released on the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare’s website.

 624 Anonymous


 No way LMAO

 626 Anonymous


 This is already a classic quote to rival “My mom said,” isn’t it?

 629 Anonymous

 Night Shadow must be regretting it.

 631 Anonymous

 Glasses Guy reached the quota.

 633 Anonymous

 As expected, Mayushin-kun looks great in a suit.

 636 Anonymous

 Gradually starting to look good in a suit! So cool!

 640 Anonymous

 Here comes Commander Tajima again.

 643 Anonymous


 647 Anonymous


 650 Anonymous


 654 Anonymous

 Toa-chan’s changing clothes, it’s hereeee!!

 657 Anonymous


 659 Anonymous

 Ku, if only there weren’t my daughter next to me…!

 661 Anonymous

 I-i-is it time to take off my panties?

 663 Anonymous

 Haa haa… haa haa…

 668 Anonymous

 Chijou is massively spawning on the bulletin board LOL

 671 Anonymous

 Hey, restrain yourselves LOL

 675 Anonymous

 Is the changing scene not here yet!?

 678 Anonymous

 Let’s change together with big sister, okay?

 681 Anonymous

 Child Toa-chan is here!!

 683 Anonymous


 685 Anonymous

 Child Toa-chan, that’s convincing!

 689 Anonymous

 They found a good child actor, I understand. It’s close to the atmosphere.

 692 Verification Team *010meTA473


 693 Anonymous


 696 Anonymous

 I got it!

 699 Anonymous


 701 Anonymous

 The previous Driver’s protagonist!!

 704 Anonymous

 Night Shadow’s mom… the original Driver. Kagami’s mom… the previous Driver.

 708 Anonymous

 As usual, the damn otaku Shumi’s reactions are quick and hilarious.

 713 Anonymous

 Shumi, even though you’re just a shitty otaku, I’m impressed you don’t show it in front of Aqua-sama. If it were me, just having Driver Kenzaki next to me would make my heart stop.

 715 Verification Team *010meTA473


 717 Anonymous

 Natsuki… listen. If, for some reason, mom can’t come back, from now on, you’ll live as a girl. This line, it’s like what Hibiki said to her disciple, Asumi-chan, in the final episode.

 719 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi

 Natsuki… Listen. If, by any chance, mom can’t come back, from now on, you will live as a girl.

 Asumi… Listen. If I can’t come back, from now on, you will fight as a Driver.

 It’s a perfect match, huh?

 724 Anonymous

 Damn, the shitty wife’s reaction is damn fast, LOL.

 728 Anonymous

 Nee-san and Shumi’s Driver liking is serious. I wanted to watch it with Nee-san…

 732 Anonymous

 Nee-san probably reacted at the same timing.

 735 Anonymous


 When I thought she was hereeeee!

 738 Anonymous


 Nee-san, did you manage to come during work?

 742 Anonymous

 It’s been a while since the Verification Team gathered. Something’s up.

 746 Anonymous


 749 Anonymous

 Kagami’s mom…

 752 Anonymous

 I see, so that’s why Kagami joined SYUKUJYO.

 756 Anonymous

 Will you live as a girl?

 760 Anonymous

 Yes, I promise.

 762 Anonymous

 Huh? A girl? So, does that mean he can marry Aqu-tan? Oh, oh, oh, oh, I need to get the medicine!

 765 Anonymous

 I quickly threw Actoa into my mouth.

 770 Anonymous

 I’m going to drink Toaqua!

 773 Anonymous

 Everyone, have the medicine ready so you can drink it quickly. We don’t know what will happen today!

 776 Anonymous

 Ah, ah, ah…

 780 Anonymous

 Kagami-chan also struggled a lot, huh?

 783 Anonymous

 Is this a comparison with Night Shadow-san?

 787 Anonymous

 Even though his mom went through that, Kagami-chan is too kind. An angel, maybe?

 790 Anonymous

 Toa-chan, you know, is kind of like… bewitching. Aqua-kun is also bewitching, but they both have this common point of captivating females.

 794 Anonymous


 795 Anonymous


 799 Anonymous

 Encounter with Kenzaki has happened!

 801 Anonymous

 Yeah yeah, Actoa Actoa.

 803 Anonymous

 With that last move, my actoa’s bottle was completely emptied.

 806 Anonymous


 810 Anonymous

 Definitely got a few people with that last move LOL

 813 Anonymous


 815 Anonymous

 Third time’s the charm for the Night Shadow Misa, will she finally corner them?

 818 Anonymous

 Hang in there, Night Shadow.

 821 Anonymous

 Night Shadow-senpai, make sure to prioritize the safety of civilians, okay?

 824 Anonymous

 I like Night Shadow-senpai who, even when acting independently, still makes sure to protect the civilians properly. That’s why I want her to be rewarded. Also for her mom.

 827 Anonymous


 829 Anonymous

 Caliburn is here!

 832 Anonymous

 Tenga-senpai’s action has improved.

 835 Anonymous

 The way he just positioned himself was like Iwanari-san.

 838 Anonymous


 840 Anonymous

 Transforming during the fight is so cool!!

 843 Anonymous


 846 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki

 Kenzaki is here!!

 848 Anonymous

 It’s Kenzaki’s time!

 850 Anonymous

 Kenzaki! Kenzaki!

 853 Anonymous

 Kenzaki and… a date?

 856 Anonymous

 Huh? Wait! Is this a date!?

 861 Verification Team *07218KADO6

 I also want to go on a date with Kenzaki!!

 865 Anonymous

 I’ll become Yan-de-Rue!

 869 Anonymous

 If I become Chijou, can I go on a date with Kenzaki!?

 872 Anonymous

 Stop it, again, those damned guys are flooding the job placement office, asking if there’s any work for Chijou.

 874 Anonymous

 Yan-de-Rue who can go on a date with Kenzaki.

 Those of us who can’t date Kenzaki.

 Huh, huh? Are we below ground?

 879 Anonymous

 Kenzaki is amazing, after just appearing, the thread is accelerating.

 882 Verification Team *010meTA473

 Yan-de-Rue, I understand.

 883 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi

 Yan-de-Rue, I understand too.

 885 Anonymous

 Both Heaven’s Sword and Kenzaki are cool.

 888 Anonymous

 Dang it, Yan-de-Rue gets it.

 894 Anonymous



 897 Anonymous


 Come on, you guys, get married already! Lol

 900 Anonymous


 902 Anonymous

 Who’s the heroine?

 906 Anonymous

 Breaking news: Bulletin Board users get upset over Yan-de-Rue’s heroine statement.

 911 Anonymous

 The thread’s moving fast.

 914 Anonymous

 Shouldn’t we start a new thread already?

 920 3510 *ULTi-Hi-P3

 Next thread, it’s already up and running!

 Pfft, ladies, because you’re a virgin, are you getting anxious and losing to Chijou?

 927 Anonymous


 Is this really AI? It’s pinpointing us accurately.

 933 Anonymous


 Lately, I thought it was kind, but this is it!

 935 Anonymous

 Something’s coming out in droves.

 938 Anonymous


 942 Verification Team *07218KADO6

 This, it’s us, right?

 946 Anonymous

 Th-this, this is the end result of the corrupted bulletin board users.

 951 Anonymous

 Bulletin board users, LMAO.

 957 Anonymous

 I see, these people were also done in by Aqua-sama.

 963 Anonymous

 Ah, I see.

 966 Anonymous

 It’s totally different, huh? Lol

 972 Anonymous

 Nice, Toa-chan.

 978 Anonymous

 We’re heading to the next thread soon.

 982 Anonymous

 Everyone, see you in the next thread.

 989 Anonymous


 1000 Anonymous

 If it reaches 1000, may Night Shadow-senpai be rewarded!!

 1001 3510 *ULTi-Hi-P3

 Ladies, hurry!

 It’s time for the next thread!!


 Heaven’s Sword Commentary Thread for the Chosen Ones Part 2

 13 Anonymous


 18 Anonymous


 24 Anonymous

 He’s definitely growing.

 29 Anonymous

 Tora-uma, once again!

 35 Anonymous

 The moment it’s considered a chance, Tora-uma immediately shows up.

 Crafty. Too crafty.

 41 Anonymous

 And here comes Lightning Hopper!

 47 Anonymous

 All three Drivers are gathered!

 We’re going to win this!!

 50 Anonymous

 Here comes the butt shottttttttttttt!

 52 Anonymous

 The promised butt has arrived!

 55 Anonymous

 Yes, we’ve achieved the butt norma.

 58 Anonymous

 The bulletin board residents rejoice in Mayushin-kun’s butt shot.

 These guys are totally Chijou, LOL.

 63 Anonymous

 Damn, I envy the brainwashed citizens. They can freely embrace legally!

 69 Anonymous

 I also want to cling to the Heaven’s Sword so much!

 73 Verification Team *07218KADO6

 Hehehe, is the development getting ero? Good, there, take off the suit and make it feel ero!!

 76 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki

 If I become a brainwashed ordinary citizen, will it be allowed to dive into Heaven’s Sword’s crotch?

 82 Anonymous



 85 Anonymous


 Officer, they’re here.

 88 Anonymous


 Chijou’s signboards, control yourselves!

 90 Anonymous

 Chinpo-Ski and Hage-Toru, Chijou on this bulletin board are beyond pale.

 94 Anonymous

 Damn, brainwashed ordinary citizens are too enviable.

 99 Anonymous

 Um, you know, if we press our bodies together like this, we might get pregnant, right?

 105 Anonymous

 Alright, the transformation has been lifted!

 107 Anonymous

 There! Do something ero!!

 110 Anonymous

 Everyone on the bulletin board, calm down!

 Whose side are you on!!

 114 Anonymous

 Could this bulletin board possibly be the headquarters for Chijou?

 118 Anonymous

 The difference in reaction between here and social media is clearly laughable.

 While they’re saying “Do your best, Driver!” over there, we’re too faithful to our desires here.

 125 Anonymous

 Hypocritical Heaven’s Sword on social media!

 The true feelings are on this bulletin board! Strip Kenzaki who has fallen and expose everything!!

 131 Anonymous


 That’s too harsh, LMAO

 137 Anonymous

 The b*tches are too faithful to the instinct of sexual desire, LOL.

 142 Anonymous


 146 Anonymous

 Toa-chan, do your best!

 149 Anonymous

 Toa-chan seems frustrated.

 153 Anonymous

 Is her mom’s words becoming a curse, making it impossible to move?

 This is tough in its own way.

 155 Verification Team*010meTA473


 158 Anonymous


 161 Anonymous

 Kenzaki, stand up!

 167 Anonymous

 Shumi’s pure enjoyment is soothing.

 169 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi

 ”My mom said” is arrived…

 173 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon

 The excitement for “My mom said” is intense!

 178 Anonymous

 Kenzaki, say it!!

 184 Anonymous

 My mom said!

 185 Anonymous

 My mom said!!

 186 Anonymous

 My mom said!!!

 192 Anonymous

 Moms from all over the country are enthusiastic.

 197 Anonymous

 Oh, huh…?

 200 Anonymous

 Bent the fingertips!?

 201 Anonymous

 The flow feels different somehow…

 204 Verification Team *010meTA473

 Kenzaki Souji said!!

 208 Anonymous

 Kenzaki Souji said!!

 215 Anonymous

 Kenzaki Souji said, aaaaaaaaaa!

 221 Anonymous

 Indeed, Kenzaki-han, desu~wa. The flow of the thread has completely changed.

 226 Anonymous

 Even the erotic power of the bulletin board residents is subdued, that’s Kenzaki Souji for you!!

 228 Anonymous


 230 Anonymous


 233 Anonymous


 23 7Verification Team *010meTA473

 I have to say this at least… Kenzaki is definitely the coolest in the world!!

 240 Anonymous

 Kenzaki, you are a hero!!

 243 Anonymous

 Written as Kenzaki Souji, read as a hero.

 247 Anonymous

 This back is passionate.

 251 Anonymous

 Wait, impossible.

 Too cool, I’m getting palpitation.

 256 Anonymous

 The production is so hot!! What month do you think it is now!

 260 Anonymous

 Wearing a tank top was a good choice. I can endure this heat.

 262 Anonymous

 Breaking news! Japan is breaking the record for the highest temperature on December 25th in decades.

 265 Anonymous

 No way, LMAO!

 268 Anonymous

 Mayushin-kun’s finger!!

 270 Anonymous

 My finger is twitching!

 274 Anonymous

 Kamishiro Hajime is not joking!

 277 Anonymous

 The look in Kamishiro’s eyes just now was amazing.

 279 Anonymous


 281 Anonymous

 I react seeing Toa-chan responding to Kenzaki’s words and I take my medicine.

 284 Anonymous


 286 Anonymous

 Zanki-san standing up looks so cool.

 290 Anonymous

 When you look closely, Tachibana-san is wearing glasses!!

 292 Anonymous

 Curses, how dare you touch Tachibana’s glasses like that!!

 295 Anonymous

 Those glasses were precious!!

 298 Anonymous


 299 Anonymous


 302 Anonymous

 This is bad.

 304 Anonymous

 That motion of flicking the glasses off just now was too cool.

 307 Anonymous

 Wait, Mayuzumi-kun looks sexy without glasses. There’s a hint of allure in his acting!

 310 Anonymous

 With this, Mayushin-kun’s fanbase will surely grow again.

 312 Anonymous

 Seriously, he’s just so cool.

 315 Anonymous

 The heart cannot be moved by rationality!

 318 Anonymous

 It’s too hot!

 322 Anonymous

 I turned on the air conditioner in the middle of winter.

 This is not the time to turn on the heating.

 327 Anonymous

 Here in Hokkaido, the snow is starting to melt on its own.

 331 Anonymous


 334 Anonymous

 Kamishiro, your legs are trembling! It’s too cool!!

 337 Anonymous

 Kenzaki stood up, feeling a strong determination that he couldn’t just lie down.

 340 Anonymous

 From the unexpected cancellation, this development is too cool.

 343 Verification Team *010meTA473


 346 Anonymous


 348 Anonymous

 Toa-chan, do your best!

 351 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki

 Do your best…!

 352 Verification Team *07218KADO6

 Do your best!!

 354 Anonymous

 Now is the time for everyone’s hearts to become one!

 357 Anonymous

 The thoughts on the bulletin board are united!

 360 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon


 365 Anonymous

 It’s okay, everyone on the bulletin board is supporting you! Even if it may seem unreliable!!

 369 Anonymous

 ※ We were talking about erotic topics until a few seconds ago.

 371 Anonymous

 Oh, it’s getting heavy!

 374 3510 *ULTi-Hi-P3

 Bulletin board functions other than the Heaven’s Sword thread are suspended to reduce the load!

 Full power!!!

 378 Anonymous

 Go, Toa-chan!

 382 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi


 385 Anonymous

 It’s a boy, it’s confirmed!!!!!

 389 Anonymous

 Confirmed it’s a boy!!!!!!

 393 Anonymous

 We did it!!!!!!!!!!!!

 397 Anonymous

 Men, men, men, ohhhhhhhhhhh!

 401 Anonymous


 403 Anonymous

 Breaking news is hereeeeeeeeeee!

 406 Anonymous

 Sha! Breaking news! We’ll win with this!

 414 Anonymous

 Toa-chan, I believed in you from the beginning!!

 417 Anonymous

 Hey! Tora-uma, don’t interrupt!

 421 Anonymous

 As expected of Tora-uma, lowering the likability right here.

 425 Anonymous


 426 Anonymous


 427 Anonymous


 432 Anonymous

 Immediately, “Tajima!” has become a net meme, LOL.

 436 Anonymous

 Commander Tajima, whether in episode 14 or now, too cool.

 441 Anonymous

 All the drivers are cool, so I can relax. In other words, Night Shadow, it’s her turn next, right?

 449 Anonymous


 453 Anonymous

 Hang in there! Hang in there!!

 457 Anonymous

 Damn it, Yan-de-Rue, go easy a bit!!

 459 Anonymous

 I won’t give up!!

 462 Anonymous

 Won’t give up!!

 465 Anonymous

 A-kun, the coolest in history!!

 468 Anonymous

 Kagami, do your best!!

 471 Anonymous


 473 Anonymous


 476 Anonymous


 482 Anonymous

 I want to save you guys.

 These words have reached me too!

 485 Anonymous

 I really want to save you guys! This is definitely us!

 488 Anonymous

 Here comes the stag beetle!

 491 Anonymous

 Stag beetleeeee!

 493 Anonymous

 Is it coming!? Is it coming!?

 494 Anonymous

 And here comes Kenzaki!

 497 Anonymous

 Kenzaki has moved!

 499 Anonymous


 501 Anonymous

 Gulp, gulp, gulp (sound of gulping down Actoa in a cup)!

 505 Anonymous


 508 Anonymous

 Kenzaki is already the protagonist of this world.

 512 Anonymous

 There’s no girl who dislikes Kenzaki….

 517 Anonymous

 Reach out with that hand!

 Stag beetle, what the heck are you doing!!

 522 Anonymous

 Stag beetle, you! Hurry up and come down!!

 525 Anonymous

 Stag beetleee!

 530 Anonymous


 532 Anonymous


 534 Anonymous

 Kagami acknowledged his own weakness!!

 536 Anonymous

 It’s amazing that Kagami can accept his own weaknesses.

 540 Anonymous

 Please, Stag beetle-san, respond!

 542 Anonymous

 I don’t care anymore, someone give Kagami-chan strength!!

 545 Anonymous

 It’s a butterfly….

 547 Anonymous


 549 Anonymous

 Some beautiful butterflies came.

 552 Hongou Hiroko

 If you reach out your hand, you can surely seize the future.

 555 Anonymous

 Whoa, dazzling.

 558 Anonymous

 What is it, what is it!?

 560 Anonymous

 Something’s cominggggg!

 563 Anonymous

 It’s a transformation tool!

 569 Anonymous



 578 Anonymous



 580 Anonymous


 Wait a minute!?

 581 774 *Hi-P3erver

 To further reduce the load, I will downgrade the AI.

 I’ll endure this load to the end!

 583 Anonymous


 585 Anonymous

 It’s henshinnnn!

 589 Anonymous

 It’s time for henshinnnn!

 592 Anonymous

 In history, the fourth male Driver is born!

 596 Anonymous

 Butterfly Mask is here, aaaaaah!

 601 Anonymous

 It’s Butterfly Mask, aaaaaah!

 604 Anonymous

 I’ve been waiting for this moment forever.

 Since I saw it in the hero show, I really wanted to talk… Emotional.

 608 Anonymous

 Too beautiful!!

 610 Anonymous

 Oh no, I want a figure of this.

 As a Driver, it might be my favorite.

 612 Anonymous

 That cape, Tenga-senpai must be so jealous of it LOL

 615 Anonymous

 Toa’s song is hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

 618 Anonymous

 It’s the song from the Starsssss!

 621 Anonymous

 That song from that time, now!!

 623 Anonymous

 I see, Toa-chan, they shot this scene after that time… It’s so freaking emotional, isn’t it?

 626 Anonymous

 Thank you. Thank you!!

 630 Anonymous

 Wait a minute, so at that time, was it the Driver’s song with Poison Chalice?

 Ah~, come on heroes, please save the world already.

 632 Anonymous

 Oh man, Butterfly Mask, seriously cool haha

 I want one even if it’s a doll for kids, I want it soon.

 635 Anonymous

 And then, they flee.

 638 Anonymous

 That Chijou, they totally ran away LOL

 640 Anonymous

 Tora-uma doesn’t seem to react, but they’re probably running away too LOL

 643 Anonymous

 Tora-uma: “Those who run away screaming are second-rate; if you’re a leader, you disappear without a sound.”

 646 Anonymous

 Ah, it’s an Armor Purge!

 649 Anonymous

 Wait, Armor Purge… Shirogane… Ugh.

 651 Anonymous


 653 Anonymous

 Medicine! Everyone, take the medicine!

 657 Anonymous

 It can’t be! No more medicine. I’ve taken it all.

 659 Anonymous

 Bad news, no more medicine.

 662 Anonymous

 I’ve taken too much medicine; it’s all gone, seriously, too much.

 668 Anonymous

 Wait, no more medicine!

 671 Anonymous

 Bulletin board users in a big panic!

 674 Anonymous

 It’s cheating for there to be silver lines in white, LOL.

 678 Anonymous

 Overclocking is so cool!

 682 Anonymous

 The cape turns into glossy butterfly wings; it’s amazing!

 685 Anonymous

 Wait, my favorite is Kenzaki, but Butterfly Mask might be the coolest. I used to be a Poison Chalice fan until now.

 687 Anonymous

 This, the fact that it’s Toa-chan inside, is significant.

 690 Anonymous


 693 Anonymous

 Yan-de-Rue’s past, huh?

 699 Anonymous

 Yeah, that’s right. This person is just like us.

 701 Anonymous

 There must be a reason why Yan-de-Rue is also troubled.

 704 Anonymous


 706 Anonymous


 707 Anonymous

 It’s still no good, huh…

 710 Anonymous

 Getting closer to the executives makes it tougher as the words become more fluent, huh.

 713 Anonymous

 It’s sad, but it can’t be helped.

 But, I like that Kenzaki can’t just accept it as it is.

 715 Anonymous

 Butterfly Mask, it’s cool after all.

 719 Anonymous

 Butterfly Mask doesn’t seem like a typical driver, but that’s also good.

 723 Anonymous

 We finally got all four Drivers together, and yet…

 725 Anonymous

 At this point, recalling Kenzaki’s words from earlier is painful.

 728 Anonymous

 Everyone did well.

 731 Anonymous

 Is it ending soon?

 734 Anonymous


 736 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon


 738 Anonymous

 Ah and there…

 743 Anonymous

 Wait! Toa-chan, don’t exit here!

 You finally took a step and transformed!!

 745 Anonymous


 747 Anonymous


 749 Anonymous

 Is he collapsed?

 751 Anonymous


 755 Verification Team *010meTA473


 758 Anonymous


 760 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki

 Huh? Kenzaki? Huh?

 763 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi


 765 Anonymous

 Ken… zaki…?

 767 Anonymous

 Kenzaki, it’s a lie, right?

 769 Anonymous


 771 Verification Team *010meTA473


 773 Anonymous

 Eh? Wait?

 775 Anonymous

 Sorry. My brain just stopped.

 778 Verification Team *07218KADO6

 Oh no! I’ll go stop the nuclear missile right away!!

 781 Anonymous

 It’s a lie, right?

 786 Verification Team *010meTA473

 No, no, no, absolutely not!! It’s impossible without Kenzaki and the Heaven’s Sword!!

 792 Anonymous


 796 Anonymous

 What’s happening?

 801 Anonymous

 Is this a broadcast accident or something?

 805 Anonymous

 Director Hongou…?

 810 Anonymous

 Ego-ist was that guy from earlier!!

 813 Anonymous

 That Ego-ist guy has become a complete enemy of the citizens.

 817 Anonymous


 825 Anonymous

 Looks like a new OP started…

 829 Anonymous

 Wait a moment, it’s a new song, but it’s not sticking in my head!!

 833 Anonymous

 Confirmed Kenzaki in the OP! It’s okay, everyone is not dead!!

 836 Anonymous


 Can we trust that?

 841 Anonymous

 Wait a moment, could it be that we have to wait like this until next year?

 845 Anonymous


 This person is the root of all evil.

 849 Anonymous

 Everyone, let’s stop rushing to Director Hongou and the TV station! First, let’s calm down.

 852 Anonymous

 Changes to the Shibuya Scramble billboard here. Butterfly Mask added. And next to Kenzaki, Kamishiro, Tachibana, Kagami added in a row.

 856 Anonymous

 What’s going to happen with this?

 863 Anonymous


 Thanks for the report!

 869 Anonymous

 The OP is really good. The story was great too.

 But why did Kenzaki…

 871 Anonymous

 Wait, spending New Year’s like this is tough…

 875 Verification Team *010meTA473

 Everyone, it’s going to be alright.

 I got all worked up earlier, but I’m sure Kenzaki will be okay. I believe in that!!

 880 Anonymous


 T… This is Shumi!?

 882 Anonymous


 She’s here, showing her true wife power!!

 886 Anonymous


 No way. That Shumi… You’ve grown too.

 892 Anonymous

 As Shumi says, first, we need to calm down.

 901 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi

 What Shumi-san says is true.

 By the way, if it’s Aqua-san, right now in front of me, he’s eating hitsumabushi so happily. So, let’s calm down for now.

 905 Anonymous


 For some reason, that’s reassuring…

 908 Anonymous


 You guys, Kenzaki is down, but Aqua-sama should be okay, right…?

 913 Anonymous


 This kind of information is the most grateful.

 917 Anonymous


 Wait a minute, hitsumabushi…? Huh? Where’s Aqua-sama? Is he, he, he might be in my prefecture!?

 922 Anonymous



 926 Anonymous

 You guys, this is not the time to be down. According to Beryl’s early morning sighting, there’s a possibility he’s come to the countryside!!

 930 Anonymous



 935 Anonymous


 No wonder I thought the air in Tokyo tasted awful.

 938 Anonymous

 Bad news, with Aqua-sama absent, the air and weather in Tokyo are stagnant.

 941 Anonymous

 The prime minister is holding an emergency press conference, LMAO.

 947 Anonymous


 Is that a joke, LMAO.

 952 Anonymous


 Stars and overseas top media are reporting that Kenzaki has collapsed. Hey, hey, this won’t turn into an international issue, right?

 960 Anonymous

 Can’t be helped. If it comes to this, let’s ask the Prime Minister to use the hidden technique, the Rolling Thunder Dogeza.

 964 Anonymous


 There’s no other choice.

 968 Anonymous


 Alright, counting on you, Prime Minister!

 972 Anonymous

 Beryl’s official Social Media has also reacted.

 977 Anonymous

 Official Statement: “Our affiliated talent Shirogane Aqua is safe.”

 979 Anonymous


 It’s good that the official Social Media reports safety, but the attached image of Aqua-kun enjoying hitsumabushi looks hilarious. LMAO

 983 Anonymous

 Geez, despite our worries, we’re shown such a carefree image. Aa-sama is truly bewitching.

 989 Anonymous

 Aa-sama, is it okay to have eel in the morning? Won’t you get all excited?

 995 Anonymous


 It’s okay, I’m an Aichi resident, so I’ll handle it gently when the time comes!!

 999 Anonymous


 Don’t mess around!!

 1000 Anonymous

 If it’s 1000, then >>995 must be stopped, and next week is Kenzaki’s comeback!! Also, thanks Saba-chan. Today’s MVP is undoubtedly Saba-chan!

 1001 774 *Hi-P3erver

 This thread has exceeded 1000 posts.

 You can’t write anymore, so please start a new thread…

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