Male Idol V10c6

Volume 10 Chapter 6 Bulletin Board, Is It Starting From Sunday?

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

[Going to pick up] Shirogane Aqua-sama Thread Part 3782 [Wait quietly]
7 Anonymous
Oh, it’s good, it’s good
I feel like Sunday has started
10 Anonymous
There’s really nothing left, huh!
Heaven’s Sword is over, so I’m going to take a quick morning bath!
13 Anonymous
Have a good one!
14 Anonymous
Hey! Don’t go to the bathroom after setting the flag!!
16 Anonymous
It’s fine to mas***bate in the shower, but be careful with the water and gas bills!
19 Anonymous
On the Heaven’s Sword’s official website, there was an addition of Nico-san as an action instructor!
Legends are joining them for the second half!
22 Anonymous
Something also came in the announcement from Beryl Entertainment!
Announcement about our affiliated talent, Tenga Akira
We have contracted with Iwanari Nico-san, who has been active for many years as the exclusive trainer and action coach for our affiliated talent, Tenga Akira, as well as the suit actor for Masked Driver
The contract period will start from September, but we apologize for the delay in announcing it to the fans in December due to the broadcast of Heaven’s Sword
Thank you for your continued support of Tenga Akira and Iwanari Nico in the future
Tenga Akira
Date of Birth: February 19, 2003 (19 years old) Pisces
Height: 191cm (6.2ft)
Background: Sendai Aoba Daini High School → Akamon National University 2nd year
August 10th: Summer Comic Market, Beryl Stage appearance
September 10th: Music program “Music stage pre-festival” appearance
September 11th: AnnAnn “Beryl special feature”
September 11th – ongoing: Japanese-Korean special effects drama “Masked Driver Heaven’s Sword”, playing the role of Kamishiro Hajime NEET / Poison Chalice
September 18th: Music program “Music stage special extended SP” appearance
October 9th: Stars Collection, appearing as a model for Corolle’s clothes
October 31st: Beryl Entertainment Halloween Night Festival
November – ongoing: beryl&beryl, regular appearance
List of contracted sponsors:
Leitz Co. digital SLR camera
Wedemark Co. wireless earphones
Haugenmattas Co. ice cream
Comment from the person himself:
“This time, I have personally contracted with Iwanari Niko, who has been the actor of the masked driver for many years. In order to further polish my action scenes, I want to work on physical transformation under Niko’s guidance. I will do my best to become a rocking action star, so please support me!”
Comment from Iwanari Niko:
“This time, I have signed a contract with Tenga Akira from Beryl Entertainment as a trainer and action coach. I wanted to help fulfill his dream of becoming an action star recognized worldwide, so I decided to cooperate with him despite my limited power. I am extremely grateful for this wonderful opportunity given by Tenga Akira, Director Hongou Hiroko who passionately invited me to Heaven’s Sword, Shirogane Aqua who created an opportunity for a new job, and president Atori Ako of Beryl Entertainment. Thank you and please continue to support me!”
25 Anonymous
26 Anonymous
28 Anonymous
Heaven’s Sword is amazing after all. It definitely changed Tenga-paisen’s future
31 Anonymous
If you say so, it’s boorish to say that meeting Aqua-kun is not everything, but Heaven’s Sword definitely has an influence on the future
32 Anonymous
I’m a fan of Nico-san, so I’m ecstatic!!
Lately, I’ve been thinking that Nico-san might retire soon. She said she would spend her retirement at home watching TV with her daughter, but her distant gaze at that time looked really sad and it concerned me
So I’m really happy that she found something new to challenge herself with, as a fan!
34 Anonymous
Good for you Nico-san
I’m happy that someone who has continued the driver’s history for a long time appeared in an amazing work at the very end
37 Anonymous
Well then, I guess I should go to work too
39 Anonymous
I also have things to do, so I’ll start getting ready to go out
41 Anonymous
Hey… Hagetoru is waiting on the Sunday Debate thread. Did she eat something dangerous or something?
43 Anonymous
Huh!? Is she okay? Shouldn’t she go to the hospital right away?
44 Anonymous
I thought it was raining, but it was just sunny
45 Anonymous
It might be a sign of some disaster happening. Get prepared
After watching that beryl&beryl the other day, I started to seriously think about disaster prevention
49 Anonymous
Just by watching a serious program, Hagetoru make me worried LOL
52 Anonymous
It’s definitely because of her usual behavior
54 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Instead of being “Hoge” from the morning, you should watch a serious program like me
57 Anonymous
That’s an interesting idea
59 Anonymous
You should check if you have a fever
60 Anonymous
Are you okay? Did you fall and hit your head?
63 Anonymous
There is a heated debate on Sundays
65 Anonymous
Speaking of which, today’s special guest on Sunday’s heated debate is the Prime Minister… Wait, wasn’t Morikawa supposed to appear?
68 Anonymous
Didn’t Morikawa fracture her collarbone in a lotion sumo and hasn’t returned to Japan..
69 Anonymous
If it’s Hogekawa, she’s being forced to stay in the local area after fracturing her collarbone in the Stars match. How is she going to appear?
72 Anonymous
Yes, yes, I somehow understood this
73 Anonymous
Doesn’t Sunday’s heated debate start in about 2 or 3 minutes?
75 Anonymous
Come back soon!!
76 Anonymous
This is not the time to be taking a bath. Hurry up!!
79 Anonymous
Is it really a heated debate on Sunday!?
83 Anonymous
I changed the channel
88 Anonymous
This is not the time for everyone to be lost in thought!!
91 Anonymous
Opening with a close-up of the Prime Minister, LOL
93 Anonymous
What’s up with this start, LOL
96 Anonymous
I hurried back from the Heaven’s Sword thread!!
Is there really an appearance on the heated debate on Sunday!?
100 Anonymous
It’s a festival! Hurry!!
[Prime Minister’s live appearance] Heated Debate on Sunday [Morikawa’s bone fracture]
5 Anonymous
Morikawa’s bone fracture, LMAO
6 Anonymous
I wonder how they will replace her, LOL
8 Anonymous
In a way, it’s good that she’s not there
With Morikawa and the Prime Minister, it would turn into a variety show, LOL
9 Anonymous
So true, LOL
Those two would probably just keep talking and talking
I have an image of them having meaningless conversations or talking about things that don’t matter
11 Anonymous
Morikawa is good friends with Aqua-sama, Mary-sama, the Prime Minister, Shumi, and Hagetoru
12 Anonymous
I felt like her phone book alone could create a whole program
14 Anonymous
Once, the staff made a mistake and the chat history was shown on national broadcast
15 Anonymous
Seriously, LOL?
17 Anonymous
Demon Boss: “If you don’t want to die, answer the phone.”
Demon Boss: “Answer quickly.”
Demon Boss: “Contact me immediately when you wake up! Take action!”
Aqua-kun♡: “About what you said earlier, does that mean Kanon goes out at night…”
Shumi: “Sorry, I’m busy that day, can we do it the next day?”
President Fuji Ranko: “We’re going to Kagurazaka for tea with Yakumo-sensei and the usual members, can you come?”
Grandma Mary: “Hey there, Kaede-chan, are you free tomorrow night? Let’s go to Shibuya for some sightseeing!”
Hagetoru: “I found a great joke, so I’ll give it to you too. Be grateful!!”
Nee-san: “Please contact me as soon as you wake up, Kaede-san. I’m waiting.”
Prime Minister: “Kaede-chan, are you coming to the next meeting?”
19 Anonymous
Shumi, Hagetoru, and Nee-san are out, LOL
This guy seriously… It’s not like Morikawa messed up, but she’s not even trying to hide it, and it’s a problem!
20 Anonymous
It’s only Aqua-kun’s that has a heart mark, and it’s quietly annoying, LOL
But seriously, what are they even talking about..
22 Anonymous
She’s definitely going to get scolded by the demon boss later, LOL
25 Anonymous
Demon Boss, LMAO
I can see Nee-san and her boss struggling with her
27 Anonymous
When I saw that Aqua-sama was casually calling Kanon-sama by her first name even in private emails, I felt really excited. It’s more vivid than on TV, it really makes my heart skip a beat
29 Anonymous
Aaaaaah, I’m so jealous that Aqua-kun can marry her
31 Anonymous
Shumi should just die!
34 Verification Team *07218KADO6
I hope boring misfortune befalls you, you d*mn self-proclaimed wife!
36 Anonymous
This is what friendship is
37 Anonymous
Normally, I should pray for more misfortune, but there’s something about the mundane aspects that feels like friendship
40 Anonymous
I heard Hagetoru will be on Sunday Talk Show
42 Verification Team *010meTA473
Hey, hold on!
47 Anonymous
Is it true that Hagetoru has a fever?
48 Anonymous
I heard that idiot caught a cold
51 Anonymous
If Mary’s Hagetoru is an idiot, then 90% of the citizens must be idiots too. Is that okay?
54 Anonymous
Lately, I’ve been thinking it’s okay to be an idiot
55 Anonymous
So what if I’m an idiot?
56 Anonymous
I’m an idiot, but did you call me?
58 Anonymous
The bulletin board where people open up and enjoy stupidity is too hilarious!
61 Anonymous
It’s about to start
63 Anonymous
Will the Prime Minister come?
64 Anonymous
She hasn’t come out yet, but I’ll say it first. Prime Minister, do it seriously!
67 Anonymous
She’s here
68 Anonymous
Is this the place?
69 Anonymous
Hurry, it’s a festival!
72 Anonymous
Hagetoru is really here
74 Anonymous
Did the person who went to the bath come back? Hurry up! It’s already starting!
76 Anonymous
77 Anonymous
78 Anonymous
80 Anonymous
It started!
82 Anonymous
A close-up of the Prime Minister, LOL
84 Anonymous
From the opening, the Prime Minister’s full smile, LOL
86 Anonymous
Here we go again, another flame war
87 Anonymous
Morikawa broke a bone, LOL
88 Anonymous
Only in our country does the word “lotion sumo (slimy)” come out of the Prime Minister’s mouth, LOL
89 Anonymous
Morikawa is really something, LOL
91 Anonymous
This is Morikawa’s quality. Which country’s national broadcaster has an announcer who makes the Prime Minister say the word “lotion sumo,” LOL
93 Anonymous
Thanks to Morikawa, the political program of the national broadcaster is more interesting than the variety shows on private TV stations, LOL
In a way, it’s amazing. No wonder the weekly magazines write about the monster created by the national broadcaster that makes private TV stations tremble, Morikawa Kaede, LOL
98 Anonymous
It’s not the national broadcasting company that created it! It’s Mary!!
Shumi! Morikawa! Prime Minister! And Hagetoru!
Good children shouldn’t aim to be like Mary!!
I’m also telling my children to be Otomezaki or Claris
100 Anonymous
101 Anonymous
102 Anonymous
105 Anonymous
Now, pinch hitter..
107 Anonymous
Is the pinch hitter coming!?
109 Anonymous
Come on!
115 Anonymous
117 Anonymous
I just woke up! Good morninggggg!
119 Anonymous
I just got home earlier! I’m homeee!
120 Anonymous
123 Anonymous
Ah… I almost ascended from exhaustion
124 Anonymous
126 Anonymous
The current situation is really bad. It just like we got married!!
128 Anonymous
Let’s goooooo!
131 Anonymous
Ah, ahh, ahh..
134 Anonymous
Oh no, we’re living together..
137 Anonymous
At this moment, all the girls married Aa-sama
140 Anonymous
Hey! Some people were taken away at the start of the game!
143 Anonymous
What on earth is happening?
146 Anonymous
This is no good
149 Anonymous
Aqu-tan, take responsibility and marry all the girls..
151 Anonymous
My little sister who was watching next to me died
It seems like she embarked on a journey to the dream world
154 Anonymous
A man who can make females org*sm with just a greeting, that’s Shirogane Aqua
158 Anonymous
I thought Shumi was a clumsy person, but turns out she’s amazing
She endures this every morning… I can’t handle it. I’ll be bedridden for three days
162 Anonymous
Prime Minister LOL
164 Anonymous
It’s funny how obviously accustomed to variety shows she is LOL
167 Anonymous
Prime Minister’s trivial talk LOL
Why not just talk about politics normally LOL
What do you think about the Male Protection law proposal!!
170 Anonymous
Heaven’s Sword LOL
172 Anonymous
Prime Minister-chan, that’s another network’s program LOL
173 Anonymous
Even the announcer on the national broadcast is smiling LOL
175 Anonymous
Don’t make Aa-sama criticize it LOL
176 Anonymous
Aqua-kun, that’s correct!
179 Anonymous
A video where the firewood is burning LMAO
180 Anonymous
That can’t be helped
183 Anonymous
Honestly, all the channels have given up already
185 Anonymous
National Broadcasting Service: a video where firewood is burning
National Education: let’s sing together (rebroadcast)
Fuji TV: Weather Forecast (no voice)
TV Japan: Japan Exploration (scenery)
TBT: Announcer’s automatic reading news program
Tokyo TV: Nice Boat!
MXSUN: Baseball and soccer play scenes compilation
This is the behind-the-scenes program of Heaven’s Sword!
No wonder people who work on TV want to watch Heaven’s Sword LOL
189 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari was amazing when she appeared on the variety show the other day
MC: “Is there something you would like to say to Aqua-kun?”
Kohina Yukari: “Because of him, there’s nothing to watch on Sunday mornings except Heaven’s Sword!!”
I didn’t know because she hadn’t appeared on variety shows before, but this girl is funny LOL
Kohina Yukari is the only one who can make Aa-sama lose her cool
195 Anonymous
After that, when they revealed the contents of her bag, it was a set where she had a Heaven’s Sword keychain on her house key and blushed until it was exposed
199 Anonymous
Prime Minister’s power harassment LMAO
200 Anonymous
That’s right LOL
Apologize LOL
202 Anonymous
What is this farce?
204 Anonymous
As soon as the Prime Minister appears, the skit begins
207 Anonymous
Aqua-kun, sorry for involving you in the inside jokes of adults
The adults are just getting excited and playing around like children because of the live appearance with Aqua-kun
209 Anonymous
211 Anonymous
Hug in the parliament LOL
215 Anonymous
That’s weird LOL
217 Anonymous
Huh? Aqua-sama’s Hug Club!?
218 Anonymous
Is Aqua-sama’s Hug Club still going on?
220 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Even a breast touch club is okay!
I have confidence in my breasts!
226 Anonymous
Hagetoru, so you really are a genius…
229 Anonymous
So this is the idea of a genius. As expected of a Mary graduate LOL
231 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Bingo! I came up with a good idea!!
Aqua-sama participates in the Peach Ribbon Festival as the Breast Ambassador → Doctor Aqua’s Breast Examination Touch Event
With this, we can have a legal breast touch event!
235 Anonymous
237 Anonymous
Mary is amazing!!
So this is the intellect of one of the top prestigious women’s universities in the country!!
238 Anonymous
You’re amazing…. I’m moved
240 Anonymous
Unexpectedly, people praises Hagetoru LOL
243 Anonymous
Oh! The Prime Minister asked a good question!
244 Anonymous
As expected, there are things that are just being answered in the parliament. A good question
247 Anonymous
Parliament → Practice
Questions to Aqua-kun → The real deal
That’s how it is
251 Anonymous
It’s good that he respects the staff
252 Anonymous
I’m glad he respects the staff
I helped a little behind the scenes at Fuji Department Store, but I still remember the scene where we passed each other and he said thank you while making eye contact. I’ve been a fan since then
254 Anonymous
Kohina-senpai, for now, LOL
256 Anonymous
Kohina-senpai is for now. LOL
258 Anonymous
I’ll say it, or she’ll be noisy, LOL
260 Anonymous
It’s amazing that she can be noisy with Aqua-kun, LOL
261 Anonymous
People from the TV station, please look here
Let Kohina Yukari and Aqua-tan appear together on variety shows at least once
I have a feeling it will be interesting, LOL
263 Anonymous
Whether it’s Aa-sama or not, Kohina Yukari doesn’t waver, LOL
265 Anonymous
Representative Sato is hereeeee!
268 Anonymous
Sato, as expected
He always asks questions with a soft approach to the Prime Minister, digging to the core
270 Anonymous
Sato , you’re doing your job properly!
Alright, I’ll vote for you next time!!
273 Anonymous
She even mentions the matchmaking party
276 Anonymous
Aqua-sama is still a first-year high school student, but he’s reliable
He’s thinking properly. LOL, he’s thinking more properly than the Prime Ministers here, at least
279 Anonymous
Bad news, Aqua-kun’s responses are the most like a member of parliament
281 Anonymous
Isn’t it fine for Aqu-tan to be the Prime Minister already?
Let’s leave only the substantial work to the Prime Minister
285 Anonymous
Prime minister! Prime minister! Prime minister!
288 Anonymous
Seriously, Prime Minister!!
290 Anonymous
She’s definitely the only Prime Minister in this country!
293 Anonymous
I will vote for the Prime Minister next too!
294 Anonymous
What an amazing question…
As expected, the person who becomes the Prime Minister has a different class!
296 Anonymous
The Prime Minister’s smug face is annoying. LOL
299 Anonymous
300 Anonymous
303 Anonymous
No way…
308 Anonymous
315 Anonymous
317 Anonymous
321 Anonymous
Immediately on News LOL
Shirogane aqua, explicitly states that he is okay with having an arranged marriage just once
324 Anonymous
Even the backup program changed to breaking news LOL
326 Anonymous
Well then, I will go and prepare a bit for the arranged meeting
327 Verification Team *07218KADO6
If it’s about a v*gina, I always have it ready to go!
329 Anonymous
My family watching this all stand up is hilarious LOL
I’m also one of them… I’ll get a little serious
332 Anonymous
I don’t think I have a chance, but I really like that it makes me think I might have a chance too..
335 Anonymous
Aqua-kun “I don’t want to do anything that Kanon dislikes.”
336 Anonymous
Shumi, die
337 Anonymous
Shumi, die
338 Anonymous
Shumi, die
340 Anonymous
I like Aa-sama who regularly shows his love for his wife
Because even if he get married, it’s great that he will cherish the fans
342 Anonymous
It’s envy-inducing, but I think Shumi is lucky to be loved like this
345 Verification Team *010meTA473
I also think Aqua should try arranged marriage at least once
In fact, with arranged marriage, I can properly investigate the other person, so it might even be more appreciated
349 Anonymous
351 Anonymous
I got permission from my wife!
353 Anonymous
That’s where she has a big heart
356 Anonymous
They’re constantly lovey-dovey!?
358 Anonymous
No, it’s no good. Shumi, die
359 Anonymous
While feeling sorry for Shumi, Shumi, die
364 Anonymous
Got sick?
Summer date?
Shumi, die!!
367 Anonymous
Please! Let me experience at least one of those soon!
369 Anonymous
The girl who experiences the things that all girls want. That’s “Shumi.”
371 Anonymous
I think I’ll go with Mary after all
Because Shumi is married with him, Morikawa is dating him, and the Prime Minister is collaborating like this
Without a doubt, Mary is the closest to Aqua-sama
375 Anonymous
Is there a chance for someone like me, who graduated from Mary, too!?
378 Anonymous
Mary’s stocks are soaring here!
382 Anonymous
Love at first sight!?
383 Anonymous
What kind of woman is someone who Aa-sama falls in love at first sight with!!
385 Anonymous
386 Anonymous
388 Anonymous
390 Anonymous
392 Anonymous
Kiss on the first date?
396 Anonymous
Hey, I’m a d*mn virgin who has never dated a boy, but do boys usually kiss on the first date!?
397 Anonymous
※Ordinary boys don’t kiss on the first date
399 Anonymous
I know the story of a senior who tried to forcefully kiss someone on the first date and got taken away by the police
403 Anonymous
Ah, ah, ah, no, I can’t stop my imagination!
Because if I could go on a date with Aa-sama, my lips might be stolen!
Just that makes my heart skip a beat
404 Anonymous
Prime Minister LOL
406 Anonymous
What is the Prime Minister doing? LOL
407 Anonymous
Has the emergency parliament started?
408 Anonymous
Yeah, it’s the emergency parliament LOL
410 Anonymous
Something has started LOL
412 Anonymous
Has the comedy skit started?
415 Anonymous
Prime Minister: “I will take full responsibility!”
416 Anonymous
Prime Minister: “I will take responsibility!!”
418 Anonymous
Go ahead, go ahead
420 Anonymous
As expected of the Prime Minister! I admire and admire her!!
421 Anonymous
The Prime Minister is the best…
423 Anonymous
I’m interested!
424 Anonymous
Of course I’m interested!!
426 Verification Team *07218KADO6
I’m interested!! In fact, I only have interest in it
428 Anonymous
There’s no girl who isn’t interested in naughty talk about boys. We’re all living while restraining our desires for s*x
430 Anonymous
> If it’s about Aqua-sama, we, citizens, want to know everything
I completely agree with this
434 Anonymous
Everyone is very interested in boys’ bodies and Aqua-sama’s eggplant!
437 Anonymous
A little off-topic, but I really think it’s amazing that the bulletin board users didn’t confirm with Shumi if it was really an eggplant. ※However, Hagetoru and Chinposuki are excluded
439 Anonymous
LOL, if I die, it’ll be together
440 Anonymous
Representative Tanigawa, huh? LOL
442 Anonymous
As expected of the speed of light, Yose Tanigawa. Quick moves!
445 Anonymous
That’s too dangerous, LOL
448 Anonymous
These guys seem like they could destroy the entire Broadcasting Ethics Committee building with missiles
450 Anonymous
Please, Prime Minister
454 Anonymous
Cool… When the Prime Minister returned to her seat, she had a completely determined face of a fighting woman
459 Anonymous
Male desire
461 Anonymous
Male desire, huh. Tell us more about it!
464 Anonymous
465 Anonymous
468 Anonymous
470 Anonymous
Shumi, die!
475 Anonymous
Oh, wait, some amazing words just popped out..
482 Anonymous
My woman
Shirogane Aqua’s woman
I wanted to show that I’m a better man
I wanted to make Kanon mine
That’s too many power words..
484 Anonymous
Sensei!! I can’t find it even when I search!!
>How to become Shirogane Aqua’s woman
487 Anonymous
Even if the woman wasn’t with Aqua-kun, he wanted to say that she is his woman!
489 Anonymous
This is basically s*x, right?
490 Anonymous
My v*gina is completely convulsing from the shocking words
493 Anonymous
Is Shumi alive?
495 Anonymous
I was going to tell Shumi to die, but it looks like Shumi is already dead, LOL
498 Anonymous
This is absolutely unacceptable, being told such outrageous things on a Sunday morning, LOL
501 Anonymous
Aqua-sama, everyone knows that you’re a better man even without being told!
504 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Confirmed Shumi’s death! Seeing that she didn’t answer my prank call, she’s definitely dead!
506 Anonymous
Shumi died silently, LOL. Well, I can’t blame her
509 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
I’ll make a note of this… I’ll use it as a reference for my next work..
512 Anonymous
Emergency national assembly has started, LOL
514 Anonymous
Second emergency national assembly today, LOL
515 Anonymous
Something outrageous is happening
519 Anonymous
The Prime Minister and the diet members keep mentioning the wife is death to each other, LOL
525 Anonymous
Hey, LOL
527 Anonymous
Breaking news, the politicians in this country are from the bulletin board, LOL
530 Anonymous
The politicians suddenly became worried about the future of this country after knowing that they are just ordinary citizens on the bulletin board. Let’s vote
533 Anonymous
Representative Tanigawa LOL
534 Anonymous
Representative Tanigawa is dead LOL
536 Anonymous
Are you kidding? LOL
538 Anonymous
I understand, Yuujin-sama LOL
540 Anonymous
I understand this
543 Anonymous
Hana-ata is in the textbook!?
545 Anonymous
I heard Hana-ata is in the textbook
547 Anonymous
Hey! Hakuryuu-sensei also has a chance!
549 Anonymous
Is No-Rin also in the textbook?
551 Anonymous
The Prime Minister is pretending to be in a panic but is completely joking
552 Anonymous
I’m going to stop voting for the Prime Minister after all
555 Anonymous
I laughed at the fluctuating stock price of the Prime Minister
558 Anonymous
The Prime Minister has another good question!
560 Anonymous
564 Anonymous
Three people!!
568 Anonymous
Three people? Who else besides my sister?
570 Anonymous
Oh? Has Morikawa already reached the point of getting married?
573 Anonymous
Could it be Hagetoru? Well, that’s probably not true LOL
576 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Is it me!?
579 Anonymous
I wonder if there’s a convenient fact that I was actually married to Aa-sama
582 Anonymous
Who is it? Who is it?
583 Anonymous
This must be Toa-chan
584 Anonymous
587 Anonymous
Prime Minister, you know this, right? It’s going too far to joke like this
588 Anonymous
The Prime Minister’s reaction is too deliberate
592 Anonymous
593 Anonymous
596 Anonymous
What’s happening now?
599 Anonymous
601 Anonymous
604 Anonymous
607 Anonymous
611 Anonymous
Is this a joke!?
619 Anonymous
No way… right?
620 Anonymous
Congratulations, Hakuryuu-sensei!
623 Anonymous
625 Anonymous
Reality is not losing to Driver!!
627 Anonymous
As a fan of No-Rin, I can’t see ahead because of tears..
628 Anonymous
Thank you so much, Hakuryuu-sensei. You have proven to us that No-Rin is real
630 Anonymous
No-Rin fans must be overflowing with excitement
633 Anonymous
This, No-Rin is also a textbook
636 Anonymous
Thank you, Hakuryuu-sensei. Thank you, No-Rin
639 Anonymous
A style that proves No-Rin by the author herself
641 Anonymous
LMAO, the politicians, LOL
644 Anonymous
There are too many fans of “No-Rin”, LOL
647 Anonymous
I understand the feeling
652 Anonymous
All the fans of “No-Rin” nationwide are overjoyed!!
657 Anonymous
Government-designated textbooks, LOL
660 Anonymous
Hey, world, are you watching?
While you guys were slacking off, our country has reached a world line where “No-Rin” and “Hana-ata” become textbooks
662 Anonymous
I’m glad I was born in this country
“No-Rin”, “Hana-ata”, “Heaven’s Sword”, and Beryl’s live footage will be used as teaching materials, LOL
664 Anonymous
Should I go to school again, LOL?
666 Anonymous
Also, please add AnnAnn
669 Anonymous
The government is pushing for the live-action adaptation of “No-Rin”, LOL
671 Anonymous
Will there be a live-action adaptation of “No-Rin”?!
674 Anonymous
Let’s make today a commemorative day for all “No-Rin” fans and Hakuryuu-sensei fans!
678 Anonymous
Words are no longer necessary…
682 Anonymous
If we practice what is written in “No-Rin”, can we marry Aqua-kun?
I guess it was good to believe after all!!
685 Anonymous
If you believe in “No-Rin”, you will be rewarded!!
689 Anonymous
Wait a minute, how old is Hakuryuu-sensei…? Hmhm!
692 Anonymous
Hakuryuu-sensei, if I remember correctly, she was… cough, cough, old, right?
697 Anonymous
You gave hope to all mature women, sensei
701 Anonymous
Even though I have children, I’ll give it a try
703 Anonymous
Do I still have a chance too? Maybe not like Aqua-kun, but…
708 Anonymous
I still have a chance!
713 Anonymous
Even at my age (around 40), can I do breastfeeding play with Aa-sama?
717 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
Uh, thank you very much. I’ll do my best
725 Anonymous
726 Anonymous
728 Anonymous
Sensei, congrats!
733 Anonymous
Thank you for letting us dream, sensei!
738 Anonymous
It’s amazing that you can do it at your age, sensei. What’s Aqua-sama’s defense range like…?
741 Anonymous
Prime Minister, you’re sweating lol
742 Anonymous
I can see why the Prime Minister would do that
744 Anonymous
746 Anonymous
747 Anonymous
750 Anonymous
Prime Minister?
753 Anonymous
Didn’t you put his handkerchief in your pocket just now?
756 Anonymous
This will be taken up in the next parliament session!
758 Anonymous
Prime Minister, let’s proceed as if nothing happened!
760 Anonymous
This is terrible
761 Anonymous
I won’t vote her next time!!
763 Anonymous
Morikawa is talking!
765 Anonymous
767 Anonymous
Morikawa dieeee!
769 Anonymous
Oh, I see
772 Anonymous
They went shopping in the Arabian Peninsula Federation
774 Anonymous
That’s good
778 Anonymous
Normally, it would be difficult if Aqua-sama went shopping
780 Anonymous
There’s no need to apologize!
781 Anonymous
Aqu-tan, don’t apologize!
783 Anonymous
Prime Minister?
785 Anonymous
Prime Minister?
787 Anonymous
Prime Minister awakening?
789 Anonymous
I’ve never seen the Prime Minister with such a serious face before!
792 Anonymous
I’m happy, Prime Minister!
794 Anonymous
Of course, I’m happy!
798 Anonymous
Now I can proudly say that I’m happy!
803 Verification Team *07218KADO6
I’m also happy!
806 Anonymous
Before, I might not have known. I might have even answered that I’m not happy
But now, I can confidently say that I’m happy!
809 Anonymous
Just having the Heaven’s Sword makes me happy, but even after that, I’m filled with happiness from being able to see Aqua-kun!
811 Anonymous
Prime Minister, this is hot!!
814 Anonymous
Prime Minister… you also have Heaven’s Sword!!
817 Anonymous
Sunday morning is scorching hot!
818 Anonymous
Hey, hey, even though it’s winter, you’re wearing just a camisole!
821 Anonymous
That’s right. Aqua-kun is a celebrity, but he’s also just an ordinary person
825 Anonymous
Hey, isn’t Aqua-kun still a high school student?
He’s almost 16, but he’s still 15, right?
There’s no way we should make such a child endure this!!
832 Anonymous
This hits the spot
836 Anonymous
This is our Prime Minister!!
839 Anonymous
I’m definitely voting for her again!!
843 Anonymous
With Toa-chan!?
844 Anonymous
A date with Toa-chan outside!?
847 Anonymous
I see
848 Anonymous
We understood everything the Prime Minister wanted to say!!
851 Anonymous
I’ll do my best for the date with Toa-chan!!
853 Anonymous
Unite with Toa-chan, all citizen LMAO
856 Anonymous
Even the politicians are passionate!!
860 Anonymous
It’s no wonder they only talk about Aqua-kun and Toa-chan in the cabinet meeting
Everyone is looking in the same direction LOL
864 Anonymous
Prime Minister, if you have time to watch it three times, then go do your job LOL!
868 Anonymous
Video tape LMAO
869 Anonymous
What is a video tape?
871 Anonymous
Video tape LOL
873 Anonymous
Are there still people using it!?
876 Anonymous
Nabe-san LOL
877 Anonymous
Watanabe-san LOL
880 Anonymous
It’s ridiculous
882 Anonymous
It’s ridiculous but I like it that way
884 Anonymous
Maybe I should stop voting
888 Anonymous
Somehow managed to summarize it LOL
891 Anonymous
Even though the Prime Minister is a mess, she is good at making it look like they have it together
893 Anonymous
These guys are actually good friends LOL
897 Anonymous
The opposition and ruling party in this country are seriously just for show LOL
901 Anonymous
Pressing the remote control!!
903 Anonymous
There’s no option other than being in favor!
904 Anonymous
I support!!
906 Anonymous
I supportttttt!!
908 Anonymous
Everyone is supporting!!
910 Anonymous
If all politicians are Heaven’s Sword, then all citizens are Heaven’s Sword too!!
913 Anonymous
Oops… I pressed the wrong button..
915 Anonymous
Will the result come out!?
918 Anonymous
The result came out in an instant
920 Anonymous
100% it’s hereeee!!
924 Anonymous
Wait, didn’t someone make a mistake earlier!?
927 Anonymous
Thi-this is fraud LOL
930 Anonymous
No matter how you look at it, the cheating is too much LMAO
932 774 *Hi-P3erver
Don’t say it’s cheating! I’m the one tallying up the numbers, so there’s no mistakes!
936 Anonymous
Ah… I see
938 Anonymous
I understand
940 Anonymous
Don’t cry, Aa-sama!
941 Anonymous
943 Anonymous
Do your best, Aqua-sama!
947 Anonymous
Aqu-tan, you don’t have to endure it!
950 Anonymous
Ultimate High Performance Server!?
952 Anonymous
What’s an Ultimate High Performance Server LOL
955 3510 *ULTi-Hi-P3
It has evolved. Nice to meet you
963 Anonymous
You’re kidding, right? LOL
966 Anonymous
Are you serious? LOL
970 Anonymous
I’ll send a bunch of questions!
973 Anonymous
I hope they get read!
976 Anonymous
Will Morikawa from the broadcast come?
978 Anonymous
Ah, this is bathroom time
980 Anonymous
982 Anonymous
She’s doing something, LOL
984 Anonymous
Morikawa, LOL
985 Anonymous
Morikawa, a funny woman LOL
988 Anonymous
Arm wrestling is stupid, LOL
Aren’t you the one with a broken bone!?
990 Anonymous
What’s a broken bone…?
991 Anonymous
※This person has a broken bone
993 Anonymous
Isn’t it a lie that you have a broken bone? LOL
995 Anonymous
997 Anonymous
Inappropriate video LOL
998 Anonymous
This is going too far, you idiot LOL
999 Anonymous
As a Morikawa Sommelier, she had won the relay race even though she had a broken bone. Want to hear this story?
1000 Anonymous
If it’s the 1000th post, I hope Aqua-sama and everyone else will be happy! But Morikawa is fine on her own, though LOL
1001 3510 *ULTi-Hi-P3
Pukusukusu, ladies. Even if you click so desperately, you won’t get 1000 boys. Just calm down a bit. Then surely, even noob ladies can get 1000 boys. Do your best!

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