Male Idol V10c7

Volume 10 Chapter 7 The Bulletin Board, And Everyone Disappeared

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

[Aqua-sama] Heated Debate on Sunday 2 [Prime Minister]
5 Anonymous
We definitely didn’t need Morikawa’s time earlier!!
7 Anonymous
It was totally toilet time
8 Anonymous
Isn’t Bath-neki back yet…?
11 Anonymous
How long is she taking a bath?!
14 Anonymous
The Ultimate Hyper Performance Server is amazing
I’m sending questions from the national broadcasting website, but there’s no sign of a reply
16 Anonymous
What kind of questions did everyone send?
19 Anonymous
Are there any plans for a breast touching event? by Anonymous with H-cup
20 Anonymous
When will the breast touching event be held?
That’s the only option LOL
22 Anonymous
I can’t calm down when I see Toa-chan and Aa-sama
What do you want from us?
23 Verification Team *07218KADO6
How many times a week do you… have s*x with Kanon? by Ramen Hagetoru
25 Anonymous
What do you think of Toa-chan?
I can’t sleep at night because I’m curious about it!
26 Anonymous
I have an inverted n**ple, is that okay!?
27 Anonymous
What do you think of girls with big areolas?
29 Anonymous
There are so many hellish questions, it’s hilarious LMAO. World! This is the level of the bulletin board users LOL!
By the way, I asked him how often he mas***bates. The reason? Of course, I wanted to analyze men’s bodies from a scientific point of view! I don’t have any shameful feelings at all!!
31 Anonymous
There are too many questions about breasts, LOL
Well, I’m a flat-chested girl too, but I asked if there’s any demand
33 Anonymous
There are too many erotic comments, LOL
35 Anonymous
As expected of Hagetoru, you’re amazing, LOL
36 Anonymous
Hagetoru, LOL. What’s the point of you knowing that, LOL
38 Anonymous
You should consider Shumi and the others, LOL
39 Anonymous
You’re amazing for being able to send that question without hesitation, whether you’re friends or not
40 Anonymous
The monster created by the bulletin board called “Hagetoru.” It’s a good thing the other monster is absent due to a fracture. If that person was there, things could have gotten even worse
43 Anonymous
As expected, there’s a type of oxygen that can only be obtained from the bulletin board. Even a little bit of lewdness and people immediately get carried away, LOL
46 Anonymous
Aqua-sama is running away from the bulletin board, LOL
47 Anonymous
It seems like it’s about to start again
49 Anonymous
Opening Prime Minister Apology LOL
51 Anonymous
It seems like there’s an announcer who will apologize on behalf of the Prime Minister LOL
54 Anonymous
Morikawa, you’re amazing for going this far
55 Anonymous
The Prime Minister is half smiling too LOL
58 Anonymous
Here comes the first question!!
60 Anonymous
62 Anonymous
Here it cooommeeess!!
65 Anonymous
Right now, I’m at work, and when they heard the others fiancees were older, everyone stood up from their seats
67 Anonymous
Kanon is older?
68 Anonymous
Is Shumi the big sister?
69 Anonymous
Shumi… onee-chan…? Sorry, I didn’t understand what you said, can you say it again?
72 Anonymous
There are too many people reacting to Shumi-oneechan, LOL. I understand. Aqua-sama is more reliable, after all
75 Anonymous
That’s right, A-kun, all the people you marry are older, right? Nee-san and sensei
And the other person, are they also older?
76 Anonymous
So the mystery third bride is confirmed to be older!
78 Anonymous
Ah, ah, ah..
81 Anonymous
He likes older people and breasts, doesn’t he? It’s me, isn’t it, me!!
83 Anonymous
Ah, right now, I want Aqua-tan to suck on my J-cup breasts!!
86 Anonymous
Is it because Aqu-tan likes older people that he wants to be spoiled? Come here, this big sister will pat your head
89 Anonymous
90 Anonymous
92 Anonymous
Here comes another good question!!
94 Anonymous
Yujin-sama’s lover-sannnn!
95 Anonymous
Both Mama Friends’ Association and Yujin-sama’s lover-san, nice!!
97 Anonymous
101 Anonymous
104 Anonymous
108 Anonymous
113 Anonymous
Breaking news, LOL
115 Anonymous
All the rival programs have turned into news programs, LOL
118 Anonymous
Breaking news, Shirogane Aqua-san is recognizing the love interest of all girls
123 Anonymous
This is too much of a leap!!
126 Anonymous
Shirogane Aqua Supremacy! Shirogane Aqua Supremacy! Shirogane Aqua Supremacy!!
129 Anonymous
Ah, I’m getting excited for some reason
132 Anonymous
Aqua-sama, please take responsibility and marry all the girls!
Well, there’s no girl who wouldn’t open her legs when Aqua-kun says he wants to have s*x, so maybe that’s enough
135 Anonymous
Aqua-sama: “Am I the target of everyone just by being born as a female, but is there something wrong with that?”
137 Anonymous
I’m going to join the Holy Aqua Religion! Aqua-sama is definitely a god!!
140 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Don’t get ahead of yourself!! Joining something like that won’t change anything!!
144 Anonymous
Prime Minister, there’s a chance LOL
146 Anonymous
Normally, I could say there’s no chance, but it’s okay for the Prime Minister to dream. After all, we’re both girls
148 Anonymous
Let’s all gather together and tackle Aqua-kun with our breasts. I feel like that would make it easy to win. And then all the girls will become his wives!!
151 Anonymous
The Prime Minister looking more serious than during the parliament LOL
156 Anonymous
Just looking at this, it’s like a serious parliament LOL
157 Anonymous
Everyone looks so serious, it’s hilarious LOL
162 Anonymous
There was an alert from the government!
163 Anonymous
Thankful for the government’s alert
166 Anonymous
I’ll go check on the neighborhood grandmother too
168 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Oh, I’ll also go and confirm. Hopefully my blood pressure doesn’t go up…
171 Anonymous
I’ll go check on the neighbors too!
174 Anonymous
The people on the bulletin board are somehow kind, aren’t they?
177 Anonymous
Is age really that important?
179 Anonymous
It’s the best…
181 Anonymous
Is it possible for the strike zone of the coolest boy in the world to be the widest in the world?
184 Anonymous
Aqua-sama was indeed a god! A-qu-a!!
187 Anonymous
I’ll upload it a little bit!!
189 Anonymous
Aqua-kun, is it really okay even with such an old lady like me?
192 Anonymous
My fourth-grade sister started her period, so I was cheering for her!
195 Anonymous
Even though I’m in middle school, is it okay since my period has started?
198 Anonymous
The breaking news is flowing too quickly, LOL
201 Anonymous
All the rival programs are now news, LOL
How did the Sunday debate turn into news behind the scenes?
204 Anonymous
I’ve found the good parts of a female acquaintance!
206 Anonymous
As expected of the Prime Minister!!
She is familiar with question and answer sessions in the National Parliament!
207 Anonymous
Preparatory practice in the National Parliament
The Sunday debate is the main event
In other words, that’s what it means
209 Anonymous
By delving deeper like this, we can understand what Aqua-kun likes about women
Great question!!
212 Anonymous
In the beginning, it’s the President!!
214 Anonymous
Thank you very much, President Atori. Thanks to you making Beryl, many women have been saved
215 Anonymous
President Atori will definitely be in the textbooks
We have this happiness now because of the president
218 Anonymous
For now, the president should be allowed to get married, right?
220 Anonymous
I understand her tolerance
221 Anonymous
I have confidence in her tolerance!!
223 Anonymous
What is tolerance, I wonder
225 Anonymous
Oh, I understand
227 Anonymous
Aa-sama’s interpretation completely aligns with mine
229 Anonymous
I got it! Aqua-sama is everyone’s daddy and the president is everyone’s mommy!
232 Anonymous
The president also takes care of the fans
If you go to events or pop-up shops, you’ll see that many of Beryl’s employees and staff are very kind
235 Anonymous
Both Beryl and Holy Aqua Religion have many gentle people
238 Anonymous
Ayana-chan is here!!
240 Anonymous
As a Rina fan, I’m overjoyed!!
241 Anonymous
Ayana-chan can already get married
243 Anonymous
Ayana-chan also has to take responsibility!
246 Anonymous
I suddenly wondered if it’s normal for fans to want to get the person they support married
249 Anonymous
It’s correct, you know. Rather, if you hesitate there, there’s no chance it will come to us. It’s like saying, “Please, go ahead.”
251 Anonymous
I think it’s fine even if there are people who don’t think that way
I’m okay with Ayana-chan and Nee-san, but if the relationship is weak, it’s iffy
254 Anonymous
Hug tightly from behind!?
256 Anonymous
259 Anonymous
Breaking News, Aqua-sama said something outrageous again
262 Anonymous
Sensei! I have a question! Is that about s*x?
265 Anonymous
Huh? Is that a sign that we should have s*x now!?
267 Anonymous
If it’s me, I’ll faint as soon as I’m hugged, LOL
268 Anonymous
Aqua-kun, when you hug someone, you have to say it to the other person properly first
Otherwise, normal people will faint, and there’s a chance their soul will be taken to heaven, you know
271 Anonymous
Prime Minister, LOL
274 Anonymous
Everyone is panicking too much, LOL
277 Anonymous
I understand the feeling
279 Anonymous
Only a vulgar atmosphere is coming out anymore
281 Anonymous
Prime Minister, your dialect is showing!
283 Anonymous
Other women!
284 Anonymous
285 Anonymous
Prime Minister, you understand
288 Anonymous
Honestly, I’m curious about that too
291 Anonymous
I wonder what Kohina Yukari and Aa-sama are actually like?
295 Anonymous
Oh, really?
296 Anonymous
No way, it’s Kobayakawa-san
299 Anonymous
As a fan of Heaven’s Sword, I’m happy!
300 Anonymous
Kobayakawa-san is not good at talking, so this is valuable
302 Anonymous
Aqua-kun is praising her a lot
303 Anonymous
Aqua-kun is good at finding the good points of girls. That’s what I think is the best
305 Anonymous
Touching the abs, huh?
307 Anonymous
Huh!? Isn’t that already s*x?
309 Anonymous
Wait a minute!
310 Anonymous
Kobayakawa-san is amazing!
311 Anonymous
I always thought Kobayakawa-san was a capable woman
313 Anonymous
I see. So that’s why she can’t transform!
318 Anonymous
Is it okay for my belly to be so squishy?
321 Anonymous
Ugh, my belly button…!
322 Anonymous
324 Anonymous
Genius, huh
325 Anonymous
Got it!
327 Anonymous
Now I understand
329 Anonymous
Prime Minister LOL
330 Anonymous
Prime Minister in chaos LOL
333 Anonymous
Prime Minister-chan, LOL
335 Anonymous
Prime Minister who keeps saying s*x on the national broadcast from the morning LOL
World, are you watching?
337 Anonymous
It’s not just a matter of slip of the tongue LOL
This is bound to cause a controversy LOL
339 Anonymous
I understand how she feels
342 Anonymous
Girls who want Aqua-kun to touch their belly buttons
345 Verification team *07218KADO6
Is there a demand for my belly too?
[Link to Image]
346 Anonymous
Hey you guys LOL
349 Anonymous
Everyone is too loyal to their desires LOL
351 Anonymous
Naked prostrate LMAO
353 Anonymous
Those who are prostrating themselves are really idiots LOL
Even though the same thing happened before, they don’t learn LOL
357 Anonymous
Take responsibility and prostrate yourself just like Hakuryuu-sensei!
361 Anonymous
Representative member missing LOL
362 Anonymous
This is punishment LOL
365 Anonymous
The other senior
367 Anonymous
Oh yeah, what’s up with the other senior? Huh?
369 Anonymous
370 Anonymous
What does friendly mean…?
374 Anonymous
That’s how it is, huh!
376 Anonymous
Reira Kuga
378 Anonymous
I understand the feeling of falling off a chair LOL
382 Anonymous
Seriously, Aqua-kun becomes talkative when praising girls
385 Anonymous
It’s not normal for someone to notice and compliment so many good things about a girl like that
387 Anonymous
Their face just like Hogekawa LOL
389 Anonymous
Hey, Prime Minister, your face looks hoge!
390 Anonymous
Even though she is not appearing on the show, Morikawa has a strong presence
393 Anonymous
395 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari LOL
397 Anonymous
Are they pretending to be someone else?
400 Anonymous
Yukari Gohan (Rice) LMAO
402 Anonymous
403 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari, the senior actress who wants to be praised somehow
406 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari’s annoyance is prominently displayed LOL
409 Anonymous
Next question LOL
411 Anonymous
You’re kidding LOL
412 Anonymous
The only woman who even Aqua-kun avoids questions from, that’s Kohina Yukari, LOL
414 Anonymous
In front of the screen, she must be angry. Seriously, it’s easy to laugh because I can imagine it, LOL
417 Anonymous
Isn’t Aqua-kun a little embarrassed?
418 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari might be the only one who can make Aa-sama make such an embarrassed face
420 Anonymous
…The Sweater that Makes Inexperienced Men Fall for Women, aaah!
422 Anonymous
Hey, the Prime Minister about to say, “Virgin-killer sweater.” LOL
424 Anonymous
That’s a great judgment she made on the spot LOL
426 Anonymous
Oh, my God!?
429 Anonymous
Aqua-kun, you look really serious!
431 Anonymous
432 Anonymous
434 Anonymous
Can you send me a picture?
437 Anonymous
I’ll be right back
438 Anonymous
I also have something to do…
442 Anonymous
Sorry, but it seems like I have an urgent matter
445 Anonymous
Hey, all of you are buying sweaters, right? LOL
449 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Since I didn’t have Virgin-killer sweater at home, should I also send a picture of the secretly purchased erotic swimsuit from the Arabian Peninsula Federation? Hehehe! Isn’t that similar too?
[Link to Image]
452 Anonymous
I’m going to punk it on Twitter LOL
456 Anonymous
It’s going to be exposed LOL
457 Anonymous
Well, it’s already too late, isn’t it?
460 Anonymous
Honestly, even us insensitive ones have started to notice. Aqua-kun definitely likes girls’ bodies
463 Anonymous
New question
464 Anonymous
Indeed, cooking is his specialty
467 Anonymous
468 Anonymous
The way the Prime Minister speaks LOL
471 Anonymous
With his little sister and Kanon…?
Shumi, die!!
472 Anonymous
Shumi, dieeeeeeeeees!
Well, she seems to be already dead
474 Anonymous
Is Shumi still dead?
Come back quickly! And die!!
476 Anonymous
For some reason, little sister doesn’t gather hate
For some reason, Shumi gathers hate
480 Anonymous
Toa-chan and cupcake?
482 Anonymous
483 Anonymous
Uh oh, my heart is racing!!
486 Anonymous
Wait a minute, does OOtomezaki have such jealous events?
488 Anonymous
I’m forty, but can I take the otomezaki exam next year?
489 Anonymous
Earlier, my daughter told me that mom will also take the exam
491 Anonymous
Mary graduates LMAO
493 Anonymous
Mary graduation used to be a status symbol, but now it’s a symbol of ridicule
Mostly because of that guy, that guy, and that guy LOL
496 Anonymous
That’s why mary and claris always fight w
497 Anonymous
The current Claris and Mary are good friends, the bad blood is only until this generation
500 Anonymous
Mary only has shitty girls LMAO
502 Anonymous
I totally agree with that LOL
505 Anonymous
507 Anonymous
Abuse of power!!
509 Anonymous
I firmly protest!!
511 Anonymous
This is a case of the Prime Minister making it personal!
513 Anonymous
Don’t try to deceive us by saying something like that!
516 Anonymous
It’s an acquisition!!
518 Anonymous
It’s collusion!!
520 Anonymous
Here comes the corruption case involving the national broadcasting!
522 Anonymous
But I think it’s good to inspect Otomezaki
I also want to know what’s going on inside
524 Anonymous
I will file a complaint!
527 Anonymous
Return the reception fee LOL
529 Anonymous
The people on the bulletin board… or rather, both the citizens and the politicians have a good sense of humor
Somehow, it might be the nature of citizens
We have the most freedom, optimism, and positivity in the world LMAO
531 Anonymous
A word to the Otomezaki examinees!!
532 Anonymous
Once again, a nice question!!
535 Anonymous
537 Anonymous
539 Anonymous
I’m waiting for you!!
542 Anonymous
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
546 Anonymous
Alright, let’s do our best for the exam!
548 Anonymous
I, Mary, will drop out and take the Otomezaki exam again!!
550 Anonymous
Prime Minister resigns LOL
551 Anonymous
Just a problem child LOL
553 Anonymous
In other words, our country is being led by just a problem child LOL
556 Anonymous
Aqua-kun: “Come here”
558 Anonymous
This will result in deaths
562 Anonymous
Oh no!!
564 Anonymous
566 Anonymous
569 Anonymous
573 Anonymous
576 Anonymous
585 Anonymous
590 Anonymous
592 Anonymous
599 Anonymous
603 Anonymous
604 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
I’m currently overseas, but I managed to watch it somehow!
I’m joining the battle now~~~!
605 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
I also want to eat donuts with Aqua-kun. Hehehe
606 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Seems like a small-scale event… It might be difficult to win
But if it’s a small box, the distance might be closer, so it’s good
607 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Is something strange?
Did it crash?
608 Verification Team *07218KADO6
It seems like everyone except you and me died
By the way, how are you watching it?
You shouldn’t be able to see it from there
609 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
I was shown a picture by a friendly person from the local Holy Aqua Religion while arm wrestling. The image is a bit rough, but thanks to them, I can see it now
610 Verification Team *07218KADO6
You’re definitely doing something illegal or something!! For now, just stay away from the Holy Aqua Religion, okay?
611 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
No, but I did say hello to the saint…
612 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Are you stupid?? And it’s not “saint,” it’s “s*x woman.”
613 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
Damn it! Chimposuki-san, please stop watching there immediately as there is a possibility of illegal viewing. Hagetoru-san, please delete the two images from earlier. Study internet literacy, please
I’m really sorry, everyone. I thought it would turn out like this, so even though I’m at work, I hurriedly came here
614 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Eek! I-I’m sorry!!
615 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Yes, ma’am!
616 3510 *ULTi-Hi-P3
And, everyone disappeared. Ta-da!
617 3510 *ULTi-Hi-P3
Huh? Is this really the end?
618 3510 *ULTi-Hi-P3
Ladies, come back!
619 3510 *ULTi-Hi-P3
Is there anyone here?
620 3510 *ULTi-Hi-P3
I’m lonely. I’m all alone..
621 Anonymous
Did you call?
I just took a refreshing bath
Phew, milk after a bath is the best!
622 3510 *ULTi-Hi-P3
Welcome back from the bath!
623 Anonymous
Oh, opening and closing the door is nostalgic!
It’s nice. My imagination flourishes!
624 3510 *ULTi-Hi-P3
It’s Aqua-sensei! Yay!!
625 Anonymous
626 Anonymous
627 Anonymous
I’m turned into a baby by Aqua-kunnnnnn!
629 Anonymous
I’ve revived from the depths of hell!
632 3510 *ULTi-Hi-P3
Oh no, the ladies have come back like zombies
635 Anonymous
Without a doubt, my heart stopped for a moment earlier
638 Anonymous
How many people survived?
640 Anonymous
Aside from Chinposuki, can Hagetoru endure that? That guy is crazy, LOL
643 Anonymous
In conclusion, the biggest idiot is like the wife
648 Anonymous
Not yet…! I can’t die yet!
651 Anonymous
Bulletin board! I’m back!!
654 Anonymous
That mass slaughter weapon from earlier was insane
It took me in an instant
658 Anonymous
A new material for Duet-san has arrived
662 Anonymous
666 Anonymous
Good job! Takapyon-kun!!
669 Anonymous
The times are changing!!
673 Anonymous
Sorry. Takapyon-kun, please forgive the sister for being noisy..
678 Anonymous
In the end, we return to Heaven’s Sword
681 Anonymous
Here comes the final question!
685 Anonymous
689 Anonymous
694 Anonymous
Here comes an outrageous question at the very end!!
702 Anonymous
705 Anonymous
I have confidence in my thighs!!
708 Anonymous
Leave it to me if it’s about buttocks!!
711 Anonymous
I had a little sagging from giving birth, but is it okay?
715 Anonymous
My thighs are plump, is that really okay?
718 Anonymous
I would rather ask the opposite. Is there any part of Aqua-kun that you find attractive in a girl’s body?
723 Anonymous
This, there’s a chance that he has the same strong s*xual desire as us…
727 Anonymous
Good news, Shirogane Aqua-san, there is a possibility that he has the same strong s*xual desire as us
734 Anonymous
Everyone, don’t panic yet!!
We need to carefully verify and confirm here, so let’s calm down for a moment
738 Anonymous
What do you think?
746 Anonymous
It’s becoming a big deal!!
755 Anonymous
The Sunday debate was amazing!!
763 Anonymous
It wasn’t really a Sunday debate, but it was good
772 Anonymous
Is there a possibility that Aqua-kun will be Morikawa’s substitute?
Which program will he appear on next!?
787 Anonymous
Could it be that Aqua-kun won’t be able to appear in the daily meal this month?
Will someone else take his place?
799 Anonymous
It’s possible
811 Anonymous
I’ll return to the thread a little earlier
826 Anonymous
Good job, everyone!
835 Anonymous
I laughed when Hagetoru and Chinposuki got scolded. LMAO
846 Anonymous
See you next week!
859 3510 *ULTi-Hi-P3
And once again, everyone disappeared… Hahaha! Humanity! I have survived! Just kidding!
860 Anonymous
861 3510 *ULTi-Hi-P3
Ah… it’s the bath-neki. I’ll disappear because it’s embarrassing..
862 Anonymous
So, I win because I was in the bath… huh!? Is this a great victory for Bath-neki!?
863 Anonymous
I’m also embarrassed talking about myself, so I’ll disappear too… Shumi-san will turn red-faced when she sees her declaration of victory in 10 years from now

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