Male Idol V10c8

Volume 10 Chapter 8 Shirogane Aqua, My Returned Daily Life

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 ”Let’s try going outside as an experiment starting today.”

 In the morning, before going to school, Ako-san, who came to my house in a car, said so.

 ”Is it okay?”

 ”Yeah. The security guard will accompany you from a distance, but we decided to give it a try. And I talked to various people, but it seems that Aqua-kun won’t lose even if he’s attacked. And even if Aqua-kun is attacked… no, it’s nothing. That’s why, what are you going to do this morning? Do you want to go on a bike ride for the first time in a while?”

 Bike, huh. Indeed, bike is not a bad idea.

 But when I heard that I can go outside normally, I suddenly wanted to do something that a normal high school student would do.

 ”Well, yeah. Since I have the chance, how about going by train for the first time in a while?”


 Ako-san opened her mouth in surprise.

 Yeah, well, I guess she would make a face like “What are you saying, this guy?”.

 ”If it seems impossible, then I’ll stop, but if I’m going to be guarded from a distance, maybe I should try starting from the most dangerous ones… On the contrary, if the train is okay, then it should be alright for the most part, don’t you think?”

 ”Well, I don’t completely understand, but… well, sure. If Aqua-kun wants to do it, I won’t stop anymore.”

 Ako-san had an expression that seemed half amazed and half resigned.

 ”Kanon-san, you have it tough too…”


 And so, Kanon and I ended up commuting on the train together for the first time.


 Just by stepping outside the apartment, I felt a really refreshing feeling.

 After enduring various things until now, I reached out my hand towards Kanon, wanting to do the things I wanted to do.



 Though puzzled, Kanon held my hand back.

 This is what it means to be a high school couple!! Since Kanon and I jumped straight to being married, I regretted skipping these sweet moments and was like damn it.

 Haa, my heart is pounding more than when we were doing something naughty.

 ”Oh, look…!”

 ”You’re kidding, right!?”

 ”Why is Aqua-sama outside!?”

 ”Well, isn’t that from the other day?”

 ”Oh, yeah!”

 ”Shh! Everyone, be quiet!”

 ”That’s right. Let’s not make a fuss…”

 ”Wait, that thing”

 ”Shh, be quiet——Huh?”

 ”They hold hands…?”

 ”Shumi, die.”

 ”Shh! I understand your feelings, but ‘Shumi’ is a no-go word!”

 ”And definitely don’t say dirty names like ‘Hagetoru’ or ‘Chinposuki’!”

 ”Except for Nee-sam, all other words are a no-go.”

 ”Actually, ‘C*nnilingus’ is also off-limits, but it’s okay for Nee-san, understood?”

 Everyone is whispering and looking at us from afar, but there are no movements or intentions to harm or cause a chaotic atmosphere. As expected, the fans of Beryl are mostly quiet and reserved, so I thought it would be fine.

 ”Oh, there’s a bakery here.”

 ”It’s a cute shop, isn’t it?”

 ”Then, let’s go there together next time.”


 Kanon and I talk about the surrounding scenery and shops as we head towards the station.

 When I walked outside with Yui in the Arabian Peninsula Federation, I thought it was nice, but now I’m moved to tears when I realize that we can do things like this.

 ”That bakery earlier, understood.”

 ”That bakery is already popular…”

 ”I’ll go to the bakery and let them know to prepare.”

 ”I think that’s a good idea!”

 ”It’s better not to post information on the internet, right?”

 ”I think that would be better.”

 ”If we do decide to go out, isn’t it better to wait until we have permission from the bakery and the readiness to receive?”

 ”Also, should we consider avoiding busy times when Aqua-kun is likely to come and buy?”

 ”That’s true. Let’s go when Aqua-kun is taking classes at school or something.”

 ”””””Got it!”””””

 Because it’s been a while since I properly went outside, it’s colder than I thought.

 Kanon also had a slightly cold expression.

 ”It’s colder today than yesterday.”

 ”Oh, I remember someone saying that mornings are chilly. Here, give me your hand.”


 I tucked our joined hands inside my coat.


 Kanon’s face turned bright red.

 I wonder what it is. Even though we’ve already done more intimate things, it makes me happy that Kanon still pays attention to me even for something like this. It feels like I can enjoy a relationship with Kanon as if we were lovers forever.

 ”What’s that?”

 ”W-wait, do lovers do that!?”

 ”Even if you ask me that, I’ve never been in a relationship with a boy, so how would I know!”

 ”I don’t expect to do anything as far as being Aqua-kun’s lover. I just want to hold hands with a boy once…”

 ”I have to laugh at all these virgin girls. Well, I guess I’m one too.”

 ”Isn’t that why we have the Beryl handshake event? At handshake events, you can legally touch hands, right?”

 ”That’s right!”

 ”What a genius!!”

 ”They said they would do it regularly during events, so we might have a chance too!”


 We arrived at the station.

 This feeling is nostalgic.

 When I was first reincarnated in this world, I commuted by train too. How many times did I have delightful experiences of breasts touching occasionally on the train?


 Huh? Is something wrong, Kanon-san?

 I’m not thinking about anything suspicious, you know?

 ”Aqua-sama commuting by train!?”

 ”You’re kidding, right? People will die!”

 ”Let’s calm down for a moment. It’s not time to panic yet.”

 ”I understand everyone’s sense of urgency, but let’s take it easy.”

 ”And absolutely no dashing! Got it?”

 ”Safety first! Safety first!”

 ”Confirming safety, check!”

 ”That’s definitely an inappropriate one.”

 ”Let’s not cause inconvenience to the station staff either!”

 ”I’ll choose the adjacent car…”

 ”I understand. I might faint from Aqua-kun’s intense scent if we’re in the same car.”

 I boarded the regular car with Kanon. At first, it was empty so we could sit normally, but later on, it became crowded with many passengers.


 I stood up from my seat and called out to the pregnant woman who had just entered.

 There were others who noticed and tried to call out to her, but it seemed like I was slightly faster.

 ”If you’d like, please take my seat.”

 ”Huh? But…”

 ”It’s fine, really.”

 I said that and guided her to where I had been sitting.

 ”T-thank you very much.”

 ”It’s a mutual help thing. Besides, someday, when my wife gets pregnant, someone will help her like this too.”

 Imagining Kanon with a big belly, I felt a warm and fuzzy feeling.

 I wonder what our child with Kanon would be like. If it’s a girl, she’ll probably look like Kanon and become a beautiful girl.

 If that happens, it’ll be dangerous. I have to protect her firmly from the hands of men…

 I should make it clear from when she’s a child that I won’t allow her to marry anyone who is not better than me, her daddy.

 ”Shumi is pregnant.”

 ”Huh? Is this a signal for baby-making s*x tonight?”

 ”Ah, Shumi is getting excited.”

 ”Clearly declaring im***gnation, huh?”

 ”I want to be im***gnated by Aqua-kun…”

 ”Aqua-tan being kind to pregnant women makes me an even bigger fan.”

 ”Aqua-kun is actually Kenzaki in real life, huh?”

 ”Or rather, Kenzaki is Aqua-kun…”

 ”Haa, haa… This is bad. My uterus is reacting faintly to the scent of Aqua-sama.”

 ”Hold on! This might be an experience you won’t have again!”

 ”To be honest, if the residents who have seen Aqua-kun up close were to talk about Shumi like that, they wouldn’t dare call her an airhead.”

 ”Shumi-san is amazing. It’s impossible for a mob character like me to endure this 24/7, 365 days.”

 We got off the train and, just like before, we held hands inside my coat and headed towards school. On the way, we ran into our classmate Chisato Claire-san.

 ”Ah, Claire-san. Good morning.”


 Claire-san turned around to face us and dropped the bag she was holding. Are you alright? I picked up the bag and handed it back to Claire-san.

 ”What’s wrong?”

 ”Huh, why…?”


 Ah, I see, that’s right.

 I explained to Claire-san that from today onwards, I would be going out like a normal high school student.

 ”I see. Phew… Calm down, me. It’s still too early to panic…”


 ”My… stomach…”

 ”Are you… are you alright? For now, should we go to the infirmary?”

 I told Kanon that I would take Claire-san to the infirmary, so she should go to the classroom first.

 I wonder if Claire-san is okay. She was holding her stomach the other day, so if it gets worse, she should go to the hospital, you know?

 ”Oh, thank you.”

 ”Yeah, when you’re not feeling well, make sure to rest.”

 I leave Claire-san in the infirmary and head to my own class.

 On the way, I pass by Natalia-san, who recently became the student council president.

 ”Good morning, Natalia-san, the student council president.”

 ”Ah… good morning.”

 Natalia-san reacts a little late and shows an embarrassed expression.

 ”I’m sorry. I still can’t quite get used to being called the student council president.”

 ”I understand. President Natsuki’s impact is strong, isn’t it?”

 ”Yes, that’s right.”

 Natalia-san forces a smile.

 President Natsuki, who retired as the student council president, seems to still frequent the student council room because she has already decided to enroll in Otomezaki University.

 ”Well then, I’ll go now…”


 Natalia-san continues on the path I came from.

 Since Claire-san serves as the student council secretary, she might be going to visit her in the infirmary.

 I enter the classroom and greet Washimiya-san, who is nearby.

 ”Washimiya-san, good morning.”

 ”Good morning.”

 I heard from Washimiya-san that it seems Kurumi-san will also be able to be discharged within this month.

 Although I have only been able to visit her once, I hear that she is doing well without any rejection reactions at the moment.

 By the way, I heard that in Otomezaki, they will support Kurumi-san to graduate with everyone without repeating a year by maximizing online credit acquisition.

 ”Oh? Did you change your ribbon?”

 ”Y-yes. I found some good fabric…”

 Oh, it’s certainly a beautiful embroidery. I unconsciously pick up the ribbon and gaze at it closely.

 The red ribbon with gold embroidery really stands out. It perfectly matches Washimiya-san’s luxurious image.

 Perhaps I should try making a ribbon similar to Lapis next time.

 ”Uh, uh, Aqua-sama, that…”


 When I looked at Washimiya-san’s face, her face was blushing as red as the ribbon.

 ”Oh, sorry. I should have asked before picking it up if I was curious about how the embroidery looked…”

 ”N-No, please feel free to look at it as much as you want. Oh, and if you’re interested, I still have some fabric left so…”

 ”Really? Then, I’ll pay for it, so could you make the same one for my sister, Lapis?”

 ”I understand. However, I don’t need the fee, desu~wa… After all, it’s just a hobby.”

 Hmm, that’s a bit unfair. Did I have something in my bag? I rummage through my bag.

 ”I don’t know if it will be a suitable replacement, but would you like to have this?”


 What I handed over was a bookmark collaborated with a Pink Rose by Kumano Murai-sensei.

 Just like when I performed together with Washimiya-san at the cultural festival, there is a picture of me dressed as Astel on the back of this bookmark.

 This is still a prototype, but it is scheduled to be released as a proper product next year.

 The announcement has already been made, so if she’s a fan of the pink rose, she should already know about it.

 ”T-this is…”

 I lean in closer to Washimiya-san’s ear.

 ”This hasn’t been released yet, so keep it a secret from everyone, okay?”


 I shift my gaze towards Kurogami-san, who is nearby.

 ”Good morning, Kurogami-san.”

 ”Hehe, good morning.”

 Oh? Isn’t she our classmate? Are there high school students who exude such a sophisticated atmosphere while giving a seductive greeting?

 ”Aqua-kun, Lisa-chan may look like this, but she’s just a normal girl, so please go easy on her, okay?”

 ”Yes, of course…”

 ”Haha, as long as you understand, it’s fine.”

 No good. I was convinced that I couldn’t win, so I hurriedly left from Kurogami-san’s place.

 D*mn it. And it seemed like she also saw that for just a moment, my gaze went to the heavy bulge on Kurogami-san’s desk.

 ”So, you prefer them big, huh?”


 When I returned to my seat, I was greeted with a grinning face.

 ”I was telling Subaru the same thing. Should I tell her that you also like them big?”

 ”Please, just stop with that…”

 If my favorite Subaru-tan finds out about this, she might despise me!!

 ”Hmm, even though you said you like smaller ones, huh? Was that a lie…?”

 Ugh… Imagine being scorned by Subaru-tan with eyes lacking any highlights… Oh wait, maybe that could be a good thing… No no, it’s surely just my imagination. Yeah, let’s just say it’s my imagination.

 ”By the way, I heard from Kanon-san earlier. You came here normally today?”

 ”Yeah! I took the train and it was pretty ordinary.”

 Toa looked at me with a mix of resignation and disbelief, similar to Ako-san’s expression.

 Yeah. I understand what you’re trying to say. I understand, but… don’t say anything.

 ”Oh, and I heard you sent Claire-san to the hospital?”

 ”Nah, nah, she just seemed sick so I took her to the infirmary.”

 Claire-san’s condition is definitely not my fault… at least, I don’t think so.

 ”Oh, by the way, where’s Shintaro?”

 ”I think he said he was going to the staff room. He wanted to consult Sugita-sensei about his future.”

 His future, huh… I should really think about mine too.

 ”Is Aqua going to college?”

 ”…I was thinking about going to Otomezaki University, but now I’m not sure what to do.”

 Since coming to this world and settling down a bit, I’ve had plenty of time to think about the future in November.

 When considering Kanon, Yui, Kotono, and Ai, as well as my future children and my job, I feel conflicted about whether it’s right for me to just go to college like everyone else.

 College is basically a place to study, but I feel like it’s slightly different for everyone. I think for the majority of people, it’s a means to get a good job or expand their network.

 But for someone like me who doesn’t need to work yet and doesn’t have something specific they want to learn, is it really okay for me to go using someone else’s framework?

 I’ve heard good things about Shitori-onee-chan and Tenga-senpai from college, but… Hmm, I guess it can’t be helped. It’s a hassle, but I should consult with that person as well, just in case.

 I sent a message asking if she has any free time soon.

 Then, I received a reply in seconds. Wow, that was fast…

 Sender: Kohina Yukari

 Subject: To Shirogane Aqua-kun, who has many friends.

 Body: Is this a sarcastic remark towards someone like me who doesn’t have any friends?

 Ah, did she misunderstand that way…?

 To avoid any trouble if she reacts negatively, I replied saying that I just wanted to discuss about my future plans.

 Well, I guess this should be fine. And then, I quickly received another reply.

 Sender: Kohina Yukari

 Subject: Understood.

 Body: By the way, isn’t there something you should say before that? During the intense debate on Sunday…

 I instinctively closed the screen of my phone.

 I shouldn’t use my phone too much at school!

 It’s not like I closed it just because it’s a hassle. Yeah, that’s right. It must be.

 ”Good morning.”

 ”Ah, um, good morning. Ayana.”

 Ayana stared at me with a sharp gaze.

 W-What’s wrong?

 ”The intense debate on Sunday.”


 I clasped my hands together and prayed to the Ayana God. There’s nothing more I can do now.

 ”I didn’t ask for an apology… I was just a little embarrassed. But, thank you.”

 ”O, okay…”

 My heart fluttered unintentionally at Ayana’s cute reaction.

 Oh no, that’s my bad habit of immediately becoming conscious like that.

 Ayana informed me only about that and returned to her seat.

 ”You guys, take your seats!”

 Along with the chime, Sugita-sensei and Shintaro returned.

 I waved my hand lightly at Shintaro.

 ”Alright, then let’s start the short homeroom!”


 Well then, since I’m free to go out from today, I can play on my way back too.

 Who should I invite to play on the way back?

 Should I go on a regular home date with Kanon after all?

 Or should I just go and play as usual with Toa and Shintaro?

 It might be a good idea to invite Ayana as an apology from earlier.

 I thought it might be nice to drop by the Washimiya-san and Kurogami-san club activity after a long time too.

 Or maybe I should try visiting the student council with Former President Natsuki and student council president Natalia-san.

 Or maybe it’s good to consult with Sugita-sensei about my future like Shintaro.

 Ah, it might be good to take Claire-san, who seems to be feeling unwell, to the hospital.

 Now, what should I do?

 I was really looking forward to after school.

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