Male Idol V11c10

Volume 11 Chapter 10 Shirogane Kanon, Honeymoon!?

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 ”Sorry for being late, but on the 26th of next month, I’m thinking of going on a honeymoon nearby.”

 ”Honeymoon… What’s that?”


 I recall the conversation I had with Aqua a month ago. Aqua occasionally says outrageous things, so I’m used to it, but the idea of going on a trip to celebrate because we got married, where did that come from?

 Well, it’s Aqua, so it’s a waste of time to think about the details. This is something I realized after getting married.

 ”Miss, you look very cute.”

 ”Thank you. Pegonia.”

 I check my appearance in front of the mirror. An oversized, loose-fitting thick white sweater, and a cute trench coat with a large check pattern.

 I’m combining this with a thick miniskirt. Wearing a miniskirt with bare legs in winter is cold, but this is because Aqua was captivated by Witch-senpai’s miniskirt at beryl&beryl yesterday.

 I mean, there’s no need to sneak glances like that when I’m more than willing to show it to you…!

 ”By the way, Pegonia. Can I ask you something?”

 ”Yes, what is it, miss?”

 ”Why is Pegonia’s maid outfit also a miniskirt?”

 ”In the morning, Master gets a bit excited and I was hoping he’d pin me down.”

 Ah, come on, we have no room for carelessness or openings here!! I mean, there was that time I was acting… but, that’s my fault for falling asleep so easily.

 *sigh* I lightly exhale and make my way out of my room to the living room where Aqua is waiting.

 Hehe, I wonder if my miniskirt will make him happy?

 ”Go change your clothes.”


 I’m surprised by Aqua’s words in response. As I’m perplexed, Aqua suddenly starts to squirm.

 ”You’re too cute! Just thinking about other guys staring at such a cute Kanon is unbearable for me!!”

 Huh? Cute? Really?

 I felt happy hearing Aqua’s words and squirmed while covering both cheeks with my hands. Then Aqua approached and spoke to me with a sharp, cool expression.

 ”Save that for when we’re alone at home, okay? Also, Kanon, you tend to get cold easily. It’s not good to let you get cold, so why don’t you dress warmly and quietly? Come on, change your clothes.”


 I see, Aqua doesn’t like it when I’m stared at by other guys. Hehe…

 ”Miss Naive (Ochoro-sama), this way, please.”

 ”Hm? Pegonia, did you say something just now?”

 ”No, not at all, miss (Ojou-sama).”

 I wonder if that’s true? It feels like things were a bit different with ‘milady’ just now. Maybe it’s just my imagination?

 Returning to my room, I change into thick tights and a below-the-knee flared skirt.

 Yeah, boots will go well with this.

 ”Uh-huh. Kanon looks good in anything, really! You look great too!”

 ”Hehe, thank you!”

 ”So easy…”

 Huh? Pegonia, did you say something just now? Eh? You didn’t say anything?

 Even though you didn’t say anything, why are you looking away?

 And earlier, you called me Ochoro-sama instead of Ojou-sama, right?

 Unlike Aqua, I can hear perfectly!!

 ”Well then, Kanon, shall we go on a honeymoon?”


 Carrying our luggage, we left the house and got on the high-speed elevator heading down.

 I glanced at Aqua standing next to me in the elevator and then looked away.

 He really looks cool today too.

 Aqua’s outfit is a leather blouson and a polka dot knit provided by Corolle, paired with simple pants and high-cut white sneakers. Though the combination seems straight from Corolle’s official website, I believe it’s better to showcase a mysterious aesthetic sense than to flaunt an ostentatious look.

 Additionally, John often incorporates punkish elements like leather and sneakers into his dressy style, which surprisingly complements Aqua well. Perfectly pulling off John’s men’s clothing is a feat achieved only by Aqua and Kuga Reira-san.

 ”Thank you for waiting. Here it is.”

 Arriving at the underground parking lot of the apartment, we meet Kagari Rinon-san, who has joined Beryl’s security department under Morinaga, Kazami Rin-san, who is scheduled to work as a guard for the Shirogane family from January next year, also Sabato Mikoto-san, and Asumi Runa-senpai, who is scheduled to work as a maid for the Shirogane family from January next year too.

 ”Asumi-senpai, you’re really going to be our maid, huh?”

 ”Mm. Permanent employment… it’s not. Yes, master.”

 ”Haha, that’s a bit formal, isn’t it? We’re a relaxed home, so feel free to loosen up a bit.”

 Yeah, my maid, Pegonia is totally despising her master. After all, she said like “Miss Naive.” Well, in the past Pegonia would never say such a thing, and thanks to Aqua, we’ve gotten closer. It’s nice to be spoiled like a little sister, though.

 ”And Sabato Mikoto-san. You’re Koyomi-san’s little sister, and Miyako-chan’s big sister, right? Nice to meet you.”

 ”Yes, I hope you will continue to use it for a long time.”

 ”Use it?”

 ”Sorry. I’ve only recently come to Japan, so if there’s any confusion in communication, I apologize.”

 ”Oh, no… I see. In that case, let’s talk a lot and get used to Japanese quickly.”

 ”Yes. Thank you for your consideration.”

 Mikoto-san bowed her head to Aqua. Mikoto-san, who grew up abroad, served as my guardian, recommended by Kythera.

 High scores in all aspects, and on top of that, her big sister, Koyomi-san, works for Beryl, and I also know that her little sister, Miyako-chan, is a good friend of Lapis-chan. So, the hiring process went smoothly.

 ”Oh, Rin-chan, it’s been a while.”

 ”Yes, it’s been a while. Nice to meet you today.”

 Although Kazami Rin was recommended by my grandmother, the endorsement from Emily-senpai somehow worries me. I hope it’s just my imagination. Pegonia suggested hiring Emily-senpai too, but I didn’t want that kind of relationship with her.

 So, when approaching Aqua, I want Emily to approach confidently as Yukishiro Emily, not just as a maid.

 In the first place, it’s a problem that she’s so talkative online with such high specs but act so differently in real life. Seriously, she need to do something about it soon…

 ”We’re here primarily for security and transportation purposes, so please enjoy your trip without any worries.”

 ””Thank you.””

 Aqua and I get into a van with three rows of seats, renovated for luxury use. It was something Grandma Ranko used for her company and private purposes, but since she got a new one, she offered it for our convenience in moving around.

 We’re constantly being taken care of, whether it’s our home or the car, but is that really okay?

 ”Kanon, looking forward to the trip!”

 ”Yeah, can’t wait!”

 We, seated in the second row, cuddle. Kagari-san and Pegonia in front, as well as Asumi-senpai, Mikoto-san, and Kazami-san seated behind us, seem completely unaffected.

 As expected, passing the Shirogane Aqua endurance test for the final exam is quite an achievement. After about two hours by car, we arrived at a famous shrine in Hakone.

 ”Hey, look!”

 ”Huh? No way! Why is Aqua-sama here?”

 ”Maybe they’re shooting for a show?”

 ”There’s no TV crew, maybe just a regular trip?”

 ”Shum——Cough… Cough…”

 ”Since they’re here as a couple, let’s respect their privacy.”

 ”””””Yeah, let’s do that.”””””

 ”But, just in case, we need to keep an eye on them from a distance!”

 ”””””That’s true!”””””

 Haha… Thanks, everyone. But, to those who almost spilled the beans about Shumi, be more careful next time.

 Now, Aqua and I purify our hearts with handwashing and head towards the shrine.

 First, we put money in the offertory box, bow deeply, then perform two bows, two claps, and one more bow before offering our prayers.

 This year is almost over, but I hope Aqua stays healthy. And next year, I wish for Aqua, our friends, and families to be healthy too. Oh, and if possible, I’d like to have a baby with Aqua. And may the delivery go smoothly!

 Phew… I just prayed a little for myself, but it’s just one thing, so it’s okay, right?

 ”Kanon, what were you praying for?”

 ”Uh, it’s a secret.”

 I can’t embarrassingly say, “I’d like to have a baby!” That would make me seem like I’m begging for s*x, and I don’t want Aqua to think I’m such a loose woman. To change the subject, I ask Aqua the same question.

 ”…Aqua, what were you praying for?”

 ”I expressed gratitude. It’s a kind of promise.”

 ”A promise?”

 I’ve never heard of making promises with God. I tilt my head at Aqua’s words.

 ”I’m going to make everyone in this country smile, so please watch over me kindly, Otennou-sama (Sun God) from Mt. Hakone!”

 Phew, huh? Is this how you’re supposed to ask something from Japanese gods? I heard that when I came here… Huh? Was my knowledge wrong?


 ”Rather than wishing to the god, achieving it with his own power”

 ”Being stoic has its limits”

 ”Even the god must be falling”

 ”Well, I’m already smiling, but can I get even happier than this?”

 ”My grandma has been praying all the time, but that’s not a god. It’s Aqua-sama.”

 ”I guess I’ll worship Aqua-sama too…”

 ”The guy at the shrine just said they worship Aqua. If you want Aqua’s sculpture, go to the Holy Aqua Religion headquarters. What they have there is seriously amazing.”

 ”Is that true!?”

 Aqua gently leans close to my ear.

 ”Also, thanks for letting me marry a beautiful bride.”

 Upon hearing Aqua’s words whispered from a close distance, my face turned bright red.

 Oh, come on! Geez! I push Aqua’s body forward.

 ”Haha, since we’re here, let’s go buy a charm.”

 ”Yeah. Oh, you go ahead first, I’ll join you soon.”

 I discreetly move away from Aqua and head towards Osugi, silently wishing for an easy delivery. Even though I haven’t even gotten pregnant yet, I think I’m being a bit hasty, but I decided to come here since I researched it beforehand.

 I pray to Osugi, and I notice Pegonia is next to me.

 ”I am Miss’ maid, so I don’t want anything to happen to Miss.”

 Hmmm… Despite that, I feel like she was praying quite seriously. Is it just my imagination? Ah! She averted her eyes!! Definitely suspicious! Well, could it be that she’s ahead of me…?

 ”Truly, that’s not the case, so please rest assured.”

 Mmm… Since Pegonia is better, I can’t say anything when told like that. Giving up on further investigation… No, having trusted Pegonia, I head to where Aqua is.

 ”Oh, Kanon. How about this?”

 ”A charm?”

 ”Yes, a charm that forms a pair with a beautiful parquetry, a charm for good friends.”

 ”Wow, I think it’s nice.”

 The charm Aqua chose is a set of two charms, and the pattern in the charm fits perfectly and beautifully, except for the other charm that forms a pair. Apparently, except for that other charm, there are only two of these charms in the world.

 ”Well then, let’s go with this one that Aqua chose.”


 Hehe, matching with Aqua. After leaving the shrine, we have udon and rice cakes at a dining place near the parking lot. Aqua really loves udon, huh.

 In the car, I heard that Ayana and him went to eat miso-nikomi udon in Aichi. Also, when he went to Kagawa with beryl&beryl, he was eating Sanuki udon.

 Oh, by the way, yesterday, there was this super silly news program of Kaede-senpai, what was it called, Weekly Power News or something. They were saying that this New Year’s, the sales of New Year’s udon might surpass New Year’s soba.

 ”Well then, let’s take a boat next!”

 Next, we came to play on a fully equipped pirate ship cruising the lake. Aqua appeared in front of me wearing a pirate costume rented at my request.

 ”How is it? Does it suit me?”

 ”””””””””It suits you!!””””””””

 Huh? Aren’t there overlapping voices other than mine? When I look back, my eyes meet with the customers on the ship. Oh, right. Yeah.

 ”U-um, can I take a picture then?”

 ”It’s fine, but if you’re going to take pictures anyway, wouldn’t it be better to take them at the helm we saw on the observation deck earlier?”


 Hehe, I took a lot of photos. Aqua’s pirate outfit is so precious. I’ll send them to everyone later.

 After I finished taking pictures and felt satisfied, Aqua played with the children who were dressed as pirates too. Ah, it’s really nice. When I see things like this, I can’t help but want children with Aqua.

 ”Sorry. In the end, you couldn’t really enjoy the scenery while on the boat.”

 ”Hehe. It’s okay; I had fun too!”

 We arrived on the other side of the lake and decided to tour the art museum. There are so many art museums in Hakone, and I’ve always wanted to come here.


 ”What’s wrong, Aqua?”

 I tilted my head as Aqua stopped while looking at the art museum.

 ”Oh, no, you know, that MARIA-sensei who’s having an exhibition now? Remember when we went on a department store date and bought a painting?”

 ”Ah, now that you mention it, yeah. So, are we going to see it?”


 As we entered the exhibition corner, there stood a familiar face.

 ”Huh? Maria-sensei, why are you here?”

 ”Oh… long time no see.”

 When Aqua called out, Maria-sensei bowed deeply. Wait, could it be that Maria-sensei…

 ”…Could it be, is Maria-sensei the same MARIA-sensei!?”

 ”Yes, that’s right.”

 Ah, I knew it. Wow, even though she’s a doctor, she can paint such beautiful pictures. She’s really a talented person.

 By the way, didn’t we ask MARIA-sensei to create the jacket illustration for the new song releasing on Christmas? Isn’t it strange that Aqua doesn’t know about it?

 ”Kanon… unfortunately, I was told by the staff that they’ll take care of everything for us.”

 ”Ah… Yeah, I see. Well, you know, people have their strengths and weaknesses, right?”

 I utter words to Aqua, unsure if they are comforting or not.

 ”If you find a picture you like, please let me know. As a thank you for the concert two days ago, I’ll give you your favorite picture as a gift. I’ll arrange for it to be delivered after the exhibition is over.”

 ”Eh? Is that okay?”

 ”Yes. I want Aqua-sama, who praised my art, to buy it.”

 ”Well then, I’ll take you up on that offer… Which one, Kanon?”

 I gaze at the pictures with Aqua. We pick several, and among the two final candidates, I pick the one Aqua chose. I felt a bit sorry for him earlier, so I wanted to let Aqua choose.

 However, there’s something about this one picture… just one, that really catches my curiosity.

 ”Miss, is something the matter?”

 ”Hmm… I’ve seen this beautiful woman depicted in this painting somewhere before. Especially the swell of her breasts… Staring at the painting so intensely, but I can’t recall. Hmm, it’s almost coming out of the top of my head. Because these breasts are definitely familiar. Not Nee-san… no, not Kythera… not Yui-san either. Hmm, who could it be? Well, can’t remember, oh well…”

 ”Anyway, it’s getting dark, should we check in at the hotel?”


 We left the art museum and arrived at a hotel by Lake Ashi.

 ”Shirogane Aqua-sama and Kanon-sama. We’ve been expecting you.”

 After checking in at the hotel, Aqua and I were guided to the room we would be staying in tonight. Of course, separate rooms were arranged for Pegonia and the others.

 ”The view is beautiful, isn’t it?”

 ”Yeah, it sure is.”

 On the balcony, Aqua gave me a light kiss as I admired the view. Well, I’m used to it now, but with other girls, just this might make them faint.

 ”Shall we go have dinner, princess?”

 ”Yes, yes. Aqua’s stomach was growling in the car earlier.”

 ”Haha, caught, huh?”

 Aqua and I held hands as we headed to the hotel’s restaurant. The food was delicious, and thanks to the attentive guests, we had a pleasant time chatting.

 ”Shall we take a bath together?”

 ”Oh, sure…”

 It’s still a bit embarrassing, but I’ve gotten used to bathing with Aqua compared to before. Aqua washed my body and hair, then dried my hair with the hairdryer as usual. After that, I changed into the slightly sexy underwear I had prepared.

 Alright, Kanon, you can do it! This is where it gets serious!

 I headed to Aqua’s waiting bedroom after psyching myself up in front of the mirror.

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