Male Idol V11c9

Volume 11 Chapter 9 Oh No! Something’s Strange With The Bulletin Board… Part 1

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

[First in history] beryl&beryl Christmas SP USJ Edition [Co-ed Bulletin Board]
1 3510 *ULTi-Hi-P3
This time, it’s a bulletin board with special specifications for a limited time
It will be a live commentary thread by volunteers from both the male and female sides
For the male side, posting permissions are granted after reviewing the past statements of applicants
For the female side, after reviewing past statements, we judge and grant posting permissions only to the invited accounts
There are no restrictions on viewing. Ladies without posting permissions, watch with your fingers on your lips!
– Excessive teasing between men and women, and sexual exchanges are prohibited
– Inappropriate comments will be deleted at our discretion
– If inappropriate comments continue, posting privileges will be revoked
Representative female accounts:
– Verification Team *XXXSARETAi
– Verification Team *THiMPOsuki
– Verification Team *XXXX8KADO6
– Verification Team *010meTA473
Due to inappropriate words in some accounts, temporary changes have been made under admin authority
Representative male accounts:
– Uncle Tadano *k4k4r1ty0u
– Passing Gentleman *NYaNKOsuki
– Butterfly Mask *B4T4FLYM4N
– Shirogane Aqua (fake) *aquaaquaaa
2 Anonymous Sister
What is this?
3 Anonymous Sister
Good job, Saba-chan
4 Anonymous Sister
What on earth is happening?
5 Anonymous Sister
Well, they’ve started something again
6 Anonymous Sister
As expected from Beryl’s server! Just like Beryl, I can’t imagine what mischief they’re up to
7 Anonymous Sister
If you look closely, the name has become “Anonymous Sister”!
8 Anonymous Sister
Your trivialities are as detailed as ever
9 Verification Team *XXXX8KADO6
Hehehe, you’re going to swallow , huh?
10 Anonymous Sister
Yes, that’s out
11 Anonymous Sister
Admin, here is the one!
12 Anonymous Sister
You’re really something
13 Anonymous Sister
You can’t come back here without reading the rules. In other words, you’re doing it after reading the rules
14 Anonymous Sister
I can’t see what you wrote anymore..
15 Anonymous Sister
Comment Deletion >>1, LOL, that’s hilarious!
16 Anonymous Sister
I think it’s time to give this guy a permanent BAN
17 Anonymous Sister
Seriously, why does this >>9 have the authority?
18 Anonymous Sister
Leaving Hagetoru in the review is a clear sign of being a piece of junk. Truly worthy of Beryl’s Server!
19 Anonymous Sister
Pets do resemble their owners, indeed
20 Anonymous Sister
So, that means Aqu-tan is a piece of junk..
21 Anonymous Sister
22 Anonymous Sister
You’re gonna get BANned!
23 Verification Team *XXXX8KADO6
Huh? Hasn’t my name changed?
24 Anonymous Sister
Looks like 0, 7, 2, and 1 are not allowed
25 Anonymous Sister
When I see >>1, the only female members that allowed to keep their username are Shumi, which is hilarious LMAO
26 Anonymous Sister
That girl was the only one who actually had a Grade A rating
27 Anonymous Sister
It’s been proven that Aqua-sama made the right choice in selecting the legal wife
28 Anonymous Sister
29 Anonymous Sister
On top of that, it seems like Sensei is pretty much an X now
30 Anonymous Sister
Sensei has accumulated too much experience..
31 Anonymous Sister
That’s the difference in experience. We kids can’t compete with her
32 Anonymous Sister
Sensei LMAO Life LMAO
33 Anonymous Sister
I see… So, sensei was the most out person, huh? Lol
34 Verification Team *THiMPOsuki
Huh? Is it just me, or does something seem different with everyone and my name?
35 Anonymous Sister
In a sense, that’s also an “out” situation, lol
36 Anonymous Sister
37 Anonymous Sister
It feels like you are ***suki from a different world line..
38 Anonymous Sister
Seems like a imitation-monda
39 Anonymous Sister
Looks like something you’d find in Chijou’s executive team > Batta-monda
40 Anonymous Sister
Where are the boys?
41 Anonymous Sister
Hey, you guys, chill out. Boys won’t come because you’re so noisy!!
42 Anonymous Sister
Phew… Just got back from the bath, but what’s this? What’s happening?
43 Anonymous Sister
No boys posting until now
44 Anonymous Sister
>>1 Who is this Shirogane Aqua (fake)?
45 Anonymous Sister
Even though it’s Batta-monda, it’s Chijou..
46 Anonymous Sister
If the person inside is a boy, then I’m fine to be Battamonda
47 Anonymous Sister
Don’t be scared
48 Anonymous Sister
It’s Chijou!
49 Anonymous Sister
50 Uncle Tadano *k4k4r1ty0u
He’s a wonderful boy who admires Shirogane Aqua-san
51 Anonymous Sister
52 Anonymous Sister
Nyann hereeeee!
53 Anonymous Sister
Oh, oh, oh!
54 Anonymous Sister
Idiot! Stop making noise!!
55 Anonymous Sister
Calm down!
56 Anonymous Sister
First, take a deep breath. Don’t scare the boy on the other side
57 Verification Team *010meTA473
Thank you for your detailed explanation
I am very happy to know that there are men who admire Aqua-sama
58 Anonymous Sister
59 Anonymous Sister
Certain… Wife…!? (Tashinami)
60 Anonymous Sister
You’re kidding, right?
61 Anonymous Sister
I always thought Shumi was a capable woman
62 Verification Team *XXXX8KADO6
Are you actually Batta-monda Shumi? Give us back the Ponnami (Useless Wife) and Hogenami we know!!
63 Anonymous Sister
LMAO, that’s hilarious
64 Anonymous Sister
Is this the Shumi we know?
65 Anonymous Sister
We didn’t need anyone from the Verification Team other than Shumi and Nee-san
66 Anonymous Sister
Hagetoru LMAO
67 Passing Gentleman *NYaNKOsuki
Are you also a fan of cats? I, too, love cats a lot
68 Anonymous Sister
Yes, yes, yes, yes! I love cats!
69 Anonymous Sister
Cats are so cute!
70 Anonymous Sister
Gentleman-san, I also love “cats”!
71 Anonymous Sister
Don’t gather around! Scatter!
72 Anonymous Sister
Come on, guys… By the way, I also like cats!!
73 Verification Team *THiMPOsuki
Let’s get along with similar account names!
74 Anonymous Sister
Go home
75 Anonymous Sister
What’s similar about you?
76 Anonymous Sister
Don’t joke around. Liking cats and **** are completely different things!
77 Anonymous Sister
Admin, it’s this guy
78 Verification Team *THiMPOsuki78
Huh!? Everyone’s responses are harsher than usual..
79 Passing Gentleman *NYaNKOsuki
80 Anonymous Brother
Don’t be fooled by the cat gentlemen, everyone!
81 Anonymous Sister
82 Anonymous Sister
Anonymous Brother is hereeee!
83 Anonymous Sister
This is already a historic moment…
84 Anonymous Sister
A textbook is a must!
85 Anonymous Sister
Stop it!!
86 Anonymous Sister
It’s okay if it’s Shumi, but it’s bad for Japanese history if it’s *****suki and Hagetoru
87 Anonymous Sister
It seems awful for children’s education
88 Anonymous Sister
Recently, I’ve been getting angry at my kids like Chijou does, but even when I say I’m gonna get mad like that, they just say it’s fine. So, I try to get mad like Hagetoru
89 Anonymous Sister
90 Anonymous Sister
Kids don’t wanna be like Hagetoru LOL
91 Verification Team *XXXSARETAi
Everyone, the broadcast is about to start. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to join as I’m having dinner. Enjoy, everyone
Also, thanks for everything today. As for the answers, Aqua-san is in Aichi Prefecture, Toa-chan is in Tottori Prefecture, Mayuzumi-san is in Akita Prefecture, and Tenga-san is in Okinawa Prefecture, each causing a bit of trouble. Thankfully, I hear everything went smoothly without any issues
These videos are scheduled to be broadcast on TV and released on video-sharing sites from the 26th to the 30th tomorrow, so please check the official website for details
92 Anonymous Sister
93 Anonymous Sister
Thanks, Nee-san!
94 Anonymous Sister
Good job, Nee-san! But Toa-chan in Tottori!? Was the sighting in Yonago real?
95 Anonymous Sister
Mayushin, in Akita! We’re so close, it’s crazy!!
96 Anonymous Sister
Tenga-senpai, in Okinawa. Looking forward to seeing the video, should be as exciting as expected
97 Anonymous Sister
When Tsukimachi Ayana was on the show, it was confirmed, but the girls who said Aqua-kun is in Hakata. Were you having a collective hallucination?
98 Anonymous Sister
For some reason, there was a split between the theory of Misoni udon in Aichi and Hakata udon in Hakata
99 Anonymous Sister
Want to hear about the ridiculous person who went to Fukuoka Airport to breathe in air? Well, it’s about me, though
100 Anonymous Sister
Don’t worry. I’m a staff member, and I saw there were at least 100 people taking deep breaths
101 Anonymous Sister
Hey, stop it! LMAO
102 Anonymous Sister
Seriously, LMAO
103 Anonymous Sister
It started while we were fooling around!!
104 Anonymous Sister
The show has started!
105 Anonymous Sister
I’ll focus on the TV!
106 Anonymous Brother
Girls really have a strong presence even on the internet. I was overwhelmed and couldn’t say anything..
107 Anonymous Sister
Sorry about that
108 Verification Team*010meTA473
Everyone, Christmas is so much fun, we’re just getting excited. If you had a scary experience, I’m sorry
109 Anonymous Sister
110 Verification Team *THiMPOsuki
111 Verification Team *XXXX8KADO6
Who are you!? You’re not the Shumi I know!! You must be a fake!!
112 Anonymous Sister
People usually grow, you know. I’m more worried about those who show no signs of growth
113 Anonymous Sister
Hagetoru has been like this since kindergarten
114 Anonymous Sister
Simple and to the point, LOL
115 Anonymous Brother
No, thank you instead
It was more surprising than scary, really
116 Anonymous Sister
Aqua-kun’s energy is off the charts!
117 Anonymous Sister
Aa-sama and Tenga-senpai, you’re so overjoyed, I can’t see properly LOL!
118 Anonymous Sister
Mayuzumi-kun’s excitement at the corner is adorable!!
119 Anonymous Sister
Toa-chan looks unimpressed
120 Passing Gentleman *NYaNKOsuki
Toa-sama’s unimpressed expression is a lifesaver
121 Anonymous Sister
It’s heartwarming seeing everyone having so much fun
122 Anonymous Brother
Aqua-kun being all excited is adorable
123 Anonymous Sister
I get it!
124 Anonymous Sister
Tenga-senpai doesn’t know? LMAO
125 Anonymous Sister
Even though he doesn’t know, he can still raise his energy that much LOL
126 Anonymous Sister
Tenga-senpai, I’m sure you’re happy because you’re with three people! After all, you’re the only college student..
127 Anonymous Sister
By the way, when I saw something in Okinawa, I had this level of excitement. Going to Okinawa on the same plane will be a lifelong memory!
128 Anonymous Sister
Aqua-kun is lively. He almost fell over, lol
129 Anonymous Sister
Mayushin-kun is here!
130 Anonymous Sister
Please, Mayuzumi-kun!
131 Anonymous Sister
Some explanation would be helpful
132 Anonymous Sister
What’s with that pose, lol?
133 Anonymous Sister
Here comes a mysterious pose, lol
134 Anonymous Brother
Tenga-senpai’s pose is so cool!
135 Anonymous Brother
It’s nice that Aqua-kun and Tenga-senpai are symmetrical!
136 Anonymous Sister
Well, it seems the guys are unexpectedly popular among the men…!?
137 Anonymous Sister
Hmm, boys seem to like that kind of thing. Note taken
138 Anonymous Sister
Toa-chan stays calm
139 Passing Gentleman *NYaNKOsuki
Toa-sama’s amazed expression is irresistible!!
140 Anonymous Sister
Could it be that Nyanko-san is a cat lover…?
141 Anonymous Brother
That’s right. He’s a cat lover
142 Anonymous Brother
He’s not a bad person. So, I hope you’ll watch over him with warm eyes
143 Anonymous Sister
It’s okay. There are plenty of Toa-chan fans here too!
144 Anonymous Sister
The people around here are amazing
145 Anonymous Sister
There are so many people, yet no information leaked. That’s incredible
146 Passing Gentleman *NYaNKOsuki
Toa, where do you want to ‘come’!? Thank you. Thank you
147 Anonymous Sister
Rattle, rattle, rattle (sound of taking medicine)
148 Anonymous Sister
Oh, I drank too much yesterday, and I ran out of medicine..
149 Anonymous Sister
150 Anonymous Sister
I don’t have any more medicine to take..
151 Anonymous Sister
Seems like a lot of people are out of medicine. Good thing I have a backup
152 Anonymous Brother
Hey, gentleman, control yourself!! It’s getting out of hand!
153 Anonymous Sister
I’m surprised that it’s already heading towards a situation that requires Toaqua and Actoa in the first few minutes. Truly, it’s beryl&beryl, you never know what will happen
154 Anonymous Sister
Mamiko!! It’s Mamiko!
155 Anonymous Sister
It’s been a month since Mamiko
156 Anonymous Sister
Broadcasting twice in two appearances, Mamiko-san is somewhat of a regular, right?
157 Anonymous Sister
Mamiko regular lol
158 Anonymous Sister
In the future, when Beryl uses USJ, it looks like it’ll be Mamiko in charge
Mamiko, seems like you can’t quit your job now
159 Anonymous Sister
That’s why the screen’s cut off lol
160 Anonymous Sister
Aa-sama looks so happy, cute!
161 Anonymous Brother
That’s nice
Dreaming of going to theme parks with other guys
162 Anonymous Brother
Honestly, as a fellow man, I envy it
I wish I had friends like that too
163 Anonymous Sister
Looks like USJ during New Year’s and the year-end will be too crowded to go
164 Anonymous Sister
Thank you so much, thank you so much
This is what I wanted to see
165 Anonymous Sister
I don’t need Beryl and Beryl anymore, I want them to go somewhere every month. I could watch travel shows forever
166 Anonymous Sister
Everyone seems to be having fun, which is great
167 Anonymous Sister
168 Anonymous Sister
Could it be that Mayuzumi-kun is not good at it?
169 Anonymous Sister
Or is it the opposite?
170 Anonymous Sister
I’m relieved if it’s the opposite. I’d feel sorry if he wasn’t enjoying it
171 Anonymous Sister
172 Anonymous Sister
173 Verification Team *XXXX8KADO6
Is it the ability of clairvoyance!?
174 Anonymous Sister
You… Do you really think Aqua-sama is thinking like that?
175 Anonymous Sister
There’s no way Aqua-sama is in the same rating range as you!
He’s different from you, right down to your genes!
176 Anonymous Sister
Aqua-sama’s clairvoyance!! There’s no way!
177 Anonymous Sister
If it’s not clairvoyance, then what is it?
178 Anonymous Sister
Could it be freezing after all?
179 Anonymous Sister
Something like an equal exchange… like alchemy
180 Anonymous Sister
There’s also magic for throwing things. At least, it’s not clairvoyance
181 Anonymous Brother
If it’s a boy, freezing might be it
The ice type is the strongest
182 Anonymous Brother
Got it
183 Anonymous Sister
184 Anonymous Sister
Mayuzumi-kun’s words made me cry from deep within
185 Anonymous Brother
Shintaro Mayuzumi is free. But..
Is he really struggling with Kokucho after all?
186 Anonymous Brother
Mayushin-kun’s words are spot on. Even though I come from a noble family too, I totally get it. That’s why I want Mayushin-kun to spread his wings freely
187 Butterfly Mask *B4T4FLYM4N
Those connected to Kokucho can’t escape. I thought so. Is it still the influence of Shirogane Aqua…?
188 Anonymous Sister
I feel bad that the boys are having a serious conversation
189 Anonymous Sister
Is it just me, or are not only the username users but also the general anonymous boys having much more serious conversations than us?
190 Anonymous Brother
When the young master of the Kokucho family says it, it carries weight
191 Anonymous Sister
I don’t understand complicated things, but I’ve realized that Aqua-sama is influencing Mayushin-kun and the boys. Are there people in the same rating range as me?
192 Anonymous Sister
Don’t worry, there are only girls in the same rating range as you!
193 Verification Team *XXXX8KADO6
We’re comrades who’ve shared the same “material”…right?
194 Verification Team *THiMPOsuki
195 Anonymous Sister
This is the worst, lol
196 Anonymous Sister
Admin, hurry up and come deal with this person!
197 Anonymous Sister
You’ve been making nothing but inappropriate comments since earlier, lol
198 Anonymous Sister
Hey, you guys are a bit..
199 Anonymous Sister
Getting rejected, lol
200 Anonymous Sister
New Mayuzumi Shintaro is here!?
201 Anonymous Sister
A new Mayuzumi Shintaro has arrived!
202 Anonymous Sister
Aqua-sama, you seemed like you were about to cry earlier
203 Anonymous Sister
204 Anonymous Sister
Aqu-tan, what are you planning to do?
205 Anonymous Sister
Are you going to buy something with the cart?
206 Anonymous Sister
Harry Potter, Mayuzumi Shintaro is hereeee!
207 Anonymous Sister
As expected of Aa-sama, you understand!
208 Anonymous Sister
Thank you very much. Thank you very much. This is what I wanted to see!
209 Anonymous Sister
This is a genuine Harry Potter!
210 Anonymous Sister
Movie adaptation offer, no time to wait!
211 Anonymous Sister
Mayuzumi-kun, venturing overseas!?
212 Anonymous Sister
Wait, is Aqua-sama Ron!?
213 Anonymous Sister
Aa-sama is Ron!?
214 Anonymous Sister
Ron’s Aqu-tan outfit is so cuteeeeeeeeeee!
215 Anonymous Sister
Aqu-tan, right there!
216 Anonymous Sister
I’ll casually say in advance, “Shumi, Die.”
217 Hakuryuu *XQXXXXXXXX
Wow! Wow! Wow!
I love the Harry Potter series, especially Ron, so impressed!! Is this a reward for working so hard!?
218 Anonymous Sister
Sensei, rather than that, focus on the otome game
219 Anonymous Sister
The script for the otome game you wrote is amazing, but what about the game company?
220 Anonymous Sister
Good job, Sensei. Seriously, the script was amazing. But, you know, that game system is no good!! What’s up with that? Encountering the wild Morikawa Kaede and the wild Kohina Yukari so many times! I can’t take it!!
221 Anonymous Sister
This comment is definitely Inko, LMAO!
222 Anonymous Sister
Even anonymous, I can tell it’s Inko, lol
223 Anonymous Sister
Go for it, Inko!!
224 Anonymous Brother
I watched the stream. Looking forward to seeing you clear it till the end
225 Anonymous Sister
Whoa! Even guys come to watch streams! Good for you, Inko. You’re getting recognized!
226 Anonymous Sister
227 Anonymous Sister
A boomerang flew by, close call!
228 Verification Team *010meTA473
I have a feeling that it’s a good call to let that fly by
229 Anonymous Sister
What’s up!?
230 Anonymous Sister
Is it okay!?
231 Passerby Gentleman *NYaNKOsuki
Ahhhhh, Toa-chan!
232 Anonymous Brother
Toa-chan, Hermione!?
233 Anonymous Brother
Toa-chan is Hermione!?
234 Anonymous Brother
Thank you. Thank you
235 Verification Team *XXXX8KADO6
I don’t know why, but I’ll say, “Shumi, die.”
236 Anonymous Sister
At first, I thought Hermione would end up with Harry
I never expected it to be Ron..
237 Anonymous Sister
This can totally be made into a live-action adaptation
These three are perfect!!
238 Anonymous Sister
Does this mean… Tenga-senpai’s malfoy!?
239 Anonymous Sister
Is Tenga-senpai’s foifoi comingggg!?
240 Anonymous Sister
So it’s that wayyyyyy!
241 Anonymous Sister
Thanks, Tenga-senpai’s Professor Severus!!
242 Anonymous Sister
Huh? Is it just me, or is everyone not reacting much to Toa’s Hermione?
243 Anonymous Sister
I was too busy taking my medicine
244 Anonymous Sister
I just reflexively downed it
245 Anonymous Sister
Looks like I accidentally “come”
246 Anonymous Brother
Nyanko-gentleman, I want to tell you to control yourself, but I understand the feeling
247 Anonymous Sister
Toa-chan LMAO
248 Passing Gentleman *NYaNKOsuki
Ah, ah, ahhhhh! So preciousss…
Is it an exaggeration to say that Toa-sama is only sloppy with Mister Aqua because they’re practically married?
249 Anonymous Brother
Hey, cut it out! Read >>1 and restrain yourself!!
250 Anonymous Sister
I understand
251 Anonymous Sister
I agree
252 Anonymous Sister
The wife is fake. But boys understand it
253 Anonymous Brother
Nyanko-gentleman is accepted… really!?
254 Anonymous Sister
It’s okay. We have many comrades
255 Passing Gentleman *NYANKOsuki
Oh!? So, my comrades are here! Let’s share the joy, comrades!
256 Anonymous Brother
It’s good to be happy, but seriously, restrain yourself!
257 Anonymous Brother
I apologize for our cat gentleman. I apologize for our cat gentleman. I apologize for our cat gentleman
258 Anonymous Sister
It’s alright, it’s alright. There are even more outrageous folks here
259 Anonymous Sister
It’s okay because the other guy, the lowest whatever-ski, is far better. Just the name alone makes him out
260 Anonymous Sister
I understand what Toa-chan is trying to say. If you don’t watch Aqua-sama’s actions at least halfway, you’ll soon be bursting
261 Shirogane Aqua (fake) *aquaaquaaa
Everyone seems really happy
262 Anonymous Brother
Yamada, where the hell were you?
263 Anonymous Brother
You’re late, Yamada
264 Anonymous Sister
Someone has arrived!?
265 Anonymous Brother
You guys, you’re not supposed to say names, lol
266 Anonymous Sister
Wait a minute, is he that Yamada Maruo-kun!?
267 Anonymous Sister
Which one, though?
268 Anonymous Sister
The audition
269 Anonymous Sister
Isn’t it about AQUARIUM? So, could it be that Butterfly Mask is Kokuchō Kujaku-kun?
270 Anonymous Sister
Wow! Seriously!
271 Shirogane Aqua (fake) *aquaaquaaa
Sorry. During the training camp, we have our phones confiscated except for designated times. I can use it now, but I was receiving guidance from Mizusumi-sensei until just now, so I prioritized that
272 Anonymous Brother
Whoa! You’re for real!! Keep it up!!
273 Anonymous Sister
Cheering for you!
274 Anonymous Sister
So that’s how it is during the training camp. Thanks for the information
275 Anonymous Sister
Wow, do your best!
276 Uncle Tadano *k4k4r1ty0u
Yamada-san, do your best. However, you must not push yourself too hard. Please take care of your health
277 Anonymous Sister
Aqua-sama appeared, and Toa-chan, Mayuzumi-kun, and Tenga-senpai responded to it properly. It seems everyone’s efforts are bearing fruit…. It’s kind of moving, tears welled up
278 Anonymous Sister
I understand…
279 Verification Team *XXXX8KADO6
Aqua-sama’s sowing “seeds” too!? Where can I go to have seeds sown for me!?
280 Anonymous Sister
Come on, you..
281 Verification Team *010meTA473
The worst
282 Anonymous Sister
You can say even more
283 Anonymous Sister
Truly the worst, lol
284 Anonymous Sister
Hagetoru, control yourself!!
285 Anonymous Sister
Looks like a photo shoot is starting
286 Anonymous Sister
Professional photographer Tenga Akira is here!!
287 Anonymous Sister
Tenga-senpai, it’s good to be relied upon
288 Anonymous Sister
Senpai is totally acting like the lead teacher
289 Anonymous Sister
The other people seems eager for photos
290 Anonymous Sister
I understand how the people feels
291 Anonymous Sister
Photos are allowed, seriously!?
292 Anonymous Sister
Even though photos are allowed, isn’t it dangerous if they leak!?
293 Anonymous Sister
The fans have been properly trained
294 Anonymous Brother
Beryl’s fans seem to be well-mannered
295 Anonymous Sister
Wow, I envy Aqua-sama’s photo shoot!!
296 Anonymous Brother
That looks fun. Everyone seems to be having a good time
297 Anonymous Brother
It warms my heart to see everyone from Beryl enjoying themselves
298 Anonymous Sister
I won’t say every week, but I hope they can do this every month from now on!
299 Anonymous Brother
That sounds great! Next time for the meetup, let’s go to some theme park!! Not necessarily USJ, even a regular amusement park would be fine
300 Anonymous Sister
If you go in a big group, there might be a place that would consider renting out the park on a day it’s closed. Maybe my place, it’s a small amusement park but I think it should be fine
301 Anonymous Brother
I’ll go if Yamada comes
302 Uncle Tadano *k4k4r1ty0u
Sounds good, doesn’t it?
Thank you very much
303 Anonymous Sister
I see… It’s tough for boys to just go to a theme park together with friends
304 Anonymous Sister
It made me think about various things
305 Shirogane Aqua (fake) *aquaaquaaa
You can go, but there are conditions
The second time, invite a girl. I think we need to get used to girls too
I realized that during the training camp. Butter-kun was talking normally, but if someone suddenly talks to him, he gets seriously nervous..
306 Anonymous Brother
Seriously… Were there scary women at the training camp?
307 Shirogane Aqua (fake) *aquaaquaaa
Everyone was kind. Also, they were incredibly serious. So, even though us guys were there, we weren’t particularly “wooed.”
However, Sumeragi Kukuri-sama said that if even a fake like me tarnished his name when passing by, she wouldn’t forgive it..
At that moment, I seriously almost peed myself
308 Anonymous Sister
Wow. Or rather, your identity is totally exposed, LOL
309 Verification Team *XXXX8KADO6
Scary. That psychopath girl is definitely the scariest
310 Anonymous Sister
Oh, I wonder if Kukuri-sama really likes Aqua-sama
311 Anonymous Sister
Hey, you’re gonna get caught for blasphemy
312 Anonymous Sister
Hagetoru. You’re going too far…
313 Anonymous Brother
Toa-chan and Aqua-kun’s snapshot is cute!
314 Anonymous Sister
Both Aqu-tan and Toa-chan seem so happy
315 Anonymous Brother
Huh? Did the Nyanko Gentleman’s reaction disappear?
316 Anonymous Brother
Maybe he bit the dust after that one
317 Anonymous Sister
By the way, it seems like the girls are less responsive than usual. Maybe those who ran out of medicine couldn’t bear it and fell down in ecstasy…. Rest in peace~
318 Anonymous Sister
Ahhhh! 4 cuties are stuck in traffic!!
319 Anonymous Sister
President Fuji, thanks for creating this show with these four. I’ve been a fan for a while now
320 Anonymous Sister
Mamiko, you did well! lol
321 Anonymous Sister
Mamiko, we were saying the same thing, weren’t you shooting with your private phone? LOL
322 Anonymous Sister
The wand shop is hereeeee!
323 Anonymous Sister
The wand shop granny is here!
324 Anonymous Sister
USJ’s specialty, the real wand granny!!
325 Anonymous Sister
Wand granny is famous, right? At first glance, she looks like a foreigner, but she’s totally Japanese
If I remember, her real name is Danbara Eien-san, but due to the accuracy of wand fortune-telling, she’s often called Professor Danbaratowa (Dumbledore/Ollivander?)
326 Anonymous Sister
Hey, Glasses Boy!!
327 Anonymous Sister
The Glasses Boy is spot on here
328 Anonymous Sister
Got it, huh?
329 Anonymous Brother
This kind of thing excites me
330 Anonymous Brother
I get it
331 Anonymous Sister
Big regrets and small worries..
332 Anonymous Sister
What are Mayuzumi-kun’s big regrets and small worries?
333 Verification Team *XXXX8KADO6
Mayuzumi-kun, don’t have regrets! If things are good now, that’s all that matters. At least I won’t regret later and reflect on it!!
334 Anonymous Sister
You should reflect on yourself!
335 Anonymous Sister
That’s why you’re not growing
336 Anonymous Sister
>If now is good, then that’s fine
Is it okay to praise this positivity, or should I just say, “Remember a little”?
337 Verification Team *THiMPOsuki
Did you call me, who forgets everything the next day after sleeping?
338 Anonymous Sister
You don’t seem to have any worries, do you?
339 Anonymous Sister
That’s probably why you get scolded by your boss. Maybe
340 Anonymous Sister
I’ve seen the best example. Understood
341 Anonymous Sister
You’re talking about Aqua-sama, right?
342 Anonymous Sister
Don’t worry, Mayuzumi-kun has Aqua-kun
343 Anonymous Sister
344 Anonymous Sister
Uh, my heart is suddenly pounding..
345 Anonymous Sister
I work at a jewelry shop, and Aquamarine is selling like crazy, so it might run out. It might become the most expensive gem in the world soon
346 Anonymous Sister
Seriously? lol
347 Anonymous Sister
Is that really happening now?
348 Anonymous Sister
Have you heard about the drink brands changing their names to something with Aqua?
349 Anonymous Sister
At first, someone started selling like crazy, and the balance shifted, so others followed suit
350 Anonymous Sister
I work at Fuji Department Store, and even Platinum is soaring. Now, the buying price is at its highest
351 Anonymous Sister
Ebony wand!!
352 Anonymous Brother
Oh no!! It’s Tenga-senpai after all!
A black wand looks so cool!!
353 Anonymous Brother
The black wand is super cool!!
354 Anonymous Sister
A wand that Tenga-senpai would like, lol
355 Anonymous Sister
Granny knows, lol
356 Anonymous Sister
Devoted love!? Fateful romance!?
Hmm, is it about me!?
357 Anonymous Sister
Hmm, love and romance, huh? I’ll post a little update
358 Anonymous Sister
There might be someone who misunderstands like these guys
359 Anonymous Sister
A good thing is a relationship of trust
360 Anonymous Sister
Mayuzumi-kun’s bravery and wisdom were also good
Because doing things with Aqua-kun requires a lot of courage
I understand Tenga-senpai and Toa-chan, but I think it’s amazing for someone like Mayuzumi-kun to take a step forward
361 Anonymous Sister
362 Anonymous Brother
I understand it well because I’m the same type as Shintaro-kun
363 Anonymous Sister
Tenga-senpai seems to trust the three around him a lot
364 Anonymous Sister
Who is this Granny really!?
365 Verification Team *XXXX8KADO6
Come to think of it, I remembered when the four of us went to USJ
Nee-san has the patience and perseverance of pre-knight
I have the pure and everlasting sphene
Shumi was a pure and innocent diamond
I forgot about the other one
366 Anonymous Sister
Come to think of it, Ayana-chan who co-starred with Aqua-kun at noon was a spinner when she went to USJ on a program
At that time, I didn’t think anything of it, but when I hear about her effort, development, and improvement, I understand
Especially in the past year, her acting, singing, and dancing have grown a lot
367 Anonymous Sister
The forgotten one LMAO
368Verification Team*THiMPOsuki
I think it’s terrible even though we went together!
By the way, I’m the guardian, loving, and astonishing Chriso Beryl Cats Eye!!
Phew, Tinsuki-chan is the only one with Beryl, a great victory!!
369 Anonymous Sister
Shumi is definitely the heroine. Nee-san is just as I imagined. And yet, it’s unchanging forever. Pure is certainly accurate depending on the perspective..
370 Anonymous Sister
Kind of annoying lol. But I get the guardian in the power category
371 Anonymous Sister
Hagetoru’s unchanging and Tinsuki’s astonishing LMAO
372 Anonymous Sister
Guardian with power, astonishing with power. I understand
373 Anonymous Sister
After all, she’s now among the top level of female idols
And Aqua-kun has come all the way to duet with
At first, she was being criticized as a former child actor, but she has come this far
Who didn’t cry when they heard the duet at the matchmaking party? Probably I will cry tomorrow at Yuu-oni
374 Anonymous Sister
I understand. I want Ayana-chan to grasp happiness in her personal life as well
Lunch today with Aa-sama was also good, looking forward to it
375 Anonymous Brother
376 Anonymous Sister
A grapevine and an iolite, huh
377 Passing Gentleman *NYaNKOsuki
I want to be entwined with Toa-sama too, seriously!!
378 Anonymous Brother
Hold back!!
379 Anonymous Brother
Alright, just go to sleep
380 Anonymous Sister
The right direction, huh. This is profound
381 Anonymous Sister
Granny, you’ve been way too mysterious lol
382 Anonymous Sister
Who the heck is this Granny for real!
383 Anonymous Sister
For now, I just want to stick Aa-sama, and I’ll be fine
384 Anonymous Sister
I want to cling to Aqu-tan too!!
385 Anonymous Sister
A separation from the past!?
386 Anonymous Sister
What could a separation from the past be?
387 Passing Gentleman *NYaNKOsuki
388 Anonymous Sister
Ahhh, there’s no more medicine!!
389 Anonymous Sister
I’m a medical professional. Even if you run out of medicine, please don’t call an ambulance
It’s fine to faint for a whole day. In fact, just collapse until the next morning
Come get your medicine the next day
390 Anonymous Sister
Out of medicine, so I’m licking the inside of the bottle
391 Anonymous Sister
392 Anonymous Sister
I wonder if a few people took some from earlier
393 Anonymous Sister
On stock: 5 years, LMAO
394 Anonymous Sister
395 Anonymous Sister
Don’t sell the stock with Aqua-sama!
396 Anonymous Sister
This wand was so expensive, that’s why it didn’t sell, but its quality is good, you know
397 Anonymous Sister
Business opportunity!
398 Anonymous Sister
Those who have overcome the difficult times are amazing. After selling the stock at Aqua-sama, don’t use it for business, LOL
399 Anonymous Brother
Women are scary after all..
400 Anonymous Sister
This wand will probably sell like hotcakes
401 Anonymous Sister
Mamiko LMAO
402 Anonymous Sister
Mamiko, LOL, pretending nothing happened
403 Anonymous Sister
Aa-sama, somehow, seems easily susceptible to scams
404 Anonymous Sister
Ah, I see, marriage scam
405 Anonymous Sister
Feeling compelled by a sense of duty to protect Aqua-sama
406 Anonymous Sister
I get it. Even though I’d lose to Aqu-tan in strength, there’s a feeling of needing to protect him
407 Anonymous Sister
Aqua-sama, you know, it’s nice that he has vulnerabilities. Even though it’s unprecedented for a male, if he didn’t have these vulnerabilities, he wouldn’t be as popular as he is now
408 Anonymous Sister
I understand. Vulnerability is quite important
409 Anonymous Sister
Just like the wife, huh
It looked perfect, but in reality, they took the opportunity to get married. That’s a perfect example of what they did
410 Anonymous Sister
Nee-san might seem flawless, but she did go all the way to marriage!
411 Verification Team *XXXX8KADO6
You don’t get it. Nee-san might seem that way, but she’s quite clueless in some aspects. Somehow, that probably fit well together
412 Anonymous Sister
Ah, I see
413 Verification Team *THiMPOsuki
Sensei is nothing but flaws here, can we do something about it?
414 Anonymous Sister
415 Anonymous Sister
You, I swear..
416 Anonymous Sister
For someone who’s supposedly the guardian of precious words, you’re full of flaws LOL. What are you even protecting?
417 Anonymous Sister
It’s about purity, you know. The place being protected isn’t exactly there
418 Anonymous Brother
The inside of the castle is amazing
419 Anonymous Brother
It’s my first time seeing the inside of the castle, and USJ is incredible..
420 Anonymous Brother
This is so exciting
421 Anonymous Sister
The boys are so cute, all excited
422 Anonymous Sister
Tenga-senpai’s eyes are sparkling
423 Anonymous Sister
Earlier, Mayuzumi-kun was skipping!!
424 Anonymous Sister
Mayushin-kun was really good
425 Anonymous Sister
Mayuzumi-kun’s skip is precious!!
426 Anonymous Sister
This is going to be a historical document. Mayushin-kun’s skip is a rare footage that you might only see once in a lifetime
427 Anonymous Sister
Good luck on the magic test!
428 Anonymous Brother
I want to try the magic test
429 Anonymous Brother
We were talking about the offline meeting earlier, but let’s make the ultimate goal USJ. Or maybe the dreamland in Chiba
430 Shirogane Aqua (fake) * aquaaquaaa
It’s good to do both. Make the goal to be able to go on a date with the girls in either of those places. I realized during the training camp that having goals makes you work harder
431 Anonymous Brother
Yamada, you’re amazing
432 Uncle Tadano *k4k4r1ty0u
Yamada-san, you’re shining! I’ll do my best to help, even if it’s just a little
433 Anonymous Sister
Even though it’s a fake, there’s something to just using Aa-sama’s name
434 Anonymous Sister
I’ll cheer you on honestly. Rather than worrying about myself, if boys work hard, and someone can be happy, I want to help
435 Anonymous Sister
Maybe Beryl’s auditions have quite an impact, don’t they? I was just casually thinking it was a simple audition, but..
436 Anonymous Sister
Same to me
437 Verification Team *XXXX8KADO6
There’s no way things involving Aqua-sama end up being something we’d call normal!
438 Anonymous Sister
I agree
439 Anonymous Sister
You’ve got that sneaky side to you. Sometimes it hits the nail on the head, though
440 Anonymous Brother
I’m a guy, but I get it
441 Butterfly Mask *B4T4FLYM4N
442 Hakuryuu *XQXXXXXXXX
I understand. I was writing scripts for otome game, but goodness, how many times did I almost die before the edits gave me a reality check..
443 Anonymous Sister
Sensei, LMAO
444 Anonymous Sister
Seriously, Sensei, lol
445 Anonymous Sister
Even though Sensei worked so hard to write the script, the wild Morikawa and the wild Kohina Yukari are just..
446 Anonymous Sister
Sensei, I can go for a butt kick anytime!! Please feel free to collapse! I’ll wake you up with a butt kick!!
447 Anonymous Sister
Editing, it’s become a habit, lol
448 Anonymous Sister
Editing, lol
449 Anonymous Sister
Please, edit. Take care of Sensei at least a little
450 Anonymous Sister
I cried for Sensei’s writing, which she staked her life on
451 Anonymous Sister
452 Anonymous Sister
Aa-sama has been infected by Tenga-senpai!
453 Anonymous Sister
Did Aqua-boy’s boyish heart get tickled by it?
454 Anonymous Sister
Urgent (medicine)
455 Verification Team *010meTA473
Aqua-sama actually likes this kind of stuff, huh? It’s a bit cute, I must say
456 Anonymous Brother
Whoa, Benizakura is cool!
457 Anonymous Brother
Hmm, Tenga-senpai’s black wand is tempting, but Aqua-kun’s Benizakura is also good!
458 Anonymous Brother
Benizakura pierces through me
459 Anonymous Sister
I don’t want to get involved, LMAO
460 Anonymous Sister
Toa-chan LOL
461 Anonymous Sister
Is it okay for Toa-chan to get involved too?
462 Anonymous Sister
Mayuzumi-kun LOL
463 Anonymous Sister
I wanted Mayushin-kun to get involved a little. Cute!
464 Anonymous Brother
Mayuzumi-kun, just join in!
465 Anonymous Sister
Senpai and Aqua-sama are casting spells in a cool pose, LOL
466 Anonymous Sister
Is Aqua-sama getting calmer? He looks embarrassed, LOL
467 Anonymous Sister
Everyone is good at this
468 Anonymous Brother
Wow, I want to try this
469 Anonymous Sister
It’s heartwarming to see everyone having fun
470 Anonymous Sister
The magic test, here come the results!
471 Anonymous Sister
What’s with these scores?
472 Anonymous Sister
Aa-sama: 98/100
Toa-chan: 83/100
Mayuzumi-kun: 76/100
Senpai: 38/100
473 Anonymous Sister
Aa-sama is skilled, using his body pays off. He hits most of the targets
474 Anonymous Sister
Toa-chan is good at games, but using the actual body seems to be a challenge. He looks frustrated after losing. Gamers always want to win, right?
475 Anonymous Sister
As expected of Mayushin-kun, the Lightning Hopper’s weapon is a gun
476 Anonymous Sister
Senpai, your insistence on poses is making your score low
477 Anonymous Sister
Senpai doesn’t fight in that dimension
478 Anonymous Sister
If you had competed with cool poses, you would have been first!
479 Anonymous Brother
Aqua-kun, you’re seriously good at physical activity. Am I the only one who admires this kind of thing?
480 Anonymous Sister
I understand. It’s normal to admire that
481 Anonymous Sister
I heard Aa-sama hit another home run in softball. The truth is unclear, but will we find out later?
482 Anonymous Sister
Earlier, Nee-san said they’re going to post videos and do it on TV
483 Anonymous Sister
After the magic ends, is it time to move to the classroom?
484 Anonymous Sister
They just started sitting in a chair normally
485 Anonymous Sister
486 Anonymous Sister
Otomezaki’s seating arrangement, seriously!?
487 Verification Team *010meTA473
488 Anonymous Sister
Wow, Otomezaki’s seating arrangement is a lifesaver. My daydreaming is on fire!
489 Anonymous Sister
490 Anonymous Sister
Tenga-senpai LOL
491 Anonymous Sister
There’s nowhere to go, right, senpai? LOL
492 Anonymous Sister
Tengai paisen…
493 Anonymous Sister
494 Anonymous Sister
495 Anonymous Sister
Just stood up at the teacher’s desk like it’s no big deal, LOL
496 Anonymous Sister
Thanks to Professor Severus’s cosplay, it feels totally natural, LOL
497 Anonymous Sister
Is this already a scene from a movie?
498 Anonymous Sister
Let’s just shoot it like this and go home
499 Anonymous Sister
I feel like I’ve experienced school life with everyone. That alone makes me happy
500 Anonymous Brother
Wow, that sounds cool. Now I kinda want to go to Otomezaki too.

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