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Volume 11 Chapter 8 Beryl&Beryl Usj Special

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 ”We’ve arrived at USJ, woo-hoo!”


 In high spirits, Tenga-senpai and I strike triumphant poses, filling the camera frame. Huh? Shintaro seems a bit off. Is he already getting tired? Oh, maybe it’s us getting too carried away on this trip. Got it.

 ”So, Tenga-senpai, do you know about USJ?”

 ”Nah, honestly, not really!”

 He didn’t know, yet he was so excited!? Everyone almost tripped over in surprise.

 ”Shintaro, please explain…”

 ”Let me explain. Universal States Journey, or USJ for short. It’s a theme park imported from the entertainment capital, the States!”

 Shintaro is really something. Tenga-senpai and I are on either side of Shintaro, both of us striking a cool pose for the sake of the performance, making his glasses shine. To others, it might seem odd, but to the spectators around us, it was a huge hit.

 ”So, today, with the full cooperation of USJ, we four want to enjoy ourselves to the fullest!!”

 As I applauded, all the staff and customers around us joined in clapping.

 ”So, where does everyone want to go?”

 ”Well, maybe we could buy souvenirs at the shops, or since we came to the theme park, we could ride some attractions.”


 I gestured to a nearby staff member.

 ”Alright, we have the wonderful Taniguchi Mamiko-san from USJ here!”

 Taniguchi-san was the woman who answered my call at SA. Everyone, including me, welcomed her with applause.

 ”Ah… I’m Taniguchi Mamiko from USJ. Thank you for the call earlier. Well then, since there is a security issue, I’ll guide you through both the attractions and shops in order.”

 ”Yay! I can enjoy both!”


 Tenga-senpai and my excitement skyrocketed.

 Although Toa appears calm, judging from the way he felt earlier, he seems to be really looking forward to it.

 On the other hand, I was a little curious about Shintaro, who seemed a bit fidgety.

 Maybe Shintaro is not good with attractions or something. Thinking that, I quietly talked to Shintaro on the way.

 ”Shintaro, are you okay?”

 ”Oh, yeah, actually, I’ve wanted to come here for a long time. Was I acting suspiciously because I was too nervous?”

 Oh, is that it? But still, it’s surprising. I had always thought Shintaro wasn’t good with noisy places like this.

 ”Here, there are attractions based on the novels I used to read. Oh, Aqua, do you ever dream of being a wizard or something?”

 ”Of course, definitely! Well… not really. It’s just that, flying in the sky or conjuring flames from your hands, wouldn’t that be cool?”

 Dangerous. We were just about to delve into the magic of clairvoyance. Pure Shintaro doesn’t seem to notice, but if it were the perceptive announcer, she might have caught on.

 ”I feel the same way. When I was a kid, I often wished I could fly freely in the sky without any constraints.”

 ”When you were a kid…? Is it different now?”

 ”Yeah. After meeting Aqua, even without magic, I, Shintaro Mayuzumi, can go anywhere freely. That’s why, you know, we’re here like this now. Coming to a theme park with friends, I didn’t even dream of it six months ago.”


 I couldn’t help but hold back tears.

 Hey, don’t say that at this moment! I thought a boy my age would be a little shy, but I was honestly happy.

 ”All right! If that’s the case, let’s have a blast today! Introducing the new Mayuzumi Shintaro to everyone!”

 ”New Mayuzumi Shintaro!?”

 ”Oh, there’s the perfect one right over there!”

 I went to a nearby go-kart and bought goods from the store clerk. Of course, I put the purchased items on Shintaro right there.

 ”Woah, what’s this!?”

 ”Ta-da! It’s a costume of Harry Potter, the protagonist of Shintaro’s favorite novel! By the way, I thought it would be embarrassing if it was just Shintaro, so I’m going all out with the complete set of Red-haired Ron!”

 At first glance, Red-haired Ron may seem like a hardworking guy, but when he does something, he’s a cool dude. However, he needs to fix his insensitivity to women’s feelings!


 Oh no! Now, a huge boomerang flew in front of me from somewhere.

 ”Oh, sorry. That’s my boomerang. Somehow, I felt like it would be better to throw it over there, so…”

 Where did you even buy that boomerang? When I look closely, Toa is dressed in the cosplay of Harry and Ron’s friend, Hermione. It suits him normally. Yeah.

 And the fact that the three of us are in this cosplay means… Senpai is Malfoy! I’m sure of it as I turn to Senpai.

 ”The revenge I longed for is sometimes sweeter than honey.”

 Oh, it’s you! Why of all people, Professor Severus! Because you don’t choose FoyFoy, Senpai, you occasionally get mixed in!!

 ”Tenga-senpai, it looks great on you. By the way, is Aqua okay? You suddenly collapsed at the sight of Senpai…”

 ”Yep, it’s kinda like Professor Severus. Also, Shintaro and Aqua are just fooling around as usual, so it’s okay. And if you keep questioning Aqua’s actions, he won’t last until the end of this journey.”

 Oh? Am I being treated unfairly or something?

 Well, whatever. More importantly, I made Taniguchi-san wait.

 ”Sorry for the detour, Taniguchi-san.”

 ”No worries, it’s fine. And besides, that outfit is perfect for where we’re going next!!”

 And so, we were taken to a place where the town from the Harry Potter stage was reproduced.

 Whoa! I’m already impressed at this point.

 ”Hey, someone take a picture for my family!”

 ”Sure. In that case, leave it to the pro photographer, Tenga Akira!”

 As expected of Tengai-senpai!

 Maybe because he’s cosplaying as Professor Severus, he really looks like a teacher who came to supervise the school trip!

 ”Thank you, Senpai!”


 Tenga-senpai took a photo of me, and when I looked around, I saw the customers holding their phones, looking like they wanted to take pictures too.

 ”What? Do you all want to take pictures too?”

 I asked, and all the customers who were waiting around nodded silently.

 ”Well, can’t be helped. Alright, everyone, take cool shots! Oh, but remember, you can’t share the photos until the Christmas broadcast. That’s a promise with me, Aqua-san. Only those who can keep that promise can take pictures!”

 I arranged poses near the building and objects to make it easy for everyone to take pictures. Toa, Shintaro and Tenga-senpai also joined in, and we had a little impromptu photo session.

 ”Sorry, Taniguchi-san. We kept stopping…”

 ”No! I also took a lot of photos, thanks to you.”

 Following Taniguchi-san’s guidance, we entered the building.

 Then, there stood a truly grandma.

 ”Hehehe, there are four of them who are young and seem to have good o*gasms… Well, which one should I choose first?”

 Turning around, the grandma looked at the wall, where shelves were filled with boxes. Oh no, this is just like a movie!

 ”Let’s start with the boy with glasses over there.”

 Grandma slid the small glasses down and peered into Shintaro’s face.

 ”Hmm… from a boy with glasses, I can see some significant regrets. Moreover, it seems like he’s carrying not-so-small worries.”

 ”Eh!? Significant regrets… why would you say that! And not-so-small worries…?”

 ”Don’t worry. With the glasses boy now, those regrets will slowly fade away, and a sunny day will surely come one day. However… the other not-so-small worry is a bit of a troublemaker. It doesn’t seem to be a problem yet, though.”

 ”It’s… what do you think you should do when you realize it? Well, when that time comes, try asking your heart directly. Fortunately, the glasses boy has seen the best example closer than anyone, so you don’t need to worry.”

 Grandma, holding a new box nearby, took out a wand from inside.

 ”This wand is made of new wood, so it hasn’t been stained by anything. It’s good if it fits the growing glasses boy. The core gem is aquamarine, and the words embedded in that gem are… wise and brave. Surely, when you get lost, it will be the courage to move forward.”

 ”Oh, thank you!”

 Amazing… I don’t really understand, but it seems like it!

 ”Next is me!”

 Tenga-senpai stepped forward with high spirits.

 ”Hmm…. It seems you have already made up your mind. It seems I won’t offer any advice. The perfect wand for someone like you is the ebony wand. The core, a Padparadscha sapphire, carries words of devoted love, fateful romance, and trust. How about it? Do you like it?”

 ”I love it!! Especially the fact that the wand is black is really cool!!”

 Ah, yeah, I somehow knew.

 Senpai loves black things.

 ”Well then, I’ll be going next.”

 When Grandma peeks into Toa’s face and, after a difficult look, shows a slightly sad expression.

 ”Ah, I see. Past, present, future… For the young child who faces constant hardships, how about granting him this Iolite core-imbued wand? The gemstone words of Iolite propel towards the correct direction for one’s goals. May this wand correctly carve out your future, dear young child. And the wood used for this wand is from a grapevine. Grapes are plants that extend tendrils around, entwining with what’s around them. If it’s going to be a path of hardships anyway, wouldn’t it be better to have four instead of three, three instead of two, two instead of one?”

 ”Thank you…!”

 Next is finally my turn. But seriously, isn’t this too elaborate just for buying a wand? Well, it’s exciting so it’s fine, but… wait, this isn’t some kind of flag, is it?

 ”Finally, it’s your turn. Initially, I thought of recommending the Hauynite of Passion, but it seems like you have already made a break with the past that is a stone’s throw. Hm… what to do now.”

 Grandma rummaged through the shelves behind, bringing out a worn-out box with frayed corners and a scratched surface. The moment she opened the box, a beautiful wand appeared in my field of vision.

 ”In your case, a gem perfect for you is believed to shine brighter than a diamond, a Benitoite. Beyond human understanding, outside the realm of truth. An inexplicable talent. A gentle sense of justice and a pure brightness. Skillful at finding the good in others, the world sparkles with your every move, filled with hope… It doesn’t matter if they’re old or young, man or woman. Everyone will be drawn to that overflowing charm of yours. And this wand is made of cherry wood, the symbol of the country. Believing that you will lead this country, I will specially hand over this staff.”

 As I gripped the wand, it felt incredibly natural, as if I had always had it. Perhaps this is fate. That’s what I thought.

 ”Hey, wait… that wand from earlier… I’ve been carrying it for about 5 years now.”

 ”Hehe, if you say it’s the same wand as Aqua-sama’s, everyone will buy it for more than the regular price. Business opportunity!”

 ”Hmm? Taniguchi-san? Grandma? Did you say something?”

 ””N-nothing at all!!””

 I tilt my head. Hm… is it just my imagination?

 ”Ahem! Well then, let me guide you through the inside of the castle!”

 Following Taniguchi-san, we head towards the castle.

 ”It’s huge!”

 ”It’s amazing that they made this.”

 Even inside the castle, I’m overwhelmed. The details of the interior are well-crafted. This must be the real deal from States. We, as new students attending the school, experience various events inside the castle.

 ”First, show me your magic powers.”

 It seems the first thing is an AR attraction using the wand.

 In front of me, when I swung my wand aiming at the target, it seemed that an image of a ball appeared in the air and collided with the goal.

 ”Hmm, it seems like the time has come for my black wand to spew fire.”

 ”Senpai, sorry, but here, my partner… Benitoite will stand out!”

 ”What…? Red cherry blossoms with Benitoite and a cherry tree… grrr. Junior, you’re good!”

 ”Senpai, you too…!”

 Senpai and I shook hands firmly. Behind us, Toa was watching us with a serious gaze.

 ”Hey, I don’t have to get involved in that, right?”


 ”Huh? …Could it be, Shintaro wants to get involved?”

 ”W-well, just a little bit.”

 Huh? What is Toa talking about with Shintaro? Oh, maybe he wants to get involved? If so, do it quickly. Although I said it myself, I’m starting to feel a little embarrassed.

 ”Be lured into eternal darkness!”

 As usual, Tenga-senpai swung his cane in a cool and useless pose.

 I also shoot magic to match it. Toa, and Shintaro also hits the target in succession.

 ’Oh, everyone is doing quite well.’

 Oh, we’ve been praised! After completing the magic test, we move forward. We visit classrooms along the way, a large hall that serves as a cafeteria and laboratories. We also visit the staff room and the infirmary. There are small events here and there, and we enjoy them each time.

 ”Now, from here, you will board the attraction. It may sway a bit, is that okay?”

 ”I’m fine!”

 ”I’m fine too.”

 ”I wonder if I’m okay.”

 ”I’m fine too!!”

 And so, the four of us board the attraction. From the front left, it’s Shintaro and Tenga-senpai, and in the second row, it’s Toa and then me.

 ”Now, from here, it will be an intense battle. Please be careful, and enjoy your ride!!”


 Whoa!? At the same time as the start, the attraction moves greatly, and it’s surprising.

 And the image in front of my eyes changed accordingly.

 ’Welcome, new students!’

 A witch with a determined expression on a broomstick appears before me.

 Wow! Cool! She’s a cool and beautiful big sister who looks great with a shortcut!

 But the big sister’s expression seemed somewhat anxious.

 ’From now on, we’re heading to the front lines to respond to those who have attacked us here. Since we don’t have enough people right now, you guys will have to help too!’

 Judging by the uniform, she must be an upperclassman.

 On the broomstick, she turns back towards us once again.

 ’Now, let’s go! Follow me!!’





 As the attraction starts moving, everyone reacts with a simultaneous shout.

 By the way, the reason I shouted first was not because the attraction started moving. It was because when the broomstick floated, the miniskirt of the big sister in front of me fluttered.

 Although I couldn’t see what was inside, I felt incredibly excited. Perhaps the reason the skirt didn’t appear to float as much is… precisely because she is wearing strings… no, there’s also the possibility that she wasn’t wearing them from the start. It seems like I need to ride this a few more times to verify.

 ’Ku, here it comes! Everyone, draw your wands from the holders and get ready to fight!’

 We pulled out the wands from the holders attached in front of our seats in advance and swung the wands repeatedly towards the magic flying towards us. Meanwhile, the attraction we were on simply floated gently to avoid dropping the wands.

 ’Great job, everyone!! Now, reinforcements have arrived. Let’s head back to school!’

 ’When flying through the sky at high speed, make sure to stow your wands in the holder to avoid dropping them.’

 I see. It seems that the attraction won’t start unless you set the wand in the holder.

 We four set the wands, and the attraction starts moving again.

 Initially, it moves slowly, but suddenly the surroundings are enveloped in mist, and dark clouds gather.

 ’Oh, pursuers!’

 ’It seems like they’re trying to take us down even with just us.’

 ’Everyone, let’s run at full speed!’


 The attraction we were on accelerates. It seems that from here on, it has elements of a roller coaster.

 I focus on the mini-skirt of the big sister flying in front of me. Maybe I can catch a glimpse with the intense movement.

 Huh? I feel like my arm is being pulled, so I turn to the side.

 And there, sitting next to me, Toa tightly grabs the sleeve of my shirt.


 Meanwhile, Shintaro in front raises both hands, looking delighted.


 Shintaro? Is something wrong?

 The moment I thought that, something is thrown into the air in slow motion.

 Oh, that’s… Shintaro’s glasses!

 If I reach out, can you grab it!? No, impossible. Just a moment ago, a mere 0.01 seconds. I pulled the wand from the holder in front of me to extend the insufficient length, raising it high into the sky.

 However, my wand was not long enough… no, it should have been long enough, but due to the length of the wand being shorter than I anticipated, Shintaro’s glasses grazed over the wand I raised. My scream echoed through the castle as I saw the wand, whose tip had broken and shortened.

 ”Oh, my partnerrrrr! Benizakuraaaa!”

 It seems that forcibly pulling the wand from the fixed holder caused the tip to snap.

 ”Welcome back. How was our theme park’s proud attraction?”

 ”Oh, well, it was fun.”

 Seeing our pained expressions, Toa, representing everyone, comments. Toa is a reliable guy. In comparison, what am I?

 I couldn’t protect Shintaro’s life, or the life of his glasses, who could be called another Shintaro, and even my partner (wand) looked like this… I kneel to the ground, utterly helpless and crawling.

 ”Um, um… I found the glasses.”

 A staff member picks up the fallen glasses. I, Shintaro, and those three look at Shintaro’s glasses placed on the palm of the lady’s hand. Yeah, there’s no way it’s repairable. It’s completely shattered.

 ”W-We could wrap it with tape for now.”

 ”Ah, yes. Here, I have some tape here, please use it.”

 Shintaro… it must be tough. I understand. I’m a comrade who has lost a partner (wand) too.

 ”Um, um, Shirogane-san. This was stuck in the holder, I got it out.”

 ”Thank you, Taniguchi-san. I’m really sorry for all the trouble…”

 I borrowed cellophane tape from Shintaro and repaired Benizakura. I’m sorry, Benizakura. It must have hurt…. While apologizing to Benizakura, I wrap the affected area round and round with cellophane tape.

 ”Geez, you two are so gloomy! Come on, let’s cheer up and buy souvenirs at the shop!”

 ”Oh, right…!”

 When I meet Shintaro’s gaze, I nod firmly and then show a smiling face.

 ”All right! Let’s buy lots of souvenirs!”


 Huh? Wait a minute…

 Isn’t there one person missing?

 That’s when I remembered Tenga-senpai.

 ”Senpai? If you’re here, say something!”

 I lightly tap the back of Senpai, who was standing motionless. As Senpai slowly began to lean forward, the three of us hurriedly supported Tenga-senpai’s body.

 ”Oh no, he’s fainted!”

 I see, Senpai must not have liked this kind of attraction.

 We waited for senpai to revive and then went to the shop area guided by Taniguchi-san.

 ”Well, see you later.”

 Since there were many shops, the four of us decided to explore separately.

 I quickly went to the Harry Potter corner and bought costumes and a wand for Kanon.

 We were going to play make-believe together when we got back.

 I also bought sweets as presents for everyone and goods that seemed useful.

 ”Wow, that was fun.”

 ”Yeah, it was!”

 And when I met eyes with others, I tilted my body a bit and said.

 ”I want to come again.”


 I gave a high-five to Shintaro, a comrade with the same scar.

 ”How’s senpai? Are you okay?”

 ”Yeah, of course. Sorry, it’s my fault… Ugh!”

 Well, everyone has things they’re not good at, it can’t be helped. Yeah.

 ”All right, shall we head to the next destination?”


 ”So, everyone! Did you enjoy the Christmas special episode of beryl&beryl? Um, at the end of the show, we have a giveaway where you can get various souvenirs we bought during our Kansai trip. We carefully chose these souvenirs with our fans in mind, so we hope you’ll be happy with them! That being said, now I’d like to announce the 5 keywords we need for the giveaway!”

 We look at each other and, in order of me, Shintaro, Tenga-senpai, and Toa, use our bodies to express each letter.

 ”The first keyword is B! It’s too difficult from the start!!”

 ”The second keyword is E… is this okay? Oh? Was it the other way around?”

 ”The third keyword is R!! How about the perfect curve of my R?!”

 ”The fourth keyword is Y. And there’s one extra, so this plan will definitely fail! Aqua always says weird things.”

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 ””””The final keyword, everyone on the screen together, L!!””””

 I receive a paper from Ako-san with the announcement of the program written on it, and I immediately spread it wide and point it towards the camera.

 ”Yes, so, you know. Actually, this beryl&beryl, the monthly regular broadcast has been officially decided! And as we continue to do the show for a long time, we, the four members symbolizing Beryl Entertainment, want to act as one group, just like the name suggests, BERYL, Beryl!!”

 ”That’s just how it is!”

 ”Exactly, shhh!”

 I approach Toa and speak in a hushed voice that the camera’s microphone can pick up.

 ”Well, it can’t be helped. It’s already settled like this. Or rather, even if we gave it a different name now, it wouldn’t feel right. The options were limited… The staff were all tearing their hair out!”

 ”Ah, yeah. I get that. But wouldn’t it be complicated if it overlaps with the company?”

 ”Can’t be helped. If it comes to this, let’s forcefully change the company’s name.”

 ”No way…”

 ”It’s okay. Unlike Kohina-senpai, Ako-san is kind, so if I beg and push, it’ll work out somehow.”

 ”That’s terrible…”

 ”Well, well, I’ll somehow take care of that area later, so leave it to me.”

 Alright, the conversation has come together nicely.

 ”I heard everything, though…”


 Pretending not to know, I whistle while looking in the direction of the day after tomorrow.

 ”Well, it’s okay, but let’s discuss that with everyone later. Hey, rather than that, wrap it up quickly.”

 ”Oh, yes. So, beryl&beryl, the next event is in January! And the plan for January is… get ready for an intensive camp life with the four of us! Everyone, look forward to it!!”

 ”Goodbye, see you next time!”

 ”Thank you for watching. Please look forward to the next time as well.”

 ”Of course, everyone will watch, right? It’s a promise with me!”

 We four wave at the camera.

 And with that, the filming of our beryl&beryl Christmas episode is done.

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