Male Idol V11c7

Volume 11 Chapter 7 Kirika Kotono, Determination And Resolve

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 Aqua-san and I came to an old Western confectionery shop in Nagoya to deliver the final present for the Christmas event.



 The customer who entered the shop without any caution froze upon seeing Aqua-san at the counter.

 Well, that’s pretty normal, right? Normally, for ordinary girls, you’d think he wouldn’t come out when they’re off-guard. Because, you’d want to meet him when they’re all stylish and putting in the effort, not when they’re caught off guard.

 ”I’m Shirogane Aqua, working part-time today. When you’ve decided on your order, feel free to let me know.”

 The two women managing this Western confectionery shop are married and have been running this place together harmoniously for 40 years. The one who gave us the letter this time was one of them.

 [I have been running a Western confectionery store with my partner, a pastry chef, for 40 years. Her cake making is incredibly meticulous, with a gentle taste. It’s because of her that I fell in love. As I stayed by her side, I began to want to support her up close. After many years, as we aged, we decided to close the shop on December 25th to enjoy our time together. It was then that I started thinking about whether there was something I could do to give back to the customers who had loved this shop for so long. At that time, what caught my eye was the Christmas campaign planned by Beryl-san. If you could come, I hope to present Aqua-san’s smile to the customers on the last day.]

 Upon seeing this letter chosen by the staff, Aqua-san agree to come.

 ”Whoa, are you the real one!?”

 ”Yes. I’m genuine. Are you perhaps a reserved customer?”

 ”Oh… yes! That’s right. I’m the reserved customer, Yoshida.”

 ”Yoshida-san, isn’t it? Please wait a moment.”

 Aqua deftly took the cake box from the showcase, unfolding it to ask the customer to confirm its contents.

 I had always wondered, Aqua-san shouldn’t have any part-time job experience, but no matter what he does, he seems very accustomed to it. Why is that?

 ”Yoshida-san, right…? and if I remember correctly, you have a family of five, right?”

 ”Oh, yes! We have three children, and now we live as a family of five.”

 ”I see. Here you go… I’m sorry for the wait.”


 Aqua handed the customer a small bag containing five small bags, along with the cake box in a paper bag.

 ”These are personal gifts from me. I’d be happy if you took them home. Oh… sorry for adding to your belongings.”

 ”Oh, uh, thank you. I’ll treasure them!”

 ”Haha, thank you.”

 Aqua-san shook hands and agreed to take photos with the customer upon request. By the way, to expedite the process of signing, Aqua-san had prepared in advance by signing a little at a time on Beryl’s paper bag during the movement.

 ”Thank you very much for your long-standing patronage at our store!”

 ”Thank you too. I always appreciate the delicious cakes. It’s sad to see them go, but please take care.”

 ”Yes, I will definitely convey your message.”

 After seeing off the customer, Aqua-san quickly welcomed a new customer.


 The big sister, in an easily understandable surprise, clung to the wall in amazement. I understand that reaction. If you enter a store, it’s normal to be surprised.

 ”Welcome. Are you the reserved customer?”

 ”Oh, no, um… I heard it’s the last day today, so if there are any products left, I thought I’d buy some to take home…”

 ”Sure, thanks for always coming. What would you like?”

 Aqua-san stands next to the customer, looking at her face and speaking gently. Well, isn’t this nice? It’s not like a clerk; it’s like a lover who came to buy cake together.

 ”Oh, um… I like the chocolate cake here. It has orange sauce in it, a bit bitter but also sweet and delicious.”

 ”Understood. I’ll prepare it right away. Oh… sorry, I forgot to ask if you want it for takeout or dining in. Which one do you prefer?”

 ”Oh, then let’s dine in.”

 ”OK, please wait a moment!”

 Ah~~~! This is it! Remembering Aqua-san from the Tomarigi era, it’s almost unbearable. At first, he’s polite, but before you know it, he closes the distance.

 Once it became like that, inexperienced women like us cannot escape from this bottomless Aqua swamp. And now that I think about it, I forgot to ask for takeout or eat-in on the way. Isn’t that definitely on purpose? At that time, I was easily deceived, still, someone moving so confidently in a new place wouldn’t forget such a basic thing!

 ”Yes, a set of chocolate cake and Earl Grey tea. If you’d like, this is a service from the store.”

 ”Oh… cookies, thank you.”

 Overwhelmed, the woman begins to shed tears. I understand. If something like this happens without any preparation, that’s how it turns out.

 ”Are you okay?”

 ”I’m sorry. It’s just, um… it reminds me of the time when my family was around…”

 Ah, this person is just like me. I’ve been through a time when my family was gone, so I painfully understand that feeling.

 Aqua-san gently approached the woman and softly rubbed her back.

 ”Oh, I see. Take your time, okay?”


 Seeing the woman’s smile, Aqua-san squatted down and spoke, looking up at her face.

 ”Right. Let me cast a spell to make you smile…”

 ”Eh? Ah…”

 Aqua-san took a fork, skillfully cut a piece of cake, and brought it near the woman’s mouth.

 What are you doing!? I almost blurted out. The woman, too surprised, quickly wiped away the tears that had welled up.

 ”Come on, open your mouth. If you eat this magical cake, you’ll remember something fun and smile, okay?”

 ”Uh, ah, um… hehe.”

 What is this? Ah, real magic is amazing, making me realize periodically.

 Citizen, everyone is somehow forced to join Shirogane Aqua’s subscription. Rather, becoming Beryl’s manager, being by Aqua’s side, and being intertwined, the more I’m close, the more I realize this person is special. Toa-chan, Mayuzumi-san, and Tenga-san are amazing, but more than that… Ah, that’s why even men admire Aqua. The Holy Aqua Religion, I don’t want to admit it, but I can understand in my heart that such a ridiculous religion is born.

 ”Look, you’re smiling.”


 I can’t help but want to retort, thinking there shouldn’t be such a clerk. Still, Aqua continues to provide consistently sweet service to the customers who come and go one after another.


 I tightly grip the hand placed on my chest.

 Aqua-san, I wonder how far he’ll go. When I saw Aqua-san race ahead of me on the circuit, I felt really uneasy. It’s not just because it’s simply dangerous, but the reason isn’t just that. I thought Aqua-san might leave me behind someday and go somewhere far away.

 ’I want to prove it. Not because he’s a man or anything. In the songs made by Shirogane and Nekoyama, with lyrics written by Mayuzumi, in the works I produced, the moment when the artist named Shirogane Aqua, on equal footing with the world… I know this is just my selfishness. Still, I can’t help but think that if it’s him, he can compete with the world.’

 ’Aqua-kun has such charm. You can tell in the moment captured by the camera. It’s not just because he’s a boy. It’s because he’s a star, born that way. As a photographer, I want to bring out his charm even more in various locations, not just in this country.’

 ’I wonder how many more times I can create works with Aqua-kun. Until now, I was only interested in tokusatsu, but with Aqua-kun as the lead, I want to try creating non-tokusatsu works. Haha, I see, is this what the emotion of love is? Right now, I feel like I somehow understand.’

 ’My current goal is, someday, to have Aqua-kun star in a work I’ve written… but I don’t think I have much time left. That’s why I felt I need to do my best. I need to work harder.’

 ’I think Aqua will have to step out into the world someday. So, I have to do my best. I don’t want to be left behind. Unlike Kotono-oneechan, that’s the only reason I can be by Aqua’s side.’

 ’I can’t imagine the world leaving Useless Aqua’s talent alone. So, be prepared, Ako. You should be prepared for that day to come anytime. At least I can’t step back anymore. Because today, just for that, to be at the top level in the world, I’ve just picked a fight with the guy I absolutely have to beat. Huh? Why would I do such a thing? That’s obvious. I’ll stand in front of him and grin all the time. Then, Useless Aqua won’t be able to ignore me for sure!’

 Moja-san, Nobu-san, Director Hongou, Hakuryuu-sensei, and Toa-chan, Kohina Yukari-san.

 After starting to work at Beryl and spending more time with Ako-san, I began to hear such stories. Although I didn’t know who Kohina Yukari-san had a conflict with, her expression was definitely serious.

 ”Thank you very much.”

 ”No, thank you.”

 After 6 pm, Aqua-san sold all the products in the store. Even though it should have ended here, I know it’s not the end. Aqua-san took out an envelope from his bag.

 ”Thank you so much for all this time. Since reading your letter, I’ve been wishing to support the two of you on your new journey. Would you please accept this gift?”

 The clients slowly opened the envelope from Aqua-san. As they looked inside, two tickets fell out.

 ”This is… a cruise ship ticket, isn’t it?”

 ”Yes! Actually, we’re planning to have a dinner show with Fuji Department Store on the cruise ship. The date is still a bit ahead, but I thought it would be perfect for your new journey, so I specially arranged the tickets in advance.”

 Oh, so there’s a dinner show with Fuji Department Store. Come to think of it, Kaede-san, who seemed to have planned the event before, mentioned looking forward to the second one. During the first one, Kaede-san was in charge, and she had a relaxed expression, but I wonder if everything will be okay this time? Since it’s a Shirogane Aqua talk show, there’s even a possibility of a change in the interviewer, but I feel like I haven’t noticed.

 ”To receive such a wonderful gift… Thank you so much!”

 ”Thanks to Aqua-kun, all the regulars were smiling. Really, thank you very much.”

 ”Your welcome! Well then, let’s meet at the talk show next time!”

 Aqua-kun waved and left the shop. As he stepped outside, a large crowd had gathered, perhaps due to the rumors.

 ”Yes, that’s right. So, the Christmas campaign for Beryl, Shirogane Aqua Aichi edition, comes to an end here. Oh, it was fun, so I’d like to come again. I thought it would be nice to come with the Beryl members. Also, I promised Ayana that the next time we come to Nagoya, we’ll go eat ankake spaghetti. So, I hope to come again there too. Well then, everyone, see you next Christmas!!”

 Aqua-san waved to the camera. The filming for the show was now over, and it was scheduled to be edited and broadcast later.

 ”Thank you, everyone in Aichi, for today!!”

 Aqua-san bowed to the people who had gathered after the shoot was over. Even though the fans said there was no need for such a gesture, this was just who Aqua-san was.

 ”Since it could be dangerous if more people gather… I’m sorry I couldn’t do anything even though everyone came to see me.”

 With that, Aqua-san apologized and signaled before boarding the location bus. The fans seemed to have everything under control as they kept a certain distance when I glanced around. After confirming the safety for departure, our staff followed Aqua-san onto the bus.

 ”Driver, I’m sorry, but could you take us to this place?”


 After several minutes on the location bus, we arrived at a hotel near Nagoya Station.

 Dinner was at a place Aqua-san had apparently booked in advance, but considering safety, he might have chosen the hotel restaurant.

 ”Shirogane-sama, we’ve been waiting for you. Please, this way.”

 As we entered the hotel restaurant, the customers dining there looked surprised. When Aqua-san quickly explained that it was a celebration, everyone seemed to understand and quietly nodded. They were all such nice people; I couldn’t be more grateful.

 It seemed Aqua-san had reserved two private rooms, so the two of us separated from the staff to have our meal.

 ”Oh, it’s a bit like a date, isn’t it?”

 ”It is a date, Kotono. So, from here on, it’s not work but private time.”

 Ah, I thought, that’s unfair.

 Switching expressions like that, already…! Despite being older, I need to be more firm, but when I’m with Aqua-san, I’m the one who gets spoiled.

 ”Kotono, do you have work starting tomorrow?”

 ”Yes. While everyone is on break, I thought I’d take care of the things that have piled up.”

 ”…Are you pushing yourself too hard?”

 ”True, it’s been a bit busy for the past week, but before that, I had enough rest. From the 26th to the 30th, I won’t be working continuously, so I plan to take it easy while chatting with other managers.”

 ”I see. If it gets tough, let me know. If Kotono collapses, Kanon and Toa will worry, and above all, I’ll be worried, so remember that.”


 Aqua-san is worried about me… It’s nice that Toa-chan and Kanon-san are concerned, but this feeling is different and makes me happy.

 ”Sorry for talking about work even though I said it was private. I really apologize.”

 ”No worries. For me, this job is already a part of life, more like a calling. It doesn’t feel like I’m working; every day feels like indulging in something I love. It might be misleading to say I’m playing every day, but the sensation is like immersing myself in my hobbies, which is incredibly enjoyable, you know?”

 ”Oh, yeah. Definitely… So, is it similar to me being an idol?”

 ”Yes, exactly! It’s for the same reason Aqua enjoys being an idol.”

 ”I see! Well, still, take care of your health, okay?”

 ”Hehe, it goes both ways, you know.”

 ”Indeed! I can’t say much about it, though, since I’ve already collapsed before.”

 By the way, I heard from Kanon-san that Aqua-san had collapsed before I joined the company. I think at that time, he spent a night in an abandoned school deep in the mountains with Tsukimachi-san, caught in the rain…

 I mean, at lunch, Tsukimachi-san, dining with Aqua-san, undoubtedly wore a favorable expression towards Aqua-san.

 I see… Considering the duet song and the deep lyrics of Tsukimachi-san, there might have been something between the two at that time.

 ”Mmm… chicken wings are delicious!”

 ”Tasty! I never expected to have chicken wings at a hotel restaurant.”

 According to a story I overheard while going to the restroom earlier, Aqua-san had apparently asked the hotel staff in advance. As a result, today, we could enjoy a full course featuring Aichi’s specialties.

 Also, that’s why skilled chef from renowned nearby restaurants has gathered at this restaurant today.

 ”Nagoya Cochin is delicious!”

 ”I recommend the Miso Katsu too. Please try one.”

 We were both hungry, chatting about how delicious each dish that came our way was, filling our stomachs.

 ”The closure of the tempura is too good…”

 ”The Kishimen noodles are delicious too.”

 Oops, maybe I ate a bit too much…. At first, I intended not to gobble everything up since I was with Aqua-san, but watching Aqua-san enjoy the meal so much made me unable to resist the temptation.

 ”Thanks for the meal. Thank you for accommodating my unreasonable order today. Please allow me to offer a small gift to everyone.”

 After giving gifts to everyone, Aqua-san suggested leaving the staff behind and having a little chat just between the two of us. Where could this be heading? Following Aqua-san behind the hotel concierge, I was guided to the hotel’s suite room.

 ”Come in, Kotono.”


 On the sofa with a good view of the night scenery, I sat down next to Aqua-san. Uh, if only I hadn’t eaten such strongly scented things earlier…

 ”Sorry, Kotono. I’ve made you worry about various things.”


 ”Things like marriage, I’ve been putting them off.”

 ”Ah… yes. That’s okay. I wanted to focus on work during the year-end and New Year, so it can’t be helped.”

 ”Even if that’s true… no, even if it is, I couldn’t help but feel uneasy when thinking about you, Kotono.”

 Aqua-san is considering me properly. Just knowing that warms my heart. On the internet, Kanon-san is criticized for various things, but maybe… no, I’m definitely more straightforward, I think.

 ”Aqua-san… just knowing that you’re thinking about me even a little makes me happy enough.”

 ”Thank you, Kotono. But, I thought it’s not good to keep relying on Kotono like that.”

 Aqua-san took a small box from his pocket and opened it in front of me. I was speechless when I saw what was inside.

 ”So, can I put a proof that I’ll fulfill my vow to Kotono’s finger?”

 ”Uh… uh…”

 ”Well, maybe that’s a bit too cool. Honestly…”

 Honestly? As I looked bewildered, Aqua-san approached me and whispered softly in my ear.

 ”Kotono is mine, so I won’t let anyone else interfere.”

 Kotono is mine…

 Kotono is mine…

 Kotono is mine…

 Those words repeated in my mind over and over again. Overwhelmed, my face turned bright red.

 ”W-well, even without doing that, there’s no one else besides Aqua-san who would like me…”

 ”Really? Everyone just thinks that because they don’t know the real Kotono. I know that Kotono is a wonderful woman. So, if everyone knew Kotono, many guys would fall for you. I guarantee that Kotono is such a charming woman. Well, not only the personality but I also feel a lot of charm in Kotono’s appearance.”

 Doesn’t that mean he like everything about me, both inside and out? Even if he fully affirm someone like me, all I can do is push the boobs he likes! Oh, no, at times like this, is it okay to push my boobs? No, that’s not it!

 Clearly, it’s not that kind of atmosphere. If I end up in the same rating range as Hagetoru-san and Kaede-san, who will take me seriously! Pull yourself together, Kirika Kotono! And, in my mind, I vigorously slapped my cheeks back and forth to re-energize.


 Ah, no. Maybe I want him to hold me after all…

 The area around my womb feels tight.

 ”It’s okay. Come here, Kotono.”

 Did Aqua-san understand my feelings? In response, he exchanged passionate kisses with me. Excited, I fell onto the bed, pushing Aqua-san down, and hastily discarded his clothes, straddling him.


 Ah… Aqua-san gazed at my breasts, enveloped in a bra, with heated eyes, gently caressing them. His gaze alone, so boldly fondling my breasts, Aqua-san’s naughtiness… I undid the hooks of my bra myself and dropped it right in front of Aqua-san, as if presenting it to them.

 Look, it’s the bra that was wrapped around my beloved breasts that you adore so much.

 Somehow, Aqua-san’s mouth, not concealed by the bra, seems pleased.


 Aqua-san, who seized my breasts, gently kneaded them, confirming their weight and elasticity.

 Hehehe, for the next intimate moment, I secretly improved the firmness and texture of my breasts with bust care cream and oil to delight Aqua-san.

 ”Feel free to touch them as much as you like. Of course, you can even suck on them.”

 I said as I pressed my breasts against Aqua-san’s face. In response, Aqua-san began sucking on my n**ples like a child. Among the various plays involving breasts, my favorite is breastfeeding play. During this time, I can pamper Aqua-san, who is tired from work, to the fullest.

 ”Mmm, ah…”

 I discussed with Yui-san, and it turns out that having your breasts sucked by someone you love stimulates maternal instincts, making you desire a baby. I can feel my descended uterus yearning to conceive with Aqua-san’s seed.

 ”Aqua-san, despite being in the middle of a meal, we can’t keep the staff waiting. It may be clumsy, but today, I’ll do my best to serve you, so please only think about feeling good, Aqua-san.”

 I discarded my panties, undressed Aqua-san, and firmly grasped his er*ct member with my right hand.


 Slowly, I pushed Aqua-san’s member into my v*gina. I surrendered to the pleasure of my body being transformed by Aqua-san’s.

 I like you… I covered Aqua-san’s lips with mine as I shamelessly kissed him. I’m sorry for being such a lewd woman, but… while kissing Aqua-san with the lower mouth, I wanted to do it with the upper mouth too.

 ”Mmm, mmm…”

 Initially slow, gradually intense, and finally, I moved my hips vigorously, culminating in a forceful rhythm.

 Aqua-san’s every thrust into the depths feels like a claim of ownership, wrapping my heart and body in bliss. Yet, the bittersweet ache when Aqua-san withdraws resonates, filling my desires and body with pleasure.

 I feel so incredibly happy. That’s why I want…


 I sway my hips lewdly, as if pleading for mercy, and milk Aqua-san’s precious essence into the depths of my own being.


 As always, it’s an incredible amount. The sensation and sound as it flows out, the feeling of being filled up by Aqua-san, everything important to me being so fully satisfied.

 ”Kotono, that was amazing. Thank you.”

 As Aqua-san gently pushes me onto the bed, he rewards my efforts with soft, tender kisses.

 ”Huff… huff… Aqua-san, did it really feel good for you too?”

 ”Of course. During intimate moments, my mind was filled with thoughts of Kotono.”

 Happy…! I was incredibly happy to have filled Aqua-san with myself. The anxious feelings vanished as Aqua-san continued to fill me. Oh no, if I feel relieved, I might get sleepy.

 ”It’s okay. Kotono, you can keep sleeping like this.”

 Wrapped in Aqua-san’s gentle voice whispered in my ear, my consciousness slowly sank deep.

 ”Goodnight, Kotono.”

 I wanted to have a happy dream if possible. But what I remembered was, for some reason, memories with Kohina Yukari-san.

 ’Manager Kirika, you’re different from your appearance, but you’re the type to wait, right?’

 This memory is certain… When Ako-san was a little late, Kohina Yukari-san and I had a little chat when we were alone.

 ’Kohina-san, don’t you wait?’

 ’I’m the opposite. I’ll definitely go first. I’ll go up about four steps, then, looking down at him, I’ll say, “You were slow, weren’t you? Good job for coming.”‘


 I couldn’t help but smile when I thought it was such a typical Kohina Yukari-like response.

 ’You see, I’m short. In that regard, Manager Kirika is better. Unlike me, you’re tall, so you don’t have to climb stairs. You just need to move forward.’


 Kohina-san stood up from the sofa, passing by me. As I turned my body towards Kohina-san, following her with my eyes, she glanced back at me and sharply pointed at my face.

 ’I’ll tell you in advance. Among the four currently chosen, it seems like you’ll have the most difficulties. It’s more enjoyable to be a woman who waits than one who is left behind or pursued.’

 Ah… I see, Kohina-san knew this would happen, and at that time, she told me so. Upon waking up, I gently trace the engagement ring on my left ring finger in the bed. On the bed, there was a note from Aqua-san that said, “Sorry, I’ll go back first for the promise with Kanon, so it’s okay for Kotono to sleep slowly.”

 ”It’s easier for a woman to wait than to be left behind or chased, huh…”

 I get up from the bed and call President Atori.

 ”Good morning. President Atori, sorry to call you early in the morning.”

 ”Hello. Kohina-san, good morning. Is something wrong?”

 I tightly grip my left hand.

 ”Actually, I called President Atori because I have a favor to ask.”

 ”What is it?”

 ”I’m sorry for refusing once, but… I’ve decided to accept the offer we discussed.”

 ”…Why did you decide that?”

 I take a light breath and, with determination, declare to Ako-san in my heart.

 ”I wanted more than just support from behind. I want to pave the way for everyone, no matter which path they choose. To do that, could you please grant me the responsibility, position, and the genuine strength to protect them as I carry the weight of this company?”

 ”…Very well. Then, I hereby agree to remove Kirika Kotono, the supervising manager, from the managerial department by the end of March next year and welcome her as the new director of Beryl Entertainment starting from April next year. Kotono-san… Nice to work with you again. Let’s do our best together.”

 ”Yes…! Thank you very much!”

 After hanging up the phone, I sank onto the bed. There’s no turning back now. Even as a director, there’s a chance of being dismissed for a major failure. If that happens, I might not be able to continue this beloved job. Even if that’s the case, I have no regrets about this choice.

 I’ll say it too. I was late, just like Kohina Yukari-san said. But I want to go before Aqua-san and say, “You were too slow!”

 ”You were late. If these guys have gone too far with their jokes, I would have taken all of them from top to bottom and given them a re-education.”

 ”Oh… yes.”

 In the afternoon of that day, I visited the game company to check on the otome game. As I stepped into the company, Kohina Yukari-san, who had all the employees kneeling in front of her, looked at me and said that.

 With a strained expression, I was convinced that it was impossible to surpass this person. Well… Aqua-san must be going through a lot, but do your best… While I’ll throw an empty plastic bottle at the wild Kohina Yukari, I decided in my heart not to oppose the real Kohina Yukari-san.

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