Male Idol V11c6

Volume 11 Chapter 6 Shirogane Aqua, Another Purpose

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 After parting ways with Ayana, I came to the factory of Kariya Motors, which is located in the same city. There’s only one reason I came here. It’s for the preparations before the shooting of a massive film project in collaboration between Japan and Stars.

 ’Aqua-kun, are you really going to do this? There are risks involved in driving scenes and… I’m a little worried about that…’

 ’I understand your feelings, Ako-san. Nevertheless, when I considered the significance of this project, I wanted to try and do it myself as much as possible.’

 International racing competitions, Formula Racing.

 Due to a global depression over a decade ago, the two teams from Japan had to withdraw from this competition that required enormous funding.

 Currently, there seem to be plans for these two teams to make a comeback to Formula Racing, and this movie is scheduled to be released ahead of that.

 I’m slated to play the role of a young driver at the Kariya Phoenix Racing, a part of one of Japan’s teams that even appears in movies.

 By the way, in Formula Racing, it’s a duo, so the casting for the senior driver is apparently still under negotiation. I haven’t been informed about who will be playing that role. Similarly, it seems uncertain who will be appearing for the other Japanese team.

 ”Aqua-san, it suits you really well…!”

 ”Thank you, Kotono.”

 Having changed into my racing suit, I check my appearance in front of the mirror.

 Wow… just changing clothes, and I’m starting to feel the part.

 ”Um… Is it okay if I take a photo? I want to send it to Kanon-san, Yui-san, and Hakuryuu-sensei.”

 ”Sure. But make sure it’s incredibly cool!”

 After concluding a personal photoshoot with Kotono during the free time, I head towards the pit on the test circuit adjoining the factory.


 When I entered the pit, a racing car with a color scheme combining the red of the phoenix symbolizing resurrection and my own white was prepared.

 The other team from Japan seems to have an all-black body, but I’m sure that one looks really cool too!

 ”Nice to meet you. I’m Yano Ruri, the representative and manager handling the entire Team Phoenix. Thank you very much for graciously accepting this offer.”

 ”I’m Shirogane Aqua from Beryl Entertainment. Likewise, thank you for extending the offer to us. It’s truly an honor to be part of such a fantastic project as a Japanese individual.”

 I firmly shake hands with Yano-san. She used to be the racing driver for this team and now plays a crucial role connecting the film company, Kariya Phoenix Racing, and the cast. Besides, Yano-san will be in charge of coaching my driving skills.

 “Speaking of which, what happened to the other Driver?”

 “Well, that’s a bit… We narrowed it down to the final two candidates, but they got tangled up in a bit of a mess on their own, without my involvement. It got interesting to the higher-ups, and so it’s on hold. I’m sorry. All I can say is, contractually, we’re at this point. Well, we should be able to announce it to the stakeholders before shooting. Look forward to who’s coming.”

 Saying that, Yano-san smirked, lifting the corners of her mouth.

 This kind of thing happens often. Especially with this movie, it’s quite complicated.

 First, the organization that came up with the competition for the project collaborated with the production company and distribution company. They sought cooperation from each racing team and manufacturer, leveraging the economic power of those large companies. They secured promises to cooperate on the political side, in other words, to shoot in both Japan, the main filming location, and the Stars’ country, using the economic strength of those large companies.

 ”Ah, you know, the Stars side quickly settled the deal, but negotiating with the Japanese side was quite a challenge. But when we offered Shirogane Aqua-san a position as the driver for the Japanese team, they accepted in seconds. I mean, I wanted to drive through the urban course in Japan for the film, so the cooperation of the Japanese government was essential. Thank you so much for accepting the offer!”

 Well, I feel like I might have been cleverly used, but oh well. As a performer, I prefer being on a set where the production team can do what they want comfortably.

 The number of movies and dramas one can be in during their life is limited. If I’m going to participate, I want it to be in a work created by passionate people.

 ”Now then, Shirogane-san. I think you already had a demo inside the cockpit when you were in Tokyo, but let me explain it again for confirmation and review from my side.”

 ”Understood! Thank you very much!”

 After receiving instructions in the live cockpit, I used the demo unit to receive driving guidance from Yano-san. Even when I was in Tokyo, I tried driving on private property using non-formula competition cars, underwent training to endure G-forces, and took tests and training to measure basic physical and muscle strength. Nevertheless, this was my first time riding in a real racing car.

 ”Well then, with speed restrictions in place, let’s get on the actual car.”


 Phew… The excitement was matched by nervousness and anticipation. Just as I started feeling this way, Kotono, who had been watching me from a distance, approached with a helmet in her hands, wearing a concerned expression.

 ”Aqua-san… please, absolutely! Please don’t push yourself too hard.”

 ”Yeah, I understand.”

 Taking the helmet from Kotono, I securely fastened it to ensure safety.

 Entering the cockpit, a sense of reality flooded over me. The excitement was overshadowed by the tension associated with the inherent danger. Even in recent years, with an increased emphasis on safety, fatal accidents still occurred. That’s how perilous this competition is.

 However, becoming overly tense and rigid is also not the solution. I relaxed my body while maintaining a moderate level of tension.

 ”Alright, I’m off.”

 ”Take care.”

 As I settled into the cockpit, the pit crew started the engine with the air starter. On the LCD display attached to the steering wheel, the national flag and company logo of the Japanese team were sequentially displayed. Looking at the subsequent screen, I couldn’t help but get goosebumps.




 Please wait…

 My name, right there… Unconsciously, Uminuma-san’s words echoed in my mind.

 ”Hey! Mister Shirogane, are you nervous?”

 Who could it be? A cheerful female voice echoed through the intercom.

 ”Shirogane-kun, can you hear me?”

 ”Ah… Yes, I can hear you!”

 Next came Yano-san’s voice.

 ”This prototype machine, KP00X, is a next-gen model. It’s equipped with AI safety measures to protect drivers, staff, and the audience from accidents. And guess what? This KP00X houses the latest AI from Emily Church Corporation, the rabbits 3510, the same one Beryl uses. So, rest assured.”

 Oh, I see. I think I’ve heard about using AI for monitoring Beryl’s server. They say it prevented disruptions in the stream. It must be a really excellent AI.

 ”So that’s the deal… Ahem, Aqua-kun, I’ll definitely protect you. So relax and cuddle up in my cockpit! Yay! I said it, I said it!”

 I’m starting to really want to take back what I said earlier…

 This AI, it’s kind of human-like, or rather, excessively spirited. Is it really okay?

 I know it’s high-performance, but strangely cheerful to the point it’s becoming a concern.

 Also, after clearing its throat, it suddenly had this really cool voice. Should I be impressed by its technical prowess or just be amazed by how unnecessarily theatrical it is… Ahh, suddenly feeling uneasy, is it just my imagination?

 ”Oh, yeah, nice to meet you. Um…”

 ”Mikoto… Written as 3510, pronounced as Mikoto.”

 ”OK! Nice to meet you, Mikoto!”

 I give a hand signal to Kotona next to me, then head out of the pit to the meeting point.

 ”The course is simple, but for starters, shall we take a slow lap to get used to it? I’ll say it again, take it slow.”


 I slowed down and navigated the course slowly. I had understood it with the demo unit, but handling this car was different from regular ones.

 ”Aqua-kun, I’ll handle the brake balance and differential adjustments here, so you can focus on steering, accelerator, brake, and shifting.”

 ”Got it. Thanks, Mikoto.”

 ”I’m on it!”

 Pro drivers make minute adjustments using buttons on the wheel after each lap. Their precise driving skills aside, they calculate mileage and distances while racing. It’s almost like a divine skill.

 ”Shirogane-san, shall we increase the speed a bit from the next lap?”


 ”Be careful, Shirogane-san. Mikoto, release the limiter on the machine.”

 ”Got it, understood!”

 Honestly, right now, I’m completely focused on driving. So, please don’t say things that might make me laugh.

 In which world, there’s an AI using “Gatten Shouchi no Jo” (gatten承知の助)…. Ah, here it is.

 ”Speed ​​limiter release.”

 I slightly press down on the accelerator.

 The speed lightly surpasses 200km/h. Continuing smoothly into a gentle curve, even at this speed, it was easy to make the turn.

 When I actually drove the car, I realized that when accelerating, my field of view narrows more than I had anticipated.

 ”Shall I push it a bit more… carefully now.”


 240, 250, 260… It feels like leaving the world behind, accelerating alone. For just a moment, I wondered if this is what it feels like to overclock in Driver.

 ”This is the last one. It’s just a straight, but let’s give it all we’ve got, then coast for a lap and head into the pit, shall we?”


 Having cleared the final corner, I upshifted with the paddle and pressed down on the accelerator.

 280… 290… 300!

 At that point, I pressed the brake pedal, having gone over 1km (0,62 mil).

 Unlike regular sports cars, Formula machines risk damage if the engine brake is applied, so the brake is primarily a foot brake. I slowly reduce speed and downshift. Returning to the final corner, I press the pit lane speed limit button on the steering wheel and gently enter the pit.

 ”Thank you for your hard work.”

 With the help of the pit crew’s big sisters, I get off the machine. Oops… I almost stumbled, but Yano-san and Kotono support my body from both sides.

 ”Th-thank you very much.”

 Perhaps because I was on edge, my body seems more exhausted than I thought. I firmly plant both feet on the ground and, taking off my helmet, take a breath.

 ”Even though it’s my first time, it was a really good run. Just as I heard from the Tokyo staff beforehand.”

 ”Thank you very much. But, it’s thanks to Yano-san and the staff’s guidance, as well as Mikoto taking care of the details. I was just busy making sure to run properly.”

 ”Even so, you did great. If you can run this much, I can’t wait for the actual race.”

 When Yano-san moved away from me, she headed to the pit crew to check the data.

 When I looked back, I showed a smile to Kotono, who was clinging to my back.

 ”How was it?”

 ”It was cool. But… more than that, I was worried. Watching Aqua-san’s machine zoom past in front of me at an incredible speed made me scared…”

 ”I see… I’m sorry for worrying you.”

 I turned around and gently hugged Kotono.

 ”It’s fine. This is my problem. But as an employee of Beryl, I approve of Aqua-san taking on this job. Representing Japan as an actor in a movie. I’m not an actor, but I understand that this job is very honorable.”

 I heard from Yano-san that the production company seems to be considering involving and cooperating with States and other countries in the work. It might be possible to co-star with actors representing each country through the movie. That’s another reason I took on this job.

 ”Thank you. I promise not to do anything reckless.”


 As I moved away from Kotono, I kneeled and touched the machine.

 ”Thank you, Mikoto.”

 ”Awawawawa. Aqua-kun expressed genuine gratitude to me…!”

 ”And, from now on too! No, is it better to say it like this in times like these? Take care, partner.”

 ”Partner… Engage… Can we already call this marriage…?”

 ”Hm? Did you say something?”

 ”No, it’s nothing! Looking forward to working together for a long time!”

 Hahaha, “looking forward to” is a bit much… Well, I’m being protected by Beryl’s server. When I think about it, it might indeed be a long-lasting relationship.

 ”I’m looking forward to working with you too!”

 ”Huaah! Th-this is a sign of approval… I’ve been committed until retirement!? I need to outdo the other Twelve Bishops… hehehe.”

 It… or rather, she seems to be muttering something quietly. Is she okay?

 Speaking of which, I’m amazed at the recent technological advances where AI talks to itself.

 ”Shirogane-san. The director and the company are asking if they can take pictures. Is that okay?”

 ”Of course. Feel free to take as many as you like.”

 I took several photos in my racing suit and participated in video shoots. Around the end, it felt more like a handshake and autograph event than work. Was it just my imagination?

 By the way, the recent thing was definitely for work, right?

 I spoke with Kariya-san, the president of Kariya Motors, who came to observe the shooting after changing clothes.

 ”How about it? Would you like to come and observe?”

 ”Yes! Oh… wait a moment. It’s a call, so excuse me.”

 Who could be calling at a time like this? Kohina-senpai, maybe? Huh? Wasn’t she supposed to be streaming games right now? I wonder if something happened. Reluctantly, I answered Kohina-senpai’s call.

 ”Yes. Hello… Kohina-senpai, what’s up?”

 ”It’s not ‘hello’! Why are you rejecting my calls?!”

 ”No, no, I answered normally! So, what’s this about…?”

 Oh, could this be about that time…? Two weeks ago, when Kanon and I were having a good time at night, someone called without reading the mood.

 Kohina-senpai, it’s about you. Because of that, I missed the timing and went to sleep without doing anything.

 If I was the bad guy here, she should take the responsibility and make her handle it by calling her out late at night. Well, in the end, Pegonia-san secretly covered for me…

 Because Kanon goes to bed and wakes up early, she was sleeping with an incredibly cute face, making adorable snoring sounds! There’s no way I could wake her up…!

 ”Grrr! Seriously, if you want to have lunch with Ayana-chan and leave me alone, just tell me beforehand! Then I wouldn’t have taken this damn game streaming job and would have gone with you!!”

 ”Well, it’s because you’d be a bother… I mean, playing crappy games is not good! And, seriously, they’re still streaming on the official channel…”

 What is this person really doing to me…

 During the live stream, getting a call and even complaining about the game? This is definitely a full-blown accident! It’s not just a matter of criticism; it could escalate into a major issue!

 ”That’s right! Since your in-game character rejected my character, I went out of my way to call you over here, so be grateful!!”

 ”Uwaaaaa! Wait, wait, official streaming is bad. Sorry, everyone. I haven’t even touched the game yet, but if there’s any problem, I’ll tell the staff, okay?”

 I tried to persuade this runaway express Yukari-go to stop.

 ”Is that really true?”

 ”Yeah, it’s true.”

 Oh, did she calm down!? Wait a minute. Why is Senpai so angry in the first place? Senpai is certainly unreasonable, but not the type to get angry without reason. It’s strange when I think about it. After all, there’s nothing in the game to get angry about.

 ”Hmm, well, that’s fine then. At least make sure to include an Easy mode. Starting from Normal difficulty would make kids cry, you know?”

 ”Huh? There’s no Easy mode? I told the staff to make it easy because I want a wide range of people to play it…”

 Even though it’s already a simple game, I wanted a sweet and happy ending easy mode where no matter which choice you make, it becomes a fluffy atmosphere. I asked AI for it because I wanted a lot of people to play.

 Maybe the implementation of the easy mode is delayed? If that’s the case, I guess there’s nothing we can do. I’ll talk to Kotono later and have her check with the people at the company.

 ”Hmm, I see. I’ve figured out the cause. Well then, I’ll end the call, but be prepared because if you reject it, I’ll come to your house.”

 ”Uh, w-wait a minute.”

 Ah… she hung up. Getting a call is sudden, but ending a conversation is also sudden.

 ”Aqua-san? Is something wrong?”

 After ending the call with Kohina-senpai, Kotono, who was nearby, secretly approached and spoke.

 Seeing that something was off, she sensed that there might be an issue. Truly, capable people are different when it comes to their work.

 ”Ah… Kotono, well, Kohina-senpai said the game is difficult…”

 ”The game, difficult…? Oh, I see. I will check on that later.”

 ”Thank you. Sorry, Kotono, for adding to your workload when you’re busy.”

 ”No, no, Aqua-san, it’s not a problem at all.”

 Hm? Wasn’t there something strange emphasized just now? I bow my head apologetically as I return to President Kariya’s place.

 ”Sorry, President Kariya. I kept you waiting.”

 ”No, not at all. Well then, please come in.”

 Thanks to President Kariya’s generosity, I was able to tour the factory and see unreleased cars. In return, I visited the employee cafeteria and handed out Christmas presents to those working in the factory.

 Now, the people who are staying and working at the factory, without going back to their families even during Christmas and New Year, were really happy when I gave them presents because they sleep in the dormitory.

 ”President Kariya, and also Yano-san, thank you for various things!”

 ”No, no, I’m really grateful for everything you’ve done for our employees!”

 ”Shirogane-san, let’s meet after the cast is decided.”


 After expressing my gratitude to the two, I left the factory. Before I knew it, it was dark outside. It’s a bit lonely to think that this enjoyable event and journey will end soon. I thought I would like to travel to various places with a more relaxed schedule next time.

 ”Kotono, before going home, would you like to have dinner together?”

 ”Sure. Actually, I wanted to eat chicken wings.”

 ”OK, then let’s have chicken wings for dinner.”

 The location bus, once on the highway, began to run towards the city.

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