Male Idol V11c5

Volume 11 Chapter 5 Kohina Yukari, I’ll Be Streaming This Crappy Game

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 December 25th, noon.

 I was at Beryl headquarters.

 This morning, I came to stream Beryl’s game for some fans and celebrities who received it.

 ”So, here we go. Wish me luck.”

 ”Is it okay for the official broadcast to be me? Won’t it get chaotic?”

 I stared at Ako-cchi with a wry smile.

 ”Haha… I thought the same thing. But many people at the staff meeting recommended it.”

 ”Well, I don’t mind… so, can I start the stream now?”

 ”Of course. If anything happens, I’ll be right there.”

 ”Yeah, yeah. Leave it to me.”

 I went to the prepared streaming room, waiting for the official broadcast time to start the stream.

 [It has begun]

 [Is it okay for the official to be Kohina Yukari?]

 [The official Kohina Yukari has arrived!]

 [Sayamu Inko: The wild Kohina Yukari traumatized me. Take responsibility, please.]

 [Inko LMAO]

 [Second victim after Hogekawa LOL]

 [Why doesn’t Inko give up and try the Kohina Yukari route?]

 [It seems like something will happen and it will force close after about 10 minutes]

 [I have a bad feeling about this already]

 [How did it come to this!?]

 [Should’ve just treated her like the wife…]

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Any official Z-rated broadcasts?]

 [Sommelier: Is she planning to take over the whole Beryl company next?]

 [Shumi the Maiden: I feel like there’s a chance for Kohina-senpai, you know]

 The comments section is flowing at an incredible speed.

 My eyes hurt. Does he always stream while looking at this kind of thing?

 ”You guys gathering like this in the daytime, seriously, you’re all too free.”

 As I express my thoughts, the streaming comments accelerate even further.


 [Truly, coming out with a problematic statement right from the start lol]

 [Kohina-san, this is an official broadcast!]

 [Making fun of viewers on the official channel is so hilarious lol]

 [Looks like the staff is in a rush from the get-go.] [Kohina-san, you might already know, but this stream has a sponsor, just so you’re aware.]

 [Lately, getting used to these provocations. It’s becoming a bit of a habit.]

 [Rather, I prefer this Kohina Yukari.]

 [Or rather, I came to see this.]

 [There are a lot of well-trained folks here, lol.]

 Ako-cchi seems to be cueing from outside the window, but I don’t mind. Choosing to appoint me means I can do as I please.

 ”Sure, sure. Well then, let’s start the game.”

 I press the start button for the game. Skipping the complicated parts like character creation and personal settings, Beryl has specified the route for this time.

 ’OK, with this, all the necessary documents are ready. I never thought Yukari would want to be Aqua’s manager. I look forward to working with you from today onwards!’

 Hmm? Wait a moment, this Ako-cchi’s reaction… Does she recognize me as the actress Kohina Yukari?

 [Hidden route, here we gooooo!]

 [LMAO, this has to be a joke]

 [Sudden irregularities, lol, this is a bad joke]

 [The capture team is in for a challenge]

 [Hey staff, if you’re putting effort into this, do something about the wild Kohina Yukari!!]

 [Shumi the Maiden: Truly didn’t predict this]

 Now, I am wandering around Beryl headquarters with Ako-chan as my guide.

 Hmm, recent games are amazing. They’re so realistic.

 ’So, Yukari, is there anywhere else you’d like to see?’

 After Ako’s words, a bunch of choices appeared on the screen.

 [A: Recording Studio]

 [B: Dance Studio]

 [C: Piano Studio]

 [D: Multipurpose Room]

 [E: Screening Room]

 [F: Training Room]

 [G: Meeting Room]

 [H: Streaming Room]

 [I: Cafeteria]

 [J: Break Room]

 [K: None in particular]

 There are way too many choices!

 What the heck is this crappy game!

 [This screen is traumatic for someone]


 [That’s right]

 [Sayamu Inko: Did someone call me?]

 [Inko LMAO]

 [I haven’t played, but just watching the stream is already traumatic]

 [At this point, it’s lightly horror]

 I thought about just choosing “None in particular” and going home, but since it’s an official stream, I guess I’ll do it seriously for Ako-cchi.

 ”Well, you guys are just hesitating because you can’t capture him, right? Well then, leave it to me, Kohina Yukari-senpai, who knows everything about him!”

 I pat my chest with a bang.


 [Sayamu Inko: There might be a chance!!]

 [I’ll study!!]

 [Ramen Hagetoru: standby while naked, okay!]

 [It’s begun!]

 [The main event has finally come!]

 [Well, isn’t it safer to ask Shumi at this point?]

 [I’m curious to see what happens if you choose the meeting room.]

 Hehehe! Well, just watch, okay? Anyway, that useless Aqua is the type who gets excited just by pressing boobs against him. So, it’s a piece of cake for me!!

 ”First, let’s go with the safe option: the training room!”

 That idiot must have been working out since morning. I press the training room selection button.





 [Oh no!]


 [Wild Morikawa Kaede is coming!]

 [Off to the bathroom]

 [I saw the future]

 When I approach the training room, Ako-cchi is nowhere to be seen. I enter the training room as it is, and there’s a familiar figure.


 Announcer Morikawa Kaede says only that and quickly goes somewhere. What? Is this event necessary?

 [Are you kidding me…?]

 [Miracle is here LOL]

 [Good news, when Wild Morikawa Kaede sees Kohina Yukari-san, she starts running away]

 [Rating complete]

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Hoge LOL kawa LOL]

 [Has anyone experienced this?]

 [The staff here really understands it LOL]

 [I couldn’t have imagined this evasion method]

 Hmm, I’m exploring the inside of the training room, but there’s nothing.

 Moreover, I haven’t seen useless Aqua, so there’s no point in staying here anymore.

 ”What’s with this event? It doesn’t seem like anything special, so I’ll go outside.”

 As I leave the training room and wander around the company, I see a familiar face.

 [Nee-san is hereeeee!]


 [Nee-san! Nee-san! Nee-san!]

 [Ramen Hagetoru: The final boss is here!]

 [Sommelier: It’s a game, but the pressure is incredible!]

 [This is the first-time Nee-san’s appearance, but I knew it was her because she’s big and has a mean look LOL]

 If it’s Manager Kirika, she probably knows where useless Aqua is.

 So, I approached her, intending to catch useless Aqua.

 ’Oh… Kohina Yukari-san. So, you weren’t kidding when you said you’d be Aqua-san’s manager.’

 Hmm… What is this strange pressure? It’s not about height or visible dimensions like filling my field of vision with large breasts. There’s an unseen pressure from Manager Kirika.

 Well, with Ako-cchi, useless Aqua, Kanon-san being somewhat absent-minded, having someone like her around might be a good thing. Perhaps, thanks to her, Beryl hasn’t been taken over by strange people.

 [A: Ask about Shirogane Aqua’s whereabouts]

 [B: Ask about Nekoyama Toa’s whereabouts]

 [C: Ask about Mayuzumi Shintaro’s whereabouts]

 [D: Ask about Tenga Akira’s whereabouts]

 [E: Ask about Atori Ako’s whereabouts]

 [F: Report Morikawa’s suspicious behavior in the training room just now.]

 [G: Inquire if there is any work available.]

 [H: Feel fear and leave the scene.]

 [I: Challenge to a battle.]

 Wait a minute, what’s up with that last choice? Seriously, what is this? This can’t be the right game! It’s definitely some kind of staff prank, isn’t it!

 [Staff, you’re joking too much, LMAO]

 [What’s up with the last choice, LOL]

 [Normally it would be A, but here I have to choose the last option, lol]

 [Ramen Hagetoru: I want to say H, but here I’ll go with F!]

 [Sommeliere: Let’s just stop with F]

 [Shumi the Maiden: The staff who made this game…]

 [This game company is going to be crushed by Nee-san, LOL]

 [Even if you feel the fear of H, it’s pretty harsh, lol]

 [I see, I misunderstood this game. It’s telling me that to get Aqua-kun and the others, you need strength, in other words, power.]

 [Can power really solve everything?]

 [Let’s level up and punch with physical strength!]

 Assuming the final choice is nonexistent, umm… I suppose if I want to take this seriously, it would be G, or to aim for A towards conquering Useless Aqua.

 ”I’ll choose A. Somehow, I feel like as long as I can meet Useless Aqua, things will work out somehow.”

 I select ‘Ask about Shirogane Aqua’s whereabouts.’

 ’The whereabouts of Aqua-san? He said he was going to check yesterday’s live footage in the screening room.]

 Hmm, the screening room, huh. As I try to leave Manager Kirika and head towards the screening room, I was stopped and asked if there was anything else.

 ’Kohina-san, as Beryl’s manager, I’ll pass this on to you.’

 Manager Kirika rummages around in her pocket and hands something to the character I control.

 [Acquired a work cell phone! From now on, by using the work phone from the menu, you can communicate with affiliated talents, internal personnel, and business partners.]

 [Acquired a work notebook! From now on, you can check the work schedule for yourself and the talents you manage from the menu.]

 I won! With just a cell phone and a notebook, it’s a piece of cake now.

 Wait for me, useless Aqua! Since you’re just a lightweight, I’ll easily conquer this in no time.


 [Got an item, whooooo!]

 [I didn’t know such an item existed…]

 [It has reached unexplored territory!]

 [She’ll progress through the game as if mocking those who stumbled at the first choices!]

 [Yeah, Kohina Yukari is amazing.]

 [Does this mean conquering Aqua-sama will be easy too!?]

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Hehe… I’m all set for the physical side!]

 [Sommelier: Aqua-kun, run away!]

 [Shumi the Maiden: is there personal use for the work phone? If the notebooks are separate, it seems risky to check, so it’s probably better to take real-time notes.]

 When Manager Kirika handed me the notebook and phone, she took out her own cell phone from her pocket.

 [Contact information for Senior Manager Kirika Kotono (work) has been added to the work cell phone’s contacts.]

 Hmm, I see. Contacts aren’t added from the beginning, huh? After parting ways with Manager Kirika, I headed to the screening room where Useless Aqua was waiting.


 ”Hey! Why isn’t that person here!!”

 Although I arrived at the screening room, there’s no sign of him anywhere. I came all this way, and what’s he up to!!

 [I see.]

 [It’s not easy to meet under such circumstances.]

 [I guess we have to go to the screening room with that first choice. Understood.]

 [Shumi the Maiden: The judgment seems quite strict, huh? Whether Aqua’s embedded timetable advances with each action or if actual time passing directly affects the timetable progression, huh? I need to verify this.]

 [Shumi? No, Shumi-san…!?]

 [At this moment, Shumi awakens.]

 [I see, so this is the Verification Team!!]

 But still, creating a mini theater inside the company is truly a ridiculous thing. Some might think it’s just a game, but in reality, there is a mini theater in the Beryl headquarters that any employee can use.

 I’m not an employee, but I’ve used it a few times, so I know. As I was about to give up and leave the screening room, a message box appeared on the screen.

 [Learned the ground-stamping reaction! From now on, you can use one-touch reaction commands by pressing the BR button. Configure and register reaction commands from the menu’s reaction command. Once learned, you can use them forever. However, you can set up to a maximum of 8 one-touch reaction commands.]


 [LMAO, what’s this?]

 [LOL, staff]

 [This is totally teasing Kohina Yukari, LOL]

 [Nice, staff. Do more!!]

 [LOL, that’s hilarious]

 [Sayamu Inko: What’s this, LMAO]

 Just to be sure, I execute the learned reaction.

 However, nothing happens, and time just passes unintentionally.

 ”What is this!? What on earth does this even mean!!”

 Humph! I repeatedly stomp the ground-pounding reaction.

 Remember the staff who made this game! I’ll definitely go to the head office later and complain directly.

 [Alright, everyone. This is an adult.]


 [Her reactions are just as expected, thank goodness!]

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Um, I’m ready now. Are you still not ready?]

 [Sommeliere: The staff better be prepared to run away.]

 After a while, a new message box appeared in the center of the screen.

 ”How about that! I won through my perseverance!!”

 I showed a triumphant smirk as if I had won.

 [Lies, LOL!]

 [That face, LOL!]

 [Mysterious Kohina Magic activated.]

 [Did the Kohina Miracle happen?]

 [This is true brute force, LOL!]

 [Sommeliere: Power is indeed justice, is that so?]

 [Sommeliere, your power is physical, huh? LOL]

 [Shumi the Maiden: This game, although only a part has been revealed, seems to have many things to verify because there is a lot that can be done. It feels like it would be a good idea to create a wiki and organize a strategy team.]

 When I pressed the button to proceed, several choices appeared.

 Hehe, take a look. This time, I’m definitely going to pull in Useless Aqua in one shot!

 [A: Quietly return to work]

 [B: Ponder Aqua-sama’s presence]

 [C: Take a deep breath to sense Aqua-kun]

 [D: Search for a chair with signs of being sat on]

 Huh? What are these choices?

 I blinked my eyes repeatedly at the choices in front of me.



 [Has the naughty scene finally come!?]

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Sorry, kiddo (Shumi), it’s already bedtime. Hehehe…]

 [The correct choice is C, but this seems like a D situation!!]

 Page: 17

 [D・D・D! D・D・D!]

 [Can we take this chair home?]

 [Hurry! you must find Aqu-tan’s warmth at all costs!!]

 [Even if you find it, don’t sit right away. First, smell it, lick it, rub your cheek against it to fully enjoy the warmth. You know the finish, right?]

 [The comment above is like that of a criminal, LOL. Well, I do it too, though.]

 [Calm down, you horny females!!]

 [Shumi the Maiden: The worst.]

 [Sommelier: Yes, yes, yes! If it’s about smelling, leave it to me! I’ve beaten the police dog before!! I can trace Aqua-kun’s scent!]

 [Hey, you kidding LOL?]

 [Sommelier’s information is legit.]

 [Shumi the Maiden: The worst.]

 The choices were too ridiculous, so I pressed A normally to quickly move on, but I stopped for a moment and calmed down. It’s no good to go along with the idiotic staff who made this crappy game.

 Purely thinking, there’s no way that Useless Aqua or the super serious Hakuryuu-sensei would create a game with this level of difficulty. Perhaps the development team got carried away, or maybe they prioritized playfulness just because it’s a non-official version. To clear this game, in other words, to capture useless Aqua, I’ll need to outsmart them somewhere.

 ”Normally, I’d go with A, but there might be something hidden, so I’ll go with D. I know the seat that guy always uses.”

 Hehehe, the staff who made this game are probably watching my game stream right now, laughing to themselves. But it seems like you girls still don’t understand me, Kohina Yukari.

 To make sure you never go against me again, I’ll make you howl so loudly that you’ll spit out the coffee you’re drinking in front of your monitors. Just watch!!


 [Seriously? LMAOOO]

 [Kohina Magic is coming!]

 [Hoo, as expected of Kohina Yukari! Showing off the master-disciple relationship with Aa-sama, blowing our minds away!]

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Well, that’s enlightening. Taking notes!]

 [Shumi the Maiden: Since Hagetoru seems to be thinking about something dubious, I’ll email Nee-san about it later.]

 [Nice one, Shumi!]

 [Nice, Shumi!]

 [Good Shumi!]

 [Nice Shumi might be pushing it a bit too far, lol.]

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Huh? Is this Hagetoru-san in trouble here?]

 [Sommelier: Hagetoru, leave the real chair check to me, you go!]

 [Shumi~, please report this guy too > Sommelier.]

 [Shumi the Maiden: Reported, Sommelier.]

 [The people I know might actually get caught in real life, lol, LMAO]

 Um, that person’s seat is… F, F, F, oh, there it is, F-15!

 I examine the seat of the F15. Then, a message box appears, indicating that I have obtained something. Alright! Did you see that, game staff?!

 [Picked up a half-empty PET bottle. It seems Aqua-kun forgot it. …Let’s make sure to properly dispose of it after picking up trash!]

 Huh? What’s this? Just garbage, right!!

 No one would be happy picking up something like this!


 [Amazing game is here!]

 [Decision to purchase!]

 [I heard there’s a game where you can get Aqua-sama’s half-empty PET bottle, so I came to try it!]

 [It’s progressing a bit!]

 [Calm down, guys, it’s just a game lol]

 [There are too many Licker faction lol]

 [Too many potential criminals LMAO]

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Licking, you say!? Leave it to me if it’s licking! This naughty Hagetoru. In terms of licking speed, I won’t lose to anyone!!]

 [Officer, right here!]

 I double-checked the F14 seat where I usually sit just to be sure. Then, a message box appeared on the screen again.

 [This seat is yours. Upon closer inspection, it’s Kohina Yukari’s seat, and there’s a sign that says no one should sit there.]

 Hey! How do you know that?


 [LOL, hilarious]

 [Acting like it’s already her and taking over someone else’s company space, LOL]

 [Sommelier: Getting a headache. Beryl, be careful not to be taken over]

 [Sommelier’s words are too heavy, LOL, laughed like crazy]

 [Am I the only one who doesn’t find the takeover joke funny?]

 [Keeping a sneaky spot next to Aqua-kun, LOL]

 Since there was no command to kick the seat, I stomped my feet on the spot.

 The comments section was spinning rapidly after seeing that, but my eyes hurt, so I haven’t looked at the comments section for a long time. I tried to leave the screening room as it is, but when I passed by the trash can near the entrance, choices were displayed.

 [A: Throw away the PET bottle you picked up earlier in the trash]

 [B: Maybe there’s something dangerous inside! For anti-terrorism measures, consider taking it home for safety]

 [C: There are limited people in the world who can drink clean water. Since it’s a waste, you’ll take care of the remaining contents]

 [D: For solving the ocean plastic problem, you will properly recycle and reuse this PET bottle on your own!!]

 What are these choices? Why bother taking this trash home?

 Yes, Choice A, throw the trash in the trash can.


 [It’s a waste to throw that away!]

 [National treasureeeee!]

 [Ah, ah, ah!]

 [Wait! It’s not time to panic yet! The lid is still open, so if you pick it up, you should make it in time!!]

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Please return the pure feelings of my excited, girl-like heart.]

 [Sommelier: Huh?]

 [Yes, disband!]

 [Shumi the Maiden: Maybe this is the right answer. The later choices, with this staff, might end up in a GAME OVER, you know.]

 [The excuse for the choices was so crappy, I laughed, LOL]

 When I put the trash in, a new message box appeared again.

 [Learned new Reaction, the Full Throttle Throw! If you have empty plastic bottles, you can throw them far or hit someone with this! However, be aware that hitting someone will decrease their favorability. You can temporarily keep the wild Morikawa Kaede away by throwing objects. However, there is a risk of angering and being attacked, so it’s not recommended for regular use except in emergencies. The correct usage involves throwing Shirogane Aqua-related Goods in the opposite direction. Under no circumstances should you hit only Manager Kirika Kotono. What happens if you hit her… it’s too terrifying for me to say. Also, you can set the item to throw from the reaction command in the menu.]

 Huh!? It’s dangerous to hit people with things, you know! What’s with this command!

 [Hey, LMAO]

 [Is this the first effective technique against the wild Morikawa?]

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Alright! Let’s do the Hogekawa for the strategy!]

 [Sommelière: Announcer Morikawa bullying!]

 [Shumi the Maiden: It’s not okay to throw or break things, but if there are trap commands for Goods, they might be useful.]

 [LMAO that Shumi is the only one who analyzes it seriously]

 [Shumi was actually part of the Verification Team.]

 [I wonder what would happen if I threw it at Nee-san…]

 [Sayamu Inko: Don’t tell me to throw it at Manager Kirika during my stream. That person is really scary!]

 [Inko, is that a joke?]

 Ugh, seriously! Where is he!! As I stomp my feet again in front of the screening room, someone approaches me.

 ’Yukari… what are you doing here?’

 Oh, it’s Ako-cchi. Well, how about going with the Ako-cchi route? I rarely see Useless Aqua, and if it’s Ako-cchi, maybe something will work out?

 ’Oh, before I forget, let me give you this. Sorry, I forgot to give it to you earlier.’

 Ako-cchi took something out of her pocket and handed it to me.

 [You received your employee ID. Without it, you can’t enter the company!]

 Hey! It’s one thing to forget important items!

 If I had gone home without realizing, it would have been a game over for sure!

 [Having become an official employee, you were given you own desk! While sitting at the desk, you can skip to any time, and during that time, you can receive calls from the company!]

 [Supplied with a company laptop and tablet! From now on, you can plan menu commands, events, live shows, and proposals for talents. Let’s propose the best stage for our affiliated talents!]

 Oh, something else just came up.

 Hmm, planning events and such sounds interesting. I thought it was just a crappy game, but this seems fun.

 [The true god game has begun!]

 [Staff, sorry. Totally underestimated it.]

 [Game staff, coming at us all of a sudden!!]

 [This is it! Why didn’t you show this from the beginning?! I don’t really care about the tantrum reactions, lol.]

 [Shumi the Maiden: Eh? Wait, does this mean you can choose the setlist and costumes for the live, make it musical-like, and stuff? That’s basically a live just for yourself, right?]

 [I had no idea at first and was like, “Huh?” But I understood everything Shumi was saying.]


 [Ramen Hagetoru: Alright! Let’s make an adult film starring Aqua-sama!!]

 [Sommelier: I think Aqua-kun and Announcer Morikawa’s lotion sumo would be great!!]

 [Hagetoru from Shumi, “Ch… Sommelier’s contrast is so extreme, LOL.”]

 [Facade → Shumi’s amazing! Private thoughts → Hagetoru…are you a genius?]

 [Facade → Hagetoru, you know… Truth → Hagetoru, you know… Seriously, you get it!]

 [Lately, I’ve been healed by Shumi.]

 For now, let’s plan and submit ideas for dramas and movies to enjoy together later. Am I really kind and reliable, like the ideal senior? Even Useless Aqua cried tears of joy at the size of my generosity!

 ’Ah, it’s almost closing time. Yukari, good job, see you tomorrow.’

 Oh… I tried asking Ako-cchi about Useless Aqua’s whereabouts, but she hurriedly went somewhere.

 [A: It’s the first day, so stick to the working hours and go home]

 [B: Still have energy, so stay overtime to learn the job quickly]

 [C: To deepen friendship, invite a senior from the company to dinner]

 [D: It’s still early, so do some shopping before going home]

 [E: Stay in the company and look for someone]

 This is E. I choose E and stay at Beryl’s main office.

 If it comes to this, I’ll find Useless Aqua and throw an empty plastic bottle at him! It’s a no-no for others, but it should be forgiven for that guy and the development staff of this game, even if I throw one or two bottles. I go to the vending machine nearby, buy a bottled drink, and finish it.

 ”All right with this!”

 I open the menu and select an empty bottle for the item of a full-throttle throw.

 [Alright, LMAO]

 [Here, full of motivation, LOL]

 [Inevitable uproar]

 [This guy planning to throw this at Aqua-sama in the official broadcast!]

 [There’s someone trying to do something outrageous on the official broadcast, LOL]

 [Well, it’s okay because it’s Kohina Yukari, but if it’s someone else, it’s definitely going to be a controversy!]

 [No, judging by the lunchtime show, it’s fine for Ayana-chan to throw it.]

 [Ayana-chan will be forgiven, right?]

 [Throwing an empty plastic bottle at Aqua-sama and getting away with it is kind of the strongest, LOL]

 [What is this person trying to do on the official broadcast?]

 [Shumi the Maiden: It might be a misfire if it’s just once. You really shouldn’t hit or throw things.]


 [Shumi LMAO]

 [Approval from Beryl headquarters, huh? lol]

 [I’ll add Shumi to the list of those allowed to hit.]

 Now, I prepare myself to hit him anytime, rotating my hands in the real world to warm up my shoulders before starting Useless Aqua’s exploration. However, despite going to places like the recording studio, dance studio, and cafeteria where he might be, I don’t encounter him at all.

 Huh!? Is that person really coming to the office? He might have already gone home! As I wander around the company with a fierce expression, I encounter Manager Kirikaa again.

 ’Kohina-san? What are you doing until this late? The working hours have long passed, you know?’

 I really want to return those exact words to you. You’re clearly overworking even in the game!

 I had just started working for the White Company, so I really need to shake off that corporate drone mentality, or they’ll start worrying about me! Choices appeared on the game screen again.

 [A: Ask about Shirogane Aqua’s whereabouts]

 [B: Ask about Nekoyama Toa’s whereabouts]

 [C: Ask about Mayuzumi Shintaro’s whereabouts]

 [D: Ask about Tenga Akira’s whereabouts]

 [E: Ask about Atori Ako’s whereabouts]

 [F: Report that Morikawa was pretending to be an employee in the cafeteria and eating free meals]

 [G: Ask if there’s any work to do]

 [H: Feel scared and leave the scene]

 [I: Throw an empty plastic bottle and challenge her to a fight]

 Why is the last option even there! And wait, upon closer inspection, it changed to throwing a plastic bottle. If you’re going to put effort into these little details, there are better options, you know!!

 [Hey, LMAO]

 [Morikawa LMAO]

 [The last option has become even more brutal lol]

 [The staff should be scolded by Nee-san at least once.]

 [Giving up already? Maybe consider going for the Toa-chan route?]

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Let’s go with F. It’s better to avoid the last option. Absolutely]

 [Sommeliere: Don’t bully Morikawa!! Oppose Hoge bullying!!]

 [Shumi the Maiden: How about intentionally deviating a bit here… If you do that, the choices will be limited, but among the three, he actually spend more time with Mayuzumi-kun and Toa-chan, so I might choose C if it were me]

 [A guy who unleashes true abilities in a game commentary called Shumi]

 [Wife-level. Hardcore fan of Shirogane Aqua. Retired gamer. She’s already done with her jobs, huh?]

 [I’m starting to feel like I can’t clear this game without Shumi…]

 [Wait a moment, that information personally gives me a really intense heartbeat…uh]

 [Lately, a new type of palpitation has been emerging, so be careful]

 Here we are, A! A!

 There’s no word like ‘withdraw’ in Kohina Yukari’s dictionary. My motto is to sprint at full speed without knocking on the stone bridge, forcefully push through, and open the door by pulling it if necessary! Anyone blocking my way has been mowed down like that!!

 ’Still looking for Aqua-san, huh. My personal cellphone… oh, I left it at home today. Well, can’t be helped. It’s a special case.’

 Saying that, Manager Kirika takes out a cellphone from her pocket.

 [Contact information for talent Shirogane Aqua (work) has been added to the contacts of the work cellphone.]

 Haah! See that, staff members!!


 [Kohina Magic did itttt!]

 [This is the Kohina Miracleeee!]

 [Amazing! LOL, forcefully dragged it in.]

 [The strength of this pull. Truly impressive.]

 [Yup, Kohina Yukari is a monster, after all.]

 [It’s amazing that you can double push here.]

 [Ramen Hagetoru: It’s been about 2 hours already… No, it’s been since Sayamu Inko’s stream, so it’s been 6 hours since I took off my pants and waited, but is it almost time?]

 [Sommelière: A service scene!? By the way, what’s the rating for this?]

 [Shumi the Maiden: Yay! Congratulations!]

 After finishing the conversation with Manager Kirika, I opened the menu and called Useless Aqua from my work phone.

 *Toot… Toot… Toot…* *Click*


 ’Hello, hello, Shirogane Aqua speaking.’

 No mistake! It’s Useless Aqua’s voice!!


 [Being able to talk to Aqua-kun on the phone is the best…]

 [He’ll even call me by my name, right? Haa, this is a divine game.]

 [It’s practically a god game. Isn’t it an exaggeration to say that this is reality?]

 [This is it. This, this right here. Our awaited game has begun!!]

 Just as it is, my character speaks to Aqua.

 ’Hello, it’s Kohina Yukari.’

 ’Oh! Uh-oh!’

 *Beep! Beep… Beep…*


 [Disconnected LOL]

 [My gums are showing, thanks LOL]

 [Ah, I see, I see. So that’s why you couldn’t encounter him.]

 [Sayamu Inko: You can totally get away with this LMAO]

 [Alright, disband.]

 [I thought I needed to verify the Kohina Yukari route, but this is futile. Probably designed so it can’t be cleared.]

 [Thank you LMAO]

 [Ramen Hagetoru: (Sound of pulling up pants silently) Good job!]

 [Sommelière: Serves you right!!]

 [Shumi the Maiden: Poor Kohina-senpai…]

 I opened the menu again and called Useless Aqua without saying a word.

 [Currently, this phone number is not in use… It seems like you’ve been rejected by Shirogane Aqua.]


 [LOL, that’s hilarious]

 [LOL, Aqua-sama]

 [Hey, Aqu-tan is joking, lol]

 [Let’s applaud the mental strength to call again here, lol]

 [Shumi the Maiden: If you look closely, Aqua-sama’s favorability and trust don’t seem to be decreasing. So, I think it’s totally fine.]

 [Oh, you’re right.]

 [Seriously, it’s true.]

 [Wow, I’m starting to feel jealous in reverse.]

 [The staff understands these things.]

 [Actually, being treated roughly by Aqua-kun is quite precious.]

 [In a way, this response seems like she’s really spoiled.]

 [It’s not that she’s disliked, she’s just being treated as a hassle. That’s why Aqu-tan’s favorability and trust don’t decrease. The staff quietly understands things, lol.]

 [Worker Holic: I get excited about this sloppy treatment…]

 [Hey, the person in the comment above, are you okay!?]

 Phew… I let out a light sigh and closed the game screen. Then, I took out my mobile phone from my bag and dialed Useless Aqua’s number.

 [Hey, lol]

 [Is this a joke, LMAO]

 [Is this girl for real, lol]

 [Lately, I’ve realized that there’s something I can only get from Kohina Yukari]

 [Seriously, LOL]

 [It’s getting lively, lol]

 [Only Kohina Yukari-senpai can do this, lol]

 [Aa-sama, aren’t you in the middle of your present delivery job?]

 Come on! Hurry up and answer, idiot!

 ”Yes. Hello… Kohina-senpai, what’s up?”

 ”It’s not ‘hello’! Why are you rejecting my calls?!”

 ”No, no, I answered normally! So, what’s this about…?”

 ”Grrr! Seriously, if you want to have lunch with Ayana-chan and leave me alone, just tell me beforehand! Then I wouldn’t have taken this damn game streaming job and would have gone with you!!”

 ”Well, it’s because you’d be a bother… I mean, playing crappy games is not good! And, seriously, they’re still streaming on the official channel…”

 ”That’s right! Since your in-game character rejected my character, I went out of my way to call you over here, so be grateful!!”

 ”Uwaaaaa! Wait, wait, official streaming is bad. Sorry, everyone. I haven’t even touched the game yet, but if there’s any problem, I’ll tell the staff, okay?”

 ”Is that really true?”

 ”Yeah, it’s true.”

 ”Hmm, well, that’s fine then. At least make sure to include an Easy mode. Starting from Normal difficulty would make kids cry, you know?”

 ”Huh? There’s no Easy mode? I told the staff to make it easy because I want a wide range of people to play it…”

 ”Hmm, I see. I’ve figured out the cause. Well then, I’ll end the call, but be prepared because if you reject it, I’ll come to your house.”

 ”Uh, w-wait a minute.”

 I end the call and put the phone in my bag.

 [Can you please stop surpassing Aqua-sama’s live phone game lightly? Thank you very much.]

 [Thank you, thank you.]

 [Kohina Yukari-senpai, I’ll follow you for life!!]

 [So now we know who the cause is.]

 [Well, Kohina Yukari-san is really reliable, huh.]

 [Shumi the Maiden: I also thought the difficulty setting was strange.]

 [Sommelier: If the staff values their lives, they should run away with all their might.]

 [Ramen Hagetoru: Both the game staff and life staff, rest in peace.]

 I smile at the camera for the wipe.

 ”That’s the reason. I’ve finished the livestream because I have a little something to take care of, but thank you for coming today. Well then, let’s meet again properly in the next official product version. And the game staff… you won’t run away, right?”

 After concluding the livestream, I waved off the staff trying to stop me and Ako-cchi with a smile, and headed towards the company making the game.

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