Male Idol V11c4

Volume 11 Chapter 4 Tsukimachi Ayana, Aqua’s Lunch Date

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 What’s he doing on the live broadcast? That’s my honest feeling right now. I glare at Aqua sitting next to me with narrowed eyes.

 Then Aqua seems to notice my gaze, showing a gesture of apology.

 Geez! If you’re gonna apologize, you should have done it from the start.

 But… I guess women, especially older sisters, are moved by these childish aspects.

 I often hear older actresses in the dressing room or trendy busty model-type ladies talking about that kind of thing.

 I end up forgiving him because of that, I can’t help it, so it’s probably hopeless.

 Aqua really is so much like Kohina-senpai in this regard.

 Well, leaving that aside, why is he here?

 Just as I’m thinking that, the host, Uminuma-san, asks Aqua in place of everyone else.

 ”Forgive me for asking, but why are you here?”

 ”Actually, yesterday during Beryl’s Christmas campaign, we were in the city, and today we split into groups of four to deliver presents to fans in other prefectures. My team and I happened to find this place on the way, so I thought, why not have lunch with Ayana since we’re here?”


 I react the same way in my mind as Uminuma-san.

 Wait, if that’s the case, you should have told me sooner! I would have worn a cuter outfit!!

 ”I see… so, Aqua-kun is also a fan of Rina?”

 ”Of course. Because Sayuki’s inner self is that Kohina-senpai. It doesn’t get any better than that. And compared to that, Rina is honest, hardworking, and, above all, quite… endearing.”

 ”Stop! Aqua-kun, if you go any further, Ayana-chan next to you will be in trouble.”

 Thank you. I’m really glad Uminuma-san stopped him.

 Everyone turns their gaze towards me as my face turns red.

 ”Hey everyone, take a look at her face! She’s really adorable, isn’t she? As expected of a top idol of the moment, both guys and girls swooning over her. Moreover, Aqua-kun and Ayana-chan both have small faces, looking so sharp and… sigh… Tokyo is just unmatched, huh? Oh, by the way, when is the wedding for these two? I’m definitely going to host it.”

 W-what are nya guys talking about!?

 ”Ah, maybe around next summer. I’m thinking somewhere with a view of the sea.”

 What is Aqua even saying?! Hey, do you really understand what you’re saying?

 ”Aqua-kun is just too into it. I was more surprised by the topic I brought up.”

 ”Wow. He just can’t keep his mouth shut anymore. Oh, was he always like this?”

 Ughhhhhhh, I give up!

 I cover my face with both hands, resetting my feelings for a moment.

 I was already surprised by Aqua’s sudden appearance, and my heart couldn’t calm down, so please don’t bring up that kind of topic. Seriously!

 ”By the way, weren’t the two of you attending the same school? How do you two behave towards each other at school?”

 ”At Otomezaki, we’re in the same class, but in the first semester, we sat next to each other.”

 ”Huh? Is something like a drama happening? Or maybe you’re shooting a drama already?”

 ”Haha, looking back, it’s amazing that we’re now on TV together like this.”

 I remember… back then, I had a blunt attitude towards Aqua, and I didn’t think I was cute myself. Despite that, he continued to treat me the same way, and watching him work hard in our collaboration, something within me slowly melted.

 ”On the contrary, how does Aqua-kun at school look from Ayana-chan’s perspective?”

 ”He hasn’t changed at all. Just the same. Mayuzumi-kun and Toa-chan are also unchanged. Please think that everyone you see on TV is taking classes at school just as they are.”

 ”Ah, thank you so much. I mean, everyone who came here today from Aichi, and those watching on TV, isn’t this just a satisfying answer? And the fact that you even mentioned Mayuzumi-kun and Toa-chan, thank you. You know what I want to hear even without me saying it. I really like Ayana-chan!”

 ”Oh, thank you.”

 Well, I shouldn’t be lying. Honestly, Aqua during school feels a bit more relaxed, but I think that’s within an acceptable margin. For example, there was a time when he got sleepy at work, perhaps due to being busy, and when he dozed off during class, I tapped his head on the desk, causing him to wake up.

 Those slightly clumsy episodes are cute, but I’ll keep them a secret for Aqua’s sake. And accidentally drinking Toa-chan’s unfinished milk, mistaking it for his own, well, I can’t talk about it because it’s too intense, and it wouldn’t be good if someone died from the shock.

 “Speaking of Aqua-kun, how does Ayana-chan look from his perspective when she’s at school?”

 “Ayana seems more relaxed when she’s at school. Comparing her to when she’s on stage as the idol Eau de Cologne or when she’s on set as the actress Tsukimachi Ayana, seeing her earnestly studying in the classroom makes her seem like a completely normal high school student. There’s something really appealing about that contrast.”

 Why are you looking at my face during class!? Seriously!?

 U-uh, make sure to face forward and listen to the teacher!

 “Ah, I see. That makes sense. Yes, yes, understood. Changing the question a bit, do you both have aspects you admire about each other as fellow idols?”

 “Oh, it’s definitely the elegance, right?”

 “Elegance, you say?”

 “Yes. When she stands on stage, it really captivates the audience… I think idols come in various types.”

 “Yes, I understand.”

 ”Being able to cheer for an idol is one of the key points. I think girls like that tend to become popular. However, Ayana is not like that from the beginning. In Ayana’s case, both singing and dancing are perfect. Whenever she stands on the stage, it’s always the same, consistently delivering the best performance as the center of eau de Cologne, Tsukimachi Ayana. This is quite extraordinary, and as a fellow idol, I respect her.”

 Wait a minute, what is this program? Was there a segment about my execution today? I felt so embarrassed that I unconsciously wanted to push Aqua, who was standing next to me, with a strong urge.

 ”Well, she’s still not that stable, or to borrow Tenga-senpai’s words, maybe she’s just deceiving with passion…? Should I say that she’s covering it up by sharing enthusiasm and heat with fans? On stage, when the tension rises too much, she must thought it might be better to do something like this, so she added ad-libs. Well, when she’s enjoying it, she tends to play around.”

 ”Ah… is that so? I quite like that about her.”

 ”Thank you!”

 Ah~~~! I don’t know how many times in my heart I’ve shouted, ‘Ah~.’ Hey, Aqua, do you realize this is a live broadcast? Are you planning to embarrass me with shyness during the live broadcast?

 ”How about Ayana-chan? And Aqua-kun as an idol, how is he?”

 ”As an idol, Aqua is… well, purely enviable, I guess.”

 ”Enviable!? What do you mean by that?”

 ”Aqua’s live performance is truly, always enjoyable to watch… well, even as a fellow professional, I can understand that. But in my case, I’ve been too fixated on being the perfect center for eau de Cologne, forgetting the sense of enjoying it. I felt like I had forgotten the sensation of just having fun. Watching Aqua’s stage made me realize that.”

 ”I see. So, how does that lead to envy?”

 ”Well… enjoying it is impossible without composure on stage. You have to practice properly, and confidence in your performance is essential to have that composure. I haven’t reached that point yet, so I genuinely became envious. Rather than saying it’s envy, it might be closer to saying I aspire to that emotion.”

 Yeah… saying it myself makes me embarrassed. What is this? How did it come to this!?

 ”Ah, I see. Then, the two of you co-star in dramas, right? How is he as actor?”

 ”As an actor, Aqua is, in a word, simply amazing. When the switch is on, there are times when he performs with the kind of intensity you’d feel from Kohina-senpai. It motivates me to work even harder, thinking I need to improve more and more.”

 ”Yeah, I get it. It’s so interesting, even though we’re on a different TV. Anyway, the dramas airing tomorrow night, for example, really make your heart race. I feel sorry for saying this about another TV, but unlike Heaven’s Sword or Hana-ata, with Aqua-kun as an actor in Yuu-onii, I’m excited every time by his intensity.”

 I silently nod at Uminuma-san’s words. When Aqua portrays Kazuya in Yuu-onii, thanks to Tsukasa-sensei’s script, that intensity becomes more evident and understandable.

 In terms of synchronicity with the portrayed character, it’s Kenzaki from Heaven’s Sword, and for bringing out the masculine charm of Aqua, it’s Hana-ata’s Yuujin. However, to draw out Aqua’s acting prowess, it’s Yuu-oni.

 ”How about Aqua-kun? As an actress, how is Ayana-chan?”

 ”As an actress, Ayana has excellent interpretative skills. We practice together, and her approach to interpreting scripts and characters, understanding what the scriptwriter or original author wants, and carefully deciphering their intentions one by one, has been very enlightening. Unlike me, who aligns the emotions and sensations of the flow more instinctively while acting.”

 Because I can’t do that, I approach it in a different way. So being instructed by Kohina-senpai, who has a style of meticulously delving into scripts and characters, was fortunate for me.

 After all, to ensure I’m not left behind by Aqua, I need to watch and observe Kohina-senpai even more.

 “Haha, I see. By the way, when was your wedding?”

 “If anything, I’ll do it after this recording.”

 “Already! What are you talking about? You idiot!”

 Ah, I couldn’t help but react…

 Ugh~~~! Even though I tried to ignore and let it pass, both of them teased me!!

 ”Really, she’s so cute with her red face.”

 ”That’s right”.

 I said, why is Aqua smirking!! Seriously, that’s just like Kohina-senpai!

 ”Well then… Huh? It’s already time? Too bad, but it seems the show is over.”

 ”Oh… I’m sorry. Somehow, I used up the time at the end.”

 ”In that case, even though it’s a different station at the end, could you and Fujiki-san pose side by side for the new and old Driver pose?”

 ”Oh, that sounds fun.”

 ”That seems enjoyable.”

 Fujiki Shou-san and Aqua stepped forward and struck a cool transformation pose together, concluding the show. With Fujiki-san appearing as a guest on today’s Driver, the venue erupted into loud applause.

 ”Thank you very much!”

 ”No, thank you so much for everything.”

 ”Well then, finally, today, I’ve brought lots of presents, so I’d be delighted if everyone here at the venue, the performers, and all the staff could take something home with them!”

 ”Yay! Aqua-kun, you sure know what’s up!”

 After a while, once the recording was finished, I changed clothes in the dressing room to go have lunch with Aqua.

 ”Excuse me, could I borrow the costume… no, I mean, could I buy it from you?”

 ”Sure thing. Go ahead.”

 I consulted with the stylist who had come today and had them help me pick out an outfit for our date.

 A black knit and short boots, a long checkered skirt with visible ankles. Yeah, this should be fine.

 ”If you wear those clothes, won’t this rider jacket suit you?”

 ”Huh, um…”

 Seeing that, Fujiki-san took off the leather rider jacket she was wearing and put it on me.

 ”Ayana-chan, I think this kind of fashion, combining sweetness and spiciness, suits you. If you like it, you can have it.”

 ”Huh? But…”

 ”I tend to buy only leather, so I have a lot at home. If you don’t like it, it’s okay, but I think it suits you well.”

 ”Oh, thank you!”

 Furthermore, Uminuma-san, who had been watching the situation, came over, took something out of one of her bags, handed it to the manager, and then handed me the bag.

 ”I’ll give Ayana-chan this shoulder bag then. It’s from my favorite French brand, Corolle’s parent company. It should match well with Aqua-kun, don’t you think?”

 ”Oh, but, I can’t accept something this expensive!”

 ”It’s fine, it’s fine. Instead, invite me to your wedding if things go well!”

 ”Oh… thank you!”

 After handing me the bag, Uminuma-san swiftly left. It’s a bit small, but even at 400,000 or 500,000 yen, is it really okay? But, it’s a new release from a top maison, so it’s undeniably cute. Yeah, I’ll graciously accept and use it.

 ”Since we’re at it, I’ll make your hair cute too. Oh, those earrings are adorable!”

 ”Oh, thank you.”

 I gently touch the earrings while looking in the mirror. These are the Christmas presents I received from Aqua yesterday.

 I hastily headed toward the exit designated for staff, my hair styled to complement the earrings and ribbon hairpin Aqua gave me before. Ahhh! It took longer than I thought. Normally, he should be angry, but Aqua greets me with the same smile as always.

 ”Sorry. I suggested going to lunch, and I made you do something troublesome.”

 ”Yeah… no, I’m sorry for keeping you waiting.”

 Aqua is really sly. Even though I made him wait, he apologizes first.

 ”Also, that casual outfit suits you so well. It’s cool and cute.”

 Geez! Why do you say such things! When a guy says a girl is cute, it’s special, you know? Yet, only Aqua blurts it out like a bargain sale. And it’s not just casually; he genuinely looks at me and says I’m cute, so my emotions get all complicated!

 ”Ayana, what do you want for lunch?”

 ”Well, since we’re here, how about something famous from Aichi?”

 ”In that case, since it’s winter, how about miso-nikomi udon? As an udon ambassador, I can’t miss that…”

 ”I think that’s a good idea. I’m always in favor of eating something warm because I get cold easily!”

 So, the two of us, with the staff driving, headed to the bustling station area with lots of shops. By the way, during that time, I deliberately tried to appeal with noticeable earrings and hairpins, but Aqua didn’t notice at all. Seriously! Why doesn’t he notice those things!

 ”Eh? Really? The genuine thing?”

 ”Earlier, he said on TV that he was going out for lunch, and it turned out to be true…”

 ”Rina… I mean, Ayana-chan, do your best!”

 ”Whoa. The live Aqua-sama, whoa…”

 ”As expected from the current top male and female idols. The aura is amazing.”

 ”Hogee, that place feels like a completely different space.”

 Yeah, well, it’s normal to be like that. Everyone is watching from a distance, and it’s a relief that they have good manners, but it wouldn’t be strange if it turned into a big panic. But the reason it doesn’t is because everyone wants Aqua to stay the way he is now.

 ”Excuse me. May I come in?”

 ”Eh!? W-wait a moment, please!!”

 I bow my head to the flustered staff at the shop. Even though they’re in busy hours, I’m really sorry.

 ”Well, there’s a private room upstairs. How about there?”

 ”Thank you very much!”

 Aqua and I take off our shoes and enter the private room. The staff will be eating in the opposite large room to be considerate of us. Thank you all so much.

 ”Wow! Is this miso-nikomi udon?! It looks so delicious with an egg in the middle!”

 ”I’ve never had miso-nikomi udon before, but it comes out in a pot. It’s so luxurious with shrimp tempura too!”

 ”Alright! Let’s eat it before it gets cold.”



 I really want to slurp it up, but I can’t afford to get my clothes dirty, so I have to resist the temptation…

 ”Huff, huff, slurp, slurp, mmm… Hot!”

 ”Geez! You don’t have to eat in a hurry; the udon isn’t going anywhere. Here, have some water. Be careful not to burn yourself.”

 ”Thanks, Ayana. The tempting smell and steam of the miso-nikomi udon made me unconsciously…”

 ”Hehe, well, I can understand that. But, you see, it’s better to cool it down a bit like this.”

 I hold the noodles with my hands, making sure my hair doesn’t get into the broth, blow on them, and then bring them into my mouth.

 Mmm, the miso flavor is rich and delicious. The noodles have more elasticity than I expected, but I wonder if that’s normal?

 ”Thank you!”

 ”Aqua… why are you bowing?”

 ”Oh, no, it’s just that Ayana looks cute when she’s puffing out her cheeks, and I…”

 Ah…! Geez! Aqua suddenly saying that made me feel all hot and embarrassed. I tilt my face up a little and glance towards Aqua, pursing my lips slightly.

 ”Hey, Aqua, are you unaware? I mean, it’s nice to be called cute, but if you say that, even I might misunderstand.”

 ”Oh, I see. That’s why I try not to say things like that to indifferent women when we’re alone without the camera rolling.”

 ”Huh…? Um… That means, what does that mean?”

 ”Who knows? What could it mean?”

 What’s with that smirk!? Wait… huh, um, th-that means… is Aqua interested in me?! W-wait, does that mean I’ve been told… that he… likes me now?

 ”Not like it’s an immediate concern or anything, but I do worry about Ayana to that extent, you know? I just wanted to convey that I’m always concerned.”


 ”Yeah, Ayana’s strong, always trying to solve things herself, enduring and bearing it. But even so, I don’t think Ayana is unharmed or your heart isn’t worn down. Oh, yeah… I realized it while saying it myself, but I don’t like seeing Ayana in that state. So, even if you might hate it, I occasionally invite you to eat, even when there’s nothing going on.”

 Ah… Aqua’s words remind me of that incident back then.

 Because I didn’t say anything afterwards, Aqua kept worrying that maybe I was still suffering. No… I didn’t want to know that. Because if I knew, I’d end up liking him even more.

 ”I don’t hate it… actually, I’m happy. Thank you.”

 ”You’re welcome. Haha, well, I just wanted to eat, you know? Anyway, let’s eat before it gets cold!”


 I slurp the miso-nikomi udon, trying to hide my flushed face. Soup almost splatters on my knit, but I didn’t have the luxury to care right now.

 Hmm… But wait a minute, what about the cuteness from earlier!? The fact that he won’t say it to someone whom he is not interested in means, uwaahhh! I want to know! Can I ask, though? For a beginner in romance like me, this problem is too difficult…

 ”Well, that was delicious. I thought it might not be enough since it’s udon, but it’s satisfying and filling!”

 ”Yeah, it was really tasty. It was nice that there were lots of green onions and fried tofu in it.”

 My work for today is already done, but from what I’ve heard, it seems Aqua still has more work to do after this.

 Wow, seriously. I really marvel at how much stamina he has.

 ”Well then, Ayana, see you later!”

 ”Yeah! Thanks for inviting me to lunch today!”

 I get into the car prepared by the staff. Before Aqua closes the door, he whispers softly in my ear.

 ”That hairpin I gave you and the Christmas present earrings look really good on you. Thanks.”

 Unfair! Saying that at the very end is really unfair!! I thought maybe he had forgotten, so I casually appealed to him, and I was so excited!! Geez, he’s definitely teasing me!

 ”See you again at the end of the year!”


 After parting ways with Aqua, I get a ride from the staff to the station and head home. What awaited me after arriving home was a game sent by Beryl. Because of that, I’ll be playing galgame at home until the end of the year, but that’s a story for another time.

 Absolutely, if I meet with Aqua in the game, I’ll definitely complain that it’s impossible to clear that game no matter what! Also, Kohina-senpai’s encounter rate is way too high!! What’s up with that! It’s absolutely impossible to clear, isn’t it!!

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