Male Idol V11c11-2

Volume 11 Chapter 11 Shirogane Kanon, U-U-Useless! Part 2

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 ”Well then, I’ll go out for a bit.”

 ”Yeah, take care.”

 After we returned home, he went out again, but I must have been tired. I lay down on the living room sofa and before I knew it, I had fallen asleep. I woke up in the afternoon, realizing I was feeling a bit out of it. Huh? Am I running a fever?

 ”Perhaps I’ve caught a cold. I’ll contact Dr. Tamamo, the court physician.”

 My personal doctor, Dr. Miyamochi Tamamo, works as a personal doctor and also works at a clinic in the same apartment building. I also heard that she goes to the St. Mary University Hospital, Special Psychiatric Department, also known as Beryl’s Exclusive Psychiatric Department, twice a week to study.

 ”I’m here!!”

 ”…Emily-senpai, I didn’t call you”

 It seems that Dr. Tamamo was taking care of my grandma until a while ago.

 That’s why, Emily-senpai, who I don’t need, came with her.

 ”What’s wrong? Maybe… you thought too much about naughty things and got a fever? Hmm, I’m good at diagnosing!”

 ”Please don’t compare me to you, Emily-senpai. And don’t bother Dr. Tamamo’s work”

 Dr. Tamamo, who asked me some questions, said that she wanted to do a detailed test and suggested that we go to the clinic with the equipment. Ugh…I don’t want to have a big disease. Because, I don’t like pain….

 Still, I was carried by Emily-senpai to the clinic downstairs… hey, Emily-senpai, that’s dangerous! Geez! You almost made me hit my head on the corner! She said, “Sorry,” but sorry is not enough!

 I wish I could have been carried by Pegonia instead.

 ”First of all, let’s do a urine test and a blood test…”

 I followed Dr. Tamamo’s instructions and took the tests.

 And then….



 What’s congratulations?

 Maybe it means I’m not sick, just a little feverish?

 I tilted my head and had a question mark on my head, and Dr. Tamamo smiled again and said congratulations.

 ”You’re pregnant”

 ”Do you misunderstanding it, Shumi?”

 What did I misunderstand?

 Emily-senpai, you’re not fired from grandma’s maid yet, are you?

 ”Hehe, you’re blessed”


 Dr. Tamamo, could it be that?

 Are you saying “Congratulations!” in your head and provoking me?

 ”It’s a baby.”

 ”Baby play!?”

 Wait, does this mean that Aqua and I was seen engaged in a bit of baby play during our third round yesterday? Uwaaaaah! I wish I could disappear right now!

 ”Hey, Shumi! Are you stupid!? This useless!!”

 ”Huh!? I-I don’t want Emily-senpai calling me an idiot, especially not like this!! And what the heck is ‘useless’!? Please don’t refer to me like I’m some kind of juice or something!!”

 ”Pregnancy! You’re pregnant! You’ve got a child with Aqua-sama!”


 Emily-senpai’s words froze me.

 What? There’s a baby inside me, Aqua’s baby?

 My hands are trembling. What should I do? I didn’t know there might be a baby, and we were so intense yesterday.

 Aaaaaah, sorry. Sorry. If I had noticed sooner, I could have made you rest!!

 Emily-senpai hugged me tightly like that.

 ”So that means useless wife’s junior has been created!”

 ”What do you mean, useless wife’s junior!!”

 ”Nice job, you did well!!”

 ”Oh, um, thanks. Urp.”

 I was almost suffocated by Emily-senpai’s large breasts. Geez! If I don’t realize how big mine are, I might suffocate Aqua the same way!

 ”Uh-oh, we need to contact Baba-nami-sama right away. Oh, and we have to tell Nee-san too… Uwaaaaah! I can’t stay like this!!”

 With a commotion, Emily-senpai rushed out of the examination room as if she were about to issue an emergency bulletin. Hehe, perhaps seeing Emily-senpai more flustered than myself, I feel surprisingly calm inside.

 ”Um… about that…”

 I hesitated a little and then asked Dr. Tamamo a question, looking embarrassed.

 ”Yesterday, um… we did it a bit hard…”

 ”Ha, hard!? Ho, how much… did you do?”

 ”Three times at night”

 ”Thhree times!?”

 ”…oh, and one more time in the morning”

 ”Together, fffour times!? That’s a crazy number… I mean, you’re not lying or anything… right. Yeah”

 Dr. Tamamo muttered in a small voice, so she thinks it’s also abnormal, huh.

 Oh, I guess it’s not normal, huh. But, the only one I know is Aqua, and I don’t know what other people are like.

 ”Ahem… sorry. I lost my composure a little. From what I saw with the physical exam and the ultrasound, I think you’re fine. But, from now on, please rest, and avoid that kind of activity until you’re stable, okay?”

 ”Ye, yes”

 ”But, um… you can do things like using your mouth or using your hands. Um, I think Yui-san would be more knowledgeable about that kind of manual, as I haven’t had the experience, so it might be better to ask her.”

 ”Thank you!”

 Wow, what should I do? As I talk with Dr. Tamamo, I start to feel the excitement and joy. When I had an intimate moment with Aqua before, I gathered the courage and explained that I really wanted to get pregnant, that I wanted to have a baby and raise it.

 I assured him that I would have the support of Ako-san, Marin mother-in-law, and Sisters-in-law, and that Aqua’s concern about having enough time for childcare wouldn’t be an issue. I made sure to explain that I wouldn’t be the only one bearing the burden.

 And then he agreed to do it inside. I never thought it would happen in just one try. Aqua’s sperm must be really potent. I’ve never heard of getting pregnant in just one shot before.

 ”Wowww! Congratulations!”

 Whether she heard it from Emily-senpai or not, Kaede-senpai came to my house right away. Kaede-senpai, it’s nice that you came, but what’s up with the national flag on your shoulder? Huh? Did you pull it out from the national broadcast? Why would you do something so stupid?

 ”No, you see… Stars, when citizen got pregnant, didn’t they raise the national flag immediately to let everyone know? Besides, Aqua-kun’s child is a treasure of Japan. So, representing Japan, I thought I should definitely wave the national flag when I felt like it. Don’t worry, the national flag at the national broadcast is a genuine one that was donated by the Sumeragi family in the old days.”

 Isn’t that making the situation worse? By now, wouldn’t Onizuka-san, your boss who learned about this situation, be going crazy?

 Last week, I saw on the news that Onizuka-san was going to travel next week. She looked so happy. But I feel sorry for her if she gets called back or something.

 ”Oh, by the way, I also borrowed the flags from the Stars embassy. You can use both of them.”

 ”Wow, you’re amazing, Kaede-san!”

 Grandmother was very happy, but I wonder if it’s really okay. I don’t want to get scolded later.

 Maybe grandmother can talk to the Stars embassy, but I think we should say sorry to Onizuka-san.

 ”Kanon-san! Congratulations!!”

 ”Nee-san…! Thank you”

 Finally, a normal person came!!

 I hug Nee-san from the chest up, so I don’t hurt my belly.

 ”By the way, Kaede-san. What did you do with that silly flag?”

 ”Eh? Oh, well…you know, Stars is like…”

 Of course, Kaede-senpai’s excuse didn’t work.

 Yeah, right. Come on, let’s return it quickly before they find out.

 ”Flag, I’ll bring it back…”

 ”Kanon-san, please rest, I’ll come again when you’re calm and relaxed”

 ”Thank you both”

 Kaede-senpai was dragged by Nee-san, and they left.

 Ah, yeah, I wonder what Kaede-senpai really came for.

 ”Come on, everyone, Miss is tired and has a fever. Mary-sama, Yukishiro-sama, I know you’re happy, but please let Miss rest first”

 ”Okay, sure. Well then, Kanon. I’m downstairs, so call me if you need anything”

 ”See ya. Here, so you won’t be lonely, I’ll leave this for you”

 Emily-senpai put a hand-sewn doll next to the bed.

 Hehe, this is Aqua, right? Cute. She’s amazing, she got a perfect score in the sewing subject in the Shirogane family’s maid exam.

 She made Aqua look so cute and deformed, this is beyond skillful, it’s purely awesome.

 ”I’ll be back again. But call me if anything happens!”


 I wished Emily-senpai would get together with Aqua soon. Then, I could rely on Emily-senpai a lot too.

 ”Come on, Miss, let’s take it easy for the baby.”

 ”Yeah, but… I have to contact them.”

 ”That’s okay. I’ll contact Her Majesty, Her Highness Hermie, and Kythera-sama, who also serves as the guardian, so you can rest and recover from your fever as soon as possible.”

 ”Thank you, Pegonia.”

 I grabbed Pegonia’s hand, who had just rearranged the blanket on my body.

 ”Pegonia, thank you for being by my side all this time. Will you… always be with me from now on, too?”

 ”Yes, yes. Even if Miss says she doesn’t want me, I will stay by Miss’ side. Because, while Miss belongs to Master, Miss is my Miss.”

 Perhaps I felt relieved when I saw Pegonia’s gentle smile, but I suddenly felt sleepy.

 Huh… I feel like I’m all forgetting something very important, but maybe it’s just me?

 As I lose consciousness, I remember something very… yes, very important before I let go of my mind.

 Oh… no one contacted Aqua… right?

 I can’t say anything about other people, like useless or anyone, huh? I thought to myself as I fell asleep on the bed.

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