Male Idol V11c11

Volume 11 Chapter 11 Shirogane Kanon, U-U-Useless! Part 1

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 ”How’s this?”

 I spin around in front of Aqua.

 Ugh, even though I came out with determination, it’s still embarrassing…

 My privatee area is completely exposed, it’s digging in somewhere, and my butt is completely visible!! Without much thought, it’s almost entirely indecent.

 Ah, even so, why did I think I could do this? Looking back, I want to slap myself for falling for Emily-senpai’s persuasion that I could pull it off.

 ’I came up with a good idea!!’

 ’Well, it’s probably not a good thing anyway.’

 I stare at Emily-senpai with a wet gaze while sucking on a straw. Listening to Emily-senpai’s good ideas is usually just a waste of time because they’re mostly trivial things.

 ’Tch tch tch, Shumi-san, that face is only for now. Well, wait a minute!’

 Emily-senpai confidently clutched her wallet and went somewhere with a triumphant look on her face. Well, thinking she would come back soon, me, Nee-san, and Kaede-senpai continued our meeting at the store about what to give Aqua for a Christmas present.

 After about ten minutes, Emily-senpai returned with a smug expression as if she had won.

 ’Lost lamb, this is a slightly early Christmas present from me to the bride. Take it.’

 ’Oh, thank you, Emily-senpai.’

 The three of us, me, Nee-san, and Kaede-senpai, peeked into the bag handed over by Emily-senpai and were astonished. Huh… Wait, is this… what does this mean!?

 ’If there’s no present, then I’ll become the present. Yes! This is my Christmas present to you! An operation!!’

 Huh? Even so, this is almost like just ribbons… Wait, huh? Did they sell this kind of thing at a lingerie shop?

 Hmm? The clerk made it on a whim, but it hasn’t sold in 10 years? That’s like clearing out the stock!

 ’Hagetoru. You’re a genius!’

 ’Senpai… I showed off you Mary’s pride.’

 Behind me and Nee-san, with our mouths half-open, Hagetoru and Kaede-senpai were the only ones getting excited.

 No way, no way, no way, this is really… But, but… if it’s Aqua, there’s a chance, if it’s Aqua, there’s a chance he likes this kind of thing… No, no, calm down! Me!!

 ’Is it acceptable to have such indecent underwear?’

 ’I-it’s shameless, right?’

 As Nee-san said, I regret stopping here now. But it’s all in the past, nothing can be done now. I brace myself and observe Aqua.

 ”Thank you. Thank you.”


 Oh? Suddenly, Aqua put his palms together in worship. Is it just my imagination, or does he seem a bit teary-eyed?

 ”One of the good old methods, ribbons while nak*d are clearly not a trend, but a classic among classics. It feels like a quaint charm. A present for me, isn’t it the best?!”

 ”No way…”

 Huh? Could it be that Aqua is in the same rating range as Emily-senpai… No, no way. Surely, that’s not… It couldn’t be… But wait, when I think about it, Aqua is obviously more seductive than other boys, even without much thought, right?

 Oh? In that case, was this okay? Well, Aqua seems really happy about it, so it’s fine. Yeah, let’s stop thinking about the details.

 ”Come here, Kanon.”

 Aqua, sitting on the bed, beckons me.

 ”Um, okay.”

 Blushing, I approach Aqua and sit down next to him.

 I wanted to sit on his lap, but he wouldn’t like a girl who is so pushy, right?

 ”No, that’s not right. Come here”


 Aqua pulled me close and put me on his lap.

 ”Kanon is my present, so you should sit here, right?”

 ”Ah, yeah…”

 Oh no… Did Aqua know what I was thinking?

 Or did my face say that I wanted to sit on his lap?

 Wow, I’m so embarrassed….

 ”Kanon… I’m sorry”


 Aqua looked at me with a sorry face.

 ”You wanted to spend Christmas together, right?”

 ”Yeah… I did. But I knew it was your job, and I accepted it. And I got to see you working nearby a lot, and that was just as fun. And…”


 ”I like how you make time for me later like this!”

 I wrapped my arms around Aqua’s neck and hugged him tightly.

 Aqua responded by hugging me back with a strong grip.

 ”Okay… Thank you. But, please don’t push yourself too hard. I will listen to everything you want to say, Kanon. And more than anything, I don’t like it when you are not smiling. I think about what you are feeling and thinking, Kanon. But maybe that’s just my assumption, and there are many things that you need to say out loud to make me understand.”

 ”That’s the same for both of us, right? I want you to be happy, Aqua. And I want you to do what you want to do. That’s what makes me happy as a fan of Shirogane Aqua, the idol. So… please. Don’t push yourself too hard for me. Actually, today too, you had work until yesterday, so it would have been nice to just relax at home, just the two of us.”

 I was so happy that Aqua cared about me.

 These feelings are not one-sided. We are directing our vectors towards each other. Just knowing that warms my heart.

 ’Don’t act tough just because you’re a brat! If it’s tough, say it’s tough! If you want to depend on someone, just be honest about it! I’m older than you, so I can hug and pat the head of a brat like you. Come here!!’

 Ah… Emily-senpai’s words, nostalgic. When I came to this country alone during junior high school, leaving my parents behind, I was actually lonely.

 At that time, I was trying hard, building walls even with Pegonia, and believed I had to be the princess of the Stars.

 The anonymous bulletin board was a place where I didn’t have to be careful. Emily-senpai, whom I met there, embraced me, saying those words.

 Emily-senpai came with me to the memorial service in Kobe, because I was not good at geography. We missed the last train on the way back, and we stayed at a hotel… It was the first day I cried in this country.

 When I came to Japan, I really wanted mother and father to stop me. I was always tense at home and outside, and I was very sad all the time. But Emily-senpai just listened to my story and nodded.

 ’Shumi, you are more strong than me, and maybe you can do everything by yourself. But that doesn’t mean you don’t get hurt or sad. Me and Hagetoru are not very reliable, but don’t keep everything to yourself, okay? It’s okay to be a little careless, like me.’

 Kaede-senpai was a bit silly, but that made me relax. For me, who was bad at relaxing, Kaede-senpai was a very special person. When I was with her, the heavy load on my shoulders disappeared.

 Therefore, Aqua can talk in the usual way with that distance, so even experienced people like Grandmother and Prime Minister Habu, I thought they would open their hearts immediately.

 ’Even if you become an adult, there are nights when you feel lonely and cry alone. It’s okay for children to cry every day. Because you’re alone, you can cry without anyone saying anything, and you won’t bother anyone. But let’s do something fun the day after you cry. That’s the key to enjoying life even if you’re alone.’

 The advice from Nee-san resonated with me too. In that sense, she might have been the most understanding person for me.

 When I lifted my head, there was a smiling Emily-senpai in front of me, and when I turned to the side, there was a smiling Kaede-senpai, and when I looked back, there was Nee-san who smiled. That is my daily life since coming to this country.

 I would be lying if I said that I had no doubts about marrying Aqua and becoming a citizen of this country. Yet, the warmth I received came from the people of this country. Now I can say it with all my heart—I’m really glad I came here. Because even after they found out I was Shumi, there’s no one in my country jokingly saying, “Shumi, go die.” Haha. I couldn’t help but let out a smile.

 ”What’s wrong?”

 ”Ah… nothing, really… that’s a lie. Right now, I just feel happy.”

 ”I see. But if it’s about happiness, I won’t lose either…!”


 Aqua pressed me onto the bed and tangled his fingers with the end of the large ribbon tied at my chest.

 ”So, let’s both feel happiness from now on.”


 Aqua’s lips gently touched mine. With just a fleeting kiss, the lingering sensation made my heart flutter.


 While I was distracted by his lips, the ribbon on my chest was untied and my breasts were exposed.

 Aqua gently touches my breasts, as if confirming their shape. Recently, they’ve grown a bit, and Aqua, seemingly satisfied, smiles.


 Aqua delicately licks and sucks on my nipples. Truly, Aqua loves breasts. As the type who can’t help but desire to have a baby when her breasts are sucked, I appeal to Aqua with a face that says I want him to insert while rubbing my inner thighs.

 ”Do you want it?”

 ”Yes. Fill me up with Aqua’s.”

 Aqua unties the tightly fastened ribbon and presses his own thing against my entrance.

 Insertion is imminent.

 The sensation of Aqua and my body connecting, the burning passion, heats up the depths of my chest.

 As if to fill the loneliness and sadness, Aqua’s thing pushes up my deep inside.

 He makes me feel that I am his, he fills the gap in my heart.


 Aqua repeatedly leaves marks on my neck. In return, I mark Aqua’s chest. Such a small sense of possession is forgivable because, in this moment, I want him to look only at me.


 Every time Aqua whispers my name in my ear, my body reacts with small tremors. Oh… No. Trying to suppress my post-orgasmic body only intensifies the sensitivity of my skin.

 Enduring the waves of pleasure that come with each thrust is challenging enough, but just a gentle touch from Aqua, meeting his heated gaze, feeling his sweet and excited breath, overwhelms me with an irresistible sense of bliss.

 More, more… I want him to feel pleasure through me, my body, my voice, my reactions, my gestures, and inside me.

 I know how to make Aqua feel good.

 Because it was Aqua who trained my body and mind like that.

 ”Aqua… I love you.”

 With coquettish gestures, I sweetly call Aqua’s name, clinging to him with a feminine body to stimulate his desires. The more I indulge, the more I plead, the more Aqua enlarges his possession and takes delight.

 ”Ah, ah, ah…”

 No, just thinking about Aqua’s manhood makes my v*gina convulse. The first time I saw Aqua’s, I was truly surprised.

 The size, thickness, prominent veins, curvature, the shape of the glans… each aspect reinforces the instinct that a woman cannot surpass a man. Just by seeing it, and if inserted, my body understands even more.

 Despite Aqua’s gentleness, it becomes fierce and violent… ah, imagining it alone, love juices overflow from my v*gina, staining the sheets.

 ”Mm…Aqua, you can do it harder”

 I want him to know that I am all his, so he can use me as much as he want.

 I might be a little naughty, but I wrap my legs around Aqua’s waist and ask him to do it harder to me.

 ”Ah…! Hmm!!”

 Aqua’s hips accelerate. I can feel Aqua’s possession pressing against the deepest, most pleasurable part of me.

 Each time, I can’t help but think, is it possible to be this happy? After all, for a woman, there is no greater joy than being desired without asking. Right, Aqua? How… is it? Is mine properly shaped like Aqua’s? I want you to piston more, examine every corner, and shape my precious parts into the form that brings you the most pleasure. Because the more you enjoys it, the happier I become.

 ”Ah! Ah! Ah… No, impossible, it feels too good, I’m going crazy.”

 Responding to the signs of me who wants more, Aqua answers.

 Ah, I feel like my head is really going to explode.

 If this room were a room where you couldn’t leave without having s*x for a month, that would be great. I find myself thinking about stupid things like that, drowning in s*x with Aqua.

 Usually, I’m fine, but once I’m embraced, it’s no good.

 During the act, I wish this time could last forever.



 My true feelings came out unintentionally.

 Because, I really wanted Aqua so badly.

 My body and heart know that being released is the most pleasurable moment.


 Aqua’s movements, his hip movements, became even more intense.

 My body remembers that this is a piston when he is about to ej**te.

 The moment I realized it would be released inside, I couldn’t endure the pleasure to the point where my body twisted.

 ”Ah, I’m coming! No, no! I’m…! Hmm, no… please forgive me.”

 Even though I don’t want Aqua to see such embarrassing moments, I find myself floating my hips, seeking pleasure on my own.

 I’m sorry. I whispered in my heart multiple times, apologizing for being such a lascivious girl, craving Aqua’s s*men wantonly, and asking for forgiveness.


 Aqua’s part trapped within my v*ginal walls is moving in a steady rhythm, and at that moment, I realize he has released inside me. Aqua’s s*men, pulsating within me, entwines, erasing the boundaries between us and filling the gaps between us.

 Shame rushes into my head as I regain composure. Ohhh, it’s so embarrassing!


 When I turned my face away, not wanting Aqua to see my climax expression, he forcibly turned my chin, making me face him.

 Aqua’s such a cheat, I think. Because, usually, he’s so kind to me, but only in times like this, he’s mean to me…. Aqua dropped a light kiss on my cheek and forehead.

 Ah… dangerous. Normally, he already looks cool, but he looks even cooler, and maybe my liking for him increases by 100% or even 200% or 500%. When it gets like this, there’s a part of me that can’t even look into his eyes because my overflowing love makes it impossible.

 Even so…

 ”I like you, Kanon. I love you.”

 Yeah, yeah, yeah, I like you more, so what? If anything, I think I love you more. I don’t doubt Aqua’s feelings, but my love and liking are definitely heavier.

 But, I don’t want Aqua to think I’m a burdensome girl, so I have to keep it a secret.

 ”Well then… one more time…?”

 ”Sure. Whether it’s two or three times, let’s do it as much as Kanon wants.”

 Hey! You understand, don’t you!!

 If you realize my feelings, just say you realize. Geez!!

 Whether it’s the second round or the third round, I, who was pampered just enough, ended up falling asleep in bed without realizing it.

 ”Ah, morning baths feel good.”


 The next morning, I sat on Aqua’s lap and the two of us soaked in the bath, gazing at the outside scenery.

 Yes, of course, after a battle in the morning. Because… after seeing it grow so much, I couldn’t help but want it.

 Men are amazing. No, maybe Aqua is special. Becoming so big from the morning, it’s heart-fluttering, and I feel the urge to make him feel good and refreshed. No, it’s half true, but half because I did it.

 Sorry. It’s inevitable that men get an er*ction in the morning as a physiological phenomenon, but in my case, I was just in heat normally. Because of that, breakfast got delayed.

 ”Hey, what’s wrong, Kanon?”

 ”Ah, um… sorry. I spaced out for a moment. Maybe I got too warm in the bath.”

 ”Then, how about taking it easy in the morning before we head out?”


 We ordered breakfast through room service.

 Yeah, everything looks delicious. Feeling hungry, I ate eagerly.

 ”I’m glad we could come on a honeymoon trip, Kanon.”

 ”Me too, spending relaxed time with Aqua made me really happy.”

 After having breakfast, we took a leisurely stroll around, then headed back home.

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