Male Idol V11c12

Volume 11 Chapter 12 Shirogane Aqua, An Unexpected Combination

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 After parting ways with Kanon, I rode my bike to meet someone.

 The road was more crowded than I thought, and I was barely on time for the scheduled meeting. I managed to park my bike in the quiet parking space of a peaceful park, conveniently located between a residential and commercial area. Since this park had few people, it was ideal for meeting someone.

 ”Oh, there you are.”

 I spotted the person I was looking for sitting on the park’s swing and called out, “Hey.”

 ”Hey, long time no see.”

 ”Long time indeed… Aqua-san.”

 Oh! Still a bit awkward, but I’m impressed by the improvement in his language skills compared to before.

 ”Three nights ago, you came here? I’m glad to see you doing well, Charlie.”

 ”Yes, the live performance was on video, but I saw the night parade live. Also, the Driver and yesterday’s Yuu-oni.”

 ”Haha, you’re really watching a lot. Thanks!”

 ”No, I learned a lot from everything.”

 He still says nice things as always.

 Meeting Charlie like this, it’s been since we co-starred in Corolle’s fashion show, but maybe because we frequently exchange calls and emails, it doesn’t feel that long. I’m looking forward to the day we co-star again, especially since I’ve heard he’s been working hard on acting, not just as a model.

 ”How did you manage to come here? Wasn’t there any issue with travel restrictions?”

 For male travelers, both an entry permit and an exit permit are required.

 When I went to take Kanon, I had to rely on many people and use some tricks. I wonder how Charlie managed to come to Japan.

 ”Sure. When I said I wanted to see Aqua-san’s activities live, Stars Orthodox Church’s Kythera-sama and former Queen Mary cooperated.”

 ”Oh, I see. I should express my gratitude to them later.”

 I haven’t talked much with Kythera-san, but since she served as Kanon’s guardian for a long time, I want to talk properly or express my thanks. I heard that she is currently living here for the activities of the Stars Orthodox Church, so I’ll try asking Grandmother Mary if we can make time to meet somewhere.

 ”By the way, where are the escorts?”

 ”If you mean the escort people, they’re already around the park, so, you know, there’s only Aqua-san and me here, right?”

 Now that it’s mentioned, that’s true. Even though I chose a not very popular park, there are clearly not many people around. If you look closely, there’s a construction sign at the entrance and a lady dressed as a guard. I see, they are making sure that other people don’t enter the park.

 ”Anyway, if we stay here, we’ll inconvenience people using the park. Shall we go into some random shop?”

 ”Yes. So, um, I have a place I want to go…”

 I peek at the screen of the phone Charlie is offering.

 ”Ramen Takeko!?”

 ”Yes. I want to eat Takeko’s La Maine too.”


 I put Charlie on the back of the bike and head towards Ramen Takeko. When I check the rearview mirror, I see the guards were following in the car.

 ”Let’s go then.”


 I park the bike nearby, heading to Ramen Takeko with Charlie. Since it’s lunchtime, there are a lot of people lined up at Takeko’s. Charlie and I stand in line like normal.


 As the older women in front of us turned to hand over a sign that said ‘end of the line,’ they froze upon seeing us. We’re dressed like incognito celebrities, but surely, we’re about to be found out…

 ”The… the… real one?”

 ”Sister, maybe it’s a fake?”

 ”Oh, th-that voice… Ah, it’s the real deal!”

 ”Haha, busted. But it’s a secret, okay?”

 Everyone around has probably caught on by now, but saying ‘a secret’ in times like these is a classic move. The big sisters kindly asked if they wanted us to switch to their place, but I politely declined.

 I’d explained to Charlie that ramen is a meal from the moment you line up. I revel in the scent wafting from the shop and let myself grow hungrier. It helps me focus when I face the ramen, diving into the meal.

 ”No way… seriously?”

 ”Whoaaaa! Why, of all times, did I have to run into him while waiting in line for a hefty bowl of ramen at Takeko’s?”

 ”I came casually, like I always do, so I didn’t make up.”

 ”Wait a sec, isn’t that boy behind him too?”

 ”Isn’t that Charlie? Saw his info on the board; he might be here for the winter break, coming to hang out.”

 ”Charlie-kun eats ramen? I thought he’d prefer more sophisticated dishes.”

 ”Huh? Don’t underestimate La Maine. It might be served at the next world conference!”

 ”No, no, no. Aqua-sama wouldn’t come to such a shabby place——Huh? No way?”

 ”Customers, indeed, the amount of noodles might be hearty, but our classic and refreshing Ramen Takeko always focuses on elegant seasoning. Also, our staff ensures thorough cleanliness, so calling it shabby is unnecessary.”

 ”Oh… Sorry. My bad…”

 Huh? I react to a familiar voice and look ahead.

 Oh…! Ah, that unmistakably large bulge like Mt. Fuji, it’s Emily-san!

 Upon closer inspection, the bulging pocket has written on it, “Part-time Leader Yukishiro Emily, Master License.”

 Wow!! Although Takeko-san has over 100 disciples, only three have reached the level of ‘Master License,’ which symbolizes a complete mastery. And yet, achieving Master License just through a part-time job! Emily-san seems to be a really serious person despite her appearance! My one-sided fondness for her is skyrocketing!

 ”Emily-san, Emily-san.”


 I motion Emily-san over in a hushed tone.

 ”A-Aqua-sama!? To be called over in the middle of the day… no, um, did you come to eat La Maine?”

 ”Yes. Today, my Stars’ friend is also joining.”

 ”…Ahem, in that case, if you go straight along this corner and turn right, there’s a recommended Western-style restaurant. Takako’s La Maine may be delicately flavored, but its base is the chicken broth squeezed to the last drop, and the quality of the wheat we use is from a deceitful origin—um, ergh!”

 Someone suddenly appears from behind and covers Emily’s mouth as she starts speaking rapidly.

 I couldn’t hear what Emily was saying very well from the middle, but I think she must have said something nice to care about the shop, because she is a pure-hearted person.

 ”You’re letting your true self show, Emily. Hold it back.”

 ”Huh? Claire-san?”

 My classmate Claire-san whispered something in Emily’s ear.

 Come to think of it, they know each other, right?

 But why is she here?

 ”Um… actually, I’m working here for pocket money…”

 ”Wow. Really?”

 That’s amazing.

 She says it’s for pocket money, but she is also a pure-hearted person, so I think she came to help Emily-san with her work because she felt sorry for her being busy.

 ”Um, I think the group that ate inside will come out soon, so wait a bit, okay?”

 ”Got it!”

 Claire-san looked around carefully and moved her head left and right. Then she whispered to me in a low voice near my ear.

 ”Aqua-kun, be careful. There is someone you know inside.”

 Someone I know? Who could it be?

 Maybe Ayana? Or Reira? Or Kobayakawa-san or Director Hongou?

 I was waiting with a relaxed feeling when I heard a familiar voice from the opened bamboo door.

 ”Wow, I ate a lot. This is the best place to fill your stomach, right?”

 When I heard the wow, I reacted and hid behind Emily-san in a second.

 I could have hidden behind Claire-san too, but hiding behind the bigger one is better…no, never mind.

 ”Ramen shops are just tastier when they’re a bit grungy, don’t you think? Look at this place, it looks like it’s about to collapse any moment! It’s different from those trendy, expensive ramen joints with fancy foreign names. The taste is simple, just soy sauce, and honestly, the fried rice here is even better than the ramen…”

 No harm intended, right? Well, actually, I could take this as a compliment. But… no matter how I hear it, it sounds like she’s not praising anything at all, or rather, it sounds like she’s criticizing.

 ”Um, Kohina-senpai, maybe it’s better not to talk so loudly in front of the store…”

 ”It’s okay, it’s okay. Everyone who comes here is thinking the same thing anyway. If you just want to eat delicious ramen, you can go somewhere else. Takeko ramen is different… they don’t care about those low-level things. They just want to fill people’s stomach… They want people to enjoy the simple taste that never changes… They want people to pretend to be a ramen expert who knows everything… They want people to be happy with Takeko’s ramen in their stomach… They also want people to eat in a noisy and showy place and forget about being alone… that’s what we people are all like!!”

 I almost wanted to say that the last reason was only for her.

 And, she has same reason for filling her stomach!!

 Come on, Ayana, you have to say something.


 Kohina-senpai tilted her head 45 degrees and twitched her nose.

 Oh no, did she notice me!?

 ”Something smells like Useless Aqua…”

 No way!?

 Please, God. I was lying when I said I could do it at the shrine yesterday. Please save me from Kohina-senpai’s evil hands. Please!!

 ”Huh…ah, ahhh, Aqua-sama?”


 I hide behind Emily-san and Claire-san, using them as shields.

 ”Please, stay like this for a while…”

 ”OK, OK, then here, hurry”

 The two smart girls understood what I wanted and pushed me into a nearby storage room, guarding me from sight.

 What, what!?

 ”Oh… Claire”

 ”Ayana, hello…”

 It seems Ayana noticed Claire-san.

 I could hear their conversation from inside the storage room.

 I felt nervous when I heard Kohina-senpai’s voice mixed in.

 ”Hm? Ayana-chan, do you know her?”

 ”Yes, we are classmates in the same high school”

 ”Oh, I see… Useless Aqua seems to like these elegant-looking girls, huh?”



 ”Well, it’s true. That guy generally likes either elegant-looking girls or big-breasted older women. Oh, by the way, what about the other part-timer? You know, the one with big breasts and an elegant appearance…”

 ”Hahaha, um, if it’s Emily-san, she’s, um, gone for shopping…”

 ”Hmm, I see. So, she’s not avoiding me, right?”

 That ‘hmm’ is definitely suspicious.

 Oh, already! You should head home soon after eating the ramen you want, I silently comment to myself.

 I mean, I have things to do after this, and I can’t afford to be caught up with Kohina-senpai and abducted.

 Sorry to Ayana, who will be sacrificed alone, but I’m counting on you for Kohina-senpai!

 ”Oh, you…”

 ”Hello, nice to meet you.”

 Ugh, Kohina-senpai noticed Charlie’s presence.

 She is good at reading the mood, only at times like this.

 I squeeze my palm, hoping she won’t notice me too.


 I react to the seductive sigh of a woman.

 Ah, what…? Somehow, my palm feels really nice.


 I look at the source of the voice, and see Emily-san’s flushed face with moist eyes.

 Squishy, squishy… could it be that this happy sensation in my palm is…!

 ”Mm, no more…”

 ”I-I’m sorry…”

 To be blunt, this is an accident.

 So, I tell myself that it can’t be helped because it’s an accident.

 I turned my gaze towards Emily-san again, but quickly averted my eyes.


 These words are not suitable for someone like Emily-san, a pure woman, but no other words came to mind.

 She clings to me, looks at me with a flirty eye, has a beautiful nose, lips that want me, bangs that stick to her sweaty forehead, white breath that is hot, clothes that are messy, a sweet smell that makes me crazy, all of that makes me excited.

 Oh no… by the time I realize it, the other me has already reacted. And not just a little, it’s a complete climax from the beginning.

 One Kohina Yukari, two Kohina Yukari, three Kohina Yukari…

 To calm my heart, I imagine a small Kohina-senpai jumping over fences in my mind. Phew… I’ve calmed down a bit. Thank you, Kohina-senpai. If it wasn’t you I imagined, things might have taken a different turn. As I avert my gaze awkwardly, Emily-san starts glancing at my face.

 Stop, stop, you are already so pretty and clean and have big boobs that make me want to cuddle with you. You have everything that I like, just like Kohina-senpai said. If you look at me with those wet eyes, I might get the wrong idea.

 Moreover, I just held Kanon this morning, and now, a few hours later, I’m harboring such desires for her dear friend. It fills me with apologies toward both of them. But, thanks to that feeling, I managed to suppress my excitement somehow.

 ”Emily-san, I’m really sorry earlier.”

 ”Oh, um… it wasn’t intentional, and, well… I’m sorry for pushing my big one onto you.”

 There’s no Shirogane Aqua who wouldn’t be happy about having a big one pressed against them!! Well, even if they were small, it would be fine. I wanted to say that there’s no Shirogane Aqua who wouldn’t be happy about having breasts pressed against them, at least not in this world line anymore!! But I held back.

 ”So, that’s how it is… I knew it”

 Ah, what? Did I say that out loud?

 I pretended to be clueless and covered it up.

 ”Hmm, I still feel like, there was some trace of him around here.”

 Kohina-senpai was still here!?

 Come on, please go home already while we were talking!!

 Look, me and Emily had a little naughty mufu mufu event just now, so you can go back now. Yes, your part for today is over!!

 ”Kohina-senpai… you’re in the way of the shop, so please hurry up…”

 ”Haah, fine. Then, I’ll leave you alone for today”

 Phew… she finally left….

 I felt like our eyes met through the gap of the door, but it must be my imagination. Yeah, let’s pretend it was my imagination.

 ”Claire-san, thank you for hiding me”

 ”No problem, it’s my job to protect the customers”

 Ahhhh, what a good girl she is.

 I wish I could make Kohina-senpai drink some of the dirt from Claire-san’s nails.

 ”Also, Emily-san, I’m sorry again. And I’m sorry that Kohina-senpai caused you trouble…”

 ”Oh, yeah, it’s fine, it’s always like this, Kohina-san is a regular here…”

 A regular, huh! I told the two of them that they can ban her if she ever cause any trouble.

 ”I guess the Kohina Yukari route is hopeless…”

 ”I laughed so hard at the otome game-like scenario”

 ”I thought a real otome game had started”

 ”Huh, wait, isn’t the otome game the true story?”

 ”‘I don’t want meet Kohina Yukari in the game, nor in reality,’ lol”

 ”There was really a wild Kohina Yukari”

 ”I was afraid that a wild Morikawa would pop out of the bushes. Yes, that’s me”

 ”It was worth coming to Takeko just to see this exchange for free”

 ”If I knew there was such an event, I would expect more people to come to Takeko”

 As Kohina-senpai left, more and more customers came out.

 Charlie and I were seated at the counter and ordered the Heaven’s Sword collaboration ramen and the secret menu for Shirogane Aqua, which had double the amount of char siu, flavored egg, seaweed, and bamboo shoots. It was called the Kenzaki Special.

 ”This is amazing… The broth has a deep flavor of dashi, a subtle soy sauce aroma, and thin curly noodles that seem to break any moment. Everything is so elegant, it’s like I’m tasting a full course in one bowl… Amazing! This is Japan’s ramen, right?”

 ”Uh… yeah”

 I’m happy if Charlie likes it.

 I finished the Kenzaki ramen and thanked Takeko-san for the delicious meal.

 I also added that she could kick out Kohina-senpai if she said anything rude.

 ”Huh? Emily-san, are you delivering?”

 When I went outside the shop, Emily-san was on the shop’s bike.

 ”Um… I just finished my part-time job, and I’m going to Grandmother Mary’s regular checkup now”

 ”Is that so, thank you always”

 Even if she says she is healthy, I worry about Grandmother living alone as a family, even in the same apartment.

 That’s why I suggested living together, but Grandmother Mary said she didn’t want to bother our married life.

 Emily-san is the one who works as a maid for her, so I and Kanon can trust her.

 ”Oh… then, I’m sorry to ask you this, but can you check on Kanon too?”

 ”What happened?”

 ”Hmm, she felt a bit low around noon… I think Pegonia-san is with her, so she should be fine, but if you have some time later, can you please check on her for a bit?”

 ”Sure, I understand.”

 Maybe she is just tired from traveling, but I was a little worried. Maybe it was because I did too much last night, or because I was too eager this morning.

 If that’s the case, I feel very sorry. But she was normal until the morning. She looked a bit sleepy at noon, but I think she will be okay if she sleeps. I will try to be back early, and I will leave her alone for now.

 ”So, Charlie, do you want to go somewhere?”

 ”Oh, uh…Aqua-san, don’t you have anything to do?”

 ”Ah, there’s nothing in particular… Today, let’s see how everyone is doing by visiting the training camp a bit.”

 ”Training camp…?”

 Ah, I see. I explained to Charlie that I’m conducting Beryl’s audition. Charlie seemed interested in the training camp and offered to observe.

 ”Is it… allowed?”

 It’s fine. Well then, shall we go together?”

 It seems that Charlie is interested in Beryl’s audition and the girls I selected. I put Charlie back on the bike, and we head to the place where the training camp is being held.

 ”Good morning!”

 ”Good morning!”

 We arrived at the training camp, checked the schedule posted at the entrance, and headed to the large room where live performances are being instructed.

 ”Good morning!”

 ””””””””””Good morning!!””””””””””

 ”Good morning!” (T/N: It’s spelled in katakana)

 I enter the big room and say hello. The audition members all look at me at once.

 Even though it’s almost winter, the room is filled with heat.

 Wow! Everyone is doing well. I nod back with satisfaction.

 ”Good morning, Mizumin-sensei.”

 ”Oh, Aqua-kun, you came. And he is…”

 ”Hello, nice to meet you, I’m Charlie.”

 ”I’m Mizusumi Ichise from Beryl Entertainment. I’m in charge of choreography and dance performance guidance. Nice to meet you, Charlie-kun.”

 ”Oh, thank you very much.”

 ”Hehe, you are good at Japanese.”

 I greet Mizumin-sensei and look at the members again.

 The first one I see is Yamada Maruo-kun.

 He is wiping his sweat and breathing hard with his hands on his knees. He looks very tired.

 The guy next to him, Kokuchō Kujaku-kun, looks cool and relaxed at first glance, but I can tell he’s also having a hard time by the way he’s breathing through his shoulders.

 Hang in there, buddy!

 I cheer for them in my mind.

 On the other hand, the girls seem to be still fine.

 Summer King, who was the best in the physical test, and Kirihara Karen-san, Inori Hisui-san, and Fii-chan, who were close behind, are acting normal and cheerful, and Amamiya Kotori-san, who was smiling even though she was at the bottom of the physical test, and Hoshikawa Mio-san, who doesn’t show a drop of sweat, are amazing. From these two, who were already serious from the preliminary screening, I can see something like a professional spirit.

 But even though they were fighting for the last place in the physical test, Haa-chan didn’t look tired at all, and Kukuri-chan even smiled with ease. I think they are monsters. Anyone who took Mizumin-sensei’s guidance should know how hard it is, but they look like they haven’t started practicing yet.

 For these two, maybe it’s because of their position, or the environment they grew up in. On the other hand, the middle schoolers who don’t look strong, my Lapis, and Miyako-chan, are having a hard time.

 I won’t say where, but Miyako-chan is big, so it can’t be helped, but Lapis and Lazuli have a lot of room for improvement compared to Subaru-chan, who has the same height and weight. They both seem to be running well, but they still need to train more from the basics.

 Idols are about stamina, and stamina is a must for idols.

 ”That was perfect. Aqua-kun, can you show everyone an example with the other teacher?”

 ”Sure! Wait, the other teacher?”

 Huh? Isn’t it only Mizumin-sensei at this time? I tilted my head and a question mark popped up in my mind. Then, someone tapped my shoulder from behind.

 ”Did you enjoy the ramen?”


 I thought my heart was going to jump out.

 It’s too early for horror in winter.

 I knew who it was by the voice, but I turned around slowly to check, just in case.

 ”This is not a game world, you know. You can’t run away from me in the real world. You are too naive in many ways!!”

 ”Oh, sorry to bother you. Um…thanks for the lunch the other day.”

 Next to the standing Kohina-senpai, Ayana looked sorry.

 I ignored Kohina-senpai’s smug face and talked to Ayana.

 ”Ayana, thank you so much for last time. Let’s have dinner again, just the two of us.”

 ”Hey! You should invite me too!!”

 When I emphasized the two of us on purpose, Kohina-senpai pushed me hard from below.

 Oh, come on. Kohina-senpai, please learn a little from Ayana. Look, she is blushing and cute. Ayana doesn’t push me like senpai does.

 ”So, why are you here, Kohina-senpai?”

 ”I brought Ayana-chan here as a surprise for you, who are trying to produce an idol. If you want to teach a female idol, there is no one better than Ayana-chan. She is the top of the center among the girl idols!”

 Sure…. Normally, I would think that Ayana is not very reliable because she is from another company, so I excluded her. But then again, Kohina-senpai didn’t care about that kind of common sense, did she?

 I see, Kohina-senpai’s crazy actions can be useful sometimes. I pat Kohina-senpai’s head with gratitude.


 ”Senpai, you saved me this time. Thank you very much”

 ”Huh…hmm! I, I don’t care if you understand!!”

 Huh? I thought she would get cocky and ask for more praise, but she reacted differently.

 ”You should always thank me like that. Geez”

 ”Kohina-senpai, did you say something?”

 ”I didn’t say anything!! Come on, hurry up and show me the example”

 ”Roger that!”

 I peek at the script that Ayana received.

 Hmm, it’s like this.

 I gesture with my hands and match the image with Ayana and Mizumin-sensei in a short time.

 ”Let’s form a group of five for this song. Me, sensei, and that kid over there—let’s make it five, okay?”

 ”Huh… Senpai, can you dance?”

 ”Of course. Being the center might be too much, but don’t underestimate me.”

 Seriously… I’m a bit nervous, but if Kohina-senpai can do it, then I can too. I have 120% confidence in Kohina-senpai’s work, no, 1000% trust. Charlie seems motivated too, so let’s give it a try!

 Now, the five of us gather for a brief meeting again. Sorry to the audition members, but these unexpected five members are lifting my spirits. Maybe this is a once-in-a-lifetime thing. Realizing that, more cameras operated by the staff start appearing. Before I know it, Director Hongou is operating the main camera.

 ”Alright then, let’s do this, everyone!”





 As five people stand by in a standing position, the BGM starts playing.

 ’If it’s a once-in-a-lifetime love, I’ll fall for you.’

 Normally, it would be just a dance, but since we’re at it, there’s a bonus song. Of course, I am the center. Although I could have given it to Ayana, I wanted someone with a mature voice for this part.

 ’Let’s exchange a lascivious kiss.’

 My voice, Ayana’s, and Kohina-senpai’s voices overlap. I knew Ayana could do it from the start, but damn, I underestimated Kohina-senpai’s abilities a bit. Even though she’s an actor, she’s surprisingly good at both dancing and singing. Why did she fail the audition with these skills? Was there a personality test too!?

 ’Petal scattered, gently falling. I spent my time counting the countless stars sparkling in the sky.’

 Kohina-senpai is good at coordination, and even in the solo part, her singing and dancing are stable.

 The reason for this is just a slight sense of discomfort. Maybe it’s because I’m an idol that I noticed. Ayana, who is on the opposite side of Kohina-senpai, probably noticed it too.

 Is this… copying me completely when I’m an idol? The more similar the other me is, the more uncomfortable it feels. That’s why I noticed.

 Still, are you kidding me? Is there really such a trick?! I wanted to say that, but common sense doesn’t apply to monsters.

 However, now I understand why this person failed the audition. A copy is a copy, so she can’t become the real thing. Still, when it comes to guidance, it’s a different story. I see, so that’s why she said she could do it.

 ’Even though our feelings resonate, I can’t be honest and say it’s your fault, masking the true feelings.’

 In this situation, Ayana must be serious. More than anything, if she’s going to copy someone of the same gender, Ayana would be a better choice, but Kohina-senpai chose me.

 It was simple. If she had to copy an idol, Kohina-senpai chose me. I think she did it to tease Ayana, but for Ayana, it was like picking a fight. She tried to take the lead role from her, with a performance that didn’t look like her first time singing and dancing.

 ’I want to tell’

 Ayana’s voice and dance, with Mizumin-sensei and Charlie’s voice and dance. Mizumin-sensei, she can sing well too. And Charlie too… I remember he said he was working on his strength after the runway. He wants to be an actor, but he can dance and sing too… He might be a monster. Even at this point, he’s more focused on his performance… No, I have to focus on the performance.

 ’My true feelings’

 My solo part. I put my emotions in the few words. I looked at the audition members and said, watch me well.

 ’I want to show’

 Ayana, Mizumin-sensei, and Charlie’s chorus overlaps.

 ’The honest me’

 Kohina-senpai’s solo part. She also put her feelings into the few words.

 Ugh, her part has few words and no dance, so she just has to put emotions into her words. She is better than me at that. But I still beat her with my gestures and expressions, but she copies them from my previous part.

 ’Do as you wish, don’t regret, take a step!!’

 Now, Charlie and my performance.

 We sing well, of course, and our finger movements match perfectly in the dance. I feel a chill on my back.

 ’GO! GO! GO!’

 Wow! This is so fun!!

 We were supposed to do only the first chorus, but we did the whole performance.

 ”Thank you, everyone. You were the best examples.”

 ”Thank you very much!”

 ”Thank you!”

 ”Thank you very much”

 ”Thank you very much”

 Hey, is this for real, meeting for the first time and doing this… We can do it at the dome right away, this… Tried it, but Ayana is really amazing. It’s different from just doing a duet. When it includes dancing, or rather, when it becomes like an idol song, Ayana’s cuteness becomes two or even ten times more.

 ”Sigh, I’m tired. Isn’t it weird that you and Ayana-chan are doing so many songs like this?”

 Kohina-senpai seems satisfied with just one more song and sits down in a corner chair, exhausted.

 ”It was tougher than I thought… But it was a good experience. Thanks, Aqua-san.”

 ”Likewise, Charlie has good muscles. Also, your learning is abnormally fast. It was almost perfect.”

 I hand Charlie a bottle of tea.

 ”Sorry. In the middle… Well, I got serious from the beginning. So it might not have been very helpful.”

 ”No, that’s not true. The real performance that Ayana, the top idol, showed us will definitely help everyone. It’s not normal to see something like this from such a close distance. Thank you. You really saved me.”

 If you really want to aim for being an idol, you should have remembered this performance in your mind.

 And you probably won’t forget it for your whole life. Everyone did it with that much passion.

 I bowed my head to the four people who were resting in the corner.

 Thank you very much!

 After that, I went with Ayana and talked to each person individually while watching their performances.

 Some of the girls were actively asking Ayana for guidance, which I think was a good thing.

 On the other hand, Yamada Maruo-kun dared to talk to Kohina-senpai.

 ”Um… how can I do a performance like Aqua-san?”

 ”Impossible. It’s impossible. No matter how much stamina you have, copying such a monster is impossible. Give up.”


 ”But there’s no way. Instead, you should build up more stamina first. That’s the foundation for anything you do. I won’t teach someone with weak basics and stamina! That’s final!”

 ”I-I understand. Thank you!”

 Um, senpai? Yamada-kun was a hikikomori. Could you use a bit gentler words… Oh, well. Just talking to him is kind enough, right? I see. I won’t say anything more.

 ”I’m going for a run!!”

 I tried to encourage Yamada-kun, but he just went running without responding. I see… Seems like the previous approach was fine for him.

 ”Do you want me to teach you how to teach people, too?”


 I couldn’t say anything. I reluctantly accepted Kohina-senpai’s triumphant expression.

 ”Thank you both for today. Ayana and Kohina-senpai, you really helped me today.”

 ”No problem. I also had a rare experience today. Thank you, Aqua.”

 ”That’s right, that’s right. Once you understand that, you should show more gratitude, like worshiping me regularly. If you get it, invite me to dinner next time!”

 If someone were here, I’d like to say this. Do you understand? The earnest and cute Ayana and Kohina-senpai, that’s the difference. It’s not just my imagination that I end up not wanting to thank even if I want to.

 ”All right, take care, both of you.”

 After parting ways with the two, I return to the training camp. Oh? Come to think of it, where did Charlie go? I looked around the training camp, but he’s nowhere to be found. Does that mean he’s outside? I inform Mizumin-sensei and Director Hongou and the staff that I’m going back and go outside to look for Charlie.

 ”Ah, you were here, huh? What’s up?”

 ”Aqua-san, this kitty…”

 Charlie was holding a white cat in his arms.


 Hm? It sounds weak.

 I look closer and see that the cat has a hurt leg.

 ”We should take it to the hospital”

 I put Charlie and the cat on the back of my Bike and go to the nearest animal hospital.

 Luckily, the injury was not too bad and I feel relieved.

 ”Um…Aqua-san, are you sure it’s okay?”

 ”Yeah. This is fate. I’ll talk to Kanon later, but I’ll keep it. If not, I’ll find a good home for it. Don’t worry. Okay?”

 Actually, I talked to Kanon before when we watched AV, Animal Video, about rescue cats. We said we wanted to live with a cat we saved if we had a chance.

 I say goodbye to Charlie and go back to my home on my Bike with the cat bag I got from the hospital.


 Just as I arrived home, I met Emily-san again at the front door.

 ”Emily. You came to check on her. Thank you very much”



 What’s wrong? For a brief moment, Emily-san looked like she had a hoge face like Kaede.

 ”Uh, well…that cat?”

 ”Oh, actually…”

 I explained to Emily-san what happened.

 ”But, maybe, though…Aqua-sama…didn’t hear anything?”


 I tilted my head, not understanding what Emily-san meant.

 ”Out of all people, they didn’t tell the most important person, are all the characters idiots…damn, I thought Pegonia-san was the only sane one, but she was actually having fun in her head with a calm face.”

 Emily-san muttered something with a pale face. What’s going on?

 ”Ah…um, for now, I’ll take care of the kitty. So, Aqua-sama, please go and see Kanon.”

 ”Oh, okay, this is my home, so I was planning to do that…huh? You’re taking the cat?”

 ”Yes. I’ll take responsibility for it, so don’t worry.”

 I didn’t understand why she wanted to take the cat, but I left it with Emily-san and went back to my home.

 Could it be…something happened to Kanon…!

 I rushed into Kanon’s room.

 ”Are you okay! Kanon!!”

 ”Ah, yeah…”

 I felt like Kanon looked more tired than usual.

 ”Kuh…I’m sorry. If I was by your side…!”

 ”Ah, yeah. But when I went to the hospital, Pegonia and Emily-senpai were there for me, so I’m fine.”


 I felt a pain in my chest as I saw Kanon trying to act strong so as not to worry me.

 It must be… she went to the hospital because she has some serious illness…

 Damn, get a grip. Shirogane Aqua!!

 Kanon must be feeling more pain and suffering than me. You have to be strong and take care of her!

 I try to motivate myself.

 ”I see… it was hard for you…”


 ”But, it’s okay. I’m here with you”

 I gently hold Kanon’s hand.

 ”I’m ready for anything”

 ”Aqua…thank you”

 Tears fall from Kanon’s eyes.

 At that moment, I, who have a sharp intuition, felt that she must have a very serious illness.

 ”So tell me, Kanon”


 ”I’m fine. I’ll support you no matter what”

 ”Wait a minute, Aqua?”

 ”Kanon, come on, tell me. What happened. It’s okay. I’m here”

 ”Uh, ah, yeah… I’m pregnant”

 ”I see… a baby… huh? What?”

 I look at Pegonia-san who was next to me.

 ”Nice joke”

 If you knew from the start, why didn’t you tell meeeeeeeeeee!

 What, I didn’t get any message like that!?

 Well, whatever, that doesn’t matter now.

 ”Thank you Kanon!!”

 I hugged Kanon’s head and squeezed her.

 ”Oh, yeah. I’ll do my best”

 I listened to the whole story from Kanon and Pegonia-san.

 It seems they were both too happy about the sudden news and forgot to contact me.

 Ah, yeah…sorry. No, actually, I’m sorry.

 ”So, Emily-san, thank you very much”

 I talked a little with Grandmother Mary and went to Emily-san’s room, who was taking care of the cat.

 ”Um…this kitty. Can I keep her? At least, I think it’s better if I take care of her until Kanon’s parenting is settled”

 ”Oh, yeah. That would be helpful, but…then I’ll come here sometimes too”


 ”Ah, well, only if it’s not a bother for Emily-san…”

 ”It’s not a bother at all”

 It was an instant answer. Before I could ask, “Really?” she said again, “It’s no trouble.”

 Well, then maybe I’ll take her up on it.

 ”I’ll pay for this child support, and I’ll come by to take care of it when I have time.”

 ”OK. Then here…”

 Emily-san gave me a key to her room.

 Is this OK? She’s a single girl who’s so beautiful and nice and has big breasts. Most high school boys would have naughty fantasies if they got a key from her.

 Oh, well, it’s fine.

 ”OK, then, I’ll go back to Kanon for a bit.”

 ”Yeah, me too. I need to explain the situation to her again. And I should tell her about the cat, just in case.”

 ”Uh-huh, yeah.”

 We left the room and went back to where Kanon was.

 But for some reason, Kaede was being scolded by Kotono. Did she do something again?

 What? The people from the national TV found out Kanon is pregnant?

 Ah, yeah. That’s fine. I have to tell them sooner or later anyway.

 I was thinking I would have to do a press conference on the national TV at some point.

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