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Volume 11 Chapter 13 Tsukimachi Ayana, The Final Episode Of Yuu-Onii

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai


 I got out of the bath and dried my hair with a hair dryer. Then I sat on the sofa in the living room.

 I massage my body to get ready for the end-of-the-year singing contest. I also put lotion on my skin because it is dry.


 I slowly rub bust-up cream on my chest.

 Who would buy this kind of product?

 Just a few months ago, no one cared about bust-up cream.

 This is the output of my translation task:

 Ever since that breast liberation declaration, they’ve been selling like hotcakes. Production can’t keep up with the demand.

 Honestly, everyone is a bit crazy… Well, I can’t say much since I’m using it too.

 The breast enhancement cream from the Saint’s Church that I use was recommended by Claire-san, and Kanon-san uses the same one.

 Well, Kanon-san said she has grown recently, but my size… I feel like it hasn’t changed. No, wait, maybe… Yeah, it hasn’t changed.

 While fussing in front of the mirror, the broadcast time of the drama I’m starring in, “My Honor Student Big Brother,” is approaching.

 ”It’s about time…”

 I operate the TV remote to tune in.

 This series, consisting of 12 episodes, broadcasted for about three months, and today is the finale.

 I already know the content, but I’ll watch it just in case.

 I don’t really want to watch the work I’m in, it’s embarrassing.

 But Kohina-senpai told me, if I’m not 100% satisfied with my acting, I should watch it as a punishment.

 ”Ah… it started”

 A dark room, a familiar doll appears on the screen.

 It’s the stuffed animal of Satou Sayuki that I played as Kasamichi Rina made in home economics class.


 I hear Satou Sayuki’s humming, played by Kohina-senpai.

 Sayuki’s actions were quick after she learned that she and her brother, Satou Kazuya, played by Aqua, were not blood-related.

 She trapped and framed her own mother, the head of the Satou family, and took over her position. Sayuki started to act to make her wishes come true.

 ’Come on, let’s go home’

 Sayuki rubbed her cheeks against the dolls and carefully placed them in the depths of her closet. On both sides, dolls of Rina and Kazuya, created by Sayuki in her home economics class, were neatly arranged.

 ’Things that are truly important must be stored deep inside… right?’

 Perhaps due to the camera angle shooting from inside the closet, the smiling Sayuki closing the door evoked a sense of fear.

 Sayuki’s love, the intensity of her attachment, was distorted. Wanting to protect her precious big brother and dear best friend isn’t inherently strange. Even conceding that, wanting to confine them in the safest place possible… well, I don’t understand.

 I don’t understand, but stories of mothers confining their sons, sisters confining their brothers, or younger sisters confining their older brothers exist in reality sometimes, so it’s not inherently strange. But… pushing Kazuya and Rina into isolation for that reason is something I absolutely cannot comprehend.

 ’Ah… ah…’

 In the rain, Kazuya fell down like he was collapsing.

 Sayuki was not his real sister.

 When Kazuya heard that, he tried to find out the truth by secretly investigating the Satou family for many episodes without telling his beloved sister.

 Kazuya found out that his real mother was Sayuki’s mother, who was the current head’s older sister.

 Kazuya tried to confront Sayuki’s mother with all the facts he had gathered with Rina, who had accidentally learned the situation, but Sayuki beat him to it.


 Rina, who had been looking for Kazuya all night, found him lying on the ground and ran to him.

 Ahhhhhh, maybe this is no good. I feel like I want to redo it right now.

 So Kohina-senpai probably told me to look, but even if I thought I was doing well at that time, due to my personality, I would think about doing it differently if possible.


 When I let out a big sigh, the program conveniently went to a commercial break.

 ”It’s cheating to have such a lively atmosphere just by standing.”

 I sulkingly recall Aqua’s scene from earlier. Whether it’s elegance or something else, Aqua, Kanon-san, Mishu-sama, and Emily-san all look picturesque just by standing. It’s not just about being good-looking, but I can’t explain it well. From Aqua and the others, I strongly feel the charm that attracts people’s eyes. I might have some charm as an idol, but the four I mentioned earlier are on a completely different level.

 Standing next to those people and playing the role is difficult, but I feel a sense of accomplishment, and to live as an actress, I have to overcome that. That’s why I decided to take Kohina-senpai as a reference.

 Kohina-senpai is certainly an actress, and her appearance is good. While she may not lack charm, there is still a considerable difference compared to Aqua and others. However, Kohina-senpai can surpass Aqua because, in every other aspect, she is superior to Aqua.

 ’Kazuya-oniichan, are you awake?’

 After the commercial break, Kazuya wakes up in Rina’s room.

 ’Rina… huh. I’m sorry. Despite all the help you’ve given me, I couldn’t reach the truth.’

 ’I know. I saw the news.’

 Sayuki’s mother, who had carried the sins of the aristocracy until then, was accused by her daughter Sayuki and arrested.

 Of course, Rina and Kazuya, who I play, don’t know that Sayuki arranged everything behind the scenes.

 ’This means I can’t confront that person anymore. At least until she pays for her crime and comes out to the outside world…’

 He can’t contact Sayuki’s mother, who is already restrained and locked up.

 Probably, even after her sentence is decided, he won’t be able to see her.

 ’Damn it! I just want to know the truth…!’

 Kazuya clenches the bed sheet tightly.

 Rina gently puts her hand on Kazuya’s hand.



 Rina’s eyes get a little wet, and she raises her voice to persuade Kazuya.

 ’The truth! The reality! All of it, it doesn’t matter anymore!!’


 Rina doesn’t want to see Kazuya getting hurt anymore.

 Maybe it would be better if he didn’t know the truth.

 Ever since he found out that she was blood-related to Kazuya, who had been investigating the Satou family, Rina had been suffering. What was this feeling that she had for Kazuya? Did she really like him as a man, or was this a love that she felt for her family without knowing it? She doesn’t know which one is right anymore.

 But one thing she knew was that she didn’t want to see Kazuya suffer anymore.

 ’Onii-chan, let’s quit school together. Kasamichi’s has a villa in Shizuoka, so let’s live there. In a place where no one knows us, let’s start a new life with me and you.’

 ’Rina…thank you.’

 Kazuya gently stroked Rina’s head, who had jumped into his chest.

 ’It might be good…. The Satou family also needs to decide on the next successor, and it would probably be smoother for Sayuki to take over if I’m not around. I’m sure it would be better for Sayuki too.’

 ’Yeah… Yeah!’

 Kazuya decided to distance himself from Sayuki, thinking about her. But, it’s not good. That option is not good.


 A shiver ran down her spine. The scene changed, and Rina turned around. There, a smiling Sayuki stood.

 ’Does Rina dislike me?’

 ’Sayuki? What are you talking about…?’

 The scene of Rina, or rather, me, trembling involuntarily on the screen, that wasn’t my acting. It was the result of Kohina-senpai’s acting forcing my body to react.

 As a performer, I know it from the script, and yet, even though this is take 2, I still react. That’s how scary it was… Now, those of people watching this scene for the first time must be even more scared. After all, even I, who was prepared for this scene, was scared.

 ’But more importantly, Sayuki, I have something to tell you. Will you listen?’

 Rina confessed everything to Sayuki. From not knowing who Kazuya was, being told by a stranger that he was not a child of the Satou family, struggling with the fact that he wasn’t biologically connected to his beloved Sayuki, constantly investigating the Satou family and his real mother, and the fact that her blood is only half connected to Kazuya. Because if things continue like this, Kazuya will break, so for a while, they’ll go to a villa in Shizuoka.

 Sayuki just listened quietly to Rina’s story. Scary, scary, scary… Why do I feel fear even though she isn’t saying anything or making big movements?

 Observing Kohina-senpai carefully again, it seemed that the slight movements of her hands, faint movements of her cheeks and throat, and the movements of her living lips alone expressed the fear. Kohina-senpai is really amazing after all.

 Actually, I think Kohina-senpai’s acting is better than Mishu-sama’s or Reira-san’s performances.

 Everyone might admire the born star Yukishiro Mikuni-san or the extraordinary Kuga Reira-san. However, Kohina Yukari is different. The limit of what an ordinary person can achieve is Kohina Yukari. That’s why many actors should aim for Kohina Yukari, someone said, but it’s something only an ordinary person like me can say.

 Still, Kohina’s performance is not something an ordinary person can replicate, no matter how much they try to imitate.

 Even if people aim for it, try to imitate it, how many people in this country can catch up with Kohina, who devotes all abilities and resources to being an actor? If someone could surpass Kohina, it would probably be someone like Aqua, who inherits Yukishiro Mikuni’s star quality, possesses physical charm surpassing Kuga Reira, and is as much of an acting enthusiast in the same realm as Kohina.

 ”I’m really stupid to think about standing shoulder to shoulder with those two monsters.”

 I muttered that unintentionally while watching TV. But after co-starring in Yuu-oni and wanting to co-star more with these two, I thought about it. Other senior cast members who co-starred with Yuu-oni told me that working with transcendent people is tough but stimulating and enjoyable. I remember wanting to stand there too.

 ’Hmm, so Rina is going with Nii-sama, just the two of you?’

 From the gap in her bangs, Sayuki’s eyes that were hidden until now show up. They have lost their highlight.

 ’Yeah…but you know. I want Sayuki to come with us too…!’


 Rina holds Sayuki’s hand gently with both of her hands, as if to appeal to her heart.

 ’The Satou family, whose current head was arrested, will surely face some punishment. Sayuki, who has to stay behind alone, will have a hard time. I’m worried about Sayuki. Why does Sayuki, who is still a student, have to carry everything? Sayuki can…run away too!’


 I bury my face in a big-sized Aqua stuffed toy and kick my legs on the sofa.

 It’s so embarrassing to see my own acting objectively.

 Ugh, I have to practice more and more. If I get better, I won’t be so embarrassed.

 ’Hey, Sayuki, let’s run away together. Kasamichi’s family is a noble one. They have enough money to support us two… right? Let’s live there quietly, just the three of us.’

 Sayuki’s eyes widen at Rina’s words.

 She thought she was the only one who would be abandoned. She was surprised by this offer.

 ’Rina, thank you… You were just like I thought you were. I’m sorry. I doubted you… I’m happy to be your friend.’

 Sayuki smiles, but her eyes are still dull.

 ’Hehe, I knew I was right.’


 The screen goes dark and the next day, Rina doesn’t come to school.

 Nor the day after that, or the day after that… Rina wasn’t the only one who stopped coming.

 One evening, in search of Rina and the absent Sayuki, Kazuya began his quest anew. Along the journey, amidst encounters with familiar faces and unraveling the story, Kazuya realized something profound.

 ’Sayuki, is this where you’ve been…?’

 ’Nii-sama… Ah, Nii-sama. So, Nii-sama has indeed found me.’

 In a white church overlooking the sea, Sayuki, adorned in a pure white dress, awaited Kazuya.

 ’Sayuki, let’s put an end to all this…’

 ’What are you saying, Nii-sama? Let’s start a life together with just the three of us—Rina, you, and me.’

 Step by step, Kazuya approached Sayuki. The morning light, filtering through the large window, painted Kazuya’s attire a radiant white.

 ’Sayuki… If it’s what Sayuki desires, I will always be by Sayuki’s side. So, please release Rina. Wasn’t Rina an irreplaceable friend for you too? I don’t want to see Sayuki harming anyone anymore…!’

 ’Hehe, even knowing my dirty secrets and these feelings, Nii-sama still thinks of me… I’m happy. Indeed, Sayuki holds deep admiration for Nii-sama.’

 Sayuki places her hand on Aqua’s chest and collapses against him. Kazuya wraps his arms around Sayuki’s back and hugs her tightly.

 ’It’s okay. I’m here for you. So, please release Rina. I’m begging you, Sayuki.’

 ’Thank you, Nii-sama. But, I’m sorry.’

 With a graceful stretch, Sayuki naturally presses her lips against Kazuya’s.

 The kiss between Kohina-senpai and Aqua was very magical as the sunlight coming up from the ocean was visible through the large window behind them.

 This was the second time I saw this scene, but I felt as nervous as the first time.

 ’Sayuki, you… what are you…’

 Kazuya, who separated from Sayuki, staggered back and fell on his knees.

 He was given a drug by mouth by Sayuki and he pressed his temple with his hand, trying hard not to lose consciousness.

 Clack… clack… clack…

 Only the sound of heels can be heard from behind, and a pure white wedding dress was shown on the screen.

 ’Sayuki, I’ll show you how to do it. This is how you kiss.’


 At the moment Kazuya turned around, Rina, who wore a wedding dress, stole his lips.

 Aaaaaaaah! How can I watch my own kiss scene? This is too embarrassing.

 I was really desperate at that time… I had no choice but to do it, and then… I trace my lips with my fingertips.

 I can’t forget. I still remember the feeling of that time, the feeling of that night.

 I felt a pang in my chest when I thought of Aqua.

 ’Ri…na…why…did you…’

 ’Onii-chan, we will be together from now on’

 The screen goes dark as Rina’s ecstatic expression is zoomed in.

 Yes, the mastermind behind everything was Rina…

 She was the one who told Kazuya to find the truth in the first episode, she was the one who manipulated Sayuki, and she was the one who did this.

 To avenge her and Kazuya’s mother who was killed by Sayuki’s mother, Rina decided to ruin the Satou family, to ruin Sayuki’s mother.

 The only thing that Rina didn’t expect was that she would fall for Sayuki.

 That’s why she kept her plan to destroy the Satou family for revenge, but she made a little adjustment.

 ’Sayuki, from now on, we’ll be together with Onii-chan… forever, right?’

 ’Yes, Rina… I’m happy. We don’t share the same blood, but Rina and I are matching.’

 ’Me too, I’m glad that Sayuki is the same as me.’

 ’I love Rina as much as Nii-sama.’

 ’I love Sayuki as much as Kazuya-oniichan.’

 Aqua, who played Kazuya, was sandwiched between the two of us, and I, who played Rina, and Kohina-senpai, who played Sayuki, kissed each other.

 I remember that moment and feel embarrassed again.

 By the way, when shooting this scene, the director was really considerate of Aqua, but Aqua, oblivious to the director’s concerns, was very enthusiastic. At that time, he earnestly suggested to the director, with a serious face, that it would be better for us to press him down to bring Rina and Sayuki closer. Looking back now, it was just because Aqua liked breasts. I wish he could return the pure feelings I had when I was even a little moved by thinking that this person was serious at that time.

 ”It’s over…”

 Although the shooting ended a long time ago, I still feel a little sentimental. I want to co-star with these two again. More, powered up far beyond now. To cover up my sentimental feelings, I peek at the bulletin board to see how the world is reacting.



 835 Anonymous

 Scary, woman….

 837 Verification Team *07218KADO6

 No way, unbelievable.

 840 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki

 I can’t believe it! I thought Rina was the only good one, but it turns out she’s a landmine too…

 843 Anonymous

 There’s a massive outbreak of “Chijou,” and it’s hilarious, lol.

 846 Anonymous


 Hagetoru and Chinposuki, who were just going crazy about kissing a moment ago, seem to be on the verge of losing faith in humanity. It’s so funny, LOL.

 850 Anonymous

 I thought Rina was the only sane one, but turns out, she’s a landmine too…

 854 Anonymous

 In a way, let’s consider it a happy ending. Once Kazuya got targeted by two yanderes, it was over for him.

 857 Anonymous

 Shirogane Aqua is a Menhera making machine and a Yandere making machine.

 859 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi

 Is it just me, or did Aqua-san seem very happy when he was sandwiched between the women… Am I just imagining things?

 861 Anonymous

 Everyone is getting carried away, thinking that Rina was the mastermind at the end, but remember there was a kissing scene!

 865 Anonymous

 Falling right into Tsukasa-sensei’s trap, and many fools forgetting the kissing scene, it’s hilarious. Ayana-chan is okay, but Kohina Yukari’s kiss is a crime!

 869 Verification Team *07218KADO6


 So, does that mean if I become an actress, I can have a kissing scene with Aqua-sama too!? Yes, yes, yes! This Hagetoru-chan will seriously aiming to be a big actress!

 872 Anonymous


 Full-on ulterior motives, that’s hilarious, LOL.

 875 Anonymous


 Idiot, you think you can become an actress that easily? Lol.

 878 Anonymous


 I have a really bad feeling about this, but somehow, I feel like Hagetoru might actually do it. Is it just me?

 881 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki

 It’s okay, Chinposuki is here!

 884 Anonymous


 Idiot, stop it!

 888 Anonymous


 Stop acting foolish. You’re causing trouble for everyone!



 Hmm… The bulletin board was just noisy as usual, not really discussing anything important. Realizing this was a waste of time, I skimmed through quickly and closed the board.

 ”Well then… Hmm, maybe I should go to bed before it gets too late.”

 I have to do my best as an actress, of course, but right now, I’m not just Tsukimachi Ayana, the actress. I also have to do my best as the center of eau de Cologne, Tsukimachi Ayana.

 Tomorrow, there’s a rehearsal for the singing contest, and I have to work hard so we won’t lose to Aqua in the actual performance. Turning off the lights in the living room, I hugged my big Aqua-kun doll and headed to my bedroom.

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