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Volume 11 Chapter 14 Shirogane Shitori, Is It Bad For Big Sister To Be Naughty?

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 Beryl’s audition show, AQUARIUM.

 Today, since Aa-chan was not here, I came to inspect one of the show’s projects, an idol audition camp, as a Beryl employee.

 ”Okay! That’s it for today! Good job everyone!”

 ””””””””””””””””””Thank you very much!”””””””””””””””””””

 The moment the dance instruction in the morning ended, everyone collapsed at once.

 There was already a gap between the teams A to E, who were divided into five groups.

 ”Everyone, good work, drink plenty of water!”

 The captain of team A, Fujibayashi Misono-san, as soon as the instruction was over, she brought a bottle of water and handed it out to the other members, saying a word to each of them.

 Fujibayashi-san, who is called the darling of the Fuji family, is quite a skilled person, I heard from President Fuji Ranko.

 ”Sana-chan. You can come forward even more. We’ll adjust together with everyone.”


 ”Fii-chan, your dance was amazing. But let’s focus a bit more on Sana-chan next to you. I think the dance will look even more beautiful if you do that.”

 ”I understand!”

 ”Haa-chan, I know it’s tough to look at me from the edge, but if both ends of us align nicely, the two in the middle can have more freedom. Let’s both do our best!”

 ”Yeah, got it.”

 Indeed, there’s a reason for boldly speaking like that in front of the judges. She can lead the team well, and above all, she observes her surroundings keenly.

 Understanding the strengths of every team member, noticing their merits, consistently giving encouragement, and pointing out areas for improvement while praising – these are not easy things to do at the age of 20.

 Fujibayashi-san has a charm as an idol by herself. Maybe her performance is not as good as the other candidates, but she is a great captain. I see… I understand why Aa-chan said she has good eyes and we should keep her.

 ”Sana-oneechan, what should we do here?”

 ”Here, we do like this, bang and bang!”

 ”Ho~, bang and bang~nano?”

 ”Yes, yes, and then, we go boom and clap! Clap!”

 ”I got it!”

 Her Highness Finus is honest and learns fast. She has great compatibility with Natsuki-san who is similar to her. And her weapon is that she is not afraid of anything. Well, maybe that is true for everyone in this group. Her Highness Hermie silently fixed the strap of Her Highness Finus’s camisole that came off.

 ”Ah, Haa-chan, thank you~nano.”


 Her Highness Hermie is really good at everything.

 She always fixes what she learned and what she was taught the next time.

 She doesn’t make the same mistake again and again, and I think that’s amazing.

 And she is hard to understand because she is a downer, but she is also very competitive.

 This is the same for Her Highness Finus, but they are really brave even though they are kids. I remember that Aa-chan said before the camp started, that they might be kids but they are not half-hearted, and they might be the most ready of all. So he want us staff to treat them with a proper attitude.

 ”Alright, I’m looking forward to the afternoon training! Everyone, eat a lot and get strong!!”

 ”Yeah! But, don’t eat too much, okay. Everyone”



 And lastly, the center, Natsuki Sana-san.

 Maybe she’s already good enough to pass. To be honest, from my perspective, she’s overwhelmingly impressive.

 Firstly, her basic specs are too high, and there’s a clear gap between her appearance and substance, the depth of her character, how easy it is to promote her, her ambition, the completeness of her skills, and even her high level of self-awareness.

 It’s difficult to find a reason not to debut her. Unless something significant happens, Team A will probably continue to lead. Next in line is Team B.

 ”We have self-practice in the afternoon, but what should we do? Should we start with the dance first?”

 ”Kotori-jou, before that, I’d like to check the singing part. Is that okay?”

 ”In that case, let’s go through both the dance and the song first. Even for individual practice, we should understand what each person is lacking.”

 ”Kukuri-sama’s proposal gets my vote. It’s more efficient to consider the audition period. Time is limited, and it’s better to do things efficiently. Besides, before thinking about such things, I got permission to use the stage from the staff, prior to dance instruction!”

 In response to Team B, when Kirihara Karen-san expresses her opinion on Amamiya Kotori-san’s proposal, Kukuri-sama and Nanase Nino-san also actively make their own proposals.

 Here, basically, when Captain Amamiya-san suggests something, the other three each give their opinions. To be clear, everyone has a high level of consciousness… or rather, I think they are individuals who hold themselves well. Therefore, there is no hesitation in expressing opinions.

 ”Nanase-san, thank you! Well then, as Sumeragi-san suggested, let’s try rehearsing once. Then, let’s share our observations and decide the direction of individual practice. Kirihara-san, is that okay with you?”

 ”No problem!”

 The final decision-making authority in the group lies with Captain Amamiya-san, but she’s the type to listen to others’ opinions and incorporate them. At first glance, she may seem similar to Fujibayashi-san, but the difference lies in the fact that Fujibayashi-san persuades and pushes through her own plans after listening, making them polar opposites.

 Another significant difference with Fujibayashi-san is their individual specs as idols. As Aa-chan mentioned, Amamiya-san can serve as the center for mainstream idols appearing on terrestrial TV. Not only is her name cute, but she’s a legitimate and orthodox beauty who can pull off being a center.

 There’s a fleeting fragility and delicate charm about her that makes people want to support her, and if circumstances were different, she could have been the center even without being tied to a group.

 ”I appreciate that my opinions were taken into account.”

 In a nutshell, Kirihara-san is cool. She’s like the prince of the all-girls school.

 These types are sure to attract girls, so they sell well, and among the 20 people we chose this time, this type is the only one with a girlfriend. That’s why the sales department at Beryl told me, “If she’s in trouble, go through her.”

 The examination this time officially mentions the names of six people: Ako-san, the judge chairperson; Aa-chan, the special judge; Moja-san, in charge of vocal judge; Nobu-san, in charge of camera judge; Director Hongou; and Ichise-sensei, in charge of dance judge. In addition to them, the four executives, including me and Kirika-san, also have the right to choose. So today, I took the time to come here and check.

 ”So that’s why she’s strict. Hey, Karen-paisen, if it’s Mary, you should soften up a bit more. OG said that too. The only thing a woman can make firm is the n**ples, right?”

 ”Nanase-san…can you please stop using the words of that lowly person who tarnishes the name of Mary like Hagetoru or something? Mary is a noble and solemn school with a history, where ladies go. Yes, that’s right, like Emily-senpai from the Yukishiro family, who is pure and kind, and a mirror of all ladies, like a saint. Someone like Hagetoru, whose name is too dirty to even say, is not a representative of Mary at all!!”

 Nanase-san seems to have a different type from Kirihara-san, but they get along well. Actually, when I watch her closely, she looks different from her appearance and behavior. She looks at the surroundings carefully and thinks before she speaks.

 Maybe that’s why she often talks to Kirihara-san, who seems to be isolated at first glance. If the team, especially the girls, increases, we need a girl like her who can smooth things over.

 She might not be the best idol, but she can handle variety shows well. I think she has a lot of potential.

 She also booked the stage in advance, which shows she’s smart.

 ”Let’s go have lunch, then.”


 ”Sure, let’s do that!”

 ”Woo-hoo, I’m gonna eat a lot of free food!”

 And the center of team B, Kukuri-sama.

 To be honest, I don’t know what to say about her….

 She’s crazy cute just by looks, but her voice is cool, she’s good at singing, and her dance expression is high. Plus, the occasionally shown mature atmosphere is cool and mysterious. Yeah, I think it’s good. I think… but is it okay to make the head of the noble Sumeragi family an idol? Aa-chan said to let Kukuri-chan do what she wants, but in this country, only Aa-chan can say that to Kukuri-sama.

 And personally, the only thing that bothers me is the frequent use of pink and black in her fashion. Girls with this kind of fashion are often s*x offenders, so in this industry, it’s called landmine fashion. In fact, the other day, a second-year middle school girl who was a research student for a certain idol group pretended to be lost and tried to lead a salaryman who was coming home from work into a private restroom.

 Well, that’s how it is. Teams A and B are doing really well at the moment. On the other hand, Team C lacks communication skills, and the overall expression of Team D is gloomy. In terms of performance alone, Team E is the least successful, but in a way, it’s the opposite of Teams C and D.

 ”Ughh, it’s no good. No matter how many times I do it, I make the same mistake!”

 ”Calm down, Yamada. For now, you don’t have to look at me, just focus on getting through. Since there are only two of us, if one of us makes a mistake, it stands out more than other teams. So, do what you can, and I’ll figure out a way to match.”

 ”That won’t work. Aqua-san won’t overlook a performance that went well just because of a mistake. And…”

 ”And… What?”

 ”I don’t want you to fail because you can’t do your best because of me, Kujaku. So you just do your thing and don’t worry about me. Kujaku’s performance is better than the girls, and even if we don’t match well, I think you can pass with your individual performance. So I’ll do my best to make it work for me!”

 To be honest, Team E’s performance is terrible. It’s inevitable that the one who can’t do it stands out when two people with different levels of performance are doing it by themselves. It’s true what Yamada-kun says, Kokucho-kun has a stable performance and a beautiful look, and he can pass individually if he focuses on himself. But on the other hand, he’s totally hopeless, but can Yamada-kun not pass…I don’t think so.

 For idols, elements that make fans want to support them are crucial, and I think Yamada-kun fulfills those elements quite well. In fact, even among the staff, I feel like there are many who support Yamada-kun quietly. Of course, they are professionals, so they don’t openly express it, but I can tell by looking into their eyes.

 ”All right, then Kujaku-kun, I was thinking of going for a run…”

 ”Wait! First things first, let’s grab some food. Yamada, practicing is good, but it’s meaningless if you do it blindly. I have a suggestion. So, let’s go eat.”

 Kokucho-kun grabs Yamada-kun’s arm as he tries to dash outside and drags him toward the cafeteria. Yeah, the performance wasn’t perfect, but at the very least, I feel like they can sell if they meet the basics.

 Maybe Kokucho-kun’s idea of going to the cafetaria is not so bad after all…. Ah, but no. It’s because Yamada-kun doesn’t go that he’s popular. It’s frustrating… But that’s why, I think Aa-chan is amazing. He knew that and paired these two together.

 ”Shitori-san! Do you want to go eat with us?”

 ”Ah, sure. Aika-chan, let’s go together”


 I go to the cafeteria with the new manager, Kai Aika-san.

 ”Aika-chan, how did you find the whole thing? Do you have any kids you want to manage?”

 ”They’re all too good to choose just one. There are so many kids I want to cheer for, I’m excited to see where they’ll be assigned.”

 Aika-chan, the new manager, has decided to become someone’s manager after this audition show is over. That’s why, the other new managers’ kids, they are always hanging out here whenever they have free time.

 I talked to the other new managers’ kids too, and they were thinking a lot about who they will be in charge of, and how they want to manage and support them.

 ”Thank you for the meal. I’m going to vocal training now”

 ”Ah, okay”

 Tomoe Setsuna-san from Team C passed by me.

 Tomoe-san’s weapon is her overwhelming singing ability and powerful voice. But, she is not good at blending in, and when she sings with five people, she stands out too much.

 ”I’m going to vocal training too”

 ”Ah… okay”

 Hoshikawa Mio-san follows after Tomoe-san. While she is top-notch in singing ability alongside Tomoe-san, their harmonization is not as smooth. In fact, both of them have a solo vocalist style.


 When returning the dishes, Inori-san quietly sighs. There are two drawbacks to Team C. One is that everyone’s singing ability is too high, resulting in a power struggle and a lack of complementary strengths.

 The other is that, compared to singing, the dancing is not very good. Regarding this, I thought that Inori-san, who is the best at dancing, needs to lead everyone; otherwise, it might be tough for the group.

 ”Hisui-san, if you sigh, happiness will escape, you know?”

 ”Ah… Tsushima-san”

 ”It’s just the beginning. If you rush the competition, you might miss the chance.”

 Tsushima Kouko-san, if I remember correctly, she’s the older sister of Aa-chan’s classmate. At the Fuji Department Store’s event, it seems Aa-chan was doing customer service, and he was calling her “Kouko-ojousama,” so I remember it well. If I think about it normally, she seems like she’d be the captain, but even so, there must be some reason why Aa-chan entrusted the captaincy to Inori-san, at least in his own way of thinking.

 ”Hisui-san, you’re the captain of Team C and the center, so if you have something to say, it’s better to say it more clearly, desu~wa. Our positions were flat when we came here, so I think you don’t need to worry about things like age. I’m also among the older group of 20, and it’s understandable that Setsuna-san, the oldest among us, is rushing to do individual practice. She’s probably concerned and thinks she shouldn’t say this and that even if the older ones like me and the captain don’t say anything. It’s also understandable that Mio-san, who sings well, doesn’t want to lose to Setsuna-san in singing and goes for individual practice.”

 Hmm, it seems Tsushima-san changed her way of moving after looking around. Or maybe, rather than that theatrical high-handed young lady-like behavior, this is her true self. It must have been significant for her to support Inori-san and Team C by stepping in.

 Team C, which I thought was in a bad state, seems to be showing signs of improvement.


 My eyes meet with Lapis, who passed by me. It seems like she didn’t notice that I had come. Whether she was simply focused or didn’t have the luxury to look around, it’s a positive trend in any case.

 Watching Aa-chan’s work up close during Christmas, the relaxed feeling clearly disappeared. Although I had seen her during the job experience, at that time, she was still a customer. Showing Aa-chan’s genuine efforts from behind the scenes to the front on a bigger stage had a significant impact on Lapis.

 Do your best.

 Even though I can’t directly speak to her, I nodded slightly with encouragement in my gaze. Yeah, I think this team will somehow be okay if Lapis handles it properly. Aa-chan seems to have high expectations for Inori-san, but it might work out there too. Team C may have started a bit late, but this is likely the real start from here.

 ”For afternoon practice, I think it’s better to practice coordinating with the team properly.”

 ”Rather than coordinating with the team, wouldn’t it be better to fix the things that can be solved individually first? It feels like there’s no point in coordinating when we haven’t even done that.”

 ”If that’s the case, wouldn’t it be better to practice as a team and give each other feedback?”

 ”So if we do that, it becomes a question of who to coordinate with. Our team hasn’t even decided on that yet.”

 Glancing at the table of Team D, Uryuu Anko-san and Kayano Serika-san from the senior group were exchanging their opinions. Sabato Miyako-san, Koyomi’s little sister, sandwiched between the two, and she seemed flustered. Nekoyama Subaru, Toa-chan’s little sister observed Miyako-chan’s situation and interrupted the conversation of the two seniors.

 ”If we’re talking about fitting in, I’d prefer it to be me… though if the center position is already decided, it’s probably better to go along with that. It can’t be helped, I guess. Anyway, our team is the furthest behind in the current situation, so it’s not about what’s right, but we should do everything we can.”

 I see. So, they’ve given in.

 Team D consists of Lazuli Hauyne Noselite, my half-sister is in charge of the center. Subaru-chan probably wanted to be the center, speaking honestly, but after seeing the difference with other teams and Miyako-chan’s struggle, she may have temporarily suppressed her own feelings.

 ”Oh, yeah. Well then, with that settled… um, later, let’s find somewhere we can use and practice together as a team. Um… Lazuli-chan, is that okay?”

 ”Yeah. It’s not a big deal for me as long as I can get closer to Nii-sama. The rest doesn’t matter.”

 This kid is really… I think there is a way to say things, but maybe the words are different because she is from another country, so maybe I should praise her for speaking our language fluently.

 And, the vector is all pointing to Aa-chan, but the performance itself is normal and good, and she does everything well, whether it is language, singing, or dancing.

 So no one can say anything. That’s where this team D is twisted.

 If Subaru-chan had beaten Lazuli-chan, it wouldn’t have been like this, but when she stands next to her, she is half a step, no, one step behind for sure. That’s why I thought Aa-chan made Lazuli-chan the center.

 ”Then, Aika-chan, let’s go and see everyone in the afternoon.”


 I went around and watched everyone in the afternoon as well.

 Team A and Team B are doing well, Team C also started to have a smooth discussion, and Team D also decided on a direction for now, so I think they are better than before. Team E was still the same, but I thought this was fine.

 ”I’m home”

 I finished visiting the camp, and instead of going back to the office, I went straight home.

 ”Welcome back, Shitori-oneechan”


 I saw Aa-chan who came to greet me and hugged him tightly.

 No matter how tired I was from work, if Aa-chan greeted me with a smile, I could work as much as I wanted. But, wait? Aa-chan, why are you here today?

 ”Well, I thought I would spoil mother and Shitori-oneechan once in a while…”

 Geez! If you had told me that, I would have come home earlier!!

 ”Ah, Shitori-chan, you’re back!”

 ”Yeah, I’m home”

 Entering the living room, mom was sprawled on the sofa.

 Hmm, looks like she’s totally worn out from relying on Aa-chan.

 Upon closer inspection, she just came out of the bath and feels warm all over.

 ”Shitori-oneechan, I’m preparing dinner right now, so why don’t you take a bath first?”


 In the changing room, I undress and thoroughly wash my body in the bath.

 Oh, I should leave my underwear more casually for Aa-chan, who will bathe later.

 After placing the underwear set in an easily accessible position, I intentionally spread my private part to make it visible.

 Yeah, that should do it!

 I put on the new underwear I bought the other day.

 The Devil’s Big Bang Bra, produced by Aa-chan, who recently became the honorary president of the All Japan Breast Association, was just released as a limited edition at Fuji Department Store.

 Aa-chan’s serious face that he showed during the product development meeting makes my uterus flutter no matter how many times I recall it. While the Angel’s Airy Bra, which shows another form, would have been nice too, I happened to see Mom wearing it earlier. I think Aa-chan should enjoy both. Besides, since Kanon-san buys the Angel’s Airy, Aa-chan must be used to it, so let’s go with the Big Bang Bra that emphasizes size.

 ”Yes, Shitori-oneechan, ahh. How is it? Delicious?”

 ”Yeah, delicious!”

 When doing the ‘ahh’ moment, I deliberately created a conspicuous cleavage. Hehe, he’s definitely looking.

 ”Aqua-chan, Mom too!”

 ”Yeah, yeah, Mother too, ahh.”

 Maybe, Aa-chan thinks that the girls don’t notice it? Ah, geez, that’s too cute!

 If you like breasts so much, I’ll let you use your big sister’s breasts as much as you want.

 Whether it’s squeezing, sucking, pinching, or licking, Aa-chan can do whatever he likes.

 Hmm, no, I shouldn’t, but thinking about naughty things made my n**ples hard. I might not be able to sleep tonight…

 ”Aa-chan, what are you going to do today?”

 ”I’m staying over tonight. You see, since Kanon is pregnant, Kotono, Kaede, and Emily-san are having a sleepover today. There are things they can only talk about as girls, and it’s better if I don’t interfere.”

 When we heard that Kanon-san was pregnant, Mom and I hurriedly went over. Seeing Aa-chan looking so happy, I thought it was genuinely wonderful.

 I felt so sorry when I made my little brother Aa-chan go through puberty with h**job and caused him to become a shut-in. But it’s normal for a sister to help her brother with puberty, and if he stole my used underwear from the laundry basket, that means he agreed to it.

 That’s what the magazine and late-night TV said. And I’m not stupid, I wouldn’t do anything more than that. Aa-chan also stole my new underwear from the closet when I was out, and he messed with my uniform without permission.

 I could only think that he loved me. He kept doing those things even after I helped him with puberty. I think he’s just shy. So I decided to wait until he attacked me without being embarrassed.

 Then there was an accident, and Aa-chan became obedient like a different person from the old Aa-chan.

 I was happy about that. The current Aa-chan looks at me with very naughty eyes without being shy, and he is still very interested in his big sister’s underwear, so I don’t think he has changed inside.

 In fact, originally, until I did h**job for him, Aa-chan was the same as he is now.

 Surely, this is a second chance given by the god. Therefore, this time, I have to do it more skillfully. I’ll make the approach, but ultimately, I thought I should lead it in a direction where Aa-chan is the one attacking.


 ”Shitori-oneechan, what’s wrong? Still not satisfied with cuddling?”

 After Mom fell asleep, I gently leaned my body against Aa-chan’s chest.

 ”Kanon-san is pregnant, right?”

 ”Oh, yeah.”

 ”Is Aa-chan okay? Are you not feeling anxious or anything?”

 ”Ah… when I thought about becoming a parent, after the initial joy, I felt a tremendous sense of responsibility. But now, more than that, the happiness is welling up. And because Kanon might be anxious, I need to be more responsible.”

 ”I see, Aa-chan, you’re amazing.”

 I sat back on the sofa and pulled Aa-chan close, patting his head.

 ”But if you ever have trouble, talk to me or mom, okay? I might not seem reliable, but mom has parenting experience, and I’ll do anything for Aa-chan.”

 ”Yeah… thank you, Shitori-oneechan.”

 ”Hehe, good boy, good boy.”

 I gently brought my face close to Aa-chan’s ear.

 ”So… you know. If Kanon-san isn’t around and you feels pent up, your big sister is always here to help out.”

 As I whispered that, Aa-chan lifted his face from me with a start. Jeez, Aa-chan is such a shy one. But, that’s what makes him cute!

 ”Aa-chan, even though guys might find that embarrassing, if your thing is feeling restless, it’s important to give it a good rub and let it out. Otherwise, it’ll stay all frustrated forever, you know?”

 I demonstrated a motion of stroking up and down with my hand.

 ”S-Sorry, Shitori-oneechan, I, I’ll, um, go take a bath!”

 Oh, he ran away! Geez! I thought it was definitely going in the right direction! I woke up mother, who was pretending to be asleep nearby, and pushed her into the bedroom. Weren’t you planning to join in if things looked good?

 ”Teehee, got caught!”

 ”Well, if that’s the case, mother will cooperate with me and give him a tight hug from behind.”

 Well, it can’t be helped. But there might still be a chance, so let’s endure it. Look, even mom and I will go back to the room so that Aa-chan can take his ‘alone’ time.

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