Male Idol V11c15

Volume 11 Chapter 15 Shirogane Yui, My Happy Marriage

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 ”You are beautiful, Yui.”

 ”Ah, thank you very much.”

 I show a shy expression at Aa-sama’s smile and simple and straight compliment.

 When I look at the mirror next to me, I see a different me wearing a beautiful white wedding dress.

 Today is December 28th, a lucky day, and it is a special day for me when the wedding ceremony of me and Aa-sama will be held.

 ”Everyone, thank you for making Yui beautiful.”

 ”Ah, thank you very much!”

 ”You’re welcome, have fun at your wedding for two.”

 This time, the people who did the makeup and hair set for me and Aa-sama were the stylist team of Beryl.

 And, the white wedding dress that I wore was designed by John-san from Corolle, who is in charge of Aa-sama’s design. According to John-san, he expressed this wedding dress by changing the type of fabric, the way of dyeing, and the decoration, to make it look like it changes from a deep snow white to a shining white like Shirogane.

 When John-san asked me what kind of design I wanted to wear at the pre-meeting, I only told him that I wanted a dress that would make me feel like I was becoming Aa-sama’s me from the current me, but I didn’t expect him to design such a wonderful dress with just that.

 ”Shall we go? Yui”

 Aa-sama reached out his palm to me.

 Aa-sama in a white tuxedo suit is really cool.

 He looks like a prince from a story, sparkling and shining. He is kind and warm, and the white outfit suits him.

 ”Yui, what’s wrong?”

 ”Ah, sorry. I was spacing out.”

 Aaaaaah! Sorry!!

 I was mesmerized by Aa-sama, who is too cool. But no way. I can’t say that.

 When I turn my face away and feel embarrassed, Aa-sama gently brings his face close to my ear.

 ”Actually, I was also mesmerized by you as soon as I entered this room, but don’t tell anyone, okay?”

 Wha, don’t tell anyone!?

 Isn’t that something you keep secret from the person you’re talking about!?

 I don’t know how to react, and Aa-sama sticks out his tongue.

 Oh… it seems I was teased by Aa-sama.

 ”‘Don’t tell anyone’ was a lie, but I really was mesmerized by you.”

 Ahhhh, I want to cover my face with both hands and be shy right now.

 But I have beautiful makeup on, and if I do that, it will ruin the makeup.

 Aa-sama, I think he knows that I can’t hide my face by myself. He is nothing but a criminal. Seriously… Aa-sama is like this, sometimes he is mischievous like his age, and he teases older girls like me and Kotono-san, and he enjoys our reactions.

 I really want to say something back sometimes, but when I see his innocent smile afterwards, I forgive him everything. Look! Look! That smile, that smile! Aa-sama is absolutely unfair!

 ”Shall we go then?”


 But I can’t help it because I love him.

 I love Aa-sama who has such a mischievous side.

 I love Aa-sama who makes me relax with his gentle prank when he sees me nervous.

 I love Aa-sama, who is kind to me and everyone else.

 I love Aa-sama, who solved the problem between me and my mom.

 Oh, and… I love that he feels the charm of me as a woman, even though I’m nothing special…!

 ”Yui, are you ready to move forward from here?”

 Aa-sama stopped at the entrance of the chapel and looked at me with a serious face.

 ”If you take even one step further, you’ll never let go of this hand from me, but is that okay?”

 ”Eh, ah, th-that is…”

 I looked up at Aa-sama’s face with a pounding heart.

 ”Even if something happens in the future, I’m ready to walk with Yui forever”

 ”I-I’m ready too…!”

 I squeezed Aa-sama’s hand harder.

 I was ready from the beginning.

 I am different from Kotono-san and Kanon-san. I cannot directly help Aa-sama with what he is trying to do or what he wants to do. But still… There are things that only I can do!

 As Aa-sama’s S*men Extraction Officer, I manage the precious semen I ingest, teach wives how to perform s*xual techniques, and let out Aa-sama’s desire! I wanted to support Aa-sama in any way I can.

 ”Let’s go.”


 The door opens and Aa-sama and I step inside the chapel.

 I wanted a wedding just for Aa-sama and me, just the two of us.

 There are no relatives here, no witnesses, no mourners, no priest, no one else.

 It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so I didn’t want anyone to disturb us, just the two of us.

 Because… I just wanted some time to have Aa-sama all to myself, even if it was only for a little while.

 I was so happy when we walked together for a short time in the Arabian Peninsula Federation.

 ’Yui, I want to walk with you, but what do you think?’

 From the entrance to the altar, I had to decide whether I would go in first and wait, or Aa-sama would go in first and wait. Then, Aa-sama said he wanted to walk with me.

 I’m not alone. He said he wanted to walk side by side with me, and I felt like he was telling me he was by my side.



 Aa-sama faced me and let out a light breath with a slightly nervous expression. Then, he relaxed a little and smiled at me gently, as he always did.

 ”Maybe there will be nights when you feel lonely. Maybe there will be times when I make you sad. I will try my best to avoid that, and I really want to say that I won’t make you feel that way. But, I think I will cause you a lot of trouble and worry in the end.”

 I am ready.

 I listen to Aa-sama’s words seriously.

 ”Even so, after I make you lonely, I will always hug you. After I make you sad, I will always make you smile. I want to make a life that makes you think that you were happy to marry me. So, will you stay with me, just Shirogane Aqua, from now on?”

 I take a light breath. And then….


 I answer and look at Aa-sama’s face, and say my thoughts, my vow.

 ”Even if this world changes in any way, even if something happens to Aqua-sama, I swear to be by your side until the very last moment. So, so…! If Aqua-sama can make me happy, please let me make Aqua-sama happy with all that I am!”

 What does Aa-sama’s happiness mean? I pondered what I could do to make Aa-sama happy.

 As his Extraction Officer, I know better than anyone about Aa-sama’s strong desires. Even his wife wouldn’t know that Aa-sama mas***tes, performs or*l on me, or engages in hand*** nearly 100 times a week at his peak.

 He’s at a level of s*xual prowess that wouldn’t be out of place in a textbook. It’s not just greatness; it’s on a mythical level. My boss who received my report were all left with faces resembling Hogekawa-san, to say the least.

 Ah… even now, when I remember, I feel ashamed of myself as a his Extraction Officer half a year ago. Aa-sama is shy, so I don’t know how much semen he wasted without telling me… But, as someone who has also wasted precious s*men by putting it on underwear, personal items, having it in my mouth, or having it on my face, I can’t say anything.

 Because of that, I believe that the number of people who can become Aa-sama’s wife is not enough. It’s probably impossible for just an ordinary person. Someone with a strong desire like Hagesomething-san who frequents the bulletin board or a specialist in male anatomy like Chin-something-san, a professional with a sommelier qualification for male vital, would surely be able to satisfy Aa-sama’s overwhelming s*xual desires and make him feel happy.

 Unfortunately, the government’s AI is too much of a wreck, and we couldn’t even come close to uncovering the identities of these two individuals.

 I don’t know who they are or what they do, but as a wife, I will do my best to make Aa-sama feel good and release his sexual desire!

 ”Thank you, Yui!”

 Aa-sama hugged me tightly.

 Leave it to me. As your Extraction Officer, I will do my best to ensure Aa-sama’s s*xual life is comfortable and that the eja***ion is pleasurable!

 ”Yui, can you accept this marriage ring from me?”

 ”Yes, gladly!”

 Aa-sama opened the box he took from his pocket, revealing the engagement ring he presented to me. As I removed my glove, I looked at the sparkling ring on my ring finger, feeling a warm emotion.

 ’Yui-san. It’s a wedding ring, and it might have the same design as everyone else’s, but is that okay?’

 ’Of course, it’s more than okay… Madam.’

 I was surprised when I heard the madam’s suggestion.

 Kanon-san, who was the former princess of Stars, is a special person, to say the least.

 So I thought that she would not let the other wives wear rings, to show that she is the first wife. I have heard stories of first wife who do not allow the other wives to wear accessories, because of my work.

 But she suggested that all the wives should have the same ring design as the one she received, so that they can always wear matching rings with Aa-sama.

 ’Is that… okay?’

 ’Yes, sure. I have my own reasons too… I thought it would be nice to wear the same as my good friends’

 I was rude, but I hugged her without thinking.

 I see, even the great Aa-sama cannot win against this cuteness.

 ’Oh, and one more thing. I’ll tell them to make our engagement rings separate. Aqua gave us each a ring that only we have, thinking of us. Right? Wouldn’t that be wonderful?’

 ’Yes, I think that’s very wonderful!’

 Aa-sama gave me the only engagement ring in this world for me. I’m so happy to have matching wedding rings too. Am I okay to be this happy?

 I became Aa-sama’s. I smile looking at the two rings side by side on my finger.

 ”Yui, thank you for the most beautiful smile today.”

 Ah… I was able to smile properly now.

 I feel nostalgic for the times when I practiced smiling.

 ”Can I lift your veil and look at you closely?”


 Aa-sama lifted my veil and kissed me softly on the lips, very naturally.

 ”Sorry. Yui was too cute and I got impatient. But there’s no rule that says we can only kiss once for our vows.”

 Aa-sama gave me two, three, and then longer and deeper kisses one after another.

 Did he notice that I wanted to kiss him a lot?

 ”Since we’re here, let’s sit down and talk for a bit. The scenery is beautiful, and we can do whatever we want because it’s our wedding just for us.”


 We really had a silly conversation with each other.

 But that time was very calm and relaxing, and my heart felt very peaceful.

 ”Yui, are you not hungry?”

 ”Oh, yes…actually, I’m quite hungry.”

 Maybe because I didn’t eat much yesterday to fit in the beautiful wedding dress, I felt very hungry when I calmed down.

 ”Then, let’s go eat something.”

 ”Yes! Ah…”

 Aa-sama lifted me up and headed to the chapel entrance with the princess carry he always does.

 This…this is how it feels? I feel like I became a real princess.


 ”We had to open the door,” I was about to say, but when we reached the entrance, the door opened from the other side.

 I saw the scene that spread out in front of me and I let out a voice without thinking.

 ””””””””””Yui-san! Congratulations on your marriage!!””””””””””

 It’s not just the madam and Kotono-san. I can see Beryl’s people too.




 The people who work with me in the same workplace and my boss come running up.

 ”Everyone, why…”

 ”Because…you know.”


 My colleagues’ eyes turn to my boss, Chief Amakusa Shikimi.

 ”It’s fine to have a wedding just for the two of you…but it’s okay to celebrate your subordinates a little. Right, Rihito-san?”

 ”Yeah, it’s a special day. Or did we bother you?”

 I shake my head left and right.

 ”Yes, that’s right”

 When Chief Amakusa and Kuga Rihito-san looked back, there was my mom standing there.


 ”Yui, you are very beautiful”

 Aa-sama put me down and took my hand. He walked slowly to my mom.

 ”I’m sorry. I should have stayed away. I did something that Yui can’t forgive me. I don’t deserve to be here.”

 ”No. I was also confused. But, this is only once in a lifetime. I’m glad you saw me in my wedding dress. That’s what I think now.”

 ”I see … thank you, Yui.”

 Mom looked at Aa-sama.

 ”Aqua-kun. Thank you.”

 ”No… I didn’t do anything. Yui was worried too, so I only told everyone the date and place. Then I left it to fate… well, not really, but whatever happens, I will make Yui happy. That’s the only thing that won’t change.”

 Mom smiles softly.

 ”Aqua-kun… please take good care of Yui. And, Yui, congratulations on your marriage.”

 ”Thank you mom.”

 I hugged mom.

 ”Congratulations! Yui-san!!”

 ”Yui-senpai, congratulations!”


 ”Both of you, congratulations!”


 I looked around and saw many people celebrating my marriage.

 Mom, Chief Amakusa, madam, Kotono-san, everyone, everyone…!

 I’m not alone anymore, I thought, and tears fell from my eyes naturally.

 ’Hey, that kid is mixed.’

 ’Wow, really. She is a disgrace to the nobility.’

 ’Mom told me that she got a foreign man’s genes by mistake.’

 ’Hmm, isn’t she like a cow or something?’

 ’Hey, don’t make me laugh. Haha!’

 When I was a student, I had no friends because of my background.

 But this was also my problem.

 I gave up everything from the start, I was cold, and I killed my emotions.

 Maybe if I took action, I could have made one or two friends.

 But then I became a worker, and I was lucky with the people at my workplace, and I made friends like Kotono-san.

 So I can say this. I was blessed by the people around me.

 ’Hey, big girl. Your breast is so gross, don’t ever enter my sight again.’

 If I were now, I would say this back to the words that made the bullying.

 My breasts are not for you.

 The only breasts in the world that I am proud of are for Aa-sama alone.

 That’s why I bought the devil’s big bang bra at the department store the other day, which is rumored to make them look bigger.


 ”Yui, there, there, don’t cry.”

 Aqua-sama hugged me tightly to comfort me.

 ”Aqua-sama is unfair. I didn’t ask for such… such a surprise.”

 ”Haha, sorry. But, after the wedding, I wanted to celebrate like this with everyone. I thought it would be nice for everyone to see how beautifully you transformed for me, so I wanted that.”

 ”…I forgive you. But, I still think Aqua-sama is absolutely unfair.”

 Well, even I thought I was being quite selfish.

 But, I was so happy that I couldn’t keep quiet.

 ”Yeah, right. Aqua is totally unfair.”

 Everyone laughed when they heard Toa-chan’s words.

 Hehe, I guess I wasn’t the only one who thought that.

 ”That’s true. It’s not a new story. Aqua was always like that.”

 ”I always think that when I see the part-time scenes in Heaven’s Sword. In the hair salon scene that aired on Christmas, his cut was so bad that the staff told Shirogane-kun that he shouldn’t hold scissors.”

 Everyone burst into laughter at Mayuzumi-san and Tenga-san’s comments.

 ”I’m glad. I wasn’t the only one…”

 ”You’re lucky, Shu—Kanon. You weren’t the only one who messed up.”

 ”Hehe, actually I also thought he was unfair.”

 ”I also thought that when I watched the program with the master-disciple duo.”

 At Morikawa-san’s self-deprecating jokes, she is met with words of encouragement from those around, telling her to hang in there.

 ”Hey, everyone!? This is my wedding, you know!? Don’t say that, celebrate more!”

 Haha, everyone claps and laughs at Aa-sama’s words.

 I also laughed along with them.

 ”Yui, by the way, you said once in a lifetime earlier, but who said that a wedding is only once in your life?”


 ”If you want to, you can do it again, right?”

 I…or rather, most of the women looked at Aa-sama with a puzzled face like Hogekawa-san.

 That’s because none of us understood what his meant at first.

 ”See? Aqua always says weird things! He’s always like this!”

 To-chan’s retort brought everyone back to reality.

 ”Ah, yeah, I see, Aqua, you think like that. Oh, sorry. I don’t mean it in a weird way, I just think it’s amazing…yeah. But, yeah, that’s right. We can do it again when we want to. That might be good too! Because, I also, wanted to wear a more and more beautiful wedding dress”


 Everyone smiled at Aa-sama and Madam’s words.

 Really, Aa-sama is amazing. He can think of something like this, normal people can’t.

 ”Okay! Then the talk is settled, let’s eat… and, Yui. Before that, I have one thing to ask you, is that okay?”


 Aqua-san received a flower bouquet from my mom and handed it to me, whispering in my ear.

 Yeah…yeah…I see.

 ”I got it! Leave it to me!”

 I raised the bouquet high in the sky.

 ”Um, I’m going to throw this bouquet now, so please catch it! The person who gets this bouquet will be the next one to have a wedding!”

 I said that and threw the bouquet in the direction that Aa-sama told me to.


 ”Ugh, Hogekawa, you, that’s a foul! Don’t move!”

 ”Hey, don’t get in my way. Ha——Emily!”

 ”Grrr, I won’t let you catch it for sure!”

 ”Stop! Don’t fight ugly!”

 The bouquet I threw passed over the heads of Morikawa-san and Yukishiro Emily-san, who were pushing each other.

 Kotono-san looked up at it with a smile and waved it goodbye.

 And the falling bouquet, the one who caught it was….


 Sakuraba Haruka-san, who came as Tenga Akira-san’s partner, made a surprised face.


 Aa-sama said that and gave a big thumbs up.

 ”Haha, junior. I know what you mean. But… thank you!”

 I heard that Tenga-san went back to his hometown for this break.

 But he came here for this.

 Is this a thank you from Aa-sama?

 Or maybe it’s a sign that only boys understand. I thought.

 ”Yeah, now that it’s like this, you girls, this Morikawa will make the second party fun with my party tricks!”

 Announcer Morikawa said that, and everyone clapped and cheered.

 ”Then I’ll join you too!”

 ”Wh, prime minister…!?”

 The prime minister was here too. Oh, when she followed Morikawa-san, she hear that it was a wedding.

 Everyone was shocked by the prime minister’s quick moves.

 ”It seems like it’s time for me to show my skills that made me the prime minister with only entertaining!”

 ”Prime Minister, if you say such things, it might leak to the media and you will have to apologize again! Please stop doing that, it’s embarrassing to have an apology press conference at the end of the year or the beginning of the new year.”

 Kuga Rihito-san whispered to the Prime Minister with a pale face.

 I wonder why. Why is it so fun and interesting around Aa-sama?

 ”I…I really like Aqua-sama”

 Because, when I’m with him, the people around me become happier and happier.

 ”I see…then, I’ll make you like me more.”

 I blushed at Aa-sama’s reply. Aa-sama is so unfair!

 Because, because…only at times like this, he makes a very cool face!!

 It was noisy and there were many people, everyone was smiling, the wedding ceremony with just the two of us was good, but the second party was also a very fun time.

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