Male Idol V11c16

Volume 11 Chapter 16 Yukishiro Emily, Bingo Game

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 ”Alright everyone! Let’s get excited for the bingo game, ready, set, go~~~!”


 Everyone shouted in response to Toa-chan’s call.

 I also jumped up when I heard it was a bingo game.

 What is the prize!? Rice!? A gift set!? Anything is fine!!

 ”Um, so, the person who is providing the prizes for this bingo game is Shirogane Kanon-san! Please give us a super, super, super amazing announcement of the prizes!!”


 Phew…I must win this. I was sure when I heard that Shumi was the prize provider.

 She would not give out cheap stuff. Shumi is a girl who does things well when she does them. I know that best.

 ”The prize for this bingo game is”

 ”””””What is it?”””””

 Shumi, who spoke in a teasing way, raised her hand high.

 ”It’s something that Toa-chan and I decided, and Aqua will do it for the winner! That’s it!!”


 When I realized it, I was doing a victory pose with both hands.

 Of course, I wasn’t the only one. Everyone in the hall was.

 ”Let’s go! Morikawa Kaede’s Power Bingo!”

 What is Power Bingo….

 Hey, don’t tear the bingo card with too much force and bother everyone.

 I feel like you’re going to mess up, so I’ll give you a heads up… and as I thought, her companion Announcer Onidzuka was paying attention.

 Today’s wedding, Aqua-sama wants to make it lively with a lot of people, he wants to introduce his bride to everyone, that’s his intention, and a lot of people are coming.

 There is no dress code, and some people are dressed up, while others rush in at the last minute and dress casually.

 In fact, the prime minister who was invited by Hogekawa just before is the most casual, so no one will say anything about the clothes. Aqua-sama is not a person who cares about such small things either.

 ”Hehehe, as expected of my granddaughter, you know well!”

 When I looked next to me, Granny Mary was very excited.

 She is amazing to finish a full marathon at that age. I think she might have more physical ability than Chinsuki. She was the former queen of a country, after all. She is different from us.

 ”Boo-boo, give us better prizes!”


 There is someone who is complaining in front of such a luxurious prize…!?

 Who is that rude person!? I thought, and it was wild Kohina Yukari-paisen.

 Ah, I don’t want to get involved. I thought and looked away.

 ”I will do my best…!”

 In the meantime, there is a cute ninja who was near me, so I petted her head.

 This girl is lucky. She has a cuteness that only she can give, unlike the dirty females here.

 Ah, and Tsukimachi Ayana-san too. I feel like she is crying at the effort to hold back Kohina-senpai.

 Click, click, click.

 I instinctively look to the side in response to a familiar sound.

 ”Emily-san, this won’t cause a war, right?”

 Claire… stop putting your hand in your pocket, okay?

 It’s fine, nothing will happen, okay? Come on, give me the thing in your pocket.

 I will keep it until the bingo game is over, with responsibility.

 ”Hehe, the prize is Aqua-sama… hehehehe.”

 Eek!? Why is Sumeragi Kukuri here!?

 She is in training camp, right…? Oh, but maybe she can goes out now because Lapis-chan and others are here too?

 Anyway, I don’t want to get involved with her. So, I decide to stay away from the three of them: Kohina Yukari-paisen, Hogekawa, and this girl. If I get involved with them, I might end up in a bad situation.

 I look around and see that everyone is excited about the prize: Aqua-sama.

 ”Well, well, it seems like it’s time to get serious.”

 ”God, Buddha, Shumi-sama, Aqua-sama, please please help me!”

 ”Haa… haa… I-I’m already excited from now on…”

 Hey! Are you okay, the last one!?

 Calm down, you guys. If you wet your panties now, you’ll have to go to the bathroom at the worst time.

 ”Okay, then, please start by hollowing out the middle.”


 There you go! Gorikawa makes a blunder right away, earning stern glances from the sisters on either side and Announcer Onidzuka. Alright, you’re staying in that position for the rest of today.

 ”Then, Aqua, sorry, but can you grab a ball with a number on it from the box and give it to me?”


 Aqua-sama goes up to the stage and takes out a ball from the box and hands it to Toa-chan.

 Huh? Some people started taking pills from their pockets, are they okay? I’ll tell you, those pills are made by the front company of the Holy Aqua Religion, so they don’t work at all. But they have no side effects either.

 ”Then the first number is… 7!”

 ”Oh, yay, I got it.”

 What!? Shumi, you’re joining too!!


 ”Stop messing around.”

 ”Get out of here.”

 Me and Chinsuki boo at the stage.

 Damn, I didn’t hear that she was joining.

 I look at my bingo card and punch out the 7.

 I knew it. I thought the numbers 7 and 21 would be there.

 I bet the guy over there with the hoge face also has 4, 7, 3 lined up!

 ”Um, the next number is… 22!”

 So closeeeeeee! But wait, I have 22 too. Pfft.

 ”Didn’t, get, any number…”

 I thought it was Chijou, but she was someone I knew.

 Thank you, Chinpo-suki, the Chijou’s executive. You made my gums come out.

 ”Let’s go on. The next numbers are a set! 45 and 36!!”

 Wow! Could it be that I have them all?!

 I quickly raise my hand.

 ”Oh, it looks like someone already has them all… wait, Kanon-san too?”


 Of all people, you tied with me!

 And don’t play bingo games if you’re the sponsor!

 ”Um, let me explain a bit more. This time, the bingo game has different prizes depending on how many bingos you get. Cut out a lot of numbers and make a lot of bingos, okay? Don’t worry, there are also consolation prizes for those who didn’t get any!”

 Yeah, yeah, yeah, that means I already got one bingo with this.

 Toa-chan announces five more numbers.

 Chinsuki also got one number and did a fist pump.

 ”Hey! Why don’t I get any numbers?!”

 ”Senpai, calm down please!”

 Probably, everyone here felt the same way.

 Kohina Yukari paisen…serves you right!!

 Around here, some people started to get bingos.

 Not only me and Shumi, but also Granny Mary and the prime minister did a fist pump.

 Both of them are amazing to be the top of the country. But… Prime Minister Habu, you should stop saying that you became the Prime Minister by luck. Also, Kuga Rihito-san said with a pale face, Prime Minister, if this leaks out, you will have to apologize again with inappropriate words.

 ”Let’s go fast!”

 After that, they announce the numbers one after another.

 ”Ugh, I, still no bingo…”

 I peek at the kunoichi’s bingo card and see that she had two reaches, but no bingo yet.

 I pat the kunoichi’s head and share some of my luck with her.

 Don’t worry, don’t worry, if you get this far, you’ll get a bingo.

 ”Oh, I got it!”

 Lapis-chan and her friends who were next to her get excited.

 Man, when I look at some of the dirty adults, I feel healed by the pure kunoichi and Lapis-chan!

 ”Um… the next number is 21!!”


 Mas***ion, number 21 came! I win!!

 Wow, it was worth getting up early this morning for mas***ing. I’m a woman who loves mas***ion and is loved by mas***ion, Yukishiro Emily. Thank you very much, Mas***ion!!

 And when number 21 came, I got three lines at once. That’s five bingo…. I’m scared of how lucky I am.

 I looked ahead and met Shumi’s eyes.

 That female… she’s in the same five bingo situation as me!?

 Damn, it looks like this is the final showdown.

 ”Hey, what do you mean there’s only one left!?”

 Sorry. Wild Kohina Yukari-paisen, can you please be quiet? I’m in a good spot right now.

 ”Then, let’s go for the last 10!!”

 ”Way to go Toa Chan!”

 ”I know, right!”

 ”Thank you. Thank you!”

 18, 89, 92, 34, 56, 2, 64, 67, 5… the numbers are announced one after another.

 When there were only five left, Toa-chan, Mayuzumi-kun, and Tenga-paisen took turns to draw a ball and announce the number.

 And then, right before the last one, Yui-san, the bride, drew a ball and the hall got very excited.

 Yui-san was happy because she got bingo with the ball she drew. Everyone clapped and cheered and said congratulations.

 ”And now, the last number will be announced by Aqua.”

 ”OK, leave it to me!”

 Aqua-sama put his hand in the box.

 ”77! 77! 77! That’s the one I need for bingo!!”

 Huh? There’s still someone who hasn’t got bingo?

 I thought everyone would have won by now with all these balls drawn… but then I saw it was Kohina Yukari-paisen.

 I guess what you do every day is important, I thought, and I looked back at my past self. Yeah, maybe I should try to think more before I act from tomorrow on…

 I looked down at my bingo card.

 The only one left that might get bingo is Yukishiro’s 46.

 Since 47 hasn’t been called yet, I guess Shumi’s number that she is waiting for is Shumi’s 47.

 I noticed that from the sign she gave me with her eyes earlier.

 ”The last number is”

 ””””””What is it?””””””



 As soon as the number 4 was called, Tsukimachi Ayana-san and Morikawa grabbed Kohina Yukari-senpai’s body.

 Gorikawa…you are really good at using your physical skills!!

 I praised my best friend Chinsuki in my mind.

 By the way, 4 has already been called, so the next number is certain.

 I held my breath.

 ”6! The last number is 46!!”


 Hagetoru-chan, great victory! Yayyyyyy! As I was about to say “take that, Shumi”, we hugged and congratulated each other. It was a good game. Shumi is amazing, she is married to Aqua-sama after all.

 ”Now, let’s move on to the prize ceremony!”


 Everyone cheered.

 ”Um, I’m sorry for those who didn’t get bingo. But there is a consolation prize.”

 Toa-chan said with a sorry face and bowed slightly.

 Those who didn’t get bingo after drawing so many numbers must have done something wrong to Aqua-sama, so Toa-chan doesn’t need to worry, I muttered in my mind.

 ”Then, Kanon-san. Can you announce the consolation prize?”

 ”Sure. The consolation prize is… a photo with Aqua!! And the photographer is the world-famous Nobu-san!”

 ”Leave it to me~, I’ll take the most beautiful picture of you with Aqua-kun’s two-shot photo!!”

 A two-shot photo as a consolation prize!? And Nobu-san is the photographer!?

 ”No way…”

 ”He’s the legendary that took the photo of the magazine, right!!”

 ”Yeah, now that you mention it!”

 ”Is there anyone who didn’t get bingo?”

 ”No… I mean, there’s no way anyone didn’t get it after they announced it so much.”

 ”Wait a minute, isn’t the consolation prize rare…”

 I listened to the people around me and remembered the past.

 That’s right, the magazine that Aqua-sama appeared with Toa-chan, that made Aqua-sama famous all over the country.

 Sure enough, that’s a pretty luxurious prize for a consolation prize.

 But, as everyone says, is there anyone who missed it with these numbers?

 ”Then, the consolation prize winners, please come to the front.”


 Kohina-senpai raises her hand with a triumphant face.

 I just remembered, this person missed the last number…

 ”Ayana-chan. Here, take this.”


 ”I don’t really want a photo with Useless Aqua, so you can do it instead of me.”

 What… did she say…?

 A two-shot photo with Aqua-sama, and that too taken by Nobu-san, the same as that magazine special edition. Everyone’s faces are invaded by disbelief as she rejects it.

 ”Ah, eh? …Are you sure?”

 ”It’s fine. If I ever want a photo with him, I’ll just force him to take it with me, so don’t worry.”

 Kohina Yukari-paisen looks around and lets out a breath with a smug face.

 This woman… she’s trying to show off that she can take a two-shot photo anytime unlike us!!

 Maybe she was really mad that she didn’t win bingo. How childish! How childish can she be!!

 I swore to myself that I would never become like her.

 ”You two look great together!”

 Yeah, they really do. They are both top idols, after all.

 Everyone was free to take pictures, so they all used their phones to snap photos of the two.

 ”Okay, next, who got one bingo?”

 Shumi called out, and almost a third of the people raised their hands.

 ”How about a handshake with Aqua for the one bingo people? Since the participation prize was amazing one, you can also hold both hands and talk for 10 seconds, okay?”

 ”That sounds good!”

 What, what did he say!?

 There’s contact allowed!? Then, in the end… is coupling also allowed!?

 I looked at Shumi with pure and sparkling eyes like a child.

 ”I, I always support you!”

 ”Thank you,”

 Yui-san’s colleague was so happy that they jumped up and down.

 ”I’m so happy.”

 ”Haha, Rin-chan also won. Congratulations.”

 Kunoichi, you got one! That’s great!

 I feel warm and cozy inside.

 ”Shirogane-kun, congratulations on your wedding.”

 ”Natalia student council president, thank you for coming today for me.”

 Natalia Rosenesta, she is Shumi’s relative and the student council president of Otomezaki.

 I think she also participates in the duet audition? I remember seeing her name on the list.


 ”Hey, Shii-chan. Long time no see!”

 ”Thank you for inviting us today.”

 ”Madoka-san. Thank you for coming to make the wedding more fun!”

 I think the little kid is from the same agency as Kohina-senpai.

 Is she okay? Working in the same office as Kohina-paisen of all people… I would refuse for sure.

 And who is that with her, her mom? I feel like Aqua-sama’s face is sloppy.

 ”Thank you for inviting me to this lovely wedding.”

 ”Reira-san, thank you for coming even though you are busy.”

 The handshake between Kuga Reira-san and Aqua-sama was like an arm wrestling match between comrades in an action movie.

 It looked like a scene from a States movie.

 ”Answer my phone calls, okay!”

 ”Sorry. Only 10 seconds left.”


 Oh, it’s Kohina-senpai. I see, Ayana-chan gave her own bingo card back to her.

 I wonder. Ayana-chan is a nice and kind girl, but not like that person from before…. If Kohina Yukari-paisen didn’t try to show off, everyone would have clapped for her normally.

 ”Ah, excuse me, customer, please don’t touch the idol more than necessary.”

 ”Don’t mess with me, you Useless Aqua! I’ll get you later!”

 It was only 10 seconds, but everyone laughed out loud at their exchange.

 ”Thank you for inviting me to this fun wedding. And…the last surprise, I was so happy.”

 ”I’m really glad to hear that. I’m looking forward to your wedding with senpai.”

 Sakuraba Haruka-san. She seems to be a woman who is close with Tenga-paisen.

 She is a calm and elegant lady.

 ”Hehe, can I shake your hand?”

 ”Of course.”

 Hey, Chinsuki! Your face looks like a criminal!!

 And don’t get too excited and crush Aqua-sama’s hand with your power later!

 ”Today’s after-party was so much fun. Thank you.”

 ”No, thank you for indulging my whims.”

 We all celebrated Yui-san, the main character of today, with a big round of applause as we shook hands. There was something special about it. Like the impurities of that Chinsuki from earlier were being purified and fading away, it was a warm, calm, and beautiful moment.

 ”Alright, Kanon-san. What’s the next prize?”

 ”Um, we’ve done handshakes, so… How about hugs?”


 Everyone made even more surprised faces. Shumi… I might have underestimated you!!

 ”Shum——Ka-no-n…! Ka-no-n!”

 I couldn’t help but join in the cheer for Shumi’s name.

 ”””””Ka-no-n! Ka-no-n!”””””

 People around us followed suit. Great! Let’s keep the excitement going, pump up the mood, and make the grand prize closer to something intimate like s*x.

 Please, please, just the tip, just the tip is fine, let me have a deep night contact with Aqua-sama!!

 ”Then, who has two of bingo?”

 Here, almost half of the people raised their hands.

 The people in line started blushing and fidgeting. I get it. It must be tantalizing, especially for the lower half.


 ”Mother, it’s embarrassing!”

 Aqua-sama, embraced by his mom, looked a bit bashful. It’s rare to see Aqua-sama embarrassed. Everyone felt a warm, fuzzy feeling witnessing this fresh side of Aqua-sama.

 ”Well, is it okay for me too?”

 ”Of course. Here. Please.”

 The hug between Auntie Miku and Aqua-sama… it’s like a painting. Looking at it, there’s a difference between men and women, but the finer details make me think they resemble each other in their younger days. Nevertheless, this hug between the two also feels like a scene from a movie.

 ”Um… are you sure you want someone like me?”

 ”Of course. Kyoko-san, come here and hug me tight!”

 Huh? I think I see Aqua-sama, who hugged Mayuzumi-kun’s mom strongly, making a sloppy face.

 After the hug, Shintaro-kun said to leave her to him.

 ”Aqua-kun, please take care of our kids.”

 ”Of course. Kanata-san… I will take care of the Nekoyama family!”

 Aqua-sama looks serious, but he also makes a sloppy face when he hugs Kanata-san.

 Is it just me? Doesn’t it seem like Aqua-sama is happier than the prize?

 ”So, it’s my turn now!”


 The moment Toa-chan jumped on Aqua with force, I heard the sound of pills rattling from somewhere far away. I thought in my mind, take it easy.

 Some people almost fell down, but Kunoichi and Pegonia-san helped them right away. Nice play!

 ”Hey… do I have to do this too?”

 ”Of course. Come on… Shintaro!”

 People saw Shintaro and Aqua-kun hug, and some of them felt dizzy again.

 Are you all okay? If you get too excited, you should sit down and rest.


 ”Grandmother Mary, congratulations on winning bingo!”

 Granny, you are so lucky! Aqua-sama hugged you, and you look very happy.

 ”Oh, Aqua-kun, can I… too?”

 ”Sure, prime minister.”

 Prime minister, are you okay? If this photo gets out, it might cause a big problem.

 No, after hugging Aqua-sama, you said you have no regrets in your political life. That was a hug with resignation in mind. Wow…. You are really the top of the country, you have a lot of courage.


 ”Uruha-san, thank you for coming today”

 Aqua-sama hugs a girl from his class.

 Wow, she has big boobs… And she smells so good, she is in the same class as him!?

 Aqua-sama is like, he can eat her up in a second. He has that kind of mood.

 He looks very happy when she pushes something big against him.

 ”Uh… Um…”

 ”Onidzuka-san. Kaede always gets your help. Thank you”

 Oh, it’s Chin-suki’s boss.

 ”No way… right? Onidzuka-paisen has a female expression.”

 Of course, Chinsuki. The opponent is Aqua-sama. Look, see? Even Nee-san over there has a female expression. The only man who can do that is Aqua-sama!


 ”Kotono, let’s definitely have a wedding ceremony too!”


 Good for them. Shumi, Chinsuki, and I give a grand applause to Nee-san.

 ”So, next is for 3 bingo. What do you want to do, Toa-chan?”

 ”Well, then… maybe, he can call them by their first name? And also keep each other bodies close!”

 ”That… sounds good! Accepted!”

 ”””””Ka-no-n! Ka-no-n!”””””

 Phew, things are getting crazy.

 Getting called by our first name? What a reward. It’s almost like lovers or married, right?

 ”Thank you, please be nice to me.”

 Claire!? Seriously, Claire!?

 You got three bingos? That’s awesome!!

 ”Congratulations, Claire-san, what do you want him to say?”

 ”Um… just say something in a commanding tone, that’s fine…”

 ”OK, since you asked, Aqua, I’ll leave it to you!”


 When asked by Toa-chan, Aqua-sama thought for a bit, then took Claire’s hand and brought her to the wall.

 Aqua-sama leaned Claire against the wall and got closer to her, then slammed the wall hard and pressing his body against hers.

 At this point, the hall is full of dirty female voices, like “gyaa” and “ugyaa”.

 ”Claire… You must support only me. Got it?”


 Claire rubs her inner thighs tightly. Oh, that’s definitely wet. Good for her. I applauded Claire. But, with that thing from earlier, it might take a strange turn again… Nah, it’s probably just my imagination.

 ”Oh, um, maybe I can too?”

 ”Of course, President. Please, go ahead.”

 Ah, next is President Atori. Everyone looks at her with warm eyes because we all want her to be rewarded.

 ”Well then, President, what would you like Aqua to do for you?”

 ”Uh, well… something like praising me… is that possible?”

 ”Yeah, sure. Aqua, do your best!”

 ”Got it. Leave it to me.”

 Aqua-sama takes President Atori’s hand and pulls her close, embracing her in her arms.

 ”Ako… Good joob. Thank you for always working hard for us. I appreciate it. So…don’t push yourself too much!”


 Kohina Yukari-paisen caught Ako-san who was staggering.

 Everyone clapped for this. Thank you. Really thank you. Everyone thanked President.


 Eek! My body reacted involuntarily to Kukuri’s voice.

 If my body was going to react, I wanted to twitch as Aqua-sama played with my c*nt…

 ”What do you want me to do, Kukuri-chan?”

 ”Um… then, can you treat me like I’m yours?”


 Aqua-sama wrapped his hand around Kukuri’s waist and gently pulled her closer to himself.

 ”Kukuri, just focus on me. I won’t let anyone else touch you.”


 Ugh… I wanted to see this, with someone other than Kukuri…

 Aqua-sama, she looks like a lady but she is a monster inside. Run away fast!!

 ”Next is Sugita-sensei?”

 ”What do you want, sensei?”

 ”I, me too, I want to feel good like President Atori…”


 Aqua-sama hugs Sugita-sensei’s body and puts her hand on his head.

 Then he taps her head and whispers her name in her ear.

 ”Are you resting well? Don’t push yourself too hard. Mari. I will be sad if Mari-sensei falls down.”

 ”Ah, ah, ah…yes”

 That’s good! You deserve some reward because you have a hard time with Holy Aqua Religion and your students who are the executives. I’m sorry. My followers are causing trouble.

 ”Is this the end then?”

 ”I’m here…!”

 Tenga-paisen raises his bingo card high in the air.

 Wow. He looks so cool, even though he’s not doing anything special.

 ”So, what do you want Tenga-senpai to do?”

 ”Um, um… like a classmate.”

 Ahh, that’s right. Tenga-paisen is the only one who has a different grade and school….

 Huh? I imagined Tenga-paisen eating alone at school and I felt some sweat in my eyes.

 If it was the other senpai, I would only show my gums….

 ”Akira! Let’s play basketball after school!”

 ”O, oh! Let’s go, A-A-Aqua!”

 Geez, Tenga-paisen is the cutest one here!

 He blushes when the juniors call him by his name, and he sounds nervous and shy, much more than Shumi-san who is supposed to be the heroine.

 ”Well, that’s it for now, right? And…how many people are left?”

 The ones who raised their hands were me and Shumi, and Pegonia-san and… Agewa-oneechan!?

 Why is Agewa-oneechan here, ah, she got connected with the prime minister. I see….

 ”Kanon-san, what do we do with the rest?”

 ”Hmm. I don’t care about the prizes, but the other two who are not first should do that thing, right? You know, the rice-bag hug (Tawara-daki/俵抱き) and the princess carry. And then, we make Aqua say that line, you know.”

 ”OK, let’s do that!!”

 Pegonia-san and Agewa-chan, who got four bingos, go up on the stage.

 Agewa-chan looks uncomfortable, maybe because she is in the enemy territory. Still, she tries to act calm.

 Shumi whispers something to Toa-chan.

 ”Um, one of you is the princess carry, and the other is the rice-bag hug.”

 ”Then I will go later, desu~wa. You go first.”

 Toa-chan’s suggestion makes Agewa-chan pass the turn to Pegonia-san.

 ”Then I will ask for the same princess carry as young lady, please.”


 Aqua-sama carries Pegonia-san like a princess…or rather, like a maid?

 ”Oh my, Master. I am not a princess, but just a maid.”

 ”Hmm, you talk back to me, you are a very cheeky maid.”

 Yuujin!? This tone is Yuujin-sama mode, right!!


 Danger! I desperately support Granny Mary who fell down.

 Hey, you granddaughter, do you want to send your Granny to heaven! Be careful!!

 ”Eh, ah…”

 ”Well, it’s fine. You seem to have a lot of potential, and I can take my time to make you fall for me…right. Pegonia, I won’t let you sleep tonight.”


 Hey, you, don’t scream with me when you are the one who recommend the act, Shumi!!

 This situation, you just wanted to see this scene and do it, right!!

 ”Grr…this is humiliating!”

 Pegonia-san hid her red face and ran away from the princess carry. Yeah, I get it. That is too much.

 ”Then I will do a rice-bag hug.”

 Go Agewa-oneechan!!

 Shumi and Aqua-sama will do something crazy again!!

 I cheer for Agewa-oneechan in my heart.


 Aqua-sama easily does a rice-bag hug with Agewa-oneechan.

 ”Don’t move. I can’t carry you if you don’t stay still.”

 He is the protagonist of No-rin!


 Oh, Hakuryuu-sensei died before Agewa-oneechan.

 Hey, don’t die. Live!! You have to live to make this a real movie!!

 Granny Mary was moaning next to me but she was not dead so that is good.

 ”A, a, ah…”

 As expected, Agewa-oneechan’s face was very red.

 This can’t be helped. There is no way to hide it.

 We, females, can only do one thing: make a silly face and wet our legs.

 ”Just stay still, okay? I told you to listen to me. Got it? Agewa-oneechan.”

 ”U, uuuuuh…”

 Something unbelievable has been created. If this gets leaked outside, there might be riots… It wouldn’t be surprising if there were demonstrations demanding an immediate live-action adaptation. I silently applauded and praised Agewa-oneechan for her efforts.

 ”Um, so, the last one is Yukishiro Emily-san. Please go ahead.”


 Whoaaaa, finally, it’s my turn! What on earth is he going to do? I’m getting nervous…

 ”As for the last one, what should we do?”

 ”Well, let’s leave the last one to Aqua, how about that?”

 ”Got it.”

 Aqua-sama nods with a smile at Shumi’s words.

 ”How about this then?”



 Aqua-sama, who was standing in the center of the stage, put his hands on my shoulders and Shumi and pulled us closer to his body.

 ”Kanon, thank you for today”

 Aqua-sama gave a light kiss on Shumi’s cheek.

 ”Emily-san, if you don’t like it, say no.”

 ”I don’t mind.”

 I already know what he will do, but I don’t hate anything that Aqua-sama does to me!!

 ”Emily-san too, thank you for coming today.”

 He said that and gave a light kiss on my forehead.

 I will never wash this forehead again….

 ”Is this simple enough? How about we do the last scene of Yuu-oni with the three of us?”

 ”That’s just what Aqua wants to do!”

 Shumi! Don’t be shy and say yes!!

 Let’s kiss him with our breasts sandwiching him!! What, it was an accident that I slipped and kissed Aqua-sama with tongue! Isn’t it okay to pretend it was an accident and steal a kiss? Guhehe!

 ”Haha, just kidding.”

 Ugh… too bad, but it can’t be helped. Still, I got a forehead kiss, so that’s good.

 ”Well then, now that things are getting lively, it’s time for Morikawa Kaede’s comedy act!!”

 Well, that’s, uh, not really important. The second party continued to be lively like this.

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