Male Idol V11c17

Volume 11 Chapter 17 Shirogane Yui, My Request

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 Aa-sama slowly came closer to me and gently kissed me.

 I feel as nervous as the day Aa-sama hugged me for the first time.


 While kissing me, Aa-sama smartly took off my bra and firmly massaged my breasts with both hands.

 They are I-cup breasts that I grew for 24 years for him to touch. Please love them a lot.


 Aa-sama, nibbling on my nipple, begins to suck like a baby.

 Hehe, with a gentle pat on the head of Aa-sama, like a big baby, I felt very calm.

 Due to my upbringing, I am very hesitant to become a mother myself. However, that doesn’t mean I dislike children. On the contrary, I love children.

 For someone like me with such contradictions, isn’t Aa-sama, who can be both a boyfriend and a baby, the best Master (Danna-sama)?


 To make it easier for Aa-sama to suckle, I change the posture to a breastfeeding position, similar to a mother feeding a baby.

 ”Please drink as much as you like.”

 Am I the only one? Watching Aa-sama’s affectionate figure, I want to spoil him more and more. I feel like doing anything for him and fulfilling any whim he has.

 ”Very good.”

 I pat Aa-sama’s head again.

 Looking down at the lower body, Aa-sama’s well-developed member seems to be shedding tears from the tip.

 Poor thing… My chest tightened uncomfortably. Does he want me to touch it? I have to touch it. I feel like petting and comforting it a lot.


 I gently touched Aa-sama’s thing, and slowly and gently began to stroke it up and down.

 Then Aa-sama’s member immediately leaned against my hand, as if seeking comfort, pressing my palm firmly.

 So cute~~~~~~! Seeing Aa-sama’s member desperately begging, I get a fluttery feeling.

 ”I’ll scrub a little harder, but don’t waste your shots just yet.”

 Aa-sama’s sperm is a treasure for humanity. That’s why I can’t waste it by jerking it off with my hand.

 As a S*men Extraction Officer, I can access the National Confidentiality Bureau’s database and know how many people want Aa-sama’s sperm.

 Approximately 98.4% of women express a desire for his sperm.

 I wondered about the remaining 1.6% and cross-referenced data with Tenga-san, Mayuzumi-san, and Toa-chan’s officers, confirming it to be 100%. I see…

 ”If you feel like releasing, please let me know. Huh? You want to release on breasts? Well, as a S*men Extraction Officer, wastefulness is not acceptable, but… today is a special day.”

 Even though I claim it’s only for today, it feels like every time is special. Because, seeing Aa-sama’s dignified face, I can’t help but allow it. As a professional S*men Extraction Officer, I had doubts, so I consulted with Chief Amakusa.

 ”The job of a S*men Extraction Officer is not just about extraction. It’s the officer’s duty to promote a more comfortable and pleasurable experience to convey the pleasure of eja***ion to men. So, you are not wrong.”

 Chief Amakusa’s words were an eye-opener for me.

 ”And, um… with the nearly 8 dozen semen from the other day. We might need more storage space… Nngh.”

 Finally, Chief Amakusa seemed to mutter something, but it’s probably just my imagination.

 Now, Aa-sama lay down on his back on the bed, so that I could squeeze him between my breasts.

 ”Is this okay?”

 I put my body between Aa-sama’s open legs, and I squeezed his hard Ochinpo-sama with my breasts.

 ”Do you want me to vigorously slam them down so you can feel the weight of my breasts? Yes, understood.”

 Mmm… I let the saliva collected in my mouth drip slowly onto Aa-sama’s erect member, using it as a lubricant to vigorously stroke it. In addition, I repeatedly slam my heavy breasts against Aa-sama’s lower body to encourage the eja***ion.

 ”Mmm… ready to release? Go ahead. Release as much as you want.”

 After forcefully slamming my breasts, I press them firmly against Aa-sama’s member from both ends, engaging in a teasing motion. Then, Aa-sama promptly unleashed his essence into my bosom.

 Aa-sama’s throbbing member pulsates vigorously, making my breasts known and forcing me to submit. Like fertilizing my bosom, Aa-sama’s warm semen is spouted out.


 Enough! This is absolutely something that can only be done if Aa-sama truly loves my breasts! Because Aa-sama always affirms my breasts with his eja***ion, I’m making efforts to make my breasts even bigger! Today, I was quickly taken off, but I was wearing the infamous Devil Big Bang Bra and using the recommended Saint Bust Enhancement Cream suggested by the Madam.

 Kotono-san and I, these big milk bags are already big enough. Do you realize that we are crazy to make them bigger for you only? Please love us even if our breasts get bigger than this.

 Earlier, you couldn’t help but show affectionate expressions to larger individuals like Agewa-sama and Emily-san! But we have a dedicated breast milking device for Aa-sama’s use anytime here, so it’s not acceptable to show interest in other breasts!

 Although, considering the feelings of those with ample breasts, I’ll permit it. In return, please make sure to love my breasts properly, alright? Oh, by the way, I’ve heard that children undergo potty training to learn how to use the toilet.

 If that’s the case, perhaps I should conduct a special training session for Ochinpo-sama in this brag-worthy Aa-sama exclusive breast toilet….

 ”Thank you for releasing so much.”

 I opened my breasts to the left and right, and showed that I was happy that he gave me so much.

 Then Aa-sama pushed me down on the bed.

 Wait a minute! Aa-sama’s semen is still trickling in the cleavage of my breasts, and I have to collect as much as possible and put it in a storage container for the sake of future generations of scholars.

 ”Yui, please.”

 Oh, it’s really impossible! When Aa-sama requests with such a face, well, there’s nothing I can say but yes, okay, sure, yes. Because, you see, that expression makes me want to do anything for him. It’s like a serving face. Pegonia-san mentioned it too, but it’s a face that makes you want to serve.

 ”Um… there’s just one request.”

 Being pushed down, I gather my resolve and make one request to Aa-sama before insertion.

 ”As a S*men Extraction Officer, I’m sorry to ask you this…but…could you please come inside me with the intention of making me pregnant?”

 I take a low-dose pill every day to prevent pregnancy, but I stopped taking it for today. Aa-sama knows that very well.

 ”You want a baby?”

 In response to Aa-sama’s question, I slightly shake my head from side to side.

 I grabbed a pouch that had been placed nearby, unzipped it, took out the morning-after pill, and showed it to Aa-sama.

 ”I’m still hesitant about having a baby. Still…I want you to come inside me.”

 There is nothing as blissful as the possibility of pregnancy through creampie. I’ve heard stories about that. So, so… I desired it.

 After all, I wonder how happy I would be if I could welcome Aa-sama’s semen to the place that matters most to me without taking a pill.

 Just thinking about that made my body hot, and until today, I continued to comfort my hot body with my fingers every day.


 As Aa-sama envelops me, he slowly inserts Ochinpo-sama into my v**ina. Ah, no, this isn’t the kind of sex I’m familiar with!


 As I welcome Ochinpo-sama deep inside, I arch my body backward. Wait, wait! Is sexual intercourse with the possibility of pregnancy supposed to feel this good? It’s completely different from the contraceptive-pill-induced sex I’ve had before. Feeling the possibility of creating a baby when ejaculated inside, I’ve become acutely aware of the sensitivity of every part of my body.


 Ah, no! It feels too good, and an indecent moan escapes me.

 In my relentless effort not to be perceived as a lewd woman by Aa-sama, I desperately suppress the urge to moan. However, lewd moan escape through the gaps between the fingers of my restrained palm.

 ”Ah, ah, ah!”

 My rationality is strongly pulled by sexual desire, and my true female instincts come out.

 I want to be ejaculated inside. I want to conceive. I want to be impregnated. I want my innermost being to be thoroughly violated. I want the baby room to be filled with semen. I want to be a p**is case 24/7, 365 days a year.

 I want to be Aa-sama’s exclusive excretion toilet, a semen repository. Just turn me into a meat urinal to discard sexual desires. My mind has become so obsessed that I can only think of Ochinpo-sama and eja***ion.

 ”Inside, inside, release inside. Now, you can… do whatever you want to me!”

 Ah, ah, ah, it’s coming, it’s coming, it’s coming, it’s coming, it’s coming, it’s coming! I quickly recognized the piston for eja***ion. Aa-sama avoids putting weight on me and focuses on fondling just one of my breasts.

 No, no, no!

 Don’t bother considering me; please, vigorously squeeze my breasts as if tearing them apart with both hands!

 Whether Aa-sama heard my plea or not, he pressed his body against mine, kissed me, and fervently massaged my breasts.

 In response, expressing my love, I wrapped both hands around Aa-sama’s neck and both legs around his waist, clinging to his body.


 While engaging in a deep kiss with Aa-sama, I reached climax. I can feel Aa-sama’s semen freely flowing into my baby room.

 …I love you! I love you, love you, love you, love you, love you! The feeling of love is overflowing, and my head feels like it’s about to soar with euphoria.

 Huh? But with this amount of s*men, he surely intend to impregnate me, doesn’t he? Doing something like that would undoubtedly make me fall in love, and I’d give it all to you, the guy who makes girls say in the cutest way.

 There’s even a heart symbol at the end of the word, and the back of my eyes can also be a heart symbol.

 ”Haa… haa… haa… haa…”

 Lying on my back with my legs spread, I gaze at the ceiling with vacant eyes, savoring the aftermath of pleasure.

 ”Thank you.”

 ”You’re welcome. Yui, today too… no, always, thank you for making me feel good.”

 A gentle kiss from Aa-sama makes me feel warm inside. After regaining composure, I use Aqua-sama’s device to extract s*men multiple times and fulfill my duty. Strangely, compared to real intercourse, it feels like the s*men volume is less during the milking process. As expected… Aa-sama’s sexual desires are beyond what I anticipated.

 ’The job of a S*men Extraction Officer is not just about milking. The true duty of a S*men Extraction Officer is to create a more comfortable and pleasurable experience, conveying that eja***ion is enjoyable for men. So, you are not wrong.’

 Chief Amakusa’s words echo in my mind.

 Considering what makes eja***ion pleasurable for Aa-sama, it seems that it involves assistance from women. Even with Pegonia-san, who has a strong libido, four people are still not enough to satisfy Aa-sama. In my mind, the face of one woman comes to the forefront.

 Yukishiro Emily-san…

 It’s evident from the fact that Aa-sama took a wife, he seems to prefer refined women.

 Additionally, what’s important is that she’s as cute as madam.

 Reflecting on today’s bingo game, when Aa-sama kissed Emily-san on the forehead, she, despite being beautiful, showed a slightly disheveled expression, making her incredibly cute. Moreover, Emily-sama has notably large breasts.

 Government data suggests a correlation between large breasts and strong sexual desire, and despite appearances, Emily-san might fall into that category. Fortunately, Emily-san is friends with Madam and Kotono-san. Besides, Aa-sama seemed quite pleased at the end. While I can’t be certain of my influence, I hope to subtly facilitate the development of such a relationship between the two…

 ”Yui, is something wrong?”

 ”Oh, sorry. I’m a bit tired.”

 ”I see, you had a lot of things today, and we did it hard at the end. Thank you Yui, you did your best for me.”

 Aa-sama picked me up like a princess, and he cleaned my body in the bath, and he slept with me in the bed.

 I am currently very happy to be married to Aa-sama. So please wait.

 I will do my best to make your eja***ion experience as comfortable as possible!.

 With this vow in my heart, I fell asleep in Aa-sama’s arms.

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