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Volume 11 Chapter 18 Bulletin Board, Yuu-Onii’s Final Episode

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

[Sayuki is Tora-uma] Yuu-onii final episode [Rina is Oasis of the Heart]
8 Anonymous
It’s the final episode already…
12 Anonymous
Well, well, today is the last time to see psycho Sayuki
17 Anonymous
Sayuki is a character who is not good for education
23 Anonymous
It’s funny that Sayuki, a monster, is played by Kohina Yukari, another monster
26 Anonymous
I agree
30 Anonymous
Nii-sama should be free and happy now
He can live peacefully with Rina
32 Anonymous
Will the ribbon boom end when the drama ends?
38 Anonymous
The smell sniffing in episode 1 is too lewd
My sister, who is in middle school, started her period because of that
44 Anonymous
It doesn’t matter if you have or don’t have a period in front of Aa-sama
He can make any woman, from young to old, a female in a moment. That’s Shirogane Aqua
49 Anonymous
I agree with everything
55 Anonymous
Sorry to interrupt your nonsense, but it’s about to start
60 Anonymous
63 Anonymous
I just came out of the bath!
64 Anonymous
Bring it on anytime!
67 Anonymous
68 Anonymous
69 Anonymous
71 Anonymous
It started!
70 Anonymous
It has begun…
73 Anonymous
Opening Sayuki LMAO
76 Anonymous
Opening Sayuki is such a powerful word
79 Anonymous
Hey, staff, can you please stop crushing my heart from the start?
I’m scared…
82 Anonymous
Because of the wild Kohina Yukari, my fear is also 80% more…
85 Anonymous
Don’t run away, Inko
87 Anonymous
Hey, staff, there’s someone slacking off here!
88 Anonymous
Don’t run away (from the otome game)!
89 Anonymous
The otome game is waiting for you!
91 Anonymous
Hurry up and continue!!
97 Anonymous
Inko is exposed even without a name LOL
Everyone forgive her LOL
99 Anonymous
Sayuki is scary when the closet closes!!
103 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari is trying to give us trauma
Or rather, this girl is Chijo!
106 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari = Tora-uma theory lol
112 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari is good at acting
She is great even with Ayana-chan and Aqu-tan
117 Anonymous
She is one of the best actresses in Japan
She may not be popular in the world like Kuga Reira who has a different style from Japanese, or Yukishiro Mikuni who is very unique and beautiful, but as an actor, Kohina Yukari may be the best
121 Anonymous
No, Mishu-sama is better at acting
Kohina Yukari-san is good but not more than Japanese
125 Anonymous
Go see a movie
126 Anonymous
Go to the movie now
128 Anonymous
Oh yeah yeah, I see. That’s where you are stuck
Go and see the ultimate love that Kohina Yukari-san, aka Ultimate KY, got from meeting Aqu-tan
133 Anonymous
That person is so bad at reading the room
137 Verification Team *07218KADO6
She can read the room, but she doesn’t live in that dimension of reading or not reading
For Kohina Yukari-san, reading the room is the job of others
140 Anonymous
141 Anonymous
This is so true
144 Anonymous
Hagetoru is good at analysis, and you could be a Verification Team if you were serious
Chinsuki is clearly just a noise maker
148 Anonymous
Movies by Kohina Yukari, Yukishiro Mikuni, and Kuga Reira, all doing well, right?
152 Anonymous
Mikuni-sama -> usual Mikuni-sama, masterpiece you should watch even if not Mikuni-sama fan
Reira -> usual Reira, fun but not best ever
Kohina Yukari -> definitely best ever Kohina Yukari, never seen Kohina Yukari so human
158 Anonymous
Many famous people commented on movies, but this guy’s words fit best
Morikawa Kaede “Aqua-kun changed Kohina Yukari from an actress to a human being.”
165 Anonymous
I see, she was not just noisy then…
167 Anonymous
How many wise words this guy has lol
170 Anonymous
This, really wise words LMAO
Movies and dramas are fake, but this time Kohina Yukari was playing a human so I didn’t feel like I was watching a fake story
I felt like I was there in the scene from the beginning to the end
That monster, she started to control the audience too
172 Anonymous
Aqu-tan is here!
175 3510 *ULTi-Hi-P3
178 Anonymous
Wet wet Aqu-tan is here!!
180 Anonymous
As always, the quick response to sexual scenes is very helpful!!
183 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Can I have the video later?
185 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Hehe… thanks!
191 Anonymous
No, no, Aqua-kun getting wet in the rain is too sexy; I can’t focus on the drama!
196 Anonymous
This might be the downside of Aqua-kun being Aqua-kun
His acting is very good. He is one of the best even among girls
But… his face is too good, his body is too good, his voice is too good, everything is too sexy and I can’t focus on the story…
202 Anonymous
The judges of the Drama Award announced that they would review Aqua-kun’s performance several times before making a decision
They said they couldn’t tell if his acting was good or not with just one viewing…
207 Anonymous
That’s right
210 Anonymous
Is this a commercial break?
215 Anonymous
In the interview article that was written in the movie pamphlet, he said he wanted to incorporate live performance that involves the audience into his drama. I wonder which Useless Aqua’s live he was inspired by…
221 Anonymous
It’s crazy to try to do a live performance that involves the viewers in a movie or drama that is recorded
223 Anonymous
The person who made Heaven’s Sword said that it is very similar to what they are doing. Look at the bottom right of the photo of Kohina Yukari on that page. It is written in very small letters
228 Anonymous
Wow, you are right. I did not notice it at all..
232 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari really loves Aqua-sama, doesn’t she?
237 Anonymous
The commercial is over
241 Anonymous
Rina is here!
243 Anonymous
Rina is the only one who makes me feel better
244 Verification Team *07218KADO6
I heal my heart with Rina after being hurt by Sayuki. This is Yuu-onii
247 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Rina is the only normal one here
Everyone in this work is a little strange
251 Anonymous
I agree lol
255 Anonymous
Since it’s Tsukasa-sensei, I think Rina is also suspicious
259 Anonymous
Stop it!
262 Anonymous
Don’t take our pure Rina away!!
263 Anonymous
It’s okay, Ayana-chan who is playing Rina will never betray us. I believe that!
268 Anonymous
271 Anonymous
Rina is such a good girl…!
She is not like some wild something-san or wild something-san!
274 Anonymous
275 Anonymous
Don’t run away from your duty
278 Anonymous
LOL Inko, you reacted too fast
282 Anonymous
Everyone in the team that wants to make Inko finish the otome game, please do your best
286 Anonymous
Nii-sama, I think you can rest now
289 Anonymous
Nii-sama, forget about that, and live with me?
293 Anonymous
The team that wants to support Nii-sama…. -> Here
300 Anonymous
Well said!
302 Anonymous
Rina, it’s okay, it’s okay!
306 Anonymous
Let’s forget about the Satou family
Let’s leave Sayuki alone and live a lovey-dovey li…life with Rina!
310 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Is there a scene where Rina and Nii-sama make a baby?
I’m waiting with my pants down
314 Anonymous
If it’s Shizuoka, it’s okay because this big sister’s parents’ house is there
316 Anonymous
If it’s Shizuoka, this big sister is there to protect you!
321 Anonymous
Lol your parents’ house is casually revealed
326 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
I’ll protect you with all my strength if you come to Shizuoka!
333 Anonymous
Lol Nee-san is so into it
335 Verification Team *07218KADO6
You can defeat Sayuki with this!!
337 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Even Sayuki, who is amazing, can’t beat Nee-san
339 Anonymous
Um, can you protect me from the wild Sayuki too?
343 Anonymous
Hey, go back to the streaming room
345 Anonymous
Don’t run away! Fight!!
349 Anonymous
Nii-sama, your face looks a little better!
352 Anonymous
Rina is the best!
354 Anonymous
Only Rina can win!
358 Anonymous
Thanks to Rina, Nii-sama seems to be saved. That’s the best thing
360 Anonymous
Rina, thank you
You protected Nii-sama’s heart
364 Verification Team *07218KADO6
365 Anonymous
367 Anonymous
369 Anonymous
Her entrance is so scary!!
372 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Oops, I think I peed a little..
376 Anonymous
378 Anonymous
Sensei, Chinsuki peed a little!
380 Anonymous
It’s OK, you are not the only one who leaked
383 Anonymous
I’m glad. I was not the only one..
386 Anonymous
I laughed at the people who peed a little LOL
Well, I also peed a little
389 Anonymous
It’s not scary if we leak together
395 Verification Team *07218KADO6
It’s not scary if we wet together!?
400 Anonymous
Police officer, it was this one
404 Anonymous
Rina, go for it!
408 Anonymous
Please, Rina!!
You are the only one who can do something about Sayuki
413 Anonymous
If Rina could bring back the light to Kazuya’s eyes, she can do something about Sayuki too!!
417 Anonymous
Sayuki, scary…
421 Anonymous
She is too quiet, it’s scary…
426 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari’s acting is crazy. She is scary even when she doesn’t talk
I couldn’t see her face or hear her voice, but I flinched when I saw her body twitch for a moment
She only moves her ring finger slightly, and the timing is perfect
She scares me more when she reacts when the viewers are relaxed
432 Anonymous
433 Anonymous
434 Anonymous
436 Anonymous
The flow, changed!
439 Anonymous
This, the flow changed, right?
441 Anonymous
It’s Rina after all!
444 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
She won!
448 Anonymous
Too bad. Stop raising flags!
453 Anonymous
Does Ayana-chan appear in the game?
Maybe, the wild Kohina Yukari can be fixed?
460 Anonymous
Good for you. You found a clue to win her over
Let’s go back to your room then
462 Anonymous
Staff-san. It looks like she is ready
467 Anonymous
Inko won’t be able to go back to her parents’ house until she clears the otome game lol
471 Anonymous
475 Anonymous
479 Anonymous
Sayuki’s eyes lit up… what!?
483 Anonymous
It’s because Rina is played by Ayana-chan
Kohina Yukari needs Ayana-chan, Sayuki needs Rina
486 Anonymous
Will Ayana-chan be added to the otome game?
We don’t know yet, right? Because no one has passed the first day yet…
The players can’t continue, and the game time is slower than the real time. That’s too hellish lol
490 Anonymous
492 Anonymous
495 Anonymous
Rina, run!!
499 Anonymous
It didn’t work out after all…
503 Anonymous
In the end, Sayuki was Sayuki
She definitely did something at the end
507 Anonymous
That smile at the end, she surely did something, right?
That’s how it ended…
512 Anonymous
A commercial break…. It looks like it will go all the way to the end from here
518 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
I think Sensei will do something else from here
524 Anonymous
I think so too
529 Anonymous
Let’s be ready for the second half
533 Anonymous
Please. Let it be okay!!
535 Anonymous
540 Anonymous
546 Anonymous
Rina stopped coming to school
551 Anonymous
Our healing is goneeeeeee!
554 Anonymous
Even Rina couldn’t do anything about Sayuki…
558 Anonymous
It’s over. It’s over…
562 Anonymous
Nii-sama started to move
567 Anonymous
Hang in there, Nii-sama. You are the only one left!!
570 Anonymous
Kazuya, save Rina!!
575 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
But if it’s Shirogane Aqua… Aqua-kun can do something!!
579 Anonymous
That’s the most convincing word today
581 Anonymous
Yeah! Aqua-sama can do something!!
583 Anonymous
Only Aa-sama and Kenzaki have the atmosphere that they can do something
588 Anonymous
In the end, Aqua-sama is the main character
Only Aqua-sama can do something about Kohina Yukari!
592 Anonymous
The old people are back, huh
600 Anonymous
I remember it was verified, but all the girls in this work are twisted, right…
606 Anonymous
I thought Harada-san in the first story was a good kid…
Everyone thought the bruises all over her body were a sign of bullying, but they were actually from hitting the pitching machine. And that’s not all, she was doing it on purpose
You should have seen everyone’s faces when they found out
She had a blissful expression when she sprained her ankle at the sports festival, too. She was just a pain-loving masochist, how ridiculous!
614 Anonymous
There’s also the choking maniac who had marks on her neck after taking off her choker, and the wrist-cutter who wore long sleeves even in summer
618 Anonymous
Ouch ouch ouch
623 Anonymous
It was also the class president who made it look like Sayuki stole Nii-sama’s stuff
629 Anonymous
And she used the stolen stuff in front of the owner, with a look of ecstasy. That’s too crazy
635 Anonymous
That time when someone was doing corner mas***ion on the table in the student council room that became a legend, it was actually a teacher. That was shocking
Everyone said it was Sayuki!!
641 Verification Team *07218KADO6
No, Sayuki too. She is definitely doing it
647 Anonymous
That, I checked the capture by zooming or slowing down, but it was dark and I could hardly see what they were doing, but it was surely corner mas***ion
I knew by the voice
655 Anonymous
This work, there is no good woman LOL
661 Anonymous
The top one is Sayuki, though
669 Anonymous
Since a while ago, the characters that came out here have been coming out, but all I remember is that they were perverts
673 Anonymous
674 Anonymous
Only Rina wins
677 Anonymous
Rinaー, come back soon pleaseee!
680 Anonymous
I knew from the start that Rina-chan was the only normal girl
683 Anonymous
You guys, it’s nice to see them again, but you already know that this school is full of perverts!!
685 Anonymous
Oukain is Mary. The school they use for filming is also Mary’s branch school. And this old building too
688 Anonymous
Seriously? lol
690 Anonymous
I see… All the characters are Hagetoru and Chinposuki fans. Got it
693 Anonymous
I agree with you
695 Anonymous
697 Anonymous
Is Mary student a pervert even in the drama? LMAO
699 Verification Team *07218KADO6
I’m moved to tears by the achievements of my school
701 Anonymous
703 Anonymous
You’re lucky. You have a lot of friends!
705 Anonymous
Kazuya is amazing for coming here safely..
706 Anonymous
The students are perverts, the teachers are perverts, Sayuki is a super pervert
Rina is the only one, right?
708 Anonymous
Rina is the only hope
711 Anonymous
Rina, come back soon..
714 Anonymous
The janitor too!?
715 Anonymous
The janitor was a pervert too LOL
718 Anonymous
This school is hopeless
720 Anonymous
Tsukasa-sensei likes perverts, right?
723 Anonymous
Our generation was twisted by Hakuryuu-sensei, but the young kids are twisted by Tsukasa-sensei
Good thing. With Hakuryuu-sensei… If I was swung by Tsukasa-sensei, I wouldn’t be able to come back
726 Anonymous
728 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
731 Anonymous
Has he finally arrived at the truth?
734 Anonymous
Nii-sama find out about Sayuki’s darkness
737 Anonymous
Nii-sama, stop Sayuki! Save Rina!!
739 Anonymous
There is only Aqua-sama left!!
741 Anonymous
If this was Kenzaki!
742 Anonymous
Kenzaki would hug and solve it
744 Anonymous
Kenzaki LMAO
746 Anonymous
What this drama needs is Aa-sama and Kenzaki!!
747 Anonymous
748 Anonymous
750 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari, you!
753 Anonymous
A close look at Aa-sama, so jealous!!
755 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Please change that position with me! Shame on you!!
758 Anonymous
Nice. Nice
761 Anonymous
762 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
763 Anonymous
765 Anonymous
769 Anonymous
A kiss!?
770 Anonymous
771 Anonymous
A kiss scene!?
773 Anonymous
A kiss!?
776 Anonymous
Hey! Kohina Yukari, stop joking!!
781 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! (sound of pulling down pants with full force)
785 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
It’s p**is time!?
792 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Oh, sorry. I already had my pants off
800 Anonymous
You guys should be banned already! What the heck is “P**is Time”?! Don’t phrase it like “Hero Time”!!
803 Anonymous
This guy is full of drugs lol
807 Anonymous
It’s totally a crime to do this
812 Anonymous
814 Verification Team*9n2SARETAi
816 Anonymous
820 3510 *ULTi-Hi-P3
※The bulletin board seems to have stopped, but everyone’s PCs are normal
821 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
I knew it, I thought Tsukasa-sensei was hiding something. Is it time for a big reveal?
822 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Even Rina-san is fine. Please switch the place with me. No, take over my place!!
823 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
The second kissing scene after the first intense kiss scene in drama history. It might have been impossible without Aqua-kun
824 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Huh? Chinposuki? Nee-san? Everyone?
825Verification Team *07218KADO6
Could it be that everyone left me and went for a solo session?!
826Verification Team *07218KADO6
Damn! They are so wet. Invite me if you want to do it together!!
I and Hakuryuu-sensei are the only ones who watch the drama seriously!
827 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
Maybe, everyone is frozen…
828 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
S-sorry. I was shocked by the sudden thing
829 Anonymous
830 Anonymous
And the shocking truth is revealed
832 Anonymous
Rina is the mastermind…?
835 Anonymous
Women, scary…
837 Verification Team *07218KADO6
I’m already, fed up, can’t take it, anymore
840 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Lies! I thought, only about, Rina… I swear..
843 Anonymous
There’s a massive outbreak of “Chijou,” and it’s hilarious, lol
846 Anonymous
Hagetoru and Chinposuki, who were just going crazy about kissing a moment ago, seem to be on the verge of losing faith in humanity. It’s so funny, LOL
850 Anonymous
I thought Rina was the only sane one, but turns out, she’s a landmine too..
854 Anonymous
In a way, let’s consider it a happy ending. Once Kazuya got targeted by two yanderes, it was over for him
857 Anonymous
Shirogane Aqua is a Menhera making machine and a Yandere making machine
859 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
Is it just me, or did Aqua-san seem very happy when he was sandwiched between the women… Am I just imagining things?
861 Anonymous
Everyone is getting carried away, thinking that Rina was the mastermind at the end, but remember there was a kissing scene!
865 Anonymous
Falling right into Tsukasa-sensei’s trap, and many fools forgetting the kissing scene, it’s hilarious. Ayana-chan is okay, but Kohina Yukari’s kiss is a crime!
869 Verification Team *07218KADO6
So, does that mean if I become an actress, I can have a kissing scene with Aqua-sama too!? Yes, yes, yes! This Hagetoru-chan will seriously aiming to be a big actress!
872 Anonymous
Full-on ulterior motives, that’s hilarious, LOL
875 Anonymous
Idiot, you think you can become an actress that easily? Lol
878 Anonymous
I have a really bad feeling about this, but somehow, I feel like Hagetoru might actually do it. Is it just me?
881 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
It’s okay, Chinposuki is here!
884 Anonymous
Idiot, stop it!
888 Anonymous
Stop acting foolish. You’re causing trouble for everyone!
884 Anonymous
Idiot, you stop it!
888 Anonymous
Don’t do stupid things. You will bother many people!
892 Anonymous
Ahem! Ahem! By the way, today’s news program on the national broadcast, Morikawa-san was in charge. I’m looking forward to it
895 Anonymous
Hey, hey! Today, Morikawa-san is going to be on the serious news for a change. Hurry up, guys!!
900 Anonymous
What Tsukasa-sensei taught us
That the real world is not something to give up on
That the kind world was here
903 Anonymous
I felt warm today
906 Anonymous
I see. The healing was not Rina, but here!!
909 Anonymous
Rina’s performance at the end was awesome
913 Anonymous
Was this really okay to broadcast?
919 Anonymous
Hakuryuu-sensei was right. She’s amazing
922 Anonymous
What Tsukasa-sensei’s thread was worried about came true
926 Anonymous
What Yuu-onii wanted to tell us
Girls are scary!
931 Anonymous
This is it
934 Anonymous
This would have worked if it was Kenzaki or Shirogane Aqua. But it failed because it was Kazuya..
939 Anonymous
Like we were talking earlier, Kenzaki=Aqua-sama, strongest theory is out there
942 Anonymous
Like Nee-san said earlier, Aa-sama looked happy when he was between breasts
But when I checked the captured image, it was not like that at all. Why did it look like that..
946 Anonymous
It’s because he likes breasts. I understand
947 Anonymous
It’s probably because he like breasts
953 Anonymous
Aa-sama, Kohina-senpai, and Ayana-chan, thank you. I had a lot of fun… although the ending was shocking
958 Anonymous
Seeing the slow return, it seems like quite a few are still in shock
961 Anonymous
Might end up with a horrified face
I look like I have a hoge face
965 Anonymous
Hey!! Morikawa is on the news with a hoge face. Hurry up!!
968 Anonymous
Broadcast accident on public TV, Morikawa, came out with a hoge face!!
972 Anonymous
Morikawa didn’t make it back in time…
976 Anonymous
This can’t be helped
981 Anonymous
Huh? Wait a minute, the end, huh?
983 Anonymous
Welcome back
985 Anonymous
Are you a returnee?
987 Anonymous
Hey…at the end, Rina, huh?
989 Anonymous
Phew~, I feel like I had a dream, but the final episode, it’s coming up, right?
991 Anonymous
Oh, that…?
993 Anonymous
So many confused people LOL
995 Anonymous
At the end, it was a happy ending, right!?
997 Anonymous
Rina… I’m happy that I got both Kazuya and Sayuki
Sayuki… I’m happy that I got both Rina and Kazuya
Kazuya… Aqua-sama inside is happy with their breasts pressed against him
It’s a happy ending, right!!
999 Anonymous
That’s a crazy nonsense LOL
1000 Anonymous
If I’m 1000, I hope Kazuya will be happy too!!
1001 3510 *ULTi-Hi-P3
I thought Rina was the only normal one..
Humans are scary..

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