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Volume 11 Chapter 19 Bulletin Board, The Aftermath Of Yuu-Oni

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[I can’t Believe] Discussion Thread for Shirogane Aqua-sama Part 4274 [Anything Anymore]
8 Anonymous
Shall we talk about the TV show that messed up our emotions, Yuu-onii?
10 Anonymous
Even after an hour of broadcasting, my little sister was still looking up at the ceiling and saying “hoge~.” I told her that if she keeps acting like a fool, she’ll end up like Hogekawa! But it didn’t work
15 Anonymous
She’ll end up like Hogekawa, LOL
17 Anonymous
19 Anonymous
I understand how your sister feels
23 Anonymous
What Yuu-onii wanted to tell us
– Be careful of people who seem normal
– Don’t be easily deceived
– No matter how much they pretend, females are still females
– The era is all about 3P. It’s even better if the girls get along well!
30 Anonymous
31 Anonymous
In practical terms, if you want to kidnap a boy, you definitely need two people. Rina and Sayuki both understood that, so their interests aligned perfectly. It was a well-planned crime
37 Anonymous
I can’t believe it. It’s been an hour since Yuu-onii ended, and I’m still in shock. Aqua-kun, you really pulled off this role
42 Anonymous
I think it’s a work that wouldn’t have been released if it weren’t for Aa-sama
48 Anonymous
The Kokucho faction is causing a commotion again. They’re saying it’s s*xual exploitation of young people
53 Anonymous
55 Anonymous
The Kokucho faction is consistent in that regard
– The close-up of Mayuzumi-kun’s butt in Heaven’s Sword is bad for children’s moral education
– The scene where Aqua-sama smells the ribbon in Yuu-onii is too s*xual
– Heaven’s Sword costumes are excessively tattered; is this not the s*xual exploitation of young people?
– Concerns about healthy middle and high school students developing warped preferences or engaging in s*xual crimes due to Sayuki
– Dressing Toa-chan in shorts or skirts may contribute to promoting s*xual crimes
– Is Kohina Yukari a bad influence on Aqua-sama?
– Aqua-sama is too provocative; extreme statements like breast declarations should undergo mosaic or audio processing
– Users Chinposuki and Hagetoru on the bulletin board should be subject to access restrictions
61 Verification Team *07218KADO6
This is a valid point
66 Anonymous
67 Anonymous
The person themselves admitted it, LOL
70 Anonymous
When you think calmly, it’s not entirely incomprehensible
However, Aqua-sama aggressively approaches us, so all we can do is enjoy watching it
74 Anonymous
77 Anonymous
In conclusion, Aqua-kun, who creates a naughty atmosphere, is entirely at fault
82 Anonymous
I think so!
84 Anonymous
That’s why everyone pretends not to see it!
90 Anonymous
Exactly. Kokucho should just ignore it like everyone else. That’s where they fail to read the atmosphere
95 Anonymous
Kokucho’s argument is consistent. There are no exceptions. In order to accelerate the male protection law, we need to restrain Aqua-sama’s actions
98 Anonymous
People are increasingly concerned about Aqua-kun and the opposition party, led by Kokucho, who plays a restraining role, is gaining support
The national broadcaster, Morikawa, mentioned in a serious news report that the next election might have the highest voter turnout ever
103 Anonymous
In that sense, it’s a good balance
Fuji Ranko’s supporters understand why the ruling party, led by Fuji Shion, is in solidarity with her movements, while it’s typical for the opposition, led by Kokucho Agewa-san, to question it
108 Anonymous
I understand that argument when I watched today’s Yuu-onii. That last scene, any normal boy would definitely develop a fear of women!
114 Anonymous
It’s because he’s not normal
115 Anonymous
It’s because it’s Aa-sama
116 Anonymous
Aqua-kun is not normal
120 Anonymous
You guys, LOL
122 Anonymous
In other words, it can be said that it’s a drama made possible because of Aa-sama
127 Anonymous
The news section is also buzzing
– Yuu-onii’s shocking ending, comments are flooding on Tsukasa-sensei’s social media
– Official comment from the production committee: “Permission from Shirogane Aqua-san has been obtained.”
– Yu-onii, the government acknowledges the situation as “not a problem.”
– Tsukimachi Ayana, praised for her performance in the final episode. Evaluated as having shed a layer
– For some reason, Kohina Yukari’s social media is being trolled recklessly
– Aftermath of Yuu-onii! Announcer Morikawa, making a hoge face on live TV. Apology from Announcer Onidzuka
– Fuji TV, Yu-onii’s full 12 episodes will be broadcast at once from midnight to 12:00 PM
– Yuu-onii’s catch-up streaming and worldwide streaming will be simultaneously available from midnight after the date change
133 Anonymous
I was watching Morikawa’s news program, and I thought my TV was broken LOL because the screen was stuck with a hoge face and didn’t move at all
138 Anonymous
Can’t help that
140 Anonymous
Just forgive her for today
144 Anonymous
I checked Kohina Yukari’s social media, and it’s so hilarious LOL. The wild Kohina Yukari isn’t at fault, LOL
148 Anonymous
I checked, but it doesn’t seem like a flame war. It’s more like a doodle notebook of everyone’s heartfelt comments
152 Anonymous
The heartfelt comments were interesting
Official Morikawa Kaede
“Huh? Is it ending here? As a fan, I wanted to see what happens next…”
Official Sayamu Inko
“T-This isn’t some wild Sayuki, right? Right?”
156 Anonymous
Morikawa, her ulterior motives are too transparent LOL
Inko is too scared LOL
Either way, both of them shouldn’t do this on official accounts!
159 Anonymous
Both of them represent everyone’s feelings with great comments
162 Anonymous
Ayana-chan was really good
I was moved by her final performance
167 Anonymous
Her acting skills have definitely expanded
When initially, the role of Rina seemed to have a high affinity and was a perfect fit. However, when I look back from the end, there are quite a few scenes that give a different impression than what I had received so far
171 Anonymous
Speaking specifically about Ayana-chan, she really came out of her shell
175 Anonymous
It might be because of the impact of the people around her, but I feel like Kazuya was somewhat plain for Aqua-sama. Still, the substitute in the first episode had an impact..
178 Anonymous
But, Kenzaki, who has been increasing his ad-libs, has a high affinity with Aa-sama. I think this is because the scriptwriter for Heaven’s Sword decided that it would be better to have them film together and concluded that Shirogane Aqua = Hero = Kenzaki Souji would be more popular with everyone
In the early stages, Tsukasa-sensei, in an attempt to make the drama more accessible, included scenes that could be handled by Aqua-sama. However, many scenes of suffering were added, crafting Kazuya into a character not too strong. Also, perhaps because he rarely allows ad-libs, I don’t think there were many of those. So, while there may not be a unique personality, I believe this is acceptable
184 Anonymous
This is probably the most accurate answer
188 Anonymous
I see. In the live commentary thread, many people were saying things like “If it’s Aqua-kun” or “If it’s Kenzaki.” But Kazuya is not that strong. He’s high-spec, but mentally fragile or delicate, I felt
192 Anonymous
Kazuya undoubtedly expanded Aqua-tan’s range of acting. It became clear that he can portray not only strong characters but also weak-looking ones. I think I want to see Shirogane Aqua, not just Shirogane Aqua
In that sense, Yuu-onii’s drama seems to have had a tremendous impact on later generation
197 Anonymous
A famous scriptwriter who appeared on TV before said that viewers want to see Aqua-kun playing Aqua-kun. The scriptwriter probably wants to use Aqua-kun to portray a boy like Aqua-kun, which they couldn’t do before
However, I think the scriptwriter and the director are struggling with the dilemma of whether it’s okay to eliminate Shirogane Aqua’s potential as an actor by doing so. Tsukasa Kei, the scriptwriter for Yuu-onii, and the strict director and Kohina Yukari, who were on the set, protected that potential at the risk of criticism
203 Anonymous
Aqua-sama mentioned in an interview that even the way he pats Sayuki’s head was criticized severely
Shirogane Aqua’s way of patting, not the way Kazuya does it for Sayuki
208 Anonymous
I want to see another collaboration with Shirogane Aqua
If possible, with Aqua-sama as the protagonist
213 Anonymous
I understand
Looking forward to working with Shimizu Kisuka-sensei, who wrote the script for Harakiri, Pink Rose Murai Kumano-sensei, and especially Hakuryuu Aiko-sensei from No-kin
219 Anonymous
I also want to see Aqua-sama in works like Homestates or Stars
225 Anonymous
As for industry information, there are rumors that Aqua-sama might be doing a movie
He’s supposed to make a brief appearance in a drama, so it will gradually announced
On the other hand, there’s speculation about Tenga-senpai, Mayuzumi-kun, and Toa-chan as lead and supporting roles
230 Anonymous
233 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai has been talking about it for a while. They said they were going to do a detective-themed work, right?
237 Anonymous
That’s right. They have been seen riding an Italian motorcycle
244 Anonymous
Personally, I’m looking forward to Mayuzumi-kun
249 Anonymous
I can’t even imagine what Mayuzumi-kun will do..
252 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun’s drama will have its commercial revealed in a few minutes, so look forward to it
256 Anonymous
258 Anonymous
260 Anonymous
Wait, what?
263 Anonymous
Unexpected insider information!
266 Anonymous
I heard that Mayuzumi-kun will be doing a drama
269 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun’s drama will also have Aqu-tan as a guest, so look forward to it. If you’re busy with something, you might not be able to keep up
274 Anonymous
Stop… We’ve already discussed this..
277 Anonymous
Could it be the villain in Aa-sama’s story… It seems like our emotions will be messed up again
281 Anonymous
Nooo, I don’t want to see Aa-sama playing the villain!!
286 Anonymous
Don’t set up weird flags! You fool!!
290 Anonymous
At times like this, Shumi would react to things right away, but where is she?
294 Anonymous
Oh? Come to think of it, I haven’t seen her today..
298 Anonymous
Come to think of it, she wasn’t even in the live commentary of Yuu-onii
301 Anonymous
Maybe she was busy “Hogeing” somewhere?
306 Anonymous
Classic move, LOL
309 Anonymous
Exactly, LOL!
313 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Shumi said she’s going on a honeymoon with Aqua-sama. So, maybe she hasn’t watched today’s drama yet because it’s still recorded?
317 Anonymous
318 Anonymous
319 Anonymous
320 Anonymous
321 Anonymous
What’s a honeymoon? What’s that?
324 Anonymous
Again, the mysterious phrase “honeymoon” came up
330 Verification Team *07218KADO6
They’re going on a trip to celebrate their marriage. Aqua-sama picked some places, and they chose where Shumi wants to go
335 Anonymous
Don’t mess around!
339 Anonymous
Shumi, die!
340 Anonymous
Shumi, die!
341 Anonymous
Shumi, die!
345 Anonymous
Shumi, die!
350 Anonymous
You guys lol
353 Anonymous
I understand the feeling lol
358 Anonymous
Wait a minute. So, while we’re casually chatting here, is Shumi traveling with Aqua-sama?
362 Verification Team *07218KADO6
That’s right. By now, they’re probably getting along well and having a super fun time!
367 Anonymous
I envy Shumi, die!!
368 Anonymous
I envy Shumi, die!!
369 Anonymous
I envy Shumi, die!!
370 Anonymous
I envy Shumi, die!!
371 Anonymous
I envy Shumi, die!!
Seriously, everyone’s being too honest, lol
377 Anonymous
Well, enough with the clichés. Personally, I think it’s a good trend. Let Shumi have lots of children with Aqua-sama
382 Anonymous
I agree. Shumi and Aqua-sama’s children are practically like our own
385 Anonymous
Obviously!! This country is like, we all have this strange sense of duty to protect and nurture their children together
388 Anonymous
We are attendees who witnessed the wedding of the two, so it’s already a duty
393 Anonymous
There are too many rear-arm-crossing guardians, lol
397 Anonymous
If something happens, there would be a lot of idiots who would come forward and say I’m the parent. LOL
404 Anonymous
It seems like Shumi is having a baby, which is great. In other word, if it’s not just Hagetoru’s fantasy, they’re actually doing that. I think this is a really good trend
409 Anonymous
I hope the child born is not Rina or Sayuki!!
416 Anonymous
Fool! Everyone had finally forgotten about that!!
418 Anonymous
Can you stop trying to bring us back to reality?
422 Anonymous
Everyone is escaping reality from Yuu-oni, lol
425 Anonymous
Yuu-oni is different. They took away something precious, Rina. I can’t believe in anything anymore..
429 Anonymous
Are today’s middle and high school students okay?
I mean, my emotions are all messed up with Aqua-kun. Messed up with Beryl. Messed up even with Heaven’s Sword. And messed up with Yuu-onii too. It’s different from those who were just messed up by Hakuryuu-sensei
433 Anonymous
That’s why Kokucho is gaining support. Talked about how you should properly look at the beginning
438 Anonymous
Middle and high school students might be fine to some extent. It was Beryl, knowing that to some extent, men are like that. But thinking about today’s elementary school students, no, even kindergarten kids, and especially considering the children who are yet to be born, I wonder
Because, for example, the kids born today, Aqua-sama has been a part of their world from the moment they were born
442 Anonymous
446 Anonymous
This really makes you think
450 Anonymous
Following Aqua-sama, there’s also Toa-chan, Mayuzumi-kun, Tenga-senpai, and there’s a possibility that Yamada-kun and Kokucho-kun will follow
When you think about it, Beryl can’t be stopped anymore, and it’s understandable that the ruling party is getting on board with this trend to change men
On the other hand, it’s not like what the opposition says, “Stop,” but I can understand the idea of moving slowly. As Kokucho Agewa mentioned, if the gender ratio imbalance is fixed, that’s one thing, but the birth rate of boys has not improved at all. In the end, as long as that imbalance doesn’t disappear, there will be surplus girls
457 Anonymous
Kokucho Agewa, who was unexpectedly disliked by the boys, has become the last resort for those boys who probably hated her the most..
462 Anonymous
The Kokucho faction has been quiet for a while, but isn’t it starting to smell a bit fishy again lately?
465 Anonymous
I think Kokucho Agewa-san was controlling things well up until now. Over the past few years, maybe in response to the changing times, the overtly dangerous incidents involving the Kokucho faction have decreased
There have still been troubles, but with Aqua-sama stepping in to handle those issues, it seems like some people are starting to move freely again
471 Anonymous
I’m connected to the rear of the faction. It does feel like things have gotten strange again recently. It’s delicate for me to say as an insider, but Agewa-sama isn’t as bad as the public perceives. I hope the day comes when that becomes clear
476 Verification Team *07218KADO6
You guys, I thought you were just perverted women, but you’re actually thinking about things seriously
482 Anonymous
I don’t want to be called perverted by you
485 Anonymous
You’re the most perverted!!
489 Anonymous
Hagetoru, think a little more seriously!!
493 Verification Team *07218KADO6
That’s Shumi and Nee-san’s job. Besides, even if I think about it, in the end, Aqua-sama will somehow take care of everything, so it’s okay
497 Anonymous
It’s refreshing to see you completely delegate the responsibility
502 Anonymous
These are the students enrolled at Mary, which continues to produce people who will play a central role in Japan
505 Anonymous
The last sentence is the truth. In the end, Aqua-sama’s influence is so great that it becomes the focal point even in political discussions
Therefore, the problems created by Aqua-sama must be resolved by Aqua-sama in the end. Initiating audition programs is also a result of this. Yamada-kun, Kokucho-kun, going back to Toa-chan, Mayuzumi-kun, and even Tenga-senpai, they’re all rapidly nurturing their successors to be prepared for whatever may happen to themselves. Beryl, initiated by Ako-san, and BLUE from the support team are also for that purpose
509 Verification Team *07218KADO6
And there’s that. There isn’t a choice between two paths; there’s only one. In a world without Aqua-sama, it’s already impossible, right? If you can’t stray sideways or go back, then the only option is to move forward. The only remaining decisions are whether to accelerate that progress or slow it down, as Agewa…san is attempting
The Prime Minister is older than Agewa-san, so I understand that she wants to accelerate the process while she can
Agewa-san understands that this flow won’t stop and is acting based on thinking about the protection of boys who can’t keep up with the rapid changes in the world and the future of girls who only know about Beryl that will be born from now on
514 Anonymous
Who are you? Return the Hagetoru that I know!!
516 Anonymous
Could it be that you have AI capabilities like Saba-chan?
521 Anonymous
AI Hagetoru
I hate it so much LOL
525 Anonymous
You probably ate something and got an upset stomach. Instead of getting angry, say it properly
528 Anonymous
532 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Did you lose a serious Hagetoru? Or a stupid and foolish Hagetoru?
537 Anonymous
Daily naughty Hagetoru here, mas*ing away!!
541 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Oh wow~
For the honest you, let’s also present a stupid Hagetoru and idiot Hagetoru!
545 Anonymous
Don’t need that at all, haha
547 Anonymous
Just give me the serious Hagetoru, LOL
550 Anonymous
What’s with this flow!
553 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Can you understand my feelings when I was being serious after returning from feeling naughty?
I was all into wanting to know what happened to the 3P after the main story! Couldn’t focus on anything else!!
557 Anonymous
Alright! Come get scolded again!
561 Anonymous
Stop messing around, seriously
564 Anonymous
Thanks. I feel warm and fuzzy now
568 Anonymous
Current Trend Rankings
1. Final episode related words – Shocking, broadcast accident, Hoge
2. The continuation of this story… Huh? It’s nowhere to be found?
3. Tsukimachi Ayana related words – Rina, amazing, fooled, revealed
4. Kohina Yukari related words – This is the police officer, a kiss is a s*xual assault on minors
5. Happy ending related words – People inside were happy, Aqua-kun didn’t mind
6. Honeymoon related words – What is a honeymoon? Envious to death, eyewitness information
7. Hoge News related words – Is today a frivolous person? Announcer Onizuka, do your best
8. Tsukasa Kei related words – Only flattered the viewers at first, give us back our Rina! Who are you?
9. Kiss scene related words – Broadcasting ethics committee forced to convene, emergency cabinet meeting
10. If this is Shirogane Aqua related words – If this is Kenzaki, if this was Kazuya..
572 Anonymous
There were some fluctuations, but it was almost constant
Everyone was so emotional on their honeymoon and I laughed lol
579 Anonymous
Yuu-onii’s news..
Won’t it be until tomorrow morning?
583 Anonymous
Should I stay up until late at night and watch the rerun in one go?
586 Anonymous
Are you me?
590 Anonymous
I think everyone feels that way
594 Anonymous
I can’t wait for the people who will go crazy with the start of the worldwide broadcast
597 Anonymous
I know, right?
601 Anonymous
Yuu-onii was really amazing
And Kohina Yukari’s acting skills from the beginning were outstanding
606 Anonymous
As an actress, she’s a monster
612 Anonymous
The impact of Rina’s final episode on the viewers was also because Sayuki, played by Kohina Yukari, had been leading the way until then
That’s why the impact of Rina throwing the dice was huge
619 Anonymous
623 Anonymous
The awakening of Ayana-chan in the final episode was noticeable, but when I watched it carefully, the perfection of Kohina Yukari stood out. Still, Ayana-chan today felt like she shed a layer as an actress, so that’s good!
628 Anonymous
It’s fine to have some fun interactions with Aqu-tan, and if wild Kohina Yukari doesn’t suddenly appear, that’s even better
634 Anonymous
It’s not her fault that she’s a wild lol. That’s on the development staff
640 Anonymous
Speaking of which, they’re going to release the trial version of the Otome game they distributed as a present on January 1st
647 Anonymous
I’m genuinely looking forward to this
651 Anonymous
655 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
The following features won’t be available in the trial version:
– You can’t use specific characters (like Kohina Yukari-san) as the protagonist
– In the full version, if you input a unique name, you should be able to select it as a measure against same-sex and same-name situations
– Limited to one BAD ending, one normal ending, and one happy ending
– Save data can be transferred
– No Easy Mode. Only Rate A can be selected
662 Anonymous
Thanks, Nee-san
666 Anonymous
Yep, it’s only Nee-san who can help
669 Verification Team *07218KADO6:
Uh, are there any explicit scenes…?
673 Anonymous
Welcome back
677 Anonymous
Our Hagetoru is back
680 Anonymous
There was a fake just now, where were you? Next time, when you go to mas***te, tell us
682 Anonymous
Everyone’s so damn hilarious lol
685 Anonymous
It says only Rate A, can you read?! Also, probably no explicit scenes even in Rate Z!!
688 Anonymous
Welcome to the world of otome games, everyone!
693 Anonymous
Even if you change your tone, people can still tell
696 Anonymous
An otome game is waiting for you. Come on, let’s stream it, Inko
701 Anonymous
704 Anonymous
Inko, give up and get a username, lol
708 Anonymous
We, the bulletin board users, will never let Inko escape, LMAO
712 Anonymous
A streaming room awaits you until you clear it!
717 Anonymous
Too awful, LOL
720 Anonymous
Feeling sorry for Inko, lol
725 Anonymous
729 Anonymous
What’s wrong?
733 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun’s drama commercial just aired!
738 Anonymous
741 Anonymous
I turned on the TV right away
745 Anonymous
I missed it, what was it like?
749 Anonymous
Check the official website, it’s there
753 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
Kuroki Shun (played by Shintaro Mayuzumi), who became the head of the Kuroki Zaibatsu at a young age, felt a sense of helplessness towards the world
A world dominated by the violence of men who awakened to special abilities
Women who were hurt by such men could only suffer silently
The world was being dominated by escalating violence. Backed by vast financial resources, Shun established an underground organization with his comrades and raced through the night
Kuroki Shun: Mayuzumi Shintaro
Makishima Keigo: Shirogane Aqua (Special Appearance)
Scheduled Start Date: April
Broadcast Time: Midnight, Adult Drama Slot
762 Anonymous
Nee-san, as expected
765 Anonymous
Thank you, thank you
770 Anonymous
Huh? Wait?
Mayuzumi-kun is doing action. Is this okay!?
774 Anonymous
I was surprised too. The Mayushin thread is already a festival
776 Anonymous
Moreover, this one has a dark hero vibe. Tenga-senpai seems to be frustrated, LOL
780 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai was frustrated on social media earlier
784 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai LOL
787 Anonymous
Go for it, Tenga-senpai!
790 Anonymous
Wait a moment, Makishima Keigo, played by Aqua-sama, is amazing..
794 Anonymous
The s*xiness of the white shirt with rolled-up sleeves is off the charts!
796 Anonymous
Wait, the contrast between Aqu-tan wearing glasses and Shintaro-kun not wearing glasses is mind-blowing..
801 Anonymous
I don’t think this is good. It gives off a strange and not good atmosphere
804 Anonymous
Makishima Keigo is amazing, right?
His way of speaking is mature, and his voice tone is too adult, it makes my uterus pregnant
810 Anonymous
Oh no. This might be the best Aqua-sama in my personal history
813 Anonymous
The slightly shady part is the best
818 Anonymous
I heard it’s a small guest appearance, but will he has a significant role?
824 Anonymous
It’s already too luxurious with Aqua-sama’s cameo appearance
829 Anonymous
This drama is fully supported by Beryl. The reason other cast members haven’t been announced is because half of them are expected to come from auditions. Aqua-kun’s cameo appearance is part of that trend
835 Anonymous
I have a feeling this drama will mess with our brains
839 Anonymous
I know, Aqua-sama is already stimulating our fetishes and it’s tough
842 Anonymous
I saw the commercial, is Aa-sama the narrator for this?
Really, Aqua-sama’s tone of voice, way of speaking, and even the timbre of his voice were so different that it made my heart race like an adult Aqua-sama, lol
850 Anonymous
In terms of age setting, probably around college graduate? Thinking about Aqu-tan at 23, it’s like six years from now. Definitely seems erotic…
854 Anonymous
No, this smile of Aqua-sama is the best and most kind yet wicked adult man in Aqua-sama’s history. Just this scene alone becomes addictive
859 Anonymous
Huh? Is this in April?
Do we have to wait until April from here!?
863 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Think of it as postponed play. That’s how I conveyed it to a friend who called a while ago
869 Anonymous
I thought it was quiet, but you weren’t mast***, were you?
872 Anonymous
875 Anonymous
That’s true
878 Anonymous
Postponed play!!
Aqu-tan’s postponed play got me hooked. Thank you
881 Anonymous
Hagetoru was definitely a genius after all
885 Verification Team *07218KADO6
I had a close friend (not Chinski or anything) who started saying crazy stuff. I had to chill because she mentioned things like dedicating the world to God when a ball flew at 300 km/h in the strike zone
890 Anonymous
Totally get it. Seems like you and your friend could be good buddies
894 Anonymous
Sorry, Mayushin-kun, and I like Mayushin-kun’s character too, but Aa-sama is amazing. This is going to be another awakening
899 Anonymous
Thank you, Mayuzumi-kun. I was halfway dead after the drama ended, but I think I can survive now
904 Verification Team *07218KADO6
And probably, Shumi will be hooked on this too
But that was unfortunate! She couldn’t see the crucial part, what a shame!
912 Anonymous
Think it through, idiot! Being the winner is about going on a trip and having some fun under the sheets
916 Anonymous
Could you please stop frying our brains?
918 Anonymous
I don’t think telling the truth is always the right thing to do
923 Anonymous
Makishima Keigo has a scary vibe like Kohina Yukari
927 Anonymous
I get it
931 Anonymous
It’s cool that Aqua-sama is doing Aqua-sama thing, but personally, I want more of this. I seriously got excited from the contrast. Since Yuujin-sama
935 Anonymous
939 Anonymous
I get it. I like Kenzaki too, but if he’s going to act, I want to see a different side of Aqua-sama. Also, with Aqua-sama, there’s something… I don’t know. I feel like a slightly bad character suits him better
Yuujin-sama is like that. So, I completely understand why Hagetoru’s words about Shumi sting
944 Anonymous
Seems like this kind of debate will arise in the future. Whether Shirogane Aqua will portray Shirogane Aqua or show a different side
947 Anonymous
In the end, we’re going back to the topic that came up earlier
953 Anonymous
I didn’t get it when you were talking about “Hoge” earlier, but I finally caught up with the understanding
956 Anonymous
Thinking about it, Tsukasa-sensei dropped a massive bomb. Even the director and Kohina Yukari. They won’t settle for Aqua-sama only playing Aqua-sama
960 Anonymous
Suddenly, I’m curious about who Tsukasa-sensei really is. But, it won’t be revealed on the surface
964 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Personally, I’m fine with anything if it’s ero!!
969 Anonymous
You seem really happy, lol
972 Anonymous
Chinposuki, huh!
976 Anonymous
Having expectations for Mary’s drop is pointless
981 Anonymous
Mary LOL
986 Anonymous
Mary is done for!
990 Anonymous
Mary is the top of the country!!
993 Anonymous
It’s over, lol
995 Anonymous
It’s finished, lol
998 Anonymous
Unexpected Mary drop, lol
1000 Anonymous
I hope there’s a sequel to Yuu-onii if it reaches 1000..
1001 3510 *ULTi-Hi-P3
Stop it, ladies… Stop raising weird flags..

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