Male Idol V11c20

Volume 11 Chapter 20 Hakuryuu Aiko, What I Want To Do

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 ”Ai… Ai…”

 I can hear a voice calling my name. Perhaps my editor has brought some new work again.

 ”Ummm, if it’s a manuscript, I’m drawing it in my dreams, so mumble mumble…”

 I reply with random words to buy some time to slack off.

 ”Haha, Ai, if you can talk that much, you’re probably awake, right?”

 Huh? Isn’t that the voice of my editor? Wait, could it be…!

 I lift my upper body from the desk, turning my face in the direction of the voice.

 ”Good morning!”

 Whoaaaaa! Why is Aqua-kun here!? I stare at Aqua-kun with a bewildered expression, unable to grasp the situation.

 ”Ai, you’ve been really busy with the otome game, and the script for live performances, right? That’s why today, I’m here to spoil you. So, if there’s anything you want me to do, don’t hesitate to tell me.”

 Wow! So bright!? The smile of the 16-year-old idol boy seen from the front at close distance was so dazzling that the lenses of the glasses I use for work almost cracked.

 ”Huh!? A dream!? I’ve come to a dream world!?”

 Oh, right, I’m still inside the dream world, huh… Oh, when it comes to the dream world, I was told to think about ideas and scripts for Beryl Wonderland. Hey, come on! It’s a dream, so let’s not talk about work-related stuff!!

 ”Unfortunately, it’s not a dream but reality, Princess.”


 Aqua-kun takes my hand and places his palm on his cheek.

 Th-this feeling is real!

 ”Ah, that’s the deal, so hurry back from the dream, Ai. Oh, and in times like this, do we need to kiss to wake up the princess from a fairy tale?”


 Wait a moment, what fairy tale has a princess waking up with a kiss? Isn’t that, um… not a fairy tale, but something a bit more, well, naughty?

 ”I-I woke up! I woke up already, so it’s okay.”

 ”I see. But just to be sure, should I give you a kiss?”

 Huh? Uh…

 The lips that were touched ever so lightly suddenly feel warm.

 Well, the kiss was skillful, smoothly taken, almost as if… it was expertly stolen.

 ”Sorry. Honestly, I just wanted to do it.”


 Unable to resist Aqua-kun’s mischievous smile, I start running and pull out the mochi-pounding mortar and pestle that I bought for Nourin’s research during the New Year’s event in the back of the closet.

 Somehow, I suddenly felt like making mochi… Not because of any particular reason, but because I felt like I would die of embarrassment if I didn’t do something.

 ”Ai, it’s fine that you’re making mochi, but isn’t it a bit early considering the timing?”

 ”Yeah, you’re right…”

 Before I knew it, Aqua-kun was kneading the mochi I had made right in front of me.

 To avoid accidentally injuring Aqua-kun’s hand, I slowed down the pace and made the mochi slowly.

 ”Mochi is delicious, isn’t it?”

 ”Yeah, it is…”

 Because I suddenly started making mochi, our lunch turned into mochi for the two of us.

 S-Sorry. It’s because of my abnormal behavior that you had to go through the trouble…

 ”Ai, which one do you like? I like Anbekawa.”

 ”Oh, I also like sweet ones! But I also like Isobe!”

 ”Yeah, Isobe is delicious too, right?”

 Hmm, Aqua-kun prepared various flavors, but I think we made too much.

 ”Ai, can I take the leftover mochi?”

 “Ah, yeah. It’s okay, but are you going to eat with Kanon-san and the others?”

 “Oh, no, not that. I was thinking of bringing it to the year-end song rehearsal. Kotono also likes Abekawa, so she’ll be happy, and Tenga-senpai, Shintaro, and Toa also like things like mochi, dango, and ohagi.”

 “I see. Yeah, that’s fine then. Anyway, there’ll be plenty of opportunities to eat during the New Year’s.”

 Oh, come to think of it, Aqua-kun, haven’t there been about three mochitsuki events since New Year’s? I remember he mentioned distributing mochi to family and neighbors at the Shirogane family’s mochitsuki party, and he also said they would be doing mochitsuki at the Beryl headquarters. I also felt like he mentioned making mochi with Kanon-san for the neighborhood New Year’s event.

 Oh, sorry. Even so, you’re going to have to join me for my mochitsuki….

 “Ah, Ai. Also, there was something I was curious about earlier. Can you show me your hand?”

 “Uh, sure…”

 I extend both hands toward Aqua-kun.

 ”Is this nail cracked?”

 ”Oh… it really is. Maybe it happened when pounding mochi.”

 ”Hey, do you have a nail file or something?”

 ”Well, now that you mention it, I bought a nail set for the character of a nail artist for reference…”

 I take out nail tools from the study room closet and hand them to Aqua-kun.

 I’ll use them someday, or maybe I won’t.

 I know well that there will be a day when I use them again and a day when I don’t.

 In other words, if he rummage through the study room, he’ll find anything.

 It would be embarrassing if Aqua-kun thought I’m a woman who can’t throw things away. I feel embarrassed and slightly avert my gaze.

 ”Ai’s house is interesting. There are so many things, and I like it.”


 Did he read my mind by any chance?

 I mean, he can’t just easily say he like it!!

 For example, in a novel I know, there was a girl who had been waiting eagerly for the boy to confess his love for nearly 20 years of serialization, and it happens right at the very end! Well, Aqua-kun, in the first five pages or so, says it, and as a writer, it hits me in the chest like a pigeon’s tail, it’s that intense.

 ”Ai, your hands are beautiful, you know?”

 It’s not just about love; in Aqua-kun’s case, even beauty is a bargain sale. Speaking of Aqua-kun’s hands… Eh! Wait, hold on, are men’s hands really this sexy? Uh, is it okay to carefully observe them now? *Stare.*

 ”You don’t have to stare so much; I won’t fail even if you don’t. Look, there. How’s this?”

 ”Huh!? Oh…”

 Before I knew it, my nails had become beautiful.

 Wow… He has really taken care of my cuticles so well, and the simple cherry blossom-colored nails, smoothly transitioning into a gradient, won’t be a hindrance during writing. Wait, are you telling me it looks better than when I do it as a woman? Oh, by the way, wasn’t Aqua-kun’s sense of aesthetics disastrous… huh?

 ”Oh, my hands are surprisingly dexterous, huh? Plus, with simple colors, it won’t be weird…”

 He was aware of his skills…

 ”Still, it wasn’t your favorite color, was it?”

 ”No! I loved it. I really like this kind of simplicity. And when I’m writing, seeing my beautiful nails boosts my mood.”

 To get a closer look at the nails, I brought my fingers near and caught a delightful scent. What is this… it’s a floral fragrance. Sniff, sniff. Yeah, I like this smell. The faint aroma soothes my soul, or rather, it makes me feel motivated.

 ”It’s a product that combines oil and beauty essence. Has a nice smell, doesn’t it?”

 ”Wow, I didn’t know something like this existed!”

 So, this is a product that I had, but I never noticed it until now. I was so lazy that I felt like I had to make sure Aqua-kun didn’t lose his affection for me.

 ”So, is there anything else you want me to do?”

 ”Yes, there is!!”

 I go to my workroom and pick up the script I was writing before going to sleep, then return to the living room.

 ”Actually, there was something that bothered me about the script I was writing. So, if it’s okay with you, could you try doing this part or this scene a little differently? I would be happy if you could.”

 ”I see… I understand. I’ll try to do it my way.”

 Right now, there’s a special drama in progress about figure skating starring Toa-chan. They approached me about the script for it.

 Kawamura Mizuki, played by Toa-chan, is a a male student attending a fashion school. He used to skate alongside girls in figure skating when he was young. He achieved good results in competitions, but as his body approached that of a male, he had no choice but to distance himself from the sport.

 Although leading a normal life as a typical guy, Mizuki couldn’t completely sever ties with figure skating in his heart. While wandering around Harajuku, Mizuki coincidentally reunites with his childhood friend and female skater, Nika, in the city.

 That becomes the starting point for Mizuki to enter the world of creating costumes for figure skaters.

 ”Oh, I see… Well then, shall we go?”


 Before I knew it, I found myself on the back of a motorcycle, taken to the largest skating rink in Tokyo.

 ”Wait!? Oh, isn’t that!”

 ”Hold on, hold on, why is Aqua-sama here of all places!?”

 ”No, if you’re wondering who that girl next to him is, it’s Hakuryuu-sensei!!”

 ”Sensei! Please do something about the wildsomething and the wildsomething!”

 ”Wait, wait, everyone, let’s quietly watch without disturbing here.”

 ”I understand what you want to say, but let’s calm down for now.”

 ”Hagetoru also said that, but we can only accept whatever happens now.”

 ”If it’s hogeing, I’m already prepared.”

 ”If it’s just hogeing, leave it to me.”

 By the way, I can hogeing immediately.

 No, wait, what am I doing?

 ”In this drama, it starts with Nika asking Mizuki to make a costume, but Nika quickly retires due to an injury. Nika’s encounter with Mizuki was not a coincidence; it was about bringing back the Mizuki who was helped as a child in some way before retiring, back into the world of figure skating. Right?”

 ”That’s correct. That’s the first half of this drama.”

 Wait a minute, even though I’m not fully understanding it, did he understand my incomplete script to that extent!?

 ”And in the latter half, Mizuki loses the place where he can express himself, represented by Nika. Before that, a man appears, Mika, the twin brother of Nika. He emerges as the world’s first male figure skater. Mizuki, determined to help Mika compete on the world stage, decides to create costumes for him to use in competitions. Is that it?”

 ”Yeah. That’s…”

 Aqua changes into figure skating shoes in front of me. I understand vaguely what Aqua-kun is trying to do.

 ”Can you hold onto this?”

 ”Uh, sure.”

 Aqua-kun takes off the outer garment and the sweater he was wearing and hands them to me.

 ”W-What? Short sleeves!?”

 ”Those arm muscles, though!”

 ”Uh-oh, nosebleed coming on.”

 ”The stimulation is too strong.”

 ”Mom, Kenzaki’s arms…”

 ”Shh! It’s too early for you. Mom will take a good look, so cover your eyes with your hands!”

 Everyone is looking at Aqua-kun. Or rather, everyone went up from the link to look closely at Aqua-kun. Aqua-kun also seemed to notice and bowed deeply in all directions.

 ”Sorry, everyone. Just for a little while, 1 minute, no, 5 minutes, can you lend me this link?”

 No, feel free to use it as much as you like, until you’re satisfied.

 I could hear everyone’s voices saying that.

 ”Thank you.”

 Aqua-kun slowly and lightly began to slide on the ice.

 He’s not doing anything in particular. He’s just sliding normally, but there’s an indescribable charm to it.

 Is it because he’s wearing a short-sleeved T-shirt and showing his arms?

 It’s not just that. His expression, the way he waves his hand a little, the way he moves his body. All of it was so beautiful that it took my breath away.

 In an instant, the audience was captivated… and I, with a fascinated expression, gazed at Aqua-kun.

 Aqua-kun stopped in the middle of the skating rink and pointed towards me.

 ”This is my determination.”

 That’s the line Mika said to Mizuki! When Mizuki was struggling with what to do, the younger Mika took him to the late-night skating rink to show him his determination. Huh? Does this mean he brought me here to act out this scene?

 No… that’s not it!

 Aqua-kun started skating again, accelerating as he skated faster around the rink than before.

 Just as everyone thought… in an instant, while sliding his left foot, Aqua-kun lifted his right foot. In just a moment, Aqua-kun managed to land and successfully execute a double Salchow.

 ”He jumped!”


 ”No way, right!?”

 ”I’ve never seen men’s figure skating before.”

 ”What is this? Is this a scene from a drama!?”

 ”See, we can only accept what’s happening right in front of us.”

 ”At the moment when my face ‘Hogeing,’ I felt uncertain if I could handle it…”

 I became scared the moment Aqua-kun jumped.

 I wonder if he’ll get hurt. It’s Aqua-kun, so he probably won’t make such a mistake, but I still worry normally.

 However, Aqua-kun seems to shake off my worries and accelerates even more.

 I had a bad feeling.

 Aqua-kun steps forward with his left foot at the right timing.

 The world slows down. It was supposed to be a beautiful triple axel, but Aqua-kun fails to land due to a rotation error.


 ”Quick, call an ambulance!”

 ”Is the emergency number 110!?”

 ”No, you idiot, that’s the police!!”

 ”This is strange. This is strange!”

 ”Oh no, it’s on the news ticker.”

 ”Is there a doctor? Is there a doctor?”

 Aqua-kun had a slightly pained expression, but he stood up alone and raised his fist to reassure everyone that he was safe. In the center of the ring, Aqua-kun bowed to everyone, and after a short delay, applause and cheers came back from everyone. When Aqua-kun returned to me, he showed a smile while breathing through his shoulders.

 ”Haa, haa… It’s tough. The exhaustion of physical strength is greater than I thought. Professional athletes are amazing after all. I can’t make several of these shots in a short time.”

 The staff at the ring lent us an empty room to check for injuries. I visually checked Aqua-kun’s body after he took off his clothes, but there didn’t seem to be any particular injuries. Is that good? No, there might still be hidden injuries, so I can’t relax.

 ”I’m sorry. The triple axel was just too much. But, Mika failed in the same scene too, so I guess it’s just that difficult. If people are going to do it, they have to practice seriously…”

 Aqua-kun… Do you understand that I was worried about you? No, I’m the one at fault for not stopping when I could predict this outcome. But I wanted to see. Could even the scene I drew be reproduced? So, I understand that I have no right to say such things.

 ”Is that all the determination you have?”


 ”I’ll act with what you’ve created. No one else. I’ll act. And I’ll bring along… Nika’s feelings. So… do it for me. Mizuki.”

 Ah… This is a line that Mika said to Mizuki, who was still unable to come to a conclusion even after the scene earlier. But, does this mean…

 ”Aqua-kun, are you saying that to me?”

 Aqua-kun nods slightly in response to my question.

 ”Why would anyone other than me play Mika?”

 ”Well, um, there’s CGI, and for the competitive scenes, we could get a professional to cross-dress…”

 Actually, that idea has been circulating among the production staff.

 Moreover, originally, the plan for this drama was to go with a script featuring Mika, played by Aqua-kun.

 However, I’ve heard that Aqua-kun has received offers from many other projects besides this one.

 Concerned about Aqua-kun and, well, to be considerate, the production staff decided to shift the focus to A-chan as the main character at this stage.

 ”Even without going through all that trouble, isn’t there a perfect actor right in front of you?”


 Aqua-kun tightly grabs both of my hands and looks straight at me. It’s dazzling. Dazzling to the point where my eyes might be blinded.

 ”Hmm, I’ve heard most of it, but I think it’s good that Mizuki is the protagonist. Thanks to that, there aren’t too many scenes with Mika, and I can easily handle it in my schedule.”

 As Aqua-kun releases himself from me, he takes out his smartphone from his pocket and shows me his schedule. Huh, really? It looks pretty packed to me… Is there even room for more?

 ”Hey, I told you from the beginning, today is the day I spoil you, Ai. So, if you have any requests, just tell me. Maybe you’ve already forgotten what I said at the beginning?”

 Ahhhh! I get a little nervous at Aqua-kun’s irresistibly mischievous smile that leaves no room for refusal.

 Stop… Aqua-kun, who plays the role of Makishima Keigo, which was just released, is too much and it’s making me excited… That PV was really amazing. Even though he’s a rich kid, Mayuzumi-kun has a slightly rough feel. Even though there’s still time until the broadcast starts, it’s already starting to stimulate the preferences of many people.

 ”Well, then… Can you play the role of Mika, not as the lead?”

 ”Of course. I’ve already talked to the director, the broadcasting station, Toa, the lead actor, and Ako-san.”

 It’s already perfectly set up! Did he need my decision-making? Oh, right, the broadcasting station is a national broadcaster, and the director and I have worked together on Hana-ata, so it’s not strange to know each other’s contact information.

 ”Aqua-kun is so unfair.”

 Ah… I said it without thinking. But I want him to understand my feelings, no, the feelings of the girls who feel the same way.

 I mean, he could do a double Salchow, and even though he failed, he could do about half of a triple Axel. Isn’t that too perfect? I wonder if he’s from a manga, anime, light novel, or game?

 ”Haha, actually, this is just between us.”

 Aqua-kun gently brings his face close to my ear.

 ”I’ve been secretly practicing for today.”

 Huh…? I caught a glimpse of his schedule earlier, but where did he find the time for that?

 ”Well, I don’t want to show any uncool moments, you know? But, well, I couldn’t make it in time for the triple Axel. And even with the double Salchow, I couldn’t succeed in half of the attempts. So, my landing was a bit unstable, right?”

 No, you’re already plenty cool, and even your failed attempts were really cool! And besides, with that success rate for the double Salchow, you’ll do it in the actual performance, right? That’s amazing!

 ”But still… I think many people thought it was cool.”

 ”Oh, I see. Thank you. But… I must have worried Ai. I’m sorry.”

 Ah… he noticed…

 ”Ai doesn’t have to worry. I’ll become even more perfect next time. So, Ai, don’t hesitate to write what you want. We performers can’t dance on stage without a script, you know?”

 ”I see… That’s right, it’s the same for us. Without someone to perform, our scripts wouldn’t see the light of day.”

 ”Yeah, that’s true. If everyone involved in the work could do what they wanted to do, wouldn’t that be the best?”


 ”Even though I’m still a kid… I’m serious about this.”

 I was moved by Aqua-kun’s determination. It’s not the same as Mika from earlier, but his strong resolve, which feels mature and sincere, reaches the deepest part of my heart.

 ”Now, just for this moment, I ask you, as an actor, to do what the scriptwriter Hakuryuu Aiko wants without hesitation.”

 ”Understood! I received that feeling properly!”

 I lightly tapped my fist against Aqua-kun’s extended fist.

 ”Alright, then from now on, I’ll return to being Shirogane Aqua, the fiance who spoils you.”

 ”Huh? Ah…wait, again!?”

 Aqua-kun hugged me tightly and we headed towards the bike parking lot.

 The gazes of the people we passed by were painful…

 I’m sorry, really sorry. I’m the author, but I’m being treated like the protagonist. I’m truly sorry.

 ”How was it? Did you confirm properly?”


 Yes, I confirmed it.

 When we got home, we both undressed to check if Aqua-kun was injured…

 Wait, I didn’t need to get naked, did I!? And I only realized that after the deed was done. Well, it felt good, so I couldn’t resist the flow.

 ”Okay, I’m off to the song rehearsal. Ai, since you have a break, take it easy, alright?”

 ”Ah… yeah, do your best.”

 I saw Aqua-kun off at the entrance.


 Watching Aqua-kun working hard makes me feel like I need to put in effort too. After sending a thank-you message to the person in charge, I headed to the bed where Aqua-kun’s warmth lingered until just now, aiming to rest and refresh myself.

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