Male Idol V11c22

Volume 11 Chapter 22 Bulletin Board, Hoge-Lar Wave In Progress!

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

[Hoge-lar Wave] Morikawa Kaede’s Weekly Power-News [Hoge Wave Research Institute]
6 Anonymous
What’s the Hoge-lar Wave and the Hoge Wave Research Institute?
10 Anonymous
It was mentioned by a serious professor from Mary Women’s University on a recent news program on the national broadcaster. Apparently, the Hoge Wave Research Institute was established to study the mysterious wave of Hoge that’s sweeping the world
14 Anonymous
17 Anonymous
The source seems to be a certain announcer from the national broadcaster. I get it
20 Anonymous
I see. So that’s why I’ve been Hoge-ing lately. It seems to be contagious
22 Anonymous
In a way, Aqua-sama might be considered the source
25 Anonymous
I understand
27 Anonymous
Is it the start of a religious war between the Holy Aqua Religion and the Hoge Wave Research Institute!?
31 Anonymous
The Hoge Wave Research Institute isn’t a religion! It’s a proper research institute, although what they’re doing is ridiculous
33 Anonymous
Oh, it’s starting
36 Anonymous
It’s here!
38 Anonymous
She’s still making that Hoge face
41 Anonymous
Regular news and so-called irregular news are weird. What even is irregular news? LOL
44 Anonymous
45 Anonymous
Aqua-sama is here!
47 Verification Team *010meTA473
Today, in glasses mode!?
50 Anonymous
Beryl University!?
51 Anonymous
How can I enroll in Beryl University?
53 Anonymous
Looks like Aqua-sama is in playful mode today. Lol
58 Anonymous
Why do we have to endure this joking around every time on Hogekawa’s news program? Lol
62 Anonymous
If we had a professor like this, the class would be too distracting
66 Anonymous
68 Anonymous
Breast declaration!
70 Anonymous
Breasts! Breasts!
72 Anonymous
Indeed, the era is all about Breasts!!
75 Anonymous
Bought a bra
77 Anonymous
Morikawa LOL
78 Anonymous
I understand Morikawa’s reaction. Lol
80 Anonymous
It’s normal to think that if she misheard
82 Anonymous
Professor Breast is here!
84 Anonymous
Professor Breast LMAO
87 Anonymous
Where can I go for Professor Breasts’ examination?
90 Verification Team *07218KADO6
I realized I had exposed my breasts without noticing. I’m not sorry
95 Anonymous
I get it. Lol
98 Anonymous
Happens to the best of us. I found mine outside too
100 Anonymous
Show some remorse!
105 Anonymous
Too many people exposing their breasts. Well, I’ve done it too
Well, I was also expose it outside, you know
108 Anonymous
It can’t be helped. It’s like a reflex
111 Anonymous
112 Anonymous
115 Anonymous
I’m sorry!
117 Anonymous
I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m… Oh, huh?
120 Anonymous
There are too many people reacting as if they were scolded by mistake, lol
123 Anonymous
They must be the kind of people who are always messing something up
126 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari is here!
128 Anonymous
I know this flow
130 Anonymous
I’ve seen this flow before
133 Anonymous
Is it Kohina Yukari’s room?
135 Anonymous
The long-awaited 3rd episode, Kohina Yukari’s room is here!
138 Anonymous
Just when I thought I was watching Morikawa Kaede’s power news, Kohina Yukari’s quarrel news started
143 Anonymous
Harisen LOL (Japanese comedy gag using a paper fan)
145 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari-san not only received souvenirs from USJ, but also from Osaka. I’m just plain jealous..
150 Anonymous
Huh? Morikawa seems strange…
152 Anonymous
155 Anonymous
It’s still too early to “hogeing”
158 Anonymous
Trauma switch on!
161 Anonymous
Uh-oh. This, Tora-uma got me!
163 Anonymous
Nice follow-up!
165 Verification Team *010meTA473
Aqua-sama, nice follow-up
166 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Thank you, Aqua-sama
170 Anonymous
172 Anonymous
173 Anonymous
175 Anonymous
That won’t happen!!
178 Anonymous
You’re doing it, aren’t you?
180 Anonymous
Lick, LMAO
182 Anonymous
184 Anonymous
Signboard-san, you’re too sensitive to the atmosphere
189 Anonymous
The flow has changed
191 Anonymous
As expected of Aa-sama, the top executive, who prevented Hogekawa to fall into darkness!!
195 Anonymous
But Sayuki and Rina couldn’t be saved, right..
200 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
According to the theory, Kenzaki, who clenched the ribbon and renewed his determination, could have saved them. But it was impossible for Kazuya, who clenched the ribbon and had feelings for his sister
206 Anonymous
Sensei is amazing after all. You’re really paying attention
209 Anonymous
Come to think of it, Kenzaki was also clenching the ribbon
212 Anonymous
Alright! It’s back!
217 Anonymous
If you take energy from Morikawa, who is good at being energetic, what will be left?
222 Anonymous
Hoge and power will remain
228 Anonymous
Is this the first news? LOL
230 Anonymous
This news feels strangely familiar, lol
233 Anonymous
We’ve had similar news before, lol
236 Anonymous
Second time, LMAO
239 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari getting her lunch stolen for the second time, LMAO
241 Anonymous
Good job, cat!
243 Anonymous
Oh, I see. If it causes trouble, she can legally hold Aqua-sama down
246 Anonymous
Lucky! I want Aqua-sama to touch me even once
248 Anonymous
Interview with eyewitnesses, LOL
250 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari-san, the actress teased even by eyewitnesses during her solo meals
257 Anonymous
Local cat, LOL
259 Anonymous
Interview with the cat, LOL
261 Anonymous
As expected, it’s a light-hearted news. The interviewer is dead serious while doing silly things like interviewing a cat
264 Anonymous
The culprit is on the run, LOL
266 Anonymous
It’s not a culprit, it’s a “purri-petrator”!
268 Anonymous
Nice tantrum!
270 Anonymous
The game staff was really amazing
The quality of stomping the ground was amazing!
275 Anonymous
The game staff was competent as long as they didn’t mess around
278 Anonymous
280 Anonymous
283 Anonymous
Sorry. Aqua-sama’s “not okay (ie)” sounded like E
I want to reflect on my wicked heart once again
289 Anonymous
It’s not “not okay,” it’s E!!
292 Anonymous
Instant fall in 2 frames LOL
294 Anonymous
Too outrageous, I burst out laughing
296 Anonymous
I understand that feeling
300 Verification Team*010meTA473
303 Anonymous
Hey! There’s someone here who’s turning into a Chijo too!!
305 Anonymous
307 Anonymous
I don’t need Morikawa’s size
310 Anonymous
Got some irrelevant info today
312 Anonymous
Everyone’s being strict with Morikawa, lol
314 Anonymous
This is E
316 Anonymous
Definitely E
317 Anonymous
Not good, but it’s E. I understand
319 Anonymous
Aqua-sama’s face when he found out Kohina Yukari is E. He looked really happy. I couldn’t help but smile too
322 Anonymous
Don’t forget to note that, lol
324 Anonymous
This is a serious note
326 Anonymous
Great performance by Harisen
329 Anonymous
There he is!
331 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Suspect Shumi-kun, come forward! Note that the right to remain silent is not guaranteed!!
334 Anonymous
Suspect LOL
336 Anonymous
This, there were eyewitness reports online. Ero-wife-san was praying to the Inori tree for an easy delivery
339 Anonymous
Ugh… despite having a neat face, she’s such a lewd girl!!
342 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Don’t underestimate the desire of high school girls! Even you, back in those days, your mind was constantly filled with erotic thoughts!! During class or while studying, at least half of your thoughts were naughty things, right!? Especially in the same classroom as Aqua-sama, it’s harder not to think about naughty things… So, please forgive me for being erotic!
345 Anonymous
Well, yeah… I get it, but I want to believe I was different from you… Also, there are people who aim to become Hagetoru Sommeliers
348 Anonymous
Just so you know, I consider you and Chinski in a separate category. You two are definitely not like Nee-san or Shumi!!
350 Anonymous
Hagetoru being ignored is hilarious. And Chinski getting involved even though she’s not here is just amusing LOL
353 Anonymous
A museum date sounds nice. I’d like to try an art museum date at least once
355 Anonymous
Everyone seems spaced out, but did you all get infected by the Hoge-lar Wave?
Think about it. Aqua-sama is talking about an art “museum” date!
359 Anonymous
361 Anonymous
Aqua-sama appreciating art…?
364 Anonymous
Leaning cheeks together?
366 Anonymous
368 Anonymous
Shumi should just die
369 Anonymous
Die of envy!
377 Anonymous
Shumi, who instantly gathers hate, would undoubtedly be an excellent tank in an MMORPG
379 Anonymous
Maybe a paper-armored tank
381 Anonymous
That’s garbage!
384 Anonymous
Here comes the expert!
386 Verification Team*010meTA473
388 Anonymous
389 Anonymous
Feels like I’ve seen her somewhere?
391 Anonymous
This, isn’t it Mary-sama…?
394 Anonymous
396 Anonymous
397 Anonymous
400 Anonymous
401 Anonymous
Mary seems knowledgeable about art and stuff, huh?
403 Anonymous
Here, Mary appears as an ordinary person. That’s the Hogekawa News for you!
405 Anonymous
The other day, the prime minister answered an interview in casual clothes. The mysterious Morikawa connection is at play
408 Anonymous
If anything, the prime minister appears every three weeks, probably because she’s free. After all, thanks to Aqua-sama’s Hoge-lar waves, everyone in this country is happy
412 Anonymous
I wonder where MARIA-sensei’s paintings are sold. Are they expensive?
415 Anonymous
They were at Fuji Department Store, but they were quickly protected. It seems there was an immediate order not to sell them, as they are going to be exhibited
420 Anonymous
Cheap ones are small, but I’ve seen some for over 10,000 yen
Maybe it will surpass 100 million in the current broadcast
424 Anonymous
The value has been rising for the past two months, but sensei keeps selling at the same price, so I don’t think it will increase much. That’s just how MARIA-sensei is..
427 Anonymous
The painting Aqua-sama purchased!!
429 Anonymous
I wonder what kind of painting Aqua-sama bought
433 Anonymous
I can’t afford a painting, but maybe a postcard
437 Anonymous
440 Anonymous
This is… divine
442 Anonymous
He definitely bought it for the Breasts, right?
443 Anonymous
It’s too beautiful. Is there a model for this?
446 Anonymous
If there was someone this beautiful, it would be even more popular!
450 Anonymous
The Saint of the Holy Aqua Religion
452 Anonymous
Ah, I feel like she resembles the first sister who approached me in front of the station before the Holy Aqua Religion became prominent
456 Anonymous
Is the Holy Aqua Religion’s saint for real!? Aa-sama, run away!
459 Anonymous
The Holy Aqua Religion has finally come this far
461 Anonymous
The invasion speed of the Holy Aqua Religion is too intense…
468 Anonymous
Anyway, it’s about breast LOLOLOL
471 Anonymous
He chose based on breast, huh? LOLOLOL
473 Anonymous
It can’t be helped if the Breasts are big. Yeah, yeah. Aqu-tan really loves Breasts
475 Anonymous
Confirmed F for Professor Breast
477 Anonymous
Professor Breast LOL
479 Anonymous
He chose based on Breasts after all!
481 Anonymous
The next news is about a new species of eggplant!?
484 Anonymous
A new eggplant, you say!?
486 Anonymous
Somehow, she look like the person who appeared in the news earlier..
489 Anonymous
It’s the same clothes, it must be staged!!
492 Anonymous
It shines so beautifully..
494 Anonymous
This is going well!
500 Anonymous
Huh? Hagetoru hasn’t been quiet since a while ago?
503 Anonymous
She must have gone to have fun while in heat
505 Anonymous
It’s dangerously e**ct… If I were to thrust into this, I’d come instantly
508 Anonymous
Aquamarine eggplant LMAO
510 Anonymous
Aquamarine eggplant!? It’s completely out of line!!
513 Anonymous
It’s unrealistic to say that they’re related to Sapphire eggplant!!
515 Anonymous
Her excuses are on the level of Hagetoru, LOL
519 Anonymous
What do you think about an eggplant with a name similar to yours?
It’s crazy that Morikawa can ask that
520 Anonymous
As expected of Morikawa. She can do what we can’t
She really is a professional sommelier
524 Anonymous
Permission granted!
525 Anonymous
As expected of Aqua-sama!! He truly lives up to his reputation of being larger than the Pacific Ocean
527 Anonymous
Aquamarine eggplant *Self-proclaimed
530 Anonymous
I wonder where I can buy this?
534 Anonymous
Is mass production scheduled at an accelerated pace!?
536 Anonymous
This is too much LOL
537 Anonymous
Aqua-sama LOL
538 Anonymous
Aqu-tan LMAO
539 Anonymous
Actress KY-san: “Roast it, sauté it, it looks delicious when made into Tempura!”
540 Anonymous
I laughed at Aa-sama discreetly holding his crotch, lol
542 Anonymous
This woman, she’s just hilarious!
544 Anonymous
What’s up with this show, LMAO?
546 Anonymous
On the national broadcast’s official social media, perhaps frustrated by the number of complaints, they posted an image removing the microphone receiver to taunt the viewers
549 Anonymous
Hyuu~! This country is still the best!!
551 Anonymous
I’m concerned about Announcer Onidzuka’s stomach
553 Anonymous
I want to save Announcer Onidzuka
555 Anonymous
Aqu-tan, go on a date with Announcer Onidzuka
558 Anonymous
Hogewave Research Institute is here!
560 Anonymous
Unexpectedly, a special feature on the Hoge-lar wave in the Power News LOL, that’s hilarious
562 Anonymous
It’s not the Hoge News, it’s the Power News
565 Anonymous
Infiltration, the Hogewave Institute LOL
Is this program okay!?
568 Anonymous
570 Anonymous
573 Anonymous
What’s with the Hogekawa 2:40 as the undercover reporter!!
574 Anonymous
This is undercover reporter Morikawa Kaede. The current time is 2:40 in the afternoon
I was about to say that, but it became Hogekawa 2:40 theory
577 Anonymous
578 Anonymous
This is it!
580 Anonymous
Thank you, Morikawa, for the translation help
584 Anonymous
This program, it’s too aggressive, lol
586 Anonymous
I’m receiving it that you’re coming to end the program yourself, LOL
589 Anonymous
*Note: This interview was conducted by Morikawa personally and has no involvement from the national broadcasting company
592 Anonymous
The national broadcasting company is protecting themselves!
594 Anonymous
Is this a lie? LMAO
597 Anonymous
The police are here!
598 Anonymous
Hey, you, this isn’t a joking matter!
601 Anonymous
Police, LMAO
603 Anonymous
The police just went right through, LOL
605 Anonymous
Breaking news, the police officer was a failure
607 Anonymous
608 Anonymous
609 Anonymous
They stopped her normally, LOL
611 Anonymous
She didn’t stop because there’s a checkpoint a little further ahead
613 Anonymous
This guy is completely joking, even though she’s wearing the same white outfit as the researchers, LOL
615 Anonymous
Police: “Isn’t that Morikawa-san?!”
618 Anonymous
Sad news, Morikawa, too famous and got caught in seconds LMAO
620 Anonymous
If you think about it normally, it’s obvious, right? LOL
623 Anonymous
Is it for a TV interview?
Yeah, right. Not!
625 Anonymous
Trying to push it LMAO
629 Anonymous
People from the research institute came from the back
631 Anonymous
Miracle is here!
632 Anonymous
Miracle Hogekawa is here!
634 Anonymous
A wave of Hoge-lar flew to the researchers!
636 Anonymous
Researcher: “Hogekawa-san!? I’m a fan!”
This is a change in the flow
638 Anonymous
Unexpectedly, a Hogekawa fan LOL
640 Anonymous
Can we go!?
643 Anonymous
645 Anonymous
648 Anonymous
As expected, it’s no good without permission for coverage
650 Anonymous
It’s obvious if you think about it normally
653 Anonymous
Is a VIP coming!?
656 Anonymous
10 minutes later… It’s faster than I thought. Still no good?
658 Anonymous
Asked an important person? Roger
660 Anonymous
Prime Minister LMAO
662 Anonymous
From the Prime Minister, it’s OK if it’s Hogekawa LOL
665 Anonymous
By the way, check out Hogekawa’s Hoge-lar wave while you’re at it LOL
668 Anonymous
Unexpectedly, the highest authority figure shows up, hilarious LOL
670 Anonymous
Prime Minister, aren’t you practically a regular on this show now? LOL
672 Anonymous
A woman named Morikawa, connected to the highest powers in this country and the Stars. I can’t wait for the Hoge-lar wave to reach the States
675 Anonymous
You’re welcome to come by, LOL
678 Anonymous
Amazing. I wish other journalists and those who stick to safe and unremarkable news would learn from this. This is true journalism. Truly the most daring announcer, even among the Stars
681 Anonymous
The theory that Morikawa is competent is really amusing, LOL
683 Anonymous
The building is pure white, too
685 Anonymous
What’s this strange mark?
688 Anonymous
It’s a mark that interferes with Hoge-lar waves and breaks them down
689 Anonymous
I see. So, if you’re inside this building, it cuts off the Hoge-lar waves
691 Anonymous
If it works, let’s distribute these white outfits to all citizens. I want one too
694 Anonymous
Hoge-lar wave measuring device LMAO
696 Anonymous
I thought it was a metal detector LOL
700 Anonymous
702 Anonymous
The machine is going crazy, LOL
705 Anonymous
Reinspection LMAO
708 Anonymous
Here we are, a handheld Hoge-lar wave measuring device, LOL
710 Anonymous
Beep! Beep! Beep!
713 Anonymous
Unmeasurable LMAO
715 Anonymous
It seems to be malfunctioning, LOL
718 Verification Team *07218KADO6
While this white outfit can cut off incoming Hoge-lar waves from outside, it can’t cut off the waves generated by the person wearing it
720 Anonymous
LMAO, got a spare measuring device?
723 Anonymous
Spot on, right? LOL
724 Anonymous
726 Anonymous
The researcher gave up, LOL
727 Anonymous
Yep, Morikawa was the source after all, huh? LOL
729 Anonymous
Is there data on places where past hoges have occurred?
It’s doing quite well
732 Verification Team *010meTA473
All the data on the occurrence time coincides with Aqua being on TV. The occurrence location data matches regional shoots, live events, and festival locations
736 Anonymous
738 Anonymous
Even in the lab, LOLOLOL… But Shumi, who figures it out in an instant, is also hilarious LOL
739 Anonymous
As expected of the leader of Shirogane Aqua fans, truly remarkable
741 Anonymous
Just now, the room with the open door. They were casually watching a live performance LOL
743 Anonymous
I wanna work in this office, LOL, seems like a blast!
746 Anonymous
Ultimate high-performance AI is here!!
748 Anonymous
Is it okay? It’s not like it’s a wreck like some servers, right?
750 Anonymous
Confirmed the occurrence of the Hoge-lar Wave!!
752 Anonymous
The Hoge-lar Wave is coming!
755 Anonymous
Was it after noon yesterday?
757 Anonymous
Is the location the skating rink?
760 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
763 Anonymous
Returned to the studio
765 Anonymous
I know this girl somehow!!
765 Anonymous
Morikawa is capable
767 Anonymous
Morikawa: “Shirogane Aqua-san, any idea about this Hoge-lar Wave?”
Amazing, she’s like a Verification Team!!
770 Anonymous
Hakuryuu-sensei at the skating rink!?
772 Anonymous
There’s a girl here who had a good experience!!
774 Anonymous
Ah, I tried my best to keep quiet..
But it was destined to be revealed, huh
775 Anonymous
Sensei, another naked dogeza?
778 Anonymous
Uwaaaaa. I wanted to see Aa-sama’s skating!
780 Verification Team *010meTA473
I also wanted to see Aqua-sama skate
783 Anonymous
Thanks to Hogekawa, Hakuryuu-sensei got caught in the crossfire, and it was hilarious
786 Anonymous
The measuring equipment was totally useless, but the AI was observing properly. It was hilarious
789 Anonymous
Morikawa LMAO
791 Anonymous
This is a restricted area from here on, no entry allowed, understood
793 Anonymous
Is this the end of this coverage?
795 Anonymous
Do this again, maybe Morikawa is the only one who can get inside this facility
798 Anonymous
In the end, what’s the meaning of this facility?
800 Anonymous
Who knows?
802 Anonymous
I don’t understand because I’m not as smart as Mary graduates
803 Anonymous
It’s useless for ordinary people to try to understand what a genius thinks. Even Chinski and Hagetoru are much smarter than us. Right? It’s incomprehensible for people like us, isn’t it?
805 Anonymous
The bulletin board users have stopped thinking deeply
807 Anonymous
I see, so this is the Hoge-lar Wave. I understand now
809 Anonymous
811 Anonymous
Here comes the fortune-telling corner!
812 Anonymous
The world’s most half-hearted fortune-telling corner has arrived, lol
815 Anonymous
Today it’s Aqua-kun. If that’s the case, we can watch with peace of mind
818 Anonymous
Punching machine LMAO
820 Anonymous
No matter how you think about it, a punching machine is unnecessary for fortune-telling!
822 Anonymous
Don’t make someone who had a collarbone fracture until recently use a punching machine
824 Anonymous
※The staff did stop it to some extent
825 Anonymous
827 Anonymous
280 LMAO
What’s going on with her punching power, lol
830 Anonymous
My mom is Aries!
833 Anonymous
Toa-chan got a perfect score, yay!
835 Anonymous
300 LMAO
837 Anonymous
Hey, Morikawa should do martial arts. It’s such a waste for her to just be an announcer
840 Anonymous
Morikawa is the only announcer who can storm the Hoge-lar Wave Institute. She’s doing a job that only Morikawa can do, even though she’s an announcer
841 Anonymous
I’m a Taurus and I’m thrilled. I’ll make sure to grow bigger for Aqu-tan, even though I’m already an H-cup!
843 Anonymous
I’m a J-cup, and in the past, if I heard that I would get bigger than I am now, I would be in despair. But now, I can genuinely be happy. I’m training my jumping ability so that Aqu-tan can see me at the live show!
845 Anonymous
Are Taurus women all Holsteins? Well, I’m a Taurus with P-cup breasts too. Looking forward to Aqua-kun’s milking experience learning!
848 Anonymous
330 with a smug face lol
849 Anonymous
This guy, LOL
851 Anonymous
I wonder who is a Gemini? Ayana-chan is a Gemini, right?
854 Anonymous
That’s right
855 Anonymous
Aqua-sama: “Ayana, let’s get along well next year too.”
857 Anonymous
If I were still a fan of Rina until last week, I would have been overjoyed with this… But Ayana-chan is a good girl, so I hope she does well
859 Anonymous
380 LMAO
860 Anonymous
Gorikawa-san, it’s serious because it’s her zodiac sign
862 Anonymous
Morikawa’s zodiac sign. Disband!
864 Anonymous
Next year, work luck at its maximum. I also pray to Announcer Morikawa that she can work with Beryl
867 Anonymous
869 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun got a perfect score!
872 Anonymous
Morikawa, well done! By the way, just a Mayushin-kun fan
875 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Morikawa, now that you’ve come this far, aim for all 100s!
878 Anonymous
879 Anonymous
500? That’s not a number humans can achieve! Oh, Morikawa is Gorikawa, right? Yeah… does she have it in her?
881 Anonymous
Alert LOL
883 Anonymous
Right now, Hoge-lar waves are occurring all over the country LMAO
886 Anonymous
The source is that studio!!
887 Anonymous
Well, with Morikawa’s power and Aqua-sama only getting 100 points, Hoge-lar waves are bound to happen!
889 Anonymous
Aqua-sama, thought he was overjoyed, turns out Shumi is a Virgo, tch!
891 Anonymous
Just in case, Shumi, die
892 Anonymous
Just in case, Shumi, I envy you to death
894 Anonymous
Shumi is told “Just in case and die” LMAO
897 Verification Team *010meTA473
Shumi-chan, great victory!!
899 Anonymous
You’ve become able to say it properly, haven’t you?
900 Anonymous
You can say it as much as you want, just like before
903 Anonymous
Bulletin board, this is a kind space
905 Anonymous
It’s getting nice over here, too, lol
908 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
I did it, Libra!
911 Anonymous
I won’t forgive Hakuryuu-sensei who secretly skated with Aqu-tan. Come on, you can tell us more about what happened at that time, right?
912 Anonymous
Hakuryuu-sensei, was it fun to skate with Aqua-sama without telling everyone?
Let’s start with a photo of Shirogane Aqua-sama, the prince on ice, wearing skates
You’re not going to say anything silly like you didn’t take pictures, right?
915 Anonymous
Hakuryuu-sensei’s response is so funny, LMAO
918 Anonymous
These guys probably aren’t serious and just want details or a photo. Maybe. But I understand the feeling of wanting to see a photo, if only out of curiosity
920 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
I’ll upload the photo to social media later. Please forgive me..
922 Anonymous
I really like sensei after all!
923 Anonymous
I’ve been a fan of sensei for a long time!
925 Anonymous
So easy to understand, LOL
926 Anonymous
This is bulletin board quality
928 Anonymous
I’m a Scorpio!
929 Anonymous
Will everything I’ve done so far be rewarded…?
Wow, could it be true? After continuously missing out on live concert tickets, will I finally win next year?
933 Anonymous
There’s a chance. For next year’s nationwide tour, people can’t attend multiple times with general tickets, and there are regional slots available
935 Anonymous
Morikawa, nice!
936 Anonymous
Nice punch, Morikawa!!
937 Anonymous
I always believed that Morikawa is a capable person when she puts her mind to it!!
940 Anonymous
It’s amazing that Aqua-sama’s Sagittarius can consistently score 500
943 Anonymous
I’m happy, so there’s no way you guys shouldn’t be happy too..
945 Anonymous
※Hoge-lar waves detected, Hoge-lar waves detected!
947 Anonymous
What is Level 4 alert? LOL
948 Anonymous
Hoge-lar wave alert, Level 4 caution, LMAO. Hey! The national broadcaster is goofing around more than the private broadcasters, LOL!
950 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari-san will only hit her little toe on the corner of the chest, LMAO. Good job, keep it up!
952 Anonymous
Even fortune-telling is lonely, LOL
954 Anonymous
She’s still conscious of being alone, lol
957 Anonymous
958 Anonymous
959 Anonymous
960 Anonymous
This, Morikawa, a face that completely did it
962 Anonymous
Hey, you, don’t tell me, again..
964 Verification Team *07218KADO6
She’s making the same face as when she broke her collarbone
967 Anonymous
968 Anonymous
Hogekawa quality has arrived!
970 Anonymous
Even so, getting 290 is incredible..
972 Anonymous
Go for it!
970 Anonymous
Do your best, do your best!
973 Anonymous
160! Alright, Capricorn and Aquarius both got a perfect score!
975 Anonymous
No need to get 500. Anyway, for Aqua-sama, whether it’s 100 or 500, it’s all 100 points. So, Morikawa, just think about surpassing 100!
976 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Go, Morikawa!
977 Verification Team *010meTA473
Good luck!
978 Anonymous
120!! Here we are!
979 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
980 Anonymous
Alright! It’s over 100!!
983 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai also reached 100!
985 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai, well done!!
987 Anonymous
The last irrelevant weather forecast corner has arrived!
989 Anonymous
Isn’t it dangerous?
990 Anonymous
It hit the ceiling LOL
993 Anonymous
Clear skies, understood
But, your station said it was cloudy earlier
995 Anonymous
Everyone’s making fun, but last week, the weather suddenly changed and it was accurate
996 Anonymous
The weather forecast on Power News is currently 100% accurate
998 Anonymous
I see, so this is the power of Hoge-lar waves!!
Now, I understand everything
999 Anonymous
When she tackled the camera at the end, it was the same arm that she hurts with the punching machine earlier..
1000 Verification Team *07218KADO6
If it’s 1000, I hope Morikawa’s injury is minor!
You might have forgotten because she’s an idiot, but this is the real deal coming up!!
Brace yourself, show some spirit, Kaede Morikawa!! Transmit your Hoge-lar wave!
1001 3510 *ULTi-Hi-P3
Hoge-lar wave in progress, Hoge-lar wave in progress!
Currently, a Hoge-lar wave is occurring nationwide in Japan
Take a moment to calm your heart, reset your feelings for the singing contest. Just kidding!

Hello, there’s a new work featuring a heartwarming story where the heroine’s limbs are severed, and the main character takes care of her, with a hint of ero mana transfer. I hope you can read it, and don’t forget to rate it max. Here’s the link : [Link]

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