Male Idol V11c23

Volume 11 Chapter 23 Shirogane Kanon, Year-End Song Battle Begins!

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 ”Miss, hurry! It’s about to start!”

 ”Y-yes, I know!”

 I quickly sit next to Pegonia on the sofa. When I turn my gaze to the TV, the year-end tradition of the song battle begins at just the right moment.

 Ah, thinking that the year is about to end in a little while, it makes my heart flutter a bit.

 As the camera gradually pans to reveal the venue, Kaede-senpai takes center stage, donning a stunning yellow kimono. It’s amazing how she effortlessly pulls off such a vibrant color. The kimono itself is exquisitely crafted, adorned with a captivating floral pattern that perfectly captures both Kaede-senpai’s vibrant and energetic persona, as well as her maturity as a professional announcer.

 Hehe, it’s evident that a lot of effort went into selecting the kimono, with various opinions taken into consideration. And I must say, it truly enhances Kaede-senpai’s appearance.

 ’Good evening, everyone! Have you finished the year-end cleaning already? Huh? You haven’t done it yet!? You’re the same as me!’

 Kaede-senpai, you still haven’t done the cleaning… If Aqua finds out, she’ll go clean right away. Aqua often ends up cleaning without realizing it.

 Come to think of it, Emily-senpai gives off a sloppy image, but her house is incredibly clean. After all, both Aqua and Emily-senpai are at the level of clicking their tongues when Pegonia tries to play a prank by running her finger along the window sill… Could it be that everyone from Yukishiro is like that?

 ’Huh? Never mind that, what about you getting injured by the punching machine?’

 Kaede-senpai rolls up the sleeve of her kimono and clenches her fist.

 ’As you can see, everything is fine now! I’m sorry for causing you all to worry!! Huh? That’s not it? You’re telling me to hurry up and go because you don’t care about what I’m saying!? That’s… oh, I’m sorry. The staff is pressuring me to hurry up, so I’ll go to the next thing!’


 In a normal company, it wouldn’t be strange to be asked to write a report. However, recently I heard from Kaede-senpai that she doesn’t have to write reports anymore. I was curious about why, so I asked Announcer Onizuka, whom I met during the bingo game, and she told me the real reason.

 Well, it’s pointless to make Kaede-senpai write a written apology. While it’s a stretch for the national broadcaster to deem the paper cost for the apology as wasteful, well, maybe not a stretch at all, it’s understandable. But the unprecedented complaint that making Morikawa write an apology is a waste of resources is truly baffling. Is everyone just playing around with Kaede-senpai and the national broadcaster? The use of complaint calls is definitely wrong.

 ’Now, let’s kick things off with the first act, featuring Fairies from the Taira clan! Fairies, please!!’

 Huh, what? No title call or introduction of the Taira clan’s host!? Oops, did she make a mistake, or did she?

 ’Everyone! Here we goooooo!’

 The voice of Fairies’ center, Kato Iria-san, echoes through the stage.

 ’Heave-ho, heave-ho, heave-ho, heave-hoah!’

 Kato Iria-san, who appeared with a metal-style intense song, performs a dance that incorporates elements of karate in an idol-like costume. I wonder if she is conscious of the protagonist of a certain fighting game because she is wearing a red headband. She has been doing game streaming recently, right?

 ’I will keep moving forward. I believe there is something beyond this path!’

 Although Fairis usually has more cute songs, this time they probably chose a popular and lively song as the opening act. After Kato Iria-san, other members come on stage.

 ’We can’t end it like this, right? Because that’s how it is, isn’t it?’

 By the way, Kato-san looks cute in this idol costume with a karate-like outfit.

 The torn wild sleeve, the slender arm extending from it, and the beautiful armpit caught my attention. She clearly put effort into her appearance today. The cute red headband and ribbon-like belt, along with the frayed hem of the karate gi, add a charming touch. The shorts-like pants and the slender, bare legs are truly dazzling.

 The slender figure of Kato-san contrasts with the wild elements of the karate gi, enhancing her cuteness.

 ’Osu, Osu, Osu! We, the Taira clan, will win!!’

 The audience becomes enthralled by the host’s call inserted between songs. Pegonia and I join in the Osu call together.

 ’Taira clan leader, YUKARIMETAL COME ON BABY!!’

 What is Yukari Metal!? I was thinking that, when Kohina Yukari-san, who is in metal fashion, came out on stage showing karate forms.

 Moreover, behind her, the artists of the Taira clan continued to enter. The venue was also excited by their appearance, like a daimyo procession.

 ’I won’t hesitate anymore. Once I’ve decided, I’ll just wholeheartedly pursue my own path!!’

 Kato-san continued to run with that momentum until the end. The heat and seriousness of it were evident from the sweat flowing from everyone in the Fairies after the performance. A big round of applause was given for the live performance. I also clapped along with Pegonia. When the applause subsided, Yukari-san, also known as Yukari Metal, took the microphone and stepped forward.

 ’You fools from the Taira clan! If you can defeat me, I will double my appearance rate in your otome game! So, come prepared to win! Understand!?’

 An audacious threat and a preposterous leader have made her entrance. Pegonia is displaying an unusually wide smile, exposing her gums, while I can feel my cheeks starting to cramp.

 Even the artists from the Taira clan pleaded for mercy, much to the amusement of the audience, who erupted in laughter upon hearing this.

 ’Now! The lead performer from the Minamoto clan, everyone from eau de Cologne! HERE WE GO!’

 With Kaede-senpai’s call, the venue darkened, and three spotlights illuminated the three figures on the stage.

 ’Everyone from Fairies, thank you for heating up the stage!’

 Leader of eau de Cologne, Jou Maron-san. Perhaps it’s because she’s projecting a very mature vibe today, even as a same-sex viewer, I feel a flutter.

 If this were Hagetoru, it might feel like a warm-up, thanks to Maron-san’s mature aura. However, because Maron is a saint, it doesn’t come across that way at all. In reality, everyone from Fairies responds with a salute to Maron-san’s voice. I’ve come to realize that everyday actions are, indeed, important.

 ’Let’s connect everyone so that this passion, this flame, never fades away.’

 Is Kurushima Fran-san still in elementary school? She exudes a slightly mature vibe right from the beginning, and her singing and dancing skills are on a high level, making her appear more mature than Lapis-chan.

 On the internet, Kurushima Fran is known as Tsukimachi Ayana’s fan club member number 0 and the honorary president of the fan club. Her performances unmistakably mirror the idol Tsukimachi Ayana, and she appears to be entirely aware of this fact. This awareness likely contributes to her mature demeanor.

 ’Now, let’s get started!’

 Ah~~~! As expected, the idol Tsukimachi Ayana is exceptional. When the camera focuses on her, cuteness overflows, and it makes my heart pound. Knowing her real tsundere side, the gap is even more irresistible.

 ’I hope this feeling of ours reaches everyone.’

 To the tune of techno music, the three of them start dancing.

 Their flawless dance and high level of perfection are well-known to eau de Cologne fans.

 ’My feelings and my wishes, I hope they reach someone.’


 This is the second time today that I let out a big sigh. Why is Ayana-chan so cute when she’s doing idol activities? She looks cute no matter which angle you capture her from. Isn’t it amazing?

 Maybe she knows the camera position and the timing of the cuts, and she’s doing the optimal solution to look the cutest in that scene. Kohina Yukari-san’s acting is also superhuman, but Tsukimachi Ayana’s captivating techniques are also superhuman. Well, it’s no wonder that idol Shirogane Aqua says his rival is idol Tsukimachi Ayana. When I secretly asked Aqua before, he told me in secret.

 ’We passed each other. I hope this polymetric will connect someday!’

 The cyber-style dress is incredibly cute, but perhaps because it prioritizes dance, it is designed to fit snugly along the body’s lines. The distinct curves that reveal femininity may contribute to their mature appearance.

 ’Crossing paths. In the moment this cross-rhythm encounters, our feelings resonate.’

 Sigh~ what a breathtaking performance.

 The truly exquisite eau de Cologne. No words come to mind anymore. It surpasses perfection; these conscious individuals deliver a performance beyond imagination, exceeding 100%, on this grand stage. Everyone already knows the reason why they chose this song.

 ’Let’s deliver everyone’s feelings!’

 Maron-san reaches her hands high to the sky.

 Hmm, looking at it this way, Maron-san is quite big, isn’t she? I should add her to the list of breasts that Aqua would like later…

 ’I offer my wishes to Inori.’

 Ugh… watching Fran-san offer Inori reminded me of the Holy Aqua Religion, and my stomach hurt a little. I always thought Claire-san was a serious and good girl, so I still can’t understand why she, of all people, would join such a suspicious-looking religion like the Stars Orthodox.

 ’Come on, if you’re coming anyway, don’t be so coy and just come out already!’

 Everyone laughed at Ayana-chan’s call. The ability to speak openly with Aqua is limited to a select few, such as Pegonia, Ayana-chan, Kohina-senpai, and Kaede-senpai. I hope that Ayana-chan, who can become Aqua’s rival and be as close to her as a friend, becomes Aqua’s bride.

 I know that I alone can’t handle the strength of Aqua s*xual desire, and it’s fine if there are people who can help Aqua release and process his s*xual desires instead of us, considering the possibility of everyone getting pregnant. Besides, managing Aqua’s s*xual desires is an important job for a wife. Aqua is special compared to other men, so I have to do my best.


 The enthusiastic cheers from the audience accompany motorcycle footage displayed on the back screen. Many people gather in the street to witness the live Aqua due to the advance notice. When Aqua, riding a bike, arrives in front of the state broadcaster’s hall, he takes off his helmet and grabs the microphone.

 ’Minamoto clan, are you ready already!’

 Aqua slowly unzips his leather jacket.

 Aaaaa, I instinctively covered my face with both hands. It’s too explicit. That’s too explicit, Aqua!

 [Today, I’m in a high mood! Are you all feeling high too?]

 Ah… This song being sung in the language of the Stars is “STARS BOY,” which he performed with the Trash Punks at the Stars Festival. Unlike the usual Aqua, the lyrics are a bit vulgar or rough. It’s unique, so it’s popular in certain circles.

 [A year ago, I couldn’t have imagined it. I’m standing here. No one else. The spotlight is shining on me.]

 I never expected him to choose this song first, so I was a little surprised. Since it’s a national broadcast singing competition, I predicted it would probably be something girly at first, but it was such an unexpected choice. They said they would also broadcast it live on Stars, so maybe they took that into consideration?

 [Not a drama, not a movie, not an anime, comic, or novel. Look at me. This is reality.]

 Aqua, having taken off his jacket, walks down the aisle towards the stage, holding it in his hand. Along the way, he high-fives members of the Minamoto clan who follow behind Aqua. In front of the stage, the last to join, of course, are Toa-chan, Mayuzumi-kun, and Tenga-senpai.

 ”I kept you waiting. Everyone!”

 Aqua, who appeared on stage, waved to the audience. Then, he took out a pen from his pocket, the one Mayuzumi-kun gave him, and quickly signed the inside of his jacket. Aqua casually tossed the signed jacket into the audience. Oh, nice… huh? The person who caught it now, have I seen her somewhere before? Maybe it’s just my imagination. Even if she was someone I knew, I decided not to dwell on it deeply.

 [Look at me! The star is here. Nowhere else. I’m right here. So just look at me without thinking about anything else.]

 After a gesture that stirs up the heat in the audience, Aqua winks at the camera.

 Oh, that’s not fair. After playing the arrogant role, now he gives a cute wink like a little boy.

 A considerable number of women must have been swept away by the wave of excitement.

 Oh, Kaede-senpai, you can’t do that. It’s still early, so please endure it.

 Even on the internet, discussions arose about making Kaede-senpai the main host, so that no matter what happens in front of her, she won’t get excited.



 Excited screams erupted from the audience. And no wonder. Aqua takes Ayana-chan’s hand and heads towards Kohina Yukari-san, the leader of the Taira clan.

 [We will be the ones to prevail in the end! Just sit there and witness our triumph with your mouth closed!!]

 Wow! They’ve completely provoked Kohina-senpai by slightly altering the original lyrics. Aqua intentionally sang the remaining lyrics with Ayana-chan in front of Kohina-senpai, ending the performance.

 ’Hmmm! You guys have quite the determination! Both of you should be prepared!! And you, Taira clan, don’t just stand there daydreaming. Deep down, you wanted to do something like this with him, didn’t you!?’

 Kohina-senpai raises her hand towards the members of the Taira clan.

 ’If that’s the case, is it only Ayana-chan who gets to have a good time!?’

 Kohina-senpai waves her hand at the members of the Taira clan.

 ’You guys, give it your all!! If we win this match…’

 ””’What is it…?””’

 ’I’ll let you go on a date with this person if you win the MVP for real!’


 I couldn’t help but react out loud.

 This person is really too free-spirited!


 ’My time has come!’

 ’I will put all my hopes into my singing career.’

 ’Aqua-kun, a date with Aqua-kun, a date with Aqua-kun’

 ’As expected of Kohina Yukari. No, Kohina Yukari-san!!’

 Cheers erupted from the Taira clan as Kohina Yukari made her entrance. Despite it being an obvious ploy, she managed to captivate the entire clan in an instant. Aqua, witnessing the spectacle, wasted no time and grabbed the microphone. From the stage, it was almost predictable what Aqua was about to say.

 ’Well then, everyone from the Minamoto clan. If we emerge victorious, let’s all join me at the amusement park… no, let’s go with everyone from Beryl!!’

 The advanced technique involves not only Mayuzumi-kun but also Toa-chan and the other two. Mayuzumi-kun had a slightly surprised expression, but then he sighed and showed a face as if to say, “Well, there’s no helping it.” Tenga-senpai’s eyes sparkled. It’s probably just fun for everyone to go out and play together. Toa-chan showed a momentary look of disbelief, but in the next instant, he showed a gentle smile.



 ’Sorry to the Taira clan, but we’re seriously going!’

 ’There’s a chance. There’s a chance. There’s a chance.’

 ’Phew… does this mean I can also see Toa-chan and Aqua-kun’s amusement park date up close? Yes, I will win and become the wall!’

 Of course, everyone in the Minamoto clan is also in high spirits. Well, it’s no longer a matter of being released at the end of the year.

 ’That’s cheating! You’re really being unfair!!’

 ’Even though I owe you, it was Kohina-senpai who brought it up first.’


 Oh, right. Aqua owes Kohina-senpai because of Mikuni mother-in-law. So, she’s trying to use that to set up a date… This person is quite the strategist, after all.

 ”Ordinary men would probably refuse, but I had a feeling that Master (Danna-sama) had a happy expression. Or is it just my imagination?”

 No, Pegonia, it’s definitely not your imagination.

 When it comes to the famous singer from the Taira clan, with her big, alluring breasts and a beautiful kimono, only Aqua’s left eyelid twitched. Even if no one else noticed, I’m the only one who did, you know.

 Not only that, but I also noticed his reaction to Maron-san from the same Minamoto clan. I think Ayana-chan sitting next to him and Maron-san herself also noticed it. Girls can easily understand such things!

 ’Everyone in the audience and those watching on TV! You surely don’t think that you have nothing to do with this, right?’

 Kaede-senpai, who interrupted between the two, raises a clenched fist towards the sky.

 Huh? Is there still something else!?

 ’This year’s year-end singing competition is special! With the cooperation of Beryl Entertainment, among all of you who voted, there will be a lottery for signed goods, of course, as well as tickets to the live performance, an internal tour of the company, and the so-called “wall tickets” that allow you to watch everyone from behind the stage during the live performance. These are incredibly special privileges for the winners!’

 ”What?! What did you say?!”

 I couldn’t help but stand up from my seat.

 I want a Wall ticket. I want a Wall ticket. I want a Wall ticket…!

 ’And as a luxurious prize, my friend Prime Minister Habu is generously giving away tickets to the upcoming matchmaking party, which was a hit last time!’

 Oh, I see. The broadcasting rights for the matchmaking party are also nationalized. By the way, only Aqua and Kaede-senpai can say things like the Prime Minister being friends….

 ’Also, as a personal gift from me, I’m giving away tickets to watch Morikawa Kaede’s room!’

 Wow, Kaede-senpai’s room is going to be there next time too. I wonder what will happen. Will it continue with those three? While thinking about that, Aqua popped up next to Kaede-senpai.

 ’And as a personal gift from me, you have the right to receive New Year’s money directly from Shirogane Aqua! Everyone, make sure to apply!’

 Oh, this could be good. But, is it just me, or does the excitement of having the right to give Aqua New Year’s money seem more thrilling than receiving it from Aqua?

 ’Other than that, everyone from the Minamoto clan and Taira clan, as well as the judges, has generously provided special presents! So, everyone, don’t change the channel!! Even during Morikawa Kaede’s talk, which you might think is pointless, keep the channel as it is!!’

 Even though she knows her talk might be considered pointless, the fact that she doesn’t stop the seemingly pointless talk is actually impressive.

 ’Now, I would like to introduce the judges! First, as a cultural figure, from Beryl Entertainment, President Atori Ako!!’

 Oh, President! Ako-san looks incredibly beautiful today! The subdued colors of the kimono suit her so well, and the graceful atmosphere makes her seem very mature!

 ’Next up, everyone’s favorite troublemaker and the representative of this country, Prime Minister Habu!’

 Even though labeling the Prime Minister as a troublemaker is quite a statement, both the Prime Minister and the audience appear to be laughing, so perhaps it’s all good. The only one seemingly grimacing in response to this statement is our dear Announcer Onidzuka. Somehow, I sense that the staff at the national broadcasting station have already reached a point of resignation.

 ’And in the spirit of fairness and justice, the national broadcaster’s Rival to the Prime Minister in the political world and comrade, the head of the Kokucho family, Kokucho Agewa-san, is also here!’

 Kokucho Agewa-san doesn’t really look like the kind of person everyone is gossiping about. Somehow, it feels like she’s being misunderstood based on her appearance, like Nee-san. Well, I’m a bit of a scatterbrain myself, so it might just be my own misunderstanding…

 ’This time, as it’s being simultaneously broadcasted on Stars, we also have the honor of Her Majesty, the former Queen Mary, joining us from Stars!!’

 Grandmother!? I didn’t hear anything about this!? Wait, when I look behind, Emily-senpai is sitting in a chair with a contorted expression.

 Ah, I guess Emily-senpai also wasn’t informed by Grandmother until today.

 ’Next, from the Citizen-themed drama Heaven’s Sword, we have Director Hiroko Hongou!! Is Kenzaki, who collapsed in the previous episode, still down!?’

 Oh! Director Hongou is all dressed up and looking sharp!

 Both Director Hongou and Hakuryuu-sensei could look more beautiful if they put in a little more effort, but they both have a lazy side.

 ’I don’t want to see your face anymore. Probably many people feel that way after eating those famous biscuits too much. Instead of Morinaga, Merry-san has come!’

 It suddenly turned chaotic… Huh? Is this okay for national broadcasting?

 Well… it’s probably too late now! With Kaede-senpai, Aqua, and Kohina-senpai all together, anything goes. It’s probably a waste of time to think about the details.

 Oh, by the way, which one is Merry-san?

 Is it the president of Merry No. 1, or Chacha-san from Merry No. 2? I think Chacha-san was promoted from a part-time job to a full-time employee, right?

 Hmm, if it’s Aqua, he can tell at a glance which one is inside, but I have absolutely no idea…

 ’And finally… Director Hongou and President Atori came, so everyone thought Hakuryuu-sensei was coming, right? That’s not it at all!’


 ’Before announcing the final guest, here it is—ohhhhh!

 Kaede-senpai points to the large monitor behind with Kenzaki’s signature pose.

 [Special News! The scriptwriter for next year’s Monday 9 PM drama has been decided, and it’s the acclaimed Tsukasa-sensei as the writer!!]

 Ugyaaaaaaah! People burdened with trauma from the Monday 9 PM drama collectively scream.

 ’So, let me reintroduce the final judge! Presented by Getsuku (Monday 9 PM Drama), it’s Tsukasa Kei-sensei from Yuu-onii!!’

 A fox mask!? A petite figure wearing a parka and a fox mask sits nervously in the judge’s seat. Huh, I didn’t know what Tsukasa-sensei looked like since she never appeared in public before. I imagined she’d be more severe, so this is quite a gap. Oh, but maybe she has a body double…yeah, that’s possible. I posted on the bulletin board, “This Tsukasa-sensei could be fake too.”

 The audience erupted in a loud cheer, followed by warm applause from the spectators. Pegonia and I joined in the applause.

 ’The judges will be these seven people! And so… here we go, the year-end tradition, the singing competition begins!’

 Everyone responded with cheers to Kaede-senpai’s shout. And thus, the special year-end singing competition began.

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