Male Idol V11c24

Volume 11 Chapter 24 Kirika Kotono, Special Stage

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 The singing battle was filled with tremendous excitement from the beginning. The participating artists delivered fantastic performances, and social media and forums are buzzing more than ever about past singing battles. Carrying the momentum from the early stages, the singing battle transitioned smoothly to the anticipated middle where the special stage is scheduled.

 ”I’ll be back.”

 Aqua-san, backstage, lightly high-fived Toa-chan, Mayuzumi-san, and Tenga-san. Hehe, the right to become a wall was quite popular on the internet, but being a manager, I think it’s nice that not every day becomes a wall.

 ”Manager Kirika, any changes to the schedule?”

 ”For now, no. The time seems to be well-adjusted by Announcer Morikawa, so there shouldn’t be any issues.”

 ”Understood. Then, as planned.”


 Aqua-san lightly high-fives me and heads to the designated location on the transport platform that is placed on the rails under the stage.

 ”Now, everyone… from here on, it’s time for the long-awaited special stage!!”


 At first, I was a little worried as a friend of Kaede-san, but her brightness and momentum fit perfectly with the current flow. Above all, when she managed to control the situation between the two powerful leaders, Shirogane Aqua and Kohina Yukari, so well, Announcer Onidzuka standing next to me was so moved that she almost collapsed. People really do grow. I hope Emily-san will also grow a little….

 ”This is the first special stage!”

 When Kaede-san raises her fist, the audience also raises their fists as one. As the stage darkens, a familiar voice resonates through the stage.

 ”Nii-sama… From now on, it’s the three of us together.”

 A scream-like cry resonates from the audience seats. Perhaps, it triggered the trauma switch for many.

 ”Stop this already! Sayuki!”

 The venue’s spotlight illuminates the figures of Aqua-san and Kohina-san. The audience holds their breath witnessing their raw performance.

 ”Why would Nii-sama say such a thing?”

 My spine chilled as if the heating had broken. Probably, those watching on TV are also checking their air conditioners.

 ”Sayuki, don’t get too worked up.”

 Kasamichi Rina, played by Tsukimachi-san, appears between the two. Ah… I can’t help but feel nostalgic for the time when we used to say Rina alone was soothing.


 Sayuki embraces Rina.

 After wrapping up for almost three months, it’s still exactly as I saw it on TV.

 ”It’s alright, Sayuki. We have plenty of time.”


 They hold hands as if entwining their fingers, gazing at each other. Despite Kohina-san being older, when standing next to Tsukimachi-san, they appear the same age. Since the reversal of roles towards the end, Kohina-san even looks like a younger sister. Although they are in the same grade, judging by Tsukasa-sensei’s direction, it seems Sayuki takes on the role of the younger sister.

 ’On that night when I was feverish, I still remember your broad back. Cold droplets trace down my flushed cheeks while my wet body trembles.’

 With Tsukimachi-san’s singing, the song used in the 9 p.m. drama begins. Tsukimachi-san’s singing style seems more mature. The poignant melody tugs at the depths of the heart.

 ’Wondering how I can be close to you, I see your pained face, and I yearn to be by your side. Like filling the void of loneliness, we search for one another, with hearts beating fast and the sound of rain as our backdrop. A somber melody, a horn that signals the end.’

 Kohina-san sings Aqua-san’s part. As a singer, she may not match up to Aqua-san or Tsukimachi-san, but she’s certainly not bad; in fact, I think she’s quite good. Especially the way she sings with Sayuki’s atmosphere is something only she can do.

 ’As we gently pressed our lips together, illuminated only by the flickering flame, I felt the beginning at the end of summer. As my slowly melting heart becomes aware of my own feelings of love, I had a happy dream in the arms that held me.’

 After finishing the song, the two slowly bring their faces closer and press their lips together. Many people screamed at this performance. I never expected it to go this far.

 ”This… this is wrong!”

 A familiar intro plays.

 Aqua-san takes the microphone and steps forward.

 ’I don’t understand! Everything is so vague, and my wandering heart, searching for the real you, what does it think?’

 Ah… I noticed it at the beginning of the song.

 ’Today’s cityscape looks completely different from yesterday. Ah, where are you, the real you? The things I could see until yesterday are now invisible.’

 Aaaahhhhh, I see. This encompasses both Kazuya’s initial emotions and those after the final episode. It’s a stark contrast from yesterday. His cherished sister, Rina, has undergone a transformation too.

 ’How do we return to the time when we were one? It was a slight misunderstanding, and you’re no longer a part of me.’

 Kazuya gradually nears the pair and begins to sing, as if engaging in a conversation with them.

 ’Inside my heart without you, there is nothing anymore, and I feel like I might die in loneliness. You were the reason I lived. I have been kept alive by you. Just like the moonlight, I wanted to illuminate only you.’

 No matter how much he cling, the two from before will not come back. Yet, even in this situation, his feelings for the two remain unchanged. He opens his arms wide and accept the current situation with the two.

 ’And being embraced sweetly.’

 Rina gently leans her body towards Kazuya.

 ’Even if I don’t know anything, I always love you…’

 Next, Sayuki gently leans her body towards Kazuya. By now, the audience in the stands probably realizes that the three are continuing from that last episode. Despite the full cooperation of Fuji TV, I thought it was quite a permission to obtain. Of course, this script was written by Tsukasa-sensei.



 Kazuya gently embraces the two with eyes devoid of highlights.

 Even if things have changed, these two are beloved sisters to Kazuya.

 ”It’s okay, I’m not going anywhere. So, let’s live together, the three of us. Quietly, without causing any trouble to anyone…”

 Can we call this a happy ending? On the bulletin board, there were silly discussions about Aqua being happy because he was sandwiched between breasts, but does this mean Kazuya was properly saved too? Well… but in the end, the highlight in his eyes disappeared… well, let’s not think too deeply. This is a happy ending. Let’s just say that.

 ”I can’t, believe, anything, anymore…”

 Kaede-san!? Just a while ago, she was so lively and I thought Kaede-san had grown… what happened to her!? And I’m probably just imagining it, but I feel like the usual Hoge-lar wave is coming back, right? It’s probably just my imagination, right!?

 ”No, that was definitely acting.”

 ”Announcer Onidzuka!?”

 Acting…? Ah, I see. The special stage after this is…

 ”Ugaaaaaa! I’m Chijo’s executive, Hoge-kawa! I’ll infect everyone in this venue with the Hoge-lar Wave!”


 ”No, no, no, no, no!”

 ”I don’t want to be in the same rating range as Hogekawa!”

 ”Hey! There was a girl who said she didn’t want to be in the same rating range as me, right? I’ll send the Hoge-lar Wave carefully in the direction where the voice was heard!”

 Hehe, everyone laughs at Kaede-san’s performance, not Hoge… I mean, Hogekawa. At first, I was worried that they were flashing back to Yuu-onii’s trauma with that broken Japanese, but I see, they skillfully connected it to the script written by Director Hongou. The progress here was quite last-minute even during rehearsal, so Aqua-san must have decided on the spot to create time for Kaede-san to change.

 ”Morikawa… Our Morikawa Kaede is growing…!”

 I quietly handed a handkerchief to Onidzuka-san, who was next to me.

 ”Where is Chijou!?”

 Oh! Making a flashy entrance was Kobayakawa-san. Following slowly from behind was Commander Tajima, also known as Abe-san. This drew loud applause from the audience, and of course, I clapped from behind the stage.

 ”Misa-senpai! And wait for Commander Tajima too!”

 The appearance of Toa-chan in the SYUKUJYO uniform sparked a loud cheer. Of course, everyone wore official costumes due to full cooperation.

 ”Go! My brethren!!”

 With the rallying cry of Kaede-san, or rather, Chijo’s executive Hoge Kawa, Chijo emerged from the edge of the stage, surrounding everyone from SYUKUJYO. It seemed outnumbered, but in this world, those fighting are not only SYUKUJYO!

 ”Hah! I have arrived!!”

 Tenga-san, brandishing a Caliburn, made a stylish entrance. Thanks to Iwanari-san’s rigorous training, not only has his combat prowess improved, but his still poses have also become more impressive.

 ”Too weak, Driver!”

 The arrival of Tora-uma electrifies the crowd. Her presence indicates that he will emerge without delay.

 ”You’re the weak one, Tora-uma!”

 Mayuzumi-san emerges from the same direction as Tora-uma. This leaves Chijou and others sandwiched between SYUKUJYO, Tachibana, Kamishiro, with no way to escape.

 ”Huh, you don’t think you’ve won, do you? Come on, all of you, show yourselves!”

 All the scattered Chijou members reappear from both ends, enclosing everyone. The reappearance of Ro-Schutz-Marr and others excites the audience. The once favorable situation now takes a turn, and everyone finds themselves in a tight spot.

 ”Is it really okay to have such a magnificent hero show? No, having a hero show in a singing competition is unprecedented.”

 ”Hahaha! Today is your last day! Be prepared, SYUKUJYO, and Driver!!”

 The person behind Tora-uma, Awashima Chigiri-san, is a quiet and beautiful woman. Knowing her in everyday life, I am amazed by her performance in Tora-uma. It really makes me think that actors are amazing.

 ”Kotono-san, I’m going! To repay Morikawa’s growth and for everyone watching this stage!”

 ”Announcer Onidzuka!?”

 Announcer Onidzuka passes by me and heads toward the stage. At first, I was surprised and confused, but remembering the script and Kaede-san’s situation, I realize the true intention behind her actions.

 ”Everyone in the audience~! And everyone watching in front of the TV~!”

 This line was originally supposed to be said by Kaede-san. However, in order for Kaede-san to successfully connect the special stage, and to allow time for Aqua-san to reappear, she improvised and became a Chijo, making it impossible to carry out the lines that were originally planned. On realizing this, Onidzuka-san quickly went on stage and covered for it.

 ”Please, lend us your power! If anyone can, he can surely overcome this despair-like situation! Now, let’s all call out his name—the name of our hero!!”

 The Kenzaki call resounds throughout the venue! It’s clearly a full-fledged hero show from any angle. The adults are getting serious about it, and my heart is filled with excitement. I’m sure Kanon-san is also standing up and cheering at this moment.

 ”Everyone…sorry to keep you waiting!”

 With Aqua-san’s arrival, the audience becomes even more excited. We, along with everyone else behind the scenes, applaud the costume staff who are relieved that they made it on time. The main story is at the forefront, while the backstory is revealed later. I’m grateful for my work at Beryl, as it allows me to earn a living and be a part of something bigger.

 ”But… there are just way too many people.”

 Kenzaki, with a wry smile, briefly reveals his true thoughts. As the atmosphere relaxes slightly with the mischievous Kenzaki, laughter fills the venue.

 ”My mom said.”

 As if to tighten the loosened atmosphere once again, the classic quote emerges. Even in such a situation, he won’t give up. That’s what it means to be a Driver, transforming. I eagerly awaited those words with an excited feeling.

 ”Drivers have been fighting for a long time. For many years, decades even…”

 Surprised by the unscripted lines, Director Hongou shows a face of astonishment, perhaps unaware of them.

 Like always, I thought it was Aqua-san’s ad-lib at first.

 ”This passion, this heat that has been woven from the first Driver to Heaven’s Sword, is not just ours!!”

 As Aqua-san shouted, familiar individuals emerged from behind the stage. The audience was taken aback. Ah, ah, ah… we know them very well!!

 ”Now, let’s embark together! All the Drivers who have battled until this moment!!”

 With the unexpected appearance of all the past Drivers, the excitement in the venue reached its peak. I held hands with Onidzuka-san, who had come back without any regard for her age, and jumped up and down. Because, because, it’s the collaboration of the Driver from our youth that we got hooked on and the current Aqua-san.


 Using the latest AR system utilized in Beryl’s Christmas Night Parade, everyone’s costume transforms into a driver. I wonder how much money was invested in this show alone… Initially, the transformation was intended for only four people, but it’s remarkable that it could accommodate such a large number.

 Is it because of Beryl’s super AI, 3510? I noticed the bulletin board had returned to the old server-chan, and I think they’ve probably allocated all the resources here.

 ”Mask de Driver! Special Medley. Let’s go! You guys!!”

 Wowwwww! I know that song, this one, and all of them!!

 ”Kotono-san, did you know about this?”

 I shake my head left and right.

 ”Maybe President Atori knew. But probably, surely, this…”

 I direct my gaze to Director Hongou in the judging seat.

 Director Hongou gazed at the stage without blinking, tears streaming down. Her love for Driver, her admiration for Driver – all culminated in him creating a genuine masterpiece. This, undoubtedly, was a special gift crafted by Director Hongou, not just for Aqua-san but for everyone. Behind Director Hongou, Crutch Department’s Head Matsumoto, also wept.

 ”Aqua-san, truly… he does everything in such a grand manner.”

 Yet, despite the spectacle, there was warmth in their hearts, creating a profoundly pleasant atmosphere. It was undoubtedly because this surprise was filled only with kindness. Aqua-san was always like that. That’s why I fell in love.

 No, it’s not just me. Kanon-san, Yui-san, Hakuryuu-sensei, President Atori, Toa-chan, Mayuzumi-san, Tenga-san, Kohina-san, Kaede-san, Emily-san, everyone, everyone loves Aqua-san.

 ”Aqua is amazing after all.”

 Tsukimachi-san, who had been watching nearby, murmured. Her expression seemed a little complicated.

 ”I can’t create something as amazing as this drama.”

 A mixed expression of kindness, joy, regret, and loneliness. Unlike me, Tsukimachi-san, as an actor, may have something he feels about it.

 ”This is already separate from the drama.”


 Kohina-san, still looking at the stage, spoke to Tsukimachi-san.

 ”Heaven’s Sword, this work is what Kenzaki Souji, um, Shirogane Aqua made a reality. So, this is no longer a drama. It really broke through the wall and leaped from the world of fantasy to the real world. So, ‘be yourself and struggle with me in the fantasy.’ Can anyone else do this? Even if you search the world, there’s only this one person. And there’s this absurdly foolish driver named Hongou Hiroko, accompanying by person like Nekoyama Toa, Mayuzumi Shintaro, and Tenga Akira. Seriously, Useless Aqua is messed-up. Believing in him without thinking about the consequences, the clumsy woman Atori Ako, who bet her life and established the Beryl company, is the only reason this became a reality. Even Yukishiro Mikuni, Kuga Reira, and Mutsumiya Seijuu couldn’t do such a ridiculous thing. It’s more foolish to compete with such unbelievable things.”

 If she were to say that on the bulletin board, it would certainly cause quite a stir. I have the urge to say it too, but I know I must hold back and endure.

 ”Well, if you were to express that sentiment, it would challenge the beliefs of those who have clung to an idealized future and persevered until now. The amount of endurance they have shown is quite remarkable, even if it seems irrational. There’s definitely something intriguing about their resilience.”

 Kohina-san, looking at the judging panel, smiled faintly. She seemed genuinely happy. Maybe, surely, she had been waiting for this. A male cast in the same field as herself to co-star.

 ”Overclock! Our wish will accelerate even the world!!”

 In the final part of the show, about half of the people were laughing while crying. In this scene, I’ll definitely watch the recording alone and cry after I go home.

 ”Huh!? W-What on earth am I doing!?”

 Kaede-san’s acting, upon returning from being a chijou, was exceptional, and everyone burst into laughter.

 ”Thank you, Driver! Thank you so much for assisting me, us, and this world!”

 ”Thank you, Driver! Thank you for your help in this world, me, and us. Thank you so much!!”

 ”Thank youuuuuuu!”

 ”Thank you!!”

 As Kaede-san shouted words of gratitude and waved her hands vigorously towards the back, the audience followed suit, waving their hands and shouting words of thanks to the drivers. At this point, it feels like the special stage is over. Yeah, normally you’d think that. But that’s not the case. This stage is still going on.

 ”Good evening, everyone.”

 When the spotlight illuminated the center of the stage, Prime Minister Habu stood there. Wait, the script only mentioned a transitional talk, not the Prime Minister’s appearance! I was taken aback by the unexpected presence of Prime Minister Habu, as I had anticipated Kaede-san to deliver the transitional talk.

 ”Everyone, are you enjoying the singing contest?”

 In response to Habu’s gentle inquiry, everyone responded with joy and enthusiasm.

 ”As you know, both Yuu-onii and Heaven’s Sword are not productions of the national broadcaster but of other stations. Nevertheless, everyone came together to liven up this stage.”

 In reality, considering the competition from other programs, it’s not normal for them to cooperate. There might be some kind of deal behind it, but everyone’s hearts are united. We want to deliver the best Shirogane Aqua and Beryl to everyone. Because this feeling is in everyone’s hearts, every broadcasting station and performer gladly cooperated from the initial stages.

 ”The world isn’t solely comprised of beautiful things. Yet… is it not permissible to indulge in a little dreaming? The duration of this joyful and invaluable time remains unknown. However, in the pursuit of extending this delightful period as much as possible, everyone, including Representative Kokucho, is doing their best.”

 Prime Minister Habu firmly grasps the microphone, injecting strength into her voice.

 ”Because the boys are working hard to show us their dreams! So, shouldn’t we respond to that effort? Now is the time for us girls to empathize with the boys’ hearts. For the sake of creating a society where both boys and girls can live normally! Even if we can’t change the skewed gender ratio, we can change the way this country exists!!”

 Everyone gazes at the Prime Minister, knowing that this person is deeply committed to the future of the country despite their occasional gaffes and playful moments.

 ”Now, citizens, with our collective power, thoughts, wishes, and unwavering passion, let us strive to make this country even better!”

 The Prime Minister raises a fist, demonstrating her determination, before bowing respectfully towards the audience.

 ”Please let us help you with that!!”

 Against such a speech by the Prime Minister, the first person to stand up and applaud was not Mary-sama, who is also a political mentor, not Fuji Ranko, Fuji Shion-san’s sister, and the chairwoman of Fuji Ranko, either. Kokucho Agewa-san was the first to rise in this place, offering a loud applause to the Prime Minister’s speech. Then, without a word, she bowed her head to the audience, just like the Prime Minister. Seeing this, everyone naturally burst into applause.

 ”Hello, what brings you here?”

 This line has likely echoed countless times throughout the country. Emily-san, flustered, supported Mary-sama, who appeared on the verge of collapsing. At this moment, Kanon-san, in front of the screen, is likely fainting in a similar manner.


 I support Announcer Onidzuka, who seems to be falling behind. On that day, at that time, we saw Yuuji-sama in the same form, as Aqua-sama slowly advances to the center of the stage.

 ”Good job so far.”

 Yuuji-sama embraced Prime Minister Habu and patted her back. Ahhh! This sense of embrace, the feeling of being indulged, the relaxed atmosphere, the familiarity of playful hands—this is undoubtedly Yuujin-sama. The enthusiasm to see a perfect Hana-ata with full cooperation from Beryl is likely rekindling among everyone.

 ”You… you all are never alone.”

 Yuuji-sama descended from the stage and proceeded to hug each person on the judging panel one by one. Then, he did the same toward the audience. This elicited screams from the audience.

 ”If everyone is going to fall in love, choose me.”

 In the tranquil atmosphere, everyone responded affirmatively with dreamy expressions. Yuujin-sama, with a seductive melody and mature voice, elegantly sang “Maiden’s Heart,” creating a serene moment for all.

 Tsukimachi-san, who stood nearby, gazed at the stage like a lovestruck maiden, and even the usually noisy Kohina-san listened intently to the music. Speaking of which, Kohina-san mentioned that this song is her favorite among the songs Aqua-san sings. Oh… Announcer Onidzuka also likes this song the most. I understand. Probably, the people sitting in the judges’ seats feel the same way.

 ’On this special night of the year-end music battle.’

 Ah, ah, ah!

 He subtly changed the lyrics just now. When Yuujin-sama winked mischievously, everyone who was too captivated let out a sigh.

 ’I’ll come to see you again, so be a good girl until then.’

 Yuujin-sama blew kisses to the audience and the camera and left. Ah… I hope Mary-sama is okay. Emily-san, do your best. Now I’m worried about my friend Kanon-san too. I hope Pegonia-san can do something about it…

 “Aqua-kun, that was amazing!”

 ”Thank you. Thank you so much!”

 ”It was incredible!!”

 As Aqua-san returned backstage, everyone welcomed him with applause and cheers.

 I really think he accomplished a huge feat.

 ”Thank you, everyone. And Announcer Onidzuka, thanks for the impromptu cover!”

 ”Well, you know, just doing my best!”

 Announcer Onidzuka, hugged by Aqua-san, seemed flustered.

 Yeah, I get it. I was surprised watching it live too.

 “Apologies. For Yuujin, I couldn’t make it.”

 “No, no, thank you instead!”

 Aqua-san turned his gaze toward me and smiled gently.

 “Is Manager Kirika okay? Not tired?”

 “I’m completely fine. But, Aqua-san, shouldn’t you be resting?”

 “I’m fine. Seeing Manager Kirika’s happy face gives me energy.”

 “Well… Only Aqua-san would say something like that to me.”

 Aqua-san gently approached my ear as I pondered about my former colleagues saying I got tired just by looking at my face.

 ”Well, to help me do my best, smile for me, Kotono.”

 I instinctively covered my blushing face with both hands. Can you please stop say that so suddenly? Unlike Aqua-san, I may be older, but I’m not as experienced, and I’m not used to such things.

 ”After it’s done, I’ll hug you later, so let’s do our best for the remaining half. Well, I just want to hug you, though.”

 Aqua-san patted the back of my head and headed towards the costume department. Even though, as the older one, I should be spoiling him, it always turns out like this. Hakuryuu-sensei and Yui-san said the same things when I talked to them. I wonder who Aqua-san would rely on, after all.

 Hmm, I can’t think of anything. Is there really someone in this world that Aqua-san can rely on?

 ”It seems like it’s going well, but it’s just that Useless Aqua wants to hug a woman with big breasts. Look, the girl in the costume she’s hugging now, and even that Announcer Onidzuka from earlier, they both have big breasts.”

 ”Shh! Kohina-senpai, shh! It gives them motivation, so let’s pretend not to notice!”

 Kohina-san and Tsukimachi-san were talking about something behind me, but I couldn’t hear it because I was thinking about something else. That’s why I didn’t notice the fact that Aqua-san has someone nearby whom he can rely on—the only one.

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