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Volume 11 Chapter 25 Atori Ako, What I Wanted To Show You

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 After the exhilarating special stage, the singing competition progressed towards its finale. The first half consisted mainly of popular songs from this year, with a focus on relatively young groups. However, the second half took a different turn, featuring veteran artists and classic songs.

 Surprisingly, the veterans showcased even more freedom and creativity than the young artists who performed in the first half. The Queen of Summer and the Queen of Winter, each with their own theme songs for the seasons, exchanged their popular hits and infused them with their own unique styles. There were also singers known for their exceptional vocal skills who seamlessly incorporated trending songs into their medleys, showcasing their versatility.

 Some enka singers even showcased their powerful voices and technical prowess by singing the latest Western songs. Everyone was giving it their all, and it’s understandable why they were so popular. However, the most surprising performance of all was by Inoue Yokou-san, the lyricist behind “Maiden’s Heart.”

 When Inoue-san, a member of the Taira clan, sings “Girl’s Generation,” he also brings Aqua-kun, the leader of the Minamoto clan, along to duet with her. And then, Tamaki Hiroshi-san from the Minamoto clan, who is in charge of composing the song “Maiden’s Heart,” competes by duetting with Erin the Blue Eyes. It’s all so chaotic, like when they got carried away and turned Erin into Kanon. Kanon-san, you said you would watch it at home today, but is everything okay? The audience went crazy when Aqua-kun shouted, “I love Kanon!” as prompted, but I hope she’s not actually dead at home or anything.

 ”Confirmation of granddaughter’s death!”

 ”Kanon, rest in peace~”

 Somehow, Mary-sama and her best friend, Emily-chan, were the most excited. I’ll keep it a secret from the person herself. Oh, Merry-san, where did you get that jingling tambourine? Ah, it’s inside her stomach. Inoue-san and Tamaki-san then called all of Beryl afterward, and they sang and completed the stage together until the winter memories harmony. The power of the veteran is incredible…

 After that, it became even more chaotic, with Tenga-kun being called to the rock band stage, Toa-chan singing enka with the super veteran enka singer, Mayuzumi-kun being invited to the orchestra band and playing nervously but contributing to the excitement of the singing contest. That’s how the program heads towards the climax.

 ”Unfortunately, I have some sad news for everyone.”

 Morikawa-san, who stood in the center of the stage, held the microphone with a more serious expression than ever before. Did something go wrong?

 ”Uh-oh. Kaede-paisen has that face like when you’re about to leak poop, but is everything okay!?”

 The prime minister bursts into laughter at Emily-san’s muttered comment from behind. Stop it, I’m holding it in too. Look, even Kokucho-san is trembling uncontrollably, unable to hold it in anymore.

 ”Amazingly, we’re just a little way from the end of the singing competition!”

 Morikawa-san’s words are met with voices of disbelief and screams from the audience. Really, it would be great if this dream-like time could continue forever.

 ”The fun things in life will eventually come to an end. Suddenly… I remembered the time when I was in elementary school, playing at the park, and my mom would come to pick me up as the evening approached. At that time, I felt really sad, but the next day, if I went to the park again, my friends would be there.”

 Everyone in the venue listened intently to Morikawa-san’s words.

 ”The 2022 music competition might be coming to an end. But, there will be another music competition next year. And the one after that, and the one after that. So, don’t be afraid of endings. This ending will surely become a new start for the next exciting event! Now, everyone, let’s soar together towards a bright future, to the year 2023, to tomorrow!”

 Everyone responded to Morikawa-san’s words with applause and cheers.

 Morikawa-san has grown… No, she has always been really good at giving energizing speeches.

 ”I raised that Morikawa-san.”

 Prime Minister!? What’s with the sudden arm linking?

 ”No, it was raised by Onidzuka-san and the staff of the national broadcaster, right?”

 ”No, no, all of us who have been watching over Morikawa-san have raised it together…”

 Teased by Kokucho-san and Mary-sama, who were nearby, the Prime Minister wears a visibly dejected expression. And to add insult to injury, the secretary behind her admonishes, “Prime Minister, please refrain from unnecessary comments. You need to bow deeply for the New Year. Your earlier speech was impressive, though. Ah, the camera is facing this way. Come on, don’t shy away, stand tall before it captures you. Once again, the Prime Minister’s image might become a meme or an internet toy.”

 ”Now, before the grand finale, in our last special stage for today, with everyone from Beryl Entertainment, Tenga Akira-san, Mayuzumi Shintaro-san, Nekoyama Toa-san, and Shirogane Aqua-san, please!!”

 As Morikawa-san’s voice calls out, the stage goes dark. It’s starting. I exhale lightly and gaze intently at the stage in front of me.

 ”Even at this moment, there are women suffering somewhere in this country.”

 The spotlight brightly illuminates Tenga-kun holding the microphone. I remember when I first met Tenga-kun; he was always timid and often hid in the shadows. But after meeting everyone, he realized he had to step up because he was the oldest.

 I believe that Aqua-kun is the leader of Beryl as a whole, but I intended to entrust Tenga-kun as the leader of BERYL. I thought that Aqua-kun also needs someone to rely on, and I thought that Tenga-kun has that determination. Looking back now, I might have been thinking that way since the time we aired that commercial. That’s why even at that time, Tenga-kun was the first to say the exact same words in the message at the end of the song.

 ”On the other hand, there are also boys who are afraid of the outside world and cannot take a step forward.”

 Toa-chan, who received the baton from Tenga-kun, is bathed in the spotlight.

 He is the strongest and most unwavering among the four. He has a competitive spirit, and actually, Toa-chan is the most masculine among the four.

 Despite having experienced being attacked by women in the past, Toa-chan is still trying to do something for women.

 To be honest, I wonder if I could have done the same thing if I were in the same position. It depends on the person, but at least I wouldn’t want to be attacked by a man I don’t even like, and if that happened, I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to come out of the room. That’s why Toa-chan, who took a step from there, is doing something amazing.

 I’ve seen Toa-chan’s back as he strives to go with Aqua-kun. I intend to support them so that someday, those feelings will be rewarded.

 ”Is it really okay in such a world?”

 Next, the spotlight shone on Mayuzumi-kun. At first glance, Mayuzumi-kun might seem like an ordinary kid among the four. That’s exactly why I think it’s wonderful that he’s here.

 Slowly and steadily, there are not many people who can continue to take one step forward with certainty. But Mayuzumi-kun is the type of person who can steadily accumulate something little by little every day.

 It is our role, Beryl and I, to tell Mayuzumi-kun that he can do more and suggest various possibilities for him. We all know that Mayuzumi-kun has so much potential. That’s why I proposed that instead of Aqua-kun, he should be the main character in the drama starting in April.

 ”There’s no way that’s possible, right?”

 In the end, it was Aqua-kun who stood in the spotlight. With overflowing star quality, even if the spotlight malfunctions, he will surely shine brighter than anyone else in that darkness.

 Idol Shirogane Aqua, um, that boy called Shirogane Aqua is that kind of boy.

 There’s nothing more to say. From that day, at that moment when he saved me, my heart and future were decided.

 Aqua-kun, if you want to shine, if you want to do what you want, if you want to change the world, then go ahead and change it. If you need support for that, I won’t spare any effort. That’s why I created this company, Beryl Entertainment.

 I dedicate myself to you, for your sake, for my sake, I give you everything.

 So take everything, including me. This company was created for you, for Shirogane Aqua.


 I’ve heard about the Holy Aqua Religion, but I wonder if there are any Shirogane Aqua believers greater than me. I don’t mind if they label me as a pervert or a toilet; if they confront me, I’ll hold my ground. I’ll show them what a true leader is.

 ”We rise to create a society where everyone feels beautiful.”

 Toa-chan says, leaning against Aqua-kun.

 ”This country is undergoing a transformation.”

 Tenga-kun places his hand on Aqua-kun’s shoulder.

 ”We will change it.”

 Mayuzumi-kun approaches from behind and steps between Aqua-kun and Tenga-kun.

 ”So we want everyone to help.”

 Aqua-kun extends his palm towards us with the hand without the microphone.

 ””””To create a world where everyone can smile and live happily.””””

 Their words overlap, and the intro signaling the beginning of the music plays.

 ”Beautiful, right?”

 At that time, to intensify the impact, we first played the PV and then connected it to this line. September 18th, the day we, Beryl, declared war on the world.

 Driver has started, everyone boarded the Stars. Aqua-kun got married, and there were changes on the men’s side, such as matchmaking events and male auditions. Aqua-kun made history with the first male solo of the national anthem, and various other events occurred. The world was changing rapidly.

 Watching the PV on the large screen that began with the song, the audience in the seats displayed surprised expressions. For this singing competition, the members who appeared in that PV were brought together to reshoot a new video. Unlike the impactful PV, this one reflects the warm world after being saved.

 Aqua-kun and Kuga Reira’s episode, Nourin’s Hakuryuu Aiko Sensei. Toa-chan’s episode, Yuuoni’s Tsukasa Kei-sensei, Mayuzumi-kun and Mikuni-sama’s episode, Hana-ata’s Yakumo Itsuki-sensei. Tenga-kun and Kobayakawa Yuki-san’s episode, Pink Rose’s Kumano-sensei. Of course, the director Mask de Driver, Hongou, the director of Heaven’s Sword.

 ”Stay here.”

 As the song changes, everyone from Beryl steps off the stage and starts singing freely. They truly live up to the lyrics that say, “Wait for me, I’m coming to see you.” Seeing the genuine smiles of the people around me, I am sure that what I have done was not a mistake. When I quit my job, at first, even my mom doubted me and worried that it was a scam… Are you watching, mom? This is my job, your daughter’s job.

 As Aqua-kun approached the judges’ seats, he joined everyone’s shoulders and started singing. I’m sorry. The Prime Minister is full of energy, but Kokucho-san, the calm representative, doesn’t seem to like this kind of thing, right? Huh? She seems a little amused… While pondering such things, Aqua-kun approached me, took my hand, and lifted me from my seat.


 Aqua-kun princess-carried me and ascended the stage.


 ”Leave it to me, junior!”

 Next, Tenga-kun princess-carried me. Wait a minute, aren’t they both playing with me while singing!?

 ”It’s okay, President. Relax and stay in the embrace of my arms.”

 Tenga-kun smiled confidently.


 ”I’ll handle it, Tenga-senpai.”

 Oh no, Tenga-kun is tall, but Mayuzumi-kun, is it okay!? I’m wearing a kimono today, so I’m heavy!

 Mayuzumi-kun received me from Tenga-kun and whispered with his mic off, just like Tenga-kun.

 ”Half a year ago, I couldn’t do something like this… It’s thanks to the President.”


 ”In the end, it’s me, right?”

 ”Yeah, I asked for it, Toa!”

 Wait a minute, it’s impossible for Toa-chan, isn’t it!? Ah, wow, he’s actually carrying me like a princess…

 ”I’m technically a boy. And I’ve trained for the Driver and Event!”

 Toa-chan, who was holding me, approached Aqua-kun.

 ”Sorry, but can I have my Ako-san back?”

 Oh… mine!? Well, I did say in my heart earlier that I would give myself completely, but this unexpected situation is troublesome!

 ”Of course.”

 Toa-chan said that and handed my body to Aqua-kun.

 ”Welcome back, Ako-san.”

 ”I-I’m home…”

 That smile, is he still playing with me after all!? As they finished singing “stay here,” Aqua-kun gently put me down.

 ”Ako-san, look ahead.”

 Prompted by Aqua-kun, I turned my gaze forward, and I could see the faces of all the audience members.

 ”This is the view that you showed us, Ako-san.”

 This is the view that everyone always sees… It’s amazing.

 It’s different from the wings of the stage and the judges’ seats. The heat and pressure from the audience seats, looking down from the stage, surpassed my imagination. Everyone is truly amazing. If I were alone here, my legs would surely freeze, and I wouldn’t be able to do anything.

 And yet, Aqua-kun, Toa-chan, Mayuzumi-kun, and Tenga-kun can stand on this stage alone. Aqua-kun gently holds my hand. On the other side, Toa-chan holds my other hand that was free.

 And the two of them, Tenga-kun and Mayuzumi-kun, hold my hand, with me at the center.

 ”Everyone, thank you for 2022. And please continue to support Beryl Entertainment next year and in 2023!”

 Aqua-kun shouted without a microphone towards the audience.

 ”Thank you very much!”

 We also raised our voices without microphones and bowed towards the audience while still holding hands.

 ”Thank youuuu!”

 ”Thanks to Beryl, it’s been an amazing year!”

 ”Aqua-kun, I love youuuu!”

 ”Thank you for entertaining us all year long!”

 ”We will continue to support you forever, next year and the year after!”

 ”Toa-chan, you’re incredibly adorable today too!”

 ”I’ve never seen a singing competition like this before!”

 ”I want to support Beryl forever and ever. Please let me be your fan for life!”

 ”Mayushin-kun! I’m cheering for the drama, you know! I’ll definitely watch it!”

 ”Thank you for the best year-end!”

 ”Thank you for the smiles!”

 ”Tenga-senpai, please take care of everyone!”

 ”Everyone, I love youuu!”

 ”Thank you. Really, thank you!”

 ”President! Thank you for creating Beryl for meee!”

 With applause and warm words coming from the audience, my eyes welled up. But I had to hold back my tears for now. After letting go of each other’s hands, I bowed my head in all directions again before stepping off the stage.

 Ah, I see. This feeling is what it’s like when Mom and Marin-san come to the company, and I bow to everyone. When I took my seat as a judge, Morikawa-san appeared once again in the center of the stage.

 ”Now, it’s time for the grand finale!”

 All the artists who had performed so far came out onto the stage from behind and from the sides.

 ”Leader of the Taira clan, Yukari-san, and leader of the Minamoto clan, Aqua-san, please come to the center of the stage.”

 Yukari and Aqua-kun stood on either side of Morikawa-san.

 ”Now, may we have the announcement for who will sing last, from the leaders of both sides?”

 The final singer for this singing battle hasn’t been announced yet. That’s because the leaders of both sides decide who sings last after everyone has sung.

 ”Well, isn’t there only one person for that!”

 ”Huh!? Me!? Not Tamaki-san or Inoue-san?”

 At Yukari’s suggestion, everyone from both sides clapped in response. Well, that’s the obvious choice, isn’t it? Surely everyone wishes for that.

 ”Then, then, I’ll do it.”

 As Aqua-kun said that bashfully, cheers erupted from the audience.


 I felt like the Prime Minister next to me was drunk, with her tie wrapped around her head like a drunkard, but I decided to pretend I didn’t see it. Thank you for the New Year’s apology conference.

 ”Now then, in the year-end singing contest for 2022, the final artist is Shirogane Aqua-san. Please!”

 With Morikawa-san’s announcement, the intro of the song begins to play.

 ”Carpe diem.”

 Aqua-kun sings the song with a calm feeling. Of course, the backing band is everyone from Beryl. As Aqua-kun gets into the song, he embraces Morikawa-san, who is nearby, while singing.


 I felt Morikawa-san’s surprised voice. Yeah, I can understand the feeling.


 Next to be affected is Ayana-chan. She covers her face with both hands, blushing.

 ”Wait, me!?”

 Finally, Yukari is the victim.

 Aqua-kun must have been really excited to do such a thing even to Yukari.

 ”All three of you, listen.”

 As the song approaches its end, Aqua switches off the microphone and whispers something to the members of the backing band. Then, he shouts to the orchestra members in the back.

 ”Shikiori (Season by Season), here we go!”

 Cheers erupted from the audience at these words.

 ”Now, everyone, let’s sing together! The Minamoto clan, the Taira clan, the host Morikawa-san, everyone behind the scenes, all the judges, everyone in the audience, and everyone watching on TV!”

 The entire audience stands up and sings along.

 When I looked back, I saw people with weak legs and short stature, and everyone was considerate of them so that they could see the stage. Ah, what a kind world it is.

 When I glanced at the stage, Morikawa-san was making a heartfelt attempt to convey a song through sign language. The Prime Minister, positioned beside me, shed tears while being consoled by Kokucho-san and Mary-sama. In the midst of the interlude, Aqua-kun stepped forward and firmly grasped the microphone.

 ”Everyone displayed their utmost dedication in their performances. Hence, there are no losers in this battle! It’s a triumph for all!”

 That’s what I thought. Aqua-kun wasn’t denying the importance of competition. It’s about pushing each other to become better through hard work and striving for victory. I felt that he wanted to convey that striving for victory is beautiful and, above all, important. The host, Morikawa-san, ripped the piece of paper with the results given by Onidzuka-san.

 ”Thank you, everyone, for watching until the end in front of the TV! And I’m sorry for voting and everything.”

 Everyone waves toward the camera. I think the captions are now appearing on the TV screen. It’s the emotional finale.

 ”Thank you so much!”

 The camera lights that were on have now gone off. After everything is over, Aqua-kun expresses words of gratitude towards the audience again.

 ”Thank you, Morikawa-san. Really!”

 Aqua-kun shakes hands with Morikawa-san. This time, I really think Morikawa-san did a great job. Aqua-kun also exchanges handshakes with Onidzuka-san, who was nearby.

 ”And thanks to Kohina-senpai as well.”

 ”It’s not just ‘as well,’ you know!”

 It’s the usual Aqua-kun. Everyone around laughs while watching their interaction. At the same time, he thanked Ayana-chan in a more understandable way.

 The difference in treatment had the audience laughing loudly.

 ”Oh, Shintaro, and senpai, thanks a bunch!”

 ”Seriously, I was wondering how it would end in the last moments!”

 ”Yeah, even I got worried if the time would be enough in the end, junior.”

 ”Don’t worry. In case of emergency, our Prime Minister will do Rolling Thunder Sliding Dogeza…”

 ”Senpai, I thought you were doing something important until late at night, but were you practicing something so trivial!?”

 Aqua-kun, the Prime Minister next to me, has a sad expression, so stop calling it trivial… I understand the sentiment, though!

 ”Thanks to all the judges.”

 Aqua-kun hugs Merry-san tightly and pats her back. By the way, who is Merry-san today, really… Chacha-san or President Megumi, which one!?

 ”Well, I’ll go home for now to check if Kanon has fainted!”

 The biggest laughter of the day erupted from the surroundings.

 Normally, being the wife of the idol Shirogane Aqua, it wouldn’t be surprising if they were disliked, but Kanon-san is really liked. Well, I understand the reason for that, but… huh? In this country, do most people use bulletin boards!? Oh, maybe not. If I think about unnecessary things, the Hoge-lar waves might finally come to me.

 I switch my thoughts and, thanking the crew and the boys, head backstage. Well then, I’ll praise everyone who worked hard behind the scenes and focus on my work. There’s a little more until the end of this year, and I’ll do my best next year too!!

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