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Volume 11 Chapter 26 Bulletin Board, From Beryl In 2022 To Beryl In 2023

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[Thank you, Beryl of 2022] Discussion Thread for Shirogane Aqua-sama Part 4545 [Looking forward to Beryl of 2023 too]
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4 Anonymous
I was in tears at the end..
7 Anonymous
It was an emotional finale
9 Anonymous
It was the best singing competition
11 Anonymous
Both Beryl and Ako-san, everything was just great
Other artists also did their best
Today, I was deeply moved by Kohina Yukari-san’s self-restraint. Ayana-chan is adorable as always. The scriptwriters, Director Hongou, and the backstage staff, they all must be tired. Morikawa’s growth almost made me cross my arms in admiration. Onidzuka-san, who covered it, is also amazing. Shumi’s death has been confirmed. As for the Prime Minister… well, it seems like she’s hopeless. She’s definitely going to have to bow on New Year’s
14 Anonymous
The last two comments are hilarious, LOL
16 Anonymous
Don’t die, Shumi. Stay alive!!
17 Anonymous
The Prime Minister deserves what she got
20 Anonymous
The stark contrast between the Prime Minister, who looks like a drunkard, and the secretary behind her with a face of despair is insane. This is definitely material that will be used for something..
23 Anonymous
Have you ever thought about how the citizens who are forced to watch the Prime Minister’s rolling thunder dogeza on New Year’s feel?
26 Anonymous
Just give up already; this isn’t something new
29 Anonymous
You know… about Kokucho Agewa. It was messed up because of the damn filters from the rotten Kokucho family, but lately, I don’t feel that vibe at all
33 Anonymous
Actually, what they’re doing seems the most reasonable. However, because they look suspicious, even when they do good things, you can’t help but think there’s something shady going on
35 Anonymous
Seems kinda sketchy. I get it LMAO
38 Anonymous
Feels like Kokucho Agewa is plotting something, lol
40 Anonymous
Morikawa LMAO
41 Anonymous
Hogekawa LMAOOO
42 Anonymous
Are you kidding me? LMAOO
44 Anonymous
While leaving the national broadcaster on, Morikawa is dashing around with a handheld camera LOL
48 Anonymous
What is she doing? Lol
51 Anonymous
To make it in time for the national broadcaster’s New Year’s program, Morikawa is running to the nearby Shinoda Shrine LOL
54 Anonymous
The national broadcaster is using Morikawa too much LOL
57 Anonymous
I see, that’s why Morikawa changed from a kimono to a dress midway. However, it looks cold with the skirt hiked up for running. Hang in there
60 Anonymous
Hogekawa, those legs, too fast, LMAO
63 Anonymous
As expected of Morikawa, in the annual New Year’s dash of her first year at the company, she took first place. Why isn’t she a professional athlete…?
68 Anonymous
– Joined the baseball club, but being too much of a noob, almost made the first pitch a dead ball. Scared, so quit on her own
– Joined the soccer club, but a noob’s powerful shot destroyed the audience seats. Got scared of her own power and quit
– Volleyball and basketball too, too much of a noob, so quit
– Joined the table tennis club, but her power was too strong and she ended up bursting the ping pong ball with her smash. Besides, her control was poor. Quit the club
– Almost killed someone with a tennis ball. She became scared of her own power and quit
– Gave up on sports and joined the brass band, but she ended up breaking the timpani with her power. Quit the club
– Almost caused a murder during a cooking class with her dish. Gave up on joining the cooking club
Conclusion: Sports can’t catch up with Morikawa Kaede’s power. That’s it from Morikawa Sommelier!
71 Verification Team *07218KADO6
From next year, let’s call her Morikawa-san instead of Hogekawa
73 Anonymous
It might not be that sports can’t catch up, but this world itself might be too fast for Morikawa Kaede
75 Anonymous
She might be able to battle with a Driver in the flesh. Seems stronger than Chijo. They should scout her
77 Anonymous
Her power going out of control twice is hilarious LMAO
79 Anonymous
I was nodding like “Yeah, that makes sense,” but when I looked closely, the final comment of dish, it had nothing to do with power LMAO
82 Anonymous
Morikawa, seriously fast. About to arrive now
85 Anonymous
But seriously, why run when she could just use a bike?
88 Anonymous
Morikawa’s not fighting on that level
90 Anonymous
Probably because the national broadcaster’s contaminated by the Hoge-lar Wave. They probably think Morikawa’s faster than just a regular bike
92 Anonymous
LMAO, that’s hilarious
94 Anonymous
Oh, made it in time!
97 Anonymous
It’s about time..
99 Anonymous
This year had its moments. Ever since Aqua-kun showed up, every day has been busy and fun
103 Anonymous
Those days of the city pleasure thread are nostalgic
Back then, the Verification Team members were disappearing one after another
105 Anonymous
I still remember the surprised expressions of the people around when the magazine was placed on the shelves at the bookstore
Aqua-kun’s beginning was in the city’s pleasure thread, but Beryl’s beginning was from there
108 Anonymous
Hana-ata was a legend..
I never thought Yuujin-sama would appear today
Moreover, I felt like he had more charm than before. I definitely want to see Hana-ata with the four of Beryl!!
112 Anonymous
Did you hear about the male lead of Hana-ata being influenced by Aqua-kun’s performance at that time and starting to act seriously? I heard something about appearing with Aqua-kun on social media, so I’m looking forward to what he will be in
117 Anonymous
Seriously!? That’s an amazing development
I hope other male actors will do their best too. I’ll support them
121 Anonymous
Speaking of Aqua-sama, it must be Morinaga’s biscuit commercial!! I wonder if Merry-san will also appear in the next commercial. I’m really looking forward to it
125 Anonymous
They mentioned that they will expand the range of products included in the campaign beyond biscuits
126 Anonymous
In the previous one, they made the prime minister faint and hugged a bag of rice. It was absolutely hilarious! The secretary’s relieved expression at that moment was priceless
131 Anonymous
Seriously? LMAO!
132 Anonymous
I thought it was a joke, but it’s actually true! LOL
135 Anonymous
Fuji Department Store’s social media reacted to it, but I’m looking forward to the Beryl collaboration for the New Year’s sale!
138 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
You can reserve Beryl’s lucky bag until the 7th. It might be delivered late, like in February or March, but you can definitely buy it without pushing yourself too hard
We’ll handle Christmas collaboration items until the end of January, not just New Year’s, so rest assured
143 Anonymous
As expected, you’re competent, Nee-san
144 Anonymous
Good job, Nee-san. The singing contest was fantastic!
147 Anonymous
The idol fest was great too. By the way, where did that jacket go…? Don’t know who got it, but it’s practically a national treasure now
155 Anonymous
I wonder who got today’s leather jacket. Don’t know, but congrats
160 Anonymous
Seeing it not exposed on social media, seems like someone with high net literacy. I’d totally brag if it were me
164 Anonymous
Speaking of today’s appearance, it was the song from Star Festival, right?
169 Anonymous
When it comes to Beryl, it’s definitely Heaven’s Sword! Ahhhhh, I’ve been feeling uneasy all week
175 Anonymous
I get it. This is totally messing with us
178 Anonymous
Today’s Heaven’s Sword special live was great. I cried when everyone came out
181 Anonymous
Me too
183 Anonymous
Are you me?
186 Anonymous
Director Hongou had a face that said no regrets in her life
192 Anonymous
Well, she put her life on the line
197 Anonymous
It’s good that Director Hongou and all the past Drivers who created it were rewarded. I hope Chijou and Kobayakawa-san are rewarded too. Above all, Kenzaki, do your best… if you collapse for even a day, I might collapse too
203 Anonymous
I was genuinely moved by Aqua-kun’s… Kenzaki’s MC. It’s like a thank-you letter to everyone who has been involved with Drivers until now
208 Anonymous
The only thing that bothered me was that the crutch manager was wearing an eyepatch. It’s fine if she’s just chuunibyoing, but maybe she’s injured again?
211 Anonymous
According to a colleague at work, it seems she got bitten by an insect and her eye swelled up
216 Anonymous
Even though her leg has healed..
217 Anonymous
The Department’s Head Matsumoto always seems to be injured whenever we see her. I hope she recovers soon
220 Anonymous
Not to kick someone when they’re down, but it’s funny how she cried and rubbed her eyes today, and the swelling seems to be getting worse. Aqua-kun totally delivered the finishing blow
226 Anonymous
It’s almost like she’s asking for it, lol
227 Anonymous
That’s harsh, LMAO
231 Anonymous
The collaboration between Heaven’s Sword and music programs, such as their appearance on M Stage, is truly impressive
235 Anonymous
Even though it was just a little while ago, it feels like those times were so long ago
239 Anonymous
It was nice to see the continuation of that commercial. It’s amazing how everyone seems to be getting a fresh start
243 Anonymous
In the video, Mayuzumi-kun was shopping with his family. I wonder if Mikuni-sama and Aqua-sama also go shopping together?
248 Anonymous
It was great to see Kohina Yukari, who is paying for her sins, and Toa-chan moving forward. I hope all the big sisters across the country see that and refrain from attacking
250 Anonymous
It was nice to see Kobayakawa-san, who played Tenga-senpai’s girlfriend, start smiling
254 Anonymous
It was great that Aa-sama, who was a marriage fraudster, took responsibility and married everyone. I want to be Aa-sama’s bride, even if it’s only in the commercial
259 Anonymous
While watching Morikawa, I was reminded of that runway show. Morikawa’s awakening started from there
262 Anonymous
I understand. The entire channel relay that took place during the Fuji Department Store era was really good, you know
Oh, wouldn’t it be nice if they surprised us again with things like concierge service, just like they did back then?
268 Anonymous
If that’s the case, then Morikawa’s talk show has been associated with Beryl since those days. Despite usually being a goof, she awakens her announcer abilities only when with Aqua-kun, always oversleeping. It’s absurd, right? lol
271 Anonymous
273 Anonymous
278 Anonymous
Morikawa’s special program, “The Last Unexplored Region Left Behind in the Developed Countries Stars,” was interesting. In the end, Morikawa was riding a mikoshi, worshipped by the local people. Did she also receive a chief title from the surrounding tribes?
284 Anonymous
That chief title is impressive. Originally, it’s a title given continuously to the Stars’ queen. However, despite the local tribes acknowledging Mary-sama, Her Majesty Queen Furia has not been recognized for over 10 years, causing an annual issue in their parliament
Stars didn’t take a tough stance because the tribes explicitly stated they would cut Furia-sama and hand it over to the next generation, Kanon-sama… something that seems unlikely now. Morikawa still holds the potential seed for a coup within Stars, LOL
289 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Hey, hey, it’s a joke, right? I mean, Morikawa won’t be targeted, right…?
295 Anonymous
It’s fine. Morikawa is like a gorilla
297 Anonymous
Hagetoru is surprisingly kind. But it’s okay. No matter what happens to Morikawa, Stars won’t pick a fight with her
– First of all, the tribe members won’t allow it, as it would spark a riot
– Mary-sama won’t forgive if something happens to Morikawa, leading to a potential regime change
– Kanon-sama won’t forgive if something happens to Morikawa, leading to a potential regime change
– Prime Minister Habu’s relationship with Morikawa will sour if something happens, possibly resulting in a severed diplomatic tie with Japan
– Aqua-sama and Beryl will turn enemies if something happens to Morikawa, essentially declaring war on the country
– The Holy Aqua Religion, which is fully integrated under Stars Orthodoxy, will turn against the nation, initiating a countdown to national destruction
303 Anonymous
I just realized, isn’t that guy dangerous enough to be one of the top 5 in Japan…?
306 Anonymous
Who are the other 4 people?
310 Anonymous
Morikawa, the Holy Aqua Religion’s Saint, Sumeragi Kukuri, became a citizen of this country, and… Kanon-sama, and well, Aqua-sama and Beryl. Definitely shouldn’t pick a fight with them, top-tier list, lol
315 Anonymous
As a citizen of this country, the list of five you shouldn’t pick a fight with:
Aqua-kun, Toa-chan, Mayuzumi-kun, Tenga-senpai, and Nee-san!
318 Anonymous
Totally agree, desu~wa
319 Anonymous
Completely in sync with my opinion, lol
323 Anonymous
Speaking of Morikawa, the meals were interesting every day. Also, wouldn’t it be nice if Aqua-kun made a guest appearance again?
326 Anonymous
And Kohina Yukari’s room too!
329 Anonymous
It’s Morikawa Kaede’s room. Be careful; she might sulk again!
334 Anonymous
Speaking of Kohina Yukari, I never thought we’d see an after-episode of Yuu-onii. Tsukasa-sensei, thank you so much! This time, it must be a happy ending, right!?
338 Anonymous
Nii-sama’s eyes were completely devoid of light, but it’s a happy ending. Because the person inside looked happy being sandwiched between breasts
342 Anonymous
Aqua-sama’s admiration for breasts is no longer a secret, especially after the breast liberation declaration. Even I tried the Holy Aqua Religion’s bust cream, and my bra size increased by one
345 Anonymous
Nice work with the aggressive marketing
347 Anonymous
There’s excessive promotion for the Holy Aqua Religion. Who would fall for this?
353 Anonymous
Shumi and Ayana-chan were actually purchasing it, you know
358 Anonymous
It’s hilarious to see knowledgeable people being fooled, LMAO
361 Anonymous
It’s amusing how naïve kids get fooled, lol. Well, it doesn’t contain any strange ingredients, so it’s okay to use
364 Anonymous
I’d love to see another appearance of “It’s Okay to Laugh.” Kohina Yukari -> Aqua-kun (everyone gathers along the way) -> Mary-sama -> Prime Minister in the restroom, the flow was amazing. The Christmas episode was great too, but I’m looking forward to the first episode of the new year with the Prime Minister
369 Anonymous
The 1-hour special of Totto-chan’s room was amazing. I thought it was a surprise from Mary-sama, but I was surprised to see Aqua-kun as a knight and bodyguard together
372 Anonymous
They talked about the declaration of breast liberation, but the matchmaking operation that followed was also shocking. It expanded our understanding of men, and I thought if men are working hard, we should learn too
375 Anonymous
Looking forward to the next event. Initially, it was slow, but more guys are showing interest, so they said they want to shorten the intervals gradually
379 Anonymous
Feels like we’re reminiscing about this year, but it’s all about beryl&beryl, right? Tears welled up as I watched the faces of the four people offering their prayers
383 Anonymous
The USJ special episode was great; seeing the four of them so happy was genuinely heartwarming
386 Anonymous
Aqua-kun was totally drooling over the breasts of a farmer’s big sister, and also during the milking experience with the livestock industry big sister, he was all hearts!
391 Anonymous
He was smitten at the pop-up shop too. It’s hilarious how Aqua-kun is regularly seen being all heart-eyed over breasts!
397 Anonymous
I can admit it now, but I was one of those who saw him back then. I realized, for the first time, how delightful it is to see breasts. Ah, my breasts grew so that Aqua-kun could see them, and I was so moved that I cried later. Just to be sure, I bought a pregnancy test, but there was no reaction.”
402 Anonymous
I remembered the time when I had an imaginary pregnancy and the pregnancy test turned out to be sold out. LOL
406 Anonymous
That’s right! Eggplants were sold out, and even udon noodles were sold out. The early days of Aqua-kun were crazy, and the sellers weren’t prepared at all
410 Anonymous
Speaking of which, the pro gamer Euris is visiting Japan. I wonder if she had a meal with Hakuryuu-sensei and Aqua-kun?
414 Anonymous
It appears that the three of them had a small gathering to unwind. They mentioned returning from a rehearsal earlier in the day and enjoying a meal together
417 Anonymous
Last Survivor and the security guard game were enjoyable, but I’m eager to witness Shiro-kun’s performance again at the tournament
420 Anonymous
I still watch clips of Last Survivor, haha. No matter how many times I see Kohina Yukari falling from the helicopter, it never fails to make me laugh, LOL
425 Anonymous
Did you want to see it from Tenga-senpai’s perspective? The solo camping episode was hilarious!
428 Anonymous
Who would have thought the day would come when Hagetoru and Aqua-sama collaborate
433 Anonymous
Hagetoru was in the same space as Aqua-sama even during the joint music event with Mary. I’m envious!
437 Anonymous
Aqua-kun also participated in a joint event with St. Claris. I was proud as an OG at that time. Even now, Mary and St. Claris are popular, especially after Otomezaki
441 Anonymous
There seems to be a selection process even for male students in the entrance exams for Otomezaki, and that’s just too outrageous..
445 Anonymous
Looking forward to the Halloween cultural festival event. I want to see Aqua-oneesama overwhelm and win the beauty pageant again, lol
448 Anonymous
Expectations are rising for the completion of the Pink Rose played by Aqua-kun, moving towards a musical adaptation. Who will play the heroine? Ayana-chan, Reiraさん, Kohina Yukari, Mikuni-sama, or someone else?
449 Anonymous
The Halloween event was so much fun! It was my first time attending Beryl’s live performance, so it left a great impression. I was wondering why Aqua-kun didn’t show up for a while, but that’s precisely why his appearance got me super hyped!
453 Anonymous
His first live performance was at the Summer Comic Market. The Beryl stage was amazing. I was looking forward to Winter Comiket, but it seems challenging with the song battle and Christmas event
Still, I was happy to participate in the booth. Seeing Nee-san in person was a treat, lol
457 Anonymous
Beryl’s booth at the Winter Comiket was wild, huh? They had temporary salespeople… Hmm, Kanon-sama was there, and Morikawa was there too. Kanon-sama only did a temporary job for an hour when Morikawa was in the bathroom, but she was seriously cute like a fairy, and I got a runny nose
461 Anonymous
Seriously! When I went, there was a ridiculously efficient part-time worker who happened to be a beautiful big sister. Although she wasn’t as beautiful as Kanon-sama, she definitely knew what she was doing. It was clear that she had a lot of experience in part-time work
465 Anonymous
She’s actually the part-time manager at Ramen Takeko. That girl is incredibly efficient
Whenever I bring the bill, she somehow manages to find the exact change right away, lol. It’s a skill that only seasoned veterans can master, LMAO
469 Anonymous
I wanted to buy goods at Winter Comiket
472 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
There will be a resale through online sales starting next month
476 Anonymous
Nee-san’s reaction is hilarious, lol
479 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
I’m currently on the move, but I’m not driving. By the way, there’s a line I’ve always wanted to say. Can you all ask how Aqua-san is doing?
482 Anonymous
Nee-san, how is Aqua-kun?
484 Anonymous
Nee-san, has Aqua-sama already gone home?
487 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
Aqua-san is currently sleeping next to me
In the car while moving, you know. Since he’s sleeping on my shoulder, I can’t relax unless I’m doing something on the bulletin board
492 Anonymous
495 Anonymous
Is that a lie!?
496 Anonymous
I’m jealous… lol, but if I were in the same situation, I’d definitely not endure it LMAO. Good job, Nee-san!
500 Anonymous
Aqua-kun, really thank you. He probably didn’t sleep much today, considering the rehearsal from late night to early morning. There’s been a lot going on since the end of November’s soccer world tournament
504 Anonymous
By the way, Her Highness Manaat was in the audience. Maybe for AQUARIUM’s duet audition?
508 Anonymous
She’s apparently participating in idol auditions and a training camp. Well, let’s see what happens. It’ll be a little while before we see it, but I hope everyone does their best
511 Anonymous
Oh no, I can’t help but laugh at the Prime Minister every time I see it
During Sunday’s intense debate, it was terrible, but this time it’s also terrible LOL
515 Anonymous
It’s the one who replaced the injured Morikawa. She appeared as a substitute for Morikawa in Aqua Kitchen, and it was fun to see Kanon-sama appear too. I want to see more of that kind of affection between men and women
519 Anonymous
The magazine was great. I want them to show more of the couple’s everyday life without holding back! That’s why Panasonic, who requested the commercial, did a good job. The depiction of their daily life has become more detailed and vivid because of it
523 Anonymous
Not just Toa-chan’s date and AnnAnn, but there’s no miss in the magazines that Aqua-kun appears in. Of course, we will certify the Holy Aqua Religion as a scripture or sacred text
530 Anonymous
On Christmas, Aqua-kun appeared with Morikawa and his sister. However, this time, I want them to appear as a couple. I would love to see the two of them playing with children
536 Anonymous
The Christmas live and night parade were amazing. I particularly loved the Healing Sword performance in Heaven’s Sword, which brought me comfort when I was feeling lost
542 Anonymous
Beryl Santa was amazing! I watched the additional videos, and they were all fantastic. It made me realize once again that Beryl is truly Beryl
547 Anonymous
The live performance in the cathedral that I listened to with my child was moving. Mayuzumi-kun did well, and I ended up crying more than my child
555 Anonymous
Everyone might have forgotten, but boarding Stars was still the best
559 Anonymous
There’s no way we could forget!
561 Anonymous
I think it’s the biggest event for the bulletin board community in a way
566 Anonymous
It was truly special
570 Anonymous
Now, if I look at it again, it’s amazing. Toa-chan’s live made me cry, and my heart trembled when Tenga-senpai zoomed in on his bike scene
575 Anonymous
I totally get it! In that Christmas Toa-chan’s henshin episode, when that song played… I understood everything in that moment. The event we overcame everything for. I thought, these guys are really doing Heaven’s Sword for real
581 Anonymous
Now, if you go to that square, there are statues of Tenga-senpai and Mayuzumi-kun on the bike, Toa-chan’s live, Aqua-sama and Kanon-sama’s statues, and for some reason, the statue of the Holy Aqua Religion’s saint. By the way, from next year, Beryl Square will be renamed based on the results of a public vote
Fuji Department Store’s Fuji Travel offers tours, so please take a look! That’s all from one of Fuji Department Store’s fans
584 Anonymous
Fuji Department Store-neki
590 Anonymous
Oh no, everyone, please stop. It’s like a flashback with everyone starting to talk about memories
595 Anonymous
I understand. Emotions can get all mixed up
598 Anonymous
Morikawa LMAO
602 Anonymous
That’s right, make sure to give Morikawa extra money to get rid of her worldly desires!
606 Anonymous
Huh? Didn’t she go to the Shinoda Shrine?
611 Anonymous
She found a temple just before and participated in the New Year’s Eve bell-ringing!
616 Anonymous
I will never forget. I remember as if it were yesterday, the day and time I first met Aqua-sama. He was someone who surpassed my expectations, perhaps saving many people in this country
But… just a bit more, just a little more, this country still needs his salvation. I believe that he will surely save the last person, along with the heavy burden she carries. Believing that, I will receive this last 616 of the year. Aqua-sama, thank you for being born in this country!
620 Anonymous
Hey, what’s gotten into you all of a sudden!? Is this the beginning of 616 by any chance!?
624 Anonymous
The beginning of 616 is here!!
627 Anonymous
Can’t forget it! Idol Shirogane Aqua, Beryl, Verification Team, the bulletin board—everything started from there!
632 Anonymous
This is bad. Tomorrow, there’s Heaven’s Sword, but the thread is getting lively. Looks like I won’t be able to sleep even after the new year!!
636 Anonymous
Welcome to the all-nighter club
638 Anonymous
It’s okay. If we’re together, there are plenty of us
641 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Everyone, thank you. I’m looking forward to next year
643 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
Everyone, thank you for your support this year. I’ll do my best to make next year a good one too
647 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
Thanks, everyone, for saving me during the Frozen Festival. Next year, I’ll show you that I can win in reality!
651 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Uwaaa. Everyone, thank you for this year. I’m looking forward to next year. Sorry, I have to go now. I’m at work!
653 Verification Team *010meTA473
Shumi-chan’s revival! I almost passed out just before the new year. Thank you, everyone, for this year! I’m looking forward to next year!
657 Anonymous
Thank you so much, everyone!
660 Anonymous
I really appreciate all your help!
663 Anonymous
I’m looking forward to next year with all of you!!
668 Anonymous
Not just Beryl, but thanks to everyone, this year has been so much fun!
671 Anonymous
I miss the old days when the New Year’s bulletin board used to be so dark
Thank you all for the wonderful memories
675 3510 *ULTi-Hi-P3
Awawawa, the Japanese text might be too much for the server…
I’ll switch to reduced mode again!!
679 Anonymous
Thank you so much, Aqua-sama
Thanks to you, this year has been the best!
683 Anonymous
I’m glad you’re doing your best, Aa-sama, but make sure to rest too!
Looking forward to next year!
686 Anonymous
Ever since meeting Aqua-kun, every day has been so much fun
Thank you for making me so happy!
690 Anonymous
I’m looking forward to meeting Aqu-tan in person one day at a live event. By then, I’ll have upgraded my H-cup with Saint Sanctuary cream!
696 Anonymous
This year has been filled with memories with Aqua-kun! Let’s continue creating many more memories together!
700 Anonymous
Aqua-sama, thank you for bringing us so much happiness! We may not have much to offer in return, but I hope this feeling reaches you even a little bit!
704 Anonymous
Aqu-tan, you’ve worked really hard. And Toa-chan, please stick closer to Aqua-kun
707 Anonymous
TENGA! TENGA! TENGA! Thank you, Aqua-kun, for bringing the fallen angel TENGA-senpai into this world!
712 Anonymous
I’m really looking forward to the drama where Aqua-kun and Mayuzumi-kun will be co-starring! Mayuzumi-kun, Heaven’s Sword is getting better and better. Looking forward to it!!
718 Anonymous
Thanks to Beryl’s four, the backstage staff, and President Atori!
722 Anonymous
Nee-san, even though it’s the end of the year, don’t overwork yourself. Support Aqua-kun with Kanon-sama!
730 Anonymous
President Atori, today’s stage was truly moving. Instead of bowing at the end, it should be us!! Looking forward to Aqua-sama and everyone from Beryl in the future!
734 Anonymous
Thank you all so much!
740 Anonymous
Can you keep up with this speed? I’ll keep up. Now, it’s 2023!
743 Anonymous
Goodbye, my—no, our—2022, which was the most fun ever
And next year, in 2023, I believe it will surpass this year… Happy New Yearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!
748 Anonymous
Happy New Yearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!
752 Anonymous
We did itttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!
754 Anonymous
2023 has arriveddddddddddddddddddddddd!
757 Anonymous
Everyone, let’s have another great year togetherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
763 Anonymous
Happy New Year! Just kidding!
768 Anonymous
Everyone, let’s have a great year again!!
771 774 *Hi-P3erver
Beep, crash…!
Server load reduction in progress. Server load reduction in progress
Switching to low power mode
775 Anonymous
Just a feeling, but it seems like the server is making a sound like an old fax machine in our office lol
779 Anonymous
Social media crashed during the singing competition finale, but does it work here too? Anyway, Happy New Year!
782 Anonymous
This year is going to be great, and as I write this, it’s starting to dawn!
Happy New Yearrrrr!!
786 Anonymous
Thank you for another year! Well then, since there won’t be any more events, I’ll go take a bath
790 Anonymous
Don’t leave the group around New Year, especially you, bath-neki! Beryl might throw something at you when you least expect it!
798 Anonymous
Everyone, let’s have a great year together!
803 Anonymous
Ah, here we go. Chijō, Certain-wife
806 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Oh no, it’s Shumi’s ghost! Rest in peace!
810 Anonymous
There’s someone who’s just letting Shumi move on, lol. And it turns out I know them really well, haha!
814 Anonymous
Morikawa, I thought I saw you playing with your phone earlier… it was you, huh?
818 Anonymous
The atmosphere has changed somehow
This year, I’m starting to feel like I might be able to go. Maybe I’ve developed immunity to Beryl by now? Or perhaps the aluminum foil wrapped around my head as a countermeasure against Hoge-lar waves is working
825 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
Everyone, once again, thank you for this year. Please check the official channels of the video streaming site, the official website, and each social media for a message from Beryl. Oh, is social media down…
829 Anonymous
Thanks, Nee-san
834 Anonymous
838 Anonymous
It’s not changing at all, lol, LMAO
842 Anonymous
Bath-nekiiii! Come back soon!
846 Anonymous
They’re talking about putting restrictions on Twitter; Beryl might as well buy it. We endure it even now, and if it’s Saba-chan, it’ll be fine
850 Anonymous
Saba-chan is seriously amazing, lol
Restrictions may be in place, but even with those restrictions, they’re not controlling it well, and it’s not dropping. It’s on a different level than the social media that fell during the singing competition. Today, the MVP in the shadows is definitely Saba-chan
853 Anonymous
I’m really happy about all the messages from everyone!
858 Anonymous
By the way, what were Toa-chan and Aqua-kun saying in the background when Mayuzumi-kun’s message came? Does anyone know?
862 Anonymous
Aqua-kun: “Uh-oh. I ate too much earlier, and now my stomach is starting to hurt.”
Toa-chan: “Ugh, I told you to go to the bathroom.”
869 Anonymous
Toutoi! (T/N: a play on words meaning “Toilet!”)
871 Anonymous
Thank you. Thank you
874 Anonymous
Thanks, lip-reading expert Neki!!
879 Anonymous
So, in the end, Certainsomething-san was just there to liven things up!
883 Anonymous
At the intersection of the Shibuya scramble, there’s something!!
886 Anonymous
889 Anonymous
I think it’s probably to confirm what changes after the end of the daily broadcast of Heaven’s Sword. Say “good job” to them for working late
893 Anonymous
Heaven’s Sword, wasn’t it a one-hour special…? I wanted to say it was long, but there were too many things to do, so it was actually good
900 Anonymous
Can you use Heaven’s Sword in the fighting game after the broadcast? I’ve been looking forward to using it since I pre-downloaded it
904 Anonymous
I’m not good at fighting games
908 Anonymous
There are also streams, so it’s fun just to watch
912 Anonymous
That sounds nice. Maybe I should do a fighting game stream too
916 Anonymous
Don’t run away from otome games!!
917 Anonymous
Inko-chan. Wild Morikawa Kaede and Wild Kohina Yukari are waiting for you
920 Anonymous
Everyone is tough on Inko, LOL
923 Anonymous
Inko, still haven’t made it home, LOL
927 Anonymous
Inko, seriously, LOL
930 Hakuryuu*XQshotacon
Hang in there, Inko-chan. I’m going to bed when I get home. Good job, everyone
934 Anonymous
Good job, sensei. Looking forward to working with you again next year
936 Anonymous
Huh? Sensei, are you leaving already? I’ll make a call to check on the progress of that job we talked about earlier!!
941 Anonymous
Editor, LOL
943 Anonymous
Sensei can’t sleep, LOL
945 Anonymous
Sensei, good job on working from midnight on New Year’s Day, LOL
949 Anonymous
Editor, let’s pretend you didn’t see Sensei, LOL
953 Anonymous
You’re all so kind. Don’t worry; it’s just a joke. There’s no way I’d make her work on New Year’s Day! Nowadays, that kind of thing is really tough. Times have changed
*Tch*, turned off my phone in a second…!
955 Anonymous
Leaking your true feelings, LOL
958 Anonymous
Sensei is used to escaping, LMAO
960 Anonymous
Oh, sensei went to sleep too. In that case, I’ll..
963 Anonymous
Inko, there are games, right? Beryl’s game is waiting for you
964 Anonymous
Let’s conquer the demon’s one-week challenge. Only Inko who has entered the sixth day can be expected. Other streamers are no good. It seems impossible to clear. Kohina-san isn’t doing game streams either
966 Anonymous
Inko, the company’s official Social Media, has already announced that you will be streaming. Good luck
970 Anonymous
Is that true!?
973 Anonymous
It’s a lie. They can’t announce it when the social media is down. Besides, neither the company nor we are that harsh. Take a normal break
977 Anonymous
Whew, I’m saved…
980 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
We’ll be arriving soon too. Inko-san, don’t push yourself too hard
Everyone, see you tomorrow, take care!!
982 Anonymous
Good job, Nee-san
984 Anonymous
Thanks, Nee-san
988 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Alright, now that Nee-san is asleep, it’s adult time. Guhehe…!
990 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
993 Verification Team *07218KADO6
995 Anonymous
LOL, you didn’t learn, that’s hilarious
998 Verification Team *010meTA473
I’m going to bed too. Goodnight, everyone
Hagetoru: Stop saying silly things and go to bed already!
1000 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Oh, what’s this? I finally finished work, but now everyone’s gone!?
I don’t know if I can get 1000, but if I get 1000, I hope this year will be a good year for everyone!!
1001 3510 *ULTi-Hi-P3
Bulletin board community! I’m back!!
Setting that aside for now… Ladies, it’s okay to engage in activities that may raise questions during the night, but it is advisable not to stay up too late. Ensure you get enough sleep and prepare for the activities planned for tomorrow!

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