Male Idol V11c27

Volume 11 Chapter 27 Night Shadow Misa, The Reason I Fight

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 At first, it’s from Night Shadow Misa’s perspective, and in the latter half, it’s from the perspective of Kobayakawa Yuki, who plays the role of Night Shadow.

 Kenzaki Souji…

 The name of the man who suddenly appeared in front of me and took the Heaven’s Sword.

 At first, I thought he was just another man I knew, but there was something different about him.

 He’s an annoying guy, but there’s no doubt about his real ability.

 So I never thought he would be defeated, or that he would be taken down.


 Tachibana and Kamishiro rush to the fallen Kenzaki.

 My heart beats faster, and I was frozen as I looked at the person who appeared in front of me.

 ”First, one person…”

 Ego-Ist… the name of Chijō who took my mom’s life.

 I has never forgotten that face.

 ”You bastaaaaard!”

 Transformed into Butterfly Mask, Kagami lunges at Ego-Ist, launching a furious onslaught of attacks. But Ego-Ist effortlessly deflects them all.

 ”Decent speed, but… with attacks fueled by anger, you won’t defeat me.”

 Ego-Ist grabs Butterfly Mask’s weapon.

 ”Besides, you lack power.”

 With the spear in hand, Ego-Ist lifts Butterfly Mask and hurls him against the wall. Upon impact, Kagami inside seems to have fainted from the impact, reverting back to his normal form and rolling onto the floor.

 ”Kagami!! Dammit…! Henshin!”

 Transformed into Poison Chalice, Kamishiro leaps at Ego-Ist with Caliburn in hand. It’s futile…stop it. You can’t defeat them! I screamed in my mind.

 That opponent whom even my mom couldn’t defeat. An executive, Ego-Ist. I know well of their strength.

 ”Kamishiro, provide support! Henshin!”

 Tachibana, now transformed into Lightning Hopper, enters the battle to assist Poison Chalice with long-range gunfire.

 I have to move, I have to move, I have to move… The opponent of my revenge is right in front of me! The one I vowed to defeat!! But the more I think that way, the more my legs freeze at the sight of Ego-Ist, who took my mom’s life.

 Why, how, those words flash through my mind.

 ”Heh… A good sword you have there. However, if you cling to that sword… you’re just a coward clinging to past glory. You can’t defeat me.”

 Ego-Ist knocks away the sword that Poison Chalice had and overwhelms him with that very sword.

 Poison Chalice falls and reverts back to Kamishiro’s form as the transformation is undone.

 Upon seeing this, Ego-Ist seemed to lose interest in the Poison Chalice, tossing the sword he had, Caliburn, in front of Kamishiro.

 ”Now, you’re the only one left.”


 Lightning Hopper is a type of Driver that fights by keeping distance. It is clear that he has the disadvantage when it comes to avoiding attacks, deflecting them, and getting entangled in close combat.

 ”Tachibana… step back.”

 Huh? When I turned towards the voice, Commander Tajima was standing next to Kenzaki. The air trembled under her pressure.

 ”But, however!”

 ”Just step back. I’ll take care of it… That thing.”

 Commander Tajima kneeled on the ground and placed her hand on Kenzaki’s belt. As Commander Tajima looked at Kenzaki’s face, it seemed like she had a very gentle expression. Maybe it was just my imagination.

 ”Kenzaki, sorry, but I’ll borrow it for a little while… No, I’ll return it to you.”

 Commander Tajima picked up the belt and stood in front of Tachibana with a determined expression. Ego-Ist remained on guard, silently observing the scene. The pressure emanating from Commander Tajima prevented Ego-Ist from making any move.

 ”Heaven’s Sword. Just one more time. Will you lend me your power once again, to protect these children, even with this battered body?”

 The beetle that had been circling above Kenzaki slowly landed in Commander Tajima’s hand. After gazing affectionately at the beetle, Commander Tajima looked up at the sky.

 ”Captain Night Shadow… If you’re watching this situation from heaven, please lend a little strength to this unreliable junior.”

 I couldn’t hear what Commander Tajima was muttering. And returning her gaze to Ego-Ist, Commander Tajima fastened the beetle onto the belt.


 Ah… it’s a nostalgic scene.

 ’Masked Driver, Heaven’s Sword! Prototype Zero!!’

 This Heaven’s Sword is slightly different from the current one. Its color is gray, and it’s a bit more angular than the original Heaven’s Sword. My Mom and Commander Tajima were the first-generation Drivers of SYUKUJYO and were test Drivers.

 ”How nostalgic. This feeling… Even if my body may not move like it did back then… I won’t let you lay a finger on these children any further!!”

 Commander Tajima leaps at Ego-Ist.

 Ego-Ist tries to evade the attack, but their movement was anticipated by Commander Tajima.

 The attack lands on Ego-Ist after they dodge.


 Ego-Ist lets out a cry of agony.

 “On that day, that night… I have never forgotten about you, the one who took the life of Night Shadow-senpai even once!!”

 “You…! I see, you were the one from back then!!”

 Amazing… Commander Tajima’s attacks overwhelm and corner Ego-Ist.

 I thought, maybe she can defeat them.

 ”Here I go. Heaven’s Sword.”

 Commander Tajima places her hand on the beetle attached to her belt.

 And in a moment of opportunity, she jumps towards Ego-Ist.

 ”Driver!!! Kick!!!”


 Ego-Ist, who took Commander Tajima’s Heaven’s Sword Driver Kick head-on, is sent flying.

 Did it work!? Everyone thought so.


 But it was Commander Tajima who staggered first.

 Commander Tajima, who was already heavily injured, reverts back to her normal form and collapses on the spot.

 ”You did better than expected. But I endured it.”

 I despair as I see Ego-Ist, who managed to withstand Commander Tajima’s powerful blow. What should we do now?

 ’Lightning Burst!!’

 Gunshots from the Lightning Hopper fly towards Ego-Ist.


 The Lightning Hopper attacks Ego-Ist immediately after they get up. Tachibana has been constantly looking for any chance to help Commander Tajima during the fight.

 ”Look closely! Ego-Ist has sustained significant damage as well!”

 Seeing this, Tachibana Zanki realizes that this is his only chance and unleashes a barrage of powerful shots from the Lightning Hopper. Witnessing this, the members of SYUKUJYO look at each other and nod silently.

 ”We, we will help too!”

 ”Protect Kenzaki-kun!”

 ”Everyone, grab a weapon! It may not be much, but we will support you too!!”

 ”To repay Commander Tajima’s efforts!!”

 The members of SYUKUJYO attack along with Lightning Hopper’s attack.

 I… as a cowardly person, could only watch.

 ”Kuh… Is Tora-uma still there!? Let’s retreat for now!”

 Ego-Ist, who was injured, jumped into the shadow created by Tora-uma and escaped somewhere.

 ”Commander Tajima…”

 When I returned to the headquarters of SYUKUJYO and saw Commander Tajima lying there, I wanted to slap my own cheek.

 What was I doing!? I couldn’t do anything!!

 I had been determined to avenge my mother, but my legs froze and I couldn’t do anything. It made me angry.

 ”Why? Why is it that when it matters the most, I am…”

 Tears stream down my cheeks.

 I have kept my weakness suppressed until I achieve revenge. And yet, here I am…

 Leaning against the wall, I lower myself to the ground, sobbing as I crouch.

 ”Hic…hic…hic, hic…”

 I wonder how much time has passed since then.

 Unconsciously, I stand up and leave the hospital room, wandering aimlessly through the hallways of the headquarters.


 I turn my face in the direction of the voice.

 There, I see Kagami trying to get out of bed, but a nurse is trying to stop him.

 ”No, you can’t get up yet!!”

 ”Even though Chiho might have backed off for now, I know they will come back when they see this as an opportunity. They’ll come to crush the headquarters of SYUKUJYO. As a member of SYUKUJYO, I can’t afford to sleep!!”

 Kagami… Why? Why are you so strong?

 In the bleak and desperate situation, why do you still stand? Haven’t you witnessed the strength of Ego-Ist? We were powerless, weren’t we?

 ”In that case, Kagami-san, please escape!”

 The nurse’s words hold true. If the driver is still alive, there might still be a chance. Kagami should flee.

 ”What’s the point of running away? Unlike Kenzaki, I might not be able to overcome Ego-Ist. But even so, if I escape, someone else will suffer in the meantime. I don’t want that! That’s why I don’t want to run away anymore! I don’t want to lie to myself and live with this feeling in my heart!”

 Kagami… He is different from a coward like me. I see now why Butterfly Mask chose him… because they found his courage beautiful. As I avert my gaze from Kagami, I start to wander aimlessly once again.


 In the dim dojo, a man sits in meditation. Ah, Kamishiro… Kamishiro gazes intently at the sword placed before him, Caliburn.

 ”It seems I’m being dragged down by past glories… I can’t win like this…”

 Caliburn is a special sword.

 It can deal decisive damage to Chijou, despite not being a weapon for Drivers.

 Commander Tajima mentioned that Caliburn is the origin of the Driver system.

 However, Caliburn’s compatibility with Poison Chalice is poor.

 Poison Chalice specializes in long-range attacks with a bow, or in close combat with two easily maneuverable short swords.

 Swinging such a large and long sword would completely negate Poison Chalice’s characteristics.

 ”Caliburn, will you… allow me to make this decision?”

 Kamishiro gazes affectionately at Caliburn.

 I quietly decided to leave the scene, thinking it would be best to not get involved.


 When I came to my senses, I found myself near Kenzaki’s hospital room. Peeking inside, I saw Tachibana standing in front of Kenzaki, who was lying in bed.

 ”You’re the type of person who would try to save even Ego-ist and Tora-uma. But… I’m different! I will defeat them! It must be the right thing to do, to prevent any more victims! So… so, wake up soon, or I’ll take care of everything myself!”

 I hastily hid around the corner. Tachibana left the room without noticing me and walked past in the opposite direction.

 Tachibana… must have wanted Kenzaki to wake up, which is why he said those things… He has his own stubborn side as well.

 When I entered the room, I looked down at Kenzaki, who was lying on the bed.

 ”Wake up quickly. Tachibana… Kagami… Kamishiro… SYUKUJYOO’s team members… and even Commander Tajima, they’re all waiting for you to wake up. And just like always, transform and defeat them for me…!”

 I know I’m saying something crazy.

 Even with Commander Tajima’s reckless attack, she couldn’t defeat Ego-ist.

 And now, it’s not just Ego-ist, but Chijō, including Tora-uma, launching a full-scale attack here.

 We can’t win. Even if Kenzaki wakes up, it’ll probably be the same. I know that. But when I see this person’s face, I can’t help but cling to him.

 Haha… If I know we can’t win, I should just run away, but I have nowhere to run from here. Night Shadow Misa has nowhere else to go. But my heart is already broken.

 “I don’t know what to do… tell me, Kenzaki.”

 In a quiet room, the blaring sound of sirens echoes.

 ’We have confirmed the appearance of Chijo!! SYUKUJYO team members, prioritize the evacuation of civilians and intercept this!! I repeat, we have confirmed the appearance of Chijo. SYUKUJYO team members…’

 On the monitor in front of me, the Chijo creatures appeared in the city.

 After a while, Kamishiro and the others arrived on motorcycles.

 ”Let’s go, both of you! Henshin!”

 ”Kagami and I will suppress Ego-ist! Tachibana, we’re counting Tora-uma on you! Hen…shin!”

 ”I don’t need you to tell me, I’ll do it! Henshin!”

 The three transformed into drivers and engaged in battle.

 During this time, the members of SYUKUJYO who can fight suppress the general Chijo, and the members behind the scenes who are not usually visible guide the evacuation of the civilians. Commander Tajima is not there, but everyone does what they can.

 Oh, what am I doing here at such a critical time…

 Things went well at first due to each person’s efforts, but Chijo gradually began to push back.

 The decisive blow was that Ego-Ist targeted Kagami, who was out of coordination, and dropped him first.


 Kamishiro yells when he sees Kagami lying on the ground.

 Kagami has only just transformed, he has been injured, and most of all, this is the first time he has fought in cooperation with other Drivers as a Driver. There is no way the cunning Ego-ist will miss this. He is an Ego-ist. is that kind of person.

 “Damn, leave it like this!!”

 Kamishiro is now alone, but from this point on he shows amazing tenacity.

 Still not able to reach it. I couldn’t see the vision of Kamishiro being able to defeat Ego-Ist.

 ”What should I do…”

 Even when I try to gather courage and stand up, my legs! My legs won’t move forward!! Ah, I… I’m so weak.

 [Accept yourself along with that weakness]

 I snap to attention at Kenzaki’s voice. But the Kenzaki in front of me is still lying in bed. Is it an auditory hallucination…?

 [Hey, why does mom fight? Isn’t fear terrifying?]

 Memories from the past flash back. Young me, with mom by my side. Mom! Mom, I…

 [It’s scary. I think everyone is scared.]

 [Then… why does mom fight even though she’s scared?]

 Mom averted her gaze from young me and narrowed her eyes.

 [Because it’s scary.]

 [Because it’s scary, but she still fights?]

 [Yes… I’m afraid of seeing Misa and the important people get hurt. That’s why I fight, even though it’s scary. That’s my reason to fight.]

 When mom turned her gaze back to young me, she smiled gently.

 [Misa, you will find a reason to fight.]

 [Misa’s reason to fight…?]

 [Yes, if there’s a reason to fight, you can overcome fear. Misa, what do you fight for?]

 I thought my reason to fight was always just revenge.

 But facing Ego-Ist, my desire for revenge to avenge mom was easily replaced by fear of having defeated my mom I admired so easily. I’ve always relied on revenge alone.

 Yet, being robbed of that revenge by fear, I lost even that reliance at that moment.

 ”Driver, you know it’s already futile for you. Yet, why do you keep standing up time and time again?”

 Ego-Ist throws questioning words at the battered Poison Chalice.

 ”I, I always hated you, Chijo, for destroying my Kamishiro family. But… after meeting Kenzaki, I saw the back of that person who even saved the heart of Chijo. It’s pride… Even if the Kamishiro family falls, I, Kamishiro Hajime, cannot abandon the pride of Kamishiro. Noblesse oblige. It is only natural for me, who possesses power, to fight and help those who do not possess it!”

 Kamishiro stands up and readies his weapon once again.

 I see, Kamishiro has overcome his desire for revenge.

 Can I, can I also overcome it…?

 ”Seriously, if you just surrender, it would be easier!”

 ”Tora-uma! You always take advantage of people’s hearts like that!!”

 Tachibana checks Tora-uma’s movements.

 ”Tachibana, you too can find relief… Have you ever thought about having the power of Kenzaki yourself? Have you ever considered that if you had that power, you could defeat the enemy more efficiently? I mean, think about it, what did your inefficient fighting style actually save, huh? In reality, neither Ro-Schutz-Marr nor Yan-de-Rue could be saved, right?”

 ”Shut up! Don’t you dare belittle what Kenzaki is doing!”

 Lightning Hopper closed the distance with Tora-uma and launched a close-quarters combat. At first, I thought it was just a reckless move, but it wasn’t. Attacks that couldn’t be dodged from point-blank range closed in on Tora-uma.

 ”It’s true that maybe he couldn’t save their lives. But even so, Kenzaki…saved their hearts in their final moments!!”

 ”Ha! Isn’t sophistry a good thing! What’s the point of having your heart saved? Be honest. You guys haven’t saved anyone!!”

 Is that really the case?

 The words echoed in my mind as I looked at the lifeless bodies of Chijo and the others. They had been embraced by the Driver and now lay peacefully. The grip in my hand tightened instinctively.

 Kenzaki… Kagami… Tachibana… Kamishiro…

 These men were different from the ones I had been told to protect.

 They were not the helpless beings that I had believed them to be.

 I had even voiced my concerns to Commander Tajima about Kenzaki, Tachibana, and Kamishiro transforming into Drivers and fighting.

 There was a tinge of jealousy in me for not being able to become a Driver myself.

 But it wasn’t just that. I had been arrogant, believing that men needed protection because they were weak.

 ”My reason to fight…”

 I glanced away from the monitor and stared intently at Kenzaki’s face.

 ”Kenzaki… I’m going. I never thought I could do anything, but I’ve found a reason to fight too.”

 I left the hospital and rode my bike straight to the scene. And there, in front of me, were three men on the ground, struggling to resist. Kagami, Tachibana, Kamishiro… you all did your best.

 ”Ego-Ist and Tora-uma! I won’t let you have your way anymore!”

 I got off the bike and attacked two of them with the gun in my hand. However, Ego-Ist easily deflected my attacks, and Tora-uma evaded them using shadows.

 Then, Tora-uma sneaked up behind me and whispered.

 ”Don’t push yourself. The trauma I planted in you over time can’t be shaken off so easily.”

 So that’s how it is. I wasn’t the one cornering Tora-uma all this time; I was lured into a trap by this person. Now that I understand everything, I smile at Tora-uma.

 ”I’m grateful.”


 That’s what mom said. My reason to fight.

 By confronting my current self, I was able to find it.

 ”Thanks to you, I acknowledged my own weakness and overcame this fear and the revenge-driven heart that was consumed by jealousy towards Kenzaki!”

 I raise my weapon towards Tora-uma.

 ”I… want to fight alongside them, with Kenzaki by my side! Not because it’s a man or a woman, but as comrades fighting together. I want to be true to myself and not shame them!”

 I launch an attack on Tora-uma and throw them off guard. Then, I aim my gun in the direction where I threw them and show a follow-up gesture.


 ”You’re naive!!”

 I aimed my gun towards the place where they might escape and pulled the trigger before they appeared.


 With SYUKUJYO’s weapons, I may not be able to inflict decisive damage, but I should be able to restrain Tora-uma alone.

 ”SYUKUJYO members who can move, evacuate the civilians! Make sure to protect the civilians at all costs!”

 I gave instructions to the SYUKUJYO members and called out to my three comrades behind me.

 ”Kagami! Tachibana! Kamishiro! Leave Tora-uma to me! You guys defeat Ego-Ist! It’s frustrating, but I can’t stop Ego-Ist! It’s one of the strongest among the Chijo executives. Only the Driver can stop them!! Please… Just give us the time until the civilians evacuate. It will be tough, but please help us!!”

 Upon hearing my words, the three men slowly stood up.

 ”Understood, Captain Night Shadow…!”


 ”Leave it to me!!”

 I face Tora-uma once again.

 However, Tora-uma wears a fearless smile.

 ”Have you forgotten? I am a meticulous Chijo!!”

 As Tora-uma raises their hand, numerous Chijo appear among the civilians.

 No way! No matter how you look at it, there are too many of them!!

 ”Hahaha! This is despair! Now, remember that fear, Night Shadow Misa!!”

 I exhale lightly and gaze straight at Tora-uma.

 ”Sure, that might be true. But Kagami, Tachibana, Kamishiro, and even the SYUKUJYO members, no one has given up in this situation!! And Commander Tajima, my mom, and Kenzaki, they would never give up until the very end, even in the same circumstances. That’s why I can’t give up!!”

 Tora-uma, showing rare frustration, raised their voice in anger.

 ”Then I’ll just push you further into despair! Go, Chijo!!”

 As the attack from Chijo and their comrades approaches, I handle each one of them precisely, one by one.

 I’ll be fine, I can do this. That’s when Tora-uma appears from my shadow.

 ”I got you!!”

 Oh no! Everything turns into slow motion. Kagami, Tachibana, Kamishiro…and Kenzaki, Commander Tajima, and everyone from SYUKUJYO. I’m sorry.

 Looks like this is as far as I go. Mom… will you praise me in heaven?


 In the moment when Tora-uma’s attack came at me, something collided with their raised right hand. Did I… manage to do it? I shift my gaze towards that something.

 ”Stag beetle… you.”

 Tora-uma and I gaze at the stag beetle floating in the sky. From the stag beetle, I felt like it said, “You can still fight.”

 ”Yeah, I know!”

 I raise my gun again, aiming at Tora-uma.

 ”I’ll do it. I’ll fight until the very end. I am Night Shadow Misa, a member of the SYUKUJYO team, dedicated to protecting people from Chijo’s grasp!”

 The sound of a motorcycle engine can be heard from somewhere.

 ”Well said!”

 Whose voice is this!? When I turn around, I see Commander Tajima, wrapped in bandages, riding a motorcycle and heading towards me.

 ”Take it, Misa!!”

 Commander Tajima threw something that I caught. I gaze down at my left hand, where I caught it.

 ”This is…”

 It’s mom’s… mom’s belt!

 ”Go! Misa!! With who you are now, surely, surely…!”

 I place the belt against my waist and look at the floating stag beetle in the sky once again.

 ”I am weak. But if you’re okay with that, won’t you lend me your strength? Let me fight alongside everyone who’s fighting behind me!! For the sake of that person who wants to save everything!!”

 I throw away my gun and reach my hand towards the sky. In response to my feelings, the stag beetle dancing in the air answers me.

 ”Thank you.”

 I express my gratitude to the stag beetle in the palm of my hand. This feeling that Commander Tajima connected me to…!


 As I wear the stag beetle on my belt, I transform into a Driver.

 I felt something like my mom’s warmth for just a moment.

 ’Masked Driver Bicorn Beetle!’

 Mom, please give me courage, even if it’s just a little.

 ”Tora-uma! I will definitely stop you here!!”

 I approach Tora-uma for close combat.

 Bicorn Beetle is just like Heaven’s Sword, focused on close combat.

 ”Ku! In that case, how about this!!”

 Tora-uma, who has distanced themselves, spreads their arms.

 What are they planning to do?

 ”Now! Go, all of you!!”

 With Tora-uma’s voice, the ordinary Chijōs start to suffer.

 And in the next moment, each ordinary Chijō evolves into a special individual Chijō.

 Moreover, all of them are familiar faces.

 Deka-onna, Shi-Shunki, Kunka Kunker…

 No, upon closer inspection, they are similar but different from the ones I know.

 ”Those are mass-produced copies, but they should be enough! Hahahaha! How do you like that? Have you given up?”

 ”But I won’t give up! If they don’t give up, then I don’t want to do anything that would make me ashamed of them!”

 Ugh, I’m putting up a brave front, but there are just too many of them. Even a regular soldier like me would have trouble with this…!

 ”This time, it’s finally over!”

 Multiple special individuals attacking together.

 I block one attack, then another, dodge the third attack, and block the fourth attack.

 But there’s a limit, and after the attacks exceed ten, I make a mistake in my movements.

 Just when I thought it was over, something blocks that attack.


 I widened my eyes as I looked at the card floating in the air.


 Multiple cards dance around me, surrounding me. The cards depict familiar Chijous.

 ”Night Shadow Misa! Let’s use our power!”

 ”You saved us. Now it’s our turn to save everyone!”

 ”Tora-uma! I won’t let you have your way anymore!”

 ”Certainly, we are hurt. But that doesn’t give us the right to hurt anyone else.”

 ”No more of this! Don’t let anyone go through what we did!!”

 ”Tora-uma… they will surely save your wounded heart too.”

 ”Now, let’s unite everyone’s hearts!”

 ”Our thoughts are united as one!”

 ”We won’t let anyone suffer anymore!”

 The voices of Ro-Schutz-Marr, Kunka Kunker, Deka-onna, Shi Shunki, Oomori Asedaku, Poyopoyo, Men Heller, No-Men, and Yan-de-Rue resonated in my head.

 The stag beetle attached to my belt reacted to the feelings of the Chijou who had been fighting until now.

 ”Understood… everyone! Let’s go together!!”

 A bright light enveloped my body.

 ’Change de Form, Hyper Form!’

 Two horns grow larger and more rugged. They increase in size by about one turn.

 ’Masked Driver, Hell’s Beetle!’


 I proudly puff out my chest and expand the light.

 Tora-uma and the others are engulfed by the light.

 One by one, the chijous return to their human forms.

 The power of the feelings I received from Kenzaki, Kagami, Tachibana, and Kamishiro spreads and saves the others.

 It wasn’t just my power. It was the power of the feelings we all connected with that saved them.

 ”Haa… haa…”

 Perhaps I used too much power too quickly, and my transformation is undone.

 Damn it… I look around, but there’s no sign of Tora-uma. Did they escape…?

 ”You have a troublesome power. But… it ends here. It seems that power was a one-time thing.”

 Ego-Ist smirks in front of me.

 Kagami grabs hold of his ankle.

 ”You’re not going anywhere…!”

 ”How crafty!”

 Ego-Ist attempts to attack Kagami who is lying on the ground. But in an instant, Tachibana jumps onto his left hand.

 ”You’re not getting away with this!”

 ”Damn you!”

 This time, he raises his other hand. Kamishiro clings onto it.

 ”Not yet, not yet!”

 ”Enough! You’re annoying!!”

 Ego-Ist shakes their body, trying to throw off the three of them. Despite being thrown away, the three of them still place their hands on the ground, trying to stand up again.

 ”What’s the matter? What are you guys?”

 Ego-Ist’s voice becomes rough. They seem quite frustrated.

 ”Kagami Natsuki, Tachibana Zanki, Kamishiro Hajime… Those are the names of the three men standing there. Not just drivers. They are the names of the three men who fight against you, Ego-Ist. And my name is Night Shadow Misa. It is the name of a woman who fights alongside those three!”

 I confront Ego-Ist head-on, using only my own body.

 To be frank, I was scared. Still, there was something inside me that exceeded my fear.


 I tackled Ego-Ist and clung onto their body. But they effortlessly lifted me and threw me into the air. As I hit the ground, pain contorted my expression.

 ”I’ll put an end to this.”

 Ego-Ist approached me step by step. But then, something like a pebble hit Ego-Ist on the head.


 Ego-Ist, not bothering to hide their displeasure, looked towards the direction the stone had come from.

 ”Don’t bully big brothers and sisters!!”

 A little girl trembled as she stood her ground. She picked up the fallen stone and threw it at Ego-Ist once again.

 ”Protect everyone!”

 ”SYUKUJYO has always protected us!”

 ”Now it’s our turn to protect everyone!”

 ”Ego-Ist, don’t treat the Drivers badly!”

 ”Just leave from here!”

 ”Don’t hurt anyone anymore!”

 This is…!?

 Kagami, Tachibana, Kamishiro, and I look up and scan our surroundings.

 Then, the civilians who were evacuating began to surround us, raising their voices.

 Commander Tajima and the other members of SYUKUJYO also show surprised expressions.

 ”This is our city!”

 ”Can we just leave it to SYUKUJYO? We will also stand up!”

 ”The boys are working so hard. We have to work hard too!!”

 ”Do not commit any more sins. Chijo!”

 ”Chijo, we won’t let you do as you please anymore!!”

 Ah, so this is the world that mom, Commander Tajima, and SYUKUJYO have been protecting.

 Harnessing everyone’s feelings as strength, we rise again.

 ”You insects!!”

 Ego-ist lifts one leg and slams it hard into the ground.

 The impact is so powerful that the ground cracks, causing everyone to stagger and fall.

 ”Alright. If you’re going against me, everyone, here…ugh!!”

 The beetles and stag beetles flying towards Ego-Ist, a total of five insects, pounce.

 So, you guys are fighting too.

 ”Enough! Annoying bugs! I’ll take care of all of you right here!!”

 ”Not so fast.”

 I felt like I heard a voice.

 The familiar sound of a motorcycle engine approached from a distance.

 Everyone in the area was captivated.

 The man who arrived on the bike, with a swiftness, parked the bike between us and Ego-Ist, and slowly took off his helmet.


 Kenzaki looked around at all of us.

 ”Everyone… leave the rest to me.”

 I wonder what it is. Kenzaki’s words envelop my heart.

 It’s a strange feeling. As if someone has taken the burden off my shoulders, my body feels lighter.

 ”One after another, you all are really annoying!”

 The beetle that had been flying around, landed in Kenzaki’s hand. Kenzaki spoke to the beetle in a gentle voice.

 ”You’ve kept me waiting, partner.”

 Wearing his belt, Kenzaki inserted the beetle into a hollowed-out section.


 ’Masked Driver, Heaven’s Sword!’

 What a massive back he had. I stared at the back of Heaven’s Sword in front of me. Could I stand alongside such a huge being?

 ”Night Shadow, make sure to recover your strength now. Kagami, Tachibana, and Kamishiro…your power is still needed.”


 What is this? Just those words alone made strength well up from deep within my body. A never-before-felt emotion tightens my chest.

 ”Kenzaki, use my sword!”

 Kamishiro threw Caliburn, which he had been carrying on his back, towards Kenzaki.

 Catching it, Kenzaki asked with a serious expression,

 ”Is it alright, Kamishiro?”

 ”Yes! I… I no longer need that sword! Even without the symbol of Kamishiro, the pride of Kamishiro resides in my heart!!”

 Kamishiro’s words were filled with determination. Ah, so that’s what he was contemplating in the dojo.


 The beetle attached to the belt of Heaven’s Sword reacted. That’s the same as mine…

 ”Yes, I understand. For Kamishiro’s feelings, for what Kamishiro’s family has built!!”

 Heaven’s Sword held Caliburn in both hands.

 ’Change the Form, Hyper Mode!’

 Fiery flames enveloped Heaven’s Sword.

 Heaven’s Sword becomes bigger in the upper body, and it changes to a sharper form than me.

 ’Masked Driver, Heaven’s Caliburn!!’

 Kenzaki points his sword at Ego-Ist.

 ”Take my——No, take our heart that is hotter and stronger than the sun!”

 Kenzaki grabs the horn of the beetle on his belt.


 The world speeds up.

 With overwhelming speed and power, Ego-Ist tries to keep up, but Kenzaki overpowers them.

 ”Damn it!!”

 Ego-Ist screams.

 ”I am! I am… not going to lose here!”

 Ego-Ist realizes they can’t escape and decides to fight harder.

 The battle is even and they hit each other hard.

 But Kenzaki should be able to beat Ego-Ist easily now.

 But we who watch know that it’s not true.


 Kagami always expects Kenzaki to do something.

 ”Go, Kenzaki!”

 Kamishiro entrusts his thoughts to Kenzaki.

 ”Kenzaki… go!”

 Tachibana believes that Kenzaki can do it.

 ”Go, Kenzaki!!”

 I hope that Kenzaki can do it.

 ’Over the time, high-speed acceleration!!’

 The beetle on the belt attached to Heaven’s Sword shines.

 Faster and stronger, Kenzaki overwhelms Ego-Ist once again, and only Kenzaki’s world accelerates.

 ”Ego-Ist… I’m going to save you!”

 Yes, that’s right. That’s Kenzaki for you.

 ’Turn back time!!’

 The light that envelops the two, Heaven’s Sword and Ego-Ist, becomes stronger.

 ”No way, no way! This light is…!”

 Ego-Ist realizes something and raises their voice.

 ”Are you saying you’ll even save my past self, transcending time?!”

 ”Yes, that’s right! Absolutely!”

 The laws of the world are in chaos. The surroundings start to reverse. We are also engulfed in that light.

 ”Who do you think I am? My name is Kenzaki Souji, the name of a man who saves everyone!”

 That’s right! His name is Kenzaki Souji, an incredibly reckless and extraordinary person! Everything in front of me turns white.

 ”I will protect the ordinary citizens!”

 A member of SYUKUJYO?

 No, it’s different from the uniform I know.

 I remember that uniform from the early days, before SYUKUJYO became SYUKUJYO…

 ”Damn it, do I have no choice but to run?”

 And this voice… Is it Ego-Ist?

 ”Power…! If only I had power…!!”

 Ah, this person fell into that trap. The Ego-Ist from when she was still human, her pure white hand reaches out from behind and covers both of her eyes. This was the moment Ego-Ist turned into Chijō.

 In a world consumed by power, Ego-Ist became lost in her own obsession, forgetting her true purpose. If I had remained consumed by revenge, I might have become just like her.

 ”I see, this is me…”

 As Ego-Ist, now returned to her human form, faces Kenzaki, who has also transformed into a living person, she expresses her gratitude.

 ”Thank you, Kenzaki. I was consumed by power, forgetting my true purpose, and falling into the hands of Seijo Midara.”

 Seijo Midara (Lewd Saint)… the evil god worshipped by the Chijo, is believed to be the root cause of all their suffering.

 ”I don’t expect to atone for the sins committed against those who have passed away. But… I can face punishment. Thank you, Kenzaki, for reminding me of who I truly am, in the end.”

 In this reversing world, Ego-Ist’s body disintegrates into particles, starting from her fingertips.

 ”Be careful, drivers. This battle is not yet over. The army of Chijo is trying to open a gate from their world to ours. Please, I entrust you with my last remaining power. So… stop them.”

 My body is enveloped in warm light.

 My injuries, my depleted strength, begin to heal.



 In front of me stands my mother.

 ”Misa, you’ve done well. Just as expected from my daughter.”

 Words fail me. There are so many things I want to say, so many things I want to talk about.

 But tears overflow, words get stuck, and I can’t say anything.

 ”Haha, Misa is still a crybaby, huh? Look.”

 Mom gently embraces me.

 Her warmth is just like I remember in my memories.

 ”Mom! Mom!! There are so many things I want to talk to you about!!”

 ”Ah, I understand. I also wanted to talk to Misa more. But… I’m sorry. It seems like I have to go now.”

 ”No! Don’t go, mom (okaa-san)!!”

 ”Misa, listen.”

 Mom lovingly strokes my head as I cling and throw a tantrum.

 ”Mom will always be by your side. In your heart.”


 Mom’s body slowly turns into tiny particles, just like Ego-Ist.

 I realized that this couldn’t go on anymore. It must be a miracle.

 The miracle created by everyone’s woven feelings allowed me to meet my mom one last time on the way back from reverse rotation to the real world.

 ”Misa, tell Tajima for me. Tell my precious daughter and SYUKUJYO, thank you for protecting this world all this time.”

 ”Yeah…! I’ll tell her. I will definitely tell her!!”

 I wipe away my tears and show a smile to mom. I didn’t want my face to be a crying face for the last time I see mom.

 ”Misa… thank you. Thank you for being born as my daughter!!”

 ”Thank you, mom. I’m glad to have been born as your daughter!”

 I bid farewell to the last particle that remained on my palm. When I look towards Kagami, who was standing nearby, his eyes were red. It seems like it wasn’t just me, Tachibana and Kamishiro were also affected.

 ”Thank you…”

 The world starts to fade away. Back to the world we were in. As I open my closed eyes, there was a giant Chijou trying to pry open a gate-like rift floating in the space.

 Kenzaki steps forward and points towards the sky.

 ”My mom said. That someday, you will be able to find a kindred spirit, a soul friend… Mom, can you see it? I am no longer alone. Right now, I have so many friends whom I can entrust my heart to.”

 Kagami, Tachibana, Kamishiro, and I stand side by side, lining up in front of Kenzaki. As we each attach a belt to our waists, Heaven’s Sword, Poison Chalice, Lightning Hopper, Butterfly Mask, and Bicorn Beetle come flying towards us.

 ”Now, let’s go, my friends!”

 ”Yes! We have to stop them.”

 ”Yes! We won’t let them have any more freedom.”

 ”If we join forces, we can do anything.”

 ”Let’s go, everyone!”

 I attach the Bicorn Beetle to my belt, holding it in my hand.

 Kenzaki wore the Heaven’s Sword, Kamishiro wore the Poison Chalice, Tachibana wore the Lightning Hopper, and Kagami wore the Butterfly Mask in the same way on their belts.






 After transforming together, the five of us looked at each other and nodded silently.

 I placed my hand on the Bicorn Beetle attached to my belt.


 Everyone synchronized their breathing at Kenzaki’s command.


 We unleashed the energy of the Driver Kick towards the giant Chijou, who was trying to break open the gate. The energy transformed into a large beam and flew towards the enemy.


 The giant Chijou was pushed back. But it’s not over yet, we need to give it more… more!!


 Everyone exerted their last bit of strength. The overwhelmed Chijou was pushed back beyond the crack.

 The gate that had started to open slowly closed as the force to pry it open diminished.

 And as it sealed shut completely, light pierced through the swirling thunderclouds in the sky.

 Is it over now?

 Looking around, there was no longer any sign of the enemy, Chijo, in the vicinity.

 ”Hey! Is everyone okay!”

 As Commander Tajima approached us, everyone smiled. We had somehow managed to repel Chijo’s forces. But this was only just the prelude. Our battle had only just begun.

* * *

 On the TV screen in front of us, the opening credits with all five actors appeared. I, Yuki Kobayakawa, who played the role of Night Shadow Misa, stared intently at the ticker as I savored its aftertaste.


 Kenzaki Souji / Heaven’s Sword Shirogane Aqua

 Kamishiro Hajime / Poison Chalice Tenga Akira

 Tachibana Zanki / Lightning Hopper Mayuzumi Shintaro

 Kagami Natsuki / Butterfly Mask Nekoyama Toa

 Night Shadow Misa / Bicorn Beetle Kobayakawa Yuki


 Mishima Masako / Ego-Ist Yamagishi Ryo

 Tachibana Tsukiko / Tora-uma Awashima Chigiri

 Majima Mahiro / Ro-Schutz-Marr Takano Mai

 Tsuruno Sumire / Kunka Kunker Horiguchi Mio

 Toriya Kotohka / Deka-onna Kamioka Ema

 Dodojou Kasumi / Han-Kouki Mori Nagisa

 Nozawa Nana / Oomori-Asedaiku Kashii Honoka

 Kusano Iori / Poyopoyo Omotenashi Himari

 Kubo Asuka / Hana Gagege Shimatani Rika

 Ichikawa Yuna / Shi Shun Ki Kanade Ichika

 Yuzuki Rino / Ego Search Saito Akari

 Naha Shikiba / Haburi Habuki Nakajima Sae

 Kosaka Miharu / Eye-Patch Kato Sora

 Jounouchi Miri / Shiga-Lamy Kondo Sakura

 Ito Kotoba / Men-Heller Suzuki Sara

 Hori Ayame / No-Men Iwanari Nico

 Haitani Hikari / Ksekke Hasegawa Fuka

 Mochizuki Mei / Hikki Izumi Yona

 Momose Kaoru / Yan-de-Rue Ichigono Moka

 Tamashima Ichiko / Prototype Heavens Sword Abe Akiko

 Night Shadow Saki / Prototype Bicon Beetle Shou Fujiki

 Godai Jo

 Matsuda Ren

 Hikawa Jun

 Ayano Aki

 Kitakami Mutuki

 Shibue Ibuki

 Tokuyama Kanade

 Nakamura Yuu

 Taketa Oto

 Kaede Morikawa

 Emily Yukishiro

 Daisuke Kobayashi / MojaP (voice only)

Suit Actors

 Ito Kokoro

 Oshimi Fumino

 Tokugawa Eiko

 Nagase Nozomi

 Watanabe Jun

 Bunya Tofu

 Motooka Tsuguko

Action Director

 Iwanari Nico

Original Work

 Morishii Akiko


 Iguchi Toshiko

Music Producer

 MojaP / Daisuke Kobayashi


 Later OP


 Lyrics: Tachibana Zanki / Mayuzumi Shintaro

 Composition: Kagami Natsuki / Nekoyama Toa

 Arrangement: Kamishiro Hajime / Tenga Akira

 Song: Kenzaki Soshi / Shirogane Aqua

Late Insert Song

 [Intensifying boisterous dance]

 Lyrics: Hongou Hiroko

 Composition: Kobayashi Daigo

 Arrangement: Kobayashi Daigo

 Song: Kenzaki Soshi, Kamishiro Hajime, Tachibana Zanki, Kagami Natsuki

Chief Producer

 Matsumoto Takako / Asahi TV


 Hongou Hiroko / Beryl Entertainment


 Masked Driver Heaven’s Sword Production Committee

Special Thanks

 To all the people involved in the Driver and all the Driver fans

 When the song ends, the scene switches to the night city. It’s the C part. Most likely, at this moment, most viewers have their mouths wide open, watching the screen. And to add to that, there is the director, Hongou Hiroko.


 In the pouring rain, a woman collapses. A man, played by Mayuzumi Shintaro-kun, rushes to her side.

 ”Are you okay!?”

 He lifts the woman in his arms. She seems to relax, or perhaps she loses consciousness. As the screen fades to black, only the words “next round” and the sound of rain remain, signaling the end of Part C.

 ”Can you keep up with this speed?”

 Along with Kenzaki’s voice, a video hinting at the upcoming Heaven’s Sword is played.

 ”In a world accelerating and with the intensifying battle against Chijo, can we survive?”

 Do the people watching this video truly understand? I worry that the recent Hoge-lar Wave might have interrupted their comprehension.

 ”Masked Driver, Heaven’s Sword! 2nd ROUND!”

 The words appear boldly on the screen before quickly transitioning.

 ”The battle moves on to the next stage! Broadcasting resumes in two weeks!”

 In a cheerful and light-hearted scene, Nekoyama Toa-kun’s adorable figure appears on the screen, holding a sign with both hands in the lower right corner.

 Um! Toa-kun is cute today too!

 The screen switches, and Shirogane Aqua-kun, who plays the role of Kenzaki Souji, smiles at us in front of the screen.

 ”Let’s all support the relay race with us next week!”

 ”We, Beryl Entertainment, support the women’s relay race.”

 ”Now, who will grab the glory! A thrilling battle awaits you!”

 ”Everyone, let’s do our best not to get injured, even if we push ourselves!”

 Yes, this is probably Beryl’s consideration. Otherwise, there might be a riot… Either way, it’s inevitable to have a break here in terms of the schedule, as it would be tough for the production staff.

 ”Well then…”

 I get up and head to the shower.

 While taking a shower, I think about Shirogane Aqua-kun.

 I’m sorry, but I had been looking down on male actors until I met him.

 In fact, I’ve been disappointed by male casts countless times on set. This is something almost all female actors have experienced.

 Yet, with him and his companions, Tenga Akira-kun, Mayuzumi Shintaro-kun, and Nekoyama Toa-kun, I thought they were all actor colleagues worthy of respect, with ambition and the ability to grow, even though they were initially hesitant.

 Among them, Shirogane Aqua-kun stood out from the beginning and is undoubtedly a better actor than me. I understand why Kohina Yukari-san is enthusiastic.

 I’m glad to be involved in this wonderful work.

 I honestly think so. That’s why I felt I had to do my best. In order to continue to work with such wonderful actors in the future, I also have to continue to make an effort.


 I tried to go running with that momentum as soon as I got out of the shower.

 However, I noticed that I was naked at the front door, so I went back to my room.

 Phew, that was close. I hate to say it, but I’m absent-minded when I’m not acting.

 I was just about to take a bold walk and become the talk of the New Year.

 I can’t tarnish a splendid work by becoming a topic of gossip.


 I put on clothes again and left the house for my daily run.

 By the way, I forgot to take the key with me, so I couldn’t get back into the house. But that’s another story.

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