Male Idol V11c28

Volume 11 Chapter 28 Bulletin Board, 5Th Driver

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

[Kenzaki Resurrection Ritual] Masked Driver, Heaven’s Sword Live Commentary Main Thread [Happy New Year Heaven’s Sword]
1 774 *Hi-P3erver
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3 Anonymous
Saba-chan, good job. You’re funny, going all out from the start
5 Anonymous
I’ve been at my limit since last week
8 Anonymous
Holy Aqua Religion was doing the Kenzaki resurrection ritual every day
11 Anonymous
There were a lot of sisters this week
Do you want to offer a prayer with us for Kenzaki’s resurrection?
14 Anonymous
That, if you pray, they’ll give you a lot of things
Especially the newsletter is recommended. There’s a lot of information about Aqua-sama that you can only find there
For example, it contains information about things Aqua-sama has been into recently, things he bought, and where he found out about them. Normally, this information is only distributed to members of the church, but during times like this, it’s also distributed to the general public
18 Anonymous
After the Heaven’s Sword ends, I’ll go and ask them about it
21 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Stop! That’s their modus operandi!! At first, they lure you in with free communion cookies and Holy Aqua Water, and before you know it, you’ve become a sister!! Got it? Never get close to the Holy Aqua Religion!
24 Anonymous
You’re doing a good job in that regard
27 Anonymous
It’s about to start!
30 Anonymous
I want Kenzaki to stand up as if nothing happened
32 Anonymous
I believe there’s still a chance
35 Verification Team *010meTA473
Here it is!
36 Anonymous
Here it is!!
37 Anonymous
Here it is!
38 Anonymous
I’ve been waiting!
39 Anonymous
I’ve been waiting forever!
40 Anonymous
This past week felt really long..
43 Anonymous
45 Anonymous
Opening Kenzaki!!
47 Anonymous
49 Anonymous
I won’t forgive you, Ego-ist!!
51 Anonymous
Ego-ist is spreading too much hate. I wonder if the person behind it is okay
53 Anonymous
Butterfly Mask is truly beautiful. I’ll buy the figure as soon as it comes out
56 Anonymous
Butterfly Mask is more like a completed design itself rather than just a Driver. Heaven’s Sword modernizes the classic design, making it sharper and simpler. Poison Chalice is a bit too edgy; surprisingly, it’s closer to the old Drivers than Heaven’s Sword. Lightning Hopper is the opposite of sleek and has a unique heaviness that makes it popular
58 Anonymous
The last two episodes of Heaven’s Sword made me feel very nervous because of Toa-chan
He suddenly makes me aware of him as a boy, and it’s really hard..
59 Anonymous
His scream just now showed how manly he is
62 Anonymous
Ego-Ist, you bastard!
64 Anonymous
Is the person inside Ego-Ist really okay!?
66 Anonymous
It’s funny how the board people are worried about the person inside Ego-Ist
69 Anonymous
Oh no… Kamishiro too..
71 Anonymous
There’s no way this is a bad end, right!?
75 Anonymous
If that happens, Director Hongou’s life will be in danger
78 Anonymous
What’s going to happen now?
80 Anonymous
Commander Tajima is here!
82 Anonymous
Tajima! Please do something!
83 Anonymous
Show us your womanhood!
85 Anonymous
Commander Tajima, please help everyone
88 Anonymous
91 Anonymous
Commander Tajima has taken the belt!
92 Anonymous
Wow, Commander Tajima is so cool today
94 Anonymous
Yes! Keep wearing the Ego-Ist!
96 Anonymous
Inko, will you resume live streaming the otome game after Heaven’s Sword is over?
98 Anonymous
Give her a break during the New Year’s! LOL
99 Anonymous
Inko-chan, not only on social media but also on the bulletin board, you’re being monitored. LOL
102 Anonymous
103 Anonymous
It’s here!
105 Anonymous
The commander henshin here is so exciting!
108 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
Commander Tajima appeared on Driver 20 years ago
I used to watch it too when I was a kid, and back then she was a regular girl who admired the Driver
I never thought she would transform after 20 years. I’m happy as a Driver fan
110 Anonymous
She’s a real pro
111 Anonymous
I thought there was a pro here, but it was a lady
113 Anonymous
Prototype Zero is awesome. It’s a bit bulky, but I like the gray color and the rough look!
115 Anonymous
Go Commander Tajima
We’re with you, same generation!!
117 Anonymous
The star of our generation, Commander Tajima, please do it! Protect the boys!!
120 Anonymous
Driver Kick!!
121 Anonymous
This kick is hot!!
126 Anonymous
Did she do it!?
127 Anonymous
Did she do it!?
133 Anonymous
So stubbornnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!
135 Anonymous
The Ego-Ists are too stubborn lol
138 Anonymous
140 Anonymous
141 Anonymous
Go for it, Tachibana-san!!
143 Anonymous
SYUKUJYO members, do your best!!
145 Anonymous
Good. You are pushing!!
148 Anonymous
149 Anonymous
Run fast, LOL
151 Anonymous
Ego-Ist, are they just like Tora-uma?
They run away when it gets bad. Chijo says they can manage risk, but they are just scared…
154 Anonymous
Night Shadow…
156 Anonymous
Night Shadow, she couldn’t move at all before
It must be hard…
159 Anonymous
Tora-uma’s nasty attack is working now
They were targeting Kagami, who had a secret, Tachibana, who seemed to have darkness, and Night Shadow
162 Anonymous
Tora-uma-san’s whisper did not work at all on Kenzaki, so they wouldn’t even take a step closer..
165 Anonymous
Can’t help it. Kenzaki is like, he will purify you if you just get close to him
168 Anonymous
Oh no, I cried
It must have been painful
170 Anonymous
Hey! Come out, the kid who made Night Shadow-chan cry!
Teacher always tell you not to do that!
173 Anonymous
Good luck!
175 Anonymous
178 Anonymous
Lately, Toa-chan is showing his coolness and it’s hard
180 Anonymous
Toa-chan looks cute, and he has a devilish feeling, but he also has a boyish side
184 Anonymous
Kagami-chan hot!
186 Anonymous
So hot
188 Anonymous
Ah, I want to be the wall of Driver headquarters
And cheer for the boys of Driver
191 Anonymous
I saw a vision of that wall being destroyed by Chijo’s attack
195 Anonymous
I would consider it a blessing if it were destroyed by Driver’s attack
198 Anonymous
THE ZEN is here!
201 Anonymous
Let me explain what THE ZEN is. It started as a joke when Kamishiro went to a temple for training and mistakenly pronounced “Zazen” as “THE ZEN.” By the way, at that time, Kenzaki cleared the waterfall training without any problems, but Kamishiro fainted while being hit. It is considered a kind of enlightenment
205 Anonymous
Caliburn is strong, but it clearly doesn’t go well with Poison Chalice
207 Anonymous
Caliburn-san is clearly taking away the good points of Poison Chalice. Because of its large size, Poison Chalice loses his agility
210 Verification Team *010meTA473
I think Caliburn should be used by Heaven’s Sword. But why is it a sword when it’s mostly about kicks?
213 Anonymous
215 Anonymous
Come to think of it, no one has ever questioned that before
218 Anonymous
220 Anonymous
Kenzaki lying down…
221 Anonymous
After reading too many naughty books, when I see a sleeping boy, I feel like “playing a prank” on him
223 Anonymous
Oh, sorry for interrupting on New Year’s. Officer, we have some bad guy here
225 Verification Team *07218KADO6
You guys, doing anything directly is a crime, so don’t do it. But if you just lick the drool and sweat on the sheets, you’re probably innocent!!
227 Anonymous
You’re a genius!!
230 Anonymous
That’s a crime, idiot!
231 Anonymous
While Tachibana-san is being serious, you guys..
233 Anonymous
Tachibana-san LMAO
235 Anonymous
Tsundere LOL
237 Anonymous
Tachibana-san likes Kenzaki too much
240 Anonymous
Night Shadow-san, I understand
242 Anonymous
Kenzaki, please wake up!
245 Anonymous
Night Shadow-san, it’s tough, isn’t it?
You can’t move forward or run away. There are many people like that in reality
248 Anonymous
252 Anonymous
Are all three of them riding motorcycles?
255 Anonymous
Toa-chan and Mayuzumi-kun got their motorcycle licenses too!
257 Anonymous
Now the four of them can go on a tour together!
259 Anonymous
Transforming while riding a motorcycle is a classic!
I wanted to see Kenzaki and the three of them together..
262 Anonymous
Great job, great job!
264 Anonymous
Butterfly Mask is fast and Poison Chalice has a lot of moves
Ego-Ist is forced to go on the defensive against this
266 Anonymous
I knew it, Poison Chalice is stronger if he doesn’t use Caliburn. It doesn’t suit his style
268 Anonymous
Isn’t Kagami-chan going too aggressive? He’s definitely going for the kill
271 Anonymous
Even if it drags on, they won’t have a chance. They should finish it while they still have energy. Everyone is already exhausted, and continuous battles will be tough
275 Anonymous
I still prefer Butterfly Mask or Poison Chalice. They whisper to my inner self, tickling the middle schooler that still resides within me
279 Anonymous
I understand. Butterfly Mask has an elegant and refined design that the previous drivers lacked. And Poison Chalice… well, it’s just irresistible with its bicep bulge
282 Anonymous
283 Anonymous
284 Anonymous
286 Anonymous
Ego-Ist, youuuuu!
288 Anonymous
Even though Kagami-chan has recently transformed..
290 Anonymous
I guess he was too naive, or rather, he took advantage of the opening too much
But I suppose that opening was intentionally created by Ego-ist
293 Anonymous
Kamishiro is like Tenga-kun, quite level-headed
He notices at the right timing when Kagami is about to step in, and he tries to stop him by calling his name
295 Anonymous
Both Tenga-kun and Kamishiro are really good at observing their surroundings
298 Anonymous
After all, Kagami-chan has recently transformed, and he lacks cooperation
If it were Kenzaki and Kamishiro duo, there might have been a chance
Those two used to fight all the time (mostly Kamishiro initiating) during part-time jobs, but their stability in battles was no joke
301 Anonymous
Basically, Kamishiro creates openings with his speed, and Kenzaki finishes them off. That’s a stable style
In this case, Kagami-chan replaced Kenzaki, but as Ego-Ist said, he lacks power compared to Kenzaki. He could make up for it by using his speed to break through in one point, like in the fight against Yan-de-Rue, but Ego-Ist didn’t give him that chance. They didn’t let him get enough distance to run with his good moves
304 Verification Team *010meTA473
Ego-Ist’s way of fighting is like they’re training the other Drivers
Poison Chalice is not the type who has a decisive blow that can finish off anyone
But instead, he is the best Driver for teamwork with other Drivers
If it’s Poison Chalice, he can cover both short and long distances, and the approach can be changed depending on the driver you fight with, which is also attractive. That’s why the driver who fights with Poison Chalice should not be taken out first. If Poison Chalice is left behind, there is nothing to decide the battle. That’s why Poison Chalice should have maneuvered to create a distance where Butterfly Mask can maximize firepower
If it’s just about the power of one shot, Heaven’s Sword or Lightning Burst, which can unleash the maximum firepower on data, would be the best choice. In this case, Poison Chalice should have fought alongside Lightning Hopper. When I think about it that way, it feels like the outcome was already determined with the initial combination
307 Anonymous
Lightning Burst is for romantic firepower
308 Anonymous
Shumi seems like she would talk really fast, LOL
310 Anonymous
Shumi… You were part of the Verification Team, huh!
313 Anonymous
Night Shadow-san, do your best!
315 Anonymous
Misa-chan, if you can stand up even when it’s tough, do it now
317 Anonymous
Kenzaki’s voice is hereeeee!
319 Anonymous
Even if Kenzaki is sleeping, Kenzaki is still Kenzaki
320 Anonymous
Even if Kenzaki is unconscious, Kenzaki is still Kenzaki
322 Anonymous
As expected, it’s Kenzaki. Even when he’s unconscious, he’s reliable
324 Anonymous
Ah, loli Night Shadow-chan was great
326 Anonymous
328 Anonymous
Shou-san seemed to have fun doing a high-five with Aqua-kun during the singing competition
329 Anonymous
The reason for fighting is the same as the first generation!!
331 Anonymous
332 Anonymous
This is quietly intense!
335 Anonymous
This is good. This is really good
337 Anonymous
Get back on your feet, Night Shadow-san!
339 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
I think there is meaning in Night Shadow rising here. Although Aqua and the others were the drivers this time, it was the women who connected the drivers to this point. I want to see Night Shadow fighting with Kenzaki and the others!
342 Anonymous
344 Anonymous
346 Anonymous
Kamishiro, you’re amazing!!
348 Anonymous
Instead of clinging to past glory, we should pass on the pride that has been inherited from our ancestors, even if we lose everything. Kamishiro, you’re still the best. You may be a joke character in part-time jobs, but I like you
350 Anonymous
353 Anonymous
355 Anonymous
Tachibana-san really loves Kenzaki, huh?
358 Anonymous
More like tsundere
361 Anonymous
Night Shadow-chan’s eyes are lighting up!!
363 Verification Team *010meTA473
The actress is really amazing. Even though it seemed like the light in her eyes had disappeared, it felt like she got fired up
366 Anonymous
368 Anonymous
Yessss, she did it!
371 Anonymous
Night Shadow, we’re counting on you!!
374 Anonymous
We’re right behind you!!
378 Anonymous
381 Verification Team *07218KADO6
The situation seems hopeless, but Kenzaki won’t give up
384 Anonymous
Thank you!
386 Anonymous
She won!
Night Shadow completely overcame it
389 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
This is so hot
I can’t comment because there is no commercial break
Like Shumi-san and Nee-san, they can type without looking at their phones while watching TV
392 Anonymous
Wow wow wow wow wow!
394 Anonymous
She foresaw it!
397 Anonymous
Night Shadow has been fighting all this time, so she can’t lose to anyone in combat experience
Now, it’s time for SYUKUJYO, and for women, to show their pride. Go, Night Shadow! Take all of our feelings with you!!
401 Anonymous
The other SYUKUJYO members, do your best!!
403 Verification Team *010meTA473
Wait a minute!
The SYUKUJYO members are all former Drivers!!
406 Anonymous
You’re right!
409 Anonymous
Hey, no way lol
It’s not a mob!!
411 Anonymous
They look like extras in the back, but they are all drivers!!
413 Anonymous
Was the singing contest a flag? lol
416 Anonymous
Hongou, how much are you going to push us?
You’re trying to kill us, right? This..
420 Anonymous
Damn it! Tora-uma, you’re a coward!!
423 Anonymous
Even here, Tora-uma-san is doing something sneaky
427 Anonymous
Tora-uma-san, you’re a small fry even though you’re a leader
431 Anonymous
432 Anonymous
433 Anonymous
435 Anonymous
438 Anonymous
Damn! Is this the end!?
441 Verification Team *07218KADO6
443 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
446 Anonymous
The stag beetle is hereeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
449 Anonymous
Did Stag Beetle-san finally show his love?
451 Anonymous
I was waiting for you, Stag Beetle
I believed you would come for sure!!
454 Anonymous
Chinsuki, where have you been until now…
460 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
I almost choked on the mochi from the Zoni, and Hagetoru was rubbing my back half-heartedly until a while ago…
465 Anonymous
Be careful. They’ve been saying it on the national broadcaster news every day for the past few days…
Announcer Onidzuka also said on the early morning show, people who panic like Announcer Morikawa should be careful when eating mochi
466 Anonymous
You, you almost choked on mochi last year too, be careful!
470 Anonymous
472 Anonymous
Commander Tajima ride the bike with bandages wrapped around!
475 Anonymous
The belt is hereeeeeeeee!
478 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
This is the same belt as her mom
479 Anonymous
482 Anonymous
Go! Go! Gooooooo!
484 Anonymous
Oh no, I’m about to cry
488 Anonymous
490 Anonymous
This overlapping with her mom here is a divine production!
492 Anonymous
From parent to child, this is also a Driver!!
495 Anonymous
For now, turn off the heating
499 Anonymous
Everyone, turn off the heating already. From here on, it’s winter, but you’ll get heatstroke
501 Anonymous
503 Anonymous
Unexpectedly, all the members of Chijou are appearing!!
506 Anonymous
This is bad
510 Anonymous
Hey, Hongou! Don’t mess around!!
What did you do to Night Shadow and everyone else!
513 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Night Shadow’s eyes, they’re not dead. You can do it
515 Anonymous
Wow, the power type of Bicorn Beetle is so cool
518 Anonymous
I like this flashy feeling
520 Anonymous
Heaven’s Sword has a kickboxing style, but Bicorn Beetle has a boxing style, right?
523 Anonymous
This is hard
535 Anonymous
Go for it! Go for it!
538 Anonymous
Night Shadow, you can do it!! Don’t give up!!
540 Anonymous
541 Anonymous
542 Anonymous
545 Anonymous
Something came!
548 Anonymous
Hey, no way…
550 Anonymous
Here, the original Ro-Schutz-Marr!?
552 Anonymous
Hey, Hongou, hey
555 Anonymous
557 Anonymous
Isn’t it unfair for Chijou, who has been saved by everyone until now, to come here and defeat everyone?
560 Hakuryuu*XQshotacon
The script for Heaven’s Sword is too perfect, it’s the best
563 Anonymous
It’s this intense even without Kenzaki!
566 Anonymous
Are you watching, Ego-Ist?
And Tora-uma too
This is the power of our feelings
This is the result of what Kenzaki and the others have done!
568 Anonymous
570 Anonymous
Hyper Form!?
573 Anonymous
Did she go straight to the second stage as soon as she appeared!?
575 Anonymous
Hongou, you’re going too far!!
578 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
I quietly checked the program guide, and I thought today might be the final episode..
581 Anonymous
Are you me? lol
582 Anonymous
This is already the final episode, LOL
585 Anonymous
Oh no, this is not good. Even though it overlaps with the previous scene with her mom, this is cheating
589 Anonymous
Hongou is amazing for being able to do the classic route without being embarrassed
592 Anonymous
Note: Today is not the final episode, it’s still episode 18. We haven’t even reached the halfway point yet
596 Anonymous
I think Hongou is not doing the Heaven’s Sword in that dimension. Whether it’s episode 1 or episode 18, everything is made to feel like the final episode
601 Anonymous
Everyone is returning to their original selves
603 Anonymous
Night Shadow… you were able to save him properly!!
606 Anonymous
Could the Deep Love be the Bicorn Beetle? It’s also nice that it pairs up with the Heaven’s Sword. The Courageous Butterfly Mask and the Dignified Poison Chalice are clearly revealed, but what about the Lightning Hopper?
And in an interview for a children’s magazine, Director Hongou talked about love and deep affection. I wonder if the driver of Shin’ai will also appear? Or maybe something different..
610 Anonymous
The current feeling is like Heaven’s Sword
613 Anonymous
It changed from intense battle BGM to a mellow BGM, and that was really good
615 Anonymous
Where did Tora-uma go?
618 Anonymous
Tora-uma was enveloped in light earlier, but is there a chance that they were also taken?
620 Anonymous
Tora-uma, who is known for their speed, is running away again
624 Anonymous
625 Anonymous
626 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Ego-ist, still coming..
629 Anonymous
This is tough
631 Anonymous
632 Anonymous
Kagami, Kamishiro, and Tachibana are all too passionate!
635 Anonymous
The person inside the Ego-Ist suit, hugged by three boys, how can they stay normal?
I don’t know if they are an actress or a suit actor, but they are amazing lol
638 Anonymous
Ego-Ist, hey, you, there, switch with me
640 Anonymous
This is so enviable!!
642 Anonymous
This one is done for
They really made us angry!!
645 Anonymous
Since a while ago, the Ego-Ist who either teases the boys or has a good time, the board people are also jealous of them
649 Anonymous
No, honestly, the person inside is amazing
I’m jealous, but I couldn’t do this scene for sure
651 Anonymous
My tear glands burst for Night Shadow who fights even with her bare body
653 Anonymous
655 Anonymous
The Drivers who try to stop it somehow with their bare body here, they are too cool, right?
If I see this, I have to work hard too
657 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Hang in there, hang in there!
659 Anonymous
661 Anonymous
663 Anonymous
That was a good acting of an angry Ego-Ist
I bet they’re really pissed off
666 Anonymous
A little girl is here!
668 Anonymous
This is awesome!!
670 Anonymous
Yes! Stand up, ordinary citizens!!
673 Anonymous
We are not just ordinary citizens, you know
We are not just being protected!!
677 Anonymous
This is us, right?
680 Anonymous
Oh no, this is the most touching
I felt like I saw myself in the ordinary citizens
683 Anonymous
Do you see this, Kenzaki?
The people you have been protecting are here…!
685 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
Commander Tajima’s facial expressions and gestures are amazing
I could feel that she had a lot of emotions
688 Anonymous
The camera work is good
690 Anonymous
The 360-degree turn around the Ego-Ist here is too good
Hongou, are you still evolving here?
693 Anonymous
Good news, Hongou’s camera work is getting better
695 Anonymous
697 Anonymous
It’s awesome that the beetles fight here, desu~wa
700 Anonymous
There are rhinoceros beetles!!
702 Anonymous
Rhinoceros beetles confirmed!!
703 Verification Team *010meTA473
It’s hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
704 Verification Team *07218KADO6
It’s hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
705 Anonymous
707 Anonymous
I was waiting for thisssssssssssssssssssssssssss!
710 Anonymous
Revival crewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!
713 Anonymous
It’s written as Kenzaki and read as hero. It’s written as hero and read as Shirogane Aqua
716 Anonymous
I always believed!!
719 Anonymous
Whoa, earthquakes are only happening in my run-down apartment
The level of the ground shaking
722 Anonymous
Even though it’s a residential area, the cheers are crazy, LMAO
If I open the window, I can hear voices from all around
726 Anonymous
I heard a familiar sound of a motorcycle!
731 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Kenzaki, appearing at this timing is so cool
Also, it’s great that Shumi and Hagetoru are embracing each other, but I’m being crushed between their breasts
733 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
Heroes always come late. Even though we know, it’s still exciting
735 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
I’m speechless
Kenzaki is the main character after all
736 Anonymous
Sorry to keep you waiting, partner!
740 Anonymous
This is totally mutual love between the beetle and Kenzaki
744 Anonymous
I want to be Kenzaki’s beetle in my next life
746 Anonymous
The beetle has the best position, I laughed
752 Anonymous
Caliburn is hereeeeeeeeeee!
755 Anonymous
Caliburn for Kenzaki!!
758 Anonymous
Shumi is awesome LOL
760 Anonymous
I can’t see anything because of the tears!!
761 Anonymous
I thought Kenzaki looked blurry today, but it was just me crying
763 Anonymous
This is where Kenzaki takes Kamishiro’s feelings and what he has connected with Kamishiro!
765 Anonymous
Ah, I love Kenzaki the most
I can tell in a few seconds
768 Anonymous
Hyper form is crazy
769 Anonymous
The new song’s insert song is coming!
771 Anonymous
The first-gen red muffler is coming!!
773 Anonymous
It’s clearly unnecessary, but the red muffler is amazing!!
776 Anonymous
Wait a minute, wait a minute. I thought it would bulk up even more in hyper form like a Bicorn Beetle, but it’s the opposite!!
779 Anonymous
The upper body is pumped up, but Heaven’s Sword becomes sharper overall and simpler. And there’s the fluttering red muffler. Too cool
782 Anonymous
Isn’t this the final episode already!!
788 Anonymous
No, it’s episode 18. We’re not even halfway through, LMAO
790 Anonymous
793 Anonymous
A new move I’ve never seen before is coming!
795 Anonymous
“I’m going to save you now!?”
798 Anonymous
Is it a lie!?
800 Anonymous
Ah… this part is good
804 Anonymous
Earlier, Director Hongou set up a scene with a 360-degree turn, making it look like Ego-ist versus everyone. It was clear that Ego-ist was the enemy, and only they were portrayed as the bad guy. But Kenzaki is different. Kenzaki goes to save even Ego-ist. How intentional was Director Hongou with this?
809 Anonymous
Time travel!?
811 Anonymous
813 Anonymous
Kenzaki, you’re a hero!
816 Anonymous
Time is going back..
818 Anonymous
Uh-oh, my mouth has been hogeing for too long. I might have caught the Hoge-lar Wave
820 Anonymous
Huh? Isn’t that Egoist, the coffee shop lady from the first generation?
822 Verification Team *07218KADO6
824 Anonymous
Stop doing this, seriously…
826 Anonymous
I thought I heard that somewhere before…
This person, didn’t they retire? Hey, this is not fair…
828 Verification Team *010meTA473
Huh? That move, didn’t I see it somewhere before?
830 Anonymous
Hongou, you, don’t do the All-Star with Driver!
Good, do more!!
833 Anonymous
835 Anonymous
Here comes Shou-san again!!
838 Anonymous
I cry when Misa-san meet her mom
841 Anonymous
Miracles do happen, huh
Well, this time now is like a miracle for us too
845 Anonymous
Director Hongou, you, you mess up our feelings since New Year, right?
847 Anonymous
I think Director Hongou is very mean
850 Anonymous
What, not only Night Shadow-chan!?
Everyone is meeting someone! Toa-chan is meeting his mom, and Kamishiro is maybe their parents? I wonder who Tachibana and Kenzaki are… Wait, this is already making me tear up..
853 Anonymous
My friends… That’s great. That’s so great!
855 Anonymous
858 Anonymous
It’s unfair that everyone is lined up for the transformation!!
860 Anonymous
I can’t say anything anymore..
864 Anonymous
Everyone’s Driver Kick is so intense!!
866 Anonymous
Everyone did the Driver Kick!!!
869 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
872 Verification Team *010meTA473
Hmm? I feel like I’ve heard that voice somewhere before..
875 Anonymous
Did they win!?
878 Anonymous
In the end, Ego-Ist was saved, and they pushed back Chijo’s army. This is the final episode, right..
880 Anonymous
I feel like this is a good ending, but I also don’t want it to end. I want it to go on forever..
882 Anonymous
885 Anonymous
Night Shadow-san is addedddd!
888 Anonymous
The weird feeling from last time was because Night Shadow was missing!
890 Anonymous
The staff roll is good..
893 Anonymous
This afterglow is nice
896 Anonymous
900 Anonymous
Taketa Oto
Morikawa Kaede ←
Yukishiro Emily
902 Anonymous
Morikawa Kaede ← this guy LMAO
905 Verification Team *010meTA473
906 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
909 Anonymous
Congrats, Hoge-kawa! You finally made it to Chijo!
912 Anonymous
Morikawa, thanks for the first laugh, LMAO!
915 Anonymous
Morikawa, I love how you’re ruining this lingering excitement, lol
917 Anonymous
Oh my gooooood! I’m a student at Mary, and Yukishiro Emily-senpai was in it!
920 Anonymous
Wasn’t Yukishiro Emily-san the one who auditioned for Beryl?
923 Anonymous
And she was also in Carpe Diem’s PV, right? She was so stunning, but where else did she appear?
925 Anonymous
Wait a minute, I just realized, Tora-uma’s person, Tachibana Tsukiko, is related to Zanki!?
928 Anonymous
Wait, does that mean there’s a theory that Tora-uma is Zanki’s mother?
931 Anonymous
Hongou, stop putting foreshadowing in the staff roll, okay? We can’t let our guard down
934 Anonymous
Now, once I finish watching the staff roll, I’ll take a bath
937 Anonymous
Hey, cut it out. Don’t go building strange flags, lol!
940 Anonymous
The C part is hereeeee!
942 Anonymous
I wonder who it is..
944 Anonymous
Oh, it’s Awashima-san!
946 Anonymous
Awashima-san is here!
948 Anonymous
Awashima-san, does that mean Tora-uma!?
951 Anonymous
Hey! Huh? Hey, is this!?
953 Anonymous
So, is Tachibana the one who will save Tora-uma after all?
955 Anonymous
957 Anonymous
960 Anonymous
962 Anonymous
The next episode preview is hereeeee!
966 Anonymous
2nd round!?
968 Anonymous
And next week is a break!?
969 Anonymous
Wait a minute!
Next week, it’s a break!?
971 Anonymous
The signboard Toa-chan is cute!
974 Anonymous
Ekidennn (relay raceeeee)
976 Anonymous
978 Anonymous
They’re considering it properly
980 Anonymous
To be honest, it’s inevitable for the staff to take a break here too
983 Anonymous
It ended at a good part, huh
985 Anonymous
We’re going to be kept waiting for two weeks in this state…
987 Anonymous
It was nice to see the name of Crutch Department Head’s Chief Matsumoto in the final staff credits
989 Anonymous
Verification Team, suddenly disappeared. Is everyone okay? Is Hoge-lar Wave affected everyone?
991 Anonymous
Even though I wrapped my head in aluminum foil, I couldn’t prevent the Hoge-lar Wave at all!
994 Anonymous
There are people who are being fooled, lol LMAO
996 Anonymous
Looking forward to next week. Everyone, do your best!
1000 Anonymous
If it’s 1000, thank you to all the drivers!! Thank you for last year. Let’s keep it up this year!
1001 3510 *ULTi-Hi-P3:
Glad I endured..
It’s okay now, right? There’s nothing more crazy than Heaven Sword, right?

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