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Volume 11 Chapter 31 Shirogane Kanon, Congratulations Announcement

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 After eating osechi with everyone, Aqua and I got into the same car with Ako-san, Nee-san, Kaede-senpai, and Pegonia, and headed to the hotel in Tokyo that the Prime Minister had prepared.

 I’m no longer a member of the Stars Kingdom, but it is considered an obligation for the royal family to announce the pregnancy.

 Aqua, who knew about this, consulted with the Prime Minister and the royal family, and they organized this public announcement for the sake of the Stars people.

 Phew… I was having fun and forgot about it until a moment ago, but I’m starting to get a little nervous about this official event…

 The people of this country are all kind, so even though I might receive harsh comments on the bulletin board, I believe they will celebrate with me. But that doesn’t mean I’m not anxious.

 I gaze at Aqua’s profile next to me. Then Aqua notices my gaze, and he looks at me and smiles.

 ”What’s wrong? Are you nervous?”

 ”Yeah… um, I guess I’m a little nervous.”

 ”I see. But don’t worry. I’m here, so you can relax.”

 Aqua gently places his palm on the back of my hand.

 It feels warm…

 ”Besides, Kaede will be on stage, and Kotono will be behind the scenes in case anything happens, right?”

 ”Yeah, that’s right! This Kaede-chan will be the host, so leave it to me! And if anything happens, I’ll use my power and my Hoge-lar wave to handle it!”

 Kaede-senpai rolls up her sleeves and shows her arm.

 I wonder what Hoge-lar wave really is… Is it okay to ask?

 ”Yes, even if something happens, we’ll definitely protect you, so please don’t worry.”

 Both Kaede-senpai and Aqua give a thumbs up. They’re both so kind.

 ”And besides, if something happens, the Prime Minister said she’ll do a Rolling Thunder dogeza apology, right? So everything will be resolved, don’t worry.”

 Aqua’s words made everyone break into smiles.

 ”It would have been great if Emily could come too. With that chest armor, she would make a great shield.”

 ”By the way, Emily-san said she’s going to work part-time even during the New Year. I hope it’s not some shady job…”

 ”Oh, I know. But it’s probably another sketchy job anyway.”

 Indeed, I have a really bad feeling about this.

 I hope it’s not some weird job, but rather a normal one… And I have this feeling that even if Kaede-senpai tries to use Emily-senpai as a shield, Emily-senpai would probably hide behind Kaede-senpai first. I can vividly imagine that, even without trying.

 ”Well then, let’s go.”

 As we were talking, we arrived at the hotel where the press conference was going to be held. We got out of the car and entered the hotel.

 When we opened the door to the waiting room prepared for the press conference, a large shadow passed by in front of us.

 In the air, the spinning figure landed, sliding on her knees while bowing her head. I recognized that figure instantly.

 ”Prime Minister!?”

 The Prime Minister stood up, blushing slightly, perhaps embarrassed to be seen.

 ”I’ve perfected the Rolling Thunder dogeza for today.”

 ”Oh… um, thank you?”

 Aqua, you’ve turned the last part into a question!

 This is the first time I’ve seen the Prime Minister do a live Rolling something dogeza, and it’s such an acrobatic move. Is she okay? No, it really looks like she’s just fooling around…

 ”It’s about time, shall we go?”

 We changed into our outfits in the waiting room, got our hair and makeup done, and headed to the press conference together.

 I’m wearing a simple dress, but Aqua is in a sharp suit. Wow, this is amazing! Aqua in a suit looks really cool. I actually wanted to enjoy seeing Aqua in a suit even more, but I’m so nervous that my heart is pounding. Aqua seemed to notice that, as he held my hand all the way to the venue.

 It’s strange… I’m not usually like this. I don’t usually get nervous or anxious.

 Maybe that’s why Aqua and everyone else seemed so reliable today.

 ”Well then, Morikawa, let’s go!!”

 When Kaede-senpai entered the venue first, it became a little noisy. It seems that the TV broadcast has already started, as the monitor backstage is showing the live footage.

 ”Um, sorry to keep you all waiting. I will be the host for today. I’m Morikawa Kaede from the national broadcaster.”

 Kaede-senpai greeted everyone with a skilled talk, creating a relaxed atmosphere in the room.

 When I see her like this, I can’t help but think she’s really an announcer. I can’t believe she’s the same person who was just stuffing mochi into her ozoni and getting her back slapped by Emily-senpai.

 ”Now then, I would like to give a New Year’s greeting and report on behalf of Shirogane Aqua-san and Shirogane Kanon-san, both of whom are affiliated with Beryl Entertainment.”

 Aqua and I, who entered the venue through Kaede-senpai’s introduction, bowed and then took our seats that had been prepared.

 ”Happy New Year. Thank you all so much for your support last year. I would be delighted if you could continue to support us this year as well. And today, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all of you for taking your precious time early in the new year for me, Shirogane Aqua, and my wife Kanon.”

 The venue was filled with warm applause.

 Aqua turned his smile towards me once, then redirected his gaze towards the camera.

 ”I have something personal to announce to all of you today.”

 The audience murmured at Aqua’s words.

 This information hasn’t been leaked anywhere yet. Unlike the usual casual Aqua shown to the press, his serious expression and atmosphere made some reporters look worried or anxious.

 ”I would like to take this opportunity to announce that my wife, Kanon, and I are expecting a child.”

 Wow, it’s so dazzling!

 Despite being bombarded with an incredible amount of flashes, I managed to keep my smile intact.

 ”First of all, I would prefer to refrain from answering questions regarding the gender of the child or the due date at this time.”

 While holding my hand under the table, Aqua speaks to me in a calm tone, slowly and deliberately. Even in the midst of the press conference, Aqua proves to be reliable and dependable, making me feel a little flustered.

 ”Today’s press conference is made possible by the cooperation of the Japanese government, the Stars Royal Family, and the national broadcaster. We are formally announcing this to all of you as a way to report and express our gratitude. Thank you very much.”

 I bow along with Aqua.

 ”Well… let’s end the formal greetings here, shall we?”

 As Aqua shows his usual smile, the tension in the room seems to dissipate, and the familiar atmosphere begins to fill the air.

 ”To all the members of the press, the staff, and Announcer Morikawa, I apologize for interrupting your New Year’s holiday.”

 Aqua speaks in a frank and humble manner, often bowing his head. I think this is also what makes people like him. Now, Aqua’s talk has come to a close, and Kaede-senpai takes the mic again.

 ”Alright. As I mentioned earlier, we will now move on to the question segment. Today, I want to finish quickly and go home to celebrate the New Year, so I will only focus on questions from the three companies I selected with my Power Choice. If you have any complaints, we can settle it with an arm wrestling match.”

 Kaede-senpai’s talk is overbearing. Some voices criticize her, saying things like, “You were half asleep even during the singing contest,” or “What is this Power Choice? There’s no one who can beat you in arm wrestling.” But everyone is laughing and grinning.

 It’s already known to everyone that Kaede-senpai is my senior and I’m her junior, and I think everyone realizes that she’s saying this to not burden me.

 ”Um, first of all… the person all the way on the right, please.”

 Kaede-senpai called out the Fuji TV person first.

 ”Um, first of all, congratulations on your pregnancy!”

 ”Thank you very much.”

 I also expressed my gratitude along with Aqua.

 ”Um, we have asked for up to three questions in advance, so first, Aqua-san, Kanon-san, could you please share your honest feelings when you found out about the pregnancy at that time?”

 Aqua looked at me and asked if he should answer first or later.

 I really like this about Aqua.

 ”I was genuinely happy. It’s difficult to express in words, but when I realized that I was going to become a parent, I felt a stronger sense of responsibility and the need to be more responsible.”

 I then received the microphone from Aqua.

 ”I was initially surprised and panicked, not knowing what to do. But when I saw Aqua’s face, which was unchanged as always, I felt calm and filled with joy, realizing that we were going to have a child.”

 Even now, I feel incredibly calm because Aqua is by my side.

 I stole a glance at Aqua’s face.

 ”Thank you very much. Now, if I may predict, it has probably been a few days since then. Could you please tell us how you both feel now that things have settled a bit?”

 I took a breath and answered the question.

 ”Well, the feeling of happiness hasn’t changed even now, but the more I think about things like childbirth and parenting, the more anxious I become. After all, there is another life, the life of our baby, here. So, I want to see this anxiety in a positive light and gradually do everything I can for this child’s sake.”

 I will hand the microphone to Aqua next.

 ”I can’t say I have no worries when it comes to children, but I think I can manage with Kanon by my side. However, Kanon is just as important to me as our child, so I have become even more determined to take care of her. I’m sure she has more worries than I do.”

 Aqua, he’s really considering my feelings too.

 What should I do? I like him. He’s not just stealing glances, he’s staring at me normally.

 ”Now, for the last question. You mentioned that you don’t want to answer about the gender of the child at this point, but if it’s a boy or a girl, could you tell me what you would like to do once they’re born?”

 Aqua turned his face towards me.

 Yeah, if it’s a question like that, I think I can answer.

 I whispered, “I’m fine with it.”

 ”Well, if it’s a boy, I definitely want to play together. Personally, I have a longing for fishing or camping on a trip with my son. And it seems fun to play games with the family, so I want to try that too. If it’s a girl, maybe shopping. But even girls might want to go fishing with their dad, so I hope we can find something that the child wants to do together as a family. What I want to do with me or Kanon might be different from what the child wants to do, so I don’t want to force it too much. However, for family trips or family events, it’s important to develop social cooperation, so I would like to make sure we do those properly.”

 Oh, he’s thinking way more than I am. Huh? I have to comment after this!? Where did Aqua, who was all lovey-dovey and distracted by the breasts of Toa-chan and Mayuzumi-kun’s moms just now, go?

 [Pirorirorin, pirorirorin]

 Huh? What’s this? All of a sudden, the alarms on our phones went off.

 And this sound, it’s a national defense alert, right? Eh? Does this only happen when missiles are flying or some country starts a war? Eh? Is everything okay!?

 Oh, the Prime Minister is coming out from the wings, whispering something to Kaede-senpai.

 Is, is, is everything okay!? The atmosphere in the venue got tense when the Prime Minister appeared.



 Aqua tightly holds my hand.

 ”It’s okay, no matter what happens, I’ll protect you.”


 Aqua is so cool that it makes my heart race.

 Ugh… I guess Aqua being all lovey-dovey about breasts is just right.

 If I spend 24 hours with Aqua, I might go into heat and not be able to sleep at night.

 ”Well, there were absolutely no issues with the national defense alert, so I’d like to continue as it is. Please, everyone, if you’re concerned, check your mobile phones and confirm the content of the alert.”

 I wonder what happened. Aqua and I left our smartphones with Nee-san, so we can’t see it, and it bothers me a bit. But looking at the reactions around me, I can see some wry smiles here and there, and overall, the atmosphere seems relaxed, so it should be okay.

 ”Now, Shirogane Kanon-san, please.”

 I received the microphone from Aqua.

 ”I thought that if it’s a boy, well, um… Dad looks really cool, so maybe they’re being compared. So, I thought it would be good to start by listening to the child’s story and being there for them. And for a girl, it would be nice to go shopping or have fun together with matching outfits or something. I saw it in magazines, and I admire that kind of thing.”

 Compared to Aqua’s answers, my answer seems a bit more serious, huh? I hope everything is okay. Well then…

 ”Thank you both for sincerely answering the questions! Once again, congratulations to Kanon-san on her pregnancy! We pray that both mother and child will have a safe and smooth delivery. With that, we conclude the questions from Fuji TV. Thank you very much for holding this press conference!”

 We bowed in return to show our gratitude to the reporters. It’s wonderful how this country has a culture of reciprocating gratitude. Oh, so that’s why the Prime Minister bows every day. I see… I thought it was just a joke or something, but it seems there’s a deeper meaning to it. I still have a lot to learn.

 ”Now, if anyone has any further questions, please raise your hand.

 The reporters all raise their hands in response to Kaede-senpai’s words.

 ”Alright then, the person in the back-right, please go ahead.”

 The person chosen by Kaede-senpai takes the microphone.

 ”I’m from the Japanese newspaper. First, I would like to ask Shirogane Aqua-san a question. It seems that you have already informed the other Beryl members, but could you tell us what kind of reactions you received from everyone? If you don’t mind, could you please share?”

 I heard that everyone congratulated Aqua, but today he received congratulations from all the Beryl members again. Tenga-senpai brought a lot of baby gifts, and Aqua teased him for being too early. Grandmother also brought a baby bed, and even though we don’t know yet if it’s a boy or a girl, the nursery is already getting filled up…

 ”Well, first, Tenga-senpai, I received many congratulations for being early. I was happy to receive congratulations from Shintaro. However, Toa said, apart from the congratulations, that he’s already feeling fear for my child. I wonder why!?”

 There was laughter from the press at Aqua’s response.

 Yeah, I understand Toa-chan’s feelings. If the baby boy born looks just like Aqua, what should we do? I’m thinking the world’s women might all become moms at this rate. Everyone might say they raised him.

 ”Thank you. Now, for the next question to Kanon-san, did you receive blessings from Verif——the Stars Royal Family and your grandmother? If you don’t mind, I’d be happy if you could tell me.”

 She almost said ‘Verification Team’ just now, didn’t she?

 Yeah, I understand. What she really want to know is about that, right? But I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that and just answer the question normally. Because, you know, I can’t afford to have my secret otaku activities and embarrassing past words and actions exposed.

 ”I received normal congratulations and celebration words from my family. Grandmother seems even happier than me. Every day, it seems like she’s going somewhere for prayers. Also, my sister, Hermie, is currently participating in Beryl’s audition. I got words like ‘Congratulations, big sister’ from there too.”

 I think the last time I had a proper conversation with mom was at the wedding. At that time, mom apologized again. Keeping a distance from each other, giving up the right of succession, and being able to talk as just a mother and daughter, not as a queen and princess, was really good, I think.

 ”Lastly, although there is still time until the birth, how do you both want to spend the time until then?”

 I hand the microphone to Aqua.

 ”Well, as I mentioned earlier, since Kanon is the one going through the most difficult and anxious moments, I want to be by her side as her husband and support her. And then, I hope we can calmly think about our child who will be born together.”

 If we were alone right now, we might have kissed.

 What should I do? I’m feeling aroused, and until now, I could have relieved it by being intimate, but from now on, that won’t be possible. But still, maybe I can find some comfort on my own…no, no, but I wouldn’t want it to have any impact on my body. Can I endure it properly until the birth? After giving birth and settling down, I might just pounce on Aqua…

 ”Thank you both for answering the questions so politely. Our company also extends its congratulations on the joyous news. Thank you for this heartwarming news at the beginning of the new year.”

 ”You’re welcome. Thank you as well.”

 As before, I bow my head in a polite manner.

 ”Now, I would like to make this the last. I also want to go home quickly and prepare for tonight’s broadcast of Onmyoji. Oh, the broadcast is on the national broadcaster. Please don’t forget, everyone! Look forward to the appearances of Shirogane Aqua-san and me, Morikawa Kaede!! Well then, if there are any questions, please raise your hand.”

 Indeed, Kaede-senpai is impressive. Whenever there’s an opportunity, she skillfully promotes the program.

 I think she has a minor role, right? I’m curious about what kind of role it is.

 ”Yes, then, the person on the far right… ah.”

 Huh? Is something wrong? Did she do something again?

 ”Excuse me. The person in the second row from the front, fourth person from the right, is that okay?”

 The staff member hands the microphone to the person who was called. Hmm? Their face is covered with a cap, but somehow, I feel like I’ve seen them somewhere recently…

 ”Oh, sorry! I’m a journalist from Seibaku newspaper.”

 Seibaku newspaper? I’ve never heard of that newspaper… Wait, what?! That voice and way of talking… Could it be Emily-senpai?! Why are you here?!”

 I direct my gaze towards someone backstage. Nee-san, who is there, also didn’t know and shakes her head seriously. Huh? Is this her part-time job for New Year’s?

 ”Well, you can answer either way, but… I think it’s something that many people are curious about. Were you proactive about having children?”

 Wait a minute! Emily-senpai?!”

 ”Yes, that’s right… I received a lot of encouragement proactively.”


 ”Is it because of Aqua-sama!? Or maybe even though Kanon-san is elegant… Does she also turn into a female leopard at night!?”

 Who’s a female leopard!! I-I-I-I-I would never do something embarrassing like that!

 ”I proactively made it happen on my own.”

 Are you kidding, Aqua!? That was Emily-senpai. She’s definitely just enjoying it… No, she’s only listening to her own desires!

 ”I see, I see. Well, thank you for the very informative response. Guhehe…”

 Oh, she just drooled. This is being broadcast nationwide, you know. She’s taking too many liberties just because we can’t see her faces! And why on earth is there a part-time job as a newspaper reporter? What’s going on!?

 ”Let me move on to the next question. The next question is, did you make any efforts to increase the number of times… um, I think everyone actually wants to know about that, don’t you think?”

 That’s something you want to know, right?! It’s not something everyone wants to know, it’s just something Emily-senpai personally wants to know!

 ”Well, it’s about setting the mood, you know. It’s important to create an atmosphere like ‘We’re doing it today.’ Even for girls, you know, there are various preparations that need to be done, and I think it’s like a manners thing as a man. But… I also think it’s okay to get excited together at once and go with the flow. So there’s not just one chance. Even if we fail, there’s a second or third chance. It’s important how you handle it and create the situation.”

 Aqua-san?! I’m embarrassed, you know?!

 Geez, I told you to pay close attention to your wife who’s sitting next to you, so look now! Look at my blushing face!!

 ”Also, if it’s about the number of times, it’s important to build up physical strength every day, but I think it’s also important to prepare various elements to liven things up.”

 ”F-for example… gulp…”

 ”Show a different side than usual. When you go to the pool in the summer, how about it? You change into a swimsuit, right? When you go to work, you wear a suit, and when you go to school, you wear a school uniform. Have you ever had a thrilling experience seeing someone of the opposite s*x in a different appearance than usual?”

 ”Yes, I have! Right now, I’m very happy to see Aqua-sama in a suit!”

 ”Thank you very much.”

 ”No, thank you for representing the viewers!”

 What’s going on? Hey, what’s going on here?

 I can strongly feel the danger of putting these two people together.

 I send a cold gaze to Kaede-senpai.

 Kaede-senpai, you knew this would happen, right? About what happened earlier, ah, you noticed Emily-senpai’s presence, ah, didn’t you?

 Huh? Did you nominate her because it seemed interesting? Don’t mess around! Because of what happened earlier, the fact that Aqua and I were doing a cosplay ecchi became known to the public! I might not be able to face the camera today.

 ”Now, let me ask the final question. I’d like both of you to answer it simultaneously.”

 What does ‘simultaneously’ mean? I look at Aqua, and we both hold one microphone together.

 ”Are you both happy right now?”

 Ah… is that what it means? I look at Aqua beside me, and we both nod slightly.

 ””Now, we are very happy!””

 ”Yes! Thank you very much!! Aqua-sama, and Kanon-san!! Congratulations!! With this, I would like to end the questions from Seihaku Newspaper. Thank you very much!”

 Warm applause came from the press members.

 Aqua and I expressed our gratitude once again to the press members and bowed towards the cameras before leaving the press conference venue.

 ”Well, since we have a little extra time, I would like to hold a press conference by the Prime Minister to fill the unnecessarily long but empty time.”

 ”Okay… let’s disperse, disperse and prepare for the evening news!”

 ”Ask for comments from the relevant parties? The Prime Minister’s press conference? I don’t really need to listen, do I?”

 Amidst the commotion, the side profile of the Prime Minister entering the press conference venue seemed sad, or maybe it was just me.

 Everyone, please be kinder to Prime Minister Habu….

 ”Kanon, are you tired?”

 Well, I ignored Aqua’s question. Emily-senpai’s question was good in the end, but the first two were really embarrassing. Is it okay to do this much?

 ”Sorry. But, I think Emily-san did it on purpose. And…”


 ”I thought that answering these kinds of questions properly is necessary to change the world in a good direction.”

 ”Hmm, well if that’s the case…”

 But, I was really embarrassed because I might be known as a naughty girl in the world!

 [Don’t worry, everyone already knows!]

 Pegonia, you don’t have to put up that sign!! And don’t try to read my mind! Geez! Geez! Geez!

 Aqua, Pegonia, and Emily-senpai, you’re definitely just playing with me, right?

 Hmm, I guess I’ll pout a little longer!

 After that, I was spoiled a lot by Aqua at home, and I even forgot why I was pouting. Maybe I’m quite simple-minded? …No, that’s probably not the case. Yeah, yeah, let’s go with that.

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