Male Idol V11c32

Volume 11 Chapter 32 Bulletin Board, A Talented New Journalist Appear

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

[Prime Minister is an extra] New Year’s greeting from Aqua-sama [Shumi should die]
1 774 *Hi-P3erver
The server is in chaos!
I’m sorry for the late reply!
2 Anonymous
Otsu, Saba-chan, are you okay?
3 Anonymous
Otsu, Saba-chan, are you okay? Hang in there!
5 Anonymous
The thread title is hilarious!
8 Anonymous
I’m happy that we can see Aqua-sama from New Year’s
11 Anonymous
What kind of press conference is it? It’s not just a greeting, right?
14 Anonymous
Maybe it’s an announcement for a live or event? And also, Aqua-sama’s New Year’s resolution. Like what kind of work he wants to do, something like that. But, it’s Aqua-sama, so who knows
18 Anonymous
Anything warm and positive is fine. Please refrain from sad news at the beginning of the new year
21 Anonymous
There’s a chance we might see Aqua-kun in a kimono!
23 Anonymous
That’s true. By the way, I heard that everyone at Beryl’s mochi-pounding event will be wearing kimonos
27 Anonymous
I wish I could have gone to Beryl’s mochi-pounding event. They’ll be livestreaming it, but only those who won the Fan Club lottery can participate and receive mochi
32 Anonymous
Will everyone participate in the mochi-pounding event, not just Aqua-kun?
35 Anonymous
They will. In fact, everyone except John who is under contract with Beryl will participate. Since Nee-san isn’t here, I’ll post the list for you
List of Participants:
Shirogane Aqua, Tenga Akira, Mayuzumi Shintaro, Nekoyama Toa
Shirogane Kanon, Morikawa Kaede, Hongou Hiroko, Hakuryuu Aiko
MojaP, Nobu, Iwanari Nico, Atori Ako
Event Details:
– A New Year’s greeting from Atori Ako on behalf of the company
– A New Year’s greeting from Shirogane Aqua on behalf of the talent agency
– Mochi-pounding involving all employees, including the talent agency members. Only those who were selected in advance have the privilege of pounding mochi with the talent agency members
– Distribution of mochi by the talent agency members. Only those who were selected in advance can receive it
39 Anonymous
Nice job, otsu
41 Anonymous
I’m jealous of the person who won the mochi ticket
43 Anonymous
I also want to eat Beryl’s mochi
46 Anonymous
Rather, I want to become mochi and be kneaded by everyone
50 Anonymous
You’re being stubborn, huh
54 Anonymous
It’s about to start
58 Anonymous
Morikawa is here, the opening!
61 Anonymous
Wild something-san has arrived!
65 Anonymous
I faintly heard a request to retreat
69 Anonymous
LOL, who’s this journalist? So funny
72 Anonymous
Is today Morikawa’s day instead of Hogekawa’s?
77 Anonymous
Does it change depending on the day? Wow
83 Anonymous
When working together with Aqua-sama, she’s generally competent
86 Anonymous
87 Anonymous
89 Anonymous
Has it come?
91 Anonymous
Aqua-sama is here!
93 Anonymous
I’m happy to see Aqua-sama early in the new year
95 Anonymous
For now, let’s worship
98 Anonymous
I’m currently visiting my parents’ house, and it’s funny that all the elderly folks start worshiping Aqua-sama as soon as he appears
103 Anonymous
Be careful with that. I noticed it when I visited home; my grandma had joined the Holy Aqua Religion without me realizing
107 Anonymous
Well, if it’s the Holy Aqua Religion, it’s probably fine. They don’t take donations, make you buy strange pots or books, force you to subscribe to newspapers, or have rules like no blood transfusions. It’s more like a fan club, isn’t it?
111 Anonymous
What the Holy Aqua Religion is doing
– If you go to worship, you can eat snacks for free. They have a lot of Morinaga sweets
– They provide free meals at the park near the station. Mostly eggplants and lots of vegetables
– They let you stay overnight at the church after hearing your circumstances
– If you become a follower, they will help you find a job
– If you become a follower, they will lend you money. No interest, though
– You can receive a free newsletter called Aqua-kun Information Magazine
– They will crush all the shady businesses that use Beryl
– They will solve all the fraud cases involving Beryl
– They not only do daily cleaning activities but also patrol the surroundings
– They have free counseling services available in all 47 prefectures, and even in Stars if you want
Wait… isn’t this the religious organization I know!?
116 Anonymous
It’s hilarious that a religious organization is actually saving people. LMAO
120 Anonymous
LOL, that’s funny
121 Anonymous
Huh? Isn’t religion supposed to save people’s hearts? Isn’t it obvious?
124 Anonymous
– If you go to worship, you can eat snacks for free. ← This helps children from poor families
– They provide free meals at the park near the station. ← This helps people living in poverty
– They let you stay overnight at the church after hearing your circumstances. ← This helps people who don’t have a home
– If you become a follower, they will help you find a job. ← And many of them are from reputable groups like the Fuji Group
– If you become a follower, they will lend you money. ← There’s no interest and no repayment deadline, but there’s a limit to the amount
– You can receive a free newsletter called Aqua-kun Information Magazine. ← Reading it will save your heart
– They will crush all the shady businesses that use Beryl. ← The money will be returned properly
– They will solve all the fraud cases involving Beryl. ← Same as above
– They not only do daily cleaning activities but also patrol the surroundings. ← This reduces the crime rate in the area
– They have free counseling services available in all 47 prefectures, and even in Stars if you want. ← Better than the city hall
As expected from someone with the name Aqua. Always saving someone, LMAO
128 Anonymous
130 Anonymous
Getting straight to the point!
132 Anonymous
Just as expected from Aqua-sama, no unnecessary long preamble like the Prime Minister or Morikawa!
133 Anonymous
Exactly, Aqua
139 Anonymous
140 Anonymous
141 Anonymous
142 Anonymous
143 Anonymous
144 Anonymous
145 Anonymous
146 Anonymous
147 Anonymous
148 Anonymous
149 Anonymous
150 Anonymous
Shumi, die!
151 Anonymous
Shumi, die!
152 Anonymous
Shumi, die!
153 Anonymous
Shumi, die!
154 Anonymous
Congrats, Shumi
155 Anonymous
Congrats, wife-sannn!
156 Anonymous
Congratulations on dying, Shumi!
157 Anonymous
Congrats on not dying, Shumi!
158 Anonymous
Congrats, and oh, by the way, Shumi, die!
159 Anonymous
For now, just die, Shumi!
160 Anonymous
As my duty, I say Shumi, die, and then congrats
165 Anonymous
168 Anonymous
For now, as a duty, I’ll also say, Shumi, die
172 Anonymous
Do you want to congratulate or tell Shumi to die? Make up your minds, LMAO
176 Anonymous
Because everyone on the bulletin board is tsundere
183 Anonymous
So, are we all Ayana-chan, in other words!?
187 Anonymous
The bulletin board folks quickly take things in a convenient direction, LOL
192 Anonymous
Wait a minute, Aqua-sama has a child!?
201 Anonymous
Breaking news ticker appeared!
205 Anonymous
Social media crashed in seconds, LOL. That guy is definitely the weakest among the four heavenly kings
209 Anonymous
The bulletin board seems a bit unstable. We could handle the Heaven’s Sword, but maybe this news was too big to handle?
215 Anonymous
It’s been a bit unstable since before noon. Sometimes it won’t load..
218 Anonymous
Go, Saba-chan!
224 Anonymous
What a happy story to start the New Year
228 Anonymous
If it’s Aqua-sama and Shumi’s child, it wouldn’t be wrong to say it’s our child too, right!?
233 Anonymous
No objections!
235 Anonymous
I raised them!
238 Anonymous
Looks like there might be a surplus of older women with crossed arms, LOL
241 Anonymous
I cried since New Year
243 Anonymous
I understand
245 Anonymous
I understand. Because that Shumi is becoming a mom!
248 Anonymous
If I heard that Kanon-sama is becoming a mom, I feel like it’s okay. But if I heard that Shumi is becoming a mom, I can’t help but feel anxious. Am I the only one?
252 Anonymous
I understand, LMAO
254 Anonymous
Are you me?
257 Anonymous
With that loose-headed girl who was saying “Shumi-chan, great victory” becoming a mom, of course there’s nothing but anxiety
261 Anonymous
263 Anonymous
Absolutely, absolutely, don’t you dare expose her past messages!!
266 Anonymous
If you search the past logs, you’ll find a lot of embarrassing information about Shumi
270 Anonymous
You’re gonna get tons of cringe replies from Shumi, LOL. Like↓
40 Verification Team *010meTA473
Pyaa! My prince ♡♡♡
275 Anonymous
Hey, cut it out, LOL
277 Anonymous
Good job, do more, LMAO
281 Anonymous
It might be hard to believe, but sticking to her own word after marriage is impressive, LOL
257 Verification Team *010meTA473
Who’s just here for the fun! By the way, I did some naughty stuff with Aqua-sama earlier, so just to be sure, I bought a pregnancy test. Boy or girl? If it’s Aqua-sama and my kid, they’re definitely gonna be gorgeous, so life’s a win for sure
286 Anonymous
Hey! Shumi’s life is already at zero for sure when they see this later! Don’t post more embarrassing replies, LMAO
291 Anonymous
As expected of Shumi, she knew she became a slut when the time comes
297 Anonymous
It sounds dirty, LOL
300 Anonymous
Isn’t Hagetoru here? Did Hagetoru die instead of Shumi?
302 Anonymous
There’s a possibility that her brain got destroyed due to her best friend getting married and pregnant
Let’s leave her alone
305 Anonymous
I just realized, the Verification Team or any of the regulars are not here today
309 Anonymous
Could Morikawa’s strange behavior of carrying a flag before the end of the year be the reason?
She was rumored to be planning to participate in the Olympics or something
313 Anonymous
I wonder if Morikawa will participate in a world championship or something
I mean, she won a 100m race showing professional speed in a short distance
And she even broke the 10-second barrier, setting a world record. She shouldn’t be doing announcer work
318 Anonymous
As expected of the wild man Morikawa, her specs are different
322 Anonymous
You shouldn’t compare gorillas and humans, LOL
326 Anonymous
Gorillas can reach speeds of 40-50 kilometers per hour, which translates to around 11 seconds for the 100m dash. In other words, we humans are constantly competing with something superior
330 Anonymous
Haha, that’s hilarious
333 Anonymous
Seriously, Morikawa. She should quit being an announcer and become a sports athlete. It’s a waste!
337 Anonymous
There’s no job in this world more important than being Aqua-sama’s exclusive announcer
341 Anonymous
You’re so right, I can’t say anything against that
345 Anonymous
Aqua-sama looked cool in a suit, even though it wasn’t a kimono. Maybe it was a consideration for the Stars’ side
348 Anonymous
Power Choice, LOL
350 Anonymous
Hey, some weird word just came up
353 Anonymous
There ain’t anyone who can beat her in arm wrestling, okay!?
355 Anonymous
No human can beat a gorilla in arm wrestling, LOL!
358 Anonymous
During the singing competition, she was just sleeping, LMAO
360 Anonymous
What’s up with the press seats today, LOL? There’s a bunch of journalist with quick tempers. They’ve got nice voices though, LOL
364 Anonymous
At first, it was Fuji, but they made a move
367 Anonymous
It’s the safest choice, but if you know their relationship, you’d understand that they’re being considerate around here
371 Anonymous
Earlier, the sports journalist was annoying, but from Morikawa’s perspective, rather than Aqua-sama, it’s more about thinking of Shum——Kanon-sama. That’s why these choices happen. Fuji would never ask weird questions for sure
376 Anonymous
It’s safe, but it’s a good question
378 Anonymous
This kind of question is good for the beginning
382 Anonymous
It’s annoying that we’re both staring at each other right now. Shumi, please die
385 Anonymous
Ah, Aqua-sama, you’re so cool!
387 Anonymous
This is practically daddy material now..
390 Anonymous
With a dad like this, even I could bear a child
393 Anonymous
Shumi, die!
395 Anonymous
Is this lovey-dovey stuff?
398 Anonymous
This woman is planning to kill us with her lovey-dovey act!
401 Anonymous
They look happy, that’s great. Congratulations. But, as a duty, I’ll still say Shumi, die
404 Anonymous
She has been sneaking glances at Aqua-sama’s face! In her mind, she is probably thinking naughty things!
407 Anonymous
LMAO at this woman
410 Anonymous
Translation: I have Aqua’s child in my belly, so what?
This woman tried to take the upper hand, LOL!
415 Anonymous
Ugh, it feels like Shumi is showing off because of her past interests!
419 Anonymous
I should observe Kanon closely
422 Anonymous
Damn ittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!
426 Anonymous
Now, when I hit the wall at home, the neighbor also hit the wall and laughed out loud LOL
432 Anonymous
I want to become like Shumi. She’s beautiful, cute, a real princess, and her master is Aqua-sama, right!?
437 Anonymous
I don’t want to become like Shumi, but I want to become like Kanon-sama
440 Anonymous
There’s a reason she’s the number one girl that all girls want to become. I wish I had been born as Shumi too
444 Anonymous
448 Anonymous
Aqua-kun talks a lot
451 Anonymous
Amazing… Daddy Aqua really thinks a lot about children
456 Anonymous
Hey… Normally, guys don’t get involved in parenting, right?
But, what’s this? Huh? Aqua-kun, even with school and work, he’s taking care of the child?
462 Anonymous
I wanna be Aqua’s kid..
465 Anonymous
If I die now, could I maybe become one of their children?
Is it too late for that?
468 Anonymous
He has a wife too, so if I die now, maybe there’s a chance?
471 Anonymous
Is using a reincarnation lottery an option?
476 Anonymous
Maybe I should be reborn as one of their children..
Not just Daddy Aqua, but Mommy Kanon mom seems kind too. Even if it’s painful..
483 Anonymous
Hey hey, calm down about reincarnation!
486 Anonymous
488 Anonymous
489 Anonymous
What’s going on!?
492 Anonymous
National defense alert!?
495 Anonymous
What’s wrong!?
498 Anonymous
Hey, hey, is it okay?
501 Anonymous
Hey, it’s supposed to be a happy day. Stop it!
506 Anonymous
Some text appeared on the screen
509 Anonymous
513 Anonymous
What, is that what it means?
517 Anonymous
I don’t think there’s anyone who can’t see it, but just in case
Now, even if you die, you won’t be reborn as Aqua-sama’s children
If you die, you won’t be able to see Aqua-sama’s future achievements
Please prioritize life and future happiness and act accordingly
In difficult times, please call the various government agencies or the 24-hour emergency hotline for support
523 Anonymous
The Holy Aqua Religion is sending emails all at once
If you feel lonely, come to the religious group. They respond quickly
526 Anonymous
I’m a believer in the Holy Aqua Religion, but I received an email asking us to reach out to our neighbors and protect their lives
Even though I’m in the middle of a press conference, to not make Aqua-sama sad, I’ll visit the houses of the people in my neighborhood and ask if they’re doing okay
531 Anonymous
Your religion, seriously, what’s up with that? LMAO
535 Anonymous
Even though they’re a religious group, they’re getting close to people’s hearts, LOL, that’s hilarious
539 Anonymous
I think the government is doing a good job with the phone counseling service, you know. It’s tough to run it 24 hours. When I reached out for help before, they responded pretty quickly, and it did help me to some extent
But you know, it’s quite tough to reach out for help on your own, or rather, taking that first step is quite hard. Despite that, the Holy Aqua Religion is like Aqua-kun, they come to you without being asked. No wonder their followers are increasing
542 Anonymous
Darn it, I feel like joining the Holy Aqua Religion. Even though that group is definitely suspicious!!
545 Anonymous
Aa-sama: “It’s okay, no matter what happens, I’ll protect you.”
Hoge-wife: “Y-yeah…”
Hey, you guys! This is no time to be flirting around!!
549 Anonymous
Sorry. I wanted to die a moment ago, but when I saw Shumi’s maidenly face, I felt the will to live out of anger
552 Anonymous
She’s so carefree and lovey-dovey, that Shumi!! Aqua-sama is great. But Shumi is a no-go! Because I’m jealous!!
558 Anonymous
I’m laughing at the anger over Shumi’s sweet talk preventing people from committing suicide LOL
561 Anonymous
As expected of Shumi LOL
566 Anonymous
This is no time for foolish things like suicide! Is it okay to let Shumi keep sweet talking like this!? Someone ask more challenging questions to trouble her!!
572 Anonymous
Hey, mention the prime minister who showed up in the middle LOL
577 Anonymous
Sorry, I thought she was a staff member
583 Anonymous
Damn, Shumi is cute, damn
587 Anonymous
Honestly, I’ll admit that Shumi is cute. Because she is cute
592 Anonymous
To be honest, I understand Aqua-sama’s feelings because I like girls too. Actually, Shumi is cute. I saw her acting all cool during her middle school days on the internet, and I thought she was cute
If she were just Kanon-sama, I wouldn’t have liked her this much. I like Shumi’s Kanon-sama
599 Anonymous
Hey, seriously!?
603 Anonymous
I think there are many girls who like Kanon-sama as a romantic interest. After all, she’s cute, beautiful, and seems pure
608 Anonymous
The bulletin board users who learned the unexpected truth are hogeing
611 Anonymous
Breaking news! The Hoge-lar wave is being observed. LMAO
614 Anonymous
617 Anonymous
It’s becoming a chaotic New Year, LOL
620 Anonymous
Whenever Beryl, or rather Aqua-sama, gets involved, it becomes like this!!
626 Anonymous
Fuji TV was good
628 Anonymous
It was a good question
631 Anonymous
It was a question suitable for the leadoff hitter
634 Anonymous
Next is Japan Newspaper
639 Anonymous
What’s up? Morikawa today, solid
642 Anonymous
Japan Newspaper is serious, so they wouldn’t ask such probing questions
646 Anonymous
It’s the correct answer, but it doesn’t seem like Morikawa. I thought she would make a more daring choice here, like picking Emperor Sports
651 Anonymous
Japan Newspaper is influenced by the Sumeragi family, and Kanon-sama and Kukuri-sama have been close for three years. I don’t think they would ask provocative questions here
655 Anonymous
657 Anonymous
Wasn’t this a good question?
662 Anonymous
I wanted to know how Beryl’s group reacted to this
668 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai LOL
670 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai is too eager, the interpretation is on point, LOL
673 Anonymous
Tenga-senpai is cute, LOL
675 Anonymous
Mayuzumi-kun lives up to expectations
679 Anonymous
Toa-chan, LMAO
682 Anonymous
Toa-chan has a deep understanding, LOL
684 Anonymous
He’s the legitimate wife, desu~wa
687 Anonymous
I’m having palpitations, but there’s no medicine left
690 Anonymous
Verification Team LMAO
693 Anonymous
Hey, this journalist is one of us!!
695 Anonymous
I want to know the Verification Team’s reaction too. I’m curious, LOL
698 Anonymous
Hogekawa’s face LOL
Kanon-sama looks composed, LOL
701 Anonymous
Hogekawa, realized that this is our community, the forum people, LOL
704 Anonymous
Announcer Hogekawa can’t hide her expression
708 Anonymous
That’s good. I was worried that Kanon-sama might have some issues with her family, but based on her face just now, she seems fine
712 Anonymous
Everyone seems to be worried about Shumi in their own way. Everyone is all so kind-hearted. I’m starting to see it from a parental perspective too
716 Anonymous
I’m serious when I say Shumi die, but I also think it’s a happy occasion
721 Anonymous
Are you really serious about that? LOL
726 Anonymous
Ah, it’s so nice
729 Anonymous
When I see the two of them looking at each other like that, they look so happy and it makes me happy too
733 Anonymous
If Aqua-sama looks happy, then that’s all that matters. I’ve received a lot of happiness from Aqua-sama
737 Anonymous
The Japanese newspaper is good
740 Anonymous
I want to hear about Beryl’s reaction and the grudge at home. I want to know the details
As expected, the people on the bulletin board are amazing!!
742 Anonymous
Where is the last part? It’s okay if it’s in Emperor Sport, but there’s a possibility that the air there might not be understood
745 Anonymous
746 Anonymous
747 Anonymous
750 Anonymous
What’s wrong?
752 Anonymous
758 Anonymous
Sorry, LOL
759 Anonymous
Looks like something lighthearted came up, LOL
761 Anonymous
Is Morikawa okay with that?
763 Anonymous
Sorry, but is it really okay for the last questioner to be like that, showing that lightness like Hagetoru?
767 Anonymous
Seibaku Newspaper is here!
769 Anonymous
Here it is! LMAO, the official magazine of the Holy Aqua Religion
772 Anonymous
Hey, of all people, she had to pick the most troublesome one! LOL
775 Anonymous
Aqua-sama and the Holy Aqua Religion meeting!?
777 Anonymous
Is this okay?
780 Anonymous
What’s Beryl’s guard doing!
They can’t go through there!
785 Anonymous
788 Anonymous
Hey, seriously!!
790 Anonymous
An amazing journalist is here!
793 Anonymous
What? What? What!?
795 Anonymous
God, they asked such a question!
797 Anonymous
Now comes the real press conference!
801 Anonymous
Sorry, but it’s time for the kids to go to bed, right?
804 Anonymous
Is this journalist okay? They’re going to get arrested. LOL
806 Anonymous
He actively encouraged her!?
809 Anonymous
812 Anonymous
As expected of Aqua-sama!!
He answers even the questions that others wouldn’t normally answer!!
814 Anonymous
Other journalists must be surprised, haha!
817 Anonymous
Wait, is it time to drop my pants now?
820 Anonymous
I already did, so what?
823 Anonymous
Hey hey hey hey LOL
825 Anonymous
This journalist is really pushing the boundaries, LMAO
827 Anonymous
This is the real journalism!!
830 Anonymous
Female leopard, LOL
831 Anonymous
Female leopard, huh?
832 Anonymous
Female leopard, LMAO
I laughed at the subtle teasing of Shumi LOL
They’re like Hagetoru, aren’t they, LOL
835 Anonymous
I went there by myself, yay!
836 Anonymous
Aqua-sama, seriously!?
838 Anonymous
Enough with the breaking news already!
839 Anonymous
Enough with observing Hoge-lar waves LOL
840 Anonymous
It’s been a long time, so there’s no point in breaking news, LMAO
843 Anonymous
Guhehe LOL
845 Anonymous
This guy is Hagetoru LMAO
847 Anonymous
Maybe it’s just my imagination, but this journalist is starting to look like Hagetoru LOL
849 Anonymous
If you look closely, this journalist has the word ‘part-time job’ written on her armband. LOL
854 Anonymous
You’re kidding, right? LMAO
856 Anonymous
Sending a part-time worker to the important Aqua-sama press conference? The newspaper company is beyond crazy, LMAO
858 Anonymous
As expected of Morikawa, she appointed a ridiculous monster at the last minute LOL
860 Anonymous
Okay, part-time job, attack more LOL
862 Anonymous
I can’t see her face, but I’ve seen this body before
865 Anonymous
This body is definitely lewd, isn’t it? There’s no element that isn’t lewd. The lewd aura can’t be hidden from head to toe
867 Anonymous
Number of times?!
869 Anonymous
Changed it, LOL
871 Anonymous
This journalist is amazing, LMAO
873 Anonymous
I completely agree with what everyone wants to know
875 Anonymous
This journalist understands us like no other!
878 Anonymous
This person is definitely a frequent user of bulletin board, LOL
880 Anonymous
For setting the mood?
882 Anonymous
Because it’s happening today?!
885 Anonymous
Aa-sama: “Today… because I’ll do it.”
If someone says something like this, there’s no choice but to comply..
888 Anonymous
The ability to convince is amazing. If someone declared that they’ll have s*x all day since morning, I might just stay in bed all day
890 Anonymous
Hey, I realized something after Aqua-sama appeared. I’ve always only thought about aggressively pursuing others, so if Aqua-sama were to pursue me aggressively, I wouldn’t have any resistance. I can freely say silly things here, but in the real world, I might not be able to say a single word, LOL
893 Anonymous
I know, right? Morikawa and Kohina Yukari just casually chatting is amazing. No wonder they show up as the final bosses in otome games
896 Anonymous
Stop talking about otome games in the middle of a joyous press conference!
899 Anonymous
Inko, don’t run away from otome games!
901 Anonymous
It’s hilarious how Inko is immediately exposed, LOL. Today, since no one could surpass it, forgive her for surpassing the one-week mark, LOL
903 Anonymous
What are men’s manners… huh? Only Aqua-sama can invite like a men?
905 Anonymous
Are the boys watching this press conference okay? Is their brain not getting brainwashed?
908 Anonymous
He mentioned the number of times himself, LOL
910 Anonymous
As expected of Aqua-sama! He keeps coming forward assertively, LOL
913 Anonymous
914 Anonymous
915 Anonymous
917 Anonymous
Eh? Cosplay s*x is allowed?
919 Anonymous
LOL, the cosplay lovers on the bulletin board are having their minds blown!
921 Anonymous
Playing out scenarios in school uniforms and cosplay!? Playing with Aqua-sama in cosplay!?
924 Anonymous
Note to self: Aqua-sama might do cosplay-related adult activities
926 Anonymous
I’m subscribing to the Seibaku Newspaper from today, no, from right now!
928 Anonymous
This person is amazing, LMAO!
930 Anonymous
Someone unexpected arrived at the very end
933 Anonymous
Dive deeper at the end!
935 Anonymous
937 Anonymous
This is good!
940 Anonymous
That was a good question in the end
943 Anonymous
Nice. The ending was heartwarming, wasn’t it?
945 Anonymous
I thought it would end with something erotic, but in the very end, it was wrapped up nicely. This journalist is surprisingly competent, LOL
948 Anonymous
It was good that the other journalists applauded at the end
950 Anonymous
Well then, is it time to disband?
952 Anonymous
954 Anonymous
I find it hilarious that the reporter is about to leave even though the Prime Minister still has questions left
956 Anonymous
The prime minister is just an extra, you know. It’s written in the thread title
958 Anonymous
It was a bit suspicious at times, but Saba-chan, thanks for holding on until the end
960 Anonymous
Morikawa is trying to leave too, huh? LOL
961 Anonymous
Prime minister, spare us the long introductions, please
965 Anonymous
Seems like it’s going to be a long, rambling talk
970 Anonymous
As expected, she’s slacking off, LOL
973 Anonymous
Morikawa, LMAO
977 Anonymous
Morikawa: Prime Minister, please sign here. We have a set time for renting the venue
Prime Minister: Ah, okay
Morikawa: Good one, LMAO
981 Anonymous
982 Anonymous
January 1st, the national holiday is here!
985 Anonymous
Hey, guys, January 1st has always been a holiday, LOL
988 Anonymous
Oh, no, it’s not today
990 Anonymous
Aqua-sama’s birthday on December 7th is a national holiday. Got it
991 Anonymous
Isn’t this the one we talked about in the cabinet meeting the other day? Sounds good to me
992 Anonymous
To celebrate, she’ll do the Heaven’s Rolling Thunder Dogeza, LOL
993 Anonymous
Why is she kneeling on a happy day? She just want to kneel, doesn’t she!!
994 Anonymous
This country is done, LMAO
995 Anonymous
Even the people from Stars are surprised, LOL
996 Anonymous
I’m experimenting to see if the Hoge-lar Wave attack reaches Stars, LOL
998 Anonymous
The theory of Prime Minister One Chance being competent is emerging, LOL
999 Anonymous
Anyway, congratulations to Shumi. It’s really good
1000 Anonymous
If it’s 1000, I hope Aqua-sama and Shumi’s child is born safely! Since the Verification Team is not here today, we’ll stand in for them!
1001 774 *Hi-P3erver
Congratulations, Aqua-sama and Kanon-san! I’ll do our best on the server! Beep! Gahh!!

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