Male Idol V11c33

Volume 11 Chapter 33 Shirogane Aqua, I’ve Been Kidnapped

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 In the real world, you should always ignore it as a matter of course.

 But, this is assuming that it’s written for someone who actually exists in the real world.

 Keep in mind that the common sense may not be the same as everyone else’s.

 ”Shirogane Aqua-san, excuse me, but could I accompany you?”

 One day, as I was reading fan mail in the break room at Beryl headquarters, several women poured into the room. The women were wearing suits, and some of them had jackets or bibs with police written on them. Could it be that I’ve done something criminal!?

 ”Are you Shirogane Aqua from Beryl Entertainment?”


 I answered with a nervous expression.

 Oh no, what have I done!? Wait… could it be related to what happened with Kanon last night?

 ’Ah, Aqua… it’s not right, I haven’t taken a bath yet…’

 I embrace the reluctant Kanon and savor the scent of sweat. It’s such a strong and pleasant fragrance, it’s a waste to take a bath.

 ’Sorry, Kanon. I can’t resist anymore. Look, touch mine.’

 I press my er*ct and shiny black rod against Kanon’s petite buttocks.

 ’A-Amazing…it’s already so hard…’

 Just being touched by Kanon makes me desperately want to do it.

 ’So…isn’t it okay? Kanon?’


 Ignoring Kanon’s resistance, I continue to enjoy the duet of the night.

 Oh…yeah, this isn’t really a crime. We just had a normal duet, after all.

 Huh!? I just remembered!! That’s the cause!!

 ’Ah, Aa-sama, do I really have to do it in this outfit!?’

 Yui, wearing a sailor uniform, looked so embarrassed.

 I walk around Yui and caress her plump thighs protruding from under her skirt with a wicked touch from behind.

 ’Yui-senpai, isn’t this uniform a violation of the school rules?’


 I aggressively grab and knead Yui’s sizable buttocks. Of course, after kneading, I lift her skirt and check her underwear.

 ’Look, this underwear, the crotch area is open… Senpai, what did you come to school for?’

 ”I-I’m sorry.”

 I crouch down to check Yui’s stomach.

 ’And this uniform, with those big breasts, it floats up, and your belly button is completely visible.’

 ’Ah, no, Aqua-kun… don’t stare so much, I don’t like it…’

 Naturally, I continue to knead Yui’s large breasts.

 ’As a member of the Student Disciplinary Committee, I cannot overlook this. I’ll provide personal punishment and guidance from now on. Come over here.’

 I remember that on that night, things went forcefully in that direction.

 Come to think of it, I didn’t ask if it was okay before diving in. Perhaps that triggered something. I believe nowadays even between spouses, you need consent; otherwise, it’s considered r*pe…

 Oh, but now that I think about it, there’s no such ridiculous law in this wonderful world.

 On the contrary, recently in the Japanese parliament, some individuals tried to propose an absurd bill promoting r*pe.

 Of course, it didn’t pass, thanks to Kokucho-san’s vehement public condemnation. By the way, the Prime Minister, who had feigned ignorance, was exposed, and she later publicly apologized while bowing deeply.

 ”Okay, I will now transport you, so please put this blindfold on.”

 Wow, the woman who put the blindfold on me has large breasts that touch my body. But I am a gentleman, so I don’t show any expression. I enjoy the sensation with a composed face.

 ”Now, put on the headphones.”

 With the headphones on, I am guided by the woman and taken somewhere in a car.

 I wonder where we are heading. Along the way, when I was dropped off somewhere, there were a lot of people around, and there was a loud cheer. Even with the headphones on, it was noticeable, so I waved my hand in response.

 This is probably some kind of show or a Beryl project. For a moment, I thought it might be a hidden camera show that Kohina-senpai mentioned, but then I remembered that Ako-san had a strict no-appearance policy.

 After that, I received a message from Kohina-senpai asking why I refused to appear on her show!! It seems like my intuition was sharp.

 I’m glad.

 If I were to appear on a prank show with someone like her, I would probably be woken up in the morning with a bazooka or get caught up in an elaborate fake prank. It’s clear that nothing good would come out of it anyway.

 ”Alright, we’ve arrived.”

 When the eye mask was taken off, there was a vast expanse of blue sky and sea.

 ”Where is this?”

 I shook my head, looking around everywhere, but it was just me and the filming staff.

 One of the big sisters who brought me here showed me a cue card she was holding. Let’s see…

 ”Deserted Island Escape Variety… Who’s the Ultimate Celebrity? New Year’s Special!”

 Huh? The rules are simple: make a fire, secure water and food, build a bed, and clear these four checkpoints in 2 nights and 3 days, then finally escape from the island. The person who arrives first at the escape point wins, and those who couldn’t clear the four checkpoints retire… I see.

 ”First, take this.”

 I checked the contents of the backpack handed to me by the big sister. There were items like a survival knife, blue sheet, pot, thread, seasoning, and more – all seemed useful for surviving on a deserted island.

 ”Now, let the deserted island survival life begin!”


 I first walk along the coast to find washed-up debris on the island.

 Soon, I manage to secure items like plastic bottles and wood in the designated container.

 Some might wonder if it’s staged, but since no one lives on this deserted island, there’s no one cleaning up. The accumulated garbage has been piling up for years.

 ”This kind of thing makes me think a little bit.”

 While picking up things, I speak to the camera.

 ”Everyone, littering is absolutely not allowed! Garbage goes in the trash, that’s our deal!”

 I point my thumb at the camera.

 ”By the way, when I go to Beryl early in the morning, there are these sisters who are always cleaning up around. It’s not even their job, but seeing that kind of dedication is amazing. They never told me their religion, though.”

 For some reason, the staff sisters accompanying me have tense faces. What’s wrong, everyone?

 ”Anyway, there’s a lot of trash. Driftwood is understandable, but this is clearly garbage we humans produced. How about we invite everyone from Beryl and clean up together?”

 ”Understood. Let’s turn it into a TV show.”


 ”We’ll make it a program. I’ll push it to the higher-ups, even if I have to confront my boss.”

 The director big sister who is accompanying us is really motivated. Um, is it okay? Just cleaning, right? I worry if that alone can really earn high viewership.

 ”Oh, now that we’ve secured the necessary items, let’s go look for water soon.”

 I search for a water source and explore the island.

 ”Here, there’s a banyan tree, so the water source should be nearby. There are also frogs and other features near water sources, so if you look for those clues, you’ll find it quickly.”

 ”Wow, really…”

 ”Yeah, there it is!”

 I found a spring, so I check if the water is suitable for drinking using the pot I took out from my backpack. *Gulp gulp*… Yeah, it’s good! No problem!

 ”With this, we’ve got water.”

 I set up a water tank to collect spring water and look for a flat place nearby that could serve as a basecamp.

 ”This is where I will be based!”

 I quickly make a makeshift stove and start a fire using the dry wood I picked up earlier. The most important things in survival are ensuring water and fire. I was lucky to find a water source so quickly.

 ”Is this for real?… This is the shortest program record so far…”

 Huh? Did someone say something?

 ”Now, let’s get ready for bedtime.”

 I walked back and forth between the beach and the base, moving driftwood and wood.

 If I had carpentry tools, I could build a better house, and if there was time, I could make rope using vines and even make clay, but this time is only two nights and three days.

 I made support pillars with driftwood, tied them with ropes, and put a blue sheet on top.

 Then I filled it with wood to make something like a foundation. I set up a sleeping bag inside… Alright, this should do.

 ”Sorry, I’ll change my clothes for a bit.”

 I closed the blue sheet and changed into a wetsuit prepared inside the makeshift tent.

 ”Hey, hey, Director, this is going to end the show, right?”


 ”And, according to the filming team accompanying Announcer Morikawa of Team B and Director Nasukawa of Team C, it seems their missions are about to end too.”

 ”No, no, no, no… Huh? Our Nasukawa is a monster, but Morikawa-san is just an announcer, right!?”

 ”Yes, Aqua-kun is just an idol too.”

 ”Huh? Wait, are we all doing a deserted island RTA (Real-Time Attack) together? Oh? Isn’t Aqua-kun supposed to be in a different category? I remember calling Aqua-kun the incapable category, taking the struggles to stimulate the viewers’ protective instincts… Wasn’t that the plan?”

 ”That’s why you said. But common sense doesn’t apply to Shirogane Aqua… Why did you think he couldn’t survive…”

 Hmm? It looks like the director and assistant are having a discussion outside. I wonder if everything is okay. They were talking about the plans, but I hope there won’t be any troubles that would make it impossible to continue the shoot…

 ”I’m ready.”

 I put on my wetsuit and head outside.

 ”Well then, shall we go get some food?”

 Once I arrive at the beach, I dive into the sea with my survival knife in hand.

 Oh, after a while in the water, I’m lucky enough to find a rockfish.

 I slowly approach the rockfish and stab it with my knife to catch it.

 This will taste great in a simmered dish. I clean it in the sea and hand it over to the staff who were outside.

 ”I’ll catch an even bigger one next time!”

 I dive into the sea again and search for my next target.

 Oh, it’s a flounder! I approach the flounder and, just like before, stab it with my knife to catch it.

 I’m sorry, but I have to eat to survive too. I’ll make sure to cook it deliciously.

 I clean it on the spot, just like before, and hand it over to the staff who were outside.

 ”I’ll go get a few more.”

 I caught two sazae (turban shells) and caught a sea bream. Then, aiming for an even bigger catch, I dived into the sea.

 Oh, it’s a red snapper! Let’s make that the final one!! I caught the last big fish, the red snapper, and came out of the sea.

 ”Wow, I caught a lot. We’ll have a feast tonight.”


 Oh? Why do they have a blank expression on their faces? Are they okay? I asked the director and the others if they’re tired and suggested they take a rest if they need it.

 ”Well then, shall we start cooking?”

 First, I’ll fillet the red snapper and make sashimi out of it. Since I’m a bit hungry, let’s make the meal while snacking on this.



 Huh? I heard the sound of the camera’s stomach in front of me. I put soy sauce on the red snapper sashimi and directed it towards the camera.

 ”Would you like to eat? Here, say ahh.”

 The camera took a bite of the red snapper sashimi. Oh, she eats it so deliciously.

 ”Now, shall we make simmered rockfish?”

 First, blanch the rockfish in the boiling water.

 When making simmered dishes, this pre-treatment is important to remove any fishy smell.

 Then, using another pot, we’ll simmer it with sugar, soy sauce, mirin, and sake to make it sweet.

 ”Next, we’ll grill the sazae and the sea bream with salt… in the meantime, let’s prepare the flounder tempura.”

 Alright, everything is going smoothly. The grilled fish looks delicious, just looking at it makes my stomach growl.

 And the aroma is irresistible.

 As I was thinking about that, I heard a rustling sound from behind.

 ”Everyone, step back!”

 I held a survival knife in my hand and instructed the filming crew to move back.

 ”Don’t worry, I’ll protect everyone.”

 However, if the opponent is a bear, it’s impossible for me to win without getting hurt. It’s November, so it’s uncertain whether it’s hibernating or not.

 ”I smell something good coming from over here!”

 Huh? I recognized that voice.


 ”Ka… Morikawa-san!?”

 I froze as I saw Kaede jump out of the bushes like Hoge-mon.

 Why is she here? Oh… come to think of it, this project is a competition, so other people must have landed on the island too.

 That means Kaede was also forcibly brought here.

 ”I was wondering why Aqua-kun was here, but turns out it’s for this, huh?”

 Instead of serving food to the unexpected guest, I’ll gladly take the fish Morikawa-san brought.

 While cooking them together, the two of us explain how we got to this point.

 Apparently, this isn’t breaking any rules. Or at least, the Director surprisingly said, ‘Do whatever you want,’ and that she called herself stupid for thinking that she could control me and Announcer Morikawa’s actions. Anyway, I don’t understand it.

 ”Well, catching fish barehanded was a breeze, but I couldn’t cook, so I’m grateful!”

 ”Haha… Well then, while making tempura, shall we also whip up some miso soup with the leftover red snapper scraps?”

 Since the staff must be hungry too, I’ll serve the finished dishes to everyone. Thanks to Kaede catching lots of fish, I managed to serve everyone some food.

 ”Okay then, Announcer Morikawa, give it your best!”

 ”Yeah, Aqua-kun too!”

 After I parted ways with Kaede, I used the extra time to pick wild vegetables for breakfast.

 ”Well, I’m going to bed now. Resting is important for recovering energy, you know.”

 On the second morning, I woke up and did morning radio exercises to warm up. For breakfast, I had leftover miso soup from yesterday and tempura made from the mountain vegetables. Is it okay to have such a luxurious meal in the morning?

 ”The sun’s up, so let’s go catch some fish again.”

 Just like yesterday, I diligently caught fish. I cleaned the caught fish on the spot and handed them to the staff. Since I worked hard, maybe I’ll sun-dry them today. Homemade dried fish!

 ”I think I’ll take a bath today.”


 Oh, what’s wrong, everyone? Suddenly blushing and acting shy… Oh, maybe everyone wanted to take a bath too? Right, because they’re girls, they might be concerned about smells.

 For everyone’s sake, I used the drum can that washed ashore to make a drum can bath.

 ”Well, then, I’ll be the first one to use the bath.”

 I changed into swim trunks inside the tent.

 ”Director, is it really okay to broadcast this!?”

 ”Dunno! Even if something happens, Nasukawa will take all the responsibility! Heck, our Department Head Matsumoto can probably handle it somehow!!”


 ”Anyway, for now, let’s just record it. If it’s a no-go, it’s a no-go. We’ll just burn the image into our minds!”

 ”Let’s do that!! I’m so glad I drew this team with a lottery!”

 ”Yeah, Morikawa-san’s team. It seemed tough keeping up with Morikawa-san, the physical monster.”

 ”Yeah, Aqua-kun keeps an eye out, but Morikawa-san charges ahead like a bull…”

 Hmm? It seems a bit noisy outside again. I wonder if everything’s okay. Morikawa-san mentioned encountering a wild boar… I hope they’re safe. I might go check later. I step outside the tent and get into the drum-can bath I set up.

 ”Ah… so soothing. Baths really are the best.”

 Taking a bath while looking at the beautiful sunset was the best. I wanted to show this view to everyone in Beryl too. I remember the time during the beryl&beryl shoot when I bathed with everyone.

 ”Everyone, if you like, please come along. Oh, by the way, should I change the bathwater?”

 ”””””No way, leave it as it is!!”””””

 Oh, looks like everyone really wanted to take a bath.

 I thought they might not want to join me, a guy, in the bath, but it seems like everyone wanted to get in right away.

 And one impatient staff member even took off her top, and I saw her bra, but since I’m a gentleman, I pretended not to notice.

 ”Well then, while everyone is in, I’ll go use the bathroom real quick.”

 As I left the scene, I heard the rock-paper-scissors voices. Seriously, everyone couldn’t wait to get in the bath.

 ”Now then, I’m a bit worried about Kaede, so I’ll explore the direction she went a little bit.”

 Maybe I’ll be lucky and run into her. After walking for about ten minutes, I heard the sound of water splashing. Maybe there’s a river or pond nearby. I head towards the direction of the sound to check.


 At dusk, caught between the faint sunlight and the dim evening, I saw a real goddess.

 Clear white skin, a charming waist, and big, well-shaped breasts.

 But there was something a bit, well, kind of alluring and seductive about her overall.

 Ah… my ideal breasts were right here!!

 Even though I know it’s wrong, I couldn’t help but stare at her intensely.

 ”Huh? A-Aqua-sama?”

 Hmm? I feel like I’ve heard this voice somewhere before… I raise my gaze slightly.


 Wait, why is Emily-san here!? Could it be like with Kaede… No, that’s not possible.

 ”Ah, I’m sorry. You had to see something embarrassing…”

 No, it’s not embarrassing at all!! I’m the one who stared at you!! I’m sorry!!

 I quickly turn my face away. Then something big hits my face. It’s… some kind of plant leaf. I pick it up from my face.

 ”Hm? A bra?”

 Why is such… a wonderful item here…? Looking closely, there are other clothes caught on the tree branch.

 ”That… is mine.”

 I’m sorry!!

 No way!? I quickly put the bra back in its original position. Phew, I almost ended up smelling it. Safe, safe.

 ”Oh, Aqua-sama, what are you doing here?”

 ”Well, um, I’m here for a TV show shoot…”

 ”Oh… I see. I’m also working as part of the filming crew for Team C.”

 If I remember correctly, Kaede said she’s in Team B, so there must be other people participating too.

 ”I see. Um, well then… I’ll be going now! Please take care, Emily-san!”


 I bid farewell to Emily-san and start running in the direction I came from.

 ”Phew… I would have been in trouble if I had stayed there.”

 I wipe the sweat off my forehead with the handkerchief I was holding… Wait, did I bring a lace handkerchief? I had a bad feeling, so I unfold the item in my hand to confirm.

 ”Oh no…”

 It’s definitely underwear no matter how you look at it. This is probably Emily-san’s.

 It matches the design of the bra from earlier…

 Oh no, I have to return it. But should I go back there? And how should I even approach her to return the underwear?

 I remember the beautiful sight of Emily-san taking a shower earlier, and her cute, embarrassed expression.

 ”Sorry, Emily-san.”

 Lately, I haven’t had s*x, so I’m feeling really horny.

 I spread my pants and enjoy the smell of the dirty part of her crotch.

 It smelled really naughty.

 Ugh… just the smell makes me want to c*m.

 ”I’m really sorry. I’m such a terrible person.”

 I pull down my pants a little and use Emily-san’s panties to pleasure myself.

 Maybe because of the unusual situation, I quickly finish inside Emily-san’s panties.

 ”Haah… how much have I accumulated? What am I doing?”

 While filled with self-disgust, I carefully wash Emily-san’s underwear that I dirtied at a nearby water source.

 In the end, I couldn’t control myself and eja***ed inside Emily-san’s panties.


 I react nervously to the voice I hear from behind.

 ”Um, Emily-san. Uh, um, this is, that…”

 Caught off guard by the unexpected reunion, I stumble over my words.

 Emily-san looks at the panties in my hand.

 ”Ah… those are my pants. I was looking for them because they were missing… um, if you want them, I can give them to you…”

 ”No, no, that would inconvenience you, Emily-san! Look, I used them before, but I washed them properly!”

 I squeezed the wet pants in my hand and handed them to Emily-san. It was then that I realized what I had done.

 ”You used them… eh, ah…”


 An awkward silence filled the air. Or rather, I was the one who made it awkward. I kneeled down on the ground and lowered my head.

 ”I really messed up. I’ll do anything to make it right. I can’t even make excuses anymore. If you tell me to turn myself in to the police, I’ll do it after the show ends. I’m truly sorry!!”

 ”Um, please lift your head, Aqua-sama. Th-that… you can use them however you like, if they’re mine!”

 I can use them however I like!? Is this for real… this person is a true goddess.

 ”So Emily-san is a goddess, huh?”


 Thank you. Thank you.

 I bow and pray in front of Emily-san. If there was such a thing as the Holy Emily Religion in this world, I would join it. In fact, I would start it. Please let me be the founder of the Holy Emily Religion!

 ”Emily-san… Even if Emily-san forgives me, it doesn’t change the fact that I have sinned. Please let me atone for my sins! Please punish me!!”

 ”Uh, well, that, that means, you said you would do anything earlier…”

 ”Yes! If that’s how I can make amends, I’ll do anything!”

 I want her to say anything. Now, Emily-san blushes and looks embarrassed.



 Ta… Please confess. Is that what you mean!?

 ”Not that, um… Kanon said”

 ”What did Kanon say…?”

 I wonder what Kanon did.

 ”Kanon… probably wants a baby and, as the main wife, she probably really wants Aqua-sama’s baby first, so if you would grant any favor, can you impregnate Kanon first? Aqua-sama!”

 When I realized it, tears were flowing from both of my eyes.

 What a kind and compassionate person she is!!

 I know that Emily-san is struggling financially.

 That’s why if Emily-san asked me, I was prepared to give her all my savings.

 But this girl, Emily-san, cares more about her friend Kanon than herself… Ahh! There truly is a goddess among us!!

 ”I understand. I will definitely make that wish come true! And from now on, please tell me anything. I will do anything you want, unlimitedly, Emily-san!”

 I’m sure this girl, Emily-san, wouldn’t ask for anything strange. That’s why I trusted Emily-san and said that.

 ”W-What did you say you would do?! And unlimited?!”


 I take Emily-san’s surprised hand.

 ”Well then…”

 Emily-san, blushing, whispered cutely in my ear.

 ”Um, when you’re feeling… you know, don’t hesitate to tell me. I-I’ll help you too.”

 Whoa, isn’t that like a reward, not a punishment?! I really wanted to say that, but I held back.

 ”Uh, sure thing.”

 I tried to sound cool while hiding my embarrassed feelings.


 ”Where are you?!”

 ”If you’re there, please respond!”

 Oh, I heard voices from my filming crew. They must be looking for me since I wasn’t in the tent.

 ”Uh, sorry. I, uh, I’m done here…”


 After saying goodbye to Emily-san, I joined the filming crew who came to find me. And that’s how the second day of my deserted island life ended.

 ”So, today is the escape day… What are you going to do?”

 ”I’m gonna swim back just like this.”


 This is also a self-discipline thing. To shake off worldly desires, I decided to swim back.

 ”Fish to catch, plants and bugs, tide flow, sun position, and the shape of the opposite shore visible from here… Bingo, this is the Seto Inland Sea, right?”

 ”Oh, you got it!”

 If it’s the Seto Inland Sea, I thought I could swim. After all, there are races where people swim from Shodoshima to the mainland. When I reached the shore, I started warming up for the swim.

 ”Director! Announcer Morikawa from Team B and Nasukawa D from Team C are saying they’re swimming back!!”

 ”Someone else can take responsibility! I don’t care. Do whatever you want!!”

 Looks like there’s another commotion, but is it okay? Well, all that’s left is to go home now. Alright then, here I go!!

 ”Thanks, uninhabited island! Goodbye!! I’ll come back again!”

 I bid farewell to the uninhabited island and dove into the sea.

 It must have been about an hour since I started swimming. I encountered Morikawa-san and his friends who were also swimming from the deserted island towards the mainland.

 Despite the fierce competition, I made it back to the mainland in first place.

 I thought I heard Kohina-senpai’s voice from far away, but it’s probably just my imagination. Yeah, yeah, it looked like she was desperately rowing on a raft, but I don’t know anything, and I didn’t see anything.

 I quickly packed my things and went back to the house where Kanon was waiting.

 ”I couldn’t believe what happened that night…”

 ”Hmm? What’s wrong?”

 I gently pat Kanon’s stomach.

 ”Nah, just reminiscing about the filming from that time.”

 I avert my gaze from the TV showing the program I was in and turn my face towards Emily-san, who is nearby.

 Whether she noticed my gaze or not, Emily-san turns to face me.

 The moment our eyes meet, she blushes, perhaps recalling that day.

 Emily-san, the “Anything Goes” rule from back then. It’s still in effect, you know!

 I speak to Emily-san through lip-syncing without making a sound.

 Emily-san seems to understand what I said, turning her face away in embarrassment.

 Seeing Emily-san like that, I think she’s cute.

 The filming is assumed to be from last November to December.

 You might think it’s impressive they managed to swim back, but these three aren’t fighting on that level.

 And let’s make sure to set up the D○SH Island flag properly; actually, the most requested thing for this project was for them to do it.

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