Male Idol V11c34

Volume 11 Chapter 34 Bulletin Board, Battle Of The Monsters’ Summit

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

[New Year’s Special] Escape from the Deserted Island! [Morikawa Kaede vs. Shirogane Aqua vs. Nasukawa Tomoko vs. Kohina Yukari]
5 Anonymous
Uh-oh, I have a bad feeling!
7 Anonymous
What a coincidence. I have the same opinion!
9 Anonymous
Thanks to the lifting of the ban on appearing on other stations, it’s a big deal that Morikawa can be on this show
11 Anonymous
Director Nasukawa said she wanted Morikawa to appear on the show since last New Year’s
14 Anonymous
Morikawa seems to be in trouble, but I’m also looking forward to Aqua-kun destroying everything
17 Anonymous
I’m watching with my family in the living room. It’s nice to be able to watch Aqua-sama’s show with the whole family from New Year’s
20 Anonymous
My family is also gathering to watch. It’s going to be a lively party with drinks
22 Anonymous
LOL, will Wild Morikawa Kaede really become the true Wild Morikawa Kaede?
24 Anonymous
LMAO, Wild Kohina Yukari is gonna become the real deal too!
27 Anonymous
Oh, it’s starting!!
29 Anonymous
It’s startinggg!!
32 Anonymous
It’s the opening! Aa-sama is here!
34 Anonymous
He’s reading fan letters!!
36 Anonymous
Ah! The one right below is the fan letter I sent!!
38 Anonymous
The image of Aqua-kun getting kidnapped is too crazy…
40 Anonymous
I wanna kidnap Aqua-kun at my place too…
43 Anonymous
Mori LOL Kawa LMAO w
45 Verification Team*07218KADO6
Morikawa getting caught in a cage for wild animals LOL
47 Anonymous
The staff having a tranquilizer gun is hilarious LOL
49 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari LMAO
52 Anonymous
This woman tried to bite the staff LOL
54 Anonymous
Too dangerous. Throw her into the cage like earlier LOL
57 Anonymous
As expected, dealing with the wilds ones is tough
I was showing my gums from the start LOL
61 Anonymous
Maybe animals like bears, gorillas, or lions would be more understandable LOL
64 Anonymous
Director Nasukawalooks like she’s having a blast
This time she has gathered the best members we can think of
67 Anonymous
Are they all on the same island at the same time?
Chance encounter, maybe?
70 Anonymous
Aqua-kun seems to be having fun on the deserted island
72 Anonymous
Aqua-kun in the midst of nature… looks amazing!
75 Anonymous
Damn, just walking on the beach makes for a picturesque scene
78 Anonymous
No littering, understood!
80 Anonymous
It’s a promise! I got it!!
82 Anonymous
If it were us from last year, we’d have totally passed out from just that. Feeling like we haven’t grown, but realizing we have
84 Anonymous
So, starting tomorrow, the town’s garbage is gonna disappear
86 Anonymous
Sister’s like, “LMAO.”
87 Anonymous
Aqua-kun is a no-go. LOL, don’t get involved with that religion
89 Anonymous
The Holy Aqua Religion is actually getting recognized by Aqua-kun. LOL, unexpected!
91 Anonymous
We’re in the same building, huh?
93 Anonymous
I’m a follower of the Holy Aqua Religion, but got an emergency email and couldn’t help but laugh. LOL
96 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Aqua-sama, run! That religion is a no-go, absolutely!!
99 Anonymous
101 Anonymous
A new program is decided!?
103 Anonymous
Aqua-sama’s spontaneous ideas turning into a program just like that! Exciting!
105 Anonymous
Looking forward to the deserted island with everyone. Tenga-senpai would probably enjoy it
106 Anonymous
Can we see Toa-chan’s swimsuit scene?
108 Anonymous
I wonder if we can see Mayuzumi-kun’s lively appearance, like the USJ visit
110 Anonymous
Aqua-kun, you’re so efficient. And the trivia is helpful!
113 Anonymous
I just want Aqua-kun to be on screen all the time..
116 Anonymous
Morikawa LMAO
Stop destroying everything with your power LOL
118 Anonymous
Morikawa, LOL
If you swim back on the first day, you’ll ruin the show’s plans, haha
120 Anonymous
Everything feels so disorganized, lol
123 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Is this person a local?
125 Anonymous
LOL, that’s funny
126 Anonymous
LOL, local LOL person LOL
129 Anonymous
Hey, did you know this about Director Nasukawa?
131 Anonymous
Nasukawa is still the same as ever, huh? She’s not even a celebrity, but she’s still putting herself out there. How does she manage to keep talking to herself like this?
133 Anonymous
That’s pro-level right there
135 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari, LMAO
137 Anonymous
This guy’s hopeless, LOL. Looks like she’s about to drop out on the first day, unheard of, LOL
139 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari-san complains about sand in her shoes. Suddenly, she starts fighting with the beach. As expected of a famous actress, Kohina Yukari-san
141 Anonymous
The difference between Team A-C and Team D is just too much, LOL
144 Anonymous
Even Kohina Yukari can’t beat Mother Nature, huh, LOL?
147 Anonymous
Back to Aqua-kun. I think we’ve had enough of Kohina Yukari and Morikawa’s turn, LOL
152 Anonymous
Aqua-kun, tap water won’t do! You have to boil it properly!!
154 Anonymous
If he’s just gonna have a little drink, it’s fine..
156 Anonymous
Morikawa LMAO
158 Anonymous
Morikawa drinks way too much, lol!
160 Anonymous
Nasukawa too LOL!
161 Anonymous
Why are all these guys chugging tap water, lol? Boil it properly!!
163 Anonymous
Even Kohina Yukari drinks tap water, lol!
165 Anonymous
At this point, I’m getting worried
167 Anonymous
So, what happens next?
169 Anonymous
Why is everyone okay except Kohina Yukari, lol? That’s weird!
171 Anonymous
Only Kohina Yukari has a stomachache, lol. Serves her right!
174 Anonymous
Except for Kohina Yukari, the other three seem to survive even if the world is about to end, lol
176 Anonymous
These three are special cases, lol. Don’t try to copy them. Boil the water before drinking, okay? LOL
179 Anonymous
What are we being shown?
181 Anonymous
Damn, this show is awesome
It’s like you’re being asked how to live LMAO
183 Anonymous
Nasukawa’s knowledge is impressive, but there’s just too much talk and I can’t retain any of the information
185 Anonymous
Morikawa’s power is just too overwhelming, it’s like Hoge-lar wave that prevent anything from sinking in
188 Anonymous
Could it be that Kohina Yukari is the “healing” character?
I can relate to her the most since the other three seem superhuman right from the start, LOL
191 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari as the “healing” character, LMAO
193 Anonymous
Aqua-kun changed clothes!?
195 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Guhehe… (almost unzipped the skirt but remembered Shumi was nearby and quickly zipped it back up)
196 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Gehehe! (Almost got hooked by Hagetoru from next door, but remembered Nee-san was on the other side and held back)
200 Anonymous
LOL, that’s hilarious!
201 Verification Team *010meTA473
What are you even trying, idiot!
203 Anonymous
That sound of cloth rubbing is kinda spooky
205 Anonymous
Oh no, feeling all naughty with the family around
207 Anonymous
LOL, everyone in Aqua-kun’s changing scene doing the “inner thigh rub” cracks me up!
I wore a diaper just in case for moments like this, so I can freely enjoy what I like
210 Anonymous
Aqua-kun hitting limits we can’t handle, huh? LOL
212 Anonymous
Idols and their limits, huh? Totally crushed ’em!
214 Anonymous
That’s gold! LOL
216 Anonymous
Hey, is everyone changing clothes?
218 Anonymous
Even if it’s a scene of a girl changing clothes, there’s no need for it, so let’s move on quickly!
220 Anonymous
Commercial break here
221 Anonymous
Nice commercial
223 Anonymous
225 Anonymous
Aqua-kun’s commercial is here!
227 Anonymous
Aqua-kun running barefoot on the beach, awesome!!
230 Anonymous
The shooting location looks like a deserted island, LOL
232 Anonymous
Aqua-kun’s sweating, showing his ankles, he knows what’s up
235 Anonymous
It’s Aquarius from the Coke company. I’ll buy it
238 Anonymous
Is this it for the commercial!?
240 Anonymous
As expected from Heaven’s Sword TV station. They know what’s up
242 Anonymous
Aqua-kun, what are you going to do with just a knife, LOL
245 Anonymous
You’re kidding, LOL
247 Anonymous
That’s funny, lol
249 Anonymous
It’s easy to catch LOL
250 Anonymous
He has been diving without taking a breath for more than 10 minutes, LOL
253 Anonymous
Morikawa barehanded, that’s a lie, LOL
255 Anonymous
Morikawa is strange too, why do you guys dive for more than 10 minutes normally, LMAO
258 Anonymous
Wait, wait, wait, that’s a fish you bought at the supermarket, right? It’s strange to grab it with your hands, lol
260 Anonymous
Director Nasukawa’s commentary is helpful
263 Anonymous
Aqua-kun, that’s totally pro. Morikawa, totally wild, LOL
266 Anonymous
Director Nasukawa: Morikawa-san is probably considered the same species as a fish. She probably recognize animals and insects as the same species
268 Anonymous
Director Nasukawa’s commentary is helpful. I’m planning to write a paper about Morikawa Kaede’s ecology
271 Anonymous
LOL, that’s hilarious
272 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Morikawa, are you finally becoming an experimental subject? Also, rather than some irrelevant paper, writing a paper about Aqua-sama’s ecology would surely benefit the world!!
275 Anonymous
Well, people all over the world have probably already written about that
277 Anonymous
LOL, true
278 Anonymous
I was thinking, Shumi would probably write the best paper about Aqua-sama. If Aqua-sama is the theme, there’s probably no better paper. I’m convinced after watching the otome game stream
280 Anonymous
Absolutely LOL
283 Anonymous
Aqua-kun is really dependable. Even if you’re stranded on a deserted island with just the two of you, Aqua-kun seems like he’d figure something out and protect you
285 Anonymous
Seriously. There’s a sense of security with Aqua-kun that you wouldn’t get with other guys
287 Anonymous
So, like, if you end up on a deserted island, just go for someone’s Soba (noodles), and you’ll be good
289 Anonymous
291 Anonymous
After catching fish, it’s too wild to just gut them right there in the sea, LOL
293 Anonymous
Common sense doesn’t apply to Aqua-sama anymore. You gotta ditch that kind of thinking
295 Verification Team *010meTA473
What’s going on here? Huh?
298 Anonymous
I get the feeling, lol
300 Anonymous
302 Anonymous
Morikawa fighting an octopus in the sea, LOL
305 Anonymous
Is it the movie version of Hogekawa vs. Octopus starting?
308 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Hey, this guy started eating octopus right there in the sea!
310 Anonymous
This is weird, LOL
313 Anonymous
Please broadcast this all over the world
Even nuclear missiles can’t defeat Japan’s ultimate weapon, Morikawa Kaede LOL
315 Anonymous
It seems like we, Japan, have created a monstrous thing LMAO
317 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
What is she doing here…
319 Anonymous
Nee-san and Shumi are amazed, LOL
322 Anonymous
For a moment, I thought of something silly. If Aqua-sama and Morikawa got married and had a child, an incredible physical monster would be created…
325 Anonymous
Their brains would be made entirely of muscles, it seems
328 Anonymous
Nasukawa is even biting an octopus!
330 Anonymous
What are these guys doing, LOL
333 Anonymous
If this show can’t continue with these three next year, then this would be the final episode. There are only these three who can do it smoothly LOL
336 Anonymous
Trying to escape this deserted island is like, next-level crazy. But with these three, they could probably escape right now, lol
340 Anonymous
Thank goodness for Kohina Yukari
342 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari being all normal is just too funny, LOL
345 Anonymous
Unexpectedly, Kohina Yukari is acting all normal, LOL. This is like a once-in-a-lifetime thing, right?
349 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari is totally failing to get any food, lol
352 Anonymous
Go grab some shells or check a survival book for wild veggies!
355 Anonymous
Haha, serves you right, Kohina Yukari!
358 Anonymous
Hey, if you keep saying that, Wild Kohina Yukari might get you again
360 Anonymous
Keep talking! It’s just a game, and I’ll get payback in there anyway
362 Anonymous
Haha, Inko found out in seconds. LOLOLOL
364 Anonymous
Please do a game streaming of otome games tomorrow too!
366 Anonymous
You’ll be doing otome game streaming tomorrow too, right?
369 Anonymous
Aqua Kitchen is here!
370 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Food every day! I want this Announcer Morikawa to have another lovey-dovey cooking date with him!
373 Anonymous
374 Anonymous
377 Anonymous
It’s basically speechless, lol
381 Anonymous
Anyway, he’s seriously good at cooking
383 Anonymous
Even though it’s a deserted island, he’s eating better food than me LOL
385 Anonymous
The sashimi looks incredibly delicious!!
388 Anonymous
390 Anonymous
393 Anonymous
Hey, cameraman, don’t mess around!! Though I thought that, it feels like we’re being entertained, so nice!!
395 Anonymous
Oh my goooood!
398 Anonymous
I bought some delicious sashimi, and I think I did a good job. I felt so happy when I ate it just at the right moment..
400 Anonymous
I want a husband who can cook delicious and “naughty” dishes like Aqua-kun…!
403 Anonymous
How can I eat Aqua-kun’s homemade food?
406 Anonymous
If you become his wife, you can eat it!
408 Anonymous
Don’t be ridiculous!
410 Anonymous
It’s Shumi!
413 Anonymous
Shumi, die!
417 Anonymous
Something’s here!
419 Anonymous
Is it a bear?
420 Anonymous
Is it a boar?
421 Anonymous
Aqua-sama, run away!
423 Verification Team *07218KADO6
It’s Gorikawa!
426 Anonymous
Wild Morikawa Kaede is hereー!
427 Anonymous
The real deal, Wild Morikawa Kaede!
430 Anonymous
My heart skipped a beat when I saw Aqua-kun earlier
431 Verification Team *010meTA473
Oh no…that was cool
433 Anonymous
Don’t worry, he’ll protect everyone, still it made my heart skip a beat. Aa-sama is really something
435 Anonymous
I’m happy to see Aqu-tan being strong today
438 Anonymous
Morikawa, coming out while casually holding a squid in her mouth, that’s hilarious!
439 Anonymous
There are only three tentacles left on that squid!
442 Anonymous
It’s hilarious that she’s trying to eat it all raw, LOL
444 Anonymous
Suddenly, Aqua-sama decided to cook for two people
I envy Morikawa-san. She was able to taste Aqua-sama’s cooking
446 Anonymous
The staff were awesome, huh? Getting to eat Aqua-kun’s cooking is like the ultimate bonus!
450 Anonymous
Looks like so much fun!
452 Anonymous
Seems like they’re just camping normally. I’m jealous!
455 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari LOL
457 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari-san’s having a solo meal! Oh… that’s usual, huh?
459 Anonymous
LOL, that’s hilarious!
461 Anonymous
Come on, look closely! Couldn’t catch anything, so it’s not just a solo meal, it’s just being alone, LOL
464 Anonymous
Hilarious, LMAO!
466 Anonymous
It’s the usual Kohina Yukari-san. Good, good
468 Anonymous
Who needs Kohina Yukari on a deserted island? She’s a solo person from the start, LOL
470 Anonymous
Hey, staff, LOL!
473 Anonymous
Switching between Team Aqua and Team Morikawa, and occasionally showing the lone wolf Kohina Yukari. Don’t miss it, LOL!
475 Anonymous
LOL, that edit with malice is hilarious
478 Anonymous
There’s a chance we could beat the current Wild Kohina Yukari
481 Anonymous
Nasukawa is still diving in the sea, LOL
483 Anonymous
Director Nasukawa is fighting while eating octopus legs, just saw that a moment ago!
486 Anonymous
3 out of 4 are like monsters, and that Kohina Yukari-san strangely looks pitiful LOL
489 Anonymous
End of day one!
490 Anonymous
Things are already different from the deserted island escape I know by the end of day one
493 Anonymous
Aqua-kun is fishing again
495 Anonymous
Morikawa is gathering wild vegetables, and Director Nasukawa is building a house without sleep
498 Anonymous
Nasukawa, get some sleep, LOL. You haven’t slept since yesterday, LOL!
501 Anonymous
Hey Kohina Yukari-san?
503 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari-san couldn’t sleep much, so she started grinding flour from 4 in the morning, LOL, Kohina Yukari-san vibes
505 Anonymous
Seeing Kohina Yukari-san trying to make rice from scratch because there’s no food, it’s like, tears of laughter are about to burst out. Laughing so hard, LMAO
508 Anonymous
My gums are showing since New Year, lol. Thanks, Kohina Yukari-san, LOL
510 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Aqua-sama’s bath time!?
511 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
Wait a sec! I didn’t hear anything!!
513 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Guhehe, a fanservice scene?
515 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
Is this ethically okay for broadcasting?
518 Anonymous
Nee-san is getting flustered, hilarious, LMAO
520 774 *Hi-P3erver
524 Anonymous
LOL, Saba-chan isn’t coming back from low-load mode. It’s hilarious that she’s trying to record even in low-load mode. LMAO!
527 Anonymous
I think it’s pretty bad because she didn’t react to the previous changing scene. LOL!
530 Anonymous
533 Anonymous
It’s a real service sceneeeeeee!
535 Anonymous
Thank you, New Year!
537 Anonymous
Happy New Year!!
540 Anonymous
Hey, you’re totally going to fight with the broadcasting ethics committee!!
543 Anonymous
Just sea pants? This isn’t the level of AV or erotic books!
546 Anonymous
The staff handled this situation well
550 Anonymous
Upper body, wow… there are muscles, it’s so different from a girl’s body!!
554 Anonymous
Huh? Wait, do all boys’ bodies look like this?
They’re so hard… Ah, I can’t handle something so suggestive, I feel like my nose is going to bleed..
557 Anonymous
My middle school-aged sister suddenly collapsed in the living room!!
560 Anonymous
My elementary school-aged sister is all excited! Is this a sign of her s*xual awakening?
563 Anonymous
Hey! If there are minors nearby, cover their eyes!!
If they see something like this for the first time, they’ll never look at other men’s bodies the same way again
566 Anonymous
Armpit flash, so sexy..
570 Anonymous
That previous fan service scene was too explicit
572 Anonymous
Oh wait, from the neck, collarbone, shoulder, upper arm line, elbow, arm, wrist, the back of the hand, there’s a boyishness that girls don’t have, and it’s so appealing
575 Anonymous
It must be tough for people watching with their families
I live alone, so I can watch it while doing my thing..
578 Anonymous
Watching with my sister, but we both kinda get it and watch while doing our own thing. I mean, you can’t endure this with family nearby
580 Anonymous
To be able to provide us with the best material in history… I might as well join the Aqua S*x Church. Because seriously, this is divine
583 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Idiot, stop that right now!!
587 Anonymous
Hold up, isn’t his chest and abs insane? Are all boys like this?
589 Anonymous
I’m an athlete, but my obliques are crazy. Like Cristiana Ronagna, the soccer player
592 Anonymous
His back is insane too. Ever seen a back so dependable? I want to touch my cheek to that back
597 Anonymous
I work out, but not overly buff. Ah, this physique is a work of art
600 Anonymous
I want to turn this into a sculpture
603 Anonymous
At my art school, it looks like everyone’s gonna start working on assignments naked like Aqua-kun from tomorrow, LOL
606 Anonymous
LOL, the Prime Minister’s social media is hilarious!
608 Anonymous
This is some academic stuff, totally cool. That’s what the Prime Minister says
611 Anonymous
That’s our Prime Minister for you! I’m voting for her in the next election!!
613 Anonymous
It’s hilarious seeing Kokucho-san getting teased by her, LOL
615 Anonymous
I just feel like the Prime Minister needs to dogeza all three days of the New Year, LOL
617 Anonymous
It’s totally okay to keep showing bath scenes forever
620 Anonymous
Hey, Morikawa, what are you up to!?
623 Anonymous
Where’s this?
626 Anonymous
Morikawa’s aiming for the top of the island, that’s funny, LOL
628 Anonymous
How long will Director Nasukawa take to finish building that house, LOL
631 Anonymous
Director Nasukawa is so meticulous..
633 Anonymous
Aqua-kun, Announcer Morikawa, and Director Nasukawa..
None of them has made an escape raft, which is so funny LMAO
639 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari-san is seriously making a raft, and it’s hilarious LOL
642 Anonymous
The show should be thankful to Kohina Yukari. If it were just those three, the project would have failed, LOL
646 Anonymous
The person who seems the least serious is actually the one making the raft. That’s so funny, LOL
650 Anonymous
Just for today, I’ll cheer for Kohina Yukari, LOL!
Go for it!
653 Anonymous
None of the three people have actually made a raft. LOL
656 Anonymous
Morikawa, encountering a wild boar!!
658 Anonymous
Morikawa, are you serious?!
660 Verification Team *07218KADO6
This is really serious
Run away, Morikawa, this is not a joke!
663 Anonymous
Whoa, that was intense!
666 Anonymous
No way, LOL, that’s unbelievable!
671 Anonymous
Kaede Morikawa is like the kind of girl who can face a wild boar head-on, no problem
674 Anonymous
A regular 5-minute showdown, that’s hilarious, LOL!
677 Anonymous
Whoa, she tossed it, lol
680 Anonymous
Morikawa’s awesome
683 Anonymous
Okay, I’m done teasing Morikawa-san now
685 Anonymous
No more picking on Morikawa-san from today
689 Anonymous
Some folks on the bulletin board are freaked out by Morikawa’s power, it’s so funny, lol
691 Anonymous
Mr. Boar ran away, that’s good
693 Anonymous
Glad it didn’t have to resort to unnecessary violence. Got it
695 Anonymous
Talking to animals using body language in nature is so funny, LOL. Even in the Stars’ Wilderness Edition, she was getting along with the locals, what’s up with that, lol!
698 Anonymous
Morikawa: “Looks like power solves everything!”
701 Anonymous
Director Nasukawa seems pretty happy about it, huh? LOL
703 Anonymous
Now it’s with a bear!? LOL
705 Anonymous
Is she seriously going head-to-head with a bear!? LOL
708 Verification Team *010meTA473
Wait a sec, why’s this getting so dangerous?
Huh? Wasn’t this show supposed to be an escape variety thing?
710 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
Dealing with a bear is seriously not good…
713 Anonymous
They’re just staring at each other without moving at all, LOL, that’s hilarious!
715 Anonymous
Bear: “This human… ain’t just any human!!”
717 Anonymous
Even the bear is wary of Morikawa, LOL, that’s too funny!
719 Anonymous
The bear backed off, LOL!
722 Anonymous
Morikawa, buddy, quit being an announcer and become Aqua-sama’s bodyguard starting today
Don’t worry, no one in the human race can beat you anymore
Huh? Guns? Nah, no problem. You’ll soon be catching bullets bare-handed, I bet
Yeah, yeah, we humans can’t, but you totally can!!
725 Anonymous
Hey, Morikawa Kaede
728 Anonymous
LOL, that’s hilarious!
731 Anonymous
Morikawa’s friends list:
Prime Minister Habu
Tribal Chief of the STARS Native
Local from the Arabian Peninsula (the person arm-wrestling at the hospital, turns out to be a global tycoon)
Mr. Boar ← new!
Mr. Bear ← new!
735 Anonymous
It’s not even a question of being human or not in front of Morikawa Kaede anymore. Even that octopus is like a buddy now. She ate it though
738 Anonymous
I work in sales and was always impressed by Morikawa-san’s communication skills. I see, it’s easy to make friends with people if you can communicate with them
740 Anonymous
Aqua-sama is back!
742 Anonymous
Oh, he’s out of the bath
744 Anonymous
745 Anonymous
*Gulp, gulp… Puhah!*
746 Anonymous
*Gulp, gulp, gulp, gulp!*
749 Anonymous
*Gulp, gulp.* Guys, show some self-restraint
751 Anonymous
How much value is there in this leftover bathwater?
753 Anonymous
What if we get pregnant from Aqua-sama’s leftover bathwater? LOL
755 Anonymous
757 Anonymous
The staff’s ugly rock-paper-scissors has begun
758 Anonymous
Don’t joke around!
760 Anonymous
Oh, another commercial
763 Anonymous
What’s a commercial?
765 Anonymous
Toa-chan is here!
768 Anonymous
Wait, Toa-chan’s bare legs are here!
770 Anonymous
Can he step on me with those bare legs?
Preferably while insulting me..
773 Toa-chan
White drink of Toa-chan!?
775 Anonymous
Oh my~
777 Anonymous
This is naughty, isn’t it~?
780 Anonymous
Understood, Service Water
781 Anonymous
This is already Toa-chan’s little white “thing.”
783 Anonymous
Asahi Beverage, please!
Please also sell Aqu-tan’s Service Water
786 Anonymous
Hey, you guys! lol
789 Anonymous
Hold back!!
792 Anonymous
It’s over. lol
795 Anonymous
No unnecessary commercials, I’m dying of laughter!
800 Anonymous
Staff meeting, LMAO
803 Anonymous
The responsibility lies with Department’s Head Matsumoto, hey!
805 Anonymous
Is this program Crutch Department’s Head’s show? lol
It’s the best!
808 Anonymous
Department’s Head Matsumoto should just become the president next year
A series of godly programs will appear, following Heaven’s Sword
811 Anonymous
We don’t need scenes of the staff taking baths, lol
813 Anonymous
How long is Nasukawa gonna keep building that house!
815 Anonymous
You’re going home tomorrow, no need to build a house anymore, lol
818 Anonymous
What’s this person even doing, lol? You don’t need a proper house. You’re going home tomorrow!
822 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari, lol
825 Anonymous
Chased by a wild boar, Kohina Yukari, lol
827 Anonymous
Oh, the mountain vegetables got taken
830 Anonymous
Well, at least she seem satisfied after eating, lol
832 Verification Team *07218KADO6
That boar was at Morikawa’s place earlier, lol
834 Anonymous
836 Anonymous
The second day is over
839 Anonymous
Director Nasukawa’s acoustic performance, lol
841 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
This person is talented too, huh? Can do anything
843 Anonymous
Morikawa, it’s hilarious how she’s just lying on the ground with a blue sheet. She’s completely blending into the great outdoors now
846 Anonymous
The staff who came up with the idea of Wild Morikawa Kaede is, in a way, a genius LOL
849 Anonymous
Alright, time to escape
852 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari-san has a beat-up raft, but what about the other three?
855 Anonymous
Aqua-kun, he’s dressed for swimming as soon as he appears, LOL, that’s funny
858 Anonymous
Huh? He’s doing radio calisthenics, but is he seriously planning to swim?
860 Anonymous
No way, LOL
863 Anonymous
Morikawa is also trying to swim, LOL, that’s hilarious
865 Anonymous
Morikawa, are you really planning to swim back?
867 Anonymous
Nasukawa is also trying to swim, LOL
870 Anonymous
She actually wants to stay, but due to the show’s plan, Nasukawa reluctantly aims for the goal, LOL
874 Anonymous
These guys, seriously, what are they doing lol?
878 Anonymous
Out of 4 people, 3 are trying to swim back home, and it’s literally hilarious lol
881 Anonymous
They totally messed up the show’s plan, LMAO
885 Anonymous
Hey everyone, let’s learn from Kohina Yukari-san, who seriously made a raft!
888 Anonymous
Go for it, Kohina Yukari!
You’re the only one with a raft, and there’s a chance lol
891 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari’s raft is about to fall apart just 10 minutes after starting, it’s too funny, LMAO
893 Verification Team *010meTA473
895 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
898 Anonymous
One of the oars got swept away, LOL
901 Anonymous
This is practically a scene from a stranded movie!
904 Anonymous
All three of them are actually swimming, so funny, LMAO
906 Anonymous
No way, LOL
910 Anonymous
Um, I’m a swimmer, but the swimming skills of these three are seriously impressive..
913 Anonymous
Aqua-sama is amazing, LOL
915 Anonymous
Morikawa is fast too, LOL
918 Anonymous
Their swimming skills are surprisingly good, LOL
920 Anonymous
Nasukawa… might not be fast, but she reads the ocean currents and swims effectively
924 Anonymous
People waiting on the other side are confused after hearing they’ll swim back, LOL
927 Verification Team *010meTA473
Well, of course they’re confused. I’d be confused too
931 Anonymous
They’re coming into view, LMAO
933 Anonymous
They really swam back, LOL
935 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
Reality is tough..
938 Anonymous
Sensei, don’t lose to reality!!
940 Anonymous
It’s a dead heat, LOL
942 Anonymous
I’m strangely moved, LOL
945 Anonymous
Huh? Morikawa’s speed dropped?
948 Verification Team *07218KADO6
This guy is distracted by Aqua-sama’s lower half and can’t focus on swimming!!
951 Anonymous
The Ochinchin Sommelier’s blood is stirring, LOL
953 Anonymous
He did it!!
956 Anonymous
Aqua-sama is in first place!
959 Anonymous
There was a strange sense of accomplishment when they crossed the finish line. They all did well
962 Anonymous
These guys are amazing. I hope they take on challenges in the Amazon, the deserts of Africa, or the Himalayas
965 Anonymous
With these three, could they even swim across the Straits of Dover?
968 Anonymous
Well, maybe… it’s starting to seem possible
970 Anonymous
Here it comes
972 Anonymous
I hear a voice from somewhere
975 Anonymous
976 Anonymous
977 Anonymous
980 Anonymous
Everyone forgot about Kohina Yukari, LOL
982 Anonymous
Aqua-kun, LOL
983 Anonymous
985 Anonymous
Aqua-sama, “Retreat!!”
988 Anonymous
Let’s go home, LOL
990 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari: “Wait! Hey!”
992 Anonymous
He really left her behind, LOL
994 Anonymous
Tired and hallucinating from exhaustion, LOL. Aqua-kun, that’s the real deal, LOL
997 Anonymous
This is really the end, LOL
998 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari: “Remember this later!!”
999 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari make me laugh till the end. Thanks for the New Year, for real, LMAO
1000 Anonymous
If it was 1000, I’d wish Kohina Yukari-san graduates from eating alone this year, LMAO. But no matter how much you pray, some things are just impossible, right?
1001 774 *Hi-P3erver
Just, came back… in the… middle of some!
Wait… eagertil it’s compledone!
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