Male Idol V11c35

Volume 11 Chapter 35 Tsukimachi Ayana, Onmyoji

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 After Aqua and the others finished their press conference, more people joined and they all gathered at Aqua’s house to make mochi. Afterward, they decided to watch TV together while having a meal.

 ”Argh, I just remembered something that makes me angry!”

 ”Kohina-senpai, please calm down, it’s New Year’s after all. Let’s just relax.”

 ”Go, wild Kohina Yukari! Tame her, the untamed Kumakawa (Bear)!”

 ”Hey, who’s this Kumakawa you’re talking about?!”

 After the deserted island show ended, the atmosphere became lively. I watched it while eating sushi that was delivered nearby. Ha, I never expected this New Year to be so much fun.

 ”Hey, everyone, the next episode of the Onmyoji is starting!”

 Kanon-san switched the TV channel to the national broadcaster. Right, it’s starting right after the deserted island show.

 ”Well, it can’t be helped. Remember it for later!”

 After calming down, Kohina-senpai sat down and focused on the TV screen. I guess I’ll move a bit closer to have a better view.

 ”Ah, excuse me for intruding.”

 ”Please, go ahead.”

 Yukishiro Emily-san, being a relative of Mikuni-sama, is truly beautiful. Even someone in the entertainment industry like me thinks so. In the past, having large breasts might have been a regrettable point, but for Aqua, it’s probably a plus.

 ”Oh, it’s starting.”

 Oops, let me watch TV without thinking too much.

 ’Seimei! Where are you, Seimei!!’

 A man is loudly running through the main house. Huh? A man’s voice? But it sounds different from Aqua and Toa-chan… Who could this be? Since only Aqua and Tenga-san were officially announced as participants in Onmyoji, only the cast and production staff knew who would appear until today.

 ’Takaakira-dono, what happened?’

 A woman appears in front of the man. I think this is Kanade Ichika-san, who played Shi-Shun-Ki. She has grown more mature and alluring in the meantime. Was she this seductive before? She should only be a year or two older than me, but she’s amazing.

 ’Mitsuhime-dono! I’ve been looking for Seimei, but I don’t know where he went!’

 The screen turned, and a person called Takaakira appeared, surprising everyone. Oh! This person was the main character in Hana-ata!! Almost everyone in the room turned towards Aqua. Aqua grinned mischievously.

 Um, if I remember correctly… is that Tsuwabuki Hiromasa-san?


 Mitsuhime exhaled lightly, looking slightly exasperated.

 ’If it’s Seimei-sama, hasn’t he been there for a while now?’


 Takaakira followed Mitsuhime’s gaze, turning around with a big movement. Oh… everyone watching the TV gasped. He was just sitting on the veranda with his back turned, yet that space felt incredibly mystical, radiating an otherworldly beauty.

 ’You’re still as noisy as ever. Because of Takaakira’s footsteps, the beautiful lights of the fireflies I was enjoying escaped.’

 Wearing an Eboshi hat with tightly set hair, Aqua turned towards them and sipped from the cup he held. Huh? Wait, is this… not just the evening rush of Hana-ata but an even cooler comeback of Shirogane Aqua? Glancing to the side, Emily-san, Morikawa-san, Kirika-san, and Kanon-san all had surprised expressions on their faces.

 ’Seimei! Were you there?!’

 Takaakira showed a slight sigh of relief and hurriedly approached Seimei.

 This person, when he was in Hana-ata, he was really bad at acting… But maybe it’s because of Takaakira’s character, he seems to have gotten better at it.

 ’I actually came here because I have something to discuss with you.’

 ’What is it? Did your wives have another fight over you, cursing each other? Oh, or is it about your mistress?’

 Seimei casually smiles.

 Huh? What’s this about? Is the national broadcaster trying to kill viewers since New Year’s?

 ’That’s not the usual… No, it’s not about that at all!!’


 Mitsuhime delicately covers her mouth with her sleeve and gazes at Takaakira. She looks at him with a disdainful look. Kanade-san is amazing. She can do such acting… It’s no wonder she has a 10-year career. Even when I disappeared from dramas, she kept appearing since she was a child actor.

 ’Even Mitsuhime-dono!’

 Mitsuhime approaches Seimei and sits on the opposite side of Takaakira, pouring sake into the empty cup.

 ’Hey, even Seimei! At the imperial court, lots of ladies are interested in me!’

 ’It’s always the inappropriate fox ladies causing trouble around Seimei-sama… And there’s a big difference between someone chasing after women and Seimei.’

 Takaakira, who was defeated by Mitsuhime’s words, shows a frustrated face. I see, I see, it seems like Takaakira is a disappointing guy.

 ’Ugh… Seimei. Your wife is too strict with me, just like you!’

 ’Takaakira, don’t make me say it again. Mitsuhime is not my wife.’

 Upon hearing Seimei’s words, Mitsuhime shows a sad face. Now that Mitsuhime’s hidden girlishness has come to the surface, I also feel my heart fluttering.

 ’To me, Mitsuhime is like family, just like blood relatives. Don’t compare her to a stranger like a wife who would be nothing if we were to part ways. The bond between me and Mitsuhime is much deeper.’


 Mitsuhime, captivated, gazes at Seimei with passionate eyes. I wonder what it is. Maybe it’s just me, but Seimei seems to have a more mischievous nature compared to Takaakira, who is easier to understand.

 ”If… If we part ways, we’re just strangers…”

 ”Hey, Kanon, pull yourself together! Remember, this is just a drama!”

 Emily-san, who was next to the shocked Kanon-san, consoles her. I reassure Kanon-san that it’s okay too, and Aqua won’t say something like that.

 ’So, Takaakira. Did you come here to be insulted by Mitsuhime?’

 ’Absolutely not! I want to make it clear, I don’t have a hobby of enjoying being insulted by women!’

 Seimei tilts his cup, observing Takaakira’s reaction. I realize that he’s using Takaakira’s reactions to tease him and make a drinking game out of it.

 ’Hey, it’s not like that! So, can you stop it!?’

 ’Hmm… Still, you actually enjoy being belittled by women, right?’

 ’That’s not it! Ugh, this isn’t going anywhere like this!’

 I couldn’t help but smile. Tsuwabuki-san has really improved his acting. After appearing with Hana-ata, he said he was influenced by Aqua’s acting, and it seems true. Originally, he focused on playing handsome roles, but I feel like this kind of character suits him better.

 ’Besides, you guys, I’m seven years older than Seimei!’

 Based on their appearance and behavior, Seimei seems to be around 20-25 years old, and Takaakira is probably between 25-30 years old.

 ’Argh, we’re getting off track. But more importantly, I want to talk to you about the Fourth Princess!’

 ’Is it about a woman after all? And Fourth Princess…you don’t mean…the emperor’s daughter?’

 ’Don’t say such disrespectful things! I have enough discretion not to engage in such relationships!’

 After clearing his throat and calming down, Takaakira looks at Seimei with a serious expression.

 ’It seems that Fourth Princess has fallen ill with a mysterious disease. And it’s not a recent development. She has been unwell for about a month and has been receiving treatment in the inner shrine. But in the past few days, she has started to go crazy, and the doctors from the Tenyakuryo and even ordinary onmyoji couldn’t do anything about it…’

 ’I see.’

 Seimei narrows his eyes, showing interest in Takaakira’s words.

 ’Seimei, wait!’

 Upon hearing Takaakira’s words, Seimei immediately heads towards the inner shrine where the Fourth Princess is located. However, the guards at the entrance restrain Takaakira and the others.

 ’Please wait! Takaakira-sama, only women, the emperor, approved doctors, and onmyoji are allowed to step beyond this point!’


 ’That’s the situation. So, please stay here, pervert Takaakira. I will go alone.’

 ’Okay. I’m counting on you to take care of the Fourth Princess! And I’m not a pervert, okay!!’

 What is this feeling? Even though it’s a play, it’s really refreshing to see Aqua interacting with someone other than Beryl.


 ’Please calm down, Fourth Princess!’

 I can hear the voice of a woman going crazy.

 Seimei, who stepped into the room, took out a talisman from his sleeve and threw it towards the woman’s forehead.

 ’Swiftly, swiftly, in accordance with divine law, cleanse the six senses…!’

 As Seimei made the hand seal, the woman who had been screaming just a moment ago suddenly collapsed on the spot. The attendant lady who saw this let out a relieved breath.

 ’Seimei-sama, I’m truly grateful for your help.’

 ’Don’t worry about it. More importantly, are you okay?’


 Seimei gently took the hand of the lady. Huh? Doesn’t that smile seem a bit suspicious?

 ’I heard that Fourth Princess has been acting strange for the past few days… Lady, you must have been worried during that time. Look, I’ll keep an eye on Fourth Princess, so you should rest for a little while.’



 Seimei used his good looks to keep the lady away from Fourth Princess, and it worked. After that sly smile, it seems like Aqua will attract even more infatuated female fans…

 ’Now then…’

 Seimei approached Fourth Princess and removed the talisman from her forehead. Oh… It’s the cute and petite Kato Iria-san, from Fairis, who led the Taira clan in the red and white competition!

 ’Fourth Princess, please wake up.’

 Fourth Princess peacefully breathed in her sleep. Seimei gently approached her and whispered by her ear while lightly touching the collar of her kimono.

 ’I see… Shall we proceed with the night visit like this?’


 Fourth Princess’s face turned bright red as she jumped up and quickly closed her loose collar with her left hand. Wow, Kato-san is amazing. It’s impossible to act properly in this situation without having strong self-control, even before considering acting skills.

 After all, Aqua sneaked in… no, it was Seimei who sneaked in. Even I was surprised. I wonder how many takes they did for this.

 ’Good morning, Fourth Princess.’

 Oh wow, what’s with that smile? He’s definitely a bad guy.

 After talking so badly about Takaakira earlier, it seems like Seimei is having way more fun than Takaakira. Is it just me? But if there were actually guys like him, girls would definitely be played with…

 Anyway, thank goodness… Aqua is being Aqua. It’s just right for him to be all lovey-dovey with breasts. Probably, most girls watching this TV right now would think the same. If only he was aware of his own destructive power like Seimei, there would be no chance for anyone to take advantage of him.

 ’Um, Seimei-sama… u-um, I’m already 12 years old. You can’t just joke about it…’

 Her cute factor is off the charts! Even someone of the same gender would want to give Kato-san a tight hug. Honestly, Kato-san’s acting range is quite narrow. But hey, that doesn’t mean she’s bad at acting. On the contrary, she excels when given roles that fit her specialized style.

 In our previous chat, she mentioned taking on jobs that focus on such roles, showing her strength and awareness of her career direction. Despite her youthful appearance, she’s way more adult in her mindset than someone like me.

 ’Oh, I see… So, did these symptoms start after your first period?’

 ’W-Why would you… W-Well, maybe Seimei-sama, did you see it somewhere?’

 Fourth Princess, covering her face with her sleeve, squirms in embarrassment by the wall.

 ’If it’s something happening in the palace, I know all about it.’


 Fourth Princess blushes even more. Come on! Stop teasing Fourth Princess like that! Seimei is clearly playing around with her reactions, confirming he’s a mischievous guy.

 ’Well, setting aside those jokes… this isn’t good, is it?’

 ’Not good? What do you mean by “not good”?’

 Fourth Princess, approaching Seimei as if kneeling. Even in times like this, she’s properly looking up with those eyes. Kato-san understands her cute points and acts while subtly showcasing different facets of femininity, both playful and assertive. But not just that, she also loosens her collar a bit, appealing to her feminine side. It’s crafty, making the audience find it cute even if they know it’s calculated.

 ’Perhaps someone cast a curse on you, Fourth Princess, triggered by the beginning of your monthly cycle. If we think about someone not wanting you to bear an heir… we can narrow down the suspects to a certain extent, don’t you think?’

 ’I see… so the one who cursed me is someone in a close, noble position to me, right? Seimei-sama… no, Sensei.’

 When Fourth Princess calls Seimei “Sensei,” he smiles not with a dark grin but with a gentle expression.

 ’That’s right. It’s impressive that you can calmly judge things. Fourth Princess… no, my Shiro Sumire.’

 Seimei and the Fourth Princess gazed at each other. It looks like they have a good connection, but… huh? What’s going on? When Fourth Princess leans towards Seimei, it triggers a flashback from the past.

 I see… Seimei has been her teacher since she was young. So that’s why Seimei is showing a different, softer smile to her compared to the stern attitude he had towards Kohina-senpai and the previous lady. But when the Fourth Princess is called “Shiro Sumire,” it feels like there’s a strong sense of femininity coming from her. In other words, Four Princess is deeply involved in a forbidden love affair.

 ”That guy is definitely not like our simple and straightforward Useless Aqua. He has a bad personality, so it’s better to stay away from him.”

 Everyone nods in agreement with Kohina-senpai’s accurate remark. Wait, did Aqua hear that? Oh… he’s in the restroom right now. Got it.

 ’Sensei… what should I do?’

 ’Well, until we catch the culprit, let’s keep her by your side.’

 Seimei takes out a doll with “Mitsuhime” written on it from his sleeve and gently blows on it. The doll that was floating in the air transforms into Mitsuhime. Oh, Mitsuhime wasn’t a human after all.

 ’Are you calling for me? Seimei-sama.’

 ’Yes. Mitsuhime, while the case is being resolved, stand by as the lady-in-waiting for the Fourth Princess and protect her from curses.’


 After exchanging a few words with the Fourth Princess, Seimei left the inner shrine.

 ’Ugh, it’s so cold. It’s dark, and I feel like something is going to come out… Seimei! Hurry up!! I’m the most afraid of supernatural creatures!! Don’t leave me alone!!’

 ’Takaakira-sama, please be quiet. You will wake up the people inside.’

 ’Ah… I’m sorry.’

 Hehe, Tsuwabuki-san has become really good at acting. He used to play a cool character, but this kind of character suits him much better.

 ’What on earth are you doing…’


 Takaakira approached Seimei and hugged him tightly. Seimei let out a sigh and pushed Takaakira away.

 ’Don’t fool around and let’s go.’

 Hehe, this duo is really nice.

 They kind of remind me of Kenzaki and Kamishiro.

 Thanks to Heaven’s Sword, my senses are getting numb, but scenes like this between two men are rare and precious in the dramas I’ve seen so far.

 On the way back, Seimei explained the situation of the Fourth Princess to Takaakira. It seems that Takaakira doesn’t know that Mitsuhime is a doll, so Seimei was covering that up in his explanation.

 The next day, when Takaakira went to the court, Seimei gathered information to see if there was anyone who disliked the Fourth Princess.

 ’Ah… I really hate her. She always receives all the affection…! And yet, that girl!!’

 ’Please stop! Second Princess!!’

 Oh… the woman referred to as the Second Princess threw and shattered a nearby jar, hitting the attending women as well. Her long hair was disheveled, hiding her face, but I recognized this voice.

 It was Ayafuji Midori-san, the actress who played the lead role in Hana-ata. And for Aqua, it was his first time co-starring with this actress.

 Thinking about that, my heart felt a twinge. It would have been nice if I were Aqua’s first… but saying that would be selfish, right? I felt a bit envious of her.

 ’D*mn it!’

 The Second Princess stared down at the man who was kneeling in front of her through the bamboo blind. Scary. The intense performance of a jealous woman shines through.

 ’Genjo, what is the meaning of this! When I passed by her this morning, the Fourth Princess seemed fine!!’

 While the Second Princess raised her voice, the man remained remarkably calm.

 The man, wearing a high-collared robe called a So-goe-eri (僧綱襟) with the eye area cut out, had a blindfold covering his eyes. I remembered the man referred to as Genjo, with wrinkles visible around his mouth and a bald head with no hair.

 ’Well, there’s no helping it. The opponent is that Seimei, right?’

 Kamonohashi Kazushi-san, also known as the veteran among male actors, had a weak physical condition, limiting his appearances in dramas. However, he was considered the best among male actors until Aqua’s rise. Despite debuting at the age of 40, he was praised as the most decent among male actors before Aqua’s emergence. However, unlike Aqua, he didn’t start actively working at a young age. Most of the roles he played were calm and reserved, and his acting seemed more like speaking naturally as himself rather than performing. Unlike Kato-san, he could handle roles where he could just be himself without any issues.

 What’s surprising is that Kamonohashi Kazushi-san, who had previously only appeared in solo scenes, is now co-starring with other women. People from the generation that watched him on TV are probably amazed. After all, it’s been several years since his last appearance… he’s in his 60s now.

 ’D*mn… in that case, what should I do!!’

 Genjo coughed a little and looked behind him. Then, a familiar man was standing there. This time it’s Tenga-san, who plays the role of Seimei’s rival played by Aqua.

 ’Douman, can you do it?’

 Douman, played by Tenga-san, nods silently.

 The scene changes again, returning to a scene where Takaakira is running around. Then, the scene shifts back to focus on Seimei, with comedic banter between Seimei and Takaakira, adding to the inner conflicts.

 Wait a minute, I just realized that this show is mostly centered around male characters, isn’t it? Even in Heaven’s Sword, Kobayakawa-san was the center of attention. The male characters’ scenes are reduced to about half.

 However, in Onmyoji, the story progresses with the male characters, Seimei, Takaakira, Douman, and Genjo, taking turns. Among them, Aqua is by far the most amazing. Not only his acting, but also his sensuality and charisma set him apart from other male actors.

 But what surprised me next was Takaakira, played by Tsuwabuki-san. It seems like he has more scenes than Aqua. Although he was overshadowed when he appeared in Hana-ata, I can see that he really worked hard for today. His acting may not be as good as Aqua’s, but his growth and dedication as an actor touched me as a fellow actor.

 The men are changing… Aqua’s acting changed them. I find myself looking at Kohina-senpai. Kohina-senpai is also watching the TV with a serious expression. Even from a distance, I can tell that the aura of “don’t disturb me during this time” is strong. I understand the feeling, but Morikawa-san, who is next to her, looks terrified. Please stop for her sake…


 Late at night, the Fourth Princess tosses and turns as if plagued by sleeplessness. Seeing this, Mitsuhime places her hand on the Fourth Princess’s chest, dispelling the entwining curse.

 ’Well then!’

 Surrounded by five large bonfires, Douman chants an incantation and swiftly cuts through “九” characters. A stronger curse assails the Fourth Princess. Mitsuhime attempts to dispel the curse just as before, but the curse proves stronger, gradually corroding the Fourth Princess’s body.

 ’Kuh… I have no choice!’

 Mitsuhime kneels on both knees and gently kisses the Fourth Princess’s sweaty forehead. In an instant, the Fourth Princess’s complexion improves, and Mitsuhime collapses on the spot, breathing heavily. Indeed, she forcibly changed the target of the curse from the Fourth Princess to herself earlier.

 ’I apologize, Seimei-sama… it looks like Mitsuhime only can do this.’

 Mitsuhime is in a haze of consciousness when Seimei appears before her. Really, he shows up at just the right time. Even though I know better, girls are always weak to these kinds of situations.

 ’Swiftly, swiftly, as the laws decree, weave curses for retribution…!’

 Seimei, without dispelling the curse, cuts through the 九 characters and returns the curse to the sorcerer Michimitu.


 Douman, cursed in return, drops to his knees, his expression contorted in pain. Despite this, Douman cuts through the 九 characters, somehow purifying the returned curse.

 ”Abe… Seimei…!”

 Douman, with a regretful expression, pounds the ground. The scene shifts back to Seimei.

 ’Seimei-sama… I’m sorry.’

 ’There’s nothing to apologize for. Mitsuhime, you’ve protected the Fourth Princess well.’


 Seimei gently embraces Mitsuhime.

 Ugh… Even though she know she’ll struggle if she falls for a guy like Seimei, what can she do about him pinpointing and attacking girls’ weak points?

 I wonder if the people watching are okay. The ones here should have some resistance to Shirogane Aqua, but about 90% of them are making weird faces. Kanon-san, in particular, has been making hoge faces since the appearance of Aqua in traditional Japanese clothing… On the other hand, Kirika-san, who doesn’t make a hoge faces and doesn’t blink, just freezes like she’s overclocked. When I first saw her, I thought time had stopped with overclocking…


 Seimei woke up and caressed the Fourth Princess’s head. And a crow, observing them from a tree, took flight into the sky. Suspicious of this, the crow was shot down by an arrow that came flying.

 On the other side of the fallen crow, Takaakira, with a bow in hand, could be seen. Speaking of which, Minamoto Takaakira… I heard he’s a skilled archer, considering he serves as a guard. They talked about it during lunch.

 ”I taught this to Tsuwabuki-san.”

 Aqua said this to Kazami-san, her maid, who was sitting on his lap.

 Come to think of it, Aqua is good at archery. But more importantly, Kazami-san, are you okay?

 Aqua treats you like a child, but Kazami-san is a college student and older than us. You’re not the Fourth Princess, but you’re a grown woman capable of having a baby. I wonder if Aqua realizes that…

 ’It seems Seimei was right after all. Whoever it is, if they lay a hand on the Fourth Princess, they better be prepared.”

 Takaakira spoke to the crow.

 And in the next scene, Genjo coughed up blood, appearing in distress.

 ”Ugh, that dumb Takaakira…! Acting all high and mighty just because Seimei isn’t around!”

 Kamonohashi-san is doing this rare thing where he acts all angry. Kohina-senpai mutters something when she saw it.

 ”If you’re gonna act like this now, you should’ve done it way earlier…!”

 Mikuni-sama and Reira-san nearby quietly listen to those words. Even though they’re not in the same scene, those three might have some thoughts since they’ve acted together with Kamonohashi-san in separate shots.

 Now, the scene switches, and Aqua’s face fills the screen. Then, there’s a note saying there’ll be a 10-minute break before the second half. The national broadcaster probably considered that there are no commercials, and honestly, that was nice. Just as everyone was about to go to the bathroom, we hear a voice from the TV, and we all turn around without thinking.

 ’The time is Heian, a man fighting against the malice swirling in the capital of Kyoto.’

 Huh? What’s this? While we’re all bewildered, some cheerful music starts playing. In the center of the screen is Takaakira, with Douman and Seimei on either side, and next to them, on the big screen, the Fourth Princess and Mitsuhime are standing.

 ’With a wicked smile on his face, and because he has a charming appearance, the name of the man who deceives and seduces women is Shiro——Abe no Seimei!’

 Wait a minute!? Weren’t you just about to say Shirogane Aqua!? Oh, this storytelling style must be from Kamonohashi-san, right?

 ’Now, let’s go! The Onmyoji, Abe no Seimei!! Someone is calling for you somewhere today!’

 Huh? A song? What’s this? Everyone is staring at the screen with surprised faces.

 [Onmyoji, HERE WE GO!]

 Lyrics: Mayuzumi Shintaro

 Composition: Nekoyama Toa

 Arrangement: MojaP

 Sung by: Abe no Seimei/Shirogane Aqua, Minamoto Takaaki/Tsuwabuki Hiromasa, Genjo/Kamonohashi Kazushi, Ashiya Douman/Tenga Akira, the Fourth Princess/Kato Iria, Mitsuhime/Kanade Ichika

 Narration: Genjo/Kamonohashi Kazushi

 What is this?! You can’t just play something like this during a bathroom break! It’s impressively well-made, and I can tell that Shintaro-san put a lot of effort into the choreography, but the visuals are too intense to focus on that. While the rest of us girls froze and stared at the screen, Toa-chan and Aqua were laughing their hearts out, banging on the table.

 ’Purify the six senses! Purify the six senses! My heart is the most wicked of all!’

 Aqua!? That’s true, but you shouldn’t say that out loud!! Your jokes are too strong, now no one can go to the bathroom!! Come on, production staff, think a little!! Oh, Morikawa-san is holding her crotch, is she okay? I understand your concern, but please go before you have an accident!!

 ”Oh, this is a loop! Morikawa, run!!”


 Everyone is startled by Emily-san’s words.

 Indeed, I noticed it too, but there’s no way a song is 10 minutes long. It was looping a one-minute song over and over.

 Phew, with this, I might be able to go to the bathroom. When I line up for the restroom, the Prime Minister and Mary-sama are in front of me.

 ”Oh, thanks to sensei, she set up about ten temporary toilets outside the Shirogane house and it saved us.”

 ”Hehe, that’s right, isn’t it?”

 While thanking Mary-sama in my heart, I borrowed one of the temporary toilets outside. I hope nothing happens in the second half…

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