Male Idol V11c38

Volume 11 Chapter 38 Shirogane Kanon, Morita-San’s Mini-Impersonation King New Year’s Special

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 On January 2nd, I was just watching TV at home. Aqua is taking part in Morita-san’s Mini-Impersonation King Championship. Since it’s a live show, Aqua went to the studio a few hours ago.

 ”Is it starting soon?”

 Right on time, the Mini-Impersonation King Championship begins. The interesting part of this show is that the impersonations begin right away.

 ’Well then, for the first impersonation. The one going first, please!!’

 Aqua comes out when the host comedian calls his name. Huh? Wait, is it really okay to be the first one!? I watch the screen with a concerned face.

 [Mayuzumi Shintaro’s glasses before and after they break.]

 Huh!? When Aqua puts on the glasses, he walks from the right side of the stage to the left with a slightly excited feeling. This is Mayuzumi-kun going to Harry Potter Castle at USJ!! When Aqua reaches the left side, he turns and takes off the glasses at the same time, revealing the broken glasses. This time, with a visibly sad face, he turns around, and in the middle, a trapdoor opens, and he falls down below.

 ’This is from when they went to USJ! I saw it, so I know!’

 ’It’s exactly Mayuzumi Shintaro-kun from back then. I understand, I understand.’

 ’Wait, you’re already making us laugh just with the topic. Mayuzumi-kun before and after his glasses broke, that’s cheating!’

 ’Breaking the glasses exactly when you’re coming back, your comedy is too detailed!’

 The judges banged on the table and laughed a lot.

 ”That’s a score of 95. It’s cool that Master chose Mayuzumi-sama, and attacking with a joke that everyone knows is a high point. The resemblance in expression and atmosphere was very impressive. Master has been observing Mayuzumi-sama closely.”

 Pegonia!? Wait, do you actually like comedy shows? Are you kidding? I didn’t know that…

 While I was surprised, Judge Morita’s smirking face appeared on the TV.

 ’Well, well, you’ve really captured his distinctive traits. An incredible newcomer has arrived. Oh? Are you from Tokyo?’

 ’Yes, I’m a high school student living in Tokyo, Shirokane Aqua-san.’

 Shirokane Aqua!? Hey, hey, there’s a mistake in the text!!


 ’Yes. I heard that the agency told me not to appear as Shirogane Aqua because idols shouldn’t do comedy.’

 At the bottom of the screen, there was a caption that said, “This is also a joke.”

 ’By the way, this wasn’t a program offer, but a genuine general audition. So I heard Aqua-kun is using the same dressing room as everyone else, right?’

 ’No way!?’

 What is Aqua doing….

 ’It’s not a lie, it’s true. The program staffs said that Aqua-kun came for the preliminary round before the live show and they almost fainted. By the way, since he’s a regular person, his fee is 5000 yen.’

 ’At least increase it by one more digit! Normally, if you want to call Aqua-kun, he wouldn’t come for just 5000 yen!!’

 ’The staff said the same thing, but it’s Morita-san’s show, and I said it’s fine since it’s open to the public.’

 ’Aqua-kun! Thank you so muuuuuch!’

 Morita-san was very excited and shaking. Wait, wait, wait, hold on! I didn’t know about this either! Did Ako-san know? Ah… From what I see on the bulletin board, it seems like she didn’t know. So, it looks like he only talked to Ako-san.

 ’Today, I took the subway from home to Toyosu, and then came to Odaiba by private railway.’

 ’Let’s at least take a taxi! It was such a commotion on the train!’

 ’Well, the staff checked and it seems like it costs 534 yen with two transfers.’

 ’If the transportation expenses are 1000 yen, then the actual fee is only 4000 yen!’

 Morita-san took out her wallet from her pocket and handed it to the staff.

 ’Let’s at least reimburse the transportation expenses. I’ll personally pay from my wallet.’

 Ah, the person who comes after this, poor thing.

 It’s definitely going to be difficult to perform in this atmosphere.

 ’Well then, the next person, please.’

 I looked at the person who appeared next and almost fell off the sofa.

 [The usual Morikawa Kaede.]

 ”Hey! Emily-senpai, what are you doing!?”

 I lunge at Emily-senpai, who is in the screen. First, she bows to the screen and then looks down. Suddenly, she realizes something and turns her documents, and she falls.

 ’Hmm? Oh…’

 Emily-senpai realizes something and spins the documents, and it fell straight down.

 ’Yes, there is, there is!’

 ’Ah, yes! It’s that thing where Morikawa-san’s documents are upside down. I saw this a week ago!’

 ’And there’s a little sweat on it. She probably just made it in time, almost being late. I can even understand the backstory.’

 ’This one shows Announcer Onidzuka, holding her head. I could see that clearly.’

 It was funny. Really funny! But Emily-senpai, what are you doing?! Hey, seriously, what are you doing?!

 ”97 points! Simple moves and not much talking. This imitation has removed all the extra stuff. Yet, understanding the whole backstory is amazing. Especially that hoge face! It really captures Morikawa-sama’s traits.”

 Oh, sure. Thanks for explaining more than the judges.

 ’Wow, that show just now got a lot of points. Is this person also new?’

 ’Yes. It’s Yukishiro Emily, who works part-time at Ramen Takeko. She’s supposed to be related to Yukishiro Mikuni.’

 ’No way!? That’s why she looked so pretty, logically.’

 Is it fine with Emily-senpai? I’m sure she forgot, but now everyone knows she works at Ramen Takeko. Oh, but it doesn’t matter since she’ll be revealed in the duet audition, right? And little by little, her real self is showing, but won’t Noel-san (Emily’s mother) scold her? She might forget promises with her mom for sure…

 ’Now, the next performer!’

 From now on, the usual members, mostly middle-tier comedians, will continue. They’re all entertaining, but it doesn’t feel as strong as the first two. Or maybe, the first two were too strong. Pegonia next to me is taking the scoring quite seriously.

 ’Now, we see the last person in the first round. Let’s go!’

 As I watched the person coming onto the stage, I almost spat out my half-finished tea.

 [Someone we met by a chance in town.]

 Grandmother!? And the Prime Minister!?

 What in the world are these two doing!?

 ’Aqua, Aqua-samaaaaaaaa…’

 ’To, Toa, Toaaaaa-chan!!’

 After Grandmother shouted Aqua’s name and fell down, the Prime Minister, shouting Toa-chan’s name, dramatically fell backward.

 ’Hahaha! This is just too much!!’

 ’Oh, it seems like a fan randomly met their idol during a photo shoot or something in town. I get it.’

 ’After Mary-sama shouted for Aqua-sama, oh, I get it. She must have gotten too excited and collapsed from overload.’

 ’This show is getting out of hand. I mean, it’s one thing for the Prime Minister, but dropping Mary-sama into a pitfall would become an international issue, wouldn’t it!?’

 I wonder if Grandmother is okay? I mean, she can probably still run a full marathon, so I think she’ll be fine, but I wish she would consider her age a little bit.

 ”93 points! I think anyone who has met Beryl’s group can understand this! The way Mary-sama falls is great, but the Prime Minister’s fall is really well done! This year’s Prime Minister might even show some funny skills along with dogeza!”

 I’m sure I’m not the only person who thought the Prime Minister might lose her job this year.

 ’What do you think, Judging Committee Chair?’

 ’Well, it’s a no-go, right? When these two appeared, it’s just funny. I mean, it’s expected of the Prime Minister, but what is Mary-sama really doing!? If this is shown on Stars, it will definitely be a big problem!!’

 ’By the way, these two are also regular participants, so their fee is 5000 yen. They came to Odaiba by train with Aqua-sama because it would be a loss if they took a taxi.’

 ’Staff! Charge the transportation expenses to my account too! Make sure the three of them take a taxi back! The trains have been chaotic since New Year’s!! To all the railway companies, I sincerely apologize for the trouble during the early days of the new year!!’

 Well, Morita-san is correct. What have all of you been doing since New Year’s? Now, the person hosting the comedy show looks at her notes.

 ’Um, to explain a bit more, the Prime Minister and Queen, the newest comedy duo from Tokyo, who are the newest performers, have been practicing their funny acts since last month. From this month onward, well, starting today, they seem to be getting serious about their activities. Their aim is to join the comedy section of Beryl Entertainment.’

 ’But Beryl doesn’t have a comedy section, right!?’

 ’Huh? Isn’t Announcer Morikawa part of the comedy section?’

 ’Announcer Morikawa is in the cultural figure category! Despite how it seems, she’s actually an announcer for a national broadcaster!’

 ’Oh, right. Morita-san really knows a lot!’

 I’m starting to get a headache…

 ’Well then, should we go for another round? If anyone has other acts they want to perform, please go ahead!’

 I had a bad feeling, but Aqua comes out for the second round with a smile on his face. Why does he seem to be enjoying it so much…

 [Morita Kazumi who somehow understands everything]

 Aqua took sunglasses out of his pocket and put them on. Wow, he’s copying Morita-san’s hand movements and expressions perfectly… Thanks to Aqua’s high acting skills, everything is needlessly high-quality.

 ’Now, our guest for today. Please!’


 When Aqua waved his hand to the place he came from, Mayuzumi-kun appeared. Wait, Mayuzumi-kun, what are you doing!? And in a leather jacket with sunglasses, I feel like I’ve seen that somewhere….

 ’Tenga-senpai, how are you feeling today?’

 ’Raining color.’

 ’Ah, you came on a bike and got wet in the rain. Just earlier, Morikawa-san on the national broadcaster said it was a gorilla downpour.’

 Really, Aqua looks so much like Morita-san…. And Mayuzumi-kun is doing his best. Somehow, he seems a bit like Tenga-senpai!

 ’Have you been anywhere lately?’

 ’Mountain pass.’

 ’Ah, the classic touring course, right? After that, is it the usual dam? I understand. Aqua-kun also, the other day, had kitsune udon at the Starlight tea shop in that area.’

 Aqua giggled mischievously.

 ’So, Tenga-kun, do you like udon noodles?’


 ’Soba, huh!’

 The two of them pretended to slurp soba noodles and ended up falling over in a funny way.

 ’Both of you are so funny! Wasn’t this when Tenga-senpai appeared alone on *It’s Okay to Laugh*? I remember how nervous he was!’

 ’Oh, I saw that episode too. Tenga-senpai’s lines were just single words for some reason. I’m impressed that Morita-san caught all of them.’

 ’And do you remember how, at the end, soba noodles suddenly appeared right after mentioning Tenga-senpai’s hometown in Iwate Prefecture? He was about to say ‘wanko udon,’ but then hesitated, unsure if it even existed, and before you knew it, Morita casually said ‘soba.’

 ’That’s not fair. When Mayuzumi-kun cosplayed as Tenga-senpai, I almost burst out laughing right then and there. It’s just impossible to hold it in.’

 Mayuzumi-kun, what are you doing? I can’t believe my Aqua is getting involved!?

 ”98 points! Morita-san is easy to understand and imitate, but Shirokane Aqua-san did a great job using his acting skills and imitating wholeheartedly. Mayuzumi-sama being embarrassed was good while recreating Tenga-senpai from that time. It must be part of the calculations of Master who chose the material and the cast. It’s really scary. An amazing newcomer has appeared.’

 Too long! Pegonia, you’re talking a lot today! It’s the first time I saw Pegonia like this!

 ’Oh, by the way, this outfit and sunglasses were borrowed from Tenga-senpai himself.’

 ’No way!’

 ’Also, the glasses that Aqua-kun used as a prop earlier belong to Mayuzumi-kun.’

 ’So, so, those almost broken glasses…’

 ’They were actually the broken glasses from that time.’


 The person hosting the comedy show is smiling and starts talking to Morita-san, who is also smiling.

 ’Morita-san, is this true?’

 ’Yes! But you know, the news that Aqua-kun ate kitsune udon at Starlight is new. Is the Starlight manager watching? Tomorrow will be amazing again, but do your best.’

 It’s true. I think some people might stay overnight at the place after hearing this. If I were still single, I would take a taxi right now and stay overnight for the grand opening.

 ’By the way, Morita-san, Mayuzumi-kun was eating ozoni yesterday when Aqua-kun suddenly asked him to help.’

 ’No way!?’

 ’It’s true. Mayuzumi-kun took a taxi, so he’s already at a minus of 2000 yen just for the trip.’

 ’Staff, use my money to cover all of Mayuzumi-kun’s expenses! Pay for his fee and transportation too!’

 It turns out it was because of my Aqua after all.

 Mayuzumi-kun, I’m really sorry. I’m sorry that my Aqua involved you in this.

 ’Okay, should we go to the next person now? Please!’

 When I saw Emily-senpai come in casually, I said to myself, “I knew she would come.”

 [The usual Morikawa Kaede Part 2.]

 Part 2!? Emily-senpai responded with a normal walk and opened the door.


 As Emily-senpai looked at something in her hand, she opened her mouth wide, and it fell down just like that.

 ’I understand this! The doorknob came off because of her force!’

 ’Oh, this? I’ve seen it before. When it breaks right in front of her, she’s like, ‘Wait, can it actually break?”

 ’Isn’t that strange? Normally, doorknobs don’t come off! Huh? Is it seriously coming off, not just for fun?’

 ’Hahaha, this is unfair. I can’t help but laugh at this.’

 By the way, I’ve seen that too. That…

 ”78 points.”

 78 points!? Huh? Pegonia, why suddenly such strict grading?

 ”It’s originally 98 points. The reason for deductions is that Morikawa-san broke the doorknob, causing her to be trapped in the room, which reminded me of it. So, minus 10 points for that. And then, she had to repair it, adding another minus 10 points. In total, minus 20 points, resulting in 78 points. However, Emily-san’s impersonation was spot-on. It’s the minus 20 points for being too accurate.”

 Oh, I remember that! It was tough. Nee-san and Emily-senpai helped me. But when Pegonia left the room, she looked happy, not sad, I think.

 ”Ah… but I had a great time in the room with Master, so I’ll give it 120 points, canceling out the bad stuff.”

 ”Huh!? What do you mean by a great time!? Wait, what did you do!?”

 ”Miss, when a guy and a girl, with Master who likes breasts and me with big ones, are in a room, there’s only one thing to do, right?”

 Wait, I can’t focus on the show! What happened in the room?

 ’Um, extra info: Our team told the National TV station, and it seems Announcer Morikawa Kaede broke 9 doorknobs.’

 ’Quite the breaker, huh?’

 ’The National TV station tried to replace them with sliding doors, but they got wrecked too, so they went back to doorknobs for cost reasons.’

 ’No way, that’s gotta be a lie! Huh? Really?’

 Yeah, that can’t be true, can it? The person hosting the comedy show looked like they were smiling, but their eyes didn’t seem happy. I think it might be a lie.

 ’Oh, and I heard this story got approved by Announcer Morikawa herself.’


 ’By the way, Yukishiro Emily-san goes to Mary University, and Announcer Morikawa is a senior there.’

 ’Oh, that makes sense!’

 Wait a minute!? If Kaede-senpai is connected, Emily-senpai might get exposedas Hagetoru!? I quickly check the bulletin board. But when I look, nobody seems to have noticed anything. Really? Only one person mentioned it, but lots of others said a pretty girl like her couldn’t be involved. What’s happening…

 After Emily-senpai’s performance, the comedians and others keep going with their acts.

 ’Well, this is the last of the second round. Let’s get started.’

 Once again, I was surprised to see the Prime Minister and grandmother. By the way, is the Prime Minister maybe not busy?

 [The people waiting in line]

 Huh!? From behind, Aqua, Mayuzumi-kun, Emily-senpai, and today, Rin-chan and Mikoto-chan, who were supposed to have the day off, and Ruuna-senpai, all came out and joined the line with the Prime Minister. Then, grandmother with a cane approached the line. At that moment, everyone in the line quickly made way for her. Ah, that’s something you often see among Beryl’s fans. However, as grandmother tried to cross the road, she tripped and fell. Upon seeing this, all the fans who were in line rushed towards her and fell down alongside her.

 ’I get it. Beryl’s fans are really kind. It doesn’t matter if they were in line or not.’

 ’At first, the fans were trying a little too hard, right? That was definitely a copy of when Nee-san was patrolling to keep an eye on the disorder in the line. I get it, I get it. It’s like your posture naturally straightens up. As soon as Nee-san arrives, that spot becomes like a military zone. No, the attention to detail is impressive!’

 ’It’s nice that everyone is wearing Beryl’s fan T-shirts. Personally, I thought it was great that Aqua-kun was wearing Toa-chan’s fan T-shirt.’

 ’Oh, I was really touched. I’m glad to be a fan of Beryl. Once, I dropped my things and they fell out, and the people who were waiting in line to buy merchandise all moved away from the line and picked them up for me. Not only that, the people behind me didn’t push forward, and it was a really kind atmosphere.’

 Yeah, it’s definitely moving. But as a grandchild, I get really worried watching my grandmother do funny falls again and again.’

 ”This one gets a score of 92. However, at the end, when the Prime Minister jumped into the hole, she did this silly rolling thunder dogeza, which deducts points. If it’s an impersonation, she shouldn’t just pretend to be a single fan. If the theme was ‘the Prime Minister in line,’ it would have scored 98.”

 Hey, by the way, I’ve been wondering for a while, where does Pegonia get those score boards from? Honestly, I’ve always had this question, but I thought maybe I shouldn’t ask.

 ’Um, for all the Aqua-kun fans and Toa-chan fans watching on TV all over the country, I have an announcement. The Toa-chan fan t-shirt that Aqua-kun is wearing is his personal item!’

 ’Excuse me! It’s a live broadcast, but can I take my medication?’

 ’Please go ahead. It might make a little noise.’

 What does “make a bit of noise” mean? I wonder if it’s okay to take so much medication. Even though there don’t seem to be any major side effects from taking too much, I still worry when I see it.

 ’How was it, Morita-san?’

 ’Mary-sama, despite being the oldest, she pushes herself too hard! It’s stressful just watching her. She should think more about her age. I might have to use my power as the judge chairperson to get a doctor for her!’

 ’Okay. It’s sad, but both the Prime Minister and the Queen will stop here.’

 ’Yes. For the next round, try to make a skit where neither of them falls, or maybe one where only the Prime Minister falls. If something happens to the Prime Minister, it’s alright. That person won’t die no matter what, honestly.’

 Thank you, Morita-san. Oh, remind me to send Aqua a thank-you email after the show ends. Then there’ll be a bit longer break. They’re probably choosing who will compete in the finals.

 ’Now, let’s start the final match! Here we go!’

 Ah… Aqua’s in the finals.

 As expected, Aqua calmly goes on stage.

 I’m sorry, Mayuzumi, for involving you even in the final performance.

 [General Performance of The Unbeatable Queen]

 The person we know well… or rather, Mayuzumi dressed in Aqua’s clothes, sits down in a chair. As the Prime Minister, holding a staff card, comes out, Mayuzumi stands up and greets in a normal way.

 Emily-senpai and grandmother also play their roles as staff members, following the same routine. Mayuzumi, just like Aqua always does, behaves politely and greets others.

 Then, Aqua appears from the other side, dressed in cross-dressing fashion, with an exaggerated sideways walk. Aqua, you will definitely get scolded by her! Despite their worries, Aqua ignores them and steadily approaches Mayuzumi.

 Of course, the three staff members stay against the wall, making way. Once Mayuzumi sees Aqua’s face, he quickly shifts his attention to his phone.

 ”Hey! Weren’t you trying to ignore me just now?!” At that moment, Aqua stomps his feet and both Mayuzumi and Aqua fall down.

 ’Hey, isn’t this unfair!?’

 ’I saw it! Backstage, Aqua-kun intentionally ignored a certain big actress and got caught up in it!!’

 ’It was a perfect copy. I knew right away which top actress it was just from how he walked.’

 ’We might get in trouble later for this. Let’s just pretend we didn’t see it.’

 Wow, I just got some messages on my phone, but I’ll act like I didn’t know about it…

 ”It’s definitely a win. Master imitating that top actress and bringing the theme everyone wanted to the finals is really amazing. He really understand as an entertainer, just as expected.”

 Pegonia was clapping at the TV with a serious face.

 She keeps saying she loves comedy, but she’s very serious about all this. But maybe deep down, she’s finding it funny? It’s okay to laugh if it’s more fun, you know?

 ’Well, this is not good. Calling her a top actress, but anyone could figure it out by now. I bet the real top actress herself is fuming in front of the screen right now.’

 ’No, I think she’s angry. Hehe. Thank you. Well, I can’t find any other words beyond that.’

 Now, the host looks at her notes.

 ’By the way, besides the whole famous actress thing, she’s got other stuff too. Like randomly starting a fight with a wall, playing with stray cats, or even complaining to the weather as the famous actress. The crew apparently cracked up when they saw the actress fighting with the wall during the first tryouts.’

 ’Ah, I wish I could’ve seen that too!’

 How many acts does she have, seriously… And they all seem like things she wouldn’t be too happy about if she saw them herself.


 The host stops suddenly as she notices something. What’s up? Morita-san, seeing her attention, looks in the same direction as the host.

 ’Huh? Is that Ayana-chan by any chance!?’

 The camera turns to capture Ayana-chan in casual clothes. So cute! Ayana-chan always wears such cute outfits.

 ’Huh? What’s happening?’

 ’Oh, I had another recording and just happened to come by for, um, observation.’

 ’I see! How was the previous act?’

 ’It was perfect. Really, it’s like… But, I’m sorry. Hehe, I might get scolded more if I keep talking. I’m really sorry. Also, Aqua really deserves a scolding, hehe.’

 It’s true! Ayana-chan is amazing! Thank you for saying what I couldn’t!

 ’Thank you, Tsukimachi-san. Now, onto the second finalist. Please go ahead!’

 Certainly, following Aqua is Emily-senpai. Why is she still in the finals like it’s no big deal?

 [Morikawa Kaede at the airport]

 It’s not the usual Morikawa Kaede Part 3, huh? The judges are confused by the unexpected change in the act, and then the Prime Minister, dressed as an airport staff, appears. Prime Minister, you change quickly!

 ’Next person.’

 The Prime Minister examines Emily-senpai’s body with a device similar to a metal detector. Then, a clear beeping sound comes from the metal detector.

 ’Huh? There’s something in your pocket! Take it out!!’

 Emily-senpai takes an eggplant out of her pocket and shows it to everyone.

 ’That’s a violation of the Seed Law! Arrest her!!’

 The Prime Minister tries to handcuff Emily-senpai, but before that, Emily-senpai quickly takes a bite of the eggplant to destroy the evidence. The two of them fall while struggling with each other.

 ’Wow!!! This is the thing from when she went to Stars!!’

 ’Isn’t this breaking the rules?! And didn’t they take it away before?’

 ’Wow, these new people are really something this time. Honestly, the competition is getting narrower, right?’

 ’Haha, I thought it would be the usual Morikawa Kaede Part 3, but it’s Morikawa Kaede at the airport! That was so funny!’

 Emily-senpai, are you okay? Will Kaede-senpai get mad at you later for this?

 ”This deserves a perfect score! Especially the way Yukishiro-sama bit into the eggplant that was caught in the Prime Minister hand, it had so much energy and realism. I just want to keep watching. Yukishiro-sama truly understand Morikawa more than anyone else.”

 Hmm? What’s this? A staff member came from the side and handed a note-like memo to The person hosting the comedy show proceedings.

 ’Um, by the way, earlier Yukishiro Emily-san suddenly got a part-time job, so she will be leaving after the finals. At least that’s what she said when she finished her routine.’

 ’No way?!’

 ’She also said she has done everything she wanted to do.’

 ’Well, if that’s the case, there’s nothing we can do. The general participation slot is based on the cooperation of the general public, so if she has something to attend to, it can’t be helped.’

 Leaving because of part-time job!? Huh? Is that allowed? Huh?

 ’Morita-san, how did it go?’

 ’It was great. I hope Yukishiro Emily-san can join again next year and aim for the championship this time.’

 ’Yes, I agree. Let’s give a big round of applause to Yukishiro Emily-san, who participated as a general entrant!’

 ’Thank you so much!!’

 I wonder if this is really okay…

 I hope there’s no one out there struggling like me and Nee-san.

 After Emily-senpai, a few other people performed and then the final commercial started.

 By the way, my phone has been ringing since earlier, and the screen says “Kohina Yukari,” but I pretend not to know.

 While doing that, the commercial ended and the program continued.

 ’And now, the winner of this round is this person. Please!’

 Yeah, I knew it. I knew it, but Aqua appeared with a big smile on his face.

 [My wife.]

 Huh!? Me!?

 As I was confused, Aqua stood up in front of the screen, then suddenly fell backwards and collapsed.

 ’Hahaha! Wait, this is cheating!’

 ’Oh no, wait. This is not allowed, it’s definitely a win, you know.’

 ’No one in this country can stop themselves from laughing at this joke. Hey, can you show it again in slow motion?’

 ’Well, he really did a great job at the very end. This is definitely the winning performance!’

 I covered my face with both hands because I was so embarrassed. Oh, I wish I could disappear.

 ’Is this about Yuujin-sama?’

 ’No, it’s about the show that was just on, ‘Onmyoji’, which the main character’s wife watched.’

 ’Ah, I understand. So he brought the latest joke here. Oh, this is definitely the winning performance. My wife, just the title alone makes me laugh. The joke is simple, easy to understand, and new. Thank you so much!’

 ’Truly, some amazing new talents have appeared. The winner of the 2023 New Year’s small joke imitation contest was an ordinary participant, Shirokane Aqua-san!’

 Aqua, who got the first prize from Morita-san, lifts up the cup happily together with Mayuzumi-kun.

 ’Kanon! Are you watching?! I won the first prize!’

 I felt annoyed when I saw Aqua calling me out in front of the camera. Ugh… It’s embarrassing, so please stop…

 ”Ahahahaha, ahahahahaha, no, this, this is already a first prize. Ahahahaha. Miss, did you see that just now? Hehe, it was definitely! No doubt about it, Miss!! Pookusukusu.’

 Pegonia hits the desk and then rolls on the floor, holding her stomach and laughing.

 Hey, wait a second!? I thought it was okay to laugh earlier, but isn’t this too much laughter?! Why are you laughing so much at my imitation?! Hey!!

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