Male Idol V11c39

Volume 11 Chapter 39 Hoshimiya Shiro, Did You Finish Your Homework For Winter?

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 ”Hey, useless Aqua, we’re not finished talking yet!”

 ”Senpai, stop! Why are you already here when I come home? And I’m streaming right now.”

 After coming home with the trophy for being the king of mini-impersonation, Kohina-senpai was standing at the entrance. This person… is really bored. It seems that I was wrong in thinking that she wouldn’t come for something like this. I look at my beloved wife, Kanon, as if asking for help.


 I see, it seems that she is also quite angry. Well, Kanon is a bit cute, so if I spend some time with her later, everything will be fine. The problem lies with this bored actress.

 ”Look, I got this thanks to senpai. Here, I’ll give it to you, so please forgive me…”

 I hand the trophy I received from Morita-san to senpai.

 ”I don’t need that! Instead, come with me next time!”


 ”Hey! Why are you making that unhappy face over there? Be more excited!!”

 ”I get it. I’ll go! I’ll go, okay? The live show is about to start.”

 ”You should have just said that from the beginning. Come on, it’s almost time for the live show, right? If it’s about Kanon-san’s mood, I’ll handle it. Now, go!”

 Kohina-senpai~! Today, I was really thankful that Kohina-senpai came for the first time. I show my thanks by hugging Kohina-senpai and rubbing my head against her chest.

 ”Hey! Don’t rub your head against my breasts!”

 ”Oh, I’m sorry. Kohina-senpai’ breasts are the only thing that’s fair, so I couldn’t help it…”

 ”Why are my breasts in a different group?”

 ”Well, you know… They’re quite…”

 ”Pervert! You lewd useless-tan!!”

 Senpai, if you say that, then my name Aqua won’t be included anymore, so no one will know who you’re talking about. I apologize to Kohina-senpai for getting too carried away because of the New Year atmosphere. But I gratefully accept the embarrassed expression of Senpai.

 ”Hmm, even though Kohina-senpai’s smaller than me, Aqua like them more than mine…”

 Kanon-saaan! Oh no, this is not good. The sparkle is fading from her eyes.

 ”Oh, it’s okay, don’t worry. I’ll handle this somehow. Kanon-san is pretty simple like you, so I’m sure I’ll manage.”

 ”O-Okay, got it. Senpai, I’m relying on you!”

 I trusted Kohina-senpai with everything and went to the streaming room. In this situation, I have no choice but to apologize about 100 times tonight and express my love about 1000 times in bed. So, until then, please take care of me, Kohina-senpai!

 Now, I turned on the computer and started the streaming software. When I entered Toa’s chat room, everyone was already there.

 ”Sorry for being late.”

 ”No problem, everyone just got here too, so we’re still on time.”

 I’m glad. Streaming is a bit more relaxed than the real event, which is a good thing.

 For official Vtubers who work for companies, events related to their jobs, or big events, it’s not uncommon for the start time to be delayed, especially for personal or collaborative events. I managed to make it to the start time this time, but it’s considered good to have that relaxed atmosphere, making it feel like a private gathering.

 ”Well then, everyone’s here, so let’s start. Good evening, everyone. I’m Oumi Tama, your host for today!”

 Today, I, as Hoshimiya Shiro, am taking part in the Vtuber competition, the Winter Homework King Championship. This event is part of the streaming activities that Toa or Tama-chan, and A have come up with, not Beryl.

 ”Um, for all the students and ex-students out there, when you think of winter, you think of winter break. Winter break means homework. So, today, I want to do the Vtuber competition! The Winter Homework King Championship!!”

 Everyone claps in the room.

 ”Today, we gave out homework for the winter break to everyone here. We want all the work to be done before the deadline. Now, let’s meet everyone at today’s event! First is my best friend, Hoshimiya Shiro!”

 ”It’s me, Shiro! Hey, big sisters, you’re not skipping homework during the winter break, right? Those who don’t do it will be punished!”

 I’ll make sure to tell everyone to do their homework well for all the teachers. After all, no one likes getting in trouble.

 [Oh, can you tell us more about the punishment!?]

 [Oh, punishment, oh!]

 [I did my homework, but I want to be punished, so I’ll act like I didn’t do it!]

 [I haven’t done my homework yet, but I won’t do it because I want to be punished!]

 [I want to be a student again and not do my homework, so please punish me!]

 [Are there no punishments from the teacher!?]

 [I’m a teacher, but I’ll forgive Shiro even if he didn’t do his homework.]

 [Actually, as a teacher, this big sister would like to punish Shiro for forgetting his homework]

 Hmm? The reaction is not what I expected. Come on, everyone, let’s do our homework properly, okay? Also, I’d like to know what kind of punishment the final big sister-sensei personally gives, so I wonder if she’ll send me a DM later or something!? Oh… but the staff checks all the DM, right?

 ”And here’s my other best friend! This is Mameda An-kun!”

 ”Hello. I’m Mameda An, a big fan of red bean paste…”

 ”Huh? An-kun, aren’t you feeling down?”

 ”Well, I just came back a little while ago…”

 Little did you know, Mameda An, Oumi Tama and Hoshimiya Shiro’s friend, is actually Mayuzumi Shintaro! He’s the third Vtuber to belong to the Vtuber Division, not the Beryl Entertainment comedy department. He’s a relaxed, easygoing vampire with dark circles under his eyes.

 [An-kun looks tired!]

 [This big sister have an empty space in my bed!]

 [Oh, well, it’s usually my bedtime by now…]

 [Someone might get involved in something…]

 [Should this bister stay up late with you?]

 Upon looking at Shintaro’s livestream, An’s head was moving from side to side. “Are you alright!? If you start feeling tired, I’ll take care of things, so don’t hesitate to sleep,” I sent a message behind the scenes.

 ”Now, let’s introduce our guest! This young lady is clever! So, we’ve invited Hizume Sayaka-senpai from December!”

 ”Oh-ho-ho! It’s December’s Hizume Sayaka, desu~wa!! Sorry for keeping you waiting, everyone!! Today, Tama-chan invited me to defeat all of you! Hehehe, I’ll make you understand what it means to be a young lady!”

 Sayaka-senpai, the young lady character, was one of the members of the opposing team in the CreamRAW Cup that I won. Hmm, this voice, I feel like I’ve heard it somewhere recently. Is it just my imagination?

 [Yes, yes, just at the beginning, just at the beginning.]

 [Saying that, again, is Sayaka-sama trying to make us understand?]

 [Well, this is the peak right now.]

 [Even the loud laughter, it always becomes a whisper in the end.]

 [Today, I’ve come to witness the young lady’s defeat again!]

 Sayaka-senpai, you’re getting really excited by the people listening…

 ”The fourth person is this individual! The amazing senior of Holospray, Sayamu Inko-san!”

 ”Alright! Is everyone watching? Today, I’m going to give it my best!”

 Currently, Inko-senpai is the most energetic Vtuber. She’s always at the top of the streaming rankings and I’ve heard she puts a lot of effort into her otome game broadcasts.

 [Inko, don’t stop playing otome games.]

 [Unko-san, are you still interested in otome games?]

 [Why aren’t you playing otome games?]

 [Of course, you play otome games until morning after finishing, right?]

 [Everyone else has given up on conquering otome games except Inko.]

 It’s Inko, not Unko! Don’t say poop to a girl!

 ”And now, let me introduce the person who prepared this homework! From Beryl Entertainment Vtuber Division, making her debut today!! Oshitari Mitsu-sensei!”

 ”Hahaha, my students! It’s time for a lesson!”

 Of course, Mitsu-sensei’s inner self is Tenga-senpai. Mitsu-kun, the senpai character, is a young boy with crooked teeth. He wears a big white coat and glasses. He also has devil wings, horns, and a tail as part of his cosplay.

 [Mitsu-sensei, can you lower the volume of the microphone? It’s too loud.]

 [Yay! The fourth person is here!!]

 [All four of them are here…]

 [I feel like eating something sweet.]

 [Is it President Ako’s hobby to make everything shota? (This comment was deleted by admin President Atori because it contained inappropriate expressions)]

 The last person, is it okay that your comment was deleted? I heard that the rules for deletion are more relaxed today. But still, if it was deleted, this person must have said something really inappropriate. Something that shouldn’t have been said…

 ”Yes. That’s why today we’ll do it with all six of us! Well, the first task is this!!”

 Tama-chan points to the screen behind him.

 [Japanese Language Practice]

 Clap, clap, clap! Everyone claps their hands. It’s been a while since we did a Japanese language practice.

 ”Okay, let’s look at the first question!”

 The question is on the screen behind Tama-chan.

 [What word goes in the blank in “Mochi is ___.”?]

 Oh, I remember these kinds of questions. Kotono gave me these in November, and I handed them in December.

 [This is easy, right?]

 [Everyone won’t get it wrong, right?]

 [Don’t think Inko is not capable]

 [Yeah, don’t underestimate Inko’s head]

 [I’m sorry for Unko. I apologize in advance.]

 Inko-senpai seems more challenged than Sayaka-senpai. But no, this question is easy. I don’t think anyone would get it wrong.

 ”Yes. As you all know, the answer is, mochi is a mochi shop! It’s easy, right?”

 I nod in agreement.

 ”But you know, there’s someone who got it wrong.”

 The handwritten answer shows up on the screen behind Tama-chan.

 [Mochi is Abekawa]

 Oh, this is just saying what kind of mochi you like! Who’s saying this? Shintaro, is it you…?

 ”Hey, the answerer is Inko-senpai!”

 ”Why, though! Mochi is Abekawa! Or is it isobe after all!?”

 Inko-senpai, huh… Sorry, Shintaro. I doubted you for a moment…

 [In the end, Inko was truly Inko]

 [*She’s the oldest among them here]

 [Inko, you’re truly made for being a Vtuber!!]

 [You know? She’s the sole survivor of the Otome game conquest team]

 [I’m kinda worried leaving the conquest to Inko. Shumi~ Hurry it up~~~!]

 Tama-chan clears her throat.

 ”Well, should we call it impressive or what, in these proverb-related questions, Shiro-kun, An-kun, and Sayaka-senpai hardly made any mistakes. You’re all streamers, so, consider adding a bit more humor to your answers! Meanwhile, Inko-senpai truly lives up to expectations! She put in a lot of effort for those laughs. Now, let’s dive into Inko-senpai’s answers all at once!!”

 On the screen behind Tama-chan, there’s a list of answers from Inko-senpai.

 [Beryl is closer than a distant relative.]

 [The annual plan is in the otome game.]

 [Kaede Morikawa falls from the second floor.]

 [Kaede Morikawa bites someone.]

 [Yukari Kohina cries a lot.]

 [No bad things happen to Yukari Kohina.]

 [Oni Yukari Kohina.]

 Kaede Morikawa falls from the second floor? Oni Yukari Kohina? I stare at the screen, amazed. But, I think “No bad things happen to Yukari Kohina” is the right answer. I really think so!

 [Sorry, Tama-chan. This is serious, not a joke.]

 [Inko is amazing!]

 [Are we really terrible at guessing?!]

 [Inko-senpai, all five of them are shocked.]

 [Why did Morikawa Kaede fall from the second floor? LOL.]

 [Let me explain! It’s about a weird event in the game where Morikawa Kaede falls down unexpectedly while she’s supposed to be on the second floor.]

 [Kaede falling is just too LOL.]

 [Those who played the game probably understand Yukari crying and no bad things happening to her! LOL.]

 [Kohina Yukari is already the strongest as an Oni. At least, give her hard time…]

 [Why does Oni Kohina Yukari? Think about it! It would make more sense for Kohina Yukari to control the Oni!!]

 [Playing games during New Year’s shows dedication.]

 [Beryl is closer than a distant relative. By Kokucho’s team.]

 When Inko-senpai looked at the screen, her mouth was wide open for some reason.

 ”Eh!? Is this not right!?”


 Tama-chan, with a worried face, showed a list of correct answers. Seeing that, Inko-senpai, looking confused, had many question marks above her head.

 ”Well, the Japanese language practice wasn’t anything special, but there was one answer that I thought I should share… First, look at the problem.”

 Tama-chan pointed to the screen behind him.

 [Hide your head, but don’t hide ___]

 Oh, right. There was a problem like this.

 ”Um, by the way, Shiro-kun’s answer was this.”

 Huh? Was I mistaken?

 [Hide your head, but don’t hide your chest]

 Eh!? Isn’t this the correct answer!?

 [Well, nothing can be done about it.]

 [It can’t be helped, it can’t be helped.]

 [The true self is revealing!! Hide it properly!]

 [I see, I see, you like it so big that you can’t hide it, huh.]

 [Haha, lol.]

 [Yukari Rice: Pervert.]

 [Shumi the Maiden: Oh, really.]

 [Tsukippon (Moon and Turtle): Oh.]

 [RamenHagetoru: Do you have any leaks?]

 [Sommelier: I don’t have much, but if you’re okay with mine… plop! (This statement has been deemed inappropriate by the moderator RihitoTOOOKA and has been deleted.)]

 I felt like I could understand what Tama-chan was thinking as I looked at the screen.

 ”Okay, let’s go to the next thing. Now, for our Japanese language practice, we’ll do a book review! But don’t worry, we won’t actually read a book. We’ve picked a scene from a video, and we want everyone to think about how the character feels in that moment!”

 The screen behind Tama-chan shows the video for the assignment. It’s a scene from “Masked Driver, Heaven’s Sword Episode 8” where Kamishiro and Kenzaki are working at a fast food restaurant.

 ’Kenzaki, watch my fancy potato flip and perfectly seasoned fries!’

 The video shows Kamishiro making hashed potatoes with really cool poses.

 ’Kamishiro… Sadly, we only serve hashed potatoes in the morning. And I’ll make sure to tell the manager later to take the cost of those wasted hashed potatoes from your paycheck. Don’t get upset about it.’

 ’What? What did you just say!?’

 The video stops here.

 ”Yes. Now, here are the responses from everyone who answered Kamishiro’s feelings at that time.”

 Our answers are shown on the screen that is divided into two parts.

 [Hoshimiya Shiro: I’m happy that the flip didn’t fail during the main event.]

 [Mameda An: I’m not thinking about anything.]

 [December Hizume Sayaka: Who decided that hash browns are only served in the morning? I won’t be limited by such common sense!!]

 [Sayamu Inko: Potatoes look delicious… oh no, I’m getting hungry.]

 Oh, the answers are quite different. But still, Shintaro… come on, your answer is not good….

 [An-kun laughed in a sarcastic way, LOL]

 [Not thinking about anything. I think it’s true.]

 [Not thinking about anything is a kind of truth, right?]

 [Yukari Rice: An-kun, that guy Shiro next to you probably isn’t thinking about anything either!]

 [Shiro-kun’s answer is about the person inside, not Kamishiro!]

 [Sayaka-ojousama, you’re on a good track!!]

 [What’s wrong? Today’s ojousama seems unusually decent. Did you eat something weird!?]

 [Come on, Inko, ist that your impression?]

 [Sorry, sorry. Inko doesn’t even understand the meaning of the problem. I apologize.]

 [Except for ojousama, no one is answering seriously, lol.]

 [Hey, everyone, Mitsui-sensei looks sad! Think more seriously!!]

 Mitsu-sensei looks sad on the computer screen.

 What happened to the enthusiasm you had when you first appeared?

 ”Okay then, sensei, please give us the answer!”

 ”Even though my previous job didn’t pay me anything, now this job won’t pay me anything either, it’s really discouraging.”

 I just realized, Kamishiro, that this setup was a complete failure…

 I mean, this question is so difficult! There’s no way I can understand it!!

 ”So, there are no correct answers. Now, let’s move on to the next part.”

 The video goes back to the scene that was paused earlier, and the pause is lifted to show the next scene.

 ’Eat whatever you want. Kamishiro will pay for it, so don’t worry.’

 ’Kenzaki…ugh, don’t worry. Eat whatever you want!’

 ’It’s just a joke, Kamishiro. Of course, I’ll pay. You failed too much today, so you won’t get paid.’


 The video stops again.

 Huh? Was there a problem with this scene?

 ”Yes. So, now that you’ve heard the answers to the previous question, we want everyone to answer in real-time about how Kamishiro was feeling at that time. You have 3 minutes. Well then, please begin!”

 Hmm. I think it’s good to say thank you here. I fill in the answers and press OK.

 ”It’s time! Let’s see everyone’s answers together!”

 Following Tama-chan’s signal, our answers showed on the screen.

 [Hoshimiya Shiro: Thanks, Kenzaki.]

 [Mameda An: Part 2: I’m not thinking about anything Part 2]

 [December Hizume Sayaka: Kenzaki, you… Kenzaki and Kamishiro looked at each other. Kamishiro felt Kenzaki’s kindness. Oh dear, I can’t continue!]

 [Sayamu Inko: I’m hungry, and you keep showing food!]

 Shintaro!? Please think about senpai’s feelings! How can you say you’re not thinking at all?

 [You guys are so funny LOL]

 [Sensei looks like he might cry! Let’s consider sensei’s feelings!]

 [Oh no. Ojousama, that’s not good.]

 [Wait, I feel strange suddenly…]

 [Don’t faint during the New Year!]

 [Inko, eat something!!]

 [Staff, make sure Inko eats properly!!]

 When the picture changed, Mitsu-sensei sitting cross-legged in the corner appeared. Look, everyone’s not taking it seriously, so she got upset!

 ”Um… Sensei, can I have the right answer?”

 ”Oh, yeah. But it seems like everyone doesn’t really care.”

 ”That’s not true! Right, everyone!!”

 I shook my head a lot. Then the simple Mitsu-sensei quickly came back to life. Whew, it’s good that senpai is simple.

 ”Actually, for the last three days, I’ve been making a lot of mistakes, and they’ve been taking it out of my pay, so I haven’t gotten a single penny. I even thought you could treat me to a meal!”

 No, I don’t get it! I didn’t know there was such a hidden story!

 [Kamishiro, are you serious? LMAO]

 [The unknown story behind the Heaven Sword]

 [I see. That time, Kamishiro was leaning against the wall so much, it wasn’t because he was trying to look cool, it was because he was hungry.]

 [The hunger theory is hilarious LOL]

 [So the reason why his eyes seemed to be looking into the distance was that he was unconscious due to hunger!?]

 [So many mysteries have been solved lol]

 [An-kun’s face looks confused LOL]

 [An-kun will be confused too!]

 [Shiro-kun! Your cute face looks like Hogekawa-san! Be careful!]

 [Ojousama’s face looks indescribable lol]

 [Inko! You’re drooling!!]

 [RamenHagetoru: Damn it, break time at my part-time job is over. That’s it!]

 After finishing the book review, we’re moving on to a new topic – a social issue. I thought maybe we’d do some math next, but let’s not worry about that now.

 ”Alright, let’s start with the first question!”

 The question pops up on the screen.

 [Name the three most beautiful women in the world.]

 Honestly, this question is super easy. I mean, who could get this wrong?

 ”Let’s check everyone’s answers now.”

 Our answers are on the screen.

 [Hoshimiya Shiro: Shirogane Kanon, Yukishiro Emily, Shirogane Lapis (10 years later)]

 [Mameda An: Cleopatra, Ono no Komachi, Aqua from the beauty pageant]

 [December Hizume Sayaka: Shirogane Kanon-san, Yukishiro Emily-san, Aqua-oneesama]

 [Sayamu Inko: Yukishiro Mikuni-sama, Shirogane Kanon-san, Aqua-oneesama]

 W-what’s happening with Aqua-oneesama!?

 [Well, it can’t be helped. Aqua-oneesama is the strongest.]

 [Shiro-kun is funny, but it’s funny how ojou-sama and Inko choose Kanon-sama.]

 [We all think Kanon-sama is pretty, right?]

 [Wait, didn’t Yukishiro Emily-san do that great impersonation earlier?]

 [That lady is really pretty!]

 [Emily-san was prettier than Mikuni-sama when she was younger.]

 [I think Kanon-sama and Emily-san are the prettiest I’ve seen. But, of course, Aqua-oneesama is the top!]

 [A pretty person like that doing Morikawa Kaede’s impersonation. It’s impossible not to laugh.]

 [Wait, this happened a while ago, right? So, Shiro-kun and Sayaka-san have seen Emily-neesama before!?]

 [Oh… Shiro-kun should know because he goes to Ramen Takeko.]

 [Yukishiro Emily-san, she must be someone’s bride, for sure. Won’t say whose, though.]

 [Shumi the Maiden: I forgive everything without saying what it is.]

 [Shumi LOL]

 [Shumi is simple LOL]

 [Sommelier: What about the national broadcaster’s super announcer, Morikawa Kaede-chan!?]

 [An-kun was answering seriously, and just when I thought that was funny, he ends it with LOL.]

 Wow, really? When I looked carefully, Shintaro’s final answer is me!?

 Huh? Because the last person didn’t come out, he wrote the most beautiful person he saw!?

 Hehe, come on, don’t be shy. You must feel embarrassed.

 ”Well, the correct answer is Inko-san. Well, the actual correct answers are Cleopatra, Yang Guifei, and Ono no Komachi, but the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology conducted a survey because they were not suitable for the times, and these three became the top choices. So, next year’s textbooks will change to this, so all the students preparing for exams should be careful! I think Sayaka-san’s answer will probably be the correct one next year, so it’s fine to choose that too.”

 Huh? Wait, does that mean if this question comes up, I have to write my own name!? It’s embarrasing. That’s what I thought, but Kanon also has to write her own name. Yeah…

 ”Well then, here’s the next question.”

 A new question appears on the monitor.

 [What is the modern best quote spoken by Morikawa Kaede-san, the national broadcaster announcer who has been decided to be included in the dictionary?]

 I didn’t understand this. What is the quote that Kaede, a famous person, said? Maybe she saw it on a TV show or something.

 ”This was easy. It seems like Shiro-kun was the only one who didn’t understand…”

 Huh!? Did everyone know this problem!?

 ”Mitsu-sensei, can you tell us the answer?”

 ”Yes! It’s because Shirogane Aqua is in this country!”

 ”That’s right!”

 Huh? What’s that!? Did she say something like that during a runway show?

 [This one is easy]

 [A famous quote that all Japanese people know]

 [The birth of the future announcer, Morikawa Kaede]

 [To be honest, Morikawa was still fine at that time]

 [Morikawa started acting strange when she joined Stars, and gradually her problem became more noticeable.]

 [Sommelier: Kaede-san is amazing, after all!!]

 [Doesn’t she feel embarrassed about this LOL → Sommelier]

 [Shumi the Maiden: I’m starting to feel embarrassed]

 [Shumi, I understand how you feel]

 Huh? Did everybody know about this?! Am I the only one? Wait, is this quote really famous?! Aren’t there other quotes that are more well-known? I don’t know…

 ”Well then, let’s continue!”

 After that, different tasks were submitted for some time.

 ”So, the last task is to draw a picture for the diary entry. I’m thinking of sharing everyone’s drawings from now on. Um, first, please look at everyone’s drawings except for Shiro-kun. By the way, the theme is our memories from this year!”

 Oh wow, everyone’s drawings are really good! Shintaro drew this one, it’s a drawing of when we had a barbecue in the game for the first time during a livestream. I understand! It was so much fun!

 Sayaka-senpai’s drawing is from the legendary zombie game livestream episode. I understand, I understand.

 And what did Inko-senpai draw? Huh? Is this the current livestream room? But you should sleep in a proper bed, not on a sleeping bag!

 ”Everyone, you drew really well. However… Holosplay staff! Please let Inko-senpai sleep on a bed at least!! It’s New Year’s and she hasn’t even gone home, it’s really sad!!”

 What? Inko-senpai didn’t go home at all during the New Year’s holiday? That’s impressive. She must be really committed to her streaming. As a fellow content creator, I admire her. But at least let the staff allow her to go home. Even I was able to spend New Year’s with everyone at home…

 ”Oh… According to the staff of Holospray, they’re arranging a bed for her.”

 ”Yes! Yessss! I can finally say goodbye to the uncomfortable floor!”

 That’s great, that’s great.

 ”Alright, now, before we finish, let’s reveal two pieces of Shiro-kun’s artwork. From now on, Sensei will be the one answering.”

 ”Yes, leave it to me!”

 ”Now, all the viewers in front of the screen, let’s think about the answers together!”

 The artwork I drew appeared on the screen, large and striking.

 Yeah, yeah, I think I did a good job on it.

 [The Masterpiece has arrived!]

 [Nani kore?]

 [Tsukippon: Sorry, I don’t understand.]

 [Yukari Rice: I got it! It’s a cat because it has fangs!]

 [It actually has fangs.]

 [Yukari Rice is amazing!]

 [Shumi the Maiden: It has a tail, but it’s thick, so it’s not a cat, but a dog, right?]


 [If it’s the combination of Kohina Yukari and Shumi the Maiden, there’s a chance we’ll reach the correct answer, right?]

 [The two strongest individuals are here!]

 [We can win with these two!]

 [Sommelier: Huh? Is it… a p*nis? (This comment was deleted by admin TOOOKA because it contained inappropriate expressions.)]

 Huh? You guys don’t understand this? I think it’s very easy to understand, though.

 ”I know! This is a camel!! You can see something like bumps on its back!”

 ”Mitsu-sensei, boo, it’s wrong!”


 ”I understand! It looks like something is coming out of its mouth. This is a spitting alpaca, desu~wa!!”

 ”Yes, Sayaka-senpai, boo!”

 ”Too bad, desu~wa…”

 ”For now, let’s forget about thinking it’s an animal! Got it. It’s the wild Morikawa Kaede causing a commotion!”

 ”Mmm, close! As expected of Inko-senpai!!”

 ”What did you say!?”

 ”I got it. This is Kohina Yukari-san stomping her feet!”

 ”Ah! Well done, An-kun! At this point, it’s almost correct, right? So, let me ask again, Shiro-kun, what is this?”

 ”It’s the giant monster Kohina Yukari-senpai, crushing the city and spewing fire… No, it’s the giant monster Yukari-gon!! I made it in a game where you create monsters during a game livestream. Do you all remember?”

 I want to say, this is really great!

 Doesn’t this angry expression look just right?

 [Yukari Rice: Okay, let’s do this! It’s a big fight!!]

 [Yukari Rice-san, you’re scary, LOL]

 [An-kun, you’re awesome!]

 [An-kun, you really get Shiro-kun!]

 [Ugh, my heart is beating fast…]

 [Who said Kohina Yukari and Shumi would be the strongest, LOL]

 [Both Kohina Yukari and Shumi were no good, lol]

 [Even with them, it was tough. You really get it, An-kun.]

 [Now that you mention it, it kinda looks like Kohina Yukari, lol]

 [Surprisingly similar. It’s like this, LOL]

 [From now on, whenever I see Kohina Yukari, this image will come to mind, LOL]

 [Tsukippon gave us 12 months of subscriptions!]

 [Tsukippon ran away]

 [That guy will get scolded later, LOL]

 I can hear Kohina-senpai shouting outside.

 I’m happy I had Pegoemon guard the door to the streaming room, just in case.

 ”Okay, let’s make this the last task for today. Here it is!!”

 As the screen changes, the second picture appears.

 Oh, this is too easy. Sorry, everyone, for making it too difficult.

 [The Biggest Challenge Ever!]

 [Is this one of the Seven Wonders of the World or something?]

 [The difficulty level has definitely gone up, LOL.]

 [Huh? Seriously, there are no clues at all.]

 [Yukari Rice: No one would know this, stupid!!]

 [Yukari Goha is really upset, haha.]

 [Shumi the Maiden: Sorry. I don’t understand anything anymore.]

 [The pictures are too messy.]

 [Maybe, there’s a lot of information he want to show, and that’s why the pictures aren’t organized properly, I think.]

 Huh!? So, the fact that I drew a lot to make it easier to understand ended up causing problems!? Oh… I spent quite a bit of time drawing that. I look disappointed in front of the screen.

 ”This is Cosmos!”

 ”Mitsu-sensei, wrong!”

 ”No, I just don’t get it.”

 ”An-kun, don’t give up! If you give up, no one will understand!”

 ”Sorry. I have no idea either…”

 ”Yeah. There’s no way to understand it normally, right?”

 ”I got it. It’s the streets of Osaka! The chaotic part makes it look like that!!”

 ”Yeah. Thanks, Inko-senpai. It seems like everyone doesn’t understand… Shiro-kun, can I ask you for the answer?”

 ”Well, I think this is easy to understand. It’s the cool Tama-chan who sang for Shiro’s friend Aqua at Stars!!”

 After I watched the video later, I was really impressed and touched by Tama-chan at that moment. If it was Aqua, I would choose to marry Kanon, but as Hoshimiya Shiro, I wanted to choose the coolest Tama-chan. I wonder if Tama-chan is also moved by this choice?

 ”Shiro-kun, is it okay if I don’t talk to you for about three months?”

 ”Huh? Why?!”

 I was confused and didn’t understand the meaning.

 [Shumi the Maiden: It’s fine for Tama-chan to be angry.]

 [Yeah, I think the chosen theme is good.]

 [Sorry, I thought it was a monster…]

 [I understand Tama-chan’s feelings, but forgive Shiro-kun because he didn’t mean any harm!]

 [Well, since it has come to this, let’s keep doing the art livestream. And let’s aim to get better at drawing!!]

 [Tama-chan, you seem strangely happy, I think the earlier comment was a joke.]

 As I was feeling flustered, Tama-chan stuck out his tongue with a small smile.

 ”Hehe. Just joking~. Thank you for choosing to remember our memories together. But, I think Shiro-kun should practice drawing seriously. Next time, let’s play the drawing message game together.”

 ”Wow, I understand!”

 Now that I think about it, when I showed Maria-sensei the picture I drew before, she said, ‘This is art. It might be too difficult for regular people to understand.’

 Oops, sorry everyone, it seems my art was too advanced for humans. Alright, in that case, I will work hard to draw many pictures so that everyone can understand.

 ”Well, that’s all for today’s show! Thank you, everyone!”

 ”Thank you!”

 ”I appreciate it!”

 ”Bye. See you later!”

 ”Thank you, everyone!!”

 And so, I successfully completed Tama-chan’s project, the Winter Homework King Decision Battle. I ended the broadcast and left my room.

 ”You finally came out. Useless Aqua!”

 Oh no. Remembering the existence of the Great Monster Yukari-Gon, I quietly closed the door to the broadcasting room again.

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