Male Idol V11c42

Volume 11 Chapter 42 I’m A Cat

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 My name is Shiro. I’m a cat with pretty white fur. I used to be the main cat in the nearby town. But in a fight between groups, my followers turned against me, and I nearly died. Luckily, two really handsome princes saved me just in time. One of them, Shirogane Aqua-sama, was going to adopt me. But then, the prince’s wife became pregnant.

 Too bad. Nothing I could do about it. I thought I’d go back to being a stray cat. But then, by chance, Yukishiro Emily-sama took me in. Emily-sama is as beautiful as Aqua-sama and has strong desires. Haha, yes, women are all about desires. A woman without strong desires isn’t worth talking about.

 By the way, I overheard something interesting from Emily-sama’s stories. It seems Aqua-sama’s wife isn’t very good at mating. Poor Aqua-sama! I can tell because I’m a cat. That person emits strong scents that attract females. Surely, he’s really good at mating. But it’s sad that the wife isn’t skilled. They must make a weird face during the act, just like the one in front of me.

 ”Hello there, kitty! It’s time to eat~”

 I think her name is… Hoge, no, Gorikawa Kaede-san? Yeah, that must be it. I’ve only seen a gorilla once before, but this person gives off a strong gorilla-like vibe. My instincts tell me not to challenge her.

 ”*Sounds of petting~*”

 Ouch, that hurts! Hey, can’t you control your strength? Just now, you made a strange noise like a gorilla! It felt like my head was going to be pulled off!

 ”Hey, Kaede-paisen, by the way, do cats go for walks? Dogs go for walks, but what about cats?”

 ”I’m not sure. Maybe they also want to go outside, right, kitty?”

 Outside!? I want to go! I want to go! I want to goooo!!

 I cling to Emily-sama’s legs.

 ”Oh, it looks like they really want to go for a walk!”

 ”Alright, then let’s go for a walk in the morning.”

 Yaaay! Outside, outside!

 I wait for both of them to change and then everyone goes outside.

 ”Ah, I wish I could have gone out with Aqua-sama instead of Kaede-paisen!”

 ”Well, that’s okay, right? How about we practice going on dates together? Oh, right, why don’t we invite Aqua-kun for a casual walk, using the excuse of the cat?”

 ”Kaede-paisen is really smart, huh…!”

 ”After all, I graduated from Mary’s place!”

 Huh, that Mary’s school… If even a gorilla can go there, maybe a cat can too? The name doesn’t sound like a school for smart people, but it somehow seems possible!



 The two said hello to people passing by.

 Huh? I’ve seen that woman before when she came here with Aqua-sama. I’m sure she followed us on a bike all the way from the hospital to here… Today, she’s dressed normally, but back then, she was wearing a sister’s outfit. Is everything okay? Could she be stalking my prince?

 Wait, something seems off here. My owner and Gorilla-san seem relaxed, but the people walking around here are staring at us with intense gazes, which is not normal! They all seem similar to that person from earlier. Everyone here seems strange. But it’s okay. We have Gorilla-san with us. No one can compete with Gorilla-san, right?

 Oh, I wish I could punch my past self who thought like that just a few minutes ago. The moment I saw the two of them approaching, I felt a strong sense of hostility. It was like absolute animosity.

 ”Oh! Heeey, Kunoi——Rin! And Pegonia-saaan!”

 I see! They know owner. Phew, that’s good. I wipe my forehead. Then, I make eye contact with one of them.

 ”Ah… the cat is cleaning itself. So cute…”

 ”Yukishiro-sama, Morikawa-sama, what happened to that cat?”

 My owner tells them how she found me.

 ”Ah, now that I think about it, you said something like that.”

 What, this Pegonia or something, looking at me like judging my value! Look! Look at me!! I may be a stray, but my fur is prettier than most cats here!!


 The other girl named Rin seemed eager to touch me. I shyly hide behind my owner.





 Ahhhhhh! Okay! Just for a little while!


 Hmm, when someone pat my head, I turned my face away while feeling a little upset.

 ”She’s not very obedient, huh? Who does she take after?”

 ”Maybe it’s Emily? They even got us the lucky bag that we couldn’t get yesterday.”

 ”Isn’t it Yukishiro-sama? And thank you for the cake on top of that.”

 My owner looked away shyly.

 Hey! Say something back for me too!!

 Otherwise, it might seem like I’m the one who asked for head-pats!!

 If that happens, the person patting my head might end up feeling sad again, you know.

 ”Kitty, just like Emily-sama, so nice…”

 Well, she seems happy, so it’s okay.

 Oh, and that female named Pegonia, she shouldn’t look down on me as if it’s just something cute!

 ”Well then, bye for now. Please take care of Kanon!”

 ”Yes. Likewise, please take care, Mary-sama.”

 Whew… Well, besides Rin, I don’t want to see that scary-looking female named Pegonia anymore. I’ve been nervous the whole time. You see, my paws are all sweaty.

 Also, that female named Kanon, who she mentioned earlier, must be that other female’s owner. I wonder if someone who keeps such a female as a pet is really wicked or something. Is the owner okay? Huh!? Now that I think about it, they were talking about lucky bags and cakes earlier. Maybe my owner is being controlled by that wicked female Kanon!

 I won’t forgive you, Kanon the Villainess!! Surely she has yellow hair and a determined look in her eyes!! Just like that female over there! Wait, no, she’s not the one!!

 ”Hmm? Isn’t that Washimiya-san? Look, she’s sitting in the backseat of that fancy car.”

 ”Oh, yeah. She’s Aqua-kun’s classmate. Oh, she’s already left.”

 I see. Her full name is Washimiya Kanon! I’ve remembered that! I have to make sure she never get close to Aqua-sama!!! As we kept walking, we found a lively store.

 ”Check it out, Breasts Dango! Freshly made, Breasts Dango, here we go!”

 ”Hello, can I have two Breasts Dango, please?”

 ”Certainly! Our Breasts Dango is unique, it has a special white bean paste filling!”

 With our Dango in hand, we went to a large park. Yay, there are grassy fields!

 ”Hey, don’t go too far! Mmm, this Dango is delicious!”

 While my owner and her friend happily ate their Dango, I ran on the grass. Huh? What’s that big building over there!?

 ”Nom nom… gulp. Hey, Hagetoru.”


 ”What is that building over there?”

 ”Oh, that’s the under-construction former Emily Palace associated with the Holy Aqua Religion.”

 ”Emily Palace!?”


 Wow, so my owner is a real princess. But wait, what does ‘former’ mean? I looked confusedly at Gorilla-san.

 ”Seriously, I told them to stop the palace, right? But they completely misunderstood! They were like, ‘This is Japan, for real!’ And this is the result.”

 My owner pointed to a sign nearby.

 [Wind and Snow Emily Castle! Under construction!!]

 Gorilla-san and I opened our mouths wide and looked at each other once more. My owner shook her head from side to side, making sure that there was no one around.

 ”Hehe, now there’s no one here…!”

 My owner took out a magic item from her pocket and used it to erase the words on the sign, then wrote new ones.

 [Shirogane Kingdom! Under construction!!]

 My owner said quietly, “Alright! This should be good,” then looked around cautiously, as if she were a thief, and quickly left the area with me.

 ”Um, was what you just did really okay?”

 ”It’s fine, it’s fine! I’m kind of like the boss, so the name over there sounds more like the Holy Aqua Religion, right?”

 ”No, that’s not what I meant. If you use your name without permission, Kanon or Nee-san will get angry with you…”

 ”What are you talking about, Morikawa-san?”

 Suddenly, my owner put on a serious expression.

 Upon seeing this, Gorilla-san said, “Who the heck is Morikawa-san? Something’s happening again, right? You’re kind of like Aqua-kun in that way.”

 ”That’s not ‘Shirogane,’ it’s ‘Hakugin’ or maybe even ‘Platinum.’”

 Gorilla-san is looking at my owner with a frustrated expression, as she confidently explains.

 ”Hagetoru, do you really think that excuse will work on Nee-san?”


 ”But, you know, if it’s Kanon, there might be a chance.”

 ”Yeah, that’s true. You can somehow get away with it if you push it. That’s the charm of Ponnami-san (Useless Wife)!! She let me kiss her, so I feel like she’ll forgive me for most things!!”

 Trying to lie with something like that, Kanon must be really clumsy. Nowadays, even gorillas and cats won’t be fooled.


 ”What’s wrong?”

 My owner kept looking to the side.

 I wonder if she knows someone? Both Gorilla-san and I turned our gaze towards my owner.

 And there, a beautiful woman with a similar vibe to my owner and the prince was standing.

 ”Isn’t that Mikuni-sama?”

 ”Yeah, it is. But Auntie Mikuni seems to be feeling down. Hey!”

 When my owner called out, a person named Mikuni-sama noticed and turned around.

 ”Emily-chan… and Morikawa-san…”

 Oh dear, this person looks like she’s about to cry… or maybe she’s already teary-eyed. But tears from a pretty female aren’t a bad thing. Come on, let me comfort you by rubbing my head against you and make you smile. Meow~

 ”What’s wrong, Aunt Mikuni?”

 ”If it’s okay with us, we’re here to listen.”


 ”Thank you, everyone… Actually…”

 While looking at the water around the park, Mikuni-sama started talking bit by bit. It seems this pretty female is Aqua-sama’s biological mother, the prince. However, because of a bad group called Kokucho, Aqua-sama was separated from her as a child, and they had no contact for over ten years. So, Mikuni-sama is trying hard to fill in those ten blank years, but it seems like everything is going wrong.

 When she tried to invite Aqua-sama for a meal, the timing was wrong, and Aqua-sama had already made plans to eat with someone else. When she tried to watch a movie together, they were taken to a deserted island. When she bought a Christmas present, it happened to be the same as someone named Kohina or something. And when she tried to invite Aqua for shopping or a drive, his wife was already pregnant and couldn’t go.

 Sigh, there are people like that, right? People with such bad timing… I’ve had similar experiences too. Like when I met my mom while patrolling the hunting grounds with my team and ended up showing her my sad state. Or when I found a good guy, but he had a fish in his mouth and was running away… Sigh, even now, I regret letting that guy escape back then.

 “I understand. So, because you were flustered, you thought the only way you could help Aqua-sama as an actor was to teach him something… is that what you thought?”


 “And then, when you watched Onmyoji, you noticed that Aqua-sama’s acting was heavily influenced by Kohina Yukari-san, and she has taken on the role of a senior actor. Moreover, if you look closely, she has even taken on the role of his mother, and all the moves you wanted to do were done by Kohina-senpai, so you felt jealous…? But then, you actually wanted to thank her for protecting Aqua-sama in the entertainment world while you were away.”


 Mikuni-sama’s voice gradually becomes quieter.

 I gently place my hand on Mikuni-sama’s shrinking body as if sitting cross-legged.

 I can’t help it. You can massage my paw pads. Of course, only for now!!

 “Shouldn’t I apologize to Kohina Yukari-san after all?”

 “Hmm… I have a feeling that Kohina-senpai knew and intentionally provoked. Well, she seems capable of handling it well, and there seems to be a purpose behind the provocation, so maybe it’s better to apologize after the awards ceremony, right? As for anything involving Aqua-sama, I trust Kaede-paisen standing next to me as much as I trust you.”

 At my owner’s word, Gorilla-san, said, “Are you joking? Did you really like me that much?” and shyly rubbed her nose playfully with her finger.

 She’s simple. But even when this person is teasing, it feels like she’s thinking positively about everything.

 ”By the way, did you watch her movie? How was it?”

 ”…It was great. Probably even better than me, uh, I definitely lose at the award ceremony… but with sponsors and stuff, if there’s any interference, I don’t know anymore. At that time, it’ll be me. Then, I’ll really feel sorry in so many ways. Maybe, I should quit acting…”

 Oh, now she’s on the ground… Looks like she’s really down.

 ”Auntie Mikuni, it’s not good! If she takes acting away from you, seriously, there will be nothing left! You can’t do housework, can’t even do simple tasks properly, you’ll just be someone who’s only good-looking and can’t do anything!”

 ”Hey, Emily, you’re saying seriously harsh things subtly there, notice it~”

 I keep agreeing with Gorilla-san’s words.

 ”Anyway, let’s leave this place and go to my house for now. If Granny Mary’s there, she might have a good idea!”

 ”Come to think of it, I haven’t seen Mary-sama since earlier. Where could she be?”

 ”Oh, yeah. It seems the Prime Minister is taking a break, hanging out with Granny.”

 Is this country alright? The Prime Minister is the most important person, right? But I can’t stop imagining a scene where she looks really silly…

 Now, Mikuni-sama and I begin walking towards our homes. Phew, we’ve walked a lot today. Phew~. I let out a big yawn while being held by my owner.

 Huh? Don’t you hear some kind of loud noise? I turn my face towards the sound, looking up.

 What!? What!? A helicopter flying very low is coming towards us!? And, if I look closely, someone is hanging from the ladder!?



 ”Why are you suddenly making a sound like Chijo? And, over there is… Noel-san!?”

 The pretty female hanging from the ladder jumps down and slowly comes down in front of us, opening a parachute.

 ”Emily! How have you been!?”

 ”M-Mom!? What’s happening!?”

 A stunning female in a simple mermaid-style dress spreads her arms and hugs my owner along with me. Normally, I would reach out and ask ‘what are you doing?’ but my instincts won’t let me. I can’t go against this feeling; it reminds me of that big sister.

 ”No, Noel-chan…?”

 ”Oh, Mikuni, my sister-in-law. It’s been a while. And isn’t that Kaede-chan? How have you been?”

 ”Yeah, umm, so… Noel-san, weren’t you on a crabbing boat heading to the Bering Sea?”


 Noel-sama claps her hands.

 ”Well, the ship got stuck halfway. I somehow managed to reach the United States, but I had no way to go back to Japan. So, I tried to earn some money to save up for a flight back home. Ended up being successful with shrimp fishing, paid off my debts, and planned to fly back home. But then, I encountered someone in trouble along the way. I heard their business was failing and they needed help. I thought I could earn money again, so I gave them everything I earned. Turns out, the company they had, which was on the brink of success with a mobile phone thing, earned me a huge sum. What was the name of that company again? Something like a fruit… Apple? No, something a little bit different…”

 ”Wasn’t it written on the signboard over there?”

 My owner pointed to a big sign behind her. Hey, I’ve seen that symbol a lot in town.

 ”Oh, yeah. It’s a pineapple, not an apple! They’ve become a big company to have a sign in such a good spot. I always wondered if that person is okay wearing the same clothes all the time.”

 ”I thought they wore the same clothes on purpose, not because they’re poor. Oops, I can’t stop talking.”

 ”Sorry. Morikawa-san, Noel-neesan is always like this…”

 ”Sorry. I’m really sorry that my mom is always sorry…”

 Noel-sama seems like a very daring person. I don’t mind people like that. Her entrance was impressive and cool. I wonder if she sells parachutes for cats?

 ”So, why did everyone come here?”

 ”Oh, well…actually…”

 My owner explained everything on behalf of everyone. For some reason, everyone was sitting politely in front of Noel-sama, so I also sat in a dignified way next to my owner.

 ”Hmm, I understand. So, Emily, are you keeping something from me?”


 ”You, my dear. It’s quite obvious!”

 Everyone looked frustrated at my owner’s reaction. I think I had the same expression too.

 ”Emily might have a figure like mine, but she’s as beautiful as Mikuni, my sister-in-law. Surely, there will be boys who will like her. Unless, of course, she’s not interested in boys, but Emily, you like boys, right?”


 ”You want to do mischievous things with boys, huh?”


 ”That’s why I told you to wear a mask. My Danjou-kun (her husband) isn’t bothered much, but boys, you know, they’re not fond of girls who are too forceful or impolite, right?”


 ”As long as you understand.”

 Noel-sama sighed, understanding the situation. Being a mom is challenging.

 But if she truly understands my owner and behave that way, it’s not a bad thing. After all, my owner looks just like a true princess when she remains quiet.

 ”But, um… Mom, the person I like is really different from other guys or Dad.”

 ”Huh!? Emily, you like someone!?”

 ”Yeah. Do you know this person named Shirogane Aqua?”

 Noel-sama shakes her head from side to side.

 ”If the name has ‘Shiro’ in it, then he must be from our family?”

 ”Huh? Mom, you really don’t know? Oh, he’s like a famous person, but hasn’t it been reported on States?”

 ”What? A boy as a famous person!? What are you saying, Emily? There’s no way a boy would be famous in Japan, let alone the States!”

 Everyone looks at each other, their faces filled with surprise, as Noel-sama’s words sink in.

 ”Well, Aqua-sama dances and sings as a famous person, acts in TV shows, does modeling, and appears on different programs…”

 ”No way, that can’t be true!”

 ”Just the other day, he swam back from a deserted island with me as a co-star… By the way, I lost. I also lost in arm wrestling.”

 ”Oh, I see. Aqua-kun is strong? I thought we were talking about a human, but that’s not the case?”

 ”No, he’s a human. I kept it a secret from Noel-neesan, but he’s my child.”

 ”Huh? What are you telling Mikuni-san… Hey! Are you all trying to trick me?”

 Noel-sama’s face got serious as she looked at everyone.

 ”Wait a moment. Maybe it’s my fault for not watching TV or anything… Just wait, let me ask the kids who seem to know more. Sorry, but can someone lend me a phone?”

 Noel-sama called someone. And then, about ten minutes later, the sound of motorcycles could be heard. Two motorcycles with Shonan plates stopped, and riders wearing special attack uniforms with the words “Oni” and “Baku” on them took off their helmets and came towards us.

 When Gorilla-san saw one of them, she froze.

 ””Noel-neesan. Thanks for helping for a long time!!””

 ”You’ve come at a good time. Kyoko, and also Miyuri. It’s been a while for both of you.”

 Kyoko-san, wearing the Oni special attack uniform, looked at Gorilla-san.

 ”Hmm? Morikawa… What are you doing here?”

 ”Oh no, Onidzuka-senpai, what are you doing!? Wait, huh, you know Noel-san!?”

 ”Oh, yeah. Back then, I ran away from home on the bike I bought with my part-time job, and I was about to be taken into custody by the police. It was Noel-neesan who helped me at that time!”

 If I were a human, wouldn’t that be a stolen bicycle over there? She was saying things like, “I work hard and go beyond people’s expectations based on how I look.”

 ”But, Kaito-san, you were Tenga’s exclusive manager, so…”

 ”Haha, Emily-chan. Actually, I went through a rebellious phase too. My friendship with Kyoko goes back to that time.”

 ”I see… By the way, I understand why Announcer Onidzuka is called ‘Oni,’ but why is Kaito-san called ‘Baku’?”

 ”Well, you’ll understand when you see it, right?”

 Kaito-san leans in, and everyone whispers, “Ah, I see, it’s that kind of ‘explosion’ over there.”

 ”Well, putting that aside, I have something I want to ask you both.”

 ””Yes! Count on us!””

 For now, everyone goes to Onidzuka-san’s house and we all watch Aqua-sama’s live performance on the big screen TV. A few hours later…

 ”Ah… Aqua-sama, amazing…!”

 Noel-sama looked at Aqua-sama, who appeared on TV, with a very interested expression. Well, that’s to be expected.

 ”Mom… Could it be…”

 ”Oh? Emily, don’t worry, I’m completely devoted to Danjou-kun. But that’s not important right now. Aqua-sama has something that only Aqua-sama can give!”

 Everyone agreed with Noel-sama’s words.

 ”But, Emily, if you want to win over such an amazing boy, shouldn’t you act even more innocent?”

 ”Well… Aqua-sama really likes breasts.”


 ”Actually, Aqua-sama is already married to Kanon.”

 ”Huh? Kanon-chan!?”

 ”Not only that, but also to Nee-san, and two other wives.”

 ”Huh? Ko-Ko-Kotono-chan, huh!?”

 ”By the way, he said I’m beautiful, asked me out on a date, and look at me with very interested eyes. And, well… I became his material.”



 Wow, owner is really amazing! Progressing so much with Aqua-sama, that’s impressive! Noel-sama grabs my owner’s shoulders firmly, creating pressure, and looks at her seriously.

 ”Do your best, Emily.”


 ”Maybe, only Aqua-sama can understand you in this world.”


 ”He’s really ‘passionate’! And he’s a big fan of breasts, right? Plus, he’s the one approaching you aggressively! It’s not the time to act innocent!”


 Everyone gathers around my owner all at once. I’m included, of course.

 Even though the male is clearly showing signs of mating behavior, my owner is hesitating.

 I guess in these situations, the female has to take the lead.

 ”Emily-chan, this is your chance!”


 ”That’s right. W-wa-wait, I-I’m a virgin, so I can’t give much advice, but is it okay to go for it?”

 ”Onidzuka-san too!?”

 ”Emily-chan… please take care of my Aqua-kun.”

 ”Auntie Mikuni too!?”

 Gorilla-san cries and pats my owner’s shoulder.

 ”Emily, why did you do that…”

 ”Well, I don’t want to hear it from Kaede-senpai, who is having a relaxed day off…”


 Gorilla-san falls to the ground while clutching her chest. Hmm, my owner is not very experienced in love, a beginner, but Gorilla-san doesn’t seem any different. If it were me, I would invite them for a walk on a date, then take them into the bushes and proceed to mate.

 ”Morikawa, I told you! Don’t waste your day off!”

 ”I’m sorry!”

 Humans can be quite troublesome with their rules and procedures. But cats also have their own hierarchies, so maybe we’re not so different after all.

 ”And Mikuni-sister-in-law, I know I can’t say this because I also left my daughter alone, but Mikuni-sister-in-law always thinks your word is lacking. So, have more conversations with Aqua-sama! You said you wanted to take him to the States, but did you talk to Aqua-sama and confirm his wishes? Did Aqua-sama say he wanted that? Instead, you’re acting on your own… That’s not good! And Kohina? His senpai would be angry! You should be grateful that she stopped you!”

 ”Yes… I understand completely.”

 ”But, I can also understand your worried feelings considering Mikuni-sister-in-law’s position. That’s why having a proper conversation is important.”


 Yep, the big cat in charge here is Noel-sama. So, if we let Noel-sama handle it, it’ll work something out. Problem solved, problem solved. Meow, I feel relaxed and sleepy for some reason. As I looked at the noisy people, I curled up and slowly fell asleep.

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