Male Idol V11c43

Volume 11 Chapter 43 Shirogane Lapis, My Idol

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 ’Well, we just got news about the Kokucho family, but we’re sorting it out. Please wait a bit more.’

 During lunch, watching TV at our camp, sudden news arrived.

 ’We’re at the Kokucho house. Lots of reporters are there, but we don’t know what’s happening inside.’

 All the hidden bad things the Kokucho family covered up were sent anonymously to the media, like copied papers.

 ’This is near the government place. We can’t reach the Prime Minister or Kokucho member. Everyone’s confused, both the leading and opposing groups.’

 Once everyone stopped eating, they all looked at Kokucho-kun. But he just kept eating his curry without a care in the world. It would have been nice if Yamada-kun was here, but he changed his plans and went somewhere else after the training camp ended.

 ”Thank you for the meal.”

 Kokucho-kun finished his meal neatly as usual, without showing any worry from our stares. He thanked the cafeteria lady and went back to his room.

 ”I-I wonder if he’s okay. He doesn’t seem different, but maybe I should have said something?”

 ”Kokucho-san, it’s the main event today. It would be unfortunate if this has a negative impact.”

 Captain Inori-san and Tsushima-san also seemed worried. In the beginning, the team was scattered, but thanks to Tsushima-san supporting Inori-san smoothly, the team was able to come together and work as one. Most importantly, I think it was meaningful that Tomoe-san and Hoshikawa-san recognized and accepted Inori-san’s performance as the center and captain.

 ”The boy is okay. He doesn’t seem to worry about these things, and it won’t affect how he does things.”

 ”Yeah, he has been like his usual self. Besides, it’s a delicate matter, so it’s probably best to just leave it alone.”

 While Tomoe-san and Hoshikawa-san calmly looked at the situation, we also enjoyed our curry at our own speed. Tomoe-san has a strict way of thinking and only likes people who work as hard as her, while Hoshikawa-san doesn’t talk much and prefers to be alone. That’s why Tomoe-san started to like us after seeing how dedicated we were during the training camp, and Hoshikawa-san began talking to us when we started the conversation.

 ”Yes, that’s right. But for now, we need to focus on ourselves. Right, Lapis-chan?”

 ”Yes, I will!”

 Because my voice was a little strained, Inori-san told me to relax.

 ”Don’t be nervous. Your hard work will pay off. Nothing beats the amount of practice you’ve done.”

 ”Ah, thank you.”

 Tomoe-san is really nice to people who practice hard, even if it’s not obvious. She likes challenging those who are better than her… But then, it would be good if she stopped doing that. I remember when she surprised everyone by singing against my big brother. It makes me smile when I think about it.

 ”Hohoho, I got curry with cutlet just for this today!”

 Tsushima-san, eating a lot of curry with three pieces of cutlet is impressive. It’s amazing that I’m not gaining weight even after eating this much, but where on earth is this nutrition coming from?

 Naturally, I turned my attention to her large mountain-like bulge and dynamite butt. A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J…J sizes exist in this world. I gently placed my hand on my chest.

 ”I’ve tried my best until now. So whatever happens, I won’t have any regrets.”

 ”Yeah, that’s true. Let’s do our best together, no matter the outcome!”

 Inori-san does a winning pose with both hands after what Hoshikawa-san said. After eating together, we spend our last break time.

 ”Come on, let’s go!”


 We got on the special van for each group and started moving. I saw Kokucho-kun briefly; it seems he’s riding alone on the van to meet Yamada-kun at the destination. Is he really okay? Even though we’re in different teams, we went through the training camp together, so I can’t help but worry.

 ”””””Good morning!”””””

 When we arrived at the place for the audition, the staff showed us to the room where we could change. After putting on our costumes, fixing our hair, and getting our makeup done in the assigned rooms, we moved to the sides of the stage to watch other groups.

 ’If it’s a love that only happens once in a lifetime, I’ll fall for you.’

 The song assigned for the audition is “Let’s Have a Love That Only Happens Once.” This time, all teams will perform the same song. The first team, Team A, presented a performance that prominently featured Natsuki Sana-san as the center.

 ’Let’s exchange passionate kisses.’

 To the rhythm of the song, Ha-chan and Fi-chan moved their faces so close that it seemed like they might kiss. Wait, both of them are younger than me, right?! Why do they look more mature than me?!

 The way they express sensuality and intertwine their bodies, inappropriate for their age, shocked and thrilled everyone backstage. Since they hadn’t shown this in the last-minute rehearsal, they must have secretly prepared for this. Meanwhile, Fujibayashi-san, while staying in the shadows, strategically made crucial changes within the team at important points.

 ’The scattered flower petals fell with a trickle. I spent my time counting the many stars that twinkle in the sky.’

 But all of that is to make Natsuki-san, the center, even more charming. Her singing ability and dance performances are powerful. Most importantly, she has a sparkling star quality. Even when she steals the spotlight on stage, she still shines brightly at the center.

 ’This feeling that I can’t express even if we understand each other. Blaming you and hiding my true feelings.’

 When we see Natsuki-san joyfully singing, everyone who watches her can’t help but smile. The people in the audience wave their penlights with excitement. Today’s audition was attended by people selected through a lottery, under strict confidentiality conditions, to observe the studio as the audience.

 And I heard from one of the staff members that the audience has been watching unreleased footage, from the pre-camp to the final day, before we perform our own performance.

 ’I want to convey…’

 The audience responds to Haa-chan’s voice with penlights.

 ’My true feelings…’

 Natsuki-san, who hadn’t shown this slightly seductive expression until now, made the audience sigh.

 ’I want to show…’

 Fii-chan’s voice elicits another response from the audience with penlights.

 ’The real me…’

 Seeing Fujibayashi-san’s natural smile as if showing her true self, the audience felt their hearts being firmly grasped.

 ’Act as you feel, without regrets, take that step forward!’

 The powerful voice of Natsuki-san maxes out the audience’s energy.

 ’GO! GO! GO!’

 From there, it was breathtaking. There wasn’t a single flaw. It was as if they were saying, “This is the optimal solution and the best performance for this song.”

 ”We’ll be fine; we can do our best too.”

 Everyone reacts to Inori-san’s words.

 ’To all members of Team A, thank you for the fantastic performance.’

 The serious expression of my brother holding the microphone makes everyone feel a shiver. At home, he may be gentle and mischievous, but when he’s working, he looks incredibly cool.

 ’First, Natsuki Sana-san’s performance was really impressive. You have a great singing voice, can express emotions well, and are good at dancing. Your performance captured the audience’s attention and left no one dissatisfied.’

 Natsuki-san smiles and expresses gratitude in response to my brother’s words. I agree that their performance was the best from the beginning to the end.

 ’Next is Hermie-san. At first, your are described as skilled at handling different tasks smoothly, but it is mentioned that you may not be excellent at expressing emotions. However, this is seen as an advantage because you use small changes effectively to make a bigger impact. our ability to convey a sense of fragility is also seen as very appealing.’

 Ha-chan looks shy and very happy. If I look closely, it becomes clear that Ha-chan is actually Kanon’s sister-in-law little sister, even though it may not be obvious right away.

 ’Finus-san always has a lot of energy, and when I look at you, I can’t help but feel energized too. That’s what I thought, but today you surprised me by hiding that side and showing a more grown-up side. Even though you still have some things to improve because of your age, I believe you have the most potential to grow.’

 In contrast to Ha-chan, Fii-chan shows her happiness with her whole body. The difference from her previous mature attitude makes her even more adorable.

 ’Lastly, Captain Fujibayashi Misono-san. You played a supporting role this time, but your performance added depth to the team and connected these unique members seamlessly. I think it was amazing.’

 Fujibayashi-san listened to my brother’s words with pride. I don’t know why, but when I see Fujibayashi-san’s softened expression, I feel a little unfamiliar.

 ’And from now on, this will also be a general review of Team A, but I think it’s impressive that you were able to form the team as you promised. Beryl always focuses on the idols. Beryl gives the idols the freedom to do what they want and express themselves. Beryl is like the wind that allows the idols to soar high in the sky, just like birds use the wind to fly. That’s why Beryl doesn’t force their own rules on the idols. Of course, we provide guidance when the idols are unsure. In other words, we give some suggestions, but it’s up to the idols to decide which direction to go. Team A showcased Natsuki Sana-san as the center while still letting each member’s unique qualities shine. Thank you for showing us an amazing performance. And thank you for your hard work during the two-week training camp!’

 In response to my brother’s clapping, the other judges, the audience, the staff on the side of the stage, and us, the audition group, also clapped.

 ”Everyone from Team B! Get ready, please!!”


 The members of Team B gave high-fives to the members of Team A who came down from the stage and went towards the middle of the stage.

 The assigned song is the same. That’s why it’s difficult for Team B, and also for Team C and Team D, who will perform after them. However, I don’t think it’s an advantage for Team A to perform first.

 Performing first requires bravery, and it takes a lot of bravery to be the first to perform without any other teams to compare to.

 ’If it’s a love that only happens once in a lifetime, I’ll fall for you.’

 Kukuri-san’s strong yet mature voice instantly changes the atmosphere of the stage.

 Maybe Fujibayashi-san intentionally chose a seductive singing style to lessen Kukuri-san’s appeal to both men and women, considering that Team B performs next. However, Kukuri-san took advantage of this and switched to a singing style that doesn’t cater to the audience, with her powerful and cool singing voice.

 In just this one moment, I feel like I witnessed an incredibly advanced battle.

 ’Let’s exchange passionate kisses.’

 Amamiya Kotori-san, the leader of Team B, brings a lovely sweetness. She’s allowed to do this because of her pure charm, natural beauty, and gentle aura.

 ’The scattered flower petals fell with a trickle. I spent my time counting the many stars that twinkle in the sky.’

 Nanase Nino-san seems tough, but she’s surprisingly skilled. She adjusts her performance to match Kukuri-san’s style.

 ’This feeling that I can’t express even if we understand each other. Blaming you and hiding my true feelings.’

 Kirihara Karen-san’s strong, cool singing ties everything together. With Kukuri-san’s guidance, Kirihara-san and Nanase-san’s charm seems to double.

 ’I want to convey…’

 Just when I think that, Amamiya adds-san sweetness skillfully. She’s naturally mischievous, and even I, of the same gender, am captivated by her charm.

 ’My true feelings…’

 Nanase-san also has a mysterious expression, just like before. Everyone is surprised to see that she who was sitting with their legs crossed, eating curry with rice grains around her mouth, can make such a face.

 ’I want to show…’

 Kirihara-san’s serious expression and posture also surprise the audience in the seats. It’s easy to see why Mary is called a prince.

 ’The real me…’

 Everyone is captivated by Kukuri-san’s expression. And Fujibayashi-san, who usually doesn’t show emotions on her face, isn’t it unfair for her to sing this part!?

 ’Act as you feel, without regrets, take that step forward!’

 To create a sense of togetherness like Team A, everyone sings this part together.

 ’GO! GO! GO!’

 Team B smoothly moves into the chorus and surprises the people around them by going back to their original plan for the second verse. It’s amazing how they engage the audience by using the entire first verse to set their own rhythm.

 ’Thank you, everyone from Team B, for your awesome performances.’

 Brother seems really happy. It reminds me of when he mentioned he likes people who give their best in everything.

 ’First, Sumeragi Kukuri-san. Your cute and lovely appearance doesn’t reveal your cool singing voice and the mature voice that doesn’t match your age. Both are truly amazing. It was also cool how you highlighted the coolness in your dance performance. Did you get ready for the live show?’

 ’Yes. I was unsure which song to choose until the live performance.’

 ’I see. It turned out well for you.’

 Kukuri-san had a smile on her face, but Fujibayashi-san, I can understand the thoughts behind that smile. Do you think someone like you can outsmart me? Or is it just my imagination from watching too many daytime dramas?

 ’Nanase Nino-san is a mood-maker with contagious energy, but in this performance, you showed a different charm. Especially when you sang with a shadow, I was fascinated. I believe your ability to adapt to the team and your quick responsiveness will be an advantage in the entertainment industry.’

 Nanase-san looked a little embarrassed, but then quickly became very happy. I noticed that even someone as positive and enthusiastic as Nanase-san was nervous during the audition, so it was a relief to see her relax.

 ’Captain Amamiya Kotori-san, you really have the talent to be the center of attention. But at this stage of choosing the team, I chose you as captain because only you can bring this unique group of idols together. It’s good for both the team and for you to highlight your cuteness, which is one of your best qualities, while still fitting in with the team’s style.’

 Amamiya-san listened to brother’s words and seemed to have tears in her eyes. She always had a bright smile, but I realized that shey must have faced many challenges to get where she is now. As someone who trained with her, I was genuinely happy to see her hard work paying off.

 ’In the end, Kirihara Karen-san, you showed your usual cool side perfectly in the first part. Then, in the second part, your skillfully transformed that coolness, showing your feminine beauty. I think that was really wonderful. Kirihara-san, despite struggling with how to change, you have a technique of altering your appearance with subtle changes, which I believe will be very useful in the future.’

 The tall Kirihara-san stood proudly, seeming mature at first, but she loves cute things, and when I talk to her, I find that we get along well. Kirihara-san always wanted to become more feminine, just like her admired Emily-san. So, being praised for her femininity by brother must have made her very happy. I hope today’s performance becomes a good step for Kirihara-san.

 ”Everyone, let’s go!”


 Leading the way is Inori-san, and for a moment, her figure overlapped with my brother’s. Am I imagining things? With a slight feeling of unease, I step onto the stage from the wings.


 I feel like I’m being completely surrounded by the stares of so many people. Even though I knew it would happen from behind the stage, the feeling of standing on the stage is even more intense than I imagined. And the spotlight is incredibly hot.

 Actually, it feels like this heat goes beyond just being hot. It’s like a boiling heat that spreads throughout my entire body, starting from my feet. I noticed that the heat and energy from Team A and Team B, who performed before us, is still lingering on the stage.

 ’And now, it’s time for Team C, Inori Hisui-san, Tsushima Kouko-san, Tomoe Setsuna-san, Shirogane Lapis-san, and Hoshikawa Mio-san’s performance!!”

 The music starts playing. In that moment, I told myself, I have to do it. I’ve put in so much effort to get here, and I don’t want to waste this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity by having unnecessary thoughts and regretting later.

 ’If it’s a love that only happens once in a lifetime, I’ll fall for you.’

 Huh? Everyone’s thoughts briefly freeze at Inori-san’s opening. It’s not because we didn’t follow the plan or because we couldn’t perform as expected due to nervousness. It’s because something far beyond what we expected has happened. I realized that with just one phrase, one gesture, one look, one movement, Inori-san has captivated the entire audience in an instant.

 ’Let’s exchange passionate kisses.’

 Tomoe-san and Hoshikawa-san sang their parts calmly. Honestly, they are the best singers among all the participants in the audition.

 ’The scattered flower petals fell with a trickle. I spent my time counting the many stars that twinkle in the sky.’

 Originally, this part was supposed to be for Inori-san and Tsushima-san, but Tsushima-san deliberately takes on the backup vocals and gives the lead to Inori-san. Inori-san tries to hide her bright talent, but Tsushima-san encourages her with a quick eye signal. Everyone is determined to make this performance a success.

 If it were up to me… well, I might have thought that way in the past. But seeing everyone’s performances and their emotions has ignited a passion in my heart.

 ’This feeling that I can’t express even if we understand each other. Blaming you and hiding my true feelings.’

 In reality, it would be right for the talented Tomoe-san and Hoshikawa-san to take the lead here, and for me to join in the backup vocals. But is that really okay? Is that what the audience wants? The people in front of us might be watching our live performance, our stage, for the first and only time.

 Ah, I understand… a live performance is just like falling in love. In that case, I want to give everyone the most unforgettable first love. Just like how I fell in love with the passion of the stage at this very moment!

 ’I want to convey…’

 Tsushima-san smiled kindly and told me to do whatever I wanted.

 ’My true feelings…’

 Tomoe-san looked happy and said that having strong rivals makes her more passionate. She also wanted to give an amazing performance on stage.

 ’I want to show…’

 Even though it was originally my turn, Tsushima-san suddenly decided to switch dances with me and sang loudly. I felt like I was given permission to go ahead.

 ’The real me…’

 Hoshikawa-san sang perfectly to connect us, and at the same time, she said she would give up this part with a wink.

 ’Act as you feel, without regrets, take that step forward!’

 Inori-san and I stepped forward to show the audience the best performance we could without any regrets.

 ’GO! GO! GO!’

 After that, it was an intense and exciting performance, like a battle on stage. Inori-san, Tomoe-san, Hoshikawa-san, and I competed for dominance on stage.

 By the time the second verse ended and we entered the third, Inori-san raised the stakes even higher. In response, I also stepped up my game. However, I believe that the fact that our team’s color was maintained until the end was thanks to Tsushima-san’s perfect support.

 Pant… pant…

 Even though I’m tired and it was hard, I smile at the crowd after giving my best.

 ’Thanks to everyone in Team C for the enjoyable show.’

 My brother probably noticed it didn’t go as planned. But he still smiled happily.

 ’One thing I would say is that live performances are living things. That’s why there’s no right answer. From my own view, I felt an exciting feeling watching this performance right now. While the first two teams did their prepared shows perfectly, Team C’s performance broke the expected harmony, like telling the audience, ‘You never know what will happen in a live show.’ It was an eye-opening performance. But even this, without the right daily practice and effort, it wouldn’t be possible.’

 After saying that, my brother starts evaluating each person’s performance.

 ’First, let’s talk about Inori Hisui-san. You performed flawlessly as an individual. You singing, dancing, gestures, and expressions were all truly impressive. You were exactly the way I imagined Inori Hisui to be.’

 I felt like my brother’s eyes were looking at Inori-san somewhere other than here. Could it be just my imagination? Even though Inori-san was praised by my brother, she still seemed shocked, unable to fully grasp the fact that she had been praised.

 ’Now, let’s move on to Tsushima Kouko-san. Personally, I think you deserve the title of MVP for Team C. Thanks to you, Team C’s live performance was successful on stage. I believe the judges will also recognize your contribution, so please don’t worry.’

 Tsushima-san directed her voice towards her little sister, who appeared to be watching from the audience seats, saying, “I did it, Tsukino! Did you see? Big sister did it!” The camera captured her sister’s embarrassed reaction, and both the audience and the judges couldn’t help but smile.

 ’Tomoe Setsuna-san, thank you so much for your amazing singing voice. Your singing is really, really good, just like the professionals. Honestly, when I gave you a challenge, I felt a bit worried. I thought if you didn’t do well, you would be embarrassed. But this time, I saw that you have improved a lot in showing your emotions, which is something I mentioned before.’

 Tomoe-san listened carefully to every word without moving. I think she is already thinking about the next step, trying to reach even higher goals.

 ’Hoshikawa Mio-san, I believe your singing is excellent, just like Tomoe Setsuna-san. Your emotions came through really well in this live performance. It was also nice to see you working hard on dancing, even though it’s not your strong point…. After the audition, I feel like I need to talk to both Tomoe-san and Hoshikawa-san.’

 Brother’s words created a lot of excitement in the place. He didn’t say if they passed or not, but everyone understood that right now, a clear path has opened up for the two of them.

 ’And, um, regarding Shirogane Lapis-san… Can I, uh, ask President Atori to, um, help me here?’

 My brother hands the microphone to Ako-san so that the review will not be unfair due to favoritism.

 ’Um, honestly, I’m really surprised. Lapis-san’s performance just now, um, exceeded the expectations of all the judges in a good way. Personally, I think she showed a performance that’s on par with the center members of Team A, Natsuki-san, Team B, Sumeragi-san, and Team C, Inori-san. Well, to be fair, the judges were pretty clear about Natsuki-san and Sumeragi-san, but the impact of Inori-san and Lapis-san was, like, so big that honestly, I was really amazed.”

 My spine straightened as I received the utmost praise from Ako-san.

 ’So, did our special judge chairperson know from the beginning that this would happen?’

 Ako-san looked at my brother. My brother just smiled, and everyone in the audience laughed. He took the microphone from Ako-san and looked back at us.

 ’Team C did well in the performance. It showed how live performances should be. It’s right to express what you’ve prepared perfectly. But, remember, there’s never just one right way. The audience earlier seemed really happy, and that’s the best praise you can get.’

 We, the five of us, held hands and stood together. After bowing to the audience, judges, and staff, we went backstage. On the way, I saw Subaru-chan from Team D.

 ”That was awesome.”

 Subaru-chan told me, winked, and went to the center of the stage.

 ’Now, let’s move on to Team D’s performance. But first, we have a special judge to tell you something.’

 At this point, my brother told the audience about Miyako-chan joining the staff. While watching the idol auditions, Miyako-chan realized she wanted to work with the staff. My brother supported her decision, saying that if she found something she truly wanted, she should go for it, and her future is full of possibilities.

 ’Now, watch a show by Team D, made by Sabato Miyako.’

 I hope Team D wins. That’s why Miyako-chan is still helping Team D.

 ’If it’s a love that only happens once in a lifetime, I’ll fall for you.’

 What? I was surprised by Subaru-chan’s cute moves, actions, and sweet singing.

 ’Let’s exchange passionate kisses.’

 Following that, Uryuu Anko-san and Kayano Serika-san, in a performance different from the team’s earlier ones, display a straightforward and adorable style, blowing kisses.

 ’The scattered flower petals fell with a trickle. I spent my time counting the many stars that twinkle in the sky.’

 Lazuli-san’s gentle singing and kind way are very comforting. Even though I’m hearing the same song, it feels completely different.

 ’This feeling that I can’t express even if we understand each other. Blaming you and hiding my true feelings.’

 Subaru-chan takes me into their wonderful world, making a strong connection between us and them.

 Wow. Miyako-chan’s production completely changes the feeling of the song.

 ’I want to convey…’

 Lazuli-san’s calm and comforting manner gives a warm and fuzzy feeling.

 ’My true feelings…’

 Anko-san’s sweet singing voice touches the heart.

 ’I want to show…’

 Subaru-chan’s cute movements make my hearts beat faster.

 ’The real me…’

 Serika-san’s welcoming smile gives a sense of comfort and understanding.

 ’Act as you feel, without regrets, take that step forward!’

 What is this, what is this!? The heartwarming moments keep building up and getting faster.

 ’GO! GO! GO!’

 The enchanting Miyako World begins. The audience holds their hearts and gets excited. We, the behind-the-scenes members, look at each other with faces that say, “We’re captivated too.”

 ’Thank you, everyone from Team D, for the wonderful performance.’

 The room is filled with clapping. My brother, holding the microphone, has a kind smile.

 ’Now, let’s talk about something different…’

 My brother clears his throat softly and changes his expression.

 ’For female idols to succeed, it is important for them to be respected by other women. To put it simply, they need to have a coolness that is equal to men, beauty that women look up to, maturity and cuteness that younger girls and friends admire. These qualities are considered significant.’

 In the past, there was a focus on meeting the desires of men. However, lately, this trend has been decreasing. For instance, Ayana from the top idol group, eau de Cologne, has both the ability to dress as a man and the beauty and cuteness that younger girls and friends admire. Kato Iria-san from Fairies, when she sings as the center of the group, has an incredibly cool image that is different from her usual self.

 ’The Team D made by Sabato-san showed new things that Teams A, B, and C didn’t. I want to support you because you might make something new in the world.’

 Miyako-chan, who got praised, had tears in her eyes backstage. I went up to her and said, “Good job.”

 ’I was a bit worried about Lazuli-san, but I think you did well using your character. The judges also liked how she showed unexpected determination, even though you struggled at first during the physical test.’

 At first, Lazuli-san wasn’t very serious, but after watching brother’s perform live, she changed her attitude.

 ’Kayano Serika-san’s initial worry disappeared, and it was great to see your real performance and personality. The judges will really like how well you matched Miyako-chan’s artistic idea.’

 Kayano-san has faced many rejections in auditions before now. However, today, Kayano-san’s performance does not show any desperation or anxiety. It is as if that sense of urgency is completely absent.

 ’Uryuu Anko-san perfectly represents Miyako-chan’s created world and shows remarkable growth. Your initial instability has completely disappeared, and I am happy to see you consistently giving stable performances.’

 Uryuu-san, who applied on a whim for this event, was initially unsure if it was alright for her to be here. However, after brother told her that passing means the judges recognized something significant in her, she decided to give it her best.

 ’And finally, Nekoyama Subaru-san. It was an amazing performance. However, I believe there is still much room for improvement. By the way, among all the audition participants, Subaru-san received the highest evaluation for her dance performance, according to me and Ichise-sensei. Today, you chose not to showcase your usual cool dance moves for the sake of harmony with others, but even in this type of dance, your charm was more than enough.’

 Subaru-chan looked really happy inside, even though she didn’t show it on her face. She felt so good because brother watched her practice every night. He praised her dance, and that made her joyful.

 ’Okay, now let’s talk about Team E’s show… Oh, wait. Before that, let’s take a short break.’

 Oh… By the way, where is Yamada-kun!? Everyone looked at Kokucho-kun.

 Kokucho-kun clenched his teeth and mumbled, wondering why.

 ”Haven’t found Yamada-kun yet?”

 ”Kai-san went to find him!!”

 ”I remember he said he would practice with Charlie-kun.”

 ”Charlie-kun said he already left…”

 ”What should we do? He hasn’t shown up…”

 The staff members looked at each other and then at Kokucho-kun. Kokucho-kun lifted his head and went to the staff, bowing his head.

 ”I’m sorry! That person will definitely come!! So, can you please wait a little longer? Even though he might be silly, he’s not the kind of person who runs away or leaves without saying anything!”

 ”Yeah, I understand that. But…”

 When we audition members looked at each other, we all nodded together and hurried to Kokucho-kun.

 ”We also ask for your help!”

 ”Yamada-kun will definitely come!”

 ”Can you wait just a little longer?”

 ”I know it’s selfish, but we’ve been through so much together!!”


 ”Please, just a little longer, a bit more!”

 ”This kind of ending is too much. Yamada-kun has worked so hard!!”

 ”We may be from different teams, but we’re friends who spent the same training camp together!!”

 ”Please let Team E perform together with both of them!!”

 Everyone’s feelings were together. We all begged the staff, bowing our heads. The staff members may have their own reasons, and it might be inconvenient for them if we insist. Still, we couldn’t accept such an ending.

 ”Let’s wait.”

 Those were the words brother said when he came back behind the stage from the judges’ seat. Brother looked at his smartphone screen, put it back in his coat pocket, and then looked at the staff.

 ”I will take full responsibility.”

 Ako-san, who was next to him, said, “If it’s about responsibility, I will take it seriously.” Then, brother walked towards Kokucho-kun and gave him a gentle pat on the shoulder.

 ”Don’t worry. He will definitely come.”


 Kokucho-kun had a worried look on his face that I had never seen before. Ah… I suddenly remembered the news from this morning. Kokucho-kun seemed fine, but because his mother who he has been living with was involved in a scandal, and he belongs to the Kokucho family as well, he couldn’t possibly be alright.

 He must have been worried all this time. Even though he tried to hide it and act tough, I think it must have been really hard for him without Yamada-kun. Unlike brother and the others, we have been by his side this whole time, but I can’t help but feel regretful for not noticing it earlier.

 ”But, the time for recording…”

 ”Don’t worry about it. We have someone here who is an expert and can help us with that, right?”

 My brother pointed his thumb towards himself. At the same time, a loud voice came from the stage. I wonder if something happened there?

 ”Kokuchō Kujaku. To make sure you give your best performance, I… no, we will take away all the worries you have right now. So, just focus on giving the best performance on stage as part of Team E. That’s how you repay your teammates.”

 Kanon sister-in-law said that my brother is sneaky. He is truly unfair. Why can’t he just be affectionate like he usually is? Why does he have to be so cool at times like this? Even in this situation, if my brother does something, it makes me believe that everything will be fine. That’s unfair.

 ”Ako-san. I’m sorry, but I’m going to show off a little for the sake of our juniors and the requests of important people.”

 Brother handed the outer garment to Ako-san, and Subaru-chan, holding the microphone, walked towards the stage slowly. Then, brother reaching the entrance, turned back towards us.

 ”I’m going as the idol, Shirogane Aqua!”

 Brother declared his identity as an idol. It meant that he was going to save someone. Waving his hand, he took a step into the buzzing side of the stage. Everyone was captivated by his figure as he walked alone towards the stage, stealing our hearts.

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