Male Idol V11c44

Volume 11 Chapter 44 Yamada Maruo, My Name Is!

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 Today is January 5th, the day that will decide my fate. The long audition training camp has ended, and now, the day of the audition has arrived.

 ”I’ve taught you everything I can until the last minute. So do your best.”

 ”Thank you very much!”

 I bow my head to Charlie-san, who is in front of me, and express my thanks. On the final day of the training camp on January 4th, after the last practice, the staff told us that we could either stay or go home for a while. At first, I planned to stay at the training camp and continue practicing, but it would surely hinder Kujaku. So, I asked Charlie-san, whom I had exchanged phone numbers with, for a favor to give me time to obtain what I lacked.

 ”Well then, I have to return to my home country, so this is goodbye. I’m looking forward to the next time we meet.”


 We shake hands firmly. After saying goodbye to Charlie-san, who stayed with me until the end, I quickly ate the lunch I had prepared while checking Aqua-san’s footage in the rental studio.

 ”Okay, let’s go!”

 I left the place I had rented and tried to call Kai-san using my phone.


 At the worst time, my phone wouldn’t turn on. I had made sure it was charged at least ten times last night, and it was working this morning, so it shouldn’t be broken.

 ”Why does it have to stop working now…”

 But the venue is only a 30-minute walk from here. There’s still plenty of time, and if I can find a taxi on the main street nearby, I’ll have lots of time left. While thinking about that, I walked down the street.


 I felt like something was noisy, so I looked towards the source of the sound. There, I saw a girl being forced into a van by some men. It was clear that something was wrong. I gathered my courage to speak up.

 ”Hey, what are you doing!?”

 Darn it. I meant to be more forceful, but it ended up sounding polite at the end.

 ”Tch! Let’s go!”

 The men pushed the girl into the van and ran off somewhere. It’s definitely something bad. As they drove away, I impulsively threw the tracking tag I had in my pocket onto the van. I had bought it before coming to Tokyo, thinking it might be helpful if I got lost and needed help. Little did I know it would be useful in a situation like this.

 ”That mark, it’s definitely Kokucho’s… oh no, what on earth are you doing!”

 I remember the scared face of the girl from before. I don’t have time to think. I quickly rent a bicycle from the nearby stand, following the tag on my watch, and start pedaling in the direction the car went.

 I have been working on my stamina for this training camp, and even before that, so luckily, I manage to catch up as the van gets stuck in traffic. I don’t even know why I’m doing this, but without realizing it, my body starts moving on its own, guided by the image of that frightened girl.

 ”Huff… huff… Is it stopping here?”

 An old factory… bringing a girl to a place like this is definitely not normal. I park the bicycle a little distance away and approach the entrance of the abandoned factory quietly so as not to make any noise. I can hear voices. I cautiously look inside the factory.

 ”You’re the one who told them, right!!”

 ”N-No, it wasn’t me.”

 A man points his phone screen at a woman. I can hear some sounds. …Is he showing news footage? As I listen to the news report, I realize that something serious is happening to the Kokucho family.

 ”Then who is it that messed with us?!”

 ”I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. But, I really don’t know anything!”

 Right now, it doesn’t seem like the girl is being directly hurt or in danger. That’s why I quietly watch what’s happening. Darn it. Why isn’t the cellphone working at a time like this!

 ”What should we do? We were just seen, isn’t that bad?”

 ”Even if you say that. Our actions have been exposed, there’s no way around it!”

 ”Darn it, why is something from years ago being brought up now!”

 ”I don’t know!! Just so you know, it wasn’t me!!”

 ”What!? Originally, it’s because of you…!”

 The men who took the girl are arguing. It’s becoming tense. But maybe the girl can escape now? I subtly turn my face away from the arguing men and signal the girl to run. The girl notices me and slowly moves backwards, trying to escape.

 ”Even today, what are we going to do with this abducted girl!!”


 One man noticed the girl trying to escape because another man started talking to her.

 ”Hey!! Why are you trying to run away!!”

 The scared girl stumbled and fell because she was in a hurry. As the man approached her, he grabbed her long hair and lifted her upper body.

 ”Don’t mess around, you b*stard!!”

 The frightened girl trembled with fear. Seeing that, the man smirked and made a terrible suggestion to the other men.

 ”Ha! If we’re going to get caught anyway, let’s use this girl as a punching bag and treat her as a toy for the last time.”

 ”W-Wouldn’t that make the situation even worse?”

 ”Ha! Who cares about that? Besides, I’m already a guy. The government will probably just give us a warning or something, considering the time limit. After all, we’re Kokucho!! That woman, Agewa, will find a way to handle it and protect valuable boys. Maybe we can even blame it on Kokuchō Kujaku? We can say that we were instructed by the head’s son. Heck, let’s also blame Mayuzumi Shintaro from that annoying branch family for his arrogant behavior.”

 What?! Why are these people saying such things!? Putting the blame on Kujaku and Mayuzumi-kun, who are serious about their work!? There’s no way something like that should be allowed to happen!!


 The guys with chains wrapped around the hands of the frightened girl were either trying to turn her into a punching bag or hang her up.

 What should I do?

 What can I do?

 It would be easy to pretend I didn’t know anything and run away. I could audition with a straight face, go up on stage with Kujaku, and plaster a fake smile towards the audience. But I couldn’t do that. Someone like me can’t genuinely entertain or save someone’s heart like Aqua-san does.

 ”What are you doing!”

 Before I knew it, I had jumped in. I’m genuinely scared, and my heart is pounding.

 ”Wh…who are you?”

 I don’t have confidence in myself. That’s why even on the bulletin board, I pretended to be Shirogane Aqua. But I can’t become a fake Shirogane Aqua. That’s when it hit me, what Sumeragi Kukuri-san had said. I’m different from Aqua-san, and I can’t be as cool as him. Still, I… I don’t want to face that person I admired! I can’t tolerate these guys causing trouble for Kujaku and Mayuzumi-kun, and now I know that the girls who came for the audition are just like us. So, I can’t just stand by and abandon a girl getting hurt right in front of me!

 ”I can’t hear you! Who are you!!”

 I take a big breath. I wanted to be like Aqua, so I used the fake name Shirogane Aqua. Because of that, I made friends, and I’m thankful. But today, I’m going to stop pretending. From today, I’ll be myself!!

 ”I am… my name is! Yamada! Yamada Maruo!!”

 I step forward and speak loudly. Don’t underestimate my strong voice and endurance from training!!

 ”Let the girl go!! Can’t you see she’s scared!!”

 The men feel pressured by my words. Good. The most important thing is to safely free the girl. So, by making the enemy feel less confident and persuading them to stop committing more crimes…

 ”Noisy! I’ll beat you too!!”

 I was silly to think that way. The men come closer to me. I’ve never been in a fight, but now that it’s happening, I have no choice.

 ”Let’s go!”

 I moved quickly to avoid the attacks from the man coming towards me.

 I’m sorry, Ichise-sensei. I used the dance moves you taught me in a situation like this…

 ”Stop! Don’t make others sad. It’s not fun to do things like this!”

 ”Don’t tell me what to do!”

 I dodged the attacks once more. I looked at the girl, signaling her to run away while she still could, but her legs were shaking, and she couldn’t escape.

 I need to do something! In my panic, I dropped my guard.


 I felt a strong hit on my back.

 Oh no, I got hit by the guy who sneaked up behind me.

 I managed to stay on my feet and tackled the person nearby, bringing them down.

 ”Huff… Huff…”

 The man I tackled slowly got up.

 Physically, I’m not doing well. But even so, I thought, if I were to fall, who would save that girl?

 ”Yamada… Oh, now I remember. You’re the person from the bulletin board!”

 ”Oh, right. The one who joined the silly shut-in-themed idol audition.”

 ”Huh, what’s this? Another attempt at copying Shirogane Aqua?”

 ”Do guys really become idols? What’s fun about pleasing women?!”

 The men were laughing at me in a mean way. I can handle being teased myself, but I can’t stand it when they make fun of idols. Everyone at the audition camp is working hard because they want to become idols.

 I felt like their efforts were being denied, and I couldn’t let that go! Just couldn’t! Just as I was about to argue, a voice came from behind even faster than I expected.

 ”Who said that men can’t be idols?”

 A voice I recognized made me react.

 ”It looks like I have to educate all of you about the greatness of our god, Toa-sama, too, huh?”

 When I turned around, there was a bald, angry-looking Nyanko gentleman. W-Why is the Nyanko gentleman here!? As I wondered about that, I heard the sound of leather shoes.

 ”I received a message from Miss Kai of Beryl. Oh dear, who would have thought the tracking tag would come in handy… indeed, being prepared is important, everyone.”

 The well-dressed uncle, with his usual kind smile, was there. But somehow, he seemed more upset than the visibly angry Nyanko gentleman.

 ”Now, everyone. We have already informed the police. Can’t you just give up quietly? It won’t benefit you to commit more wrongdoings, you know?”

 Oh, uncle, darn it…

 Unlike a reckless kid like me who acted without a plan, I admired how he could handle things calmly like an adult.

 The guys looked at each other in confusion after hearing uncle’s words.

 ”Hey! Don’t be deceived by this man’s smooth talk!! This is Kokucho’s private property, and the police should follow proper procedures to intervene. At the very least, we have enough time to fight them and escape.”

 The guy who seemed like the leader took a woman nearby hostage and, taking out a knife from his pocket, pressed it against her throat.

 ”Don’t move! If you move, I will stab her!”

 Darn, doing something so unfair!!

 Uncle, myself, and Nyanko gentleman were told to tie our hands behind our backs and kneel side by side.

 ”If you plan to harm Yamada-kun or the woman, harm me first.”

 ”No, harm me first!”

 ”Shut up! It is obvious that we are going to harm everyone!”

 I can’t let uncle and Nyanko gentleman get hurt because of me. With that in mind, I step forward to protect them.

 ”Stop! If you want to hit someone, hit me alone.”

 The man kicks me on the side. It hurts, but I can bear it. Because he’s focused on attacking me, uncle, Nyanko gentleman, and even the girl are safe. Remember, the training camp with Ichise-sensei and Iwanari-san was much harder than this! Compared to that, these guys’ attacks mean nothing!

 ”Damn, what’s wrong with this guy! Show some pain! Beg for help, saying ‘Please save only me!’”

 I give him a big smile, even though it’s really painful. As long as the attention is on me, I don’t think he will harm the girl. Besides, uncle must have told Kai-san about this place. If I can buy some time, uncle, unlike me, must be thinking about such situations. The leader-like guy hands the girl to another man and slowly comes towards me.

 ”Hey, you! What are you smiling about?”

 The man hit my cheek. Ouch! I tasted blood, but I still smiled back at him.

 ”Your smile is so gross!”

 Just as the man was about to hit me again, someone collapsed behind him. All the guys looked at once. A girl with a chain was holding a girl on the ground.

 ”No way!”

 Kai-san stood in front, protecting the girl.

 ”An idol’s smile is powerful!! It’s not official, though…”

 I almost fell. Kai-san… Her last words were true, but maybe they weren’t necessary this time. Uncle and Nyanko gentleman, who were behind me, stood up as they saw Kai-san help the woman.

 ”The situation has changed. It was right to have Kai-san hide.”

 ”You know what will happen if you mess with my friend, right?”

 The sound of sirens can be heard from outside. It seems like the police have also arrived. Whew, I’m relieved that we managed to finish everything safely.

 ”Put your hands up!!”

 The situation suddenly changes, and everything seems to have ended smoothly.

 ”What are you doing? It’s you who should raise your hands.”

 Huh? The police guns were pointed not at the men but at us. I’m frozen, unable to understand the situation.

 ”So that’s how it is. The fact that you can hide crimes means there are people helping you within the police, right?”

 ”Hah! That’s right!! We’ve given these women a hard time. And it’s not just the police. Judges, lawyers, even the prosecution – they’re influenced by Kokucho. There’s no one in this world who can judge us!!”

 It’s hopeless now. Even Uncle must have found this situation unexpected. Is there no choice but to give up… No, there’s still something I can do.

 ”Wait. It’s enough if it’s just me. Can you release the two girls over there and these people?”

 I kneeled in front of a group of men and bowed deeply.

 ”Please! I will do anything!”

 ”Huh! Bowing and stuff. Don’t you feel pathetic?”

 The man who seemed like the leader grabbed my hair and lifted my head. Seeing this, uncle, Nyanko gentleman, and Kai-san asked them to focus only on me, just like they did.

 ”You guys are really pathetic!!”

 The man stood up, getting ready to stomp on my head. In that moment, a bright light illuminated us.

 ”It seems that while I was away, this country gained a few good men. Well, it looks like there are still some useless scum, as always.”

 A beautiful person in a special forces-like uniform, pure white in color, appeared. Holding a wooden sword—no, a Japanese sword—with a motorcycle equipped with lights, they stepped forward. Everyone was captivated by their presence.

 In the next moment, amidst the loud noise of the engine, many motorcycles entered the abandoned factory. Among them, I saw someone who looked like Manager Kaito.

 ”Oh, that’s… The first president of the Dark Angels, Yukishiro Noel-senpai of Shiroyasha!”

 Dark Angel? Kai-san? What are you talking about? And Senpai? Huh? Even that kind-hearted manager Kaito is wearing the same special attack uniform. Could it be that she’s also part of that person’s group?

 ”You guys! What are you doing here! You’re all under arrest!!”

 The police officer points a gun at Yukishiro Noel-san.

 ”If you can do it, then give it a try! I’ll tell you, there are no dark angels that…”

 The girls around Noel-san speak out one after another in a relay-like manner.

 ”All have gold licenses!”

 ”No illegal modifications!”

 ”No criminal record!”

 ”Follow the rules of safe driving!”

 ”Absolutely disband by midnight!”

 ”Take back the trash you put out!”

 ”If you want, take back others’ trash too!”

 ”By the way, we’ll also clean up the town’s trash!”

 ”That’s the absolute rule of the Dark Angels!”

 I see… so Dark Angel refers to a volunteer group doing town garbage cleanup, and I understand.

 ”If you have a complaint, then count my sins!”

 Yukishiro Noel-san carries a Japanese sword on her shoulder and raises something she took out of her pocket with her right hand.

 A license for firearms, swords, and other weapons…? Ah, they’ve got that sorted too…

 ”Now, lower your gun. I want you to know that the officers who are corrupt already have arrest warrants.”


 Yukishiro Noel-san calmly puts her permission paper back in her pocket and slowly goes towards the police officer.

 One of the police officers gets surprised and shoots a bullet.


 There is a loud noise of a gunshot in the empty factory, and everyone thinks of the worst thing that could happen.

 But they get shocked when they hear something small falling.

 There are two broken bullets on the ground. Everyone looks at Yukishiro Noel-san, unable to believe what they just saw.

 ”If it wasn’t for me, a master of iaido, it would be dead, you know?”

 Huh? Wait a minute? Huh!?

 The Japanese sword has been taken out of its cover. Wait, did she actually cut the bullet earlier?

 That’s amazing… No, not that, I’m just surprised that someone other than Aqua-san can do something like that.


 The police officer who shot the bullet falls down while groaning.

 Rubber bullets? Where did they come from?

 ”It would be dangerous to point a gun at someone, but…!”

 The shadow, like a big boar, hit one of the police officers. No, it’s not that. It’s…!

 ”Hey, it’s Wild Morikawa Kaede!”

 ”Wait, why is Wild Morikawa Kaede here!!”


 ”Help meeeeeeee!”

 The police officers were confused by Morikawa-san’s sudden appearance. Is it just me, or do they seem even more scared than when a police officer was attacked with a Japanese sword?

 ”Good job, Kaede-paisen!”

 Huh? Who’s that? There’s a pretty person cheering near the entrance of the factory. Oh, right, that person appeared in the carpe diem PV where Aqua-san sang. Why are they here? One of the police officers tries to run away and goes towards her.

 ”Damn it!”


 Oh, it’s dangerous! Just as I think that, a small figure comes in front of her. The police officer then flies through the air and falls to the ground. Huh? What was that movement just now? A ninja? No, it’s not. It’s a small girl in a maid outfit.

 ”Go, go, ninja! Push it, push it, ninja! Just joking, you’re a maid!

 What? Is she really a ninja? Hold on, maid? No, which one is it?

 ”D*mn it!”

 Oh, while they were not paying attention, one of the men tried to run away. But oddly, there was a maid right where he was running to. The guy got knocked down with just one kick from other maid.

 ”I’m here because the young lady told me to. Emily-sama, for a little bit, please think of me as your servant. Hehehe…”

 ”Eek! Th-Thanks, P-Pegonia-san…”

 Am I the only one who thinks the person called the master seems scared of the maid?

 ”What’s going on! What’s going on, all of you!”

 Yeah… I feel the same way. I don’t understand anything. And now, there’s a really loud noise from far away. I wonder what’s coming this time. I’ve never heard a sound like that before, and it makes me scared.


 Everyone froze as they saw a tank bursting through the tin wall of the abandoned factory. The top hatch opened with a pop, revealing the Prime Minister carrying a bazooka on her shoulder, wearing sunglasses, and with a cigar in her mouth.

 ”Took you long enough. Is this the battlefield?”

 Something else emerged from the hole the tank created. A motorcycle with a sidecar? What’s happening now? As the motorcycle with a sidecar parked next to the tank, the driver in camouflage took off their helmet.

 ”I’ve come as reinforcements!”

 Oh, is that… Mary-sama? Everyone present exchanged shocked glances. Um, the gun she’s carrying on her back isn’t real, right? Then, a woman in a familiar suit got off the sidecar, removed her helmet, and glared at the opposition.

 ”Give it up. It’s over.”

 Manager Kirika!? Why is she here!? I think I heard something like “I don’t want to die before it’s over,” but it must be my imagination. It sounds like a made-up story, but with just one stern look from Manager Kirika, the corrupt police women suddenly disarmed and became surprisingly docile.

 Normally, you’d think tanks and Japanese swords are scarier, but the corrupt cops seemed more intimidated by Manager Kirika and Announcer Morikawa. Also, the beautiful woman who was being protected by the ninja maid earlier said something about being Kohina Yukari, causing a few corrupt cops to faint when they heard it. Yeah, I kinda get that.

 ”Yamada-san! Does it hurt anywhere!?”

 Kai-san quickly comes to me looking worried.

 ”I’m okay. But more importantly…”

 I look at Nyanko gentleman and Uncle behind me.

 ”I’ll be fine. Yamada-kun, you’re going to be an idol, so please take care of yourself more!”

 ”Yeah. No matter how hurt we got, we would have been okay. Why did you go so far to protect us like that…!”

 I feel better. Both of them are not hurt, and I breathe a sigh of relief.

 ”Anyway, thank you both for coming to help. I was really happy.”

 I look at the woman who was taken hostage, she’s a bit far away.

 ”She’ll be okay. We’ll take care of her injuries here.”

 Kai-san… Oh, I wonder if Kai-san is okay?

 I look at Kai-san, checking if she’s hurt.

 Thank goodness. It doesn’t seem like she’s badly hurt.

 ”I-It’s embarrassing to be stared at like that.”

 ”Ah, I’m sorry.”

 Feeling shy, I looked away from Kai-san. Kai-san, also feeling shy, looked in the other direction. Oh, the Prime Minister, whom I had avoided looking at, was coming towards me.

 ”Yamada Maruo-kun.”

 The Prime Minister took off her sunglasses and bowed sincerely to me.

 ”I’m sorry. It seems there was a mistake in our plans. I deeply regret inconveniencing you by involving you in this.”

 ”Please don’t worry. It’s because I got involved. I’m really sorry for causing trouble!”

 I also bowed my head to the Prime Minister. I’m just glad that everyone is safe. That’s all that matters to me. But, there’s something else that’s really on my mind now.

 ”I’m sorry. I have to go somewhere right away.”

 ”Oh, yes. Kokuchō Kujaku-kun is waiting for everyone to arrive.”

 The Prime Minister showed me the time on the clock. Oh no, quite some time has passed since it started. They might have already finished singing up to Team D by now, right?

 ”Okay! If that’s the case, leave it to us!”

 Following Yukishiro Noel-san’s instructions, everyone gets on their bikes. The Prime Minister, giving tanks and bazookas to her subordinates, is seen riding on someone else’s bike. Looking around, there’s the national broadcaster, Announcer Onidzuka, and even Mikuni-sama, causing a surprise.

 ”Yamada-san, ride on the back of the bike I came with!”

 ”Yes, of course!”

 I sit on the back of Kai-san’s bike. It feels a little embarrassing to ride on a girl’s bike. Nyanko Gentlemen and Uncle also get rides from someone, and we all start heading to the audition venue. However, the kind individuals of Dark Angel, who prioritize safe driving, follow traffic rules carefully. Yes, safe driving is important, but as I see the traffic light turn red in front of us, I start to worry about being late.

 ”Oh, come on, why does the signal have to turn red now of all times!”

 Hmm? The traffic light was red a moment ago, but now it’s suddenly green. I don’t really get it, but it seems lucky.

 ”Maybe this is…”

 The Prime Minister looked a bit pale. Could it be that she’s feeling sick from the bike?

 ”y borrowing the privileges of the Sumeragi family, it was forced…”

 ”Oh, right. Yukishiro Emily-kun, you must be going through a lot too, just like me.”

 The pretty person protected by the ninja maid is talking to the Prime Minister. She probably noticed the Prime Minister’s pale face and decided to chat. I thought she was nice.

 ”I can see the venue!”

 After running for a few minutes, we got to the place in less than 10 minutes. It’s like a miracle that all the traffic lights turned green on the way here. Who would’ve thought something like this could happen!

 ”Thanks, everyone!”

 When I thanked everyone, they said kind words, telling me I did well.

 ”Okay then, here I go!!”

 Time is running out, but if it’s him, if it’s Kujaku, he must be waiting for me. That’s why I hurried towards the place where he is waiting, so that I can give the best performance together with my partner Kujaku in this final part of the training camp’s audition.

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