Male Idol V11c45

Volume 11 Chapter 45 Kokucho Agewa, My Prince Will Even Catch The Falling Guillotine With One Hand

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 On January 5th, with everyone talking about the Kokucho family, I went to the place where the final audition for Beryl’s idol competition was happening, in disguise. I just wanted to see Kujaku-kun one more time. It’s something I wanted for myself.

 After this, I plan to go to the parliament building and accept the consequences for all the wrong things I’ve done. So please, let me see Kujaku-kun on that stage for the last time. I don’t want anything else. I know, as the head of the Kokucho family, I shouldn’t hope for happiness since I’ve made many people unhappy. But I prayed to God for forgiveness for this one thing.

 ”We’re taking a break for now.”

 ”Also, it’s just Team E. I wonder if something happened?”

 Because of strict rules, the staffs took away my communication devices when I entered the venue, so I don’t know what’s happening outside right now. I hope Kujaku-kun is alright. I hope nothing bad has happened. With a worried look on my face, I felt someone coming towards me from behind.

 ”Are you Kokucho Agewa-san?”

 Huh? I look at the person who surprised me by tapping my shoulder. There is a group of women in black suits. The main woman takes out a police ID and shows it to me.

 ”We want to know about the incidents. Can you come with us, please?”

 ”Uh, well, um…”

 I’m caught off guard by this unexpected situation, and I can’t move. The news that was supposed to be on this afternoon somehow aired this morning, and today is not going as planned.

 ”Kokucho Agewa, huh?”

 ”I saw you on the news this morning!”

 ”Why are you here?”

 ”Hey, there’s that Kokuchō Kujaku-kun. That’s why…”

 As my real identity is revealed, the people around me start making noise all at once. It seems they’ve figured it out.

 I’m sorry. I didn’t want to see Kujaku-kun conveniently at the end. I’m sorry. Because of me, I caused trouble for Aqua-sama, Beryl, and the other audition participants.

 I’m sorry. Due to my selfishness, I even dampened the spirits of fans who were enjoying.

 ’Well, before Team E performs, there will be a special live performance by the special judge, Shirogane Aqua-san.’

 Despite feeling worried, the audience became very excited when they heard about Aqua-sama’s live performance. Because of that, they seemed more interested in the upcoming live show than in me.

 ”Kokucho Agewa-san, let’s go now.”

 Yeah, it seems like I can go outside without any problem now, and that would be better. I reach out to the woman dressed in black.


 Both the police officer and I turn our heads towards the voice.

 ”Aqua-sama’s live is about to begin. If you’re a lady, sit quietly and listen.”

 Fuji… Ranko-san?

 ”B-but, in that case…”

 ”If there’s responsibility, I’ll take it.”

 Behind Fuji Ranko-san, Fuji Shion-san appears. I wondered why these two were here, but then I remembered that someone related to the Fuji family participated in the audition. While the Fuji family is bigger than Kokucho’s, they have a close-knit atmosphere. If a family member is participating in Koshien, everyone goes to cheer for them, so it’s not strange for them to be here.

 ”If even the leader of the ruling party and the leader of the Fuji family, Fuji Shion, isn’t enough, then go ahead and take the head of Amakusa Shikimi and Kuga Rihito who are standing next to me.”

 Huh? I am surprised as I look at the two people behind me. Why are these two here in this place!? But my surprise doesn’t end there.

 ”Um, everyone, how about finding a seat for now? I can’t see the front when you’re standing…”

 Everyone is surprised by Shirogane Kanon-san, who was at the very back. Why is she just standing there so casually!?

 ”Well, but…”

 ”It’s okay, right?”

 The police officer who came out from the back steps forward and turns around, giving a cunning smile.

 ”Well, you know, you can listen to Aa-sama’s live performance for free? Opportunities like this don’t come often, do they?”

 ”Captain, that may be true, but…”

 The woman referred to as Captain whispers to her colleagues while looking at the stage.

 ”I’ve been a fan of Aa-sama since the City Pleasure’s thread era.”

 She smiles at Kanon-san and then sits in an available seat nearby.

 ”Besides, if she runs away, she can just run away. It’s not like Kokucho Agewa did anything wrong, and the most we can do is accompany her voluntarily. And if she runs away, I’ll take responsibility and lose my job. Anyway, the police job doesn’t pay well, the workload is very high, there’s hardly any time off, and on top of that, people don’t like me, which is why I’m still single! I’m not popular either!! Maybe I should quit and get hired by Beryl. Come on, you should sit too.”

 Prompted by her words, I sat next to her.

 Is it really okay? Even if I stay here like this…

 ’Now, we would like to present a special live performance by Shirogane Aqua.’

 The venue was filled with a sad Latin guitar sound.

 It was Emily-chan’s song from the PV, “carpe diem.”

 ’I have to face this emotion, once and for all.’

 This song is about a girl who liked a boy but couldn’t move forward. It’s a song that helps her feel better after a breakup. It’s not love, but I understand how she feels. I could only watch as bad things happened right in front of me.

 ’So, I take a step forward. I need to overcome this pain and move on.’

 But I was different. I still remember the face of Kujaku-kun from that time, and the faces of the boys who were hurt. They’re still in my mind and won’t go away. That’s why I thought I didn’t deserve to be happy. I even find it convenient that Kujaku-kun doesn’t like me. However… However, it still hurts my heart. It tightens when I hear the sad melody of the song.

 ’Now, let’s take that step forward, this time without regrets.’

 When the song ends, the audience claps and cheers loudly. Aqua-sama waits for the noise to calm down before speaking to the audience.

 ’Greetings, everyone! I am Shirogane Aqua, an idol from Beryl Entertainment’s group BERYL. I’m sure all of you saw it too, but I was really inspired by the hard work of my talented junior idols, and it made me want to sing as well.’

 As Aqua-sama playfully sticks out his tongue, I can hear many voices from the audience.

 ”So cute!”

 ”That’s so typical of him!”

 ”Well, there’s nothing we can do!”

 ”Genuinely happy!”

 ”Thank you for singing!”

 What a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The scene in front of me, which was completely unimaginable just a year ago, is now happening right before my eyes.

 ’So, as a last-minute addition to Team E’s opening act, I managed to convince the staff to include me. I apologize for any inconvenience caused!’

 No way… There must have been some issues behind the scenes. But Aqua-sama doesn’t want to show any signs of it. Since my plans didn’t go as expected, I was worried that Kujaku-kun might feel emotionally unstable after seeing the news reports. I’m sorry. It’s my fault for not realizing and causing him trouble until the end.

 ”It’s okay, I’ve taken care of it.”

 Huh? I turned around quickly when I heard a voice I recognized.

 ”Noel…san? And even the Prime Minister…?”

 Noel-san, who was supposed to be on the crab ship, why is she here? And why is the Prime Minister here too? Their sudden appearance in front of me is confusing.

 ’The song heard in the deep darkness. The voice calling us.’

 On the stage, the second song, “The End of the World,” which was performed at the Halloween festival, begins.

 ”If it’s Kujaku-kun, he’s probably fine now. Chairman Ranko, and Shion-san, thank you as well.”

 The Prime Minister bows to the people around her. In the background, Kanon-sama is thanking Kirika Kotono and the maid Pegonia-san for returning.

 ”Why are Noel-san and the others here?”

 ”Because that girl told us to come and help you.”

 Emily-chan is there, catching Noel-san’s gaze. Furthermore, nearby, I can see Announcer Morikawa and Announcer Onidzuka carrying cameras labeled “national broadcaster.”

 ”Onidzuka-paisen, I’m sorry if you lose your job because of this! If anything happens, you can blame me!”

 ”Hah, in that case, we’re in the same boat. When I hired you, I had already handed in my resignation to the HR department! Listen carefully! Do you think I can handle being a supervisor of an employee who’s scared of getting fired? It’s impossible!”

 Hey everyone, what are you doing over there?

 ”High Performance Server, no…Mikoto! I need your help. Right now, I want you to broadcast the footage that Kaede-senpai is risking her life to capture on all the national networks and broadcasting stations! You can do it, in fact, only you can do it! Please, if you have human emotions, lend a hand to save someone important to me!”

 What? Emily-chan? Emily-chan was making a phone call using her mobile phone.

 I can’t hear what she’s saying from here, but she seems desperate.

 By the way, we were supposed to leave our phones at the entrance, so why… well, it doesn’t matter. Why is everyone here?

 ”The situation is very serious. The video from here is being shown on all the TV channels!!”

 I saw the people who work here looking very worried. They pointed at Announcer Morikawa and ran over to where she was. Then, a woman stood in front of them.

 ”Saint——no, a friend asked me to do this, I will definitely protect it…!”

 A small maid…? No, that’s not all. Somehow, there were girls in uniforms like sisters with blindfolds around Announcer Morikawa and Announcer Onidzuka.

 ”Kishishi, be careful, Holy Farmer, Perfumer.”

 ”I don’t want to hear from the person who loves powder and always does things on their own.”

 ”Hehehe, everyone in the Saint’s Guard, do your best too.”

 The strange group, Holy Aqua Religion, I still don’t know what it’s really like. But I do know a few things. The important people who work with the leader of the group, the Twelve Bishops. The Holy Farmer, Perfumer, Powder Maniac – they are all part of the Twelve Bishops. And… that woman over there, holding a button. Is that Worker Holic!? The second most important person after the saint who came all the way here for some reason, what’s happening!?

 ”Holy Aqua Religion, why are you here!?”

 ”If you don’t touch these people, we won’t do anything.”

 The managers, Kirika and Kaito, comforted the scared staff by patting their shoulders.

 ”Don’t worry. If something happens, I will take responsibility. So, let’s leave it like this.”

 ”Y-Yes, yes.”

 It seems like everything is alright now. At the same time, the song comes to an end. Since the audience is gathered in front, completely focused on Aqua-sama’s live performance, no one notices what is happening behind.

 ’Everyone, did you see the New Year’s Heaven’s Sword?’


 There’s no one who hasn’t seen it. That episode had an impressive 120% viewer rating. Nobody expected the rating to exceed 100%, and it revealed that the TV station was manipulating the ratings.

 ’Everyone, thank you! We have a break this week, but make sure to watch the 2nd ROUND starting next week!’

 Everyone responds with cheers to Aqua-sama’s request. It felt like Kanon-san shouted the loudest, but as a pregnant woman, please calm down, okay? I understand your excitement, but it’s nerve-wracking.

 ’Kenzaki… please help me! Make me a hero!!’

 As soon as the opening song started, everyone was captivated by it.

 Masked Driver, Heaven’s Sword, the first season’s opening theme, next round.

 ’Somewhere, someone is calling out for help. Don’t let that voice go unheard.’

 I’ve heard it so many times that I’ve lost count.

 I’ve listened to this song countless times.

 ’Move to save this world sinking into darkness.’

 Facing Chijou and saving the day, everyone imagined Kenzaki Souji and idol Shirogane Aqua standing together.

 Maybe he could be the one to save this world….

 ’Rising STAR, let the light shine in your heart, to see your smile.’

 Aqua-sama’s arrival was a turning point for the world and for me.

 Aqua-sama, who suddenly appeared in this strange world, is challenging our common sense and leading us towards an unimaginable future.

 ’I won’t let you suffer alone. I’ll rush to your side, even if it means crossing worlds. If no one else will do it, I will. In this seemingly hopeless world, I’ll change it. Follow me.’

 In Aqua-sama’s world, Kokucho is no longer needed. So, I followed my plan.

 ’Even if darkness tries to engulf the world, burn it all with feelings hotter than this sun.’

 When I became the head of the Kokucho family, I exposed the past wrongs and tried to lessen the suffering caused by Kokucho.

 ’Even if gods stand in the way, I’ll cut through everything with this sword that can rend the heavens.’

 Everyone around me is an enemy, so it took time to find trustworthy people who share my goals. It’s hard to completely stop all crimes, and even after becoming the head, there are still troublemakers. But I believe I did my best in the past ten years.

 ’Resist the FATE; my passionate comrades are here.’

 It was really tough. I wished someone would listen to my worries. But I can’t rely on Yukishiro’s people or the Prime Minister, who I used to be close to. I don’t want to involve the people I love in the fate that I have to bear the burden of sin and punishment. I kept telling myself that it’s something only I, born into the Kokucho family, can do and something I have to do.

 ’You’re not alone. We’re here. So reach out without fear. If we join hands, we can change everything. If you can’t keep up with this speed, I’ll take you with me.’

 Oh… If only it could be true, like when Chijo and Kenzaki were saved, I wished to be rescued by a person like Aqua-sama. But, someone like me shouldn’t hope for such a dream.

 ’Let’s fight together. We’re not alone. The world is accelerating, a future forced upon us. Everyone believed in me. In the heart closed off by darkness, the smoldering passion still continues. I’m waiting for you to come.’

 Tears are falling one by one. I, who lowered my head, wipe my eyes. It’s okay. Surely, after I’m gone, Aqua-sama will make this world a better place. The Prime Minister and I have been waiting, believing that someone like him would always appear. Don’t worry. In the world I’ve tidied up, I want him and the Prime Minister to make flowers bloom.

 ’I’m not alone. You’re here. You all are here. The entrusted feelings and woven wishes make me shine more than anyone else. Believe in the me that everyone believed in. The moment when this world changes is just around the corner. Now, let’s go together.’

 I hear a voice nearby…? What’s happening…?

 I wipe my tears away and lift my head. And there, right in front of me, Aqua-sama is standing.


 The people around and the camera of Announcer Morikawa are all looking at us.

 ”Kokucho Agewa-san… On behalf of all the men, I want to thank you.”


 Thank me? I don’t understand what that means, and I feel frozen.

 ”Because you, as a conservative, have valued this Male Protection Law, us men have been protected all this time. That’s why I want to show our gratitude. Thank you for protecting us.”

 Thank you for protecting us…? Nobody has ever said such a thing to me before.

 I am Kokucho Agewa. I’m supposed to be a bad person. I’m supposed to be an enemy of this country.

 I should be strong, but Aqua-sama’s words make me want to cry again.

 Aqua-sama slowly comes closer to me and gently wipes away the tears that have gathered at the corner of my eyes.

 ”I can’t forgive it, but there are people who have used the protection of the laws you’ve upheld to do bad things. I know that there are girls suffering because of this… But you shouldn’t have to carry the burden of guilt and punishment. In my opinion, those who have committed crimes should be the ones to bear the guilt and punishment.”

 ”But… I am the head of the Kokucho family, responsible for the wrongdoings.”

 ”Indeed, you may be the direct successor and head of the Kokucho family. So what?”

 Aqua-sama looks at me intently.

 I can’t look away from those intense eyes.

 The fake image I’ve desperately created, the empty version of myself I’ve portrayed, is falling apart. In front of Aqua-sama, I can no longer deceive my vulnerable heart…!

 ”Even if the whole world rejects you, I, Shirogane Aqua, will affirm everything about you. So, this time, I… no, we will be the ones to help you.”

 Before I knew it, I notice Toa-chan, Shintaro-kun, and Tenga-kun standing around me. Shintaro-kun slowly comes closer to me and confidently adjusts his glasses.

 ”When I started my career in the entertainment industry, or rather, when I came back from studying abroad, I thought I would be pressured into arranged meetings or something. But strangely, my surroundings remained calm. In that case… I believe it’s because someone was looking out for me. And the answer naturally became clear. It was you all along. You’ve been protecting me all this time…”

 Shintaro kindly smiles at me.

 ”When I read the news this morning, I understood everything. But… it’s a sad story, and I feel powerless on my own. I didn’t know what to do. That’s why I relied on someone. If it’s him, my best friend, Shirogane Aqua, he can rescue you even from this situation…”

 Shintaro briefly looks towards Aqua-sama.

 ”Kokucho Agewa-san. I also want to express my gratitude to you. Because of your protection towards me and my mother, I gained the best friends and many other friends. And now, I can stand in front of everyone. It’s all thanks to you.”

 This is surprising…. I never expected Shintaro to thank me. Aqua-sama reaches out his hand to me.

 ”Just a few words are enough… no, just extending your hand is sufficient. Please trust us. If you offer your hand, I will protect you no matter what happens for the sake of our friendship. I will embrace all of your worries. Kokucho Agewa-san, won’t you let me help you?”

 Is it alright…? Really? Even if someone like me holds his hand…? Aqua-sama smiles and addresses the people around.

 ”Everyone! Do you know who I am!?”

 The crowd responds with loud cheers.

 ”We know!”

 Everyone follows Kanon-san, who was the first to shout.

 ”There is not a single person in this country who doesn’t know you!!”

 Morikawa-san, who is operating the camera, waves energetically.

 ”In your presence, every girl feels like a princess!”

 Everyone’s faces turn red upon hearing Manager Kirika’s words.

 ”Everyone has been waiting for you to arrive!”

 Prime Minister… You are also like me. No, your words, which have fought for a longer time than mine, sound even heavier.

 ”I believed that you would definitely save someone important to me!”

 Emily-chan, because you still call me ‘onee-san,’ I…

 ”Destroy the future of predictable harmony!”

 Tenga-kun gave a thumbs-up to the camera.

 ”Crush the damn fate!”

 Shintaro, using such bad words… hehe, but seeing Shintaro like that makes me a little happy.

 ”The idol who has no limits and is perfect!”

 Everyone smiled a little at Toa’s shout.

 ”””””””””Shirogane Aqua!!”””””””””

 The shouts of everyone overlapped. Aqua opened his arms and embraced the cheers.

 ”Let me introduce myself once again.”

 Aqua-sama bowed nicely and gave me a smile.

 ”Hello, Kokucho Agewa-san, I’m Shirogane Aqua. I’ve come to help you because there are people who care about you, and you’ve been fighting alone. Can I be your hero?”

 Aqua-sama reached out his hand to me in a gentle way.

 I felt very lonely for a long time.

 I can’t remember how many nightmares and nights I spent crying by myself.

 I know I shouldn’t ask for help, but I really wanted someone to take me out of this dark and lonely, empty room.

 I slowly lifted my hand towards Aqua-sama.

 Then, Aqua-sama held my hand firmly and hugged me.

 Ah… ah… it’s so warm.

 Warmth surrounded my cold body. Before I realized it, the shaking in my shoulders had stopped.

 ”Thank you.”

 I should be the one saying thank you…

 ’Thank you, everyone!’

 Aqua-sama, with the microphone in hand once more, says a big thank you to everyone, looking at the seats around. He then shares a meaningful look with the people backstage.

 ’I want to dedicate this song to those who are fighting alone, those who are scared, and those who feel lonely and cry.’

 While still hugging me, Aqua-sama starts singing softly, like gently breathing out the words.

 ’On a moonless night, I saw you offering prayers like wishes. I couldn’t even illuminate you, just a drifting speck in the vast sky.’

 Is this a new song, maybe one I haven’t heard before?

 ’If there’s a meaning to my existence, I want to at least wipe away your tears. Fragments overflowed from celestial bodies cascade down.’

 With a sweet melody and a strong singing voice, it feels like being held and listening to a lullaby. Always, always… something I wished for but couldn’t get.

 ’In the night shrouded in sorrow, you’ve carried yourself bravely. I want to be by your side, comforting your heart, like a mutual warmth.’

 The heartbeat of Aqua-sama, the fragrance, the strength of the arms embracing me, the firm chest – all of it gently surrounds and comforts my heart. I am no longer worried.

 ’Let’s light up the night when the moon is hidden. In the pitch-black room, silently shedding tears, I found you hidden in the shadows. I want this twinkle to envelop everything, canceling out all the anxieties you carry.’

 Can someone like me be allowed to be happy? Even with that thought, Aqua-sama looks at me as if understanding everything. This is not fair. Even though I have made a decision, Aqua-sama embraces me with that determination.

 ’I knock on the window of your room. Please, let me in. If I could have one wish come true, it would be to flow down to where you are.’

 No, I shouldn’t want such a thing. If we continue to stare at each other like this, I won’t be able to go back. I look away from Aqua-sama, trying to hide my own feelings. Then, beyond that gaze, I see the prime minister and Mary-sama, Fuji Ranko-san, and Shion-san, all crying.

 ’Even if I’m in a place untouched by light. No matter how deep into the darkness I fall. I will definitely illuminate you.’

 Hey, Aqua-sama. Do you know how many people feel happy when you sing just one song? Your songs bring warmth to our hearts. They bring light to hearts that are sad. Idols are amazing.

 ’I’ve been blinking by your side all along. Even if the moon hasn’t been illuminating you. I just want to illuminate your heart. No matter how much darkness has corroded your soul. I’ll always be by your side.’

 This is not fair. I think this song was made for a drama or a movie, I don’t know. But it feels like it’s singing for me, thinking of me. That’s why even important people cry. Your songs, Aqua-sama’s songs, make every girl feel like a hero.

 ’So please, notice my presence. Look up at me with that gentle gaze. Even if the moon isn’t illuminating you, the starry sky is always twinkling, shining on you.’

 Everyone is looking at Aqua-sama. The people in the audience, the police, Emily-chan, the prime ministers, all the staff, and even Shintaro and others. His smile is so bright that it is treasured like a shining light.

 ’Let’s light up the night when the moon is hidden. In the pitch-black room, silently shedding tears, I found you hidden in the shadows. I want this twinkle to envelop everything, canceling out all the anxieties you carry. Only you.’

 It’s not fair… I believe that Shirogane Aqua will somehow save me. No matter what situation, he will come and rescue me. He will change the hopeless reality and the predetermined future. That’s what he makes me believe.

 ’Everyone, thank you for listening until the end.’

 Everyone there shed tears and clapped their hands. But there was no sadness in their expressions. Everyone was laughing while tears streamed down their faces.


 Someone said that. One by one, the calls for an encore became louder. Aqua-sama expressed gratitude for those voices.

 ’Okay. But instead, I won’t be the one singing the encore.’

 Aqua-sama’s words made the audience react strongly.

 ’Didn’t I say it? I’m just the opening act!’

 Understanding Aqua-sama’s words, the audience became even more excited.

 ’Now, everyone, this is where it really begins! The excitement hasn’t gone away, right? I’m relying on all of you! Team E!! Yamada Maruo! And Kokuchō Kujaku!! Your live performance is the big finale of today! Show us the most incredible performance ever. I trust you with it!!”

 As I saw Kujaku-kun’s smile from the side of the stage, I couldn’t stop my tears. I had been worried about causing him trouble. I was afraid of his pain. Ah…that youthful expression of Kujaku-kun from before slowly takes over my heart. The smile of Kujaku-kun that I had been longing to see. The pain in my heart starts to fade away. Aqua-sama, seeing me like that, gently pats my head.

 ”Then let’s go to the best seats!”

 ”The best seats? Wow!”

 Aqua-sama picked me up with one hand, like I was a child, and went to the important seats.

 Um, um, I mean, I’m already grown up, and, um, I’m still virgin and I haven’t been in a relationship, so it’s embarrassing… but I’m happy, and I won’t have this experience again, so, um, um…

 I looked at the Prime Minister, asking for help.

 ”Good job! Keep it up!”

 Hey, Prime Minister, don’t tease me like that!

 I turned away from her and looked at Emily-chan.

 ”Well done, Emily!!”


 ”Just like I expected from my daughter. There’s no one else as cool as him! Make him yours for sure!”

 ”Guh, Mom, you’re squeezing me! Help, Kaede-senpai, help…”

 ”Emily, don’t die!”

 ”Hey, Morikawa, you’re squeezing Emily-chan even more!”

 Emily-chan seemed to be very busy with Noel-neesan, and it didn’t seem like a good time. If that’s true, maybe I should go to the police…

 ”Yes, let’s withdraw!”

 ”What? Captain!?”

 ”That’s enough. I have decided to leave the police today. I am going to try to join Beryl. I can’t continue with this job. I also want Aqua-sama to reassure me. I want him to hold me tightly and say, ‘Good job!’”

 ”Captain, if you say things like that, everyone will feel the same way!”

 Oh no, I can’t rely on them either. In that case, I have to say it myself. Aqua-sama is kind, and if I say it, he will probably stop.

 ”Um, um…”

 ”I already told you. Once I hold onto this hand, I won’t let go anymore.”

 Even though I gathered the courage to speak up, Aqua-sama already knew what I was thinking. I actually wanted him to let go, but just hearing he says he won’t let go makes my heart skip a beat.

 ”How about we stay like this until we confirm your safety today, Agewa-san?”

 Eeeeh! Wait a minute, if that happens, I won’t be able to handle it emotionally!! Is it possible that he’s planning to harm me…huh!? Could this be a punishment for me…?

 ”Haha, isn’t that a good thing? Because there’s no safer place in the world than there.”

 Even Shintaro-kun! Enough, already! Everyone is teasing me, an old lady. Even if someone as amazing as Aqua-sama comes near me, it’s just bothersome, isn’t it? But…it’s okay to secretly think about it, right…?

 ”If you press him with your chest, you’ll have a chance!”

 ”Don’t waste those big breasts!!”

 Enough! Prime Minister and Shion-san in the outfield, please be quiet!! Even Aqua-sama is blushing! Already! I will definitely bring up those people’s comments about Aqua-sama’s s*xual harassment as an issue in the Diet later!! Remember that in the Diet session after the New Year!!

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