Male Idol V11c46

Volume 11 Chapter 46 Kokuchō Kujaku, Idol Shirogane Aqua

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 ”Haah… haah…”

 It was a night just like any other night. I woke up all sweaty after a scary dream. The dream was about something bad happening to me when I was younger. Since that day, I kept having that same scary dream over and over, and it made me too scared to sleep.

 With each time I had that dream, I could remember more and more details. I realized that something bad had happened to me in the past. That’s why I always felt uncomfortable when women touched me. I was really scared of them. But I couldn’t figure out who could have done such a terrible thing to me.

 Maybe it was Kokucho Agewa, the head of the Kokucho family and the person who takes care of me. Agewa has done some bad things before, so it would make sense to think that way. But I’m not dumb. I spent a long time trying to find out what really happened in the past without Agewa knowing.

 And during that time, I found out the truth. It turns out, Agewa wasn’t the one who did it. I’ve been living with Agewa for a long time now. We see each other every day, and I started to think that maybe Agewa isn’t a bad person after all. Plus, if she was really bad, she would still be doing bad things now. But she doesn’t bring any other men to the house like people say. She doesn’t spend too much money, and she’s not fancy or flashy when she goes out.

 Compared to other noble families, Agewa lives a simple life. I only saw Agewa’s room once, and it was just an ordinary room with one small box of sweets. Inside that box were only photos of me when I was young, along with Yukishiro Noel, Yukishiro Emily, Prime Minister Habu, and Sumeragi Kikuri. Someone who keeps those pictures hidden in a box in their closet can’t be a bad person.

 ’Well, we just got news about the Kokucho family scandal. We’re sorting info now. Please wait a bit.’

 But now, a news hit suddenly during training camp. I almost dropped my curry spoon, but I stayed calm. I didn’t know details or it’d happen today, but I felt Agewa planning to condemn Kokucho family.

 ’This is in front of the main house of the Kokucho family. It’s currently surrounded by many reporters, but we can’t see anything going on inside.’

 The first thing I thought about was that I had to make sure I didn’t cause trouble to other audition participants. I have watched their hard work for two weeks, so, I don’t want to ruin their efforts and dreams.

 And thanks to Agewa, I see women differently. Without her, I might hate all women. Rather, I frustrated with Agewa making herself unhappy. I angry at myself for not helping her. Still, why does Agewa sacrifice so much? When I learned that I was the reason for that, I hated myself even more. I can’t do anything, and Agewa becomes unhappy because of me. So, I tried to distance myself, make her dislike me, but Agewa persists. Now, all I can do is watch as she achieves everything.

 ’This is in front of the National Diet Building. It seems like there is a lot of confusion right now because the Prime Minister and a member of the Kokucho party cannot be reached.’

 After finishing my curry, I say thank you to the lady in the cafeteria and go back to my room. Until yesterday, my roommate Yamada was here, but he went for secret training or something, so he’s not here now. Because of that, the room feels bigger than usual. Even though he can be annoying and causes trouble, I worry when he’s not around. I actually miss his habit of talking to me all the time.

 ”I hope he comes back soon…”

 Right now, I feel like distracting myself by talking to him about something unimportant. I open my tablet and check the latest news about the Kokucho family on the internet.

 Most news articles criticize the Kokucho family, but some media like Fuji Newspaper and the national broadcaster report only the facts that are known so far in a neutral way. They seem to be quietly watching what happens. Among all the media reporting on the Kokucho incident, Seibaku Newspaper seems to have its own perspective. Today, just like yesterday, the front-page article is about Shirogane Aqua’s activities. There is no mention of Kokucho at all. Almost the entire article, maybe 99% or even 200%, is about Shirogane Aqua. There are so many words related to Aqua that it looks like the layout of the article is about to break.

 Is it right to prioritize Shirogane Aqua over important matters even in times like this? I think it’s quite surprising. They say this newspaper has the most subscribers in Japan, but I wonder if our country is really okay. No, more than that, I’m worried about Agewa. Based on the recent news, it seems like she is not at the main house, and if she hasn’t appeared at the National Diet or the party headquarters, I’m a little worried.

 ”Is there really no other way…!”

 The head of the Kokucho family, Kokucho Agewa, chose a path of self-sacrifice. She wants to take all the evil with her by sacrificing herself. I only found out about this plan a few days before the training camp. I was planning to talk to Agewa after the camp, but I never expected her to announce it at this time… No, if Agewa is as kind as she seems, she must have planned to announce it after my evaluation. In other words, I think something must have gone wrong.

 ”Kokuchō Kujaku-san, it’s time to go!”


 Is it that time already? I was worried about Agewa, but now I need to prioritize the audition for Yamada’s sake. Besides, there’s no point in me struggling when I have no power at all. Even if the Prime Minister, Sumeragi Kukuri, the ruling party’s Fuji Shion, and Yukishiro Emily of the Yukishiro family take action, they won’t be able to save Agewa.

 To save Agewa, something decisive is missing. Still, it’s better than me who can’t do anything. As I make my way to the venue, I am overwhelmed by my own powerlessness inside the car.

 ”I’m coming to look for Yamada-kun!”

 Even though time passed and Yamada did not arrive at the planned meeting spot, Kai-san, who went out to search for Yamada, received a message telling them to wait patiently. Uncle and Nyanko Gentlemen also offered to help in finding Yamada. Knowing that people who were initially only connected through bulletin board were now taking action for our sake, my heart that was once cold warmed up a little.

 During childhood, I remember that the Kokucho children I met several times when I was young were full of disgusting men and women. Among them, Mayuzumi Shintaro was the only good one, but he quickly went abroad for studies. That’s why meeting Yamada, Uncle, and Nyanko Gentlemen and realizing that there are many other good men out there made a difference.

 ”Yamada… Hurry up, you fool!”

 Team D’s performance ended in front of me. However, Yamada still didn’t come.

 ’Okay, now let’s talk about Team E’s show… Oh, wait. Before that, let’s take a short break.’

 The person speaking at the event kindly announced a break. Meanwhile, the people working behind the scenes were very busy.

 ”Haven’t found Yamada-kun yet?”

 ”Kai-san went to find him!!”

 ”I remember he said he would practice with Charlie-kun.”

 ”Charlie-kun said he already left…”

 ”What should we do? He hasn’t shown up…”

 The people working behind the scenes looked at each other and then turned to me. I raised my head and walked over to them, bowing.

 ”I’m sorry! That person will definitely come!! So, can you please wait a little longer? Even though he might be silly, he’s not the kind of person who runs away or leaves without saying anything!”

 ”Yeah, I understand that. But…”

 I knew I was asking for a lot. But… Yamada was very determined. He wouldn’t give up halfway. So I thought there must be some serious problem.

 ”We also ask for your help!”

 ”Yamada-kun will definitely come!”

 ”Can you wait just a little longer?”

 ”I know it’s selfish, but we’ve been through so much together!!”


 ”Please, just a little longer, a bit more!”

 ”This kind of ending is too much. Yamada-kun has worked so hard!!”

 ”We may be from different teams, but we’re friends who spent the same training camp together!!”

 ”Please let Team E perform together with both of them!!”

 I was surprised to see the other participants bowing their heads. Even though by us passing the audition, they might end up failing, I trembled at the sight of these girls desperately begging the staff.

 ”Let’s wait.”

 Everyone turned around at Shirogane Aqua’s voice.

 ”I will take full responsibility.”

 It’s only been two weeks since we started the training camp. I can count on both hands the number of times I’ve met Shirogane Aqua. And yet, why can he say that? Why is he so straightforward? Isn’t he afraid of trusting people? He was unlike any man I had ever seen before.

 ”Don’t worry. He will definitely come.”

 Shirogane Aqua gave my shoulder a comforting pat. I strained my voice and softly answered Kotoba, “Yes.”

 ”But, the time for recording…”

 ”Don’t worry about it. We have someone here who is an expert and can help us with that, right?”

 I’m not sure what’s happening, but I can hear a loud voice from the stage.

 ”Kokuchō Kujaku. To make sure you give your best performance, I… no, we will take away all the worries you have right now. So, just focus on giving the best performance on stage as part of Team E. That’s how you repay your teammates.”

 Saying that, Shirogane Aqua heads towards the stage. Watching his big figure from behind warms my heart.

 ’Aqua-san lights a fire in my heart.’

 I remember Yamada’s words to me. Shirogane Aqua’s songs, his live performances, inspire me. Not just me, everyone in the venue is thrilled by his live performance, having a great time. Ah… I also wanted to sing, wanted to dance. I wanted to convey to Agewa, wherever she is now, that I am not alone.

 ”That’s Shirogane Aqua.”

 ”Mayuzumi Shintaro…”

 Mayuzumi Shintaro, who was beside me, quickly raised his glasses.

 ”I didn’t really like myself. I couldn’t do anything even though I knew it made my mother sad… That’s who I am, Mayuzumi Shintaro. And even now, I feel sad that I can’t do anything for you, who are suffering, or for Kokucho Agewa-san.”

 I feel the same way… I understood Mayuzumi Shintaro’s feelings, his heart, so deeply that it hurts. Even though something must be happening to Yamada right now, I can’t go help him. Even if I know that Agewa is suffering alone, I can’t do anything by myself.

 ”Even so… Aqua said he likes someone like me. Aqua knows many good things about me more than I do. That’s why, thanks to Aqua, I was able to start liking myself a little bit.”

 Mayuzumi Shintaro wears a small smile.

 ”I want to continue to be the person that makes him say he loves me. I want to be someone who is not embarrassed to be by Shirogane Aqua’s side. That’s why I’m going too. As his best friend, as a member of BERYL, I will never let Aqua be alone. Hey! Everyone!!”

 When Mayuzumi Shintaro turns around, Tenga Akira and Nekoyama Toa are standing behind him.

 ”Aqua, who always cares for his friends, is serious this time, so we have to try my best too.”

 ”Yes, my junior has announced that he will do it as an idol. In that case, we have no choice but to support him with all our strength!”

 Following Mayuzumi Shintaro, the two also go toward the stage from behind the curtain. Where are they going? I am surprised when I see where the three of them are going.

 ”Age… wa…?”

 Why is she here? I couldn’t understand the reason. Could it be that she came to watch my live performance… Damn, even though that’s the case, I didn’t notice.

 ”Kokucho Agewa-san… On behalf of all the men, I want to thank you.”

 When I heard Shirogane Aqua’s words, I was surprised.

 ”Because you, as a conservative, have valued this Male Protection Law, us men have been protected all this time. That’s why I want to show our gratitude. Thank you for protecting us.”

 This man, Shirogane Aqua, went beyond what I expected. He is trying to help us. Not just me, but also Agewa and even the conservatives who might feel uncomfortable right now, he is trying to help everyone at this very moment. The Prime Minister, Sumeragi Kukuri, Fuji Shion, Yukishiro Danjou, and Kuga Rihito, none of them can do it. It’s because of the difference between traditional and innovative thinking, between men and women, between Kokucho Agewa and Shirogane Aqua, that he can save her. The only man in this world who can save Kokucho Agewa is the idol Shirogane Aqua.

 ”I can’t forgive it, but there are people who have used the protection of the laws you’ve upheld to do bad things. I know that there are girls suffering because of this… But you shouldn’t have to carry the burden of guilt and punishment. In my opinion, those who have committed crimes should be the ones to bear the guilt and punishment.”

 ”But… I am the head of the Kokucho family, responsible for the wrongdoings.”

 ”Indeed, you may be the direct successor and head of the Kokucho family. So what?”

 The mask that Agewa had been wearing starts to fall apart. I cry as I see that. Shirogane Aqua speaks the words that Agewa had been searching for and embraces her completely, as if capturing her heart.

 ”Even if the whole world rejects you, I, Shirogane Aqua, will affirm everything about you. So, this time, I… no, we will be the ones to help you.”

 Mayuzumi Shintaro follows Shirogane Aqua and speaks to Agewa.

 Amazing. I can’t do anything alone. He is much more incredible standing here than I am. I wondered if I could become like him if I had some kind of catalyst.

 ”Just a few words are enough… no, just extending your hand is sufficient. Please trust us. If you offer your hand, I will protect you no matter what happens for the sake of our friendship. I will embrace all of your worries. Kokucho Agewa-san, won’t you let me help you?”

 Is there such a cool guy in this world? Somehow, I feel like I get the feelings of the girls who like him. The admiration we have for him, surely this feeling is not connected to whether you’re a man or a woman.

 ”Everyone! Do you know who I am!?”

 ”We know!”

 I just found out about him now.

 ”There is not a single person in this country who doesn’t know you!!”

 But Yamada noticed his greatness much earlier.

 ”In your presence, every girl feels like a princess!”

 Not a man or a woman. He is the ideal hero for everyone.

 ”Everyone has been waiting for you to arrive!”

 Even if we stay still, he came to us.

 ”I believed that you would definitely save someone important to me!”

 I was sure he’d save everything about Agewa.

 ”Destroy the future of predictable harmony!”

 Ah… something that completely covered my heart flew away somewhere.

 ”Crush the damn fate!”

 Light shone in front of the pitch-black darkness.

 ”The idol who has no limits and is perfect!”

 That’s why Agewa and I were saved. Ordinary people couldn’t do something like this. It’s because he is idol Shirogane Aqua!!

 ”””””””””Shirogane Aqua!!”””””””””

 The voice of my heart overlapped with everyone’s call.

 ”Let me introduce myself once again. Hello, Kokucho Agewa-san, I’m Shirogane Aqua. I’ve come to help you because there are people who care about you, and you’ve been fighting alone. Can I be your hero?”

 Tears couldn’t stop anymore.

 ”Thank you. Thank you, everyone!”

 I should say thank you.

 ’Now, I want to dedicate this song to those who are fighting alone, those who are scared, and those who feel lonely and cry.’

 I want to sing. I wanted to express these feelings through dancing and turn words of thanks into a song. It’s probably the only thing I can give him in return. So, please come. I’m asking you, Yamada.

 ”I kept you waiting… Kujaku!”


 When I turned around, Yamada was there.

 ”You’re slow to arrive. Stupid!”


 Looking closely at Yamada’s face, even though he had makeup on, there were marks on his cheeks as if he had been hit. I’m sure if I asked, he would just brush off the reason for those marks. I understand. He must have fought somewhere to protect something too. In that case, what I want to know is not the explanation for those scars.

 ”Yamada… Right now, I really want to sing with all my heart. How about you?”

 ”Yeah, I feel the same! Haha, it’s the first time we’ve agreed on something since we got here!”

 Looking at the idol Shirogane Aqua’s stage with two people standing together. Seeing the saved Agewa, smiles appeared on my face. Ah, when was the last time my heart felt so calm? The hurt in my heart won’t go away, I’m sure. It’s probably the same for Agewa. But we can keep going with this pain. Shirogane Aqua, no, everyone, surrounded us with even more kindness and love.

 ’Now, everyone, this is where it really begins! The excitement hasn’t gone away, right? I’m relying on all of you! Team E!! Yamada Maruo! And Kokuchō Kujaku!! Your live performance is the big finale of today! Show us the most incredible performance ever. I trust you with it!!”

 I look at Yamada next to me.

 ”Let’s go, Yamada… No, Maruo!!”

 ”Ah… Yeah! Kujaku!!”

 Maruo and I put our fists together and jumped onto the stage. A different intro from the song the girls sang played. Since there can be differences in the intensity of the dance and the harmony of the singing for the same assigned song, the judges said that any song Beryl sang in the past would do.

 ’I have searched all over the world for someone to replace you. So please don’t leave me.’

 The duet song chosen by us is “Stay Here.” I am the one who will sing Hoshimiya Shiro’s part at the beginning, partly to help Maruo recover his strength.

 ’I made mistakes, regretted them, and made wrong choices again. And in doing so, I took away your time. I didn’t understand how much you thought of me.’

 The reason for choosing this song was that it was perfect for the two of us to sing together. But now, things are different. My heart and emotions are turning into a singing voice, riding on the melody.

 ’I’m done for. I can’t bear to think that you won’t be by my side.’

 Agewa has always been by my side. Because Agewa protected me, I am now standing here like this.

 ’I have hurt you many times. That’s why I thought I had to change. I haven’t searched anywhere in the world for someone to replace you. So please don’t leave me. I might have done something irreparable to you. That’s why I thought I had to apologize. Because, there’s no one in the world who can replace you.’

 And yet, I couldn’t do anything when Agewa was in trouble or feeling anxious.

 Now, I wonder what I can do at this point. Still, I thought I would start by doing the little things I can do for myself. I’m tired of just standing still. I’ve decided to move forward too.

 ’So wait for me!’

 I can’t become Shirogane Aqua.

 But still, I wanted to become a son that she can be proud of. So please wait. When that time comes, let me call her “mom” with a smile. I turn around and high-five Maruo as if swapping places. I felt like I was being told to leave it to him when he gave me a look.

 ’I finally caught up to you. Can I touch you with these hands? Thanks to you, I’ve come to realize love.’

 From here on, it’s Shirogane Aqua’s part. Maybe the current Maruo singing voice and dancing can’t compare to Shirogane Aqua’s right now. But still, Shirogane Aqua has its own charm, and Yamada Maruo has his own charm too!

 ’I couldn’t believe in you. I was too scared to take a step forward because I didn’t want to break our relationship.’

 Go, Maruo! You are no longer pretending to be Shirogane Aqua!! Show the people in the audience, Yamada Maruo!!

 ’You stopped moving forward because of me. Seeing you left behind on your own made me realize I can’t leave you. Because, don’t you need me? So baby, stay by my side.’

 Is it because of the secret training with Charles Henderson? No, it’s not just that. Maruo’s lack of confidence completely disappeared. There might still be small mistakes. But Maruo looks so happy that he doesn’t care about those things anymore, and it makes me feel better too. Before the chorus, Yamada and I make eye contact. Ah! I understand!!

 ’I have hurt you many times. That’s why I thought I had to change. I haven’t searched anywhere in the world for someone to replace you. So please don’t leave me. I might have done something irreparable to you. That’s why I thought I had to apologize. Because, there’s no one in the world who can replace you.’

 Maruo and I, our voices come together.

 Ah, it’s so much fun.

 When Maruo and I look at each other, we nod.

 ’So wait for me there, because I’m coming to get you!!’

 We go to the front of the stage, holding the hands of the other audition members, encouraging them to go towards the stage.

 ’Everyone, you don’t want it to end yet, right?’

 When Maruo energizes the audience, cheers come back.

 ’Please. Everyone from the staff!! Since we have worked hard together until today, let’s sing together with everyone at the end!’

 As Maruo and I bow, voices from the audience join in. He is really amazing. He even managed to involve the audience and control the pace. Only Shirogane Aqua can do that.

 ”All right! Let’s sing!!”

 Staff members, confused by Shirogane Aqua’s excitement, look at President Atori.

 ”It’s okay, right? Grown-ups can let kids do what they want.”

 ”Well, you’re still young from my point of view.”

 ”Yeah, that’s why if something happens, tell me. Chairman Fuji Ranko.”

 ”Hehe, you got ahead of me. As expected of President Atori.”

 Everyone smiling after hearing the conversation. But I want to say one thing.

 While Shirogane Aqua was laughing loudly, if something happens to Beryl, 99.9% of the cause is probably him. Seeing Nekoyama Toa and Mayuzumi Shintaro, who were beside me, giving me a serious look, I realized they were also struggling.

 ’Thank you very much! Now, let’s all sing together!’

 The second song chosen was the one Shirogane Aqua sang with Kanon-sama and Beryl at their wedding. Around the end of the first verse, Shirogane Aqua jumps out of the judges’ seat.

 ”Alright, if that’s how it is, let’s go. Come on, everyone.”

 ”I had a feeling it would turn out like this.”

 ”Aqua isn’t going to stay quiet, right?”

 ”Alright, let’s go together!!”

 With the applause from the audience, the excitement further escalates during the second verse.

 ’Now, everyone in the audience, join us for the finale!’

 Just a little over three minutes. We had the best time involving everyone. In the end, we all held hands and lined up in a row.

 ””””””””””Thank you very much!””””””””””

 Truly… it was a really enjoyable time. I embraced Maruo next to me.

 Thank you for singing along with me. I conveyed my gratitude to Kotoba for those feelings of thanks.

 Then Maruo, in return, thanked me for singing together. The surrounding groups also expressed their thanks with words and embraced each other.

 I never thought I could feel so uplifted.

 ’Well, then… um, so, from now on, we would like to enter the judging time. Please wait a little longer.’

 I go to the back of the stage when they announce it. Of course, I go to where Agewa is.


 Now that I’m standing in front, I don’t know what to say. At that moment, Maruo pats my shoulder.

 ”It doesn’t matter what you say. I think you should just say what you’re thinking.”

 With just those words, Maruo moves away from me. Oh, right. I definitely thought that was true.

 ”Thank you for coming today. I… I was happy.”

 I say that with a shy face. When Agewa hears this, she starts crying. Wait, I don’t have a handkerchief now. I’m confused about what to do, and someone hands me a handkerchief.

 ”T-thank you.”

 The one who handed the handkerchief to Agewa was Sumeragi Kukuri. Both Agewa and I look surprised.

 ”I told you, didn’t I? Villain roles don’t suit you.”


 Sumeragi Kukuri said that and slowly walked towards the stage.

 ”I will show you what a real bad person is like. So pay attention.”

 I didn’t understand what she was saying. She walked from the side of the stage to the middle.


 ”Um, wait, was this part of the plan?”

 ”What’s happening?”

 ”Is she going to sing something?”

 Everyone whispered. The staff looked around with confused faces.

 The person they are facing is the leader of the six noble families, and in a way, her position is higher than that of the prime minister in this country.

 She is not someone a regular person can easily talk to.

 And the feeling around Sumeragi Kukuri at that moment was different.

 Sumeragi Kukuri asked Morikawa Kaede, who was nearby, to point the camera at her.

 ”To all the people in the audience. And to all the citizens watching this video, I, as the representative of the six noble families and the head of the Sumeragi family, have something I want to tell you.”

 Sumeragi Kukuri said something and bowed a lot to the camera. Everyone was confused by this unexpected situation. It’s the first time I’ve seen Sumeragi Kukuri bow so much, and it’s unheard of for the top of Sumeragi to bow like this.

 ”About this problem, I don’t think it’s only the Kokucho family and its head, Kokucho Agewa, who are responsible for what happened. I think this is a problem that all nobles need to think about. On behalf of all nobles, I want to say sorry to the victims and all the citizens who were greatly affected by this big problem. I am really sorry.”

 Sumeragi Kukuri bows deeply again.

 ”A simple bow is not enough for the victims of each incident. We see this as a problem for all nobles, and we want to give as much assurance, compensation, and support as possible to the victims from our side.”

 Sumeragi Kukuri bowed three times.

 ”I am the head of the Sumeragi family, and I am very concerned about this situation. These scandals have been happening for many years, and it makes me think there are big problems with this system. To stop these tragedies, I, representing the six noble families, announce that we will remove all noble privileges and get rid of the noble system!”

 When Sumeragi Kukuri said this, people in the room started talking loudly. Agewa looked surprised and easily understood what was happening. Fuji Shion clapped calmly without changing her face, but it was hard to know what she really thought. The Prime Minister smiled wryly, as if to say, “This guy did it.” Beside him, Yukishiro Noel laughed loudly, and Yukishiro Emily had an unusual silly expression instead of her usual calm one. It was surprising to see her like that. Kuga Rihito and Amakusa Shikimi were surprised at first, but when they looked at each other, they nodded and applauded loudly.

 ”And so… from tomorrow, I’ll just be a regular Sumeragi Kukuri! So everyone, instead of calling me Kukuri-sama, please call me Kukuri-chan, with affection!”

 Sumeragi Kukuri winked at the camera and made a heart sign, then said bye to the stage with a blown kiss. Everyone was surprised. Shirogane Aqua hurried towards Sumeragi Kukuri, who had gone backstage.

 ”Kukuri-chan, are you really okay with this?”

 ”Yes! I’m sure this is for the best. But… starting from tomorrow, I’ll become a regular person. Aqua-senpai, if anything happens, will you protect me?”

 ”Of course!!”

 Everyone’s mouths dropped open. The only one who could make a silly face in front of Sumeragi Kukuri, without realizing her true intentions, was Shirogane Aqua. This woman… to make sure she could be with Shirogane Aqua without any problems, she stopped Agewa’s plan, even using the emotions of Yukishiro Emily, who was close to Agewa, and controlling the Prime Minister and Fuji Shion. She predicted every move, even the actions that could cause trouble for her own marriage, getting rid of all the bothersome aristocratic connections and everything around her… What a woman…

 ’Um, well… So, that’s, right. Could we ask Shirogane Aqua-san, the special judge, to announce the final results?’

 I couldn’t bear to look at the host’s expression any longer. I realized her stomach was already in knots, and tried to push the microphone she had onto Morikawa Kaede, but she’s a national broadcaster’s announcer… from a different network. Well, she gave up in the end.

 Shirogane Aqua, unaware of such things, came out to the center of the stage with a smile. Why is it that he notices things like Agewa’s situation, but doesn’t notice something so obvious to everyone else? I want to know what’s going on in his head and how he manages to remain unshaken even in such situations. We, the audition members, were all invited by Shirogane Aqua to come up onto the stage.

 ’I’d like to announce the results of the final judging.’

 Everyone stopped talking.

 ’To get straight to the point, everyone passed.’

 Everyone? We looked at each other in surprise.

 ’From the start, when we selected for the final test, I planned for everyone to pass.’

 Shirogane Aqua explained why we had the training camp and why we did the final test.

 ’In other words, through this test, we wanted to make sure each person’s decision and determination. Like those such as Sabato Miyako-san who chose their own way during the camp. Now, after performing here, some people’s feelings may have changed.’

 For a moment, I felt like Shirogane Aqua and I made eye contact. It seems like he understood that I wasn’t very interested in idols. However, in the end, because of this camp and test, I was able to realize many things.

 ’Thank you very much for today, everyone. And if possible, I would be happy if you could support these girls when they start. Again, thank you very much for today. And to the audition members. Thank you for almost two weeks, which is not a short time. I am looking forward to working with everyone after this, if possible. I would like to have individual interviews at a later date, so please take a good rest today. Thank you for your hard work.’

 The whole place was filled with clapping and cheering. Some people hugged each other and cried with happiness. Maruo wanted to hug me, but it felt awkward, so I avoided it. And just like that, the winter vacation ended, not just for me but for everyone, and it became a memory that would last a lifetime.

 Bonus: Looking at it from Kukuri-sama’s point of view.


 I went back to the hotel I had booked nearby and lay down on the bed.

 ”Things somehow went as planned…”

 Even though the Holy Aqua Religion knew about Agewa-oneechan’s plan, someone disrupted her schedule. I have a vague idea of who might have done it, but I’m sure a certain country, trying to create chaos through information warfare, will deny any involvement. But more importantly, I want to relish the memory of that amazing moment with Aqua-sama. Aqua-sama exceeded even my expectations. That’s why I believe my subsequent plan also went well.

 ”Hehehe, I’m sure both Emily-oneechan and Agewa-oneechan will be delighted with this.”

 With this, I can love Aqua-sama freely without being bothered by the noise around me as noble. And when I’m no longer a noble, I’ll be able to call Emily-oneechan and Agewa-oneechan just like I used to, and we can all hang out together without any reservations, right? Yay! I’m looking forward to it.

 Even though I ended up like that today because I didn’t know who might be watching outside, I’m not a noble anymore, so I’m just a normal middle school student, so it’s okay to be normal like everyone else, right? Oh, right. As a thank you for earlier, I’ll send Emily-oneechan an email. Until now, my emails were monitored, so I could only send distant messages.

 Sender: Sumeragi Kukuri

 Recipient: Yukishiro Emily

 Subject: About today’s matter.

 Body: I want to thank you later, so let’s go to the park together.

 Hmm, well, I wish I could have used a more casual way of speaking, but because I’m used to speaking in a certain way for many years, it ended up sounding a bit short. Well, I guess I’ve managed to convey what I wanted to say, so it’s okay like this. I click the send button. And right away, I receive a reply.

 From: Yukishiro Emily

 To: Sumeragi Kukuri

 Subject: Re: About today’s matter

 Body: Park!? Oh, you mean taking the dog for a walk!? I’ll put a leash on and go, woof!

 Huh? A dog? I thought she had a cat. Hehe, but since she replied to my email so quickly, I’m sure she is also looking forward to our meeting. I’m excited. It’s been years since I’ve played with just one other person. Maybe next time, I’ll invite Agewa-oneechan and Noel-san too! I went to sleep feeling excited.

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