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Volume 11 Chapter 47 Shirogane Aqua, Beryl’s New Year Fan Service

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 On January 6th, Kanon and I went to the shrine in a new car driven by Kotono. Kotono bought an old car from the 60s-70s made by a company called Princess Auto. It was a high-quality old car called Royal Deluxe. She considered another car from the same company, but chose this 4-door car because it’s easier to use, especially for pregnant women. By the way, the foreign 2+2 seater she used to drive will be kept in her parents’ garage in Shizuoka when she moves out of the apartment provided by the company.

 ”We’re here. Let’s go.”

 As we got out of the car, we could hear loud cheers. Since people already knew which shrine to visit for the first shrine visit, many people had gathered outside the designated area.

 ”Happy New Year, everyone! Please continue to support Beryl Entertainment this year too!”

 When I thanked the fans who came, the two people who came with me also bowed. We left the parking lot as it was and went to the place where everyone was waiting after purifying ourselves at the water basin.

 ”Now that everyone is here, let’s go.”

 It seems like we were the last ones. When we all entered the main hall, Ako-san and my mother sat on both sides with me in the middle. Behind us were Tenga-senpai, Toa, Shintaro, Kanon, Kaede, Ai, Director Hongou, Nobu-san, Moja-san, Nico-san, Tenga-senpai’s personal trainer, Mizusumi Ichise-sensei, and behind them, the 20 people who participated in the audition camp sat in a row.

 Kotono and the other managers and staff members lined up behind them. The prepared room was very big, but it was crowded with Beryl staff. From there, we followed the flow and had the priest pray for the success of our business and our safety.

 Hmm, by the way, I feel like I’ve seen this priest’s breasts somewhere… No, no, Aqua, that’s not good. I shouldn’t be thinking about such things during the ceremony. But, it seems like blindfolding priests is trendy these days. I just learned about it for the first time.


 After we finish praying safely, Ako-san and I go outside from the front. Then, Toa, Shintaro and Tenga-senpai follow us.

 ’From now on, we will have a joint first shrine visit with our affiliated talents and fans. President Ako Atori, Aqua Shirogane-san, Akira Tenga-san, Toa Nekoyama-san, and Shintaro Mayuzumi-san will put money into the offertory box on behalf of everyone. Fans, please do the ritual of 2 bows, 2 applause, and 1 bow following the affiliated talents.’

 I want to make everyone smile again this year. I want to entertain. With that wish, I hope everyone can have the year without any injuries. After finishing the shrine visit, we go to the office to draw omikuji.

 ”First, it’s my turn!”

 The first one to draw omikuji is Tenga-senpai.

 ’Tenga Akira-san’s fortune for this year is… daikyo (great misfortune)!?’

 Hey, that’s a lie… What are we going to do with this? The expressions of everyone who was smiling just a moment ago darken. Looking at Tenga-senpai, his eyes turn white, and he trembles slightly.

 ”Please, be strong, senpai!”

 ”Let’s think the opposite. From here on, we’ll just climb.”

 ”Maybe the content is good, you know.”

 I, Shintaro, cheer up senpai.

 ’Um, well, you will have an eventful year. You will be busy every day, influenced by people around you, especially mischievous junior students of the same gender. There is a possibility that it will affect your studies. Be careful about earning credits.’

 Shintaro and I look away from Tenga-senpai.

 Oh, I can’t hear anything. I can’t hear anything. I hear nothing.

 ’Also, by taking on new challenges, you can turn bad luck into good luck. Approach it with determination!’

 Oh! If bad luck turns into good luck, that’s great, isn’t it? Yes, yes, that’s good. While still looking away from senpai, I clap.

 ”Well, maybe I should draw next.”

 When Toa draws an omikushi, the big sister announces… or rather, hands it to Kaede. Usually, you don’t tell people the content of a fortune, but this is one of the events for everyone to enjoy.

 ’What? What’s this, Han (Half)? Is this a thing?’

 Oh, I know about this. Is Hankichi neither good nor bad?

 ’Don’t be worried. If you wait, things will change. Now is the time to enjoy this moment. That was Yay!’

 Yay!? Kaede, you shouldn’t mess with fortunes! Is it really written as “yay”!?

 ’Your lucky color is white! It’s good to wear silver accessories!’

 Lucky color!? Silver accessories!? I’m suddenly getting worried. Wait, is this shrine okay? I think it’s the Saint Goddess Shrine. It’s quite an old shrine….

 ”Well, then it’s my turn…”

 Shintaro draws a fortune with a confused expression. I understand, Shintaro. I’m really worried about drawing a fortune now too.

 ’It’s here, Daikichi (Great Blessing) is here!’

 Yeah! Well done, Shintaro! Fans watching Shintaro’s great performance are also excited. I knew it from the beginning. Shintaro is a man who gets things done when he decides to!!

 ’It’s time for you to spread your wings. You no longer have to worry about your future. It’s better to approach each task carefully and sincerely, just as you have done up until now.’

 Isn’t it perfect?! I exclaimed, giving Shintaro an awkward but joyous pat on the shoulder.

 ’However, there is a lurking shadow approaching your family. There may be someone close to you who has ulterior motives towards your close family!’

 Later, Shintaro seemed to be scrutinizing me intensely, but it was probably just my imagination. I whistled as I looked up at the clear, cloudless sky.

 ”Well then, I shall draw mine as well.”

 With a gesture seemingly evading the gazes of the two, I drew a fortune slip.


 For a change, Kaede showed a puzzled expression. What’s wrong? Could it be that it says something like ‘Super great misfortune (Daidaikyo)’?

 ’Wait a moment. There’s nothing written on this. What’s this? Nothing?’

 Nothing!? Wait, is my fortune for this year nothing!? Everyone looked stunned.

 ’Um, according to the explanation from the Shinto priest, the fact that nothing is written is not a printing error but indicates that the person’s future is boundlessly expansive. No, this must be a printing error…’

 Kaede! You forgot to turn off the microphone! We can hear everything you said in the last speech! To escape the awkward atmosphere, we go to the office and change our clothes.

 ’Now, we want to sell Beryl collaboration charms and bills to all the lucky winners!’

 Each of us stands at the prepared counter and wishes the fans a happy new year. We give out charms and other items, saying, “Thank you for your support this year too.” But I can’t help but feel that my collaboration charms and bills, which are supposed to bring good luck with childbirth and prosperity, seem to be favored in some way. Well, as long as Kanon is happy, it’s okay. I quickly glance at Kanon.

 ”Here you go. I hope it brings you good luck.”

 Internally, I cheer when I see Kanon wearing a shrine maiden costume.

 ”Um… Kanon-sama, don’t overexert yourself.”

 ”Congratulations on your pregnancy!”

 The people lined up behind Kanon show concern for her well-being and congratulate her on her pregnancy. Maybe because of this, there are as many people lined up in front of Kanon as there are in front of me. It seems that everyone is requesting charms related to childbirth, as well as charms for matchmaking and love fulfillment, which Kanon collaborated on.

 ”Can I have a charm for good health, please?”

 ”I also want a charm that Morikawa-san collaboration charms. Oh, not for stopping jokes.”

 The health charm that Kaede worked on together was liked by many.

 But, the charm to prevent jokes that Kaede collaborated on didn’t seem to be popular.

 In the background, the blindfolded priest earlier muttered, “I think we made a mistake in selecting the collaboration.”

 ”Can I get a charm for Manager Kirika’s wishes coming true?”

 ”I also want a charm for Manager Kirika’s wishes coming true.”

 Apart from President Ako-san, strangely, the charm for fulfilling wishes that employee Kotono collaborated on was popular.

 In the background, Lapis, Subaru-chan, and Kukuri-chan were buying it, and Kanon bought it because Ayana asked her to. Hmm, something doesn’t feel right. Something about big wishes, getting big… Ah, it’s like something big is coming. Well, whatever. There are many things in the world that it’s better not to notice!

 ’Well, everyone, thank you very much for today. Have a great year ahead!’

 After finishing with the predetermined number of people, we wave goodbye and go back to the prepared waiting room. Now, it will be open to everyone, so we change our clothes and go to Beryl’s main office from the shrine by car.

 ”Kanon, you okay?”

 ”Yeah, I’m fine. But wow, so many people here.”

 ”Oh, you’re right.”

 Looking out the window, many people are gathered near Beryl’s headquarters. We go into Beryl’s headquarters from the underground parking lot and change into kimono in the break room where everyone is gathering.

 ”Hey, look straight and stay still. Your kimono will get messed up!”


 Maruo, unsure about how to wear the kimono, is being helped by Kujaku. Kujaku might seem cold sometimes, but I think he’s really caring and helpful.

 ”Hey, I wish Aqua could help me get dressed too.”

 Oh no, Toa-san. Why are you wearing a girl’s kimono like it’s normal?

 Huh, you’re matching with Subaru-chan!? Hey, can I take a photo as a memento?

 Hehe, the beautiful kimono siblings have arrived. Huh!? Subaru-chan looks so much like Toa-san that I almost mistook her genders. That was close, so close.

 ”Is everyone ready?”


 After we left the room for a break, I walked behind Ako-san, admiring Kanon in her kimono.

 ”Aqua, you worship her a lot. You’re quite religious, huh?”

 ”Not really, Shintaro. I’m just dazzled by beautiful girls, cute ones, or busty ladies, as usual. I sometimes think it would be good if the gods could strike me with a lightning bolt or something.”

 Upon reaching Beryl’s main office, there was a tremendous crowd. Ako-san stepped forward, addressing the fans with a New Year’s greeting. Following that, it was my turn to speak.

 ’Everyone, Happy New Year!’

 I expressed gratitude for the support we received last year, conveying a wish for continued support.

 ’As an individual, I want to take on many challenges this year. I can’t say it yet, but I’m thinking about things that will make everyone happy, bring joy, and create smiles. So, I hope you’ll wait with excitement!’

 I quickly look at Shintaro and Tenga-senpai next to me.

 ’By the way, as you all know, I’m really excited about the nationwide tour starting tomorrow. To everyone in Chiba! I’ll be there tomorrow, so please wait for me!’

 ’If you don’t wait, I’ll get upset!’

 ’I’m going to see everyone!’

 ’I’m excited too!’

 After greeting everyone, including Ako-san, we all stand next to each other. Then, we bow in a circle towards the fans, showing our thanks for their support.

 ’Now, we want to start the mochitsuki (rice cake pounding) event!!’

 I pair up with Kanon for the first round.

 ”Let’s do this!”


 I pound the mochi in sync with Kanon’s beat. After about ten times, Kanon bows to the audience and steps back.

 ”Aqua. I’m sorry if I accidentally hit your hand with the mallet.”

 ”It’s okay, it’s okay.”

 Then, I take turns with Ako to pound the mochi. Huh? I heard a fluttering sound, I hope everything’s okay. After giving the finished mochi to the staff, I join Shintaro and Tenga-senpai to pound mochi together.

 ”I take my turn with Aqua-kun now. Nice to meet you, Aqua-kun.”

 I help Ako-san with mochi-pounding. After a while, Ako-san switches with Kaede.

 ”I’ll do the strong part!”

 Feeling unsure, I decide to pound the mochi by myself, and Kaede helps with kneading. People watching from the side cheer, saying “Good job.”

 ”I don’t get it…”

 Because of my good moves, we make the mochi smoothly. Kaede gives the freshly pounded mochi to the staff. I wipe off the sweat and look back to where Kaede was at first. It seems like the mortar is cracked, but it must be my imagination. Yeah, it’s definitely some kind of trick. I’m happy I asked the shrine maiden for a prayer for my health earlier. I truly felt that way.

 ’And now, a special guest is coming!’

 Wow! Everyone claps loudly. Is it my friend Ayana?! Or maybe Tsuwabuki-san?! Oh, I’d be happy if it’s Kobayakawa-san or Reira-san! I can’t wait to see who it is!

 ’Hello, it’s me, Kohina Yukari!’

 Um… I start walking quietly towards Beryl’s headquarters.

 ’Hey, wait! What are you doing? Are you trying to go home like it’s normal?’

 ’Well, you see, I’ve already made three mochi, and, well, I’m pretty tired, you know. So, can I take a break for about an hour?’

 ’You’re lying! You seemed perfectly fine just a moment ago!’

 The audience laughs as they watch me and Kohina-senpai interact.

 Oh well. If it comes to this, I’ll just ask someone else! But everyone rejected me… I don’t understand!!

 ”Come on, let’s go!”

 ”Hey, you almost pulled me along with you!”

 Alright, if that’s the case, I’ll turn around and go in the opposite direction!!

 ”Come on, let’s keep going!”

 ”Wait, you’re too fast!! Hey!!”

 Huff, huff, making four mochi really tired me out. Well, to be precise, it was mostly because of Kaede and Kohina-senpai that I got so exhausted.

 ”Kohina-senpai, leave the mochi pounding to someone else and let’s go kneading it too.”


 We happily talked while making the mochi, next to Kanon.

 ”Kohina-senpai, that’s too big.”

 ”It’s okay to make a few big ones!”

 ”No, look, the ones you cut are all different sizes, Kohina-senpai!”

 ”Then, you cut them and give them to me!”

 ”Alright, alright. Here, let me borrow that.”


 I took the mochi that Kohina-senpai gave me and cut it into the same size, passing them around. Even though it seemed like the helpers weren’t helping much, I didn’t want to waste more energy, so I focused on the task without saying anything.

 ’Now, I want to give the mochi to the winners!’

 We lined up and gave out the mochi while saying thank you. When I saw the happy faces of the customers, I exchanged glances with Toa, Shintaro, and Tenga-senpai. Well, then, just a little more, let’s do our best! And so, Beryl’s New Year’s mochi-making event and shrine visit event ended successfully.

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