Male Idol V11c48

Volume 11 Chapter 48 Shirogane Aqua, A Secret Story

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 After I finished attending the Beryl company’s event, I went to a special Yakiniku restaurant inside a hotel in Tokyo with Pegonia-san. We won a meal ticket together in a New Year’s lottery, so we decided to keep our promise and have dinner here.

 ”Master (Danna-sama), are you sure about this?”

 ”Yes, go ahead and order whatever you like. It’s a promise.”

 Pegonia-san’s eyes light up with excitement as she starts ordering from the menu, starting with the top sirloin and special selected Harami. She also adds the Chateaubriand. She tells me to order as much as I want.

 ”This is delicious, isn’t it?”

 ”Oh yeah, it really is.”

 Both of us, feeling hungry, enjoy the Yakiniku in a lively and cheerful atmosphere.

 ”By the way, Master, do you have something to tell me… Oh, and please add another Chateaubriand!”

 Okay, so I was really into eating my food and almost forgot something important.

 ”Oh, by the way, how’s Pegonia-san doing these days?”

 While Pegonia-san takes care of her master, Kanon, I represent the Shirogane family. So, it’s important for me to make sure Pegonia-san is happy and to listen to any issues she might have and try to fix them.

 ”Recently? Ah, you mean how often I mast***? Or it’s my period time?”

 I almost fell off my chair without meaning to. I thought, “Why is she suddenly talking about that?” But since reacting seemed like too much trouble, I decided to let it go. I absentmindedly cooked the fancy-looking meat the waiter brought.

 ”No, not that. I mean, you know, how well you’re getting along with the new maids.”

 ”If that’s the case, there’s no problem. Everyone is great, and except for Mikoto-san, who is a bit clumsy, they’re all pretty cool.”

 Wow, this meat is fantastic; it just melted in my mouth… Quite different from the grilled meat Kohina-senpai made for me. I got carried away and started stuffing two or three pieces into my mouth. Yum!

 ”Is there anything you don’t like or want to change about being a maid?”

 ”No, not really… but can I ask for one thing?”

 ”Of course. What is it?”

 ”Could I clean Master’s room, please?”


 I remember a bad experience from when I first moved in. One day, when I came home from work, my hidden belongings were all spread out on the desk. Well, it’s nice that they were cleaned, but I’m a healthy guy, so I’d prefer if she pretend she didn’t see that kind of stuff if she happen to come across it!


 Pegonia-san, who I had just refused, pouts to express her protest.

 ”Even if you act cute, there are rules that can’t be broken.”

 ”Cute? I… I feel embarrassed.”

 I want to call her out for being dishonest with her gestures, but I hold back.

 ”So, how about your personal time, Pegonia-san?”

 ”My personal time?”

 ”Yes. Your home and workplace are the same, and the line between maid time and personal time is a bit blurry. I was worried if you have enough time for yourself.”

 Lately, Kanon has been spending a lot of time with Pegonia, especially since her pregnancy was revealed. On days when we don’t sleep together, Pegonia-san sleeps next to her. So, she hardly have any time alone.

 ”Well, that’s okay. Taking care of the young lady is my hobby time.”

 ”I understand… If that’s what you want, then there’s nothing more to say. If Pegonia-san is okay with it, then it’s okay with me. But just in case, I’m open to discussing any worries or concerns Pegonia-san might have about personal matters. You can talk to me anytime.”

 Pegonia-san, who was happily eating meat a while ago, stops suddenly. Huh? She seems to be pondering something; maybe there’s some trouble after all?

 ”In that case, there is one thing that I can only discuss with Master. Is that okay?”

 ”Yeah, it’s fine!”

 I pat my chest confidently. If that’s the situation, leave it to me. Shirogane Aqua will listen to anything when it comes to the concerns of the woman I love and care for!

 ”I want to take care of the young lady’s baby. So, can you make my body produce milk?”

 I fell off the chair completely. I’m happy this is a private room, otherwise I would have disturbed the other customers.

 ”Um, well…”

 Honestly, if she was joking like she usually does, I would ignore it or ask for more information, but based on Pegonia-san’s serious expression, it’s clear that she’s not joking. In other words, Pegonia-san truly believes this, so I couldn’t give a half-hearted response.

 ”S-So, you mean you want to become pregnant?”

 ”Yes. By the way, I have received permission from the young lady.”

 Pegonia-san drinks the juice in her hand all at once, then looks at me with intense eyes.

 ”If I were to become pregnant, I would prefer it to be Master’s. I may not seem like it, but I am not a promiscuous woman, so I have decided that only the first person to enter this body and the first person I allow will be the one.”

 I’m also a man. I can’t say no when a woman I’ve been close to asks for something. Pegonia-san has helped me many times, and I don’t engage with women who can’t take responsibility. It’s my rule. Kanon suggested casual relationships are fine, but I want the women I’ve been close to to be happy. So, if that’s what Pegonia-san wants, I’ll do it.

 ”Okay. If that’s what Pegonia-san wants, I’ll try my best.”

 After paying and leaving the store, Pegonia-san leaned on me.

 ”Master, today is actually a risk day.”

 Pegonia-san linked her arm with mine and whispered quietly in my ear, so no one else could hear.

 ”I-I see, and coincidentally, the hotel key is in my pocket… Sorry. Since I’m tired, want to take a short break?”

 Tired?! That’s not good! Taking care of Pegonia-san and others is also my duty as the Shirogane family representative. Let’s take a proper break before going. Yes, that’s definitely the right thing to do!!

 ”Wow, look, look. The night view is very pretty.”

 I grin as Pegonia-san, who is usually calm, gets excited in our hotel room.

 ”Master, thank you so much. You even gave us a bigger room.”

 ”Don’t worry about it. If we’re taking a break, it’s nice to have a spacious room, right?”

 I sit on the couch, and Pegonia-san sits beside me.


 Our lips meet naturally.

 Pegonia-san’s breath smells a bit like sweet mint, like she had just brushed her teeth in the bathroom before leaving the store.


 Pegonia-san quickly takes off her own clothes and starts undressing me.


 Pegonia-san and I kiss passionately once more, our tongues intertwining.

 In the heat of the moment, with a stronger and sweeter scent of mint in the air, I am gently pushed onto the bed.

 ”Haa… Haa… Master (Danna-sama)…”

 Hmm? I wonder what’s happening. My head feels a little dizzy. And Pegonia-san seems different from usual.


 Pegonia-san kisses me again and we share intense kisses that make me lose my awareness. Hey, stop, wait a moment, Pegonia-san, something feels a bit strange, right!? I grab Pegonia-san’s shoulder and pull away from the passionate kissing.

 ”I’m sorry, Master…. It seems like the people at the restaurant made a mistake and gave me alcohol. I… I can’t handle alcohol well, so I tried to prevent it.”

 It seems like it was an accident, not on purpose. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Pegonia-san drink alcohol; she always chooses non-alcoholic drinks. So the suspicious thing must be that cup. Things started to get weird after she drank from it. Maybe that’s why Pegonia-san was so lively when she entered the room.

 ”I can’t help it, so why don’t you lie down instead?”

 ”No, it’s not because I can’t handle alcohol, so that’s fine. But…”


 Pegonia-san, on all fours on top of me, looked down at me with eyes like a predator and licked her lips.

 ”It’s just going to be a little more naughty than usual!”


 Pegonia-san’s breasts covered my face.

 ”Oh my, my, Master, do you want to become Pegonia’s baby too?”

 No, no, it was Pegonia-san who pushed them onto me! A regular guy would argue like that. But I’m not like that. Shirogane Aqua, who came from the land of breasts, welcomes all pressed breasts equally. That’s the etiquette towards breasts. Please remember this because it’s a question that appears in the breast professional certification exam organized by the All Japan Breast Association, of which I serve as the honorary chairman.

 ”Hahaha, Master, if you suck so hard, Pegonia’s nipple might disappear somewhere.”

 I laugh as I try to suck on Pegonia-san’s nipple. It’s fun playing with it and feeling its shape. Why is this person so attractive, with the perfect size, shape, and texture from the areola to the nipple!

 ”Oh, what should we do? If you ask so passionately, Pegonia’s protective instincts are tickled, and I want to take care of Master from head to toe.”

 Pegonia-san’s hand gently rubs up and down on mine. My sensitive p*nis reacts and gets larger.

 ”Good job, good job. With just a little touch from a woman, Master’s p*nis can get erect. You’re really good, Master. I’ll give you a gold star.”

 Pegonia-san touches the underside of my p*nis skillfully with a ring-like hand motion. It’s no wonder she takes care of my p*nis regularly. She knows exactly what feels good.

 ”Please tell me when you want to c*m.”

 Honestly, I haven’t done it for almost a week, so I’m really behind. I really wanted to chat right away, but I felt embarrassed, so I held back.

 ”Maybe Master is feeling shy and holding back? How adorable~”

 I got startled. When I looked at her, Pegonia gently stroked my head while still breastfeeding.

 ”It’s alright, it’s alright. Look, do you want to c*m? You don’t have to answer, just nod, okay?”

 I trusted Pegonia’s words and nodded softly.

 ”Alright, well done. You did great.”

 After freeing me from the breastfeeding ordeal, Pegonia gave me several affectionate kisses. Wow, she’s usually cool, but today she’s so incredibly cute. Cool Pegonia really excites me, but expressive Pegonia has its own charm.

 ”When you put it in, don’t hold back. Just let go, let it all out, and clear your mind, focusing only on feeling good.”

 Pegonia gently guided my p*nis towards her opening and quickly lowered herself completely. Oh no, I’m being squeezed dry! My defeated p*nis messily spills inside Pegonia’s private area as she takes me in.

 ”Hehehe, did it feel that good for you, Master, to make you c*m this much?”

 Honestly, it feels amazing. She’s usually so calm and professional, but today she’s being so affectionate, it’s surprising.

 ”Oh my, Master, couldn’t you release everything in just one go? Even though the flow has stopped, it’s still hard and ready to impregnate Pegonia’s womb. Well, there’s nothing we can do. Go ahead, use it again and give it your all for another round of pleasure.”

 Pegonia-san moved her hips slowly up and down. Every time, her big breasts in front of me would swing. It’s so powerful… As a man, it would be impolite not to touch them. I firmly grabbed Pegonia-san’s breasts, sinking my fingers into them and massaging them.

 ”Master, you really like big ones, don’t you? I was planning to reduce the size of these chunks of meat because they get in the way during battles, but I decided not to. It was thanks to the Young Lady desperately stopping me. I am grateful for that.”

 Great! My wife is doing a fantastic performance I wasn’t aware of. Thank you, Kanon. With gratitude towards Kanon, I playfully manipulate Pegonia-san’s breasts, spreading them apart and pressing them together.

 ”Master, even during sex with Pegonia, you’re thinking about the Young Lady, huh?”

 ”Ah, sorry…”

 I sincerely apologize for my inappropriate behavior.

 ”Hehehe, it’s okay. I’m really happy to be used instead of my dear young lady.”

 Pegonia-san’s hips move faster. I also focus on the lower part of my body to keep up.

 ”Ah, hmm, ah… ah, ah, ah”

 Normally, she acts fake, but today she’s truly excited and it’s really thrilling. I hold Pegonia-san’s hand tightly and we both climax without stopping.

 ”Mm, ah, wait, it’s going to spill.”

 Pegonia-san, covered by me, enjoys the afterglow of the climax. I notice her shoulders trembling when we’re close. Maybe she’s embarrassed that I noticed she had a real orgasm. Pegonia-san, with a bright red face, looks away from me. The real Pegonia-san is cute, and I feel even more excited.

 ”Master… Have you been holding back a lot?”

 No, I was tired from work… This time, I looked away from Pegonia-san.

 ”Master, you act like a child… It can’t be helped.”

 Pegonia-san moved away from me and put my p*nis between her big breasts.

 ”See, these are Master’s favorite breasts.”


 Pegonia-san slowly started moving her breasts up and down on my p*nis with a lot of pressure.

 Why does it feel so good when it’s breasts?

 And the size of these breasts… They’re amazing. No wonder she was chosen as one of the Twelve Erotic Goddesses certified by Shirogane Aqua….

 ”Next time, instead of letting it build up like this, please take care of it with me or the other ladies, okay?”

 Ugh, she usually teases me, so I don’t pay much attention, but when she shows me this big sister-like affection, I, who am weak to such things, am instantly knocked out.

 Pegonia-san forcefully squeezed my p*nis with her breasts as if milking me, and urged me to ejac***.

 ”Look, squish, squish, squish~ Ah.”

 I sloppily c*m inside Pegonia-san’s breasts. Ah, it’s so nice. Why does paizuri feel so good?

 ”You c*m a lot.”

 Pegonia-san opens her chest with both hands, pulling threads between them, showing the messy stuff. I get even more excited when she does that…

 ”Hehe, I’ll also clean up with my mouth.”

 Pegonia-san opens her mouth and takes my thing deep into her throat. Unexpectedly, is this a cleaning bl***job!? There’s no way I can endure this… I remember the intense kiss from earlier, and my face gets hot. While Pegonia-san plays with my thing with her hand, she continues playing with her mouth and tongue. Ah, it’s impossible. I release my stuff into Pegonia-san’s mouth.


 Pegonia-san deliberately opens her mouth to show the accumulated stuff. How about it? Have you surrendered? She has a triumphant expression as if saying that, but for me, it’s very exciting… She’s too cute.


 After Pegonia-san drinks all the white liquid with a loud noise, she opens her mouth wide and shows it to me. It seems like she is finished already… I should thank Pegonia-san. I quietly say words of gratitude and appreciation to Pegonia-san.

 ”Hehe, Master, one of a maid’s duties is to help with your desires. Please feel free to use me whenever you need.”

 Pegonia-san, next to me, enjoys eating the white liquid that is stuck on her chest, and then cleans her chest with a tissue. Phew, now that I have calmed down a little, I leave Pegonia-san and go to the bathroom. Just as I was about to use the bathroom, someone reaches out from behind.


 Pegonia-san presses her chest against my back.

 ”Yes, let’s do it quietly.”

 Pegonia-san holds my p*nis in her hand and points it towards the bathroom.

 ”There you go, relax. If it gets too big, it will be difficult to help with urination, right?”

 Wow, not only does it fulfill my sexual desires, but it also takes care of things like this… My mind feels cared for and is about to melt. And before I knew it, my body relaxed and I naturally started urinating.

 ”Wow, you’re good at peeing. Look, keep going, shh, shh.”

 Ah, ah, ah, no, this is not good. My mind is completely melting and I feel like I’m becoming a child again.

 ”Yes, you peed a lot, didn’t you?”

 Pegonia-san grabbed the nearby toilet paper and tore it off.

 ”After urinating, you have to clean your little p*nis properly.”

 Pegonia-san carefully wiped my p*nis with the toilet paper. Well, actually, it’s so gentle that I’m getting aroused again.

 ”Shall we take care of the other little one too? Look, we’ve already done it four times, so don’t be shy.”

 Ah, it feels so good to receive a handjob that’s not done by my own hand. Well, to be precise, doing it myself feels better, but having a woman I like do it brings a pleasure that I can’t get from doing it myself.

 ”Are you ready for c*m now? Okay, here you go.”

 Pegonia-san made a small dish with her other hand to catch my c*m. I aimed for it and released forcefully.

 ”Master, you’re so skilled at giving shishishi. It’s amazing how you can release it all into Pegonia’s palm, well done, well done.”

 Pegonia-san swallowed my accumulated semen in her palm. I can’t take it anymore. I have to thoroughly c*m.

 ”Oh, Master…”

 After that, I grabbed Pegonia-san’s wrist and took her to the bathroom, washing her body while c*mming inside her three times.

 ”I’m sorry, Pegonia-san.”

 I took care of the overheated Pegonia-san on the bed.

 ”Master… Pegonia is very happy right now. I’m really glad that you’ve become my young lady’s Master.”

 Pegonia-san said that and went to sleep on the bed.

 Originally, after we finished our task, we were planning to go back together, but it couldn’t be helped. I contacted Kanon and slept on the same bed as Pegonia-san.

 While Pegonia-san was sleeping, I put my head on her chest.

 However, that was the start of a big mistake…

 ”Hehe, when you put your head on my chest and said ‘Mommy’ in your sleep, Master, it was really cute.”

 Oh no, in front of the person I least wanted to show any weakness after Kohina-senpai, I ended up revealing such an embarrassing sight.

 ”Hehe, don’t worry. I’ll keep what happened just now a secret between me and Master… It’s our little secret. So, please take good care of me and this body from now on.”

 Saying that, Pegonia-san smiled cheerfully as usual.

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