Male Idol V11c49

Volume 11 Chapter 49 Shirogane Aqua, National Tour Starts!

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 On January 7th, I went to Chiba Prefecture for a three-day national tour kick-off. After thanking the driver, I went into the hotel’s back entrance where rehearsals and meetings were happening.

 ”Good morning! Thanks for your help!”

 ”Good morning!!”

 While saying hello to the staff, I walked down the corridor. Along the way, I saw someone I knew and stopped.

 ”Oh, Tokumoto-san, what’s up?”

 Tokumoto Kaori-san, who’s the sales manager for Beryl, stood there looking like she was half-dead. (T/N: Former Head of the Sales Department, former Head of the Kokucho Financial Group Department, appeared on v11c37)


 ”Are you okay? You look like a zombie. Maybe you should rest in one of the rooms…”

 ”N-No, I’m fine. I got to the destination yesterday. Stayed up all night with the planning team people after work, and now the consequences are hitting me. But don’t worry. If I gulp down this Saint Sanctuary’s 72-hour energy drink, I can go without sleep for another week. *gulp*…So, I have to go. The next job is calling me…hahaha…”

 Being an adult means dealing with lots of social interactions, and it can be hard. I feel inspired to work hard not just for myself but also to thank someone like Tokumoto-san, who works so diligently. After wishing Tokumoto-san good luck at work, I go into the waiting room of BERYL, which is just around the corner.


 ”Oh, good morning.”

 ”Good morning.”

 Shintaro is reading a book as usual, and Toa is playing a mobile game as usual. I put my bag on the table, take out my smartphone from my pocket, and take a selfie.

 [Shirogane Aqua@ Nationwide Tour from Today!!

 We’ve just arrived at the venue. Is everyone ready?

 We’re having a meeting and rehearsal from now on!]

 In just a few minutes of posting, comments start coming in from everyone.

 [Shumi the Maiden@ Nationwide Live Tour from Today!

 Looking forward to it!!]

 This person always replies first. I remember their name because they also gave tips during the livestream.

 [Morikawa Kaede@Lost all my paid leave for the next 3 years. Sending some power your way.]

 I don’t know what kind of power it is, but what about Kaede’s paid leave!? I wonder what happened. Later, should I ask if we can go on a date this month?

 [Kohina Yukari

 Forget about that, just answer the phone already.]

 Let’s just ignore this…

 [Tsukimachi Ayana@eau de Cologne

 We’re both on a national tour. Let’s do our best!!]

 I’ll reply to Ayana. Let’s both do our best… Yes, send!

 [RamenHagetoru@Working part-time again today…

 Thank you for updating Twitter even in your busy schedule

 !! Please enjoy today’s live, just like always.

 I hope today will be a good day for Aqua-sama!]

 I feel warm reading the comments from fans. From the wording, I think this person must have a pure and kind heart. Good luck with your part-time job.

 [Kirika Kotono@BERYL Nationwide Tour in Chiba Prefecture, January 7-9.

 The tickets for the second day of the live show are split into two parts.

 If you’re coming, please check the date, etc. Thank you!!]

 I really believe in Kotono. When I looked closely, Kanon had retweeted it. Thanks!

 [Sayamu Inko@Under Forced Detention.

 I’ll escape from the locked room and join in!]

 I wonder if Inko-san is okay. I heard she’s playing that otome game, but I wonder if she finished it. Well… it doesn’t seem like she finished it yet from the looks of it. But she must have completed about half of it by now. Just as expected.

 [Chihiro Claire

 Please don’t overexert yourself. Fans are happy with a regular live show]

 I’m comforted by the kindness of my classmate Claire-san. Alright, I’ll give it my all for Claire-san and make it a special live show!

 [Tsuwabuki Hiromasa

 I couldn’t get tickets for the live tour….

 Instead, I’ll watch the live stream from home!]

 Let’s reply to Tsuwabuki-san with ‘Don’t worry.’ I keep looking at the screen.

 [What book is Mayuzumi-kun reading?]

 [Even though it seems like a difficult book, Mayushin-kun was reading manga the other day, so cute.]

 [Toa-chan, even while playing a mobile game, he still gives a glance, impressive.]

 [Toa-chan, what game was he playing?]

 [Everyone’s everyday clothes are a big help.]

 [Tenga-senpai is absent again…]

 [Where’s Senpai?]

 [Senpai might be just out of sight, but he’s definitely here, right!?]

 Unfortunately, Tenga-senpai hasn’t arrived yet. Just as I was about to say that, I hear footsteps.

 ”Good morning, Juniors!”

 Yes, this is Senpai’s energy when he hasn’t slept. Shintaro and I grab Senpai’s arms and lay him down in the rest area at the back. By the way, while Senpai is sleeping, the three of us take a photo with Senpai at the center, and let Senpai know that he’s sleeping next to us right now on Twitter.

 ”Everyone, it’s time for the meeting. Oh, you can leave Tenga-kun alone. We’ll finish the meeting tonight, so I’ll tell you the changes later.”

 Kaito-san is really good at handling things. She noticed that Senpai couldn’t sleep because he was excited about the national tour, so she decided to finish the meeting early.

 ”Thank you in advance.”

 ”Thank you so much!!”

 I went into the room for the meeting and sat across from Ako-san, like I usually do. Toa sat next to me, while Shintaro, who doesn’t talk much during meetings, sat in the corner.

 ”This is the schedule for the next three days. Please look at it.”

 Hmm, let me see. I quickly looked at the papers that Kotono gave me.

 [BERYL 1st live tour 3DAYS in Chiba Prefecture]

 -January 7th, the first day of the national tour.

 8:00-12:00 Pre-meeting and partial rehearsal.

 13:00 ~ Shirogane Aqua concierge project starts.

 16:00-19:00 National tour first live.

 -January 8th, Collaboration live with with Tokyo La Fograumland.

 10:00-12:00 Recording of local TV program with 4 people.

 Part One

 13:00-14:00 Restaurant Lunch Show Mini Live.

 14:15-15:00 Day parade in collaboration with Tokyo La Fograumland.

 Part Two

 19:00-21:00 Hotel Dinner Show Live.

 21:30-22:15 Night parade in collaboration with Tokyo La Fograumland.

 22:15-22:30 Beryl collaboration fireworks show (no performers)

 23:00-24:00 Shirogane Aqua, Nekoyama Toa, Mayuzumi Shintaro’s local late-night radio appearance.

 24:00 ~ Tenga Akira’s solo radio for people who can’t sleep.

 -January 9th, Coming of Age Ceremony Special Live.

 ~ 11:00 Shirogane Aqua concierge project ends.

 13:00-16:00 Coming-of-age ceremony Event

 ”Eh, is there an Aqua break?”

 Someone noticed that I didn’t have much of a break, and they were right. Packing everything into the schedule was a big challenge.

 ”Aqua-kun, are you really okay? We can cancel the recording and concierge plans if needed…”

 Everyone looked at me at the same time.

 ”I’m okay. But the second day with the quick change seems difficult, so I have an idea. Can I suggest something?”


 I put the papers I was holding on the table and talk to everyone.

 ”Well, the live performance on the second day seems to be the most difficult. I was thinking of asking Toa to be the host for the lunch show. Toa often does host duties in live streams, and I thought it would be good for the company to have one more person who can do host in the future. If it’s okay, I’m also thinking of having Toa handle about half of the dinner show.”

 ”I understand. Is Toa-chan okay with that?”

 ”I’m okay. I wanted to try MCing at BERYL, and Aqua being on the receiving end in a talk show would be interesting too. I think fans would be happy with Aqua in either role. The challenge is whether I can bring out Aqua’s charm like Kohina-san or Morikawa-san… but I’ll do my best.”

 Toa looks at me once, then turns her gaze back to Ako-san.

 ”Also, Shintaro and I talked before Aqua came earlier. The live performance is not only today; it’s for 3 DAYS, and there’s a nationwide live tour next month and the month after that, and even more. So, I want to make it easier for Aqua, who sings the main part. Can we have more scenes where we sing alone, or scenes where Aqua doesn’t have to sing, like playing the piano? Tenga-senpai also mentioned wanting to do a guitar solo instrumental. Even if it’s just for these 3 days, considering future live performances, I would appreciate it if you could think about that.”

 Toa! Shintaro! Did you guys think about me so much…! I almost cried at everyone’s progress.

 ”That’s true. We relied too much on Aqua-kun’s composition unintentionally, but everyone did well in Halloween and Christmas live performances. Okay, we’ll think about the composition for the future. Also, for the second and third days, we’ve prepared different plans based on Aqua-kun’s condition on the day. Everyone, please look through your materials and check the next page when necessary.”

 As I looked at the papers given to me, I saw suggestions for changes in the live show. They wanted to make the beginning a little longer, have small talk sessions, and rearrange the songs for group singing to make my job easier. When I looked closer, I noticed small but careful changes.

 ”Now, I’ll explain the whole event again as the Event Producer.”

 Today, we’ll go over the schedule together and share our thoughts on the basic plans for tomorrow and the day after. After that, we’ll wake up Tenga-senpai for the rehearsal. We’ll use the show stage in the hotel that’s ready for our rehearsal to practice the beginning and the changes.

 ”Now, let’s try doing the whole performance! 5, 4, 3…”

 Even though it was just practice, the sound of the taiko drums was strong and filled with determination. The beautiful music from the orchestra played along with it.

 ”This is the part. Come on!”

 We all coordinate our timing and step onto the stage. We sing the first song normally to check the tone of our voices. Yeah, no problems. Just before finishing the song, I move away and slowly walk towards the prepared piano. As the first song ends, I begin playing the piano to transition into the second song.

 ”Yes, everything is OK!”

 At the start of the second song, there’s a short pause. As we continue to check the details on stage, rehearsal time comes to an end.

 ”Well done, everyone!”

 After completing the rehearsal before the performance, we go back to the provided waiting room.

 ”Well then, everyone except Aqua-kun, make sure to rest well.”

 ”See you all later.”

 After having a meal with everyone, I go alone to a different floor. From now on, I’ll be with Shitori-onee-chan since Ako-san is busy with something else.

 ”Please take care of me today!”

 ”Me too.”

 I briefly exchange greetings with Tanihara-san, the president of the hotel where we are being taken care of, Tohohara-san, the manager, Akashima-san, the chief concierge, and the staff members. Then, I change into the uniform provided by the hotel in the dressing room specially prepared for us.”

 ”Onee-chan… something happened.”

 ”Oh, A-chan? What’s wrong?”

 I left the room where I changed my clothes and showed my condition to Shitori-onee-chan.

 ”A-chan looks cool in hotel clothes… wait, where’s the skirt?”

 ”Ah, sorry. I made a mistake. The pants are here.”

 Phew, I’m glad there are pants. I go back into the changing room to switch bottoms. Yep, no more discomfort. A hairstylist fixes my hair, and I check my reflection in the mirror.

 Oh, I have to say it myself, but it looks good on me, doesn’t it?

 I take a photo and send a message to Toa and the others.

 Surprisingly, I receive a reply from Pegonia-san.

 Sender: Pegonia-san

 Recipient: Master (Danna-sama)

 Subject: Reply on behalf of the young lady.

 Body: If it were the young lady, she is faint on my side.

 Oops, it seems like I sent it to Kanon by mistake. I check a photo of Kanon lying on the sofa and Pegonia-san making a deadpan peace sign. Are they goofing around in a photo like I did with Senpai earlier?

 Well, I leave it to Pegonia-san and resend the photo to Toa and the others. Their replies indicate that it looks good on me.

 ”Well then, should we go downstairs?”


 I followed Chief Concierge Akashima-san to the hotel lobby.

 ”Are you feeling nervous?”

 I smiled at the question from the cameraman.

 ”A little. But right now, excitement is winning. It’s always fun to do something I’ve never done before.”

 I answered the camera with a smile. We walked through the corridor that only staff can use and entered the lobby.



 ”Wait a minute, what? Aqua-kun!?”

 ”Wait, wait, why is Aqua-sama here!?”

 ”Thank you, thank you.”

 ”At least bow down. It would be greatly appreciated.”

 ”If Certainly-wi-something-san sees this, she will probably faint.”

 ”I’m glad I wore determined clothes.”

 guests who noticed my presence started to talk excitedly. Standing next to the concierge counter on the side of the corridor, I approached a guest who was about to leave the hotel.

 ”Are you leaving now?”

 ”I-I am…”

 I smiled and nodded, putting my hand on my chest.

 ”Be careful as you leave, Miss.”


 Oh, there’s a wall there. Please look ahead while you walk. I held the guest’s hand and escorted her outside.

 ”A very special concierge has arrived.”

 ”Just as expected of Aqua-sama, impressively doing things big from the moment you enter.”

 ”Since his wife can’t handle it, and we’re just mobs, there’s nothing we can do…”

 ”Sad news, we will be made aware in seconds.”

 Oh, right on time, a taxi pulled up. I welcomed the guest along with the Bell Girl.

 ”Welcome. Miss. Thank you for choosing our hotel today.”

 ”Huh!? Oh, Aqua-kun!?”

 The girl raised her sunglasses, looking at my face in surprise. Hmm, I feel like I’ve seen this girl somewhere… Wait, these breasts, is it Sayamu Inko-san!? I cleared my throat as if trying to hide something and responded as if nothing happened.

 ”Yes. From today until the next three days, I work at this hotel as a helper. I’m Shirogane Aqua.”

 When the taxi driver gave me Inko-san’s bag, I bowed a bit and express my gratitude.

 ”If you’re staying here, I can take you to the front desk. Do you want me to?”

 ”Yes, please!”

 ”Okay, Miss. Follow me. Be careful.”

 I took Inko-san’s small suitcase and led her to the counter.

 ”This is one of our guests. Please assist her.”


 While the counter staff finished their work, I stood and looked around. I waved to families and said goodbye. I also greeted returning guests with a “Welcome back.”

 ”Ah, he’s just working part-time.”

 ”He’s still learning?”

 ”Why is he so good already? It’s weird.”

 ”No, he must be a long-time staff member.”

 ”It’s funny how the manager gives something without their badge.”

 ”The staff are surprised too.”

 ”The ones who tried to teach Aqua-sama are unlucky.”

 ”Just having Aqua-sama here makes it a fancy hotel.”

 ”It’s like Yukishiro Emily-san turning a ramen place into a five-star French restaurant.”

 ”I saw the beautiful part-time leader at a ramen place earlier.”

 ”Huh? This place is dangerous…”

 ”If Shumi sees this, she’ll faint.”

 When I got the key card at the reception, I checked the room number and guided Inko-san to her room. In the elevator, I casually asked Inko-san while stopping the camera.

 ”Inko-san, are you traveling today?”

 ”Oh, um… yes. You see, I’m originally from Osaka, but a relative’s child who attends a high school in Chiba won a ticket for that live concert. Since they are too busy, they asked me to go in their place and gave me a gift, so I came to see Aqua-kun’s live in their stead.”

 Inko-san showed me the ticket she took out of her bag.

 ”Well, it’s for a girl named Nanase Nino… I heard from Beryl-san that it’s okay to go in place of a relative, so…”

 ”Oh! So that’s what it was about Nanase. Ah, I was surprised.”

 ”Haha, oh, um, by the way, I’m Sayamu… I mean, I’m Himachi Sumire. Nice to meet you again.”

 There’s a difference between two and three dimensions, but I think this is how Sayamu Inko-san would look in real life. Himachi-san looks like that just because she dyed her hair green, even though her clothes are different. Other than the breasts being larger than real ones, it really looks similar. Going back to the mood I had before, I talk from the elevator.

 ”Ah, the room is this way. Please.”

 ”Thank you very much.”

 I open the door to the room and guide Himachi-san inside, using the card key.

 ”Wow, it’s my first time coming to the dreamland, but you can see the inside of the park well from the hotel.”

 ”Yes. The back side next to the general road offers views of the cityscape, parks, the sea, and more. However, this room offers a panoramic view of the park.”

 After putting the luggage down, I briefly explain the room.

 ”Well then, if you need anything, please call the front desk on the internal line.”

 ”Yes. Thank you!”

 I leave the room and go back to the lower floor. On the way, I see a guest in front of the room looking troubled.

 ”Miss, do you need help with anything?”


 I smile and introduce myself again.

 ”If you have any problems, please tell me.”

 ”Well, actually, it seems like I lost my card key… I think I lost it while wandering around the hotel.”

 ”I see… Do you remember any places you stopped by?”

 ”Well, I left the room, had lunch at the restaurant, then stopped by a shop before coming back here…”

 ”I understand. Please wait a moment.”

 I put my hand on the intercom.

 ’Excuse me. This is the concierge, Shirogane Aqua.’

 ’Yes, this is Tatsusaka. What can I assist you with?’

 ’The guest seems to have lost their room card key. They visited the restaurant and the Goods shop on the first floor. Have you received anything there?’

 ’I will check immediately. Please wait.’

 I turn my gaze back to the guest and smile.

 ”I am checking with the front desk to see if any lost items have been found. Even if we don’t find it, we can quickly prepare a new key card at the front desk, so please don’t worry.”

 ”Oh, thank you very much.”

 While waiting, I talk with the guest to help her relax, discussing trips and other enjoyable topics.

 ’Shirogane-san. I checked, and the key card was found under the counter at the Goods Shop. Can I confirm the room number and the guest’s name?’

 ’Yes, it’s fine.’

 I tell Tatsusaka-san at the front desk the room number and the guest’s name.

 ’Yes, we confirmed it. A staff member is on their way to you, so please wait a little longer.’

 ’Thank you very much.’

 In a minute, the staff member brings the key card. I support the guest, who seemed down, and leave the room.

 ”I appreciate it. Thank you very much.”

 I want to express my thanks to the staff member who brought the key card.

 ”No, thank you. I was saved thanks to the quick response from the Shirogane concierge. Thank you very much.”

 I return to the front area with the hotel staff and continue my concierge duties. I wonder how much time has passed. Before I knew it, it was time to go inside.

 ”Shirogane-san, it’s almost time.”

 ”Got it.”

 Even though I was in the middle of my duties, I apologize to the guests and hand over the responsibility to Chief Concierge Akashima-san before leaving the scene.

 ”Well then, excuse me. Thank you very much. I’ll come by later.”

 After expressing my gratitude to the hotel staff, I change into different clothes in the dressing room and go to the room where everyone is waiting.

 ”Welcome back! How was it? Did you have fun?”

 ”Thank you for your hard work. I’ll wrote down what we all thought while you were away, so please read it later.”

 ”If you’re tired, you can rest until the last minute, junior!”

 ”Yeah. I’m back, everyone! Oh, by the way, being a concierge was really fun. Shintaro, thanks for the notes. Senpai, I’ll be fine. Thanks for worrying, everyone.”

 I look at the note quickly and eat a sandwich to fill my tummy.

 ”Everyone, let’s go!”


 We get on a train in the underground tunnel used for carrying things, and head to the big castle in the middle of the area.

 ”Everyone from BERYL is here!”

 All the people who came in the room change into their special clothes before me. I go into the shower room alone, wash off the sweat, and wear the costume ready for me. After that, the staff do my hair and makeup like always.

 ”Just 15 minutes until we start!!”

 We thank the stylists, makeup artists, and hair stylists, and give them a high five.

 ”Let’s do it!”


 ”Let’s go!”


 We leave the room with happy feelings and go to the side of the stage.

 ””””Please take care of me.””””

 ””””””””””Me too!!””””””””””

 When we get to the side of the stage, we, with Miki-san and Ako-san, who are running the event this time, do the last check for today’s live show.

 ”Only 5 minutes left until showtime!”

 I hear people calling our names from outside.


 I close my eyes and breathe out gently, putting both hands on my hips. Finally… it’s finally starting. My, our first tour across the country as BERYL, begins today. It’s been a year since I came into this world, and I’ve finally reached this point.

 ”Thank you, everyone.”

 I say softly without turning around. Shintaro, Toa, Tenga-senpai, and Ako-san brought me here. I want to show my appreciation to the support team, my family, and all the fans who have rooted for me. Who am I? I am Shirogane Aqua. Imagine the best version of yourself until yesterday. But today, I will surpass that. And tomorrow’s me will surpass today’s me even more. So, with today’s best performance, I want to respond to everyone’s feelings.

 ”1 minute left!!”

 It seems like the countdown has started outside, and I can hear loud cheers. The fans’ voices come together to call us, and BERYL’s grand chorus can be heard. Is everything ready? There’s no need to ask now. Even if I don’t say “follow me,” everyone will follow me. I open my eyes, look back, and smile.

 ”Let’s go to everyone’s place.”



 ”Let’s go!!”

 The taiko drum makes a loud sound to start the live tour. We stand in our spots, side by side with our backs to the stage, listening to the orchestra music.

 3, 2, 1…

 The music changes, and strong guitar sounds fill the air. The castle doors behind us open.


 We all look at the stage with cheers. We decide to sing “Intensifying Boisterous Dance,” a song from the second season of Heaven’s Sword, which was important for all four of us.

 ’In the escalating world, a cycle of self-questioning unfolds. Searching for answers without a clear solution, we continue to fight. Believing that someday this battle will come to an end.

 The four voices blend well. Cheers erupt, and the energy is high from the beginning!

 ’A conflict smolders between ideals and reality (real).’

 ’In the endless battle, what do we see?’

 ’The world, accelerating, shows no signs of stopping.’

 ’Overcoming the irreversible past and sorrow.’

 I, Tenga-senpai, Toa, and Shintaro take turns singing the center. I’m in the best condition I can’t believe myself. No, it’s not just me. Toa, Shintaro, and Tenga-senpai have all prepared for this day. That made me happy.


 Tenga-senpai shouted.


 After that, Toa shouted.

 ’For the present!’

 Shintaro joined me.

 ’I strive for the present!’

 Once again, everyone’s voices! Emotions! overlap.

 ’In the escalating world, a cycle of self-questioning repeats. Searching for answers without a clear solution, we continue to wander. Is this really okay?’

 Tenga-senpai and I stand back to back.

 ’Power alone solves nothing.’

 Toa and Shintaro stand at the center.

 ’With emotions alone, no one can be saved.’

 Finally, the four of us stand together and synchronize our voices.

 ’Intense, boisterous dance!’

 We look at everyone in the audience to show our thanks to as many people as we can!

 ’No matter how much we wish, no matter how much we regret,’

 ’What is lost will never return.’

 ’The whispers of demons that creep into the gaps of the heart.’

 ’Can I overcome this weakness?’

 Tenga-senpai, Shintaro, Toa, and I sing one after another.

 We include the poses from the characters in the story in the dance.

 The dance that Ichise-sensei, Nico-san, Tenga-senpai, and I created was liked by everyone.

 ’Do not doubt!’

 ’Do not hesitate!’

 ’Pierce through our’


 When Shintaro and I sing one after the other, Tenga-senpai shouts to link them.

 ’Once you’ve decided to do it, never look back. Keep your eyes only on what lies ahead. There’s no choice for us but to move forward now.’

 We sing loudly to reach every part of the venue with our passionate hearts.

 I sing facing Shintaro.

 ’Even so, I don’t want to abandon the ideals.’

 And then, Tenga-senpai also sings facing the same direction.

 ’Even so, I don’t want to forsake reality.’

 The voices of the four overlap.

 ’Ambivalent heart, a conflict.’

 We all move towards the center of the stage.

 ’I must overcome it.’

 At Shintaro’s slightly shadowed voice, the fans showed enraptured expressions.

 ’Even if I can’t stop the needle of this world.’

 At Tenga-senpai’s serious expression, the fans jumped with excitement.

 ’Do not be disheartened!’

 ’Stand up!’

 ’Push forward!’

 ’To seize the ideal!’

 And then, I, Toa, Tenga-senpai, and Shintaro shouted in that order.

 ’Whatever awaits in the future,’

 At that captivating singing voice, the fans were moved.

 ’Believe there is hope and walk forward.’

 With my current singing voice, I further heated up the venue… no, I intensified it!

 ’We don’t know what is right. Even so, we are not alone. We have companions to walk with!’

 The voices of the four blend perfectly. I knew it was the right decision to start with this song. Tenga-senpai and Shintaro fist bump each other.

 ’Pursue the ideal.’

 I also fist bump with them in sync.

 ’Continue to fight with reality.’

 Finally, we all shout together!!

 ’Intense, boisterous dance!!’

 After giving high-fives to the three of them, I walk towards the piano at the front of the stage. The cheers from everyone surround me.

 January 7, 2023… BERYL’s national tour began like this.

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