Male Idol V11c50

Volume 11 Chapter 50 Sayamu Inko, The Dream Never Ends

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 ”Wow! Is this the land of dreams?”

 My mother said it’s like Disneyland or US Journey, but it’s completely different! I don’t know why, but overall, this place feels more adorable.

 ”But, I was really surprised…”

 I remember Aqua-kun that I encountered at the hotel, and I feel a rush of excitement. Aqua-kun in person was so cool. He was like a prince, standing tall and truly like a prince. As I was thinking about that, a familiar mascot crossed in front of me.

 ”Oh wow, it’s Shirotama Anmitsu!!”

 I saw Shiro-kun, the mascot of Beryl’s Vtuber quartet, and I ran towards him. I heard that he’s inside the park for only three days, so it’s lucky that I can meet him from the beginning! I asked Shiro-kun for a handshake and mustered the courage to ask for a photo shoot.

 ”Can we take a picture together to remember this moment!?”

 I asked a fan who was nearby and they took a picture with me. It was amazing, just this made everything worth it! I thanked the person who took the picture and the Shirotama Anmitsu group, then I left.

 ”Oh, I remember now. I think it’s somewhere around here…”

 I checked the guidebook I had bought earlier to make sure. I think there was an ice cream shop nearby… Ah, I found it! I joined the line at the back where everyone was patiently waiting for their turn. If this was a game, a character called Wild-something-san would suddenly appear and tackle me, and I would end up in the hospital. But in reality, things like that couldn’t happen. Ah, the real world is the best!!


 Wow! She is so beautiful! Wait, isn’t she Yukishiro Emily-san, the winner of the small impersonation contest? She looked adorable with her frilly puffed sleeves shirt, ribbon, long skirt, ribboned pumps, and the braided hair falling on her right shoulder. Everyone, including me, couldn’t say a word. Huh? The pressure on my face is so strong… Can I ask if she’s not the princess of that castle over there, the one with the ice cream shop in front of it?

 ”What kind of ice cream do you want?”

 ”Platinum Vanilla and AQUARIUM Lemon Soda flavors in collaboration with Shirogane Aqua!”

 Even though Toa-chan’s Strawberry Banana flavor, Mayuzumi-kun’s Matcha Azuki Ore flavor, and Tenga-senpai’s Coffee Caramel Chocolate flavor sound tempting, Aqua-kun is still the star here. The staff at the shop knows it too, which is why Aqua-kun, the most popular flavor, has a separate line and display just for him.

 ”Mmm, delicious!”

 The vanilla ice cream has a fragrance like perfume and a graceful sweetness. The combination of the tanginess from the lemon soda gives it a refreshing twist. In short, it’s the taste of an ideal youth. Looking around, I see everyone enjoying Aqua-kun’s ice cream with tears in their eyes. I understand. How many times did we fantasize about Aqua-kun being our classmate during our school days? This ice cream takes us on a journey back to high school, in a timeline where Aqua-kun was our classmate.

 ”Wow, it turns out that they are partnering with Häagen-Dazs, the company where Aqua-kun appears in their advertisements.”

 I put the tissue with Aqua-kun’s picture that I got at the ice cream shop into my bag. Then, I take out the one I brought and use it to wipe around my mouth. Phew, that was close. I almost finished using the other tissue. I see everyone else also quickly putting theirs into their bags. It doesn’t make sense for them to be useful in normal situations.

 ”Now… I’m thirsty, let’s go to the drink stand.”

 There are many stalls selling drinks with collaborations, and surprisingly, it’s not as crowded as I expected.

 ”Which one do you want?”

 ”Um, I want the Aqua-kun collaboration sports drink!”

 Gulp, gulp, gulp… Ahh! After closing the bottle cap, I look carefully at Aqua-kun’s picture printed on the label.

 ”If every bottled drink in this world had Aqua-kun printed on the label, maybe no one would throw them away. That’s how I feel…”

 I put the bottle in my bag and go into the shop. I want to buy something for Nino-chan, who gave me the ticket, and for the Holospray girls who couldn’t come.

 ”I have to get the handheld dolls from the Land collaboration.”

 When I reach for the dolls, I accidentally grab the same one someone else is reaching for.


 ”No, it’s okay.”

 Wow! She looks like a villainess with her amazing blond hair. There really are girls who style their hair like Sayaka-chan in real life. She has a princess-like vibe. The young lady suggests the item we both wanted, and then picks up the same item next to it.


 ”Thank you.”

 Huh? This voice… it’s like Sayaka-chan’s. But it’s probably just my imagination. It’s unbelievable to meet me, who does Holospray of Sayamu Inko, and the person behind the great disaster Sayaka-san, in such a place. I thank the young lady and move to another section with different items.

 ”What is this…”

 I saw people waiting in a line, so I decided to join them. But what is this thing called the BERYL Gacha?

 ”Whose Gacha are you playing?”

 Huh!? It’s Yukishiro Emily-san, the person I saw at the ice cream shop earlier! She is wearing a green jacket that matches her skirt, and she has a hat on her head. Her outfit change makes her look cool and gives a different impression. I want to ask why she is here, but since we are not friends, I decide not to.

 ”Well then, let’s try it with Aqua-kun.”

 Let’s give it a try. I put in 500 yen and spin the Gacha absentmindedly. I have learned from otome games that praying is useless! No matter if you pray to God or cling to the devil, you will get Wild Morikawa-san and Wild Kohina Yukari-san. That’s where I have reached a state of nothingness. …But still, I hope something good comes out.


 When I opened the small container, a hair clip came out.

 ”Oh, it’s a special hair clip that is not easily available. Maybe it’s a prize, so please check the inside of the lid.”

 A prize!? I quickly took out the item inside, and there was Aqua-kun’s signature on the bottom. I understand now. This signature is the winning reward. I did it!



 This container itself is a prize! Yukishiro Emily-san unlocks the key attached to the treasure chest next to her.

 ”Please choose any item you like from here.”

 I crouched down nervously and slowly opened the cover of the treasure chest. Inside, there were different things.

 ”There are special collaboration items and personal belongings of Shirogane Aqua-san inside.”

 Personal belongings!? Wait, is this a hoodie that Aqua-kun wore? Hold on, if I wear this, I will be overwhelmed with excitement! Finally reaching the land of dreams, I am truly going all the way to the land of dreams!! Wait, seriously, wait. What should I do with this?

 ”Think carefully.”

 Hmm… Aqua-kun’s hoodie is difficult to give up. I thought until the end, but in the end, I chose a different item that is not a hoodie.

 ”I’ll choose this one!”

 What I picked is a big mouse pad with Aqua-kun’s signature on it. When I feel like quitting otome games, seeing this motivates me, so I picked it.

 ”Are you sure about this?”


 ”Okay then, here you go! Congratulations!”

 Yukishiro Emily-san hands me a cylindrical container.

 ”This is a special item requested from the actual maker that Shirogane Aqua-san uses during his livestreams. Aqua-san’s image is printed on the surface, and there’s also a message from Shirogane Aqua-san written in the margins, so please check it out when you get home.”

 No way…! This is so exciting!!


 ”That’s awesome!”

 ”Thank you, thank you!”

 The ladies around me are saying such nice things and clapping, and it makes me feel really good. I’m not sure why… I feel like before Beryl came along, when male entertainers released their stuff, it was more serious and intense.

 But with Beryl… no, with Aqua-kun, it’s different. Everyone is happy together. All the things Aqua-kun has done, all the things he’s done for us fans, for the Verification Team, especially when Nee-san first started bringing fans together, when Kanon-san got married, when Beryl was founded, when there are friends like Toa-chan, and even when the Shirogane Aqua Guards joined forces with the Holy Aqua Religion to protect self-governance, and spread the teachings of celebrating happiness and sharing blessings, all of it was good.

 No matter how many mistakes were made, it wouldn’t have turned out like this. I think it was Aqua-kun who brought it all together, following a single path.

 ”Is it a delivery?”


 I go to the delivery counter and send the gifts I bought at the Holospray office for everyone. I also sent gifts to my mother, relatives, and Nino-chan, who gave me tickets.

 ”Well then, shall we eat something?”

 While looking at the guidebook, I walk towards the restaurant. Let me see, I think it’s around here… Ah, there it is, I can see the line forming! I stand at the end of the line and wait for my turn. Then, within 10 minutes, I am guided inside the building.

 ”Thank you for waiting. Let me show you to your table.”

 I sit down and order the Aqua-kun collaboration hamburger set. While waiting for my order, I take out my smartphone, turn it on, and check the messages just to be safe.

 Manager: Incoming call

 Manager: Incoming call

 Manager: Incoming call

 Manager: Where are you, Inko-san?

 Manager: Incoming call

 Manager: Please answer, I’m really worried.

 Manager: Incoming call

 Manager: Don’t run away from the otome game.

 Manager: Just kidding. If you don’t want to do it, you can take a break.

 Manager: Incoming call

 Manager: I heard it from Tsubame-san.

 Manager: Is Land fun?

 Harusaki Tsubame: Sorry, Inko. I thought the manager knew, so I said it. Teehee!

 Manager: Ah, I also wanted to go to Land…

 Manager: But I have to edit videos for Inko-san and discuss the next job, so I’m busy. Today, I also bought spare underwear for Inko-san!

 Katahira Komadori: Inko-senpai, here’s a souvenir…

 Mukouzaka Suzume: Do you remember when I lent Inko-senpai money for juice the other day?

 Manager: *Glancing*

 Wachikura Mao: *Glancing*

 Aaaaaa! I got it! I mean, what’s wrong with the previous president!! No need to worry, I appreciate it always, and it was my fault for quietly leaving. You see, when I went outside the main office for that otome game livestream, Morikawa Kaede-san, who plays super fast, rushed at me, and my character ended up with broken bones and a game over!! Can you believe it? I kicked it and turned off the power right away!

 And then, the kind Nino-chan who was watching the livestream gave me a ticket. I had no other option but to go! Well, not exactly land, but Beryl called me!!

 I reassured the manager not to worry, mentioned that I sent souvenirs to the main office, expressed my gratitude, and apologized for leaving. Then, I closed the screen. Also, I’ll send the souvenir for the president that I forgot to buy.

 ”Mmm… this looks delicious!”

 As I munch on the hamburger and fries, I pick up the coaster and flag with Aqua-kun’s design that come with the set.

 ”The live show is about to start, so I should head there soon.”

 I wait to enjoy the fun tomorrow, and I can’t resist buying gifts for the president at a nearby store. I put them in the locker with my bags.

 ”Is this a live venue?”

 As I get closer to the big hall by the castle, the excitement is amazing. The music playing is already making me happy. After going through checks and showing my electronic ticket, I enter. Wow, it feels like the excitement is getting crazy.

 ”Where’s my seat… oh, there it is.”

 Why is everyone looking at my seat? Did something happen? I listen to people whispering around me.

 ”Hey, isn’t that Kokucho Agewa-san?”

 ”Yeah, really… is it private?”

 ”That time with Aqua-sama was amazing, right?”

 ”Yeah, yeah.”

 I saw that famous video too. I was eating instant noodles and watching TV when suddenly the screen changed. Aqua-sama was incredibly cool, causing chaos in the agency, people collapsing, social media crashing, and bulletin boards filled with screams and fainting females.

 Even now, just remembering it makes me excited. As a Kansai dialect girl, I might be rejected, but since I was born a woman, I want to be embraced by a great guy like Aqua-kun. Then, these unnecessarily large breasts of mine that I have no plans to use might be rewarded.

 ”What? But wait, Kokucho was in Kanagawa, right? Today is only for Chiba, right?”

 ”Maybe someone sent it to her?”

 ”Oh, I don’t think so.”

 ”Kukuri-sama’s announcement was strong, right?”

 Many people were surprised when Kukuri-sama said there would be no more aristocracy and special privileges. But I think most people on the internet liked it. It’s okay for things to change as the world changes. Of course, some things should be kept and passed on. Kukuri-sama even said they would continue religious ceremonies to respect the citizens’ feelings. Instead of staying the same, I think it’s better to move forward.

 Even if we fail, it’s okay if we all work together and try again. Aqua-kun helped Kokucho-san at that time, and that’s the kind of teamwork I admire. Aqua-kun impressed me, and I believe that if many people can’t do something alone, we can make it work together somehow. Even if we fail, it’s okay because we tried our best with everyone’s help.

 ’Everyone gathered at the place. BERYL’s concert will begin soon. Please wait a little longer. Also, for those who have tickets but haven’t entered yet.’

 The announcement at the place makes the crowd excited.

 It’s about to start! After some time, the lights in the place become darker.



 ”Mayuzumi-kun, I came to see you!”


 Everyone shouts the names of BERYL’s members.

 I also shouted Aqua-kun’s name.

 ””””””””””BERYL! BERYL! BERYL!””””””””””

 In the end, everyone’s shouts mix together.


 When the opening part finishes, the doors of the castle open and all the members of BERYL appear.

 They look like real princes!! Everyone’s excitement increases as they see the members dressed in pure white outfits with silver decorations in a prince-like style. The first song they sang, “Heaven’s Sword,” perfectly matches the energized place, and it is amazing.


 ”So cool.”

 After that, everyone was amazed by Aqua-kun’s beautiful and heartfelt piano solo. When Aqua-kun finished playing the piano, Toa-chan smoothly took over.

 ”Toa-chan is cute!”


 ”T-To, Toaa!! Toaa!!”

 There are people getting extremely excited, but can you please calm down a little? After Toa-chan’s new song ended, it was Aqua-kun’s turn for a solo performance. Then, “Stars Boy” was performed by Tenga-senpai and Mayuzumi-kun, and “Stay Here” was sung by Toa-chan and Aqua-kun.

 ’Everyone! Thank you for coming to our first day of the national tour!’

 ’And to those of you watching from the screen, thank you too!’

 The audience responded with loud cheers to Aqua-kun and Toa-chan’s announcements. They shouted, expressing the emotions of those who couldn’t attend the venue.

 ’Well, we never expected to perform at Land, huh?’

 ’Indeed. I was also surprised.’

 Just like I expected from Toa-chan. He arrived at the perfect moment to make everyone laugh.

 ’At first, when I got asked to perform at the Coming of Age ceremony, I was surprised, but I never thought everything would go so smoothly. I want to say a big thank you to everyone who worked hard behind the scenes, the local government folks, the people involved, and the staff. Thanks a lot!’


 ’Thank you very much!’

 ’We appreciate it!’

 The crowd clapped loudly.

 This is BERYL!

 ’When it comes to Coming of Age ceremonies, Tenga-senpai is turning 20 soon too. Senpai, do you have any plans now that you’re 20?’

 ’Well, let me think… I’m planning to get a car when I turn 20.’

 ’Oh, speaking of which, Tenga-senpai, I saw you reading a magazine about camping cars the other day.’

 Wow, Tenga-senpai is enjoy camping, huh? Maybe all of them from BERYL can go camping together.

 ’Actually, I want to hear from you. When you all turn 20, what would you like to do?’

 ’Hmm… I don’t know. At the moment, I would like to have a party with everyone and maybe even go camping together.’

 After Toa-chan’s response, many people expressed their desire to attend the party. If we were to have a lottery for tickets to the party, the chances would be incredible.

 ’I want to go on a trip. I hope that by then, I’ll be able to travel alone anywhere in the world.’

 Wow, Mayuzumi-kun’s statement received applause. It would be amazing to be able to go on a trip alone as a boy. Aqua-kun wouldn’t make a tsukkomi comment about how he seems likely to wander around alone even in the current situation.

 ’I want to try drinking alcohol. I want to go to a bar or something.’

 Phew… It’s getting a bit hot, so I’ll take off my jacket. The ladies around me also take off their jackets. Why is everyone wearing knitted clothes that show off their chest size? Oh, I was wearing a similar rib-knit too. That’s disrespectful… They’re all trying too hard to show off and say they want to go to the bar with Aqua-kun!

 ’Now, let’s sing a song that would be good for that kind of bar.’

 Aqua is really impressive, just as expected.

 The next song they sang was the theme song of Hana-ata, “Maiden’s Heart”.

 Then they sang “carpe diem”, followed by “Glass’ Teenager” and “Heart of a Pendulum”.

 After that, they all sang Toa’s “Yoake no Taiyou (The Sun at Dawn)”, Mayuzumi’s “Towards a Radiant Future”, and Tenga’s “Starry Sky”.

 ”This is incredible.”

 ”I’m so happy I came today…”

 ”Tears are falling.”

 ”I’ll always remember this moment.”

 Yesterday, Aqua sang the songs he sang to Kokucho-san, and everyone was enchanted by it.

 ’If someone out there is suffering right now, let’s dedicate this song to them.’

 It’s an introduction we’ve never heard before… it’s a new song!!

 ’Even if you bear the burden of sins,

 Even if you were waiting for punishment.

 Even if your fate was decided from birth.

 Does only you have to bear the sins?

 Does only you have to receive punishment?

 Look, pay more attention to those around you.

 Even now, many people are reaching out to save you.’

 Wow! The singing is so good that it’s blowing me away.

 ’Even if that path was the right one,

 Even if everyone said it should be done.

 I don’t believe that sacrificing one person is the correct choice.

 So, don’t struggle alone.

 So, don’t suffer alone.

 Please, take my hand. Share that pain with me.’

 No, no, no. I’ve been thinking since Yuujin-sama’s time, but Aqua-kun,

 are you really telling the truth about your age!?

 How can you sing such mature and sexy songs like this!

 ’Why are you trying to bear all the sins alone?

 There must be a path filled with happiness where you can smile.

 Even if many people blame you,

 I want to convey words of gratitude to you. Thank you.

 I want to convey words of gratitude to you. Thank you.’

 Ah, it’s impossible. Everyone will definitely love this.

 There’s no way the person lusting after breasts is the same as Aqua-kun!

 Well, personally, I prefer the Aqua-kun who is infatuated with me…

 ’A fate that brings only misfortune can go to hell.

 You don’t need to be bound by such a thing.

 Even if a storm rages, even if spears fall from the sky,

 I will chase after your back. To pull you back from that path.’

 Oh, we made eye contact just now! Didn’t we?! Maybe everyone is thinking that, but let’s go with that!!

 ’Why are you trying to bear all the sins alone?

 There must be a path filled with happiness where you can smile.

 Even if many people blame you,

 I want to convey words of gratitude to you. Thank you.

 I want to convey words of gratitude to you. Thank you.

 I want to convey words of gratitude to you. Thank you.’

 Is Kokucho-san okay with this? If it were me, I’d be recalling the flow since yesterday and already dead. The sound of a bell and a wooden fish clattering is resonating.

 ’To the malice that eats away at your heart, please don’t suffer alone.

 I will accept all your pain.

 Even if gods or demons turn against you.

 If you’re someone who always thinks of others.

 So, don’t suffer alone anymore. Ask for help.’

 I’ll do my best too.

 Do your best to clear the otome game.

 That’s how I feel.

 ’Why are you trying to receive all the punishment alone?

 There must be a path filled with happiness where you can smile.

 Even if many people blame you,

 I want to convey words of gratitude to you. Thank you.

 I want to convey words of gratitude to you. Thank you.

 I want to convey words of gratitude to you. Thank you.’

 Aqua-kun, who sang everything, received a big round of applause and cheers from everyone.

 ’Now, it’s the last number! Everyone, let’s go!’

 The live finale was “beautiful right?”.

 Everyone shed tears as they listened to the song used in that legendary commercial.

 Since the day when Beryl, no, Aqua-kun said that he would change the world, although time has passed, things have definitely been on a good track. I thought so. At the same time, if boys are going to change, maybe we should too. A society where everyone is equal may be difficult, but a society where everyone can smile will surely work out somehow!! I felt that way.

 ””””””””””Encore! Encore!””””””””””

 The fans of BERYL cheered in response to his request for an encore. He smiled happily. All we could do was enjoy the live performance! The day marked the end of Halloween Fest, with Yuu-onii’s Phantom Requiem and everyone singing Shikiori (Season by Season) together, concluding BERYL’s first national tour.

 ”Why did they sing three songs for us? Everyone is too kind!”

 ”And they apologized at the end. We should be the ones apologizing!!”

 ”They always respond to our encore calls, it’s unfair.”

 ”It was the best live performance I’ve ever seen, without a doubt.”

 As I headed home with the fans, I looked up at the sky. The songs often used metaphors of the starry sky, making me feel like everyone was telling me they will always be by my side.

 ”It was so much fun.”

 I took my things out of the locker, had a meal at a restaurant in the amusement park, and returned to the hotel with the lingering excitement.

 ”Nice to see you again, Miss.”

 Why! Why is the person who was just performing live a moment ago now here wearing a uniform of the hotel staff?! What?! I can’t believe it, I almost said it out loud unintentionally. Aqua-kun, after checking that there is no one around, secretly whispers to me.

 ”Miss Inko, did you enjoy the live performance?”

 ”Yes, it was incredibly amazing.”

 Aqua-kun’s smile in response almost melted my brain. I nod slightly, take the key that I had left at the front desk, and go back to my room. On the way, I say hello to the cleaning lady who is there.

 ”Oh, welcome back.”

 Why is she here in a normal way too?! I almost retort to Yukishiro Emily-san, whom I have encountered for the third time today. How many part-time jobs does she have, seriously? Ugh… no matter how she is dressed for cleaning, she looks like the younger sister of the main character in a fairy tale who is bullied by the mean big sister.

 I bet she lives in that castle after all! She is too beautiful for her own good! Even if Aqua-kun is called a prince and Emily-san a princess, I would believe it without a doubt. Well, Aqua-kun did marry a real princess conventionally…

 I’m tired! But it was fun!”

 When I got back to my room, I put my luggage on the table and fell onto the bed face down. When I woke up, I was asleep, and that day I felt like I had had a very happy dream. However, this dream didn’t end when I woke up.

 When I woke up the next morning, I realized that I was still in dreamland, and I felt very happy.

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