Male Idol V11c53

Volume 11 Chapter 53 Shirogane Aqua, Bayside Fm 18

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 ’Hello, everyone in Chiba Prefecture. Good evening. Today, I will be the host for BAYSiDE FM 18. I’m Shirogane Aqua from BERYL, and we’re broadcasting live from Tokyo La Fogram Land. It’s a bit sudden, but let’s get started.’

 As I read the script, I talk in a calm way, perfect for the night.

 ’Um, first, I have an important message for those who were excited about today’s radio show. Originally, we announced that Tenga Akira, Mayuzumi Shintaro, and Nekoyama Toa from BERYL would join us, but unfortunately, they can’t make it today. I’ll explain why.’

 I place the script on the desk. While looking at the supportive messages and drawings on the walls, probably from Shintaro and Tenga-senpai’s fans, I continue.



 [Did something happen?]

 [Wait, wait, I’m really worried!]

 [For now, let’s all calm down.]

 As expected, in the comments section of the radio broadcast, there are comments expressing concern for Toa, Shintaro and Tenga-senpai. Recently, radio broadcasts are distributed nationwide through the internet, so this time, in addition to requests via email and fax, a comments section is set up to see the listeners’ reactions in reverse from the broadcast.

 ’For the three of them, this was their first nationwide tour. Because of that, I think the three of them were working harder than what I and everyone on the staff had anticipated. They took proper holidays between the Christmas festival and the year-end song battle, and all the staff worked hard to schedule, but… due to my decision, President Atori’s decision, and the doctor’s judgment, we urgently stopped the participation of the three.’

 I straightened my posture once again and bowed my head to the fans on the other side of the microphone. Even if they couldn’t see it, I thought it was better to do it for the sake of those who were looking forward to it.

 ’I’m really sorry to everyone who was looking forward to it. I hope you can keep supporting the three of them in the future. We were all excited about this tour, and we talked about wanting to have another chance with the four of us.’

 Toa, Shintaro and Tenga-senpai looked upset. I can understand that feeling very well. When I looked at the computer screen, there were comments from fans expressing concern for the three of them.

 [I can go to take care of them right away]

 [I’m a nurse in Chiba. Let me take care of them!!]

 [I’m a female doctor. Where should I go?]

 [At our hospital, we can accept them immediately! We have prepared the best private room for their hospitalization!]

 [I have qualifications in caregiving! Do you need someone to take care of the human waste bottles?]

 I feel warm and fuzzy from everyone’s kind comments. If this were the other way around with men and women, I might feel some ulterior motives, but I think everyone genuinely wants to take care of them.

 ’And, um, Toa has been working hard on MCing and singing, and because of that, his throat was a bit off. However, as the doctor also mentioned, if he takes a break, it’ll be fine, so please rest assured. Shintaro may have pushed himself a bit too hard this time for the parade, doing his best even in the areas he’s not good at, and he accumulated fatigue. He had a slight fever, so we prioritized rest this time. Oh, as for Tenga-senpai, he’s just normally sleep-deprived. It seems he was too excited yesterday and couldn’t sleep. We made sure all three of them got proper sleep, so fans, please rest assured.’

 As for Toa and Shintaro, I trust them, but I’ll check on Tenga-senpai later since he shouldn’t be awake. When I glance at the comments section and the newly received fax papers, there are many voices expressing concern for me.

 [Aqua-kun, don’t push yourself too hard too.]

 [Aa-sama, you always seem to be playing the role of a concierge, so I’m worried.]

 [Aqua-kun, is there anything wrong with your health?]

 [This big sister is worried, so how about going for a checkup? How about our hospital?]

 [I’m a 22-year-old G-cup nurse. Personally, let me take care of Aqu-tan!]

 I want to thank everyone for caring about me! I will act happily so that nobody gets worried.

 ’What? Me? Don’t worry, don’t worry. About tomorrow’s important ceremony, I think we’ll decide on the three participants on the day. Even if it’s just me, I’ll convey Toa, Shintaro, and Tenga-senpai’s feelings to everyone. So please be at ease and come to see me.’

 Even if I’m alone, I plan to do tomorrow’s ceremony live. Thanks to Toa, Shintaro, and Tenga-senpai who have worked hard until today, I have enough strength, both physically and mentally. Therefore, not only for us three but also for the fans looking forward to tomorrow and the staff supporting us, I must complete these three days. It’s not good to be too confident, but I trust the amount of practice and effort I’ve put in more than anyone else. I always believe I can do it because I have absolute confidence in what I’ve done so far. So, hear it in your dreams, all three of you. I’ll successfully finish this show for the sake of you three!

 [I will meet you!]

 [Ah, why is Aqua-sama so comforting like this?]

 [Do your best, Tenga-senpai, Toa-chan, and Mayushin-kun!]

 [I will definitely go!]

 [I am excited!]

 After reading the comments, faxes, and emails sent by everyone, I felt even more motivated.

 ’Yes, so let’s continue the radio show from now on. Today, we have a surprise guest. Can you guess who it is? Is it Morikawa-san? Unfortunately, no. It’s actually someone else. Without further ado, please welcome our guest for today!’

 ’Nice to meet you, everyone. Good evening. I am here as a substitute. I’m Shirogane Kanon.’

 Kanon’s appearance was unexpected. Even the fans in the comments section were surprised, but I was also surprised when Ako-san told me.

 [Then why did Morikawa go there?]

 [RamenHagetoru: Breaking news, Morikawa Kaede was just there to spice things up.]

 [Did Morikawa do something again?]

 [Is Morikawa injured?]

 [Did Morikawa also get sick?]

 [Fools don’t get sick, right? But they do choose who to infect.]

 [Morikawa-san, did you eat something strange?]

 [If you watch the deserted island escape, you’ll see that Morikawa doesn’t even get a stomachache from eating falling things. He ate a mushroom that looked poisonous and was still fine.]

 [Morikawa Sommelier: At the year-end party of the national broadcaster, Morikawa-san was the only one who didn’t get sick from eating raw oysters, but there’s an episode of her eating too much and getting a stomachache.]

 [How many legends is that guy creating? LOL]

 Kaede was asked to be a substitute in case of emergencies. So, I thought I would do the radio show with Kaede, but Ako-san said it would be better to have a calm atmosphere for the late-night broadcast, so Kaede changed partners to Kanon.

 ’No, really, it’s surprising, right? Manager Kirika and Morikawa-san were surprised too, but I also wondered if Ako-san was really serious.’

 ’I’m surprised too. Kaede-senpai, who is a regular announcer… I think Morikawa-san should do it. But since it was nominated by President Atori, I want to do my best.’

 I clap along with the staff.

 ’Are you okay? Are you nervous?’

 ’Yeah, I’m fine. But more importantly, about this… where do I find the comments they sent?’

 ’Let me see.’

 I receive the tablet from Kanon and use the app to open the comment section.


 [Is this flirting?]

 [Wait, maybe this will keep me awake too.]

 [Morikawa’s gacha-themed broadcast might still let me sleep theory.]

 [President Atori, did you make a selection mistake?]

 That’s good then. I keep the app open and give the tablet back to Kanon.


 ’Thanks. Oh… lots of comments already, hehe.’

 ’Really? I wonder what they’re saying.’

 Looking at the comments, I’m happy to see many nice messages for Kanon. I thought BERYL’s fans would be kind, but I was a bit worried about Kanon. Seeing the comments makes me feel better. Thanks a lot, everyone.


 ’What’s up? Any interesting comments?’

 ’Well… let’s see. Like this one, for example?’

 I look at the comment Kanon is reading.

 [Are you two always like this? If it were me, just having Aqua-kun at home would make me nervous. Does Kanon-sama not get nervous or anything?]

 Oh, I get it.

 ’Isn’t it always like this? Hey, Kanon, do you feel nervous when you’re with me!?’

 ’Huh? Yeah, sometimes. I worry if my hair looks strange or something. I always want to look cute in front of Aqua…’

 Cute, huh… If this were our home, I would’ve hugged her just now. That was close.

 ’Um, oh, sorry. Is it okay for me to say these things?’

 ’It says ‘Please keep talking’ on the cue card.’

 I check the comments section just in case.

 [I want to hear more of that.]

 [RamenHagetoru: Let’s keep teasing Kanon-sama all day today.]

 [Go ahead and boast more.]

 [As a fan, I want to hear more of that.]

 [I want to know more about your married life.]

 Oh, I see.

 By the way, I heard that magazine sold well too. In this world, things between couples are rarely shown in public, so maybe there are a lot of people who want to know about that.

 Alright! For everyone’s sake, I’ll keep talking a lot today!

 ’Instead, let me ask, does Aqua feel nervous around me or anything?’

 ’Well… usually not. But, when I want to act cool, I might get a little nervous.’

 ’I understand. That’s good. If someone told me they never get nervous at all, I’d wonder about that too, you know?’

 ’Is that how maidens feel?’

 Following the conversation, I casually sing a light chorus of “Maiden’s Heart” song.

 [Singing Maiden’s heart in front of Shumi the Maiden LOL (This comment was deleted by admin TOOOKA because it contained inappropriate expressions)]

 [Aqua-sama, you actually noticed her true identity, right? LOL (This comment was deleted by admin TOOOKA because it contained inappropriate expressions)]

 [RamenHagetoru: Hey, Shumi-san is secretly panicking. (This comment was deleted by admin TOOOKA because it contained inappropriate expressions)]

 [Even though I’m really happy with the acapella, I laugh out loud because of Shumi. (This comment was deleted by admin TOOOKA because it contained inappropriate expressions)]

 [Shumi, why did you name yourself ‘Shumi the Maiden’? LOL (This comment was deleted by admin TOOOKA because it contained inappropriate expressions)]

 [Even the bulletin board users are smiling at this. (This comment was deleted by admin TOOOKA because it contained inappropriate expressions)]

 Huh? The number of comments being deleted suddenly increased, I wonder if everything is alright?

 ’Because even after getting married, I want you to make my heart race.’

 Yes, right now, the me inside my heart hugged for the second time.

 ’Well then, I’ll make my heart race without holding back. In return, I’ll make Kanon’s heart race too!’

 ’Please stop, I’m already being made to feel so nervous, I can’t handle any more!’

 *Sigh*… It’s fine. I can still endure this cuteness.

 Stay calm, Shirogane Aqua. You should have been training and disciplining yourself for moments like this.

 ’When it comes to making my heart race, I received a question by fax. What was the most heart-racing thing for the two of you last year?’

 ’Oh! What could it be? There were so many heart-racing moments, but if I had to say… maybe when Aqua came to pick me up.’

 ’I see. And if it’s something you can’t say?’

 ’If it’s something I can’t say… well, I can’t say because I can’t say! Geez!’

 Tsk, I got caught!

 ’Oh, what about Aqua in that situation?’

 ’Um… I mean, summer festivals, oh! This one, no! Definitely live shows. I remember being really nervous when I first sang on stage at a Summer Comic Market.’

 Looking a bit at Kanon, I saw her covering her blushing face with both hands. I understand. It seems Kanon’s exciting story she couldn’t share was about the same summer festival kiss as mine… Wow, she’s cute!

 [What really happened at the summer festival!?]

 [Please tell us more details!!]

 [Isn’t a summer festival just for eating cotton candy?]

 [No, no, when it comes to summer festivals, it’s all about girls sharing candy apples together, right?]

 [Sommelier: I only remember eating yakisoba and takoyaki! Oh, and getting banned from both the superball scoop and goldfish scooping. That’s my only memory.]

 [How do you get banned from goldfish scooping and superball scooping!!]

 [Girls in couples often wear matching yukatas for a fireworks date, but… guys don’t do that, right?]

 [RamenHagetoru: Confirming receipt of the erotic wave! Yep, doing naughty things here.]

 [Huh! The night is getting more intriguing!]

 [Oh no, now I can’t sleep for a different reason than Morikawa’s gacha luck.]

 If this was my house, I would have definitely kissed Kanon. But since I’m a singer and working right now, I think I managed to hold back. Otherwise, I might have kissed about 6 times by now, including follow-up kisses, maybe 3 times, no, 4 times.

 ’Oh, I get it. I should talk about the scene where I felt excited as the singer Shirogane Aqua. In that case, it’s probably the Hana-ata scene.’

 Come to think of it, Kanon is a fan of Hana-ata’s original work.

 ’By the way, there’s also a question like this. What is Aqua’s favorite role among the characters she has played so far? Because’

 ’Well? I love them all, so I can’t choose.’

 Yuujin from Hana-ata was the reason I decided to become an actor. Kenzaki in Heaven’s Sword connected me, Shintaro, Toa, and Tenga-senpai. I became a rival with Ayana, who is of the same generation, and, above all, I met Kohina-senpai. Playing Seimei in Onmyoji inspired me by seeing how hard Tsuwabuki-san and Kamohashi-san are working. So, I can’t choose which one is the best.

 ’Um, so, have you ever done a role that had a big impact on you, or something like that?’

 ’In that case, it would be Kenzaki. I always feel like I can’t lose to Kenzaki, and I want to become someone who is worthy of being a hero like Kenzaki. I may have been taught acting by Kohina-senpai in Yuu-onii, who acted alongside me, but I think it was Kenzaki’s role that had a big impact on me. That’s why even now, I’m competing with Kenzaki.’

 ’Competition? What kind of competition?’

 ’A competition to see who can make the girl smile. That’s what I’m competing with Kenzaki about.’

 Hmm? I feel like Kanon is looking at me with a slightly annoyed expression. Maybe it’s just my imagination?

 [I understand, Aqua-kun’s rival is Kenzaki…]

 [It’s a bit strict to have your own rival be the character you play…]

 [Only Kenzaki can surpass Aa-sama. And only Aa-sama can surpass Kenzaki.]

 [It’s an endless battle that can never be won. This one.]

 [Sayamu Inko: That competition, it’s a battle that will never be won.]

 I look down at the email that was sent to me.

 ’Well, there’s something else. Aqua-kun often posts pictures of hanging out with everyone from BERYL on social media. Do you also hang out with Kanon-sama? It’s nice that Kanon-sama uploads off-shot images of Aqua-kun for the fans, but it would be great if you could also upload photos taken together. Because, you know…’

 ’Oh… I understand. I guess I need to be considerate on social media… Yeah. Aqua and I spend a lot of time together.’

 ’That’s right. We’ve gone shopping, watched movies, been to the arcade, and even went to karaoke.’

 ’Karaoke is no longer an option…’

 ’Huh? Why?’

 ’Well, you see, I’m a fan of the idol Shirogane Aqua. It wouldn’t be fair to other fans to have a private concert at such a close distance. Plus, I get really nervous about doing a duet with Aqua.’

 Kanon is so cute! I feel like I’m going to lose it. It’s okay. Stay calm, me. It’s not time to panic yet. It’s normal for Kanon to be cute. Let’s take a deep breath in my hearts. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale.

 [As expected of a fan!]

 [If I were Kanon-sama, I’d be so excited.]

 [The right to do karaoke alone with Aqua-sama…]

 [If it was me, I’d just sit still and listen to the songs.]

 [I could forgive it because the legal wife is Kanon-sama. I’m a fan of his and understand the importance of that. I think other females would have been jealous.]

 [It’s surprising, but doing karaoke in class means she can hear Tsukimachi Ayana and Shirogane Aqua sing together live. That’s awesome!]

 [And even without Tenga-senpai, hearing the three members of BERYL sing is great, right?]

 [If I heard Toa-chan and Aqua-kun sing together, I’d faint for sure.]

 [Oh no, that wouldn’t really happen, right? Or would it?]

 In the comments I’m reading, some really stand out.

 ’Oh, I remember going to karaoke with our class. What was it like?’

 ’I sang ‘stay here’ with Ayana-chan.’

 ’And I sang ‘Hanabi (Firework)’ with Shintaro.’

 ’Yeah, Aqua even let Mayuzumi-kun sing her part in Ayana-chan’s song. You were really into it.’

 ’Singing with Shintaro was rare and fun.’

 Even though I can’t say it openly, I really enjoyed singing duets with Sugita-sensei. It was so cute to see Sugita-sensei, who is usually cool, getting flustered. I also sang duets with Washimiya-san, Kurogami-san, Claire-san, and others.

 [If I were a classmate, I would probably die instantly.]

 [Classmates, you did a great job enduring.]

 [It wouldn’t be strange for something to happen with three guys in a small karaoke room.]

 [Classmates, I envy you! But I think it’s okay to have rewards for being patient.]

 [Being classmates with the BERYL trio requires strong determination.]

 [Hagetoru would attack in seconds.]

 Kanon shows me a fax she was holding. It’s an illustration of me and Kanon! Should I take this home?

 ’Thank you everyone for the drawings and supportive messages. I will personally give them to Toa, Shintaro and Tenga-senpai, so don’t worry.’

 When I tried to read the next fax, Kanon tapped my shoulder. “What’s wrong?” When I looked in the direction Kanon was pointing, I noticed that the staff member was holding a cue card. “Um, what’s this?”

 ’The Shirogane Aqua’s Advice Corner? What’s that?’

 ’It seems to be a corner where we take calls and provide advice to people who call in.’

 Oh, I see. In order to provide serious answers to everyone’s questions, I need to put in some effort. I straightened up my posture again

 ’Yes. Well then, since it seems that the caller for the advice consultation is connected, I’d like to transfer the call. Hello, this is Shirogane Aqua.’

 ’Oh… hello.’

 Huh? That voice sounds familiar somehow. Is it just my imagination? It’s unlikely that I would encounter someone I know right at the beginning, so it must be my imagination. Yeah.

 ’What’s wrong?’

 ’Um, well… the boy sitting next to me is doing various things unconsciously. What should I do?’

 Ah, I understand, I understand.

 It would be nice if you could realize and take responsibility for your actions.

 ’Do they annoy you?’


 Yes, I already know the answer to that. It was easy, right?

 ’If someone bothers you, it means that person is interested in you! Take the initiative and move forward!’

 ’R-Really? Is it okay?’

 ’Don’t worry, it’s fine. Start by talking to him and gradually get closer. That’s the way to do it.’

 ’By the way, what about Aqua-kun? What would make you feel attracted if a girl from the adjacent seat did something to you?’

 ’For me… in the morning, if she whispered ‘good morning’ in my ear so that only I could hear it, it might really make me feel attracted.’

 ’I-I see.’

 When I imagined it with Claire-san and Ayana, it really made me feel attracted.

 With this, any guy would definitely fall for them instantly.

 ’Oh, sorry. I forgot to ask for your name at first.’

 ’Um… I’m Worker Holic.’

 I think she’s a student because she talked about the seat next to her, but “Worker-holic” suggests she might be a working woman. Okay. If the person next to her is a boss like Sugita-sensei, Kotono, or Announcer Onidzuka, I might work hard every day.

 ’Worker-holic, take care.’

 ’Yes. And Aqua, do your best without overdoing it. Honestly, it would be nice if you took more days off.’

 What a nice person… I don’t know who this guy is, but please realize soon that you’re being thought of by such a good person!! If it were me, Shirogane Aqua, I would notice it in a second!

 ’Thanks! I’ll do my best in tomorrow’s live, so please listen!!’

 I said that and hung up.

 ’Does Aqua…maybe know and is intentionally saying it?’

 Hm? What’s wrong, Kanon? You have a really complicated expression, are you okay?

 [I understand how you feel.]

 [I don’t think Aqua can talk about that guy.]

 [Unaware guy…is it about Aa-sama?]

 [Sorry. I imagined it as Aqua.]

 [Worker-holic, do your best!]

 Oh, the next call is here! I quickly press the call button.

 ’Hello, this is Shirogane Aqua.’

 ’Oh, thank goodness! Connected! Hello, I’m just one fan! I have a problem. Can you listen to me?’

 ’Of course.’

 Because she seemed like the type to be very direct, I responded calmly, thinking it would help the caller to speak calmly.

 ’I like you! I love you! What should I do!?’

 I understand. So this is the situation. From her voice, she sounds like she’s in middle school. After a moment, I speak slowly to the fan on the other side.

 ’Thank you for liking me. I also like all the fans and I hope to give a lot of love at live events. So please come to the live performances. I will give back everything I can there, filled with love.’

 These are the words I can offer. I won’t say there’s no romance with fans. But, we can’t make each other believe it’s real without knowing each other. If I meet her in real life and we have the chance to get to know each other, and I fall in love with her, I promise to confess to her.

 ’Um… well…’

 Hmm? You look like you’re having a hard time saying something, but what’s wrong?

 Were you depressed? I’m sorry.

 ’Um, I… um… sorry, but… I have something to say. Um, you know… it’s not Aqua-kun that I like, but Kanon-sama. Um, sorry.’

 I couldn’t help but fall out of my chair.

 [LOL, Aqua-kun, did you fall off your chair?]

 [Wow, this is surprising, LOL.]

 [Is this fair? LOL]

 [Sorry, Aa-sama, but I couldn’t help laughing.]

 [I really like Aqu-tan. Look, so don’t feel sad.]

 [Misunderstood Aqua-kun is so cute!]

 [This kid is really something.]

 [Don’t worry, Aqua-kun. We love you!]

 [It’s a pity we can’t see Aqua-kun being embarrassed by the misunderstanding.]

 [Even Aqua-sama didn’t expect this, LOL.]

 [RamenHagetoru: She likes Kanon? Is she sane!? Wake up!!]

 I couldn’t handle the embarrassment and fell onto the desk. I realized that I was just misunderstood, but I answered as if I had won a victory. This is definitely a lifelong embarrassing memory!

 ’Hehe, thank you. But, please support Aqua as well.’

 ’Yes! Um, how can I become as cute as Kanon-sama!?’

 ’Well, let’s see… Maybe you could try copying the parts that you find cute from your point of view. I also watch what other girls do, and if I find something cute, I use it. Also, in this country, there are many cute things around, so if you gather lots of cuteness, you’ll naturally become the ideal cute girl you want to be, I think.’

 Kanon is perfect… way better than my amateurish answers.

 ’Got it! I’ll gather lots of cuteness that I think is cute!’

 ’Good luck! Aqua and I are cheering for you!’

 Kanon presses the end call button on my behalf.

 ’Let’s finish this in the next one.’

 ’That was quick. Oh… incoming call.’

 I press the call start button.

 ’Hello, this is Shirogane Aqua.’

 ’Good evening.’

 ’Um, just to be sure. I want to confirm at the beginning, whose fan are you?’

 To avoid sad problems like before, this is important.

 [Aqua-sama, seems suspicious LOL]

 [Aa-sama LMAO]

 [Poor Aqu-tan. This big sister want to comfort you]

 [Yukari Rice: You’re getting carried away. Not everyone is your fan, so these things happen]

 [Yukari Rice seemed harsh, but she’s kind, LOL]

 [Yukari Rice comforting too, it must be serious, LOL]

 [I’m sorry. Our Aqua-sama is troublesome]

 [Well, the earlier Kanon-sama was unexpected, LOL]

 [Aqua-sama, have confidence!]

 The kindness of everyone touches the heart.

 ’Ah, a fan of Aqua-sama.’

 ’Thank you very much!!’

 I’m relieved…! Really relieved!!

 [Aqua-sama looks genuinely happy]

 [Aqua-kun looks happy, and I’m smiling too]

 [Thank you. The person seeking advice, really thank you]

 [Aa-sama, do your best!]

 [Yukari Rice: Isn’t this something the person seeking advice should say? Are you okay?]

 I do a little victory pose in my heart, and then I firmly switch my mindset. And Yukari Rice, don’t say anything unnecessary!

 ’Well, as for the content of the consultation… Do you have any tips for confessing to a boy?’

 ’I see. Confessing is really a courageous thing to do, huh? Kanon, as another woman, do you have any good advice?’

 ’Well… I guess it’s about polishing yourself to the point where you won’t regret it if you get rejected, and then confessing in the best state possible. You want it to be a confession without regrets. That’s what I think.’

 ’Indeed, and also, maybe just looking into the other person’s eyes. I’m weak when a girl looks into my eyes, you know.’

 ’Oh, really?’

 Because when a girl stares at me, I can’t help but feel excited.

 [Hmm, got it.]

 [Did er learn something helpful today?]

 [Sommelier: I’ll practice in front of the mirror for a bit.]

 [RamenHagetoru: I might practice a little too. Hehe…]

 [I see. Don’t be shy and try not to look away from Aqua-sama.]

 [You guys should think about it carefully. It’s quite hard to keep looking at Aqua-sama without turning your eyes away.]

 [I might fall in love first. It’s not as easy as it sounds.]

 I take a big breath and talk softly but strongly to the person.

 ’Don’t worry. We’re here for you. Your telling us your feelings will be a memory forever. If it goes well, be happy. Even if it doesn’t, you took that step, and I’m sure, yes, I’m sure you can find new love. So, do your best! No regrets!’

 ’…Yes! I get it. Thank you so much!! I’ll do my best. I want to become as beautiful as Kanon-sama told me and take that step with courage.’

 ’Do your best! I’m cheering for you too!’



 ’Thank you!’

 Behind me, the team is also cheering and supporting me. I press the button to finish the call and end the talk.

 ’Oh, it looks like while we were talking, faxes and emails have piled up.’

 ’Oh, you’re right… Wait, this is not good!’

 I grab the fax paper that is in front of me before Kanon does.

 ’What? What do you think about the Shumi the Maiden-san in the question from RamenHagetoru?’

 Talking about Shumi the Maiden, is it that person? Whenever I post on social media, they quickly respond and generously send a lot of money each time.


 [WTF, what a crazy question LOL]

 [Is this a joke LOL]

 [Seriously? LOL]

 [Kanon-sama, are you breathing?]

 [Staff, she’s slipping through!!]

 [Hagetoru, this guy is for real LOL]

 I breathe out softly while putting a sheet of fax paper.

 ”Shumi the Maide-san! Are you listening to my radio? Thank you for always supporting me! Also, RamenHagetoru, I appreciate your comments, but please try not to write content that might get deleted!”

 Even though they probably can’t see me, I wave to the two people who always come to watch the stream.

 ’Huh? Kanon?’

 Kotono was drawing a big X with her arm next to the tired Kanon. Ah, Kanon always sleeps at this time, so maybe she got tired.

 [RamenHagetoru: Confirming Shumi’s death!]

 [Shumi-san is definitely dead LOL]

 [Kanon-sama, please rest in peace]

 [Kanon-sama, namu~]

 [There’s no way around it]

 [Hagetoru is really something. She came up with something crazy]

 [Hey, staff, there’s a strange question mixed in here. Check it properly.]

 [I’m impressed that Aqua-sama recognizes these two.]

 [I’m glad. It was kind of touching.]

 [The bulletin board users are very happy about this.]

 [Nee-san isn’t here, so the comments weren’t deleted LOL]

 I thanked Kanon and gave everything to Kotono, saying

 ’Well then, everyone, it’s just me from now on, but please take care of me!’

 Now, let’s move on to the next question… I looked at the email I received.

 And so, the night of the second day of the countrywide live tour came to an end.

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