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Volume 11 Chapter 54 Shirogane Aqua, Physical Monster!

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 ”Aqua-kun! Look here!”

 ”Aqua-sama! Amazing!”

 ”Today was great!”

 ”Thank you, everyone!”

 ”Thanks for the nice gift at the coming-of-age ceremony!”

 I raised my hand in response to the cheers, smiled, and waved to the audience.

 ”Everyone, thank you so much today! And finally, let me give you a blessing again! Congrats on becoming adults!”

 The last day of BERYL’s tour in Chiba, a 3-day show, ended successfully with a live performance at the coming-of-age ceremony. After coming back from the stage to the backstage, I thanked the staff. Especially on the final day, the behind-the-scenes team was a big help. I thanked Shintaro, who was behind me.

 ”Sorry. In the end, I burdened you again.”

 ”Yeah. Let’s do our best next time.”

 I patted Shintaro’s shoulder. Shintaro, who still had a slight fever on the third day, participated only in the last song to take care of himself. I wanted to tell him not to worry about it, but considering the fans looking forward to it, those words didn’t seem right. Above all, Shintaro himself, who had a sense of regret, probably wouldn’t want such words from me.

 ”I’m sorry too…”


 I pat Toa’s head gently. He’s feeling better than yesterday, but his throat isn’t fully recovered. Singers shouldn’t strain their throat too much. Today, he’s focusing on playing instruments and dancing, and he’s skipping singing for all songs except the last one, just like Shintaro.

 ”I’m sorry about the radio show…”

 ”But you really helped today. Senpai.”

 After getting a good night’s sleep, the senpai who was sleep-deprived fully recovered by the third day. I think we were able to successfully complete the three-hour live thanks to senpai. Inserting senpai’s guitar solo during my challenging vocal parts, including duets, and Tenga-senpai’s solo—it was all thanks to senpai. And regarding the singing aspect, we must not forget another contributor.

 ”Ayana, you really saved us this time.”

 ”Hehe, in return, Aqua, will you come to help with eau de Cologne’s live next time?”

 ”Of course!”

 Ayana was first asked to sing Hanabi as a surprise. However, she not only sang a duet with Carpe Diem but also performed a solo with talk and ad-libs, really helping me out. I gently move closer to Ayana.

 ”To make up for this, let’s go eat somewhere delicious together next time, just the two of us.”


 Then, I talk to Kaede passing by.

 ”Thank you too, Kaede.”

 ”Don’t worry. I also enjoyed watching Aqua-kun’s solo live up close.”

 ”I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

 Kaede was a big help during the MC. Just having me and Tenga-senpai talk wasn’t enough. I can’t forget the person who assisted me as an MC.

 ”Kohina-senpai too, thank you so much.”

 When I thank her lightly, the small senpai proudly lifts her chest.

 ”Hmph. As long as you get it! If this happens again, answer the phone right away.”

 ”Got it. I’ll make sure to answer 1 out of 3 times instead of 1 out of 5 times.”

 ”Hey! At least make it 1 out of 2 times!”

 Kohina-senpai didn’t call me, but she came over and stayed with Ayana. She thought it would be helpful to listen to the radio in case something happened. And in fact, it was really helpful when she interrupted us while Morikawa-san and I were talking. Thanks to that, I think I was able to rest quite a bit. Maybe I should say thank you properly, but I can do that another time, when it’s just the two of us without everyone watching. Neither I nor Kohina-senpai are honest in front of everyone, and it feels right for us to see everyone smiling wryly at our interactions.

 ”Thank you very much, everyone. You really helped us this time.”

 Ako-san bowed and expressed gratitude to Ayana, Kaede, Kohina-senpai, and each of the staff members. I will also express my gratitude to the people who supported us behind the scenes, following her lead.

 ”Thank you everyone for your hard work. It was tough these past three days, but you did a great job.”

 After changing in the dressing room, we gathered with Beryl employees and affiliated talents to listen to Ako-san’s words.

 ”I also had different things to think about, but we were able to successfully finish the three days of the Chiba performance in our first countrywide tour.”

 Ako-san looked slowly at everyone’s faces.

 ”…The future Beryl wants is a world where someone helps another person. When someone is in trouble, someone else supports them. In this way, both employees and affiliated talents can help each other. I want Beryl to continue being this kind of company. So, even if we fail, please don’t lose hope. The next time someone else needs help, it will be you who can reach out and assist. Let’s look ahead. Let’s use this experience and reflection to prepare for the future together.”

 Everyone focused on Ako-san’s… no, Beryl’s President Atori’s words. Even though I couldn’t see their faces, I’m sure these words resonated with Toa, Shintaro and Tenga-senpai. I still believe it’s the right choice for Ako-san to be the president of Beryl.

 ”Well then, after this, there’s a celebration, but some people are heading home, so I think it’s time to disband here. Everyone, for these past three days, truly thank you and great job!”

 I say goodbye to Toa and the others and go to the meeting place with Kaede.

 ”I’m sorry for making you wait.”

 ”It’s okay. I was on the phone until just now, so it’s fine.”

 Kaede changed her clothes into a casual coat.

 ”I apologize. It was supposed to be a promised date, but starting at this time…”

 ”No problem. It’s the only time we both have a day off, so we can’t help it.”

 ”Well then, shall we go?”


 I put Kaede on the back of my motorcycle, and we go to a nearby large seaside park. After the coming-of-age ceremony, they opened the park to the public on a rotation basis, and because we sold Beryl’s Goods at nearby sports parks and large commercial facilities, there don’t seem to be many people here. After parking the motorcycle in the motorcycle lot, we go to the aquarium inside the park.

 ”I waited for you. Take your time.”

 ”Thank you.”

 The place closes at 5 o’clock, but I booked a time after that. I wanted to relax after the show, and I wanted Kaede to enjoy our date.

 ”I haven’t been to an aquarium in a while.”

 ”Me neither.”

 We strolled slowly, watching the fish.

 ”This tank is big.”

 ”Yeah, it is.”

 In the huge tank, I saw a large fish floating.

 ”Kaede, look here.”

 ”What? Hahaha, Aqua-kun, wait, what’s with that funny face?”

 ”I tried copying a Tamakai fish.”

 ”No way, that’s not fair! Look.”

 Kaede, like me, pouts and mimics the Tamakai fish. I like this side of Kaede, who can join in on such things.

 ”Hahaha, that doesn’t work.”

 ”Hehe, I look more like it, right? See, see.”

 ”No, no, I’m not losing either!”

 ”Well then, should we ask Kanon?”

 ”Sounds good!”

 When we took pictures making funny faces and sent them to Kanon, we asked her through email which one of us looked more alike.

 Sender: Shirogane Kanon

 Recipient: Aqua

 Subject: Hey…

 Body: What were you doing during the date!? It was interesting, but you should date more properly. Hehehe.

 ”Haha, got scolded, huh?”

 ”Huh? I thought we were having a serious date, though.”

 We looked at each other’s faces and laughed. Usually, it would be unimaginable to send pictures taken during a date with another woman to your wife. However, whether it’s the understanding of this world, the relationship between Kaede and Kanon, or Kaede herself, Kanon and Kaede don’t seem to be worried about such things.

 ”Oh, tuna, too. Looks delicious… Oh, there seems to be crabs over there.”

 Huh? Kaede-san? I feel like her eyes have been constantly drawn to edible fish. It might be my imagination, and it’s also time to eat.

 ”It was fun. The aquarium.”

 ”Yes! Thank you for taking me there, Aqua-kun.”

 We left the aquarium and went to the motorcycle parking lot. Let’s eat something for now. Both Kaede and I are feeling hungry.

 ”Kaede, what would you like to eat?”

 ”Hmm, anything is fine. It would be nice if it’s not too fancy. I just finished work and I want to eat a lot.”


 Not too fancy, huh? I thought about going back to the hotel, but it seems like Kaede prefers something casual, and I wanted to eat a lot after work. I casually searched for nearby restaurants on my smartphone and showed the screen to Kaede.

 ”How about some seafood dishes? This place has a fish tank and serves dishes made with fresh catch.”


 It may not be very romantic to eat seafood dishes after visiting the aquarium, but right now, we are more driven by our hunger than by romance.

 ”Alright, I’ll check if the restaurant has any available seats and then make a reservation.”


 I reserved a spot at a restaurant and rode to the city with Kaede on my motorcycle. People noticed us on the way, but they kept their distance and didn’t cause any trouble. Even when our eyes met, they politely nodded, respecting our private time, which made me happy.


 ”I made a reservation; I’m Shirogane.”

 ”Y-yes! Follow me, please!”

 I suddenly apologized to the staff, reassuring them that they didn’t need to be nervous.

 ”Please take your time.”

 Kaede and I were taken to a private room, ordered drinks, looked at the menu, and placed our food orders. Meanwhile, the staff brought our drinks, so we decided to toast.

 ”Well, let’s toast to the success of the BERYL tour.”

 ”No, let’s celebrate our first date here. Kaede, I appreciate you for both work and going on a date with me today.”

 ”Um, yeah. S-so, cheers.”


 Kaede and I toasted with oolong tea.

 ”Sorry for making you wait.”

 It hasn’t been that long, right? Actually, isn’t it quick? The waiter quickly brought the dishes we ordered.

 ”Now, let’s begin.”

 The two of us join our hands and say, “Itadakimasu!” Then we grab our chopsticks. Initially, I’m unsure which one to try first… Alright, I use my chopsticks to pick up the shirako tempura, dip it in matcha salt, and bring it to my mouth.

 Mmm, tasty!

 The soft and fluffy texture instantly brings joy to my mouth. Next, I try the uni (sea urchin) tempura wrapped in seaweed. The outside is crispy, but the inside is firm and it melts in my mouth. The seaweed’s flavor adds to the deliciousness.

 ”Kaede, this tempura is yummy.”

 ”The clams here are tasty too!”

 Kaede and I exchange plates of the dishes we just had. Grilled clams, huh? It smells of soy sauce. Captivated by the aroma, I bring the clam to my mouth.

 So delicious!

 The clam’s umami flavor spreads in my mouth. I eagerly continue to eat the clams.

 ”The uni, shirako, and tempura are all soft and delicious!”

 ”Oh, this grilled clam is also tasty with the broth and soy sauce!”

 Next, Kaede and I enjoy grilled carabineros shrimp. There is no need for further explanation. It’s definitely delicious!! As we pick up pieces of nigiri sushi, Kaede and I devour the dishes we had ordered one after another.

 ”They were all delicious!”


 After settling the bill, Kaede and I are asked by the staff to sign on a colored paper. Huh? What is that mark? It’s a star, a star!

 ”Or rather, the star looks like sea urchin…well, whatever…”

 Kaede, is something wrong? Nah, it’s nothing. Understood. I put Kaede on the back of my motorcycle and start riding.

 ”Hey, you know what? Since we’re already here, how about going on the Ferris wheel we saw earlier? It’s on the way back, and I heard it’s lit up now.”

 ”Yeah! Let’s go, let’s go!”

 I head to the park with Kaede. Instead of the bicycle parking lot near the aquarium on the east side, we park in the parking lot on the west side, closer to the Ferris wheel, and head to our destination.

 ”Two…for two, right? Here you go.”

 ”Thank you.”

 Kaede and I sit facing each other as we ride the giant Ferris wheel.

 ”Kaede, sorry for extending the date.”

 ”Nah, it’s okay, it’s okay. Besides, today was really fun! Come on, let’s enjoy the night view instead!”

 I looked at Kaede’s face while she looked outside at the night view.

 It’s really nice.

 Being with Kaede always makes me feel better. Even when I’m tired or feeling down, being with Kaede makes me more positive.

 ’Aqua, please seriously think about Kaede as a girl.’

 I remembered the words Kanon said. What do I want with Kaede? When I see her as a woman, Kaede is a very attractive woman.

 ”Um… Aqua-kun, it’s embarrassing when you stare at me like that…”

 I thought Kaede looked cute when she blushed.

 ”Kaede, can I sit next to you?”


 I moved my seat next to Kaede.

 ”Don’t you want to see the night view?”


 I placed my hand on top of Kaede’s hand. Words are unnecessary. I used my eyes to ask if it’s okay to confirm this feeling. Before the Ferris wheel reached the top, I kissed Kaede.


 When I let go of her lips, Kaede stayed frozen in that position. Is she okay? Worried, I called out to her again, and Kaede regained her breath.

 ”I-I’m sorry. I’m not used to kissing, so I got nervous and held my breath…”

 ”Haha, hahaha! I’m sorry, Kaede. Really sorry. But it’s just too funny, isn’t it?”

 ”Ugh… because, because… mmm”

 Feeling it was my chance, I lightly kissed again.

 ”If that’s the case, should we keep trying until you’re not nervous anymore?”


 I wrapped my arms around Kaede’s waist and pulled her close. I wonder where such power comes from in such a delicate body. Even her arms are slender… Oops, maybe I touched too much.

 ”The Ferris wheel was fun, right?”


 I took Kaede’s hand and sat on a bench in the park, looking up at the Ferris wheel we had just been on.

 ”I have so much fun when I’m with you, Kaede. It’s interesting to talk to you, and being with you makes everything brighter.”

 ”Uh, yeah.”

 I turned my gaze towards Kaede.

 ”And, surprisingly, looking at Kaede’s face calms me. Seeing Kaede’s smile makes me feel relieved. So… could you keep smiling next to me? In return, I’ll make sure to keep making you laugh, Kaede.”


 Kaede, who had a very red face, immediately responded to my confession. I noticed that Kaede’s hand, which I was holding, was shaking. Maybe she’s still nervous.

 ”Hey, Kaede, listen carefully.”

 To make Kaede feel less nervous, I imitated the fish we saw at the aquarium.

 ”Hehe, ahahaha. Hey, wait, that’s not fair at a time like this!”

 ”I already told you. I like Kaede’s smile, and if you stay with me, I’ll make you laugh forever.”

 When I said that, Kaede’s face seemed to explode. Well, not literally explode, but it felt like smoke was coming out of her head.

 ”T-That’s practically a marriage proposal…”

 ”Oh… yeah. Now that you mention it, it does sound like something you’d say when proposing.”


 Marriage, huh? If Kaede and I get married, we’ll probably live together. Kanon would surely be really happy. I thought that with Kaede, our everyday meals and family time would become enjoyable.

 ”Kaede, which one do you prefer? I’m already thinking it’s okay to get married.”

 ”No way. Everything is happening so fast… Is this how fast Kenzaki usually is…”

 Kaede speaks quietly. What’s the matter?

 ”Well, I want to get married, but there are things I need to do first, like prepare for it…”

 ”Yeah. I have to marry Kotono first. Fill out the marriage papers, have a wedding, live together… realistically, it will be after that. Since Kaede and I are a bit famous, we might have to have a press conference on TV.”

 I wonder what a wedding between an idol and an announcer would be like. Maybe it will be shown live like Kanon’s?

 ”So, after I marry Kotono, I’ll propose to you again. So until then, Kaede, think about it, and until then, how about being in a relationship with the idea of getting married?”


 Kaede and I talk a bit more on the bench, then we head to the motorcycle parking lot. All that’s left is to go home, but what should I do? It might be too early to make a move today. I’m not tired, and Kaede must be tired too. As I think about these things, Kaede tightly holds onto my coat sleeve.

 ”Are we going home like this? Or…”

 ”Shall we go to the hotel?”

 I felt Kaede’s emotions and responded first.


 I put Kaede on the back of the motorcycle and went towards the hotel. It was a hotel by the river that was owned by the government and didn’t have any staff – a public love hotel. Here, no one would see us. I parked the motorcycle in the hotel’s motorcycle parking area and pressed the button on the entrance panel to enter the room.

 ”I’m sorry. Was it better to go to a fancy hotel or to go to Kaede’s house?”

 ”N-no, a regular hotel would expose us, and I can’t wait until we get to my home.”

 I took off my outer clothing and kissed Kaede. Just like me, I could sense that Kaede was already in the same mood.

 ”I’m sorry. It’s been three days, so I might be a little impatient.”

 I took off my clothes, undressed Kaede, and pushed her onto the bed.


 I wet my fingertips with saliva and gently touched Kaede’s sensitive areas. Kaede seemed excited, as it was already wet. Confirming that I could penetrate with just a light touch, I took off my underwear and released my son.

 ”Huh!? This, this is not just a national treasure, but a very important place for all people around the world, a world heritage site… No, it’s like a treasure…”

 Hmm? Did you say something?

 Maybe I’m just imagining things?

 ”Kaede, I’ll be as gentle as possible, so don’t worry.”

 I slowly go inside Kaede.

 Her private area is really tight, and I feel like I might lose control any second.


 Just a little bit of movement and I feel like I might lose control.

 It’s not that Kaede’s private area is small, but it seems like she has trained it well.

 I wonder if she does some special exercises for that.

 ”Sorry. I’ll be a little bit more intense.”

 I start moving Kaede’s body more strongly.

 Her well-shaped breasts move up and down right in front of me.


 I grab Kaede’s breasts and squeeze them with one hand.

 They are firm and fit perfectly in my hand.

 ”Sorry. My breasts are not that big…”

 ”Why? Kaede, your breasts are really beautiful.”

 Kaede has beautiful breasts. They feel great to touch, and they are just the right size to hold in my hand.

 Plus, Kaede has a slim waist, a delicate body, a tight and small butt, and even though she is a bit shorter, I think she has a really nice figure.

 ”They look nice, so you should feel more confident.”


 I whispered that to Kaede and gently touched her small pink nipples with my fingertips. Every time, Kaede curled her body in pleasure. Honestly, I was also getting close to my limit.

 ”Kaede, I’m going to finish.”

 ”Ah, Ahh”

 I kissed Kaede, our tongues intertwining, and thrust into her deeply while holding her waist.

 ”Nnngh, I’m coming. No, no, no! If you keep doing that… Ahh! I’m coming!”

 Thump, thump… My private part throbbed intensely. The thick semen that had built up for the past three days was forcefully released into Kaede’s most special spot.

 ”Haa… haa… I’m sorry. Can we do it one more time?”

 ”Haa, haa… Yes. I want you to do it one more time like before.”

 Words were no longer needed from this point. I lifted Kaede and moved her body vigorously while standing.

 ”Ah, Ah, I like this. More vigorously… Nnngh, I’m finishing…”

 Thud, thud, thud… Indecent sounds of flesh hitting each other echoed in the room. I moved energetically inside Kaede’s intimate walls. Kaede matched my movements, using her vaginal muscles to grip my private part tightly.

 ”Ahh, no, no, This feels so good, aaaaaah!”

 This was my second time today, where I confidently raised and slammed Kaede’s uterus. Slowly moving Kaede’s body, I carefully put her on the bed after our time together.


 Of course, the story doesn’t end here. I embraced Kaede, who was lying on her stomach, lifted her slim waist, and insert it from behind.

 ”Ah, ah, no, no, I might go crazy in this position, nnnnnnn!”

 I whisper Kaede to lift her hips confidently. Honestly, our intimate moment was like animals mating.

 ”I’m almost there! I can’t go on, ahhhhh!”

 The main aim of the third one was to make Kaede pregnant. My instincts tell me to have a child with her. I hold Kaede’s hand, turn her face to mine, and kiss her.

 ”Wait, what’s this position? Hmm.”

 I put Kaede’s leg on my shoulder and, with my hands on the wall, shook her a lot. I held Kaede’s chest and repeated the up-and-down movement while squeezing. I thought we wanted to keep doing this as long as our energy lasted.

 ”Ahh, no, no, I can’t take it anymore, aaaaaah!”

 For the fourth time, I released inside Kaede. I thought, why not one more time… but it was already morning.

 ”Haa, haa, haa, haa, haa…”

 ”I… I can’t… anymore…”

 Kaede is amazing. I’m surprised in a different way than with Yui or Pegonia-san. Only Kaede can keep up with such active activities until the end. We’re both tired, and it’s my first time with Kaede… honestly, I haven’t even counted how many times I released after 10.

 ”I-I’m sorry, I might not be able to stand up, my legs are weak.”

 ”No, I’m the one who should apologize. It’s my first time with Kaede, but you’ve been with me all the way, so I couldn’t help but give it my all.”

 I pick Kaede up and bring her to the bathroom for a wash. I’m doing this as a kind gesture for my girlfriend who’s been with me.

 ”Kaede, let’s get married, okay?”


 ”If you take the pill, everything should be fine. But, as a guy, I think I need to take responsibility after having unprotected s*x. Honestly, I was already planning to make you pregnant halfway through…”

 ”Uh, uh, uh.”

 ”So, let’s go home like this. We have to talk to Kanon.”

 They say it’s better to be slow and steady, so let’s do that.

 I dry Kaede, fix her hair, help her get dressed, and then call a taxi after leaving the bathroom.

 It wouldn’t be nice to ride on a motorcycle together. I ride the motorcycle, and I ask the taxi driver to follow me.

 This way, Kaede and I return to Kanon and my place where she’s waiting.

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