Male Idol V12c1

Volume 12 Chapter 1 Yukishiro Emily, Hey Everyone, I Hope You All Start To Like Me!

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 ”Phew, I’m really tired…”

 Around a week after BERYL’s national tour, they held the final round of the duet audition. I had some confidence in my singing, so I decided to give it a shot. But let me tell you, everyone who made it to the final round was really good. Especially Erika Vermilion. It just wasn’t fair to compete against such a famous soprano singer. Her singing was so amazing that not only the audience, but even the other participants and judges were stunned. Auntie Mikuni and Inko-san gave up early on… Seeing this, Aqua-sama quickly spoke up.

 ’Vermilion-san definitely stands out in terms of singing ability, technique, and vocal range. But singing isn’t just about that. The song’s compatibility and how well it suits my voice, the harmony, can’t be replaced by skill alone. Everyone who made it to the final round is incredibly talented and has surpassed a certain level, so maybe we should consider not only skill, but also who is the best fit for the song and my voice, don’t you think?’

 The results ended up in a three-way battle between Vermilion-san, Catalini-san, and myself for the final qualifiers. I couldn’t believe it, but once chosen, I had to give it my all! I put in all my effort, and somehow ended up seizing the right to perform a duet… What? Are you sure it’s really me? Despite drawing the short straw and ending up in third place, the audience gave the longest standing ovation of the day to me and Aqua-sama’s duet.

 ”The entertainment industry, huh…”

 I glanced at the business card of Beryl handed to me by President Atori. Although I was told I could enter any agency, not just Beryl, because duets are limited, I’m already being urged to join Beyond Production by Kohina Yukari-paisen.

 I really don’t want to go there, but at the same time, I’m not sure about joining Beryl either. It’s nice being by Aqua-sama’s or the clumsy Kanon’s side, but having to maintain a ladylike demeanor throughout work sounds tiring. Even as a joke, I can’t just casually greet Kanon and ask her what color panties she’s wearing today, right?

 ”Hello, pretty lady, do you like idols?”

 Huh? Oh… no! I usually ignore people like this, but I accidentally made eye contact with a scout who approached me.

 ”If you debut today, you know! So, um, just listen to my story for a bit, please.”

 Oh, this agency seems suspicious. I smile, try to act casual, and look away, pretending nothing happened. But the scout lady desperately holds onto me. Hey, I might need to call the police!

 ”Please, please. All our idols have disappeared, and we’re in trouble!!”


 How did it end up like this? Well, can’t be helped. Thinking I might as well hear the story, I go to a nearby teahouse with the scout lady.

 ”Actually, I’m like this.”

 I get a business card from the scout lady.

 Beryl Enterprise President & CEO, Kokuanten Sachiko

 Wow! I can’t believe this company has a name like a copycat, but somehow managed to avoid getting in trouble with the Holy Aqua Religion. What? They started before Beryl!? No way…

 And this person, who I thought was a talent scout, turns out to be the president.

 ”Feel free to call me Satchan.”

 ”Oh, yes. I’m just Emily.”

 Also, it seems like she has two sides, one black and one heavenly. And she’s close to Kokucho in the black. Unlike Agewa-neechan, maybe she knows something.

 ”By the way, what do you mean all the affiliated idols are gone?”

 ”Well, our company is still small… or rather, it’s just me, the only employee in my personal office, and we only have a 5-member group of affiliated idols.”

 Satchan shows a promotional poster she took out of her bag. What’s this? Strawberry Princess? Hmm, there’s such an idol.

 According to Satchan, they’ve been performing steadily for about three years, and now they have some recognition in the underground idol world, being invited to events to some extent. Just to be sure, when I asked Shumi about Strawberry Princess, the answer comes back immediately. Shumi, you truly know everything about idols. It’s no wonder, she could manage a personal site detailing everything about Idol Shirogane Aqua.

 ”Actually, two people who had a problem with where things were going actually quit three days ago…”

 Oh, that happens a lot. Was it about the music style? Or did they just not get along?

 ”They argued about whether it should be Actoa or Toaqua.”


 I couldn’t help but interrupt! Whether it’s Actoa or Toaqua, it doesn’t really matter, right!! Don’t fight over small things!! Both are Aqua-sama, both are Toa-chan!!

 ”The next day, our star suddenly stopped being an idol and found a job…”

 Oh, I can relate. They probably got worried about the future and had to face reality, huh? It’s a story that doesn’t concern me, living day by day without any savings… Hahaha…

 ”They actually already decided on a stable job and want to support Aqua-sama…”

 ”That’s not a bad idea. Money is important.”

 Idols come in all kinds. Among them, only a few succeed like Aqua-sama and Ayana-chan. It’s fine for male Aqua-sama, but there will come a time when female idols like Ayana-chan and Kato Iria-san won’t be able to participate anymore, even if they were at the top. That’s the sad and challenging reality of being an idol.

 ”Look, do you know about Saint Sanctuary? It seems like I’m going to work there.”


 Cough, cough. I was just about to spit out the coffee I was drinking unconsciously. It’s not our… well, not exactly. It’s the front company of the Holy Aqua Religion! Ugh! My conscience, the conscience that remains within me, aches! Even though I didn’t do it directly, I feel incredibly sorry when Holy Aqua Religion is involved.

 ”And last night, the captain collapsed from overwork. Right now, she’s lying in a hospital bed getting an IV.”

 Oh nooooo. They must have pushed themselves too hard. Just imagining it suddenly makes my stomach ache. No, is it just the caffeine making my stomach hurt because I drank coffee on an empty stomach?

 ”To make matters worse, this morning, this was placed on my desk.”

 What!? Is there still something else!? Taking the note that Satchan showed me, I carefully read it. It said, “I’m going back to the countryside.” Ah, did the last one who stayed behind also become unable to endure and ran away…

 ”However, what should I do? There’s a live performance happening in just one hour!”


 Why did it come to this!?

 ”Actually, we had planned to take part in a joint idol live performance, risking the company’s future.”

 I look at the flyer given to me by Satchan.

 The place where the live event will be held…is not too far from here.

 ”We have invested all the remaining money into the company and made all the preparations for this day. If we can’t participate, we will need to compensate, but that’s not a problem. It’s just because I, as the president, wasn’t good enough…”

 Satchan laughs at herself and then becomes serious.

 ”But if we cancel now, it will cause inconvenience to other idol groups. And I feel sorry for the people who worked hard to create the costumes and the composer who took multiple retakes until it was perfect. Maybe even fans might come. Thinking about all that, I couldn’t just do nothing… But thanks to being able to talk to Emily-san like this, I was able to calm down a bit.”

 Satchan is putting flyers and posters in her bag, trying to stand up while holding a ticket. What’s happening!? She’s not planning to do something too rash, right!?

 ”Even Emily-san would be surprised if you suddenly heard something like this. I will apologize to everyone immediately. Thank you for listening to my serious talk!”

 In times like this, Aqua-sama would probably help. Well, I can’t do anything about it. I want to involve the Holy Aqua Religion in this, and even though I don’t think I can do much, I will do what I can. Besides, my sister told me that as a pet owner, I should take responsibility for my pets.

 ”Okay, I’ll do it.”


 ”If it’s okay with me, I’ll help.”

 ”Really, is that okay!?”

 I silently nod in response to Satchan’s words. A woman doesn’t need many words. Once I have decided to do something, I just do it. If I were to abandon her after listening to her story so far, my nightly mast*** routine wouldn’t go smoothly, and this is also for my own sake in the long run.

 ”But there’s a rule.”

 ”W-What is it? By the way, I don’t have any money.”

 No worries. I’m broke too!!

 I told Satchan that I need to cover my eyes with something. I can’t create problems for Aqua-sama and Beryl, who are planning a duet. So, I must keep my true identity a secret at all costs.

 ”Got it. I’ll handle that! Thanks a lot. Thank you!!”

 Satchan and I exit the coffee shop and go to the live house. With a hat, mask, and sunglasses hiding my face completely, I use the employee restroom at the live house to change into an idol costume.

 ”Well, I borrowed a half fox mask that only covers half the face from another group’s stylist!”

 Nice move, Satchan!!

 Now, I can sing because my mouth isn’t covered, and my face won’t be revealed since my eyes are hidden! Plus, this half-face mask goes well with the idol costume that looks like a shrine maiden outfit. Wearing the mask, Satchan and I leave the restroom and head to the waiting room together.

 ”This is the song.”

 I wore the headphones that Satchan gave me in the room where we change clothes. Oh, I see… What about the words of the song?

 ”But I can only do this much!”


 When I looked at the notebook that was given to me, only the first line was written, not even halfway through. This can’t be true… What should I do with this? Wait, wait. Are you saying I have to create the words myself!?

 ”Well, you know, in our group, one member was supposed to write the words, but she disappeared this morning. And now, when I looked at the remaining notebook for the first time, this is all there was…”

 Oh no! This is a big problem!!

 ’Everyone from Strawberry Princess, it’s almost time for your turn!’

 This can’t be… Right? What? Isn’t it too early? Wait, when I look closely, the clock is broken! It’s finished. It’s completely finished. How can I perform with only one line of words!! I go to the side of the stage and listen to the song until the previous group finishes. Well, in this situation, I have no choice but to give it a try! It’s a decisive moment in life, that’s me, Yukishiro Emily!!

 I called out to Satchan and went on stage. The venue was much smaller than where Beryl usually performs, but there were still about 500 people in the live house because many idol groups participate. Some people were wearing T-shirts supporting other performers. There weren’t any fans of Strawberry Princess in the venue. Some people were trying to leave, and others were trying to go to the bathroom before their favorite artist performed. It felt like being away from home.

 Well… I didn’t care because I didn’t have anything to lose from the beginning!

 ”Hey, that’s the same as before, right?”

 ”What do you mean by everyone? There’s only one person.”

 ”Don’t you know? This morning, there was a leak on the bulletin board that everyone in the group had quit, and it caused a commotion.”


 ”Oh… that poor girl.”

 ”Should I go to the bathroom?”

 ”Good job, see you later.”

 ”I couldn’t bear it if no fans came.”

 ”Well, you can’t expect fans to come, right?”

 ”Yeah, I heard on the bulletin board that they might cancel.”

 ”And on top of that, isn’t that girl not a member of Strawberry Princess?”

 ”I feel sorry for her.”

 Hey! Instead of feeling sorry for me, just give me some money! No, wait, give me a round of applause!! Gosh, I don’t know why, but I’m feeling really excited. I understand now, this is how Aqua-sama feels. Well then, I’ll make everyone here clap. It doesn’t matter if you’re fans of other idol groups or anything like that, by the end of this, everyone here will be my fans!!

 ’I’m Shiro Ichigo Koneko from Strawberry Princess. Please listen to my debut song!’

 Tighten your muscles! Bite down on your teeth! Don’t look back! Don’t give up! And just focus on what’s ahead!! At the same time as the beginning, I forcefully stomped my right foot on the stage, just like Kohina-paisen’s stomping. I’ll prove it. I’ll show those stunned people in front of me who I am! And not only that, I’ll sing right in front of them!

 ’I’m the IDOL who stirs up the world.

 MY TRUE SELF is painted with lies.

 Expose the secrets, SCANDAL.

 The real me is just a flawed girl.’

 The lyrics were cut off after the first line. From the second line onwards, it’s all improvised by me. Even so, I have to continue forcefully from here on, no matter what!!

 ’Living day by day, without even knowing what tomorrow’s meal will be.

 No dreams or things I want to do.

 Every day is filled with idleness.

 Are you thinking about the future properly?

 If the present is enjoyable, that’s fine, right?

 I pretend not to hear things that hurt.’

 What’s the point of living day by day without thinking about tomorrow’s dinner! Someone says this is part of an idol song. Or rather, it’s all about me!!

 ’Even though I seem serious outside.

 Everyone is deceived by my saint-like face.

 Hey, which version of me is it today?

 Do you notice the real me?

 Or maybe you haven’t noticed?’

 Woahhh! I’m cool! I’m energetic! Doman! Seaman! Aqua-sama, lend me your power!

 ’Is there anyone who would like someone like me?

 The refined (lie) me and the saintly (lie) me.

 No one knows the true me.

 I want you to peek inside this mask.’

 The chorus is coming!? In this situation, I can only push through with momentum!!

 The audience seems to be getting excited, so it should work out somehow, right!?

 At times like this, I believe in Kaede-senpai’s ungrateful words: “Run with power!!”

 ’Hey, someone, look at the real me.

 The strongest, the craziest, the most wicked, there’s no one like me in this world.

 Neither sky (Shirogane Aqua) nor moon (Tsukimachi Ayana) nor sun (Yukishiro Emily) is my enemy.

 The world revolves around me.

 Even fate (Shirogane Kanon), power (Morikawa Kaede), and intellect (Kirika Kotono) will be subdued by me.

 There are no lies in my words.

 Everything is me, this is the truth.

 So realize it soon.

 You’re the only hero for me.’

 Oops, I was about to cause trouble in different places. I managed to fool people with some clever words, but I hope no one finds out! Sorry!

 ’I’m not a princess like the one kidnapped by a white horse prince.

 Not a witch offered a hand by the blackbird demon lord.

 Not a Sumeragi girl yearning for the perfect knight.

 I’m not a saint who claims not to be interested in boys.

 The real me is just a girl, the same as everyone else, just a dreaming girl.

 Because I’m not perfect, it’s okay if you’re not perfect.

 I’ll embrace you with this love, no matter who you are.

 So accept any version of me with that love.

 Is that too selfish of me?’

 Waaaaah! This mouth won’t stop talking! It’s so annoying! I hope no princesses, witches, or Sumeragi women from any country see this!

 ’I’m not a worshipped saint.

 The worst, the weakest, the top of the bottom, yet I’m the last heroine.

 Full of weaknesses, but that’s who I am.

 I love myself like that.

 So, even if you’re weak, I can love you.

 Hey, show me your true face only in front of me, hero.

 At that time, I’ll also take off my mask.

 Can you see the real me, not the heroine?’

 The second verse is done. I’ve come this far, just a little more!! Things might seem scary, but Yukishiro Emily doesn’t care! I won’t look back, and I won’t regret the past. Here we goooooo!

 ’If you want to hide a maple tree, do it in the forest.

 It’s obvious, but still.

 Purple-colored flower’s empress tree? Leaves’ empress’s tree?

 Ah, I don’t know anymore.

 I hear the melody of the harp (Kanon) and the flow of the river.

 Shining brighter than anyone, the drop (Aqua) of Platinum (Shirogane).

 A radiance that surpasses even the light of the stars.

 And a heat that burns the States.

 My Snow White (Yukishiro) is melting.’

 I no understand much. I sing without words, just pretend singing. I always use made-up stories. Real me is…

 ’I’m actually scared.

 More cowardly than anyone.

 Still, I can stand up for someone.

 That’s who I am.’

 Suddenly, everything felt the same. The people in front, everything around me, like slow motion. Like I’m Kenzaki, my world speeding up in this small theater. This stage, the people, all felt strong. I can do it! I’m sure.

 ’My secret wish covered in lies.

 It’s enough for the people around me to be happy.

 This reality is too heavy for me.

 Because the real me is just a girl.

 A coward who can’t even confess to someone I like.

 I hope I can someday honestly say that I like you.

 But the real me is just an ordinary girl.

 I’m sure my legs would tremble in front of you.

 So I want you to tell me you like me.’

 Hey everyone in this small theater, let’s go together. Whether you like another group, work behind the scenes, are from a different agency, or are an idol, it doesn’t matter. I’m inviting everyone into this world. Now, go, me! Whether we cry or laugh, this is the end!!

 ’Hey, the real me is right here.

 Come on, notice my feelings.

 I’ve worked so hard until now, you know?

 But I love you, even though you’re so obliviousss!’

 I did it!! It’s perfect. It doesn’t matter about the singing, dancing, or lyrics anymore. I want to praise myself for giving it my all until the end.

 ”Haa… Haa…”

 I can’t hear anything. In this silent world, only my breath echoes. In the next moment, the world exploded like the hands of a clock starting to move.


 ”That was amazing!!”

 ”Oh no, oh no, oh no!! It was incredible for some reason!!”

 ”I feel like I witnessed an unbelievable moment.”

 ”Legends always begin on small stages!”

 ”Sorry. I’m changing my favorite group after today.”

 ”I’m glad I did this live house… I feel like I encountered that once-in-a-lifetime moment.”


 ”Everyone would fall in love with this.”

 ”I’m quitting being an idol. Because I’ve met the real thing.”

 ”Manager, I’ll do it. I’ve been serious until now, but I have to surpass myself to beat this person.”

 ”Shiro Ichigo-chan supremacy! Shiro Ichigo-chan supremacy! Shiro Ichigo-chan supremacy!”

 ”Let’s post the video I took earlier on the bulletin board.”

 ”Eau de Cologne, Fairies, BERYL, and Strawberry Princess! It’s the beginning of the idol warring states era!!”

 ”What should I do? My body has been shaking for a long time…”

 ”This was the moment that later became the birth of Shirogane Aqua’s strongest rival. Just kidding, it’s not really like that, huh.”

 Oh no!

 I got too excited and tried too hard.

 ”Encore! Encore!”

 ”Encore! Encore!”

 ”Encore! Encore!”

 ”Encore! Encore!”

 ”Encore! Encore!”

 ”Encore! Encore!”

 ”Encore! Encore!”

 ”Encore! Encore!”

 ”Encore! Encore!”

 ”Encore! Encore!”

 Suddenly, the staff, the other idols, and even the manager were all in the audience of the live house. I did say I would make everyone clap, but I didn’t expect this at all!

 ”Encore! Encore!”

 ”Encore! Encore!”

 ”Encore! Encore!”

 ”Encore! Encore!”

 ”Encore! Encore!”

 ”Encore! Encore!”

 ”Encore! Encore!”

 ”Encore! Encore!”

 ”Encore! Encore!”

 ”Encore! Encore!”

 Okay… let’s make a quick escape! Even if they ask for another song, I don’t have any left. Actually, I can’t even remember the lyrics I sang before. I bow to the audience and then run as fast as I can, jumping off the stairs on the side of the stage.


 ”It’s going to be difficult!”

 I quickly took Satchan’s arm and we ran as fast as we could. I think I did something really big, but it’s okay. It’s like the time I was a saint. Yes, yes, singing just one song won’t cause any problems.

 ”Haa… haa… I’m so tired…”

 After changing my clothes in the park’s bathroom, I sat on a bench. I drank water from the park’s water fountain. Ah, parks are so nice. The water here tastes so good and you can drink a lot.

 ”Emily-san… You were so cool before!!”

 Ah… right, I forgot Satchan was with me. I gave back the bag with the costumes to Satchan.

 ”Okay, I have to go now!”

 ”Wait. You can’t just leave after performing like that in front of people!”

 Well, I have my reasons…

 ”Look! Your performance is all over social media!!”


 Who in the world shared that!?

 616’s New Discovery: Aqua-sama and Koneko-chan are My Favorites! Today, I found an awesome idol! Everyone, let’s support them too!!

 Hey, don’t fool around!! You’re part of the Shirogane Aqua thread on the bulletin board, right?!

 Cheering of Shumi the Maiden: National Tour Support!! A super talented newcomer has appeared. The lyrics and characters have a cool dual nature, and the mysterious vibe is really great. I sense a big change coming in the idol industry this year! Don’t miss it!!

 What! The person who is spreading the word is also someone I know!! Wait, why am I didn’t realize it!! I mean, wasn’t she just listening to my singing from the judge’s seat earlier?! If I make the next song, I would make it something like Pom Pom Pom!!

 9n2-neesan: Next Stop is Mie Prefecture!! The idol industry has been buzzing lately. It seems every agency is focusing on the Idol Division. By the way, Beryl Enterprise was established before Beryl Entertainment, so please don’t get confused, everyone.

 Nee-san, I appreciate your concern, but that’s not it. There’s something else I want you to notice. Hey, doesn’t that voice sound familiar?

 Morikawa Kaede: The paid leave that was missing has returned!! Huh? I feel like I’ve heard this voice before….

 Kaede-senpai, are you kidding me!? Is that what they call wild intuition!?

 Morikawa Kaede: The paid leave that was missing has returned!! Oh, I was watching a different video. Teehee!

 Yeah, a klutz is still a klutz. I was foolish to expect anything.


 I sat on the bench and let my body relax, turning completely white. W-Why is this spreading so much…


 Well, whatever happens, happens! By the time I realized it, I was not just Yukishiro Emily from Beryl Entertainment, but also a Shiro Ichigo Koneko from Strawberry Princess, affiliated with some unknown agency called Beryl Enterprises. Why is my life turning out like this!

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