Male Idol V12c10

Volume 12 Chapter 10 Daily Life Of Class 1A

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 I am a student in the 1st year class A, just like Shirogane Aqua-san. My name is Isshiki Nagisa. My mission as the only member of the photography club in the 1st year class A is to take pictures of Aqua-san, Mayuzumi-san, and Toa-chan and provide them to the newspaper club. Since taking photos without permission is considered rude, I first consulted Aqua-san to see if it was okay to take pictures.

 ”What? You want to take my picture? Sure, go ahead. But make sure to take a cool one!”

 Oh, really? I don’t have to ask the office or anything? Ah… I’ve already been told by the president that Aqua-san can do whatever he wants…

 While Aqua-san and I were talking, Toa-chan approached me and whispered.

 ”President Atori has already given up.”

 Ah, I see. President Atori… I’m glad our interpretation is the same as everyone else in the 1st year class A. I will stay strong even if something happens with Aqua-san. Our homeroom teacher, Sugita-sensei, has exhausted all options and ended up saying only this.

 Although it may sound conceited, I believe that the patience and endurance I have developed towards men over this past year, thanks to Aqua-san, is unmatched by girls of the same generation.

 ”Also, please take cute pictures of me! I’ll tell Shintaro too.”

 ”Ah, thank you.”

 Don’t worry, Toa-chan looks the cutest from any angle at Otomezaki, so rest assured. And a few months later…. We only have three more terms left as first-year students.

 ”Good morning!”

 ”Ah, good morning.”

 I encountered Satou Nanami-chan from class 1A on the morning train.

 Oh? Nanami-chan is in the baseball club, right? Is it okay at this time?

 Nanami-chan smiled, showing her buck teeth, and showed me her heavily manicured nails.

 ”Hehe, actually, I’m taking a break from morning practice today.”

 ”Ah, I see.”

 I heard that Nanami-chan likes gal-style fashion, but she can’t grow her nails, so she endures with fake nails. But despite her appearance, she’s very serious when practicing baseball.

 When we went to cheer for the class in the qualifying tournament in the summer, we all hugged and celebrated when Nanami-chan, the fifth batter, hit a come-from-behind grand slam home run. Nanami-chan said it was ignited by Aqua-kun’s support.

 ”Hey, hey, what did you do during winter break?”

 ”Well, I just lazily watched TV and saw Aqua-san and Ayana-chan on a show.”

 ”Oh, same here! I burst out laughing when I saw A-kun imitating characters on Small Impersonation King!”

 ”Oh, I know! And that skit by Yukishiro Emily-san of Morikawa-san was just unfair!”

 ”Yeah, that was crazy! If that person didn’t have to go to work in the middle, A-kun would’ve won.”

 Everyone is watching the same show. When we listen to the conversations around, everywhere is buzzing with talk about Aqua-kun and the others.

 ”Good morning!”


 As we get closer to the destination, Otomezaki students start to increase. Along with them, we start to notice attractive people and big-chested women among the regular customers. Aqua-san doesn’t take the train anymore, but there are still many people who ride this train, hoping for a chance encounter. Well, maybe not just for a chance encounter. They just want to see Aqua-san in person, even if it’s just a glance.

 [Next is Shirogane Otomezaki〜Shirogane Otomezaki〜]

 Until last year, this place had a different station name, but it changed because Aqua-san used it. Um, I think it used to be something like Takanawa Gate… Hmm, the name changed before the actual opening, so I don’t remember it.

 ”Good morning!”

 ””Ah, good morning.””

 As soon as we leave the station, we notice people wearing sister uniforms. They seem to be engaged in cleaning the station, greeting in the morning, and maintaining the security in the area as volunteer work. Holy Aqua Religion is said to be a suspicious religion, but I can trust the people here a little. That’s because they are the volunteers who were absorbed by Holy Aqua Religion when it was established, the Shirogane Aqua Guard, who protected Aqua-san in the shadows. It is thanks to them that Aqua-san was safe before Beryl grew up.

 ”Platinum Dock, only 10 left!”

 ”Aqua-kun Korokke only 3 left!!”

 Until a year ago, this Otomezaki shopping street was a shuttered street. But now, it is called Otomezaki Road and is full of energy. I remember they were talking about redevelopment in the area, but by the time those apartments are completed, I think Aqua-san will have graduated from Otomezaki…

 Nevertheless, it seems that there are still people who believe in the possibility of Aqua-san going to Otomezaki University and continue to make purchases.

 ”Oh, we have additional stock of the Yukari Goha T-shirt that Aqua-sama gave to a certain senior actress! And how about the new product Aqua-sama purchased, the figurine of Kohina-senpai? Would you like to get them as a set?”

 That T-shirt used to be unsold for years, but now it’s selling so well that they have to restock… And what is this figurine of Kohina-senpai? Can Aqua-kun’s plush toy be placed in its mouth? Does that mean anything? At the entrance of the shop, there was a sign saying that they are currently making a wooden carving figure of the giant monster Yukari Gon, supervised by Kohina Yukari-san in collaboration with Beyond Production.

 I wonder who made the 5 reservations. Oh, it’s Kohina Yukari-san, Aqua-san, the president of Kohina Yukari-san’s company (a gift from Kohina Yukari-san), President Atori (a gift from Kohina Yukari-san), and Ayana-chan (a gift from Aqua-san). I see… Those who were forced to take them, my condolences! Nanami-chan said they were cute, but I don’t really understand the standard of cuteness for gals.

 ”Good morning!”


 When we arrived at school and was changing my shoes at the shoe locker, my classmate Nacchi, also known as Asahina Natsuko, came over and started rubbing Nanami-chan’s butt as a form of greeting.

 ”Hehe, Satonana, you have a nice butt today too. It looks firm.”

 ”Geez, don’t just rub it without permission!”

 Whoa, Nanami-chan!? Your miniskirt is too short, so when Nacchi touched it, Nanami-chan’s butt was completely exposed. Huh? Her panties?! Is she not wearing any?! Ah… I could see something like a string, so she must be wearing a thong…

 ”Thank you. Thank you very much.”

 I heard Aqua-san’s voice from behind, sounding as if he was praying. Ah… he came to school now.

 ”Aqua-kun seems happy about something like that.”

 ”Maybe I should wear a super mini skirt with a string panty from tomorrow.”

 ”Ugh, I’m always feeling cold… I might break into pieces if I do it in winter.”

 ”Nanami-chan is so lucky.”

 Aqua-san, I wonder if you notice that Kanon-san next to you is looking at you with a serious gaze? I send glances back and forth, trying to signal to Kanon-san that I noticed their gaze. Then Aqua-san approaches me with a determined expression. Ah, I wonder if he noticed my signal?

 ”Good morning, Isshiki-san. I’m counting on you for cool photos!”

 He didn’t notice at all. Yeah, I’m stupid for expecting Aqua-san to notice. I scold myself for still having such naivety within me. Unlike the idol Shirogane Aqua, who notices the feelings that don’t become the voices of the girls, my classmate Shirogane Aqua-kun doesn’t notice the anxious feelings of the girls at all.

 Ah, seriously, he’s so carefree and defenseless today too…! When I see Aqua-san’s face like that, I can’t help but want to scold him. Am I weird?

 ”Oh, Toa, you’re already here. You’re early today!”

 ”Yeah, just a little.”

 Oh, today Toa-chan is wearing a girls’ sailor uniform. Toa-chan sometimes wears a boys’ uniform or a girls’ uniform to tease us girls.

 ”By the way, during the last scrim livestream, Inko-san’s microphone broke while we were playing games.”

 ”Oh, that’s the wipe gag, right? Even without hearing the voice, you can imagine everything Inko-san is saying. Aqua was joking and imitating Inko-san’s voice, so everyone on the team laughed while watching the clipped video.”

 Oh, I saw that too. I remembered Aqua-san’s fake Kansai dialect and smiled wryly.

 ”Oh, speaking of which, I finally scored over 3000 points in the watermelon game yesterday!”

 ”Hehe, I’ve already scored over 4000 points.”

 ”No way! Are you kidding!?”

 ”No, I’m not kidding. By the way, Shintaro scored 7000 points.”

 ”Seriously… Then I’ll let Tenga-senpai try… Oh, but he’s so smart, it’s hopeless. He’ll surpass me right away. Oh well. I’ll just brag to Inko-san, who is still in the 2000s.”

 ”Come on, stop it. Inko-san is already busy with otome games.”

 I wonder if it’s just my imagination, but somehow, because Toa-chan is wearing a girl’s uniform, it seems like couples are getting all lovey-dovey.

 ”Do you think it’s not just my imagination?”

 Smiling Kanon-san appeared behind me and Nanami-san.


 ”Kanokano is scary… Ah, Ak-kun noticed…”

 Nanami-san, let’s give up. If Aqua-san is the kind of person who notices these things, then not just us, but all the Japanese people would be embraced by Aqua-san by now.

 ”Aqtoa, Aqtoa…”

 ”Toaqua, Toaqua…”

 Some girls start taking medicine.

 Our class has built up quite a resistance, but the girls in other classes haven’t developed that level of resistance yet, so there’s no helping it.

 ”Aqtoa and Toaqua, there’s also reverse and reverse.”

 Oh… There was one person. It’s Niino Akari-chan from the soccer club. Her symptoms have progressed too far, and I heard that the doctor gave up on saving her and prescribed both Toaqua and Aqtoa.

 ”Hey, what are you guys doing in front of the classroom? The SHR is about to start soon!”


 Our homeroom teacher, Sugita-sensei, came, so we all hurriedly entered the classroom.

 ”As you all know, we have the end-of-term exams in March. For those students who are worried about the points for class changes, do your best!”

 In Otomezaki, there is a class reshuffling every year. Only the outstanding students who have been selected in various fields such as academics, club activities, and extracurricular activities are allowed to enter Class A. So, not only Class A but also the girls aim to enter Class A and are desperately trying to earn points in tests that can be easily understood.

 However, only the top 10 students are highly evaluated in academics, and fortunately, Kanon-san, who only gets perfect scores in all subjects, transferred here, so the first place is fixed. And the rest of the 9 spots, including the top 15, are being maintained by the students in our class within a 10-point difference from perfect scores. Including myself, everyone is desperate not to be separated from Aqua-san and the others.

 ”So, our Hatayama and Niino were selected as members of the soccer Japan national team training camp for those under 18 who skipped grades. Please be careful and do your best to avoid injuries.”

 Oh, the whole class applauds for the two.

 Hatayama Sayaka, who serves as the center back in the soccer club, and Akari-chan, who is also a severe Actoa, Toaqua patient and plays as a forward, are both clearly devoted to the club, to the extent that rumors are circulating about their selection for the U23 Japan national team.

 Sugita-sensei mentions other students who are involved in extracurricular activities.

 In our class, there is also Nikaido Kyoko-san, an all-rounder setter who is over 190cm tall and has been selected as the youngest member of the national team. And there’s Takamiya Ritsu-chan from the judo club, who is a talented player, having won the inter-high competition. We often see them on TV around here.

 ”Everyone is amazing! Do your best!”

 All the girls in the club blush at Aqua-san’s innocent cheering. To be frank, there’s no one less popular than girls who do sports in this world. Despite that, Aqua-san sees them as objects of affection without caring about such things.

 ’I’ve already given up on everyone except Aqua-kun.’

 Kyoko-san from the volleyball club blushed when she realized that she was being used more than ten times. For the athletic girls who are never looked at like that by boys, Aqua-san is a hero. Kyoko-san said that she wants to hug Aqua-san from behind and warm his body if she is allowed. How cute. What am I thinking, wanting to step on Aqua-san’s pee-pee with my foot?

 ”Oh, and Chisato, thank you for your volunteer work. Another letter of appreciation arrived.”

 Claire-chan is amazing. I don’t know what kind of volunteer work she’s doing, but it seems like she’s being commended every month. Despite that, Claire-chan doesn’t show any signs of it and her smile looks forced. Being too modest has its limits.

 ”That’s all for the student council meeting. Alright, you guys, work hard in class. And Shirogane, be careful not to explode during the experiment, so you don’t get scolded by Ume-sensei from chemistry!”

 Looking at the embarrassed Aqua-san, the class burst into laughter. Normally, if a boy did something funny and the girls laughed, the boy would either get really angry or stop coming to school due to shock. But Aqua-san allows for that kind of thing. In fact, he creates that kind of atmosphere. According to Toa-chan, Aqua just wants to be laughed at and called cute by the girls. Mayuzumi-kun, who sits nearby, found it funny and burst into laughter, which is rare for him. But is that really true?

 ”Shirogane-kun, what’s number 22 on the periodic table?”

 ”Number 22, number 22… hmm.”

 ”The hint is Ti.”

 ”Ti!? I saw that on a graphics card!”

 ”Oh! That’s great!! It’s the same Ti as that Ti.”

 I make eye contact with Aqua-san in the seat next to me. Hmm, even though it’s not the right thing to do, I feel like I want to give him a hint.

 Chi, chi, chi! I try to convey the hint with the mouth shape of the letter “Chi” in titanium.

 Then Aqua-san seems to have noticed it and made a face as if he realized something while looking at my face.

 Phew, it seems like he understood what I wanted to convey.

 ”Chin, chinchinium.!”


 That’s Unununium, isn’t it! Besides, we don’t use that name anymore! It has changed to a different name now! Even though it’s similar to Bakugaku, no one uses it nowadays! (T/N: word used to distinguish “chemistry” from the homophone “science.”)

 Some girls stood up from their seats, leaving only a few, silently criticizing in their hearts.

 Toa-chan and Pegonia-san burst into laughter upon seeing that, Kanon-san held her head, Mayuzumi-san and Ayana-chan felt embarrassed, and Claire-chan blew bubbles, perhaps due to the strong stimulation.

 ”Buubuu. Shirogane-kun, does that mean you’ll have after-school tutoring with Ume-chan sensei?”

 ”After-school one-on-one tutoring with Ume-chan sensei in an empty classroom? Awesome!”

 ”Shirogane-kun, why are you so happy? Your test scores are not bad, so are you intentionally making mistakes?”

 ”Nah, the thing is, the person next to me, Isshiki-san, said ‘Chinchin’…”

 ”I didn’t say that!!”

 I couldn’t help but make a comment. Everyone laughed again when they saw it. Oh no! Because of Aqua-san, they’re laughing at me too!

 ”Okay, okay. The answer to this is titanium. And, about this titanium, it’s also used in the new smartphone that everyone has from the Pineapple company…”

 Ume-chan-sensei’s lessons are fun. She incorporates the latest news and her way of teaching is really good. Aqua-san, too, is generally serious in class, but on Monday mornings or on Wednesdays when everyone seems a bit relaxed and doesn’t feel like studying at school, he deliberately jokes around to keep everyone awake. However, sometimes he really messes up because he’s so naturally clumsy…

 ”I never expected to hear the word ‘pee-pee’ from Aqu-tan’s mouth…”

 ”If the people on the bulletin board find out, it’ll be a festival!”

 After class, Iku-chan from the bulletin board was giggling. You better stop, or you’ll end up like that dangerous person Ramen Hagetoru.

 ”Aqua-kun, are you storing up your energy down there? Or are you trying to seduce us, big sister?”

 ”Haa, instead of using a milking machine, you should use us directly. Right, Uruha-chan, don’t you think so too?”

 ”Um, yes, I guess so.”

 A conversation unfolds between Ajimu Kiyoka-san and Onodera Satoko-san, with Uruha-san in the middle.

 Those three are called the Erotic Triangle in Class A, and even from a girl’s perspective like mine, they are incredibly erotic. They emit an extraordinary erotic scent… I mean, a nice fragrance, and Aqua-san can’t help but sneak glances occasionally.

 ”Next is physical education class, so let’s all hurry.”

 Oh right, I remember now. I quickly change after taking off my sailor uniform.

 Boys have their own changing room, but since there isn’t one for girls, we have to change in the classroom after the boys leave.

 ”Today, I will sleep with Nonopika nodoka’s gentle breasts as my pillow!”

 ”Alright, alright, Momiji-chan, stay away. Sorry, both of you.”

 Nanami-chan pulled Himekawa Momiji-chan, who was sandwiched between Natori Nonoka-chan’s and Minami Nodoka-san’s breasts, with a *peel* sound.

 Except for a few (like Aqua-san), most boys don’t like big breasts, but I think it’s fine. When I see girls with big breasts, my heart races, and I can even understand Aqua-san’s feelings. I touch my own breasts reflected in the mirror. They’re not as big as the other two, but I also have G-cup breasts. I hope Aqua-san is happy using them.

 ”Thank you, thank you so much!”

 Hmm? I wonder if Aqua-san is still in the classroom? I thought, but it turned out to be my classmate, Yurizono Mio-san. Following Mio-san’s gaze, I see Ayana-chan, Kanon-san, and Claire-chan changing clothes while chatting happily. Ah, even from a girl’s perspective, that area over there is beautiful even when naked.

 Wait, Kanon-san is pregnant, but she’s not bad at physical education, huh? Oh, it’s just for observation, but she’s changing clothes too. Understood. Tsuu-chan is beautiful too, but those three are truly exceptional, I think.

 We all changed clothes and headed to the gymnasium together.

 ”Thank you. Thank you.”

 Aqua-san saw Kanon-san’s ponytail and started to worship. This is the real deal. I see, Kanon-san changed just to make Aqua happy. As expected of the legal wife. The level is different. Similarly, Ayana-chan, who was worshiped by Aqua, muttered “fool” in a small voice. As expected of the top idol, cute, isn’t she!! It makes you want to retort.

 ”Well then, Ayana, let’s stretch together.”


 Ah, I see. Basically, Toa-chan and Mayuzumi-san are a set, and Aqua-san has been with Kanon-san until now, but now that Kanon-san is gone, he has to stretch with a different girl.


 Everyone gets excited when Ayana-chan makes a sound as she arches backward during the stretch with Aqua-san back to back.

 This is not just gym class!! Of course, as a photography club member, I took a candid shot of the two stretching. I think this could make the front page of a comedy newspaper like Emperor Sport.

 ”Hey, let me give you a push on the back.”

 ”…Um, Aqua, your touch feels a bit inappropriate, you know?”

 ”It’s just your imagination! Come on, Ayana, spread your legs. That’s right. Good job~”

 Huh? Are they having s*x over there? Everyone is not even focused on warm-up exercises anymore. All eyes are on the two of them.

 ”Oh, sorry. Did Claire-san get left out because I teamed up with Ayana? Alright, let’s do this together.”


 Oh, another victim…

 ”Is Claire-san okay? Does it hurt?”

 ”Um, you can push harder if you want. Mmm!”


 Wait, are they having s*x during class over there? Shouldn’t they do that in the gym storage? The gym is divided in half by a net, and next to them, the second-year students are also having their physical education class, but they seem more interested in clinging to the net and watching the two of them. Today’s PE class is volleyball, and Aqua-san and Toa-chan are on the same team.


 When the setter Toa-chan gently tosses the ball, Aqua-san takes a running start from behind and jumps high in the air.


 Setter Kyoko-san of the Japanese national team somehow manages to pick up Aqua-san’s powerful spike. If Aqua-san aimed to prevent Kyoko-san from setting, that’s amazing. Actually, I thought Aqua-san would do something like that.


 ”Leave it to me!”

 Class representative Yoshino Tokiko-san tosses the ball. Kyoko-san jumps from a standing position and delivers a powerful spike.

 ”Rolling Thunderrrr! Dogeza!!”

 That’s the Prime Minister’s move, right? You’ll get scolded! Aqua-san raises the receive high with a kneel slide like Prime Minister Habu.



 Aqua-san, who immediately stood up, takes another running start. Mayuzumi-kun saw that and placed the toss in a perfect spot.

 ”Nice shot!!”

 Aqua-san smiles slyly, not only with his arm but also with his whole body.

 ”I won’t let you!!”

 With Kyoko-san at the center, Mio-san and Tokiko-san jumped to block Aqua-kun on the left side. However, as if mocking them, Aqua-san aims for a slightly distorted, faintly open course and slams a super powerful spike.

 ”You think I’ll let you!”

 Our Nanami-chan reacted and reached out her hand, but even that spike grazed the line. Ohh! Not only us, but also the second-year students next to us applauded and cheered. Um, second-year students, are you okay even though you’re not in class? Oh, the teacher is watching too. Understood.

 ”I’m sorry!”

 ”No, no, Nana-chan, you were amazing. It was a splendid reaction. We should praise Aqua-kun for that.”

 Kyouko-san’s eyes are burning brightly. Um… What is Aqua-san from our team that makes the Japanese national team serious? After that, there continues to be an intense match between Aqua-san’s team and Kyouko-san’s team. Even though they replaced some players along the way, only the two of them continued to play until the end.

 ”Ah, we lost!”

 In the end, Aqua-san fell sprawling. No, no, Aqua-san alone scored nearly 20 points. It’s strange if you think about it normally. Kyouko-san approached Aqua-san, bent down, and reached out with a smile.

 ”It was a great match. Thank you, Aqua-kun.”

 ”Likewise, thank you, Nikaido-san. It was fun!”

 Everyone was moved and applauded as the two shook hands. Wow, I feel like I witnessed something amazing. I also took a photo of the two while applauding. If this was broadcasted on TV, I wonder if the viewer ratings would be incredibly high. I wondered if it was a good idea to do this in just a physical education class.


 ”Okay, let’s go to the cafeteria.”

 Toa-chan nudges Aqua-san from behind.

 As he says “Okay” repeatedly, I take pictures.

 ”Big sister, curry udon with extra-large portion and 2 korokke, please.”

 ”Okay. Did you have PE today? I’ll put in extra meat, so eat a lot, okay?”


 Aqua-san, who calls the cafeteria lady “big sister,” is like an idol even in the cafeteria.

 So no matter what he orders, everyone gives him special treatment.


 ”Hey, if you eat too quickly just because you’re hungry, you’ll get burned.”

 Kanon-san wipes the curry around Aqua-san’s mouth. Oh, that’s nice. I take pictures snap, snap.

 ”Oh, it’s splattering over here too.”

 Aqua-san also had Ayana-chan wipe the curry off his cheek on the opposite side. Mio-san, who was sitting in front of me, is envious of having flowers in both hands. After the meal, we headed to the home economics room for the afternoon class.

 ”Alright, let’s make a multi-case together today, everyone.”


 Even though we call it a multi-case, it’s a simple one for putting glasses in. Aqua-san, who is in the same group, skillfully makes his own while helping the progress of the other kids. That’s kindness, right? All the girls will fall in love with him for real!! By the way, that’s just a facade, but honestly, I like the naughty Aqua-san the most. Yes. Huh? There’s no way a girl who hates naughty boys exists, right?

 ”Aqua, who are you going to give that to?”

 ”Tenga-senpai. At first, I was thinking of making it for Shintaro, but you know, we go to different schools… he might cry, you know.”

 ”Oh, I see. Actually, I…”

 ”Huh? Aqua, are you also…?”

 ”Hm? Shintaro too?”

 It seems like the three of them ended up making a multi-case for Tenga-senpai’s sunglasses. It’s a bit of a duplication. Since they were wondering what to do, I casually support them, saying that Tenga-senpai should want it from all three of you. A classmate secretly said “Nice one, Nagisa.”

 ”Huh? Aqua, what’s that over there?”

 ”Oh, I made it to give it to my mom and the others.”

 Oh, I see. Hm? Aqua, your family, there are five of them, right? Is one of them for yourself, maybe?

 ”Hmm? It feels like there are too many, though.”


 Aqua-san hurriedly hid another multi-case in his bag.


 ”I-It’s nothing, haha…”

 Hmm, I feel like I saw something like a bear stomping in the center. Recently, I feel like I saw it somewhere, but I can’t remember. What was it?

 ”By the way, Aqua, giant monsters don’t say ‘kumaa.’ And do you need embroidery for your lines?”

 ”I can see it!!”

 Toa-chan laughs with a “Nishishi” at Aqua-san’s retort. Yes, I captured it in a split second with a photo. I think he was Kenzaki-san at that moment.

 ”Thank you very much, thank you very much.”

 It wasn’t Aqua-san, but Akari-chan, a severely ill patient, who bowed down upon seeing the two of them. Whether it’s Mio-san or Aqua-san, or even Akari-chan, I wonder if that’s the trend?

 ”Everyone, be careful on your way home!!”

 Phew, somehow I was able to safely finish school today.

 ”Thank you very much, thank you very much!!”

 When I handed over the photo data of today to the members of the newspaper club, they all bowed down to me. Well then, since I don’t have club activities today, maybe I’ll take some photos on my way home.

 On my way home, I found Kohina Yukari-san picking a fight with a traffic light at the intersection, so I took a snapshot and sent it to Aqua-san. In response, I received a grateful email from Aqua-san saying, “Thank you very much, thank you very much.”

Simplified version of the missing class roster file:

1st-Year Class A Homeroom Teacher: Mari Sugita

01. Akutagawa Sorane: Parent works at an advertising agency, plump, astronomy club.

02. Asahina Natsuko: Family runs a flower shop, lively with wheat-colored skin, gardening club.

03. Ajimu Kiyoka: Heiress of Ajimu Foods CEO, self-proclaimed prim and busty, literature club.

04. Isshiki Nagisa: A lawyer’s child, a sharp ponytailed glasses girl, photography club.

05. Inoue Ikumi: Family runs a sushi restaurant, quiet member of the online bulletin board, badminton club.

06. Ootori Yuuko: Parent works at a trading company, tall and cool, basketball club.

07. Oshitari Misaki: Parent works at an automobile company, cool and stylish, baseball club.

08. Onodera Satoko: Heiress of Onodera Pharmaceuticals, a homely older sister type, archery club.

09. Ryoko Kabaji: Family runs a bicycle shop, quiet and gentle, track and field club.

10. Kurumi Kokona: Parent works at a department store, cute and cunning, home economics club.

11. Kurogami Uruha: Heiress of Kokucho Financial Group, seductive with a big bust, tea ceremony club president.

12. Koujimachi Rina: Heiress of Koujimachi Products, composed with beautiful skin, art club.

13. Saionji Tsubaki: Heiress of Teiseitou Party member, busty and curvy, quiz research club.

14. Satou Nanami: Parent is a firefighter, a mood-maker, baseball club.

15. Shiino Ruka: Parent works at the city hall, braided glasses girl, handball club.

16. Shishido Maho: Parent is a police officer, competitive and hardworking, kendo club.

17. Shirogane Aqua: The root of all evil, drama club, tea ceremony club, home economics club.

18. Shirogane Kanon: Former princess of the Stars, clumsy, commuting home club.

19. Suou Keiko: Heiress of Suou Trading, possesses a well-toned beautiful body, tennis club.

20. Takamiya Ritsu: Parent works at a general trading company, the smallest and most reserved in class, judo club.

21. Chisaki Claire: Parent is a Stars Orthodox priest, Holy Aqua Religion bishop, student council affairs.

22. Tsukimachi Ayana: Parent is a manager, an idol, commuting home club.

23. Tsushima Tsukino: Heiress of Tsushima Electric, owner of beautiful breasts, cheerleading club.

24. Natori Nonoka: Parent works at a TV station, short, loli, busty and energetic, swimming club.

25. Niino Akari: Parent works as a management consultant, at the age where she’s concerned about Toa and Aqua, soccer club.

26. Nikaido Kyoko: Family runs a liquor store, straightforward older sister type, volleyball club.

27. Nekoyama Toa: Gender and A, drama club.

28. Hatayama Sayaka: Parent is a tax accountant, known for her tight buttocks, soccer club.

29. Himekawa Momiji: Parent is a hairdresser, proud of her beautiful legs, gymnastics club.

30. Hiyoshi Miku: Parent is an architect, a girl with graceful posture and movements, naginata club.

31. Fujima Urara: Heiress of Fujima Industrial Chemicals, a beautiful downer type, track and field club.

32. Hokujo Minori: Heiress of Minori Polaris Network, slit-eyed rich girl, broadcasting club.

33. Horimiya Moeka: Parent runs a small shop, a clumsy and ignorant girl, manga club.

34. Mayuzumi Shintaro: Eldest son of the Mayuzumi family, tea ceremony club.

35. Mizuse Kaho: Parent is a university professor, curious about Mayuzumi sitting next to her, table tennis club.

36. Minami Nodoka: Family runs a Japanese confectionery shop, plump and calm with a big bust, concert band club.

37. Mukahi Ichika: Parent is a sports instructor, a lively one, a member of the volleyball club.

38. Yurizono Mio: Family runs a sundry shop, a slender and tall lesbian, library committee.

39. Yoshino Tokiko: Heiress of Yoshino Engineering, a serious girl, class representative.

40. Washimiya Lisa: Heiress of Washimiya Holdings, the ultimate villainess, drama club.

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