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Volume 12 Chapter 9 Shirogane Kanon, The Legal Wife, Is Moving!!

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 Yui-san and I have been secretly working on a plan. It’s called the Class 1A Haremification Project. Originally, we planned to take it slow over the course of three years. But due to two circumstances, we couldn’t afford to wait leisurely.

 The first reason is that I became pregnant. And the second reason is that Aqua’s film shooting is approaching. If the filming was done domestically, there wouldn’t be a problem. However, STARS WAR requires location shooting with the Stars team for an extended period, so we need to address this urgently.

 The issue at hand is the possibility of Aqua’s seed being leaked to STARS. In other words, we need to quickly decide who will accompany Aqua as their s*xual partner before that happens.

 I heard that Nee-san, Shitori Sister-in-law, and Marin Mother-in-law are all in a difficult period due to the Beryl reorganization. Kaede-senpai and Hakuryuu-sensei have their own jobs, and Lapis-chan is busy with work and further education, so I don’t want to burden them too much. Pegonia said she doesn’t want to go far away, leaving me behind. And to make matters worse, I heard that Yui-san manipulated the travel reasons stated in Aqua’s documents when we got married, and now it’s uncertain whether Stars will approve it.

 I really wanted Emily-senpai, who has free time, to help, but she’s too much of a scatterbrain, and I don’t know what would happen if she gets involved… Worst case scenario, I even considered kneeling down to Kohina-senpai or Ayana-chan, but I think those two are also busy with work.

 That’s when Yui-san and I came up with this plan.

 ”1st year Class A haremization plan, the day to finally put it into action has come, right?”

 ”Yes. I think we need to strongly proceed with this plan along with Emily-senpai’s marriage plan.”

 Yui-san, the assigned sem*n extracting officer, can access Aqua’s sem*n extraction data at any time. I was surprised when I heard from Yui-san that Aqua is using not only the female classmates but even Sugita-sensei.

 What? Completing everyone in just one week!? I thought Aqua was doing a speedrun of mast**ate or something. And even though they’re not classmates, he’s using my relative Natalie much? Huh? W-Wait, he was using my data and switching it back and forth!? H-Hmm, he must really like that kind of play.

 Hmmm, let’s keep this as a reference in the corner of my memory. I also thought of the possibility of Natalie accompanying him, just in case. I also confirmed with Kaede-senpai about Aqua, but even Kaede-senpai, who is said to be a physical monster with Mary’s strongest physical abilities, is not an ordinary person’s s*xual desire if their waist is trembling. I couldn’t believe it when I heard that Kaede-senpai and Aqua were doing it until morning and still having morning wood.

 ’At that time, I felt just as hopeless as when I dropped my wallet in the gutter and messed up with the eggplants at customs, or when I saw Onidzuka-senpai’s smiling face waiting for me at the gate of the airport when I returned home.’

 Even Kaede-senpai despairs at the strength of his desires. That’s why she gave up so easily; it’s not because she’s weak, it’s because Aqua is strange. I’m sure of it! I said it twice because it’s important!

 Ahem! I may have gotten a little carried away, but it seems like only Emily-senpai can stand up to Aqua. But relying only on Emily-senpai’s plan would be too reckless and unplanned. Therefore, I have prepared a simultaneous alternative plan, the “Class 1A Haremification Project.”

 Sent by: Shirogane Kanon

 To: Year 1 Class A Girls + Teachers’ Group

 Subject: Regarding the upcoming school day.

 Message: I have a matter to discuss regarding Aqua. Please spare 5-10 minutes of your time after class.

 And so, after the opening ceremony, I stood in front of the class with all the girls and Sugita-sensei.

 ”The reason I asked you all to stay is regarding Aqua.”

 As soon as I mentioned Aqua, everyone straightened their backs. They truly are the students of Class A, no one is as playful as Emily-senpai or Kaede-senpai. Everyone had a serious expression… Wait, huh? Claire-chan and Ayana-chan are the only ones not reacting strangely? They seem to have a face like “Did he do something again?”… Well, maybe it’s just my imagination!

 ”From now on, I will provide each of you with a simple questionnaire about Aqua and a plan that I have in mind. Please take your time to think about it until I collect them in a week.”

 Pegonia distributed the prints to everyone in the class as per my instructions.

 ”Of course, it’s fine to consult with classmates, Sugita-sensei, or your parents, and of course, it’s okay to discuss with me or Pegonia. However, please keep it confidential with others. Also, this is something that will greatly affect your future, so ultimately, please make your decision based on your own will.”

 Everybody looked surprised when they saw the distributed handouts. Of course they did. Some reactions were strange, like Claire-san froze, and Ayana-chan bumped her head on the table, but everyone gave the expected reactions.

 ”Alright everyone, see you again in a week.”

 A week passed. I looked through the handouts I collected in the room.

 ”Except for Ayana, everyone expressed a desire to enter the harem and…”

 I had a feeling Ayana would be like that. But, she had marked the option to become Aqua’s wife, so I figured it meant she wanted to go herself.

 ”After marriage, all marked with a double circle for s*xual activities, and…”

 Um, do I even need to check? Everyone’s marked everything… I’ll just pretend I didn’t see Claire-san marking everything for hard play. Yeah, everyone has their own preferences. It was just a bit surprising that someone with such a refined face likes intense stuff.

 ”Next… Um, how to throw away the ideal virgin, huh?”

 Well, the most common one is the gentle and naughty one. This was fully predictable. The next most common one was… group activities, huh. It seems that the popular one is the friend activity where everyone encourages each other while inserting from the back one by one against the wall, or lying down and inserting one by one while holding hands and graduating together.

 Yeah, yeah, I kind of got caught up in it, but I understand the feeling because doing it alone is scary and worrisome. Looking at the reasons, the most common was doing it together with everyone to graduate, but there were also a lot of opinions from Aqua about not being confident in one-on-one activities. On the other hand, let’s quietly overlook those who wrote that they want to be r**ed. Claire-chan, it’s about you!!

 ”Um, what about the notes?”

 The notes were about things that everyone was concerned about or things they were worried about. They were asked to write about things they liked.

 ”Um… I don’t want to go before Emily-san. Oh, wait, Claire-chan…”

 Now, I remember, by the way, isn’t Claire-chan the de facto leader of some weird cult called Holy Aqua Religion? Ahhhh, I finally understand the previous answers. Come to think of it, Emily-senpai also said that Claire-chan is the most dangerous. Well… I don’t know anything, I haven’t heard or seen anything. Let’s just leave it at that.

 ”When I look at Aqua-san, I can’t help but get excited. Is it okay if I step on Aqua-san’s pee-pee!?”

 Huh? It’s Aqua’s pee-pee!? It’s a treasure of Japan, or rather, the Earth! Huh? Are there men who get excited when their pee-pee is stepped on… I wonder. I wonder who wrote this… Oh, it’s Nagisa-chan. Isshiki Nagisa-chan is a girl with a ponytail and sharp eyes wearing glasses. Come to think of it, I think she was talking with a friend about wanting to s*xually bully a boy before. Well, well, if Aqua is fine with it, then it must be okay. Ha, hahaha… I force a smile and move on to check the next person’s paper.

 ”If there is consent, is it okay to push Aqua-kun down and r**e him together with Satoko-chan!?”

 What is consensual r**e!? P**e is not okay! There are no boys who would be happy to be r**ed by a girl!! Speaking of which, Satoko-chan refers to Onodera Satoko-chan, right? Eh, even though she always has a gentle and smiling older sister-like vibe, Satoko is like that too. People can’t judge based on appearances, huh. And, the one who sent this is… ah, Ajimu Kyoka-chan. Kyoka-chan has big breasts and a sexy body, but she has a clean and innocent face that Aqua would like, and Satoko-chan is a slanted-eyed, domestic type, but she has big breasts and a sexy body too, so if it’s Aqua, he would probably be happy even if he was r**ed… No, no way, that can’t be true, right? It can’t be true, right? I keep asking myself the same question.

 Continuing to look at the paper written by Satoko-chan, it says that she wants to have sweaty, locked-room s*x with Aqua-kun for about a week without taking a bath with Kyoka-chan. Ugh… I can’t do it, because I always want to be a nice-smelling girl in front of Aqua. But, I feel like Aqua would like this kind of thing. After all, he loves used panties and the smell of armpit sweat. He even said before that he wanted to lick the soles of my feet…

 Ah, wait? Aqua, could it be that he’s as perverted as Emily-senpai… No, that can’t be true! And even if, if, hypothetically, he was like that, what would happen if I didn’t accept it!! I am Aqua’s legal wife, so I tell myself that I have to accept everything properly.

 ”Thank you. Thank you.”

 As I walked through the hallway after leaving the room, I happened to hear a voice coming from Aqua’s slightly open room. Even though I knew it was wrong, I secretly peeked inside, wondering what Aqua was grateful for. Hm? That book Aqua has, isn’t it the legendary photo book that Kohina-senpai was forced to release when she was in her teens? I heard it’s already out of print, so where did Aqua get it from?


 Aqua calmed down for a moment and then took off his pants. Huh!? M-Maybe… I watched with an excited feeling.

 ”Ahh, damn it. You would have looked cute if you were normal…”

 Aqua muttered while taking care of himself. I’m looking at the page with Kohina-senpai wearing a school uniform. Ahh, I can see the swell of her chest and the bra peeking through the sweat on her sailor uniform. Oh, and is he also looking at the armpits and armpit sweat peeking out from the short sleeves? Aqua, you really do like that kind of thing, don’t you?

 ”Kohina-senpai, Kohina-senpai… Ah, Yukari, I’m going to finish inside!”

 Wow… he would never say Yukari’s name… Could it be that in his fantasies, he’s treating her like my lover? Aqua is actually quite possessive, I realized that recently.

 ”You have such a cute face…!”

 Aqua kisses Kohina-senpai like in a magazine. Wow, wow. If only he would admit that he actually likes her, instead of being stubborn when he brings it up. Maybe it’s even more difficult to bring Aqua and Kohina-senpai together than it is to bring Emily-senpai together.

 Oh, but surprisingly, if the atmosphere turns out that way, I feel like the mature Kohina-senpai would make it work from her side. Yeah, according to Hagetoru, I, being the childish one, should stay out of this. Because it’s too difficult for me.

 ”It seems that Master’s (Danna-sama) s*xual desire is abnormal, isn’t it?”


 I was surprised. Geez, Pegonia, don’t suddenly appear like that!! Wait, huh? Your skin looks pink, and you’re sweating, but your clothes aren’t disheveled? And this scent…

 Pegonia claps her hands and then forms a ring with her fingers, inserting and removing her index finger from within.

 ”While Missy was inside, I did it with Master.”

 ”Wait a minute!?”

 Pegonia tends to hide and do things secretly a lot… Wait, huh? Didn’t he do mas***ate earlier? I tilt my head in confusion, and Pegonia lifts up her skirt to proudly show off the evidence she squeezed out. Hmm, I see, it seems like she had quite a pleasure.

 ”So, right now, my whole body is trembling so much that I’m shaking. I came out with a triumphant look as usual in front of Master, but when I said it’s okay to be serious, I honestly couldn’t tell. That’s abnormal. When I came last, I thought I was going to die with my eyes rolled back. Compared to serious intercourse with Master, assassination and killing each other are just silly children’s games. Hehehe…”

 Ah, yeah, she looks totally relaxed just by looking at her face, but her legs are shaking like a baby deer. It’s okay to rest today. By the way, even though he has been so busy with Pegonia, he’s still mas**ing. How much energy does he has left… He doesn’t have to do mas**ing anymore, he can just doing it any woman he come across.

 Probably no one would refuse. But according to what I heard from Yui-san, for Aqua, mas**ting is a separate thing. Even after being with me, he takes the underwear I wore to the toilet and do it like it’s a post-meal coffee. Do you know that my underwear gets all worn out when used like that?

 ”Well then, please excuse me. Hehehe…”

 Pegonia, are you really okay even though you’re stumbling so much? Should I support you? Is it because you’re pregnant? Hmm… Oh, Ruuna-senpai! Please carry Pegonia to her room. Thank you very much.

 Ruuna-senpai picks up Pegonia with one hand and heads straight to the maid room. I wonder where such power comes from in her small body… As expected, she surprised Kaede-senpai in arm wrestling. I remember some irrelevant information that Kaede-senpai mentioned that Ruuna-senpai is around 0.7 to 0.8 Morikawa, and then I immediately forget it.

 ”Phew… seems like I’ve got a lot to do, huh?”

 After talking with Pegonia, I double-checked Aqua’s room just to be sure, and then he was mas***ing with Ayana-chan and Claire-chan pictures. It’s… it’s amazing… I wonder if, in times like this, as the legal wife, I should help out with my hands or mouth?

 Hmm, but at times like that, I hesitate to enter the room. Imagining someone coming in while I’m doing it makes my face turn bright red. That’s why I thought Aqua probably wouldn’t like it. So, let’s not just stick to Plan A and Plan B, but also activate the other prepared plans simultaneously.

 ”So, everyone. If you get the chance, go ahead and approach Aqua, and it’s okay to do those things.”

 Mikoto-chan, Rin-chan, Ruuna-senpai, and Rinon-san, who’s in charge of Aqua’s security, all blushed when I called them. Seriously, if you get the chance, I want you to do it more and more. Mas**ion might be important, but there are also girls who can be happy with the sem*n Aqua discarded, you know.

 ”If you get pregnant, please make sure to report it. We will fully support you with pregnancy, childbirth, and child-rearing. Just because you’re a maid, there is no need to hesitate with the other wives. Let’s all get along as women loved by Aqua.”

 Normally, I would be told to show my strength as a legal wife, but being laid-back suits me just fine. Occasionally, I feel like I’m being looked down upon by Pegonia or Emily-senpai, but I know they are intentionally doing it for my sake, so I don’t get angry with them.

 Now that Plan C has started, let’s prepare Plans D and E as well.

 ”Thank you all for your audition.”

 I told the 18 members, excluding the boys from the audition group, that they can make time for Aqua’s invitations without hesitation. Aqua is very serious during work, but there may be times when he gets excited after the guidance is over, like at a celebration. It is necessary for the legal wife to lay the groundwork in advance, even if it may seem trivial.


 Everyone’s face was turning red, but among them, the one whose face was the most red was Natsuki-san, the former chairman. Hehehe, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen someone of the same generation who seems more innocent than me, and it makes me feel very calm.

 ”Papa’s seed~nya. Juicy…”

 ”Papa’s baby juice…”

 Fi-chan, Hermie. You two haven’t started your period yet, right? Oh? Could it be that it’s already started? In any case, Aqua’s is much larger compared to the average size, so if you do that before your body is ready, your body will be surprised, you know? Let’s wait until your bodies grow bigger so that your important babies can be born safely. After finishing the discussion with the audition group, I head to the meeting place to meet another person.

 ”It’s been a while, Natalie.”

 ”It’s been a while, Kanon.”

 We hug each other to celebrate the reunion and lightly kiss each other’s cheeks. Huh? Did her chests get bigger while we were apart? Hmm, I thought I finally caught up. Oh, she also use the Saint Sanctuary bust cream. It’s amazing, right?

 ”What’s wrong today? Did you have a fight with Aqua-kun?”

 ”No, it’s not that… Natalie, what do you think of Aqua?”

 Ah, I see. Well, it’s fine. I understood everything just by looking at her face.

 ”You see, Aqua, it seems like he was using you and I as his materials.”


 Natalie’s face turned bright red, and she didn’t come back while looking down. Maybe it was too stimulating? But considering what’s to come, she needs to get used to it.

 ”So, Aqua has a shoot for Stars next time, and I would be happy if Natalie could accompany him.”

 ”Uh, yeah…”

 Natalie understood without me having to say why she was accompanying him. Hmm, I see. As I watched Natalie’s innocent but cute gestures, I could somehow understand Emily-senpai’s desire to play with me. Hehe, thank you, Natalie. Thanks to you, I had a valuable experience. Because in real life and even on the bulletin board, I’m always the one being teased!

 ”Hey, Natalie, what kind of play do you want Aqua to do for you?”

 ”Huh, ah… um”

 When girls gather and whisper, it’s mostly about naughty talk. Oh, I see. I understand, I understand. Oh, Natalie, you want it from behind? Huh? Because you’re embarrassed to be seen? Hmm, that’s cute. I also feel embarrassed, but I still want you to look at each other when you do something naughty. You can kiss right away too. Yeah, yeah. Oh, actually, you also want to do that kind of thing. I understand, I understand.

 ”Alright, in that case, if something happens, I’ll support you, so keep that in mind.”

 ”Y-yes, understood.”

 Hmm, it’s been a while since I had a meaningful conversation. I feel like my skin becomes radiant and beautiful when girls talk about naughty things.

 ”Damn it, just a little more. It’s just a little more, you know?”

 I wonder what everyone would do if they found an acquaintance reaching their hand under a vending machine? At first, I tried to ignore it and just pass by, but I let out a small sigh and then spoke up.

 ”Emily-senpai, what are you doing?”

 ”Hm? Oh, Shumi. The thing is… my 100 yen coin rolled under the vending machine and I couldn’t reach it!”

 Ah, I see. I take out my smartphone and use the scanning machine to beep.

 ”Thank you so much!! Wow, Shumi, you really are amazing, like a goddess!”

 ”Emily-senpai, you’re really lucky, aren’t you?”

 Emily-senpai bought a suspicious drink called “Princess Holy Water” and drank it all at once. Aqua also bought it, but is it delicious?

 ”Look, doesn’t the illustration somehow resemble Kanon’s face? In other words, this is Kanon’s pee…ouch!”

 ”Geez, what are you saying, you idiot!!”

 W-Well, there’s no way Aqua is buying it for that reason… It can’t be, right? But hey, when I look closely, this vending machine only sells sketchy drinks! Princess Holy Water, Saint’s leftover bathwater, Famous Actress’s spit, Student Council President’s armpit sweat, Little Sister’s nectar, huh!? Prince Charming’s pre-c*m!?

 ”You better not try that. I bought it with excitement once and it tasted horrible. It’s only 100 yen, but I want my innocent maiden heart that was toyed with to be returned. By the way, I tried all the other drinks and they were all delicious.”

 I bought little sister’s nectar, which seems relatively better, and drink it.

 Ah, Honey Apple, it’s honey apple flavor. This might be delicious, gulp gulp.

 ”Shumi, if you have any worries, I, your older sister, can listen to your problems!”

 But, you’re troubled because you can’t seem to get together with Aqua, right? Maybe I should just be straightforward about it. Should I lock her and Aqua in a room that they can’t leave unless they make a baby?

 ”I see. So it’s the Class 1-A Haremization Plan… Is Aqua-sama finally giving the green light? But, isn’t the current apartment a bit small for that in terms of numbers?”

 ”Yeah, that’s something I’m also worried about. If only there was a good piece of land nearby.”

 When Emily-senpai clapped her hands, she had a look on her face as if she had come up with something.

 ”If that’s the case, I know the perfect place. Come with me!”

 Riding in the sidecar of Emily-senpai’s bike, we arrived at a large park in the heart of Tokyo. Wasn’t this the land that Kukuri-chan had? Huh? Holy Aqua Religion bought it!? What are they doing…

 ”Look at this!”

 ”Wind and Snow Emily Castle, huh? Not that one, but this one? Ah… Shirogane Kingdom!?”

 She did come up with that name! What are you doing!! Huh? Convince the organization to transfer this? Ah, well, it’s just the right size and it’s appreciated, but… um, let me think for a moment. I’ll consult with Nee-san and Ako-san about this. Yeah.

 ”Oh, I remember! Ako-san told me to come to the office.”

 ”Hmm, something up?”

 Valentine’s Day? What’s that? Oh, I’ve never heard of it, but Aqua, you come up with some crazy ideas sometimes. Maybe I’ll try making chocolates for February 14th too.

 ”Oh, I thought of a good idea!”


 Emily-senpai looks around cautiously and leans in close to whisper in my ear.

 ”Aqua-sama would be happy if you put chocolate on your n**ples and say it’s for Valentine’s, right…?”


 Emily-senpai sometimes comes up with outrageous things that no one else would think of. I think it’s amazing that both Aqua and Emily-senpai have that kind of innocence. So I hope they both realize that they have feelings for each other and that people around them are trying to bring them together.

 ”That’s why I’m going to Beryl for a bit!”

 ”Oh, okay. Good luck!”

 I ride in the sidecar of Emily-senpai’s bike and she takes me home. I feel tired today… mainly because of the exhausting last battle in Shirogane Kingdom. Huh? Oh, Aqua’s room is still partially open. I peek into Aqua’s room quietly.

 ”Kanon! Kanon is definitely the best. Ahh!!”

 Um… the bra that I put in the laundry basket… When I looked closely, I also found my panties and socks that Aqua used on the bed. Huh? Even with socks? Hmm, so he likse that kind of thing too.

 Wait, why are there even shoes!? Oh, Aqua’s things are inside the shoes too. Wow… so boys do that even with those kinds of things… And Aqua, even though you did that much, you’re still strong, so I take off my panties right there, making a slight sound as I hang them on the doorknob. I wonder if he noticed just now? When I checked the laundry basket later, Aqua had also properly used the ones I took off.

 ”Kanon… um, I’m sorry.”

 ”No, it’s okay.”

 Actually, I’m the one who should apologize. I wish I could be the one to take care of him… whether it’s with my hands or my mouth, if I start feeling sick from morning sickness during the act, it would be a bother, so I want him to wait a little longer.

 ”Aqua, will you still see me as a girl even when I become a mom?”

 ”Of course, Kanon! To me, you’ll always be the cutest girl in the world, even when you become a mom and a grandma. Right?”

 Aqua gently hugged me and softly kissed my cheek. Ah, what is this feeling? Just one word of love, just one kiss, and I feel so bonded. Maybe I really am as easy as Emily-senpai says? No, everyone should feel the same as me if they are girls.

 ”Kanon, I made something light for today, can you eat it?”

 ”Yes, I can.”

 I snuggled up to Aqua and headed towards the living room. I was asked in an interview before why I don’t monopolize Aqua, but it’s because of who Aqua is that I want everyone to love him more. I want other women besides me to be loved by Aqua and be happy.

 Of course, I will respect Aqua’s wishes. I’ll prepare plans A to E, including the harem plan, but none of them will be forced on Aqua. I’ve just made arrangements in advance in case Aqua wants to take the initiative. So, Emily-senpai, please do your best on your own!!

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